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Reckless Records 5/01/20 New Releases

Reckless Records 5/1/20 New Releases

CAR SEAT HEADREST – Making a Door Less Open LP (Matador) limited color or black 
Will Toledo returns with a new CAR SEAT HEADREST record for 2020. Using a different approach this time around by focusing on individual songs instead of an album as a concept, this one is percussion heavy with some interesting production techniques. CSH fans will obviously dig as well as PAVEMENT/Malkmus, STROKES fans. 

CHICANO BATMAN – Invisible People (ATO)
The Los Angeles based alt-funk band CHICANO BATMAN return with “Invisible People.” This is a great sounding record with hints of Sly Stone, RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS, PARLIAMENT & even some similar production to DAFT PUNK. 

JOHN CARROLL KIRBY – My Garden LP (Stones Throw)
Having worked with FRANK OCEAN, SOLANGE, HARRY STYLES and KALI UCHIS, LA-based JOHN CARROLL KIRBY has built up quite an impressive resume of collaboration. Now,
he gives us music in his own voice, a sensuous mix of electro-pop, lite soul and future funk. RECOMMENDED!

MAKO SICA/ HAMID DRAKE – Balancing Tear LP (Feeding Tube)
The collaboration between Chicago jazz legend Hamid Drake & psych rockers MAKO SICA continues on “Balancing Tear.” Long-form jams with smokey, desert vibes, some Lynchian atmosphere, Morricone, Miles & TALK TALK. Incredible stuff!

RAZEN – Robot Brujo LP (Hands in the Dark)
Haunting double LP by this Belgian group. This has that “soundtrack to a horror film that 
doesn’t but should exist” vibe to it with creepy reed instruments close-mic’d so you can hear the
breaths & keys being depressed, mellotron & more. The intimate nature of the recordings makes it all the more unsettling. RECOMMENDED.

LORENZO SENNI – Scacco Matto LP (Warp) 
Constructed in a “pointillistic” style using sharp, gated sounds to create a sense of rhythm and percussion without drums or drum machines, LORENZO SENNI’s 2020 record is a novel take on rave music, in the spirit of the forward-thinking IDM artists also found on Warp.

KANYE WEST – Jesus is King LP (Def Jam) blue vinyl in PVC sleeve
Finally a legit version of Kanye’s late 2019 album “Jesus is King” is available on vinyl. 
At this point, his time in the political spotlight & the gospel inspired Sunday Services are old news but an official vinyl version of a Kanye album is still something to get excited 

Other important new releases
NIALL HORAN – Heartbreak Weather LP (Capitol)
KNXWLEDGE – 1988 LP (Stones Throw) LP back in stock on purple vinyl
DUA LIPA – Future Nostalgia LP (Warner) back in stock
ONENESS OF JUJU – Space Jungle LP (Now Again)
WILLIAM PARKER – The Inside Songs of Curtis Mayfield LP (Aum Fidelity)
ARTHUR RUSSELL – Iowa Dream LP (Audika) back in stock
SHABAZZ PALACES – Don of Diamond Dreams LP (Sub Pop) back in stock
SPARTA – Trust the River LP (Dine Alone)
THE STROKES – The New Abnormal LP (RCA) back in stock
VADER – Solitude in Madness LP (Nuclear Blast)
WHITE HEAVEN – Out LP (Black Editions) back in stock

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Reckless Records 4/24/20 New Releases

BRENDAN BENSON – Dear Life LP (Third Man) color vinyl
“Dear Life” is the seventh solo album by Brendan Benson & his first record in seven years. He 
branches out some on this one, adding drum machine & synth programming to his power pop 

Debut album from CASSOWARY, the project of the L.A. based multi-instrumentalist & Earl Sweatshirt collaborator Miles Shannon. Smooth, warm & sunny R&B with hints of hip hop & jazz. Fans of BLOOD ORANGE, TORO Y MOI, D’angelo etc… will dig.

CIRITH UNGOL – Forever Black LP (Metal Blade) ice-blue/black vinyl
We are pleased to report that the first album since 1991 by underground metal legends CIRITH 
UNGOL is pretty damn good. Singer Tim Baker’s vocals were always bonkers & a highlight of the band’s sound & he sounds great here. Fans of the band, classic NWOBHM like JUDAS PRIEST & ANGEL WITCH, PENTAGRAM & ST. VITUS will want to check this out. 

DANZIG – Sings Elvis LP (Cleopatra)
We’ve been hearing about it for years & folks, it’s finally here: a Danzig record of Elvis 
covers. If you’ve been following his work over the past few years then this won’t be a surprise for you. The recordings are somewhat lo-fi & even shambolic at times but it works. You know you want it…

This is the debut release from the Chicago via North Carolina producer/bike messenger DJ HANK. DJ HANK got his start in the punk scene & he eventually started hanging out at footwork events in Chicago & started hanging out with the Teklife crew. DJ HANK’s music will appeal to fans of DJ RASHAD, DJ SPINN etc… with complex drum programming, repetitive samples & heavy bass. Footwork fans will love this. RECOMMENDED.

HAZEL ENGLISH – Wake UP! LP (Polyvinyl) red vinyl
It’s hard to believe that “Wake Up!” is the only the first album by Hazel English as we’ve been
OBSESSED with her videos for a few years now. The Sydney born/California based musician got a lot of mileage out of two EPs & now she’s finally given us a proper album. This one is not surprisingly more hi-fi than the EPs with a bit more of a 60s garage sound to it. Hazel English is a great lyricist & songwriter & this album should certainly help her reach a wider audience. Fans of artists like BEST COAST, Angel Olsen,  DIIV & WILD NOTHING will approve. RECOMMENDED.

SWEVEN – The Eternal Resonance LP (Van) color vinyl
The 2014 album “Sweven” by the Swedish progressive death metal band MORBUS CHRON is one of our favorite metal records of the past decade & we were gutted when we heard that they split up. Thankfully MORBUS CHRON founding member Robert Andersson has formed a new band that picks up where MORBUS CHRON left off. This is slightly more melodic & less in the death metal zone than M.C. & a slightly more “prog” but we think fans of that band will like this a lot. Those of you that appreciate that vibe of Swedes like TRIBULATION & KATATONIA & even ALCEST will dig this. 

LUCINDA WILLIAMS – Good Souls Better Angels LP/CD (Thirty Tigers) indie only 
The legendary Lucinda Williams returns with a new album for 2020. Working with a similar team 
as the classic “Car Wheels on a Gravel Road”, Williams proves once again that she’s one of the
finest songwriters around. This limited edition vinyl version comes with a download with 5 bonus

Other important new releases
ALEXISONFIRE – Season of the Flood 10” (Dine Alone)
ARIEL PINK’S HAUNTED GRAFFITI – Doldrums LP (Mexican Summer)
ARIEL PINK’S HAUNTED GRAFFITI – House Arrest LP (Mexican Summer)
ELLINGTON/MINGUS/ROACH – Money Jungle LP (Blue Note) Tone Poet Series
KATATONIA – City Burials LP (Peaceville)
LEE MORGAN – The Cooker LP (Blue Note) Tone Poet Series
THE USED – Heartwork LP (Big Notes)


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Reckless Records 4/17/20 New Releases

ALICE COLTRANE – Live at Carnegie Hall , 1971 LP (Alternative Fox)
In February 1971 Alice Coltrane performed at Carnegie Hall in New York with a large group of legends including Pharoah Sanders, Archie Shepp, Jimmy Garrison, Ed Blackwell & more, not to mention Alice herself. This 45RPM record features an 8 minute + performance of the classic John Coltrane piece “Africa.” It’s a fierce performance led by heavy drumming. 

SAM GENDEL & SAM WILKES – Music For Saxofone & Bass Guitar LP (Leaving)
Originally released in 2018, this experimental jazz album now gets an official vinyl pressing. With equal parts JON HASSELL-esque ambient mysticism and dubby electronics found on many International Anthem releases, this should appeal to any fan of forward thinking jazz. RECOMMENDED!

HODGE – Shadows In Blue LP (Houndstooth)
Bristol-based producer HODGE has been releasing murky, rhythm-forward techno 12”s for the past decade with an excellent consistency, including collaborations with SHANTI CELESTE and Reckless favorite LAUREL HALO. On “Shadows In Blue”, he puts that hard work to use on a full length that is both propulsive and detailed, using breaks and analog synth refractions to paint his sonic landscapes. RECOMMENDED.

MILITARY GENIUS – Deep Web (Tin Angel)
It’s a bit difficult to characterize the debut from Bryce Cloghesy, aka MILITARY GENIUS, in any concise way; there are elements of industrial, minimal wave, SUICIDE-style post-punk, ARTHUR RUSSELL-style abstract dance and even saxophone glam. This merging of styles finds a way to form a cohesive whole, and the result is a dark, nostalgic exercise. This guy comes HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

ORANSSI PAZZAZU – Mestarin Kynsi LP (Nuclear Blast) color vinyl 
The excellent Finnish progressive/psychedelic metal band ORANSSI PAZUZU return with a new album that should provide a distraction during these troubling times. The band’s previous albums are some of the most mind bending metal we’ve heard over the past few years & they’ve stripped things down to the bare essentials on this one. Don’t think we’re saying that this one is less weird, it’s just weird in a different way. The beats are repetitive almost with hints of kraut rock & cyclical patterns, almost like Steve Reich’s “Music for 18 Musicians” with a metal band accompaniment at times. Any fan of forward thinking metal should listen to this amazing band. RECOMMENDED.

Other important new releases
DUANE & GREGG ALLMAN – Duane & Gregg Allmann LP (Allman Brothers)
BLACK DAHLIA MURDER – Verminous LP (Metal Blade)
DAVID BOWIE – Reality LP (Friday Music) 180grm color vinyl reissue
DJ SCREW – All Screwed Up LP (Big Tyme) 25th anniversary picture disc
DREAM SYNDICATE – Universe Inside LP (Anti-)
EOB – Earth LP/CD (Capitol) Ed O’Brien of Radiohead’s debut album
HORSE LORDS – Common Task LP (Northern Spy) back in stock!
WIZ KHALIFA – Kush & OJ LP (Rostrum) 10th anniversary reissue on green vinyl
KIASMOS – Looped 12” (Erased Tapes) RSD 2015 release back in print
KING DIAMOND – Abigail LP (color vinyl reissue)
MAGGOT BRAIN magazine issues #1 & #2 (Third Man) back in stock!
MELKBELLY Pith LP (Wax Nine) back in stock!
PATHETX – 1981’ LP (Third Man)
RJD2 – Fun Ones LP (RJ Elec. Connections)
SOUL ASYLUM – Hurry Up & Wait LP (Blue Elan)
THUNDERCAT – It is What it is LP (Brainfeeder) cream vinyl back in stock!
THE WIRE magazine new issue with Thundercat cover
YVES TUMOR – Heaven to a Tortured Mind LP (Warp) color vinyl back in stock!
ZERO 7 – The Garden LP (New State) reissue, first time on vinyl since 2006!

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Reckless Records 4/10/20 New Releases

BUTTERTONES – Jazzhound LP (Innovate Leisure)
THE BUTTERTONES are a post-punk band from L.A. Rhythmic, bass guitar driven songs that will appeal to fans of THE SOUND, INTERPOL, TONES ON TAIL etc…

LITTLE DRAGON – New Me, Same Us LP (Ninja Tune) BACK IN STOCK!
The futuristic Swedish pop duo LITTLE DRAGON return with their debut on Ninja Tune. R&B tinged electro pop with fantastic production that sounds really good right now. Fans of ROBYN, SOLANGE, XX etc… will love this.

JACKIE LYNN – Jacqueline LP (Drag City)
The talented Chicago musician Haley Fohr returns to her cosmic country alter-ego Jackie Lynn for “Jacqueline.” With BITCHIN’ BAJAS as her backing band, this version of Jackie is a bit more hi-fi.If Jackie was a real 70s country star, this would be like her dipping her toes into disco. This is the most “mainstream” record that Haley Fohr has probably made that starts off with a dance floor rocker that sounds like TRANS AM & soaring indie pop (with electric guitar) that reminds us of SMOG on “Shugar Water.” Nothing Haley does is really ever “straight-ahead” though & that’s what we love about her. RECOMMENDED.

RANIL – Ranil y su Conjunto Tropical LP (Analog Africa)
Raul Llerena Vasquez – better known as RANIL – has been one of the most idiosyncratic practitioners of cumbia to come out of the Amazonian jungles of Peru. Blending the riverbed electricity of garage and psych with the rhythms of South American dance music, RANIL
was able to amass a hefty catalog of music, all while starting his own label in the Peruvian Amazon. Here, Analog Africa gives a fully licensed compilation of RANIL’s best work, sourced from RANIL’s collection.

SQUAREPUSHER – Lamental EP (Warp)
The coda to the excellent full length “Be Up A Hello” is a more relaxed, atmospheric affair, showcasing SQUAREPUSHER at his more measured and sensitive. This completes a stunning trilogy of releases to harken his return in 2020. RECOMMENDED!

THE STROKES – The New Abnormal LP/TAPE (RCA)
We need new music so badly right now & though we understand why artists might want to bump their records indefinitely, we’re so thankful when they don’t. This is the first new STROKES music in 7 years they sound incredibly fresh here. The songs we’ve heard are synth heavy & ridiculously catchy. This record feels “classic” right out of the gate & has many of their trademarks but we also hear influences like THE CARS, NEW ORDER & THE CURE this time.

Other important new releases
ANNA BURCH – If You’re Dreaming LP (Polyvinyl)
CHROMEO – She’s in Control 3LP (Last Gang) 
ELLIS – Born Again LP (Fat Possum)
DEXTER GORDON – Swingin’ Affair LP (Blue Note)
HORSE LORDS – The Common Task LP (Northern Spy) BACK IN STOCK!
JOHANN JOHANNSSON – Last & first Men LP box set (Deutsche Grammophon) 
KNXWLEDGE – 1988 LP (Stones Throw) purple vinyl BACK IN STOCK!
POKEY LAFARGE – Rock Bottom Rhapsody LP (New West Records)
DUA LIPA – Future Nostalgia LP (Warner) BACK IN STOCK!
JACKIE MCLEAN – Fickle Sonance LP (Blue Note)
LEE MORGAN – Rumproller LP (Blue Note)
SPIRIT ADRIFT – Chained to Oblivion LP (Prosthetic) 
TOPS – I Feel Alive LP (Factor)


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Reckless Records 4/3/2020 New Releases

As you might imagine, a number of new releases have been cancelled and we’ve also been dealing with a lot of shipping interruptions during the shutdown. We’re doing our best to keep up with new releases so if you’re not seeing titles listed, they might be arriving late or we can try to special order anything that you’re looking for. Also, you might notice that a number of releases are “out today” but a number of releases have been released digitally but bumped physically. Thank you for your support during these tough times. 

MELKBELLY – Pith LP/CD (WaxNine)
Local heroes MELKBELLY give us their third full length release, unhinged noise rock that plays with your sense of time and harmony. “Pith” is a refreshingly youthful and irreverent record that reminds us of the more angular elements of bands like WYE OAK. RECOMMENDED.

NINA SIMONE – Fodder on My Wings LP/CD (Verve)
2020 reissue of this Nina Simone rarity from 1982. The album was recorded in 1982 just after she moved to Paris & then released on a French label. Supposedly it was one of her favorite recordings. The songs are a mix of styles from show tune esque piano & vocal pieces to upbeat Latin influenced tunes

THUNDERCAT – It Is What it Is LP/CD (Brainfeeder) indie-exclusive cream or red vinyl
The fourth official full length from THUNDERCAT is a major triumph, developing the ideas of future funk and lite rock, present in his breakthrough “Drunk”, into a larger expression of music that touches on lo-fi beat music, chamber pop, yacht rock, hip-hop and other styles that defy categorization. With the help of such luminaries as TY DOLLA SIGN, LIL B THA BASED GOD, STEVE LACY and CHILDISH GAMBINO, It Is What It Is is certainly the most fulfilled bit of stylistic expression in THUNDERCAT’s career. What is remarkable is how unified of a statement this record is. While not a step beyond the territory of what to expect from the artist – this is a THUNDERCAT record thru and thru – this is the most consistent and focused he has been throughout his career. It’s a bit hard to think of who this record would not be RECOMMENDED to, so if you’re reading this, this new record comes RECOMMENDED as hell!

YVES TUMOR – Heaven is a Tortured Mind LP/CD (Warp)
It’s hard to define YVES TUMOR, and honestly that seems to be by design – from their enigmatic noise releases on PAN that implement field recordings and the human voice in equal measure to their breakthru release “Safe In The Hands Of Love”, a pseudo alt- rock record that spoke in equal parts to a 1990s nostalgia that was beginning to form and a newer vaporwave esthetic that valued the recycled past of low art, its difficult to put a name on what YVES TUMOR really makes. “Heaven to a Tortured Mind” is the closest they’ve come to a purely pop record, but it’s covered in enough experimental sonic weirdness that a non-poptimist will still enjoy the various directions this record will take. RECOMMENDED!

Other important new releases 

ALL TIME LOW – Wake Up Sunshine LP/CD (Fueled By Ramen)
BEATRICE DILLON – Work-Around LP (Pan)
MARVIN GAYE – More Trouble LP (Motown)
NIGHTMARES ON WAX – Smoker’s Delight: 25th Anniversary LP (Warp)
M WARD – Migration Stories LP/CD (Anti-)

Some 4/3 releases that will likely arrive next Monday
Ellis – Born Again LP (Fat Possum)
Spirit Adrift – Chained to Oblivion LP (Prosthetic)
Tops- I Feel Alive LP (Tops Music)


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Reckless Records 3/27/20 New Releases


Highly anticipated collaboration between two greats of modern electronic music, Daniel Avery & Alessandro Cortini. Avery is a British musician who most recently released the excellent “Song for Alpha” which was a mix of washy ambience & melodic dance tracks. The synth wiz Cortini is best known for his live work with NINE INCH NAILS & a very prolific last few years topped off with the great “Volume Massimo” album. This album is everything we were hoping for with beautiful & arpeggiated synth patterns, thick sub bass lines, with some lo-fi tape hiss that will appeal to fans of BOARDS OF CANADA & SURVIVE with some shoegaze textures. RECOMMENDED!

DEEPER – Auto-Pain LP/CD (Firetalk) Chicago exclusive “deep freeze blue” vinyl!
Local heroes DEEPER follow their 2018 self-titled debut with more angular, spastic post-punk stylings that recall the nervous energy of THE FEELIES and the dark emotiveness of THE CURE. This is dark, nostalgic music that will help through the darker times we live in. RECOMMENDED!

FACS – Void Moments LP/CD (Trouble in Mind) limited color of black vinyl
It’s difficult to imagine a better album title for March, 27 2020 than “Void Moments.” The world is now a few months into a global pandemic & most of have been having our own “void moments” pretty much every day. Thankfully great music is a welcome distraction to all of this topsy-turvy chaos & the prolific & reliable Chicago band FACS has made perhaps their best record yet. Noah Leger is one of the best drummers around & he’s the defacto leader on many of the songs. There’s a ton of interesting studio trickery & effects on EVERYTHING which gives their already post-industrial snarl & unique angle, sort of like THIS HEAT’s playful willingness & to sort of attempt to destroy their own recordings. It’s difficult to say where we’ll all be in a few months or even a few weeks, but thankfully we now have this soundtrack to all of our moments, contemplating the void. RECOMMENDED.

KNXWLEDGE – 1988 LP/CD (Stones Throw)
Rooted in the same gospel, jazz and soul as his fellow Stones Throw Artists MADLIB and J DILLA, KNWLEDGE has made one of his most powerful, expressive statements in “1988”. This is instrumental hip-hop at it’s best: psychedelic, leftfield and yet rooted to the music that gives club music it’s distinct identity. CHOICE!

MOLCHAT DOMA – Etazhi LP/CD (Sacred Bones) color or black vinyl
MOLCHAT DOMA – S Krysh Nashikh Domon LP/CD (Sacred Bones) color or black vinyl
MOLCHAT DOMA is a post-punk band from Belarus. Their covers feature images of brutalist architecture & dadaist art & it fits with their gothic, post-punk meets synth-pop sound. Fans of legends like JOY DIVISION/early NEW ORDER, “Faith”/”Seventeen Seconds” era CURE & the Colour Tapes label releases, specifically MODERN ART will eat this up.RECOMMENDED.

PEARL JAM – Gigaton LP/CD (Monkeywrench)
Already being hailed as the most vital Pearl Jam record in quite some time Gigaton is going to make many fans extremely happy. It’s been nearly 30 years since Ten built a stranglehold on the indie & pop scenes of the early 90s. It would be easy to give up, cash in, & make uninspired drivel, but with Gigaton, you can hear a revitalized Eddy Vedder crashing directly against the politics of the day. For a band that led us directly out of the 80s to come back 30 years later with tracks that remind us so much of Talking Heads!? This is definitely worth your time.

WAXAHATCHEE – Saint Cloud LP/CD (Merge)
The fifth full release for Katie Crutchfield under the moniker WAXAHATCHEE finds her exploring country, roots and Americana, while maintaining the thread of lush indie pop that has defined her already great career. A gorgeous statement.

WINDY & CARL – Allegiance & Conviction LP/CD (Kranky)
Reckless favorites WINDY & CARL are back on Kranky with their first album in 8 years “Allegiance & Conviction”. The Dearborn, MI duo are longstanding heroes of the space rock/ambient realm & a new record from them is always special. Crisp & clean, stream of consciousness guitar with almost barely audible spoken lyrics by Windy that give this one a bit more of a haunting quality than their other releases. Another great one from these record store owning drone masters! RECOMMENDED.

Other important new releases
BON IVER – Blood Bank EP LP/CD (Jagjaguwar) 10th anniversary edition w/ bonus
CABLE TIES – Far Enough LP/CD (Merge)
CANDELMASS – Pendulum LP (Napalm)
CLAMS CASINO – Moon Trip Radio LP (Clams Casino)
IAN WILLIAM CRAIG – Red Sun Through Smoke LP/CD (Fatcat)
DENZEL CURRY & KENNY BEATS – Unlocked LP (Loma Vista)
HERBIE HANCOCK – The Prisoner LP (Blue Note, Remastered, Tone Poet Series)
JIM HENDRIX – Band of Gypsys LP (50th Anniversary reissue w/ booklet & poster)
LAS KELLIES – Suck This Tangerine LP (Fire)
MAGIC SWORD – Endless LP/CD (Joyful Noise)
HAILU MERGIA – Yene Mircha LP/CD (Awesome Tapes From Africa)
MNDSGN – Bed LP (SSakanoi, reissue)
NAP EYES – Snapshot of a Beginner LP/CD (Jagjaguwar) color or black vinyl
NAZAR – Guerilla LP (Hyperdub)
SUFJAN STEVENS & LOWELL BRAMS – Aporia LP/CD (Asthmatic Kitty) color or black
SUN ARAW – Rock Sutra LP (Sun Ark)
V/A – Whispers: Lounge Originals LP (Numero)

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An important update

Hello everyone,

Like many businesses in Chicago and other great cities of the world right now, we will be observing the order to stay home order that goes into effect today, March 21 at 5pm. Local pickup orders will be suspended until the stay at home order is lifted. We will still try keep putting things on hold for you though! The provision allows for maintaining minimal operations and we will be doing as much as we are allowed to at this time to maintain web sales. We are not yet clear what that will mean in terms of shipping. We will keep you posted as we navigate the situation. We will continue to do what we can to keep you supplied with music and movies while also doing what we can to flatten the curve!


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Reckless Records 3/20/20 New Releases

Obviously our shops are closed to foot traffic right now but for now we’re still offering curbside pick-up for web & phone orders and we can still ship. All of our inventory including new releases is searchable and for sale at


CHAPTERHOUSE – Whirpool LP (Music on Vinyl) shoegaze classic reissued on limited 
    blue & silver marble vinyl
COCTEAU TWINS – Garlands LP (4AD) reissue
COCTEAU TWINS – Victorialand LP (4AD) reissue
DEEP SPACE DUO – Spacetones CS (Love All Day) local experimental musicians Matt 
    Jencik & Whitney Johnson (aka MATCHESS) team up for organ drones!
BRIAN & ROGER ENO – Mixing Colours LP/CD (Deutsche Gramaphone)
JON HASSELL – Vernal Equinox LP (Ndeya) reisssue
JOLIE HOLLAND – Escondida LP (Cinqefoil) reissue
HELEN MONEY – Atomic LP/CD (Thrill Jockey)
IRREVERSIBLE ENTANGLEMENTS – Who Sent You? LP/CD (International Anthem)
MOANING – Uneasy Laughter LP/CD (Sub Pop) first press loser edition
RUSTIN MAN – Clockdust LP (Domino)
MATTHEW TAVARES & LELAND WHITTY – Visions LP/CD (Mr. Bongo) new album from
   BADBADNOTGOD co-founders!

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An Important note to our customers & friends

Hello friends!

Like everyone else, we are trying to navigate our way through the current crisis as we go.
Beginning today all three locations will be local pick-up or mail order only.

Help support us and your record habit from your living room!  We do have a website!  It lists our entire inventory of thousands of records, CDs and movies and we will continue to ship orders out daily, or if you are local you can order ahead and pick it up.

We will be working to add some special goodies online over the next few weeks to keep you interested too! We really appreciate your support during this difficult time and can’t wait to get back to seeing all of your faces regularly in the shops!
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Reckless Records 3/13/20 New Releases


Gonna keep it light for now. Weird week. STAY HEALTHY!

TREY GRUBER – Herculean House of Cards LP (Numero)
The Chicago musician Trey Gruber died tragically of an overdose at 26. While listening to these posthumous recordings released by Numero, it’s impossible not to imagine what could have been. His songs & lyrics are ridiculously mature & well-crafted. You can hear bits of John Lennon, Dylan, Syd Barrett, Pete Ham & outsider songwriters like Martin Newell. This really 

is an incredible collection. RIP TREY GRUBER. 

HORSE LORDS – The Common Task LP (Northern Spy)
First album for Baltimore’s HORSE LORDS since 2016’s “Interventions” and this one’s a doozy. Avant-garde, polyrhythmic rock mutations that owes as much to the classical minimalists of the late 20th Century (STEVE REICH, PHILIP GLASS, LA MONTE YOUNG etc.) as to psych-prog outfits like HAWKWIND or KING CRIMSON and even to free jazz composers like PETER BROTZMANN and ALBERT AYLER. “The Common Task” is rooted in a radical left utopian vision, liberating the mind by liberating the body to move. HIGHLY, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

PORCHES – Ricky Music LP/CD (Domino) deluxe LP w/ bonus Rangerover 7”
Aaron Maine returns for his fourth album as PORCHES, and brings to the table contributions from DEV HYNES (known by most as BLOOD ORANGE) and ZSELA. “Ricky Music” expands further on the steely, raw-nerve synth pop of Maine’s previous material.

DARWIN DEEZ – Darwin Deez LP (Lucky Number) 10th Anniversary Edition w/ bonus 7”
DUNGEN – Live (Mexican Summer) silver vinyl ltd to 300 at Milwaukee Ave!
EARLY DAY MINERS – Placer Found LP (Secretly Canadian) 
THE FRIGHTS – LP/CD Everything Feels Like Yesterday (Epitaph)
HONEY CUTT – Coasting LP (Kanine)
JOYFULTALK – A Separation of Being LP (Constellation)
BARNEY KESSEL – Live at the Jazz Mill 1954, Vol. 2 LP (Modern Harmonic) gold vinyl
MADISON MCFERRIN – You+I LP (Digger’s Factory)
MONOPHONICS – It’s Only Us LP/CD (Colemine)
OXZ – Along Ago 1981- 1989 LP (Captured Tracks)
PORRIDGE RADIO – Every Bad LP/CD (Secretly)
ULTRAÍSTA – Sister LP (Partisan)