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Reckless Records 7/31/20 New Releases


GANSER – Just Look at That Sky LP/CD

This is the 2nd album by the excellent Chicago band GANSER. Aggressive noise rock with snarling guitars, heavy bass & vocals that remind us of the great Ari Up of THE SLITS & KAREN O. Fans of TOUCH & GO, AM REP style noise rock will dig this for sure. 

OHMME – Fantasize Your Ghost LP/CD

The massively talented Chicago duo OHMME are back with their third album. Sima Cunningham & Macie Stewart are both fantastic guitarists, multi-instrumentalists & their vocal harmonies are truly impressive. Crisp & complex songs that almost veer into math rock territory at times. Fans of ST. VINCENT, THE ROCHES, TALKING HEADS, FIERY FURNACES etc… will love this. RECOMMENDED.

MIKE POLIZZE – Long Lost Solace Find LP/CD (Paradise of Bachelors) color or black vinyl

 “Long Lost Solace Find” is the debut solo album by Mike Polizze of PURLING HISS & BIRDS OF MAYA. With help from buds like Kurt Vile & WAR ON DRUGS engineer Jeff Zeigler, Polizze has now made his own classic Philly record. There’s no way you can listen to a song like “Cheewawa” & not hum the melody to yourself for the rest of the day. Mellow acoustic rock that will appeal to KV, WAR ON DRUGS, Steve Gunn, AFGHAN WHIGS, & THE CHURCH will dig this. RECOMMENDED.


Limited edition box set from one of the greatest rock records ever made. This pressing of 1,970 copies (cheeky) comes with a 2LP, 45RPM version of the classic record, the complete Fun House sessions (that was originally released on CD in the late 90s), 2 7”s, 2 posters, a book & a 45 adapter. One of the craziest box sets we’ve ever seen!! 

WYE OAK – No Horizon 12” (Merge) pink vinyl

Baltimore duo WYE OAK dives further into electronics on this idiosyncratic EP, using light synth textures in tandem with a blend of electronic beats and Andy Stack’s precise drumming that can sound at times like 80s PETER GABRIEL. Jenn Wasner’s voice weaves in and out of these rhythms, supported by The BROOKLYN YOUTH CHORUS. A great, forward-thinking followup to their wonderful 2018 release “The Louder I Call, The Faster It Runs”. On Merge and RECOMMENDED.


LOU BARLOW – Emoh 2LP (Merge) 15th anniversary edition

SHIRLEY COLLINS – Heart’s Ease LP/CD (Domino)

DIRTY PROJECTORS – Flight Tower EP 12” (Domino)

FONTAINES D.C. – A Hero’s Death LP/deluxe 2LP/CD (Partisan)

BOBBIE GENTRY – The Delta Sweete 2LP (Capitol) expanded reissue with bonus tracks

ALEX IZENBERG – Caravan Chateau LP (Weird World)


GIG MARGARET – Mia Gargaret LP (Orindal) now on color vinyl

ALANIS MORRISSETTE – Such Pretty Forks in the Road LP (Crush)

ALISON MOSSHART (of THE KILLS) – Rise b/w It Ain’t Water 7” (Domino)\

PSYCHEDELIC FURS – Made of Rain LP/CD (Cooking Vinyl) new album!!

SLOWDIVE – Just For A Day LP (Music on Vinyl) limited “flaming” color vinyl

SUFJAN STEVENS – America 12” (Asthmastic Kitty)

SUN RA – Celestial Love LP (Modern Harmonic)

WILLIAM TYLER – Music from First Cow (Merge)

VARIOUS ARTISTS – Nu Leaf LP (Numero Group)

VARIOUS ARTISTS – Black Riot: Early Jungle, Rave & Hardcore 2LP (Soul Jazz)

THE ZOMBIES – I Love You LP (Craft) reissue

THE ZOMBIES – The Zombies LP (Craft) reissue

THE ZOMBIES – R.I.P.  LP (Craft) reissue

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RECKLESS RECORDS 7/24/20 New Releases


BELL WITCH / AERIAL RUIN – Stygian Bough Volume I LP (Profound Lore) color vinyl

“Stygian Bough” is the collaboration between giants from the Pacific Northwest, BELL WITCH & AERIAL RUIN, the solo acoustic guitar project of Erik Moggridge. The album starts off with a dark acoustic piece & then evolves into heavy, progressive doom that BELL WITCH is now famous for. The album then alternates between those two styles in a truly epic fashion. The last BELL WITCH album “Mirror Reaper” is a good touchstone for this but “Stygian Bough” takes it to a new level for sure. RECOMMENDED.

BLUES CREATION – Blues Creation LP (Audio Clarity)

Reissue of the debut album by the Japanese blues rock band BLUES CREATION. This album was originally released in 1969 & features covers of Sonny Boy Williamson, Blind Willie Johnson, Willie Dixon & more. Their take on the songs is aggressive with heavy bass guitar, intense soloing & raw vocals that put this more in STOOGES & BLUE CHEER territory than LED ZEP or THE ‘STONES. If you like your blues a little more “fried” then this is for you. 


ESSENTIAL reissue of this classic Rastafarian record by the Jamaican drummer Count Ossie. Rastafarians were considered outcasts in the 50s when Ossie was getting his start but they gradually became accepted in the music scene. In 1973 Count Ossie released this incredible album of music dedicated to the Africans that were brought to Jamaica as slaves. Heavy & repetitive percussion & a almost improvisational jazz feel, this album will appeal to fans of 70s spiritual jazz like Eddie Galem Chicago’s own Philip Cohran & even the early MOONDOG records at times. RECOMMENDED.

ELDER – Omens LP (Armageddon) 

The band of U.S. ex pats now based in Berlin known as ELDER return with their 5th album. Melodic & progressive, metallic hard rock with some tasteful synth programming & soaring vocals. Fans of early MASTODON, TORCHE, BARONESS etc… will eat this up. RECOMMENDED.

GUIDED BY VOICES – Vampire on Titus LP (Scat) color vinyl

BACK IN PRINT!! Though the Dayton legends were already a few albums deep when this came out, “Vampire on Titus” was the album that started it all for them really. This has been out of print for years & it’s definitely one of the most requested GBV records. RECOMMENDED OF COURSE!

JON HASSELL – Seeing Through Sound: Pentimento Volume Two LP/CD (Ndeya)

Second volume of the “Pentimento” series from ambient and experimental trailblazer JON HASSELL following 2018’s stellar “Listening to Pictures”. The trumpet- touched raga of his early work is still present here, but this new series pays even closer attention to the electronic rhythms of modern techno and IDM, as well as drawing from German rock experimentalists like NEU! or CAN – as well as from the sonic textures of post- rock composers like GROUPER or JULIANNA BARWICK. At 83, HASSELL has not stopped pushing at the edges of what “fourth world” can mean, still bringing his listeners into thrilling sonic territory. RECOMMENDED!

PROTOMARTYR – Ultimate Success Today LP/CD (Domino) ltd. blue vinyl

Since their inception twelve years ago, Detroit’s own native sons PROTOMARTYR have always channeled the profound anguish of alienation, both interpersonal and institutional. 2017’s “Relatives In Descent” shot that alienation through the lens of American life at large, exploring the winnowing of opportunity laid bare after the 2016 election. Now, when those themes could not be more clear, PROTOMARTYR builds upon them on “Ultimate Success Today”. The band’s signature rhythmic punk and washed out crescendos continue to get larger, punchier and more poignant, supporting the weight of the lyrics with grace. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

SKELETON – Skeleton LP/CD (20 Buck Spin)

This is the debut album from the Austin, TX band SKELETON. Melodic but crushing metal that scratches so many itches for us. There are so many memorable riffs on here, tons of tempo changes & even some clean intros that would make James Hetfield blush. Things that come to mind are CRAFT’s excellent “Fuck the Universe”, later DARKTHRONE, MOTORHEAD, SLAYER etc…This is definitely going to be on our end of the year list. RECOMMENDED.


LIZA ANN – Bad Vacation LP (Arts & Crafts)


BLUES CREATION – Blues Creation LP (Audio Clarity)

DRAB CITY – Good Songs for Bad People LP (Bella Union)

PJ HARVEY – Dry LP (Island) the PJ Harvey vinyl reissues are finally starting! 

PJ HARVEY – Dry – Demos LP (Island) the PJ Harvey vinyl reissues are finally starting! 

JESUS & MARY CHAIN – Barrowlands Live LP/10”/CD (Demon)

KLEIN – Lifetime LP (Ijn)

LET IT COME DOWN – Songs We Sang in Our Dreams LP (Shimmy-Disc/Joyful Noise)

BARBARA LYNN – The Atlantic Years LP (Run Out Groove)

MANSIONS – Big Bad LP (Bad Timing)

NIHILOXICA – Kaloli  (Crammed Discs)

MIGUEL NOYA – Canciones Intactas LP (Phantom Limb)

NECK DEEP – All Distortions Are Intentional LP (Hopeless)

100 GECS – 100 Gecs & the Tree of Clues LP (Dog Show) ghostly “green” vinyl

LAURENCE PIKE – Prophecy LP (The Leaf Label) ltd. yellow vinyl

QUICKSAILS – Blue Rise LP (Hausu Mountain) 

SELENA – Ones LP (Capitol)

PATRICK SHIRIOSHI – Descension LP (Thin Wrist)


WAQWAQ KINGDOM – Essaka Hoisa LP (Phantom Limb)

WINTER – Endless Space LP (Bar None)

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Reckless Records 7/17/20 New Releases


BING & RUTH – Species LP/CD (4AD)

“Species” is the 2020 album from BING & RUTH. Trance inducing compact organ dirges with minimal clarinet & bass accompaniment. Masters like Terry Riley & Steve Reich are easy comparisons to make along with fellow compact organ devotees BITCHIN’ BAJAS. Recommended.

DEHD – Flower of Devotion LP/CD (Fire Talk) Chicago exclusive red & blue vinyl! comes with bonus 7”

Local legends DEHD follow up last year’s breakthrough LP “Water” with another collection of … shall we say elegantly trashy jangle-pop. “Flower of Devotion” has the band leaning into more detailed and syncopated rhythms that can at times remind us of the B-52’s. Other tracks seem to draw from the dusty Americana of early ANGEL OLSEN records. Whichever way you want to slice it, DEHD has taken a step forward in both their writing and production, making this the best release of their young career.

BOB DYLAN – Rough & Rowdy Ways 2LP (Columbia) now on indie only gold or black  vinyl!

 Who would have thought that a 16+ minute Bob Dylan song about the Kennedy assassination would be one of our favorite quarantine songs? Well here we are folks. Bob seems to have found the next level & this 2020 record has some truly inspired moments from the living legend. A great record that will certainly appear on many 2020 year end lists if we make it that far. RECOMMENDED.

JARV IS – Beyond the Pale LP/CD (Rough Trade) LP/CD limite color of black vinyl

“Beyond the Pale” is the first new material by the former PULP frontman in over a decade. Jarvis always makes things seem larger than life & this is a big sounding record. Tons of catchy songs that vary between Leonard Cohen crooners, serious Bowie esque vibes & like always dripping with glam. Great stuff.

POLE – 123 (7LP box set) Mute

The now legendary first three albums by POLE are available once again in this limited edition box set. These are the first vinyl reissues in almost 20 years & it’s welcome because the originals are difficult to find. These albums caused quite a stir back then with their stark, monochromatic artwork that perfectly complemented the glitchy, minimalist, dub influenced electronic music. This box set also includes the “Raum” 12″ originally released in 1998. Don’t miss out on this one. RECOMMENDED.

THE SOFT PINK TRUTH – Shall We Go On Sinning So That Grace May Increase? LP/CD (Thrill Jockey)

MATMOS’ Drew Daniel has been releasing music solo as THE SOFT PINK TRUTH for nearly twenty years, and in 2020 has put out the most remarkable release of his career. “Shall We Go On Sinning …” draws from deep house, techno, classical minimalism and even shades of black metal to create a sonic kaleidoscope of ecstacy, anguish and renewal, not leaning too heavily into one category but instead making a liminal piece of home listening that is at once both extreme and accessible. Daniel enlisted the help of Angel Deerdorian (ex-DIRTY PROJECTORS), Andrew Bernstein (HORSE LORDS) and Colin Self – among others – to help contribute organic sound to balance with the more electronic elements, and so the project feels less like the work of one man than a massive collaboration. One of the most rewarding LPs of the year. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

YAEJI – What We Drew LP (XL)

“What We Drew” is the fantastic album from the Korean-American artist Kathy Lee aka YAEJI. Alternating back & forth between Korean & English lyrics, Lee often quietly sings over lush & mellow beats & playful electronic production. Some of this feels like nerdier Awkwafina or Billie Eilish if she got into house music. It’s all really fun, effortless & refreshing sounding.


ALLMAN BETTS BAND – Down to the River LP (BMG)

AMNESIA SCANNER – Tearless LP (color vinyl)

ANIMAL COLLECTIVE – Sung Tongs LP (My Animal Home) back in print!

FIONA APPLE – Fetch the Bolt Cutters 2LP/CD (Epic) indie only color or black vinyl

GENEVIEVE ARTADI – Dizzy Strange Summer LP (Brainfeeder)


FELT – FELT 3: Tribute to Rosie Perez: 10th Anniversary LP (Rhymesayers)

FU MANCHU – Fu30, Pt. 1 10” (At The Dojo) orange vinyl

MARVIN GAYE – His Classic Duets LP (Motown)

INEXORUM – Moonlit Navigation LP (Gilead)

JOY DIVISION – Atmosphere 12” (Factory) amazing sounding 45RPM 12” available 

JOY DIVISION – Love Will Tear Us Apart 12” (Factory) amazing sounding 45RPM 12” 

JOY DIVISION – Atmosphere 12” (Factory) amazing sounding 45RPM 12” 

JOY DIVISION – Closer LP (Factory) 40TH Anniversary edition on crystal clear vinyl

KLLO – Maybe We Could LP (Ghostly)

LIANNE LA HAVAS – Lianne La Havas LP (Warner)

LARAAJI – Sun Piano LP (All Saints)

LAWRENCE ARMS – Skeleton Coast LP/CD (Epitaph) these will be at Lakeview &  Wicker Park on Saturday

 JENS LEKMAN & ANNIKA NORLIN – Correspondence LP (Secretly Canadian)

GALCHER LUSTWERK – Proof 12” (Ghostly)

GIA MARGARET- Mia Gargaret LP (Orindal)

ENNIO MORRICONE – Themes: Psycho 2LP (Music on Vinyl) color vinyl, numbered

   limited edition

RIE MURAKAMI – Sahara LP (Ship to Shore) more Japanese City Pop!

TJO (TARA JANE O’NEILL) – Songs for Peacock LP (Orindal) color vinyl

PATRICIA – Maxyboy 2LP (Ghostly)

PRETENDERS – Hate for Sale LP/CD (BMG)

Hiroshi Sato – Supermarket LP (Ship to Shore) more Japanese City Pop!

THE SHAGGS – Shaggs’ Own Thing LP (Light in the Attic)

SVEN WUNDER – Eastern Flowers LP (Piano Piano)

SVEN WUNDER – Wabi Sabi LP (Piano Piano)

JIM WHITE & MARISA ANDERSON – The Quickening LP (Thrill Jockey) green vinyl

ZOMBI – 2020 CD (Relapse) vinyl should be here next week

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THE BETHS – Jump Rope Gazers LP/CD (Carpark) tangerine vinyl

An absolute  K I L L E R  power pop release from THE BETHS, hailing from Auckland, NZ. “Jump Rope Gazers” has shades of contemporaries ALVVAYS and BEACH BUNNY, but with some thrilling THIN LIZZY or Blue Album WEEZER-esque guitar work peppered in. We’re only halfway through 2020 , but this will be easily one of this year’s best rock albums. They don’t get much more RECOMMENDED than this thing right here. GET IT GET IT GET IT!


Agghhh…here it is, a true holy grail of hard rock finally available again. Holden recorded this album circa 1970 & very few copies were made & most that are out there are often bootlegs.  Now in 2020, we can marvel again at Holden’s blistering guitar solos in all their sludgey goodness.  The sound clearly echoes BLUE CHEER, of which Holden was briefly a member playing on one side of “New! Improved!” BLUE CHEER style stoney rock with Hendrix caliber guitar solos.There’s a showy almost VAN HALEN quality to some of this too. RECOMMENDED!

MOMOKO KIKUCHI – Adventure LP (Ship To Shore) 

Light in the Attic continues their exploration into the magical world of Japanese City Pop. This one is from 1986 by the artist Momoko Kikuchi. Like most City Pop, this has a high production value with the top studio & music gear of the era, great artwork etc… This is the first ever vinyl reissue & it comes with a large poster.

TAL ROSS – Giant Shirley 2LP (Tidal Waves) violet vinyl, limited to 250

ATTENTION PARLIAMENT/FUNKADELIC FANS! Tal Ross was a founding member of FUNKADELIC that left the group in 1971 after a bad LSD trip. Having played on some ofthe group’s classic albums such as the first one, “Osmium”, “Maggot Brain” & “Free Your Mind…” Ross was totally immersed in that style of psychedelic funk & this stuff fits in there right along with it. Some of this leans towards the blues & even stoned-out rock jams but P-FUNK fans will definitely dig this stuff. 

SILVER SCROLLS – Music For Walks LP (Three Lobed)

Former POLVO members Dave Brylawski and Brian Quast are SILVER SCROLLS, and “Music For Walks” is a concept album sprawling across psych, blues, math rock, drone and other leftfield styles. The concept is … well, music that you can walk to! Seemingly simple, but the ideas here take you to incredible places. RECOMMENDED!

HIROSHI YOSHIMURA – Green LP/CD (Light in the Attic)

Back in early 2017, we received a reissue of a wonderful early 80’s album by the Japanese musician Hiroshi Yoshimura called “Music For Nine Postcards” & we were entranced. Since then Yoshimura’s music has become more widely known outside of Japan & now the highly anticipated reissue of this excellent 1986 album “Green” is here. Made on classic Yahama synths of the era, this is a beautiful album of soothing instrumentals that owe as much to 80s new age as they do to 80s TANGERINE DREAM film scores & 20th century minimalism like Steve Reich. RECOMMENDED.


JULIANNA BARWICK – Healing Is A Miracle LP/CD (Ninja Tune) LP comes with signed art print!

CHARLES BRACKEEN / RHYTHM X – The Music of Charles Brackeen LP (Pure Pleasure)

APOLLO BROWN – Reset: 10 Year Anniversary Edition LP (Mello Music Group) color vinyl

DIRTY PROJECTORS – Windows Open EP 12” (Domino)

DISTURBED – Sickness: 20th Anniversary reissue LP (Warner)

BOB DYLAN – Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid: Original Master Recording LP (Mobile Fidelity) 

ENSLAVED – Blodhemn LP (Osmose) color vinyl

ENSLAVED – Eld LP (Osmose) color vinyl

INTER ARMA – Garbers Day Revisited LP (Relapse) orange/black vinyl limited to 250 or black

JAYHAWKS – XOXO LP (Sham) white vinyl w/ bonus CD

MOMOKO KIKUCHI – Adventure LP (Ship to Shore) with poster

THE MIDNIGHT – Monsters 2LP (Counter) ltd. purple swirl vinyl

MONKEES – Mike & Micky Show 2LP (Rhino)

PAINT – Spiritual Vegas LP (Mexican Summer)

CAROLINE POLACHEK – Pang LP (Caroline Polacheck) 180grm reissue w/ poster

MARGO PRICE – That’s How Rumors Get Started LP/CD (Loma Vista)

MARGO PRICE – That’s How Rumors Get Started LP  (Loma Vista) first pressing w/ 7”

BRIGID MAE POWER – Head Above The Water LP (Fire) ltd. white vinyl

EARL SWEATSHIRT – Feet of Clay LP (Warner) indie only tan or black vinyl

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LITHICS – Tower of Age LP/CD (Trouble in Mind) ltd. color or black vinyl

2020 album by the Portland post-rockin’ group LITHICS.Angular, jagged & rhythmic songs with dueling guitars battling it out with brittle precision. Hints of THE SLITS, RAINCOATS, WIRE, Chicago’s HECKS, PARQUET COURTS etc…Fantastic stuff.

PAYSAGE D’HIVER – Im Wald 4LP/2CD (Kunsthall)

PAYSAGE D’HIVER is the project of the mysterious Swiss artist Tobias Mockl aka Wintherr. Over the past 20 years, there have been 10 albums & multiple split releases by PAYSAGE D’HIVER with a very limited amount of information about them released. Some of the records are lo-fi black metal, some are full ambient synth records, some a mix of both but all of them are cold & grim in their own way. This one is over 2 hours of wind sounds, frigid sounding field

recordings, guitar ambience & freezing cold, lo-fi black metal. This is a very intense listen & we can imagine some people’s sanity being pushed to the bring if they made it through in one listen. If you’re into this sort of thing, we can’t imagine there’s anything better than this for you out there right now. RECOMMENDED.

PURE X – PURE X LP (Fire Talk)

After a six-year hiatus, cult indie band PURE X retunswith this self-titled outing, a perfectly focused LP that marries the dusty, washed-out psychedelia of their previous albums with a tightly locked-in sense of rhythm and melody. Quite a welcome return!

ROLLING BLACKOUTS C.F. – Sideways to New Italy LP (Sub Pop) first press loser edition on color vinyl

The talented Melbourne group ROLLING BLACKOUTS C.F.return with their second album. They continue to honor great 80s guitar groups like R.E.M., THE FEELIES, GO-BETWEENS etc… with an acoustic constantly strumming along in the background driving the mostly upbeat songs. 

WINTER – Into Darkness: Expanded Edition 2LP (Svart) 

Expanded reissue of this classic 1990 doom/death album from the NYC band WINTER. Morose & slow songs that perfectly fit the vibe of their name with an almost goth leaning later CELTIC FROST vibe at times. This expanded version comes with a bonus LP of their “Eternal Frost” demo.

WIRE – 10:20 LP (Pink Flag)

“10:20” is the 2020 album by the legendary WIRE. On this one, the band went back through tracks that were abandoned over the years & revisisted & re-recorded them. There are some songs you probably know like “German Shepherds” from “IBTABA” but these are all new versions & it truly listens like a new record. More great music from WIRE!


CASSIE – Change My Image 7” (Reminder)

CHERYL – Killer Kiss 7” (Reminder)

THE CHICKS – The Sound of… LP (Sundazed)

CURRENT 93 – Horsey 2LP (House of Mythology) remastered & expanded edition

CURRENT 93 – Sleep Has His House 2LP (House of Mythology) remastered & expanded 

DIET CIG – Do You Wonder About Me? LP (French Kiss) limited pink vinyl

DREAM WIFE – So When You Gonna… LP (Lucky Numbers)

HOLY HIVE – Interloper LP (Reverb Appreciation Society)

EUGENE MCDANIELS – Outlaw: 50th Anniversary LP (Real Gone) color vinyl

WILLIE NELSON – First Rose of Spring LP/CD (Legacy)

JILL SCOTT – Who is Jill Scott? 2LP (Hidden Beach) blue vinyl reissue

SYMARIP – Skinhead Moonstomp LP (Music on Vinyl)

TENNGER – Nomad LP (Beyond Beyond is Beyond)

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Reckless Records June 26 2020 New Releases

ALBERT AYLER – New Grass LP (Third Man)

Third Man gets into the jazz game with this reissue of the classic but often misunderstood 1969 album by saxophone legend Albert Ayler. A mix of his free jazz style with some groovy soul tunes, electric bass, spoken word passages, gospel inspired backing vocals & more. It’s easy to imagine that this must have turned a lot of heads back in the day, especially withstuffy critics. RECOMMENDED.

CORIKY – Coriky LP/CD (Dischord)

This one couldn’t have landed at a better time! CORIKY is a new trio from D.C. featuring Ian Mackaye on guitar, his partner Amy Farina on drums & Joe Lally on bass & there’s a lot to like here. In a lot of ways this is exactly what you probably would imagine & we mean that in the best way possible. It’s like a more stripped-down FUGAZI & simultaneously a more expanded EVENS. Joe Lally is just as important in driving this band & as he was in FUGAZI & his bass lines interact with the guitar & drums perfectly. Ian & Amy trade off & share vocals & their voices sound excellent together. This is the closest we’ll get to a new FUGAZI record any time soon & it’s simultaneously its own thing. We didn’t realize how badly we needed a record like this until we heard. RECOMMENDED.


COUNTRY WESTERNS are a trio from Nashville that doesn’t play country western music. Their sound owes more to 80’s Minneapolis bands like THE REPLACEMENTS & early SOUL ASYLUM than any Grand Ole Opry performers. The band features members of SILVER JEWS, JESSE & former Reckless alum & STATE CHAMPION member Sabrina Rush. HELL YEAH!

KHRUANGBIN – Mordechai LP/CD limited pink or black vinyl. We also have some free patches to give away while supplies last

The 2018 album “Con Todo El Mundo” by the Houston band KHRUANGBIN started out slow at the store but once it picked up, the hype started to build gradually around the band & it’s become one of our best sellers of the past 2 years. Now the talented trio is back with “Mordechai”, an album that should solidify them as one of the most exciting bands going right now. Using melodic elements of Middle Eastern, Thai & South American psych rock & surf & funk with a super tight rhythm section, they create timeless & infectious sounding songs. This one has a lot more singing but like the rest of the arrangements, it’s efficient & no notes feel wasted. Another amazing album by KHRUANGBIN. RECOMMENDED.

MIDWIFE – Forever LP (The Flenser)

“Forever” is the 2020 album by the Denver based  project of Madeline Johnston called MIDWIFE. The album is a memorial for a friend of Johnston’s that passed recently & though the album does have some heavy vibes, it’s also bittersweet & hopeful. Johnston lived at the legendary Denver art space Rhinoceropolis & that’s where a lot of the MIDWIFE sound was formed. Expertly crafted slow core/shoegaze that will appeal to fans of JESU, CODEINE, JESUS & MARY CHAIN, HAVE A NICE LIFE etc…RECOMMENDED.

POTTERY – Welcome to Bobby’s Motel LP/CD (Partisan) w/ lyric booklet

Montreal’s POTTERY explodes with energy on their first full-length, channeling the funk-punk of the New York scene in the late 70s / early 80s (KONK, BUSH TETRAS, LIQUID LIQUID) as well as the titans of the off-kilter we all know and love — DEVO, all while never taking themselves or their lyrical content all that seriously. “Bobby’s Motel” embraces its own excess, with the odd songwriting and vocal delivery bolstered by massive percussion and juicy guitar hooks. RECOMMENDED!

REDD KROSS – Red Cross EP 12”/CD (Merge) 40th anniversary ed. w/ bonus tracks

40th anniversary of the debut release from REDD KROSS, recorded when the Brothers McDonald were only mere teens. Tracked in the studio in one day with each song clocking in at around a minute apiece, this self-titled EP is an explosive, uninhibited document of raw punk energy, foretelling the future of RK. RECOMMENDED!!

VARIOUS ARTISTS – Louis Wayne Moody High LP (Numero Group)

An excellent compilation of mysterious underground garage rock tunes from the 60s. Like the best genre compilations, this one has a really specific vibe & the songs sound excellent together. This one sort of reminds us of the excellent “Anxious Color” comp on Mississippi. RECOMMENDED.

WOODS – Strange to Explain LP (Woodsist)

The now bi-coastal band WOODS returns with a new album for these pandemic times in 2020. These guys have been at it for 15 years now so they know how to write a song & there are a lot of good ones on here. This one is pretty “rootsy” with acoustic driven ballads that remind us of early SHINS, mellow rockers backed with some Rhodes piano & overall pretty chill vibes. 


ARCHERS OF LOAF – Talking Over Talk b/w Cruel Reminder 7” (Merge) new AoL songs!


THE FALL – Reformation Post TLC LP (Cherry Red) color vinyl reissue

FANNY – Fanny LP (Real Gone) ltd. white vinyl reissue

ART FEYNMAN – Half Price at 3:30 LP (Western Vinyl)

FIERY FURNACES – Down at the So & So On Somewhere 7” (Third Man)

GORDI – Our Two Skins LP (Jagjaguwar)

ERIK HALL – Music for 18 Musicians LP (Western Vinyl)

BECCA MANCARI – The Greatest Part LP (Captured Tracks)

NAEEM – Startisha LP (37d03d) red vinyl

PARK HYE JIN – How can I 12” (Ninja Tune)

PROF – Powderhorn Suites LP (Rhymesayers)

PUBLIC PRACTICE – Gentle Grip LP (Wharf Cat)

JOSEY REBELLE – Josey in Space 12” (Beats in Space)

REIGNING SOUND – Home For Orphans LP (Merge) 15th anniversary ed.

ROLLING STONES – Living in a Ghost Town 10” (Polydor) new song on orange vinyl

ROLLING STONES – Bigger Bang LP (Polydor) half-speed remaster

ROLLING STONES – Black & Blue LP (Polydor) half-speed remaster

ROLLING STONES – Bridges to Babylon LP (Polydor) half-speed remaster

ROLLING STONES – Dirty Work LP (Polydor) half-speed remaster

ROLLING STONES – Emotional Rescue LP (Polydor) half-speed remaster

ROLLING STONES – Exile On Main Street LP (Polydor) half-speed remaster

ROLLING STONES – It’s Only Rock n Roll LP (Polydor) half-speed remaster

ROLLING STONES – Some Girls LP (Polydor) half-speed remaster

ROLLING STONES – Sticky Fingers LP (Polydor) half-speed remaster

ROLLING STONES – Tattoo You LP (Polydor) half-speed remaster

ROLLING STONES – Under Cover LP (Polydor) half-speed remaster

ROLLING STONES – Voodoo Lounge LP (Polydor) half-speed remaster

SOFIE – Cult Survivor LP (Stones Throw)

SQUID – Sludge b/w Broadcaster 10” (Warp)

VARIOUS ARTISTS – Field Work: Ultrasonic LP (Temporary Residence) 

WETWARE – Flail LP (Dais)

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ANIMATED EGG – ANIMATED EGG LP (Music on Vinyl) limited color vinyl

Legendary/groovy fuzz 60s fuzz rock album once again! Jerry Cole was a musician & producer who worked on “Pet Sounds” & some BYRDS hits & he also a member of the psych rock band THE ID. Outtakes from an ID session were then STOLEN by a different producer & repackaged as THE ANIMATED EGG, something Cole wasn’t aware of until just before he died in 2008. Though some of it is somewhat dated sounding, there are some killer fuzz solos & some great playing. Think Harvey Mandel’s 60s albums & you’re on the right track. RECOMMENDED!

PHOEBE BRIDGERS – Punisher LP/CD (Dead Oceans) color or black vinyl

Phoebe Bridgers is one of the most talented young songwriters right now & her second record couldn’t land at a better time. A nice mix of upbeat pop punk, orchestral indie folk & tear jerking ballads. She released a comment the day before the release & we think it speaks for itself:  I’m not pushing the record until things go back to normal because I don’t think they should. Here it is a little early. Abolish the police. Hope you like it.” RECOMMENDED.

BOB DYLAN – Rough & Rowdy Ways CD (Columbia) vinyl coming later this summer

Who would have thought that a 16+ minute Bob Dylan song about the Kennedy assassination would be one of our favorite quarantine songs? Well here we are folks. Bob seems to have found the next level & this 2020 record has some truly inspired moments from the living legend. A great record that will certainly appear on many 2020 year end lists if we make it that far. RECOMMENDED.

HAROLD GROSSKOPF – Synthesist 2LP (Bureau B) 40th anniversary color vinyl

Bureau B presents the first solo album by ASHRA drummer HARALD GROSSKOPF, originally released in 1980 on Sky Records. This LSD-influenced album is one of the classics of German electronic music.Absolutely beautiful and liberating. A MUST! This 40th anniversary edition is pressed on color vinyl & features a bonus LP of various artists giving their takes on the songs.

SUN CITY GIRLS – Live at the Sky Church: September 3, 2004 LP/DVD (Twenty One Eight Two)

This is the first new SUN CITY GIRLS music released in about 10 years. This was recorded live in Seattle in 2004 & displays the full force of these legendary free jazz/rock/psych masters. 

NEIL YOUNG – Homegrown LP/CD (w/ print) CDS are already sold out & we’ll probably run out of vinyl soon. We’ll have more cds soon, more vinyl in July

We all need something to look forward to these days & for us it’s been this previously unreleased album by Neil Young recorded in 1974/75 as his relationship with Carrie Snodgress was coming to an end. Neil was already a few albums into his now legendary “ditch trilogy” & the label was looking for a more upbeat, radio friendly album & this would have fulfilled that request but Neil felt it was too personal & decided to move on. Since then he’s had a change of heart & actually apologized for not releasing it before. Neil already blew us away with the previously unreleased “Hitchhiker” album but this one is even better. This isn’t a throwaway outtakes record, in fact it’s maybe one of his best, fitting in nicely next to “Comes a Time” or “Harvest”. Featuring members of THE BAND on a few songs as well as CRAZY HORSE members, there’s now ANOTHER classic album to add to Neil Young’s already ridiculous discography.


DON BRYANT – You Make Me Feel LP (Fat Possum)

CRO-MAGS – In the Beginning LP (Mission Two)

DARKSTAR – Civic Jams LP (Warp)

DEERHOOF – Future Teenage Cave Artists LP/CD/TAPE (Joyful Noise) with free tape of 

  the band covering the VOIVOD album “Angel Rat!” These are at Wicker Park

ANDREW HILL – Smokestack LP (Blue Note)

HOLY HIVE – Float Back to You LP/CD (Big Crown) color or black vinyl

LAMB OF GOD – Lamb of God LP (Epic) limited red swirl vinyl

OKKYUNG LEE – Yeo-Neun LP (Shelter Press)

MAN MAN – Dream Hunting in the Valley of the In-Between LP (Sub Pop) color vinyl 

    “Loser Edition”

THE NATIONAL – High Violet 3LP 10th Anniversary Edition LP (4AD)

OTHER LIVES – Tamer Animals LP (ATO)

OWEN – Avalanche LP (Polyvinyl)

LUKE SCHNEIDER – Altar of Harmony LP (Third Man) very limited, already out of print

   color vinyl that comes with an incense set!

THE SCRUFFS – Teenage Tragedies 1974-1979 LP (Mono-Tone)

SWORD – Conquest of Kingdoms LP (Craft)

VILE CREATURE – Glory, Glory! Apathy Took Helm! (Prosthetic)

WAILIN STORMS – Rattle LP (Gilead Media)

JESSIE WARE – What’s Your Pleasure LP (Interscope)

LARRY YOUNG – Into Somethin’ LP (Blue Note)

ZELIENOPLE – Hold You Up LP (Miasmah) back in stock!

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Reckless Records 6/12/20 New Releases



Released digitally in late 2019, the 2nd album by the Canadian producer KAYTRANADA is a true breath of fresh air right now. The idea of hearing this on a packed & sweaty dance floor right now in June 2020 seems like a dream. Effortless & timeless sounding production that will surely make this an instant classic & when we can get back onto the dancefloor, “Bubba” will be there waiting. Features contributions from Mick Jenkins, Kali Uchis, Estelle, Pharrell & more. RECOMMENDED.

THE 1975 – Notes on a Conditional Form LP (Interscope)

The Manchester art rockers THE 1975 are back with their 4th album. This is their longest record yet & it’s definitely their most ambitious one too. Approximately 70 minutes of FUGAZI fueled post-punk, power pop gems ala TEENAGE FANCLUB, electro-pop with nods at RADIOHEAD’S epic 2000s run & a number of instrumental interludes, often orchestral that have a “Discreet Music” era ENO vibe. This is definitely one of those “let’s try everything” records. 

SONIC BOOM – All Things Being Equal LP (Carpark) ltd. edition w/ poster + print

“All Things Being Equal” is Peter Kember’s first album as SONIC BOOM since 1989 (NINETEEN EIGHTY-NINE!), and the ex-SPACEMEN 3 guitarist’s return is a triumphant one. Reinforced by an army of analog synthesizers and an almost subversive positivity, Kember takes this project in bright, soulful directions, shining like a ray of summer sunshine in the darker times of 2020. This is quite the welcome return. RECOMMENDED!

WESTERMAN – Your Hero Is Not Dead LP/CD (Partisan)

London’s WESTERMAN channels 80s alt-pop luminaries like PETER GABRIEL and ARTHUR RUSSELL with deceptively easy vocal hooks and arrangements that are simultaneously spacious and lush. Utilizing limber guitar work, warm synths and a snappy, syncopated combination of claps, box percussion and drum machines, this debut finds a way to channel the longing and nostalgia of the past without leaning heavily on its most obvious tropes. These songs are inventive and intuitive, easy to love because the patterns make sense without being obvious, so this comes HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Other important new releases

JEHNNY BETH (of SAVAGES) – To Love Is To Live LP (20L07) ltd. red vinyl

BIBIO – Sleep On The Wing LP (Warp)

DIET CIG – Do You Wonder About Me? LP (French Kiss)

DJ BORING – Like Water 12” (Technicolor)

PETER GABRIEL – Rated PG LP (Real World)

LIAM GALLAGHER – MTV Unplugged LP (Warner) splatter vinyl

GODEN – Beyond Darkness LP (Svart)

GUERILLA TOSS – Jay Glass Dubs VS Guerilla Toss 12” (DFA)

HINDS – The Prettiest Curse LP/CD (Mom + Pop) available in red or blue vinyl

NORAH JONES – Pick Me Up Off the Floor LP/CD (Blue Note)

KIDBUG – Kidbug LP (Joyful Noise)

KING DIAMOND – Conspiracy LP (Metal Blade)

KING DIAMOND – The Eye LP (Metal Blade)

KING DIAMOND – Them LP (Metal Blade)


LIVING GATE – Deathlust LP (Relapse)

KATIE MALCO – Failures LP (6131)

MASERATI – Enter the Mirror LP (Temporary Residence)

NEW FOUND GLORY – Forever & Ever X Infinity LP (Hopeless)

IGGY POP – The Idiot 2CD deluxe edition (UMC)

REVENGE – Strike.Smother.Dehumanize LP (Season of Mist)

ULRICH SCHNAUSS – A Long Way to Fall – Rebound LP (Scripted Realities)

THE STROPPIES – Look Alive! LP (Tough Love) ltd. green vinyl

SWEET SPIRIT – Trinidad LP (Merge)

TRIPTYKON – Requiem: Live at Roadburn 2019 LP/DVD (Century Media)

24-CARAT BLACK – III LP (Numero)

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Reckless Records 6/5/20 New Releases



Ethiopian jazz vibraphonist & father of Ethio-jazz Mulatu Astatke teamed up with the Australian 8 piece group BLACK JESUS EXPERIENCE (BJX) for this excellent album.A mix of new BJX material & retooled Ethiopian classics, this one will appeal to Mulatu fans, Ethiopiques obsessives, contemporary Afrobeat etc…

CLARA MONDSHINE – Luna Africana LP (The Great Thunder)

Fantastic 1981 album by Walter Bachauer under the pseudonym CLARA MONDHSHINE. Bachauer was a composer, radio director & journalist who collaborated with the great new age organist Peter Michael Hamel. Lo-fi recordings of analogue synths with simple drum box “motorik” beats. Fans of 70s German electronic legends like KRAFTWERK, HARMONIA, NEU, CAN, FAUST etc… as well as Eno & SUICIDE will love this. AMAZING STUFF.


Recital is one of our favorite labels & this release by the label founder Sean McCann along with Matthew Sullivan & Alex Twomey is an excellent example of modern minimalism & sound collage. A mix of field recordings, lo-fi & distant sounding recordings of pianos & synth drones that will appeal to fans of maestro Eno & similar E.G. label releases. RECOMMENDED.

AKI ONDA – Nam June’s Spirit Was Speaking to Me LP (Recital)

Another fine release on the Recital label. Fans of radio-wave phenomena/short-wave etc… will want to check this out. The NYC artist Aki Onda was performing in Korea in 2010 & while there he attended an exhibit by Nam June Paik. Randomly he was dialing through a handheld radio & started hearing distant voices & bizarre radio transmissions. The radio also had a tape recorder & he began recording the sounds which Onda interpreted as Nam June Paik communicating with him. The recordings were made on the same radio in cities around the world over the period of a few years. Lo-fi radio experiments with some surprisingly rhythmic moments. A very cool project.

BILL ORCUTT & MICHAEL MORLEY – Electric Guitar Duets LP (Palilalia)

Vinyl edition of the 2017 tape release by noise legends Bill Orcutt & DEAD C’s Michael Morley. Lo-fi electric improvisations by these guitar gods.

STRIKE UNDER – Immediate Action 12” deluxe edition w/ 7” & matchbook (Wax Trax) 

In celebration of their 40th anniversary, Wax Trax! has reissued their very first release, the legendary EP by Chicago’s STRIKE UNDER. Top-notch early 80’s punk rock featuring future members of legendary bands like THE EFFIGIES, NAKED RAYGUN & PEGBOY. Limited deluxe edition comes with a bonus 7″ & pack of matches. CRUCIAL CHICAGO PUNK. As recommended as they get. 

STRIKE UNDER – Immediate Action 12” (Wax Trax) 

In celebration of their 40th anniversary, Wax Trax! has reissued their very first release, the legendary EP by Chicago’s STRIKE UNDER. Top-notch early 80’s punk rock featuring future members of legendary bands like THE EFFIGIES, NAKED RAYGUN & PEGBOY. CRUCIAL CHICAGO PUNK. As recommended as they get.


BLAZE FOLEY – Live at the Austin Outhouse LP (Lost Arts)

GOBLIN – Greatest Hits Vol. 1 LP (AMS)


METAL MIRROR – English Booze 7” (On the Dole)

ENNIO MORRICONE – For a Few Dollars More Soundtrack LP (AMS) yellow vinyl

ENNIO MORRICONE – A Fistfulof Dollars Soundtrack 10” (AMS) red vinyl

ENNIO MORRICONE – Once Upon a Time in the West Soundtrack LP (AMS) yellow vinyl

ENNIO MORRICONE – Good the Bad & the Ugly Soundtrack LP (AMS) yellow vinyl

PAW PATROL – Official Theme Song 7” (Nickelodeon)

NICHOLS PIKE – C.H.U.D. II: Bud the Chud soundtrack LP (Terror Vision)

PREDATUR – Seen You Here/Talk a Walk 7” (On the Dole)

V/A – Hillbillies in Hell X LP (Omni Recording)

V/A – Troubled Troubadours LP (Omni Recording)


BADLY DRAWN BOY – Banana Skins LP (One Last Fruit)

DANZIG – Sings Elvis LP (Cleopatra) limited leopard print picture disc

EL MICHELS AFFAIR – Adult Themes LP (Big Crown Records) color or black vinyl

  These shipped late and should arrive on Saturday

FOUR TET – Sixteen Oceans LP (Text) color or black vinyl

  These shipped late and should arrive on Saturday

GOGO PENGUIN – Gogo Penguin LP (Blue Note)

MELENAS – Dias Raros LP (Trouble in Mind) color or black vinyl

  These shipped late and should arrive on Saturday

NAS – World is Yours 7” (Mr Bongo)

P2 – Behind the Wall LP (Fatcat) These shipped late and should arrive on 


THE SPECIALS – Ghost Town LP (Cleopatra)

JENNIFER TOUCH – Behind the Wall LP (Fatcat) These shipped late and should arrive on 


VARSITY – Fine Forever LP (Run For Cover) These shipped late and should arrive on 



LADY GAGA – Chromatica LP/CD (Interscope) clear vinyl in PVC sleeve

PRINCE – The Rainbow Children 2LP (Legacy) ltd. clear vinyl

PRINCE – One Nite Alone LP (Legacy) ltd. purple vinyl

PRINCE – One Nite Alone: Live 4LP (Legacy) ltd. purple vinyl

PRINCE – One Nite Alone: The Aftershow 2LP (Legacy) ltd. purple vinyl

PRINCE – One Nite Alone: Live 4LP (Legacy) ltd. purple vinyl

PRINCE – Up All Night with Prince: The One Night Alone Collection 4CD (Legacy)

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Reckless Records 5/29/20 New Releases


BATHS – Pop Music / False B-Sides Vol. I & II LP (Basement’s Basement) cream vinyl

Will Wiesenfeld has been making bedroom electro-pop for the past decade, all with a warmth and ease that can remind us of the gentler moments of SUFJAN STEVENS’ “The Age of Adz”. Along with the remastered version of “Pop Music / False B-Sides”, he finds some incredible BATHS from around the same time to bring to a second volume. It’s remarkable that this music hadn’t been released before, but we’re happy to hear some more of BATHS at the top of his game. Really great stuff that is nice to now see on vinyl.

FLYING LOTUS – Flamagra: Instrumentals 2LP (Warp)

A year after the release of his landmark double-album “Flamagra”, FLYING LOTUS brings us an instrumental version, ripe with hazy, off-kilter beats and spacious soundscapes that draw equally from hip-hop, house, jazz and IDM. A required cop! RECOMMENDED!

CALEB LANDRY JONES – The Mother Stone 2LP (Sacred Bones) baby blue vinyl

“The Mother Stone” is the debut album from Caleb Landry Jones, someone you might know better from his acting in “Twin Peaks: The Return” & “Get Out.” Making your musical debut with a double LP is pretty bold but a lot of things about this record are kind of over the top. The music is flamboyant & sprawling, sort of like glam show tunes or a demented musical. Think Lennon’s most tripped-out when he was the Walrus, Kevin Ayers, Tom Waits etc…

LUSTRE – Ashes of Light LP (Nordvis)

“The Ashes of Light” is the 2020 album by the Swedish one man atmospheric black metal project LUSTRE. We’ve been kind of of obsessed with this album since it popped up on Bandcamp earlier this year. Mid-tempo to slow songs that have an almost ambient quality to them with sequenced synth melodies, washes of digital strings instead of guitars & what sounds like programmed drums. We suppose you could call this dark ambient, but we’ll say ambient metal. Think Badalamenti Twin Peaks style synth songs or “Disintegration” era CURE with slow plodding beats & occasional screeched DEAFHEAVEN sounding vocals. Recommended for those of you that like your metal on the more depressing side…

MAGNETIC FIELDS – Quickies 7” boxset (Nonesuch)

Stephin Merritt & MAGNETIC FIELDS give us something to be thankful for during these tough times with 28 short little ditties spread out over 5 7″ singles. With song titles like “The Biggest Tits in History”, “Bathroom Quickie”, “You’ve Got a Friend in Beelzebub” you know this is gonna be good! 

MAC MILLER – Circles 2LP (Warner)

Losing an artist with as much potential as the Pittsburgh singer Mac Miller is always devastating. It was clear that he was accelerating creatively & that almost anything could be possible. He was deep into working on this record with producer Jon Brion when he died & finishing it was very important to Brion. Miller was clearly moving into a less rap oriented direction on “Swimming” & that continues here with him exploring many different songwriting styles & genres. RIP MAC MILLER.

Other important new releases:

THE AIRBORNE TOXIC EVENT – Hollywood Park 2LP (Rounder)

BEN LUKAS BOYSEN – Mirage LP (Erased Tapes)

CEREMONY – Zoo LP (Matador) back in print

CHOIR BOY – Gathering Swans LP (DAIS) clear blue vinyl

FIRE-TOOLZ – Rainbow Bridge LP (Hausu Mountain) “Breakfast” blue vinyl back in stock!

J DILLA – Donuts LP (Stones Throw) THE CLASSIC finally back in print

TOMMY McGEE – I’m A Stranger 2LP (Numero)

NOVA ONE – loveable LP (Community) peach vinyl

PET SHOP BOYS – I Don’t Wanna LP/CD (X2)

RUSH – Permanent Waves: 40th Anniversary Edition 3LP (Anthem)

RVG – Feral LP (Fire) yellow vinyl

SWEET WHIRL – How Much Works LP (Chapter) white vinyl

TALsounds – Acquiesce LP (NNA) blue vinyl back in stock!