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Reckless Records 1/29/21 New Releases


THE BODY – I’ve Seen All I Need To See LP/CD (Thrill Jockey)

Big time return for this Portland duo. THE BODY departs a bit from the power electronics of their more recent albums, zeroing in on a live presence based around Lee Buford’s pummeling drums and Chip King’s thunderingly resonant guitar sheets of noise. Amazingly, this is one of the heaviest records in their catalogue; but more importantly that heaviness provides space to explore subtleties in the vicious crackling distortion. An absolute mind-melter! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

CLOUD NOTHINGS – Turning On LP (Carpark) 10th anniversary edition

A true lo-fi masterpiece, CLOUD NOTHINGS’ debut LP has finally gotten the repress treatment it deserves.  This is Cloud Nothings at their grittiest and most distilled form.  Dylan Baldi’s songwriting is witty, effortless, and genuine.  Although these tracks could benefit from a full backing band (Baldi recorded all the instruments himself), the lo-fi production instantly charmed fans and began to define CLOUD NOTHINGS’ sonic fingerprint. It’s all killer no filler and HIGHLY RECOMMENDED ! ! !

SLOWDIVE – 5 EP (Music on Vinyl) pink/purple marble vinyl

Music on Vinyl continues to reissue the SLOWDIVE EPs & this 12″ is one of our favorites. On this one, the band explored minimal electronic beats with their trademark verb’d & delay’d guitar sounds & the result is the nearest they’d get to a dance record. RECOMMENDED.

TRIBULATION – Where the Gloom Becomes Sound LP/CD (Metal Blade)

The great Swedish goth metallers TRIBULATION are back with their 5th album & shockingly, the final album with main songwriter Jonathan Hulten who amicably left the group after finishing the record. Similar to their last few albums, this one owes as much to goth & death rock as it does to their early metal sound. Great songs & dark vibes that will appeal to their fans, stuff like SISTERS OF MERCY, CHRISTIAN DEATH & the classic Swedish sound. RECOMMENDED.


BESNARD LAKES – Are the Last of the Great Thunderstorm Warnings LP (Fat Cat)

PAUL CHAMBERS – Bass on Top LP (Blue Note) tone poet series remaster

NAHAWA DOUMBIA – Kanawa LP (Awesome Tapes From Africa)


FONTAINES D.C. – A Hero’s Death LP (Partisan) limited clear vinyl

MARTIN GORE – The Third Chimpanzee EP/CD (Mute)

GRATEFUL DEAD – One From the Vault 3LP (Light in the Attic)

GRATEFUL DEAD – One From the Vault 4LP (Light in the Attic)

GRATEFUL DEAD – One From the Vault 4LP (Light in the Attic)

HALLOWS EVE – Tales of Terror LP (Metal Blade) classic back in print!

PJ HARVEY – Is this Desire? LP (Island)

PJ HARVEY – Is this Desire? – Demos LP (Island)

MIKE KROL – Mike Krol is Never Dead: The first Two Records 3CD (Merge) now with bonus tracks!


LNZNDRF – II LP (Lnzndrf)

MASMA DREAM WORLD – Play at Night LP (Northern Spy) limited gold vinyl

LEE MORGAN – Rajah LP (Blue Note) tone poet series remaster

LON MOSHE & SOUTHERN FREEDOM ARKESTRA – Love is Where the Spirit Lies 2LP (Strut) remastered

PINK FAIRIES – Never Never Land LP (Music on Vinyl)

JOHN PRINE – Bruised Oranges LP (Asylum)

JOHN PRINE – Pink Cadillac LP (Asylum)

JOHN PRINE – September 78 LP (Oh Boy)

JOHN PRINE – Storm Windows LP (Asylum)

PRONG – Prove You Wrong LP (Music on Vinyl) silver/black marble vinyl

VIS-A-VIS – Odo Gu Ahorow LP (We Are Busy Bodies) rare Afrobeat!

VIS-A-VIS – Obi Agye Me Dofo LP (We Are Busy Bodies) rare Afrobeat!

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Reckless Records 1/22/21 New Releases


WILLIAM BASINSKI – Lamentations LP (Temporary Residence) color or black vinyl

The legendary minimalist William Basinski returns with a haunting album that’s perfect for these gloomy winter months. Comprised of washed-out, damaged & decaying tape loops going back to 1979, the album has a beautiful & timeless mood that will please fans of his work & maybe get him as famous on tiktok as CARETAKER. RECOMMENDED.

BICEP – Isles LP/CD (Ninja Tune)

A highly anticipated 2021 return for London’s BICEP, who’ve remained relatively quiet since the release of their self-titled debut four years ago. “Isles” is perhaps their most “UK club” record so far, mixing up broken beats with floating trance pads and disco-like vocal sampling. Really solid stuff that reminds us sometimes of FLOATING POINTS with its detail, energy and playfulness.

BUZZCOCKS – Complete United Artists Singles 12×7” box set (Domino)

BUZZCOCKS were one of the best singles bands of all time & now some of their tunes are collected in one place. RECOMMENDED.

NOTE: this set contains a mispress on single 12A; the track Running Free has Why Can’t I Touch It?; we will be receiving replacement singles soon, so leave us your contact information if you’ve purchased this set and would like the replacement as well. THANK YOU!

DUNGEN – Dungen II LP (Busy Bee) reissue 

The second album by the Swedish psych rock geniuses is finally back in print with new artwork.

BILL FOX – Transit Byzantium LP (Scat Records)

First ever vinyl reissue of Bill Fox’s 2nd album. Bill Fox started out in Cleveland in the 80s in the band THE MICE & reemerged as a solo artist in the 90s. Excellent lo-fi pop with a 60s British pop influence & similarities to fellow 90s indie rocker Elliott Smith. Fans of BADFINGER/Pete Ham solo, THE KINKS, GUIDED BY VOICES & even early BOB DYLAN/Greenwich Fox started out in Cleveland in the 80s in the band THE MICE & reemerged as a solo artist in the 90s. Excellent lo-fi pop with a 60s British pop influence & similarities to fellow 90s indie rocker Elliott Smith. Fans of BADFINGER/Pete Ham solo, THE KINKS, GUIDED BY VOICES & even early BOB DYLAN/Greenwich Village folkies etc… will love this. RECOMMENDED.

BILL FOX – Shelter from the Smoke LP (Scat Records)

The definitive version of Bill Fox’s 1997 album reissued again by Scat Records. Bill Fox started out in Cleveland in the 80s in the band THE MICE & reemerged as a solo artist in the 90s. Excellent lo-fi pop with a 60s British pop influence & similarities to fellow 90s indie rocker Elliott Smith. Fans of BADFINGER/Pete Ham solo, THE KINKS, GUIDED BY VOICES & even early BOB DYLAN/Greenwich Village folkies etc… will love this. RECOMMENDED.

GUIDED BY VOICES – Styles We Paid For LP (GBV inc)

This is the first GBV pandemic record & likely not the last. With the band members scattered around the country, the album was recorded remotely & it definitely sounds like GBV. This is the same line-up as the last few records & this is pretty rockin’, straight-ahead rock ‘n roll records from Bob & the boys.

OSEES – Metamorphosed LP (Rock is Hell)

Some more songs from the “Face Stabber” sessions but these aren’t throw away tracks. Super upbeat & energetic tunes that will just make fans wish they could see them live again even more.

PALBERTA – Palberta5000 LP (Wharf Cat) color or black vinyl

PALBERTA is a band from NYC & they write jangly pop tunes that blend elements of that early Rough Trade post-punk sound & nods at the more shambolic side of early 90s indie rock. There’s some great vocal ideas & overall they have a unique take on this sort of thing. RECOMMENDED!

SPEED STICK – Volume One LP (Don Giovanni) 

Debut album from this supergroup of sorts, featuring members of POLVO, BAT FANGS, THE LOVE LANGUAGE and THE PAUL SWEST. Songs are built from drum rhythms into nervous, angular experiments that get into some wild post-punk territory a la MELT-BANANA.

VARIOUS ARTISTS – Somewhere Between: Mutant Pop, Electronic Minimalism & Shadow Sounds of Japan 1980-1988 LP/CD (Light in the Attic)

Light in the Attic knocks it out of the park again with this compilation of 80s outsider Japanese pop & electronic minimalism. This one sort of sits nicely between their ambient “Kankyo Ongaku” & city pop “Pacific Breeze” compilations with new wave influenced pop & experimental electronic music. Fans of the Music From Memory label compilations should check this out too. RECOMMENDED.


DAVID BOWIE – Station to Station: 45th Anniversary LP (Parlophone) color vinyl

CARM – Carm LP (37D03D)

SAM COOKE – Ain’t That Good News LP (Abcko)

SAM COOKE – At the Copa LP (Abcko)

SAM COOKE – Keep Movin’ On LP (Abcko)

CUB SCOUT BOWLING PINS – Heaven Beats Iowa 7”/CD (GBV inc) 

DIRE STRAITS – Brothers in Arms LP (Rhino) reissue

DIRE STRAITS – Dire Straits LP (Rhino) reissue

DIRE STRAITS – Making Movies LP (Rhino) reissue

DIRE STRAITS – Communique LP (Rhino) reissue

DIRE STRAITS – On Every Street LP (Rhino) reissue

BRIAN ENO – Film Music 1976-2020 LP/CD (Opal Music)

GENESIS – Duke LP (Rhino) color vinyl reissue

GENESIS – A Trick of the Tale LP (Rhino) color vinyl reissue

RICHARD HELL – Destiny Street Remixed LP/CD (Omnivore)

KINKS – Lola Versus Powerman & the Moneygoround 3XCD/2X7” box set (Sanctuary)

KIWI JR. – Cooler Returns LP (Sub Pop) first press “Loser Edition” color vinyl

CURTIS MAYFIELD – Superfly LP (Rhino) red vinyl reissue

RHYE – Home 2LP (Loma Vista)

ELORI SAXL – Blue of Distance LP (Western Vinyl)

VARIOUS ARTISTS – Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From the First Psychedelic Era 1965-1968 LP (Rhino)

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Reckless Records 1/15/21 New Releases


BEACH BUNNY – Blame Game EP 12” (Mom + Pop) hot pink vinyl

These local dynamos follow up their excellent 2020 full length “Honeymoon” with this killer four track EP. Expect BEACH BUNNY’s customary spark plug guitar hooks, bubblegum melodies and tight vocal harmonies. RECOMMENDED!

ENDLESS BOOGIE – The Gathered & Scattered Vol. I-IV 4LP box set (No Quarter)

Limited edition, one-time pressing of mostly improvised live jams from the legendary NYC group ENDLESS BOOGIE. 4 LPs of lo-fi grooves recorded at sweaty late-night jam sessions with some barely discernible stream of consciousness lyrics, plenty of lengthy solos & just enough wah-wah. The trio is joined by man-about-town Matt Sweeney & his brother & maybe even Andrew WK somewhere? RECOMMENDED

PALE SPRING – Cygnus LP (American Dreams)

PALE SPRING – Dusk LP (American Dreams)

PALE SPRING is the project of Emily Harper Scott, an LA based (via Baltimore) artist that makes wonderful, downtempo electronic music with soulful touches. Her music makes us think of 90s greats like PORTISHEAD, Chicago ex-pat FIELDED & the great Chicago duo DRAMA. Recommended.

RALPHI ROSARIO – This is Ralphi Rosario LP (Cha Cha Boom!) signed copies!

Maybe 2021 will be better! New LP from Chicago house legend RALPHI ROSARIO, his first physical full-length since 1999’s “45 Miles of Nerves”, and this one gives the goods, getting heavy with vocal garage house that draws from disco & soul. On ROSARIO’s label Cha Cha Boom. SOULFUL, ESSENTIAL and RECOMMENDED!

EMMA RUTH RUNDLE & THOU – Helm of Sorrow LP (Sacred Bones) black or color vinyl

This EP was originally included with the diehard version of the collaboration album between Emma Ruth Rundle from Louisville & New Orleans doom rockers THOU. The EP opens with a fantastic cover of “Hollywood” by THE CRANBERRIES & the rest follows the post-grunge hard rock of the album.  RECOMMENDED.

KURT VILE – Speed, Sound, Lonely KV EP (Matador)

Kurt Vile steps out a bit on this EP. Recorded at the legendary Butcher Shoppe over the course of a few years whenever he was in Nashville, this EP features a duet of John Prine & Kurt doing Prine’s “How Lucky” & it’s pretty darn special. There’s also a cover of Prine’s “Speed of the Sound of Loneliness” & two new great original Kurt tunes. RECOMMENDED.


A CERTAIN RATIO – Sextet LP (Mute) reissue white vinyl, limited

A CERTAIN RATIO – To Each… LP (Mute) reissue white vinyl, limited

A CERTAIN RATIO – I’d Like to See You Again LP (Mute) reissue white vinyl, limited


BILLIE JOE & NORAH – Foreverly LP (Reprise)

TYLER CHILDERS – Long Violent History LP (RCA)

THE FALL – Take it Down to the Wire at Clitheroe Castle, Live 1985 LP (Ozit Dandelion)

HALF JAPANESE – Crazy Hearts LP (Fire) limited turquoise vinyl

IRON MAIDEN – Night of the Dead Live in Mexico City 3LP (BMG) 

GRAEME JEFFERIES – Messages for the Cakekitchen LP (Ally)

BUCK MEEK – Two Saviors LP/CD/TAPE (Keeled Scales)

J DILLA – Donuts LP (Stones Throw) back in stock!

KIKAGAKU MOYO – Live at Levitation LP (Reverb Appreciation Society) limited tangerine    color vinyl

KINKS – Kinks LP (BMG) red vinyl

POP SMOKE – Shoot for the Stars Aim for the… LP (Republic) ltd color or black vinyl

STEPH RICHARDS – Supersense LP (Northern Spy) limited cloudy clear vinyl

WAYNE SHORTER – Speak No Evil LP (Blue Note) classic vinyl series

HORACE SILVER – Song for my Father LP (Blue Note) classic vinyl series

MATTHEW SWEET – Catspaw LP (Omnivore) limited orange vinyl

MARTY TIMONY – Mountains 2LP expanded edition (Matador)

JEFF TWEEDY – Love is King LP/CD (DPM) limited clear vinyl

FRANZ WAXMAN – The Bride of Frankenstein (soundtrack) LP (Waxwork)

FAYE WEBSTER – Faye Webster LP (Secretly Canadian)

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Reckless Records 2020 Employee Best of Lists

New music is truly one of the only things that kept us going in 2020. Thank you so much for supporting us this year and dealing with all of the crazy ups & downs. We hope 2021 is truly much better for everyone… 

Love – Reckless

Philip Cerza

My favorite record of 2020 is Live Forever by Bartees Strange.

Other 2020 releases I loved: 

Altar of Harmony // Luke Schneider

Always Tomorrow // Best Coast

Blue Hearts // Bob Mould

Circles // Mac Miller

Coriky // Coriky

Fantasize Your Ghost // Ohmme

Fetch The Bolt Cutters // Fiona Apple

Fine Line // Harry Styles

Folklore // Taylor Swift

Getting Into Knives // The Mountain Goats

grae // Moses Sumney

Imploding The Mirage // The Killers

Inlet // Hum

Just Look At That Sky // Ganser

Lianne La Havas // Lianne La Havas

May Our Chambers Be Full // Emma Ruth Rundle & Thou

The New Abnormal // The Strokes

NO DREAM // Jeff Rosenstock

The Passion of… // Special Interest

Punisher // Phoebe Bridgers

Reunions // Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit

Saint Cloud // Waxahatchee

Stay Alive // Laura Jane Grace


Suite For Max Brown // Jeff Parker

That’s How Rumors Get Started // Margo Price

Things I Never Said // Oceanator

We’re New Again // Makaya McCraven & Gil Scott-Heron

Women In Music Pt. 3 // HAIM

**Honorable mentions: Dua Lipa’s Future Nostalgia, my girlfriend’s AOTY and a real good

soundtrack for quarantine chores. David Byrne’s American Utopia on Broadway. Tom Petty’s Wildflowers and All The Rest. Prince’s Super Deluxe Sign O’ The Times. Wilco’s Summerteeth remasters. Sturgill Simpson’s bluegrass LP. RTJ4. Fuzz III. The Go-Go’s documentary and new song. Fountains of Wayne’s “Hackensack” with Sharon Van Etten for the Jersey 4 Jersey benefit (RIP Adam Schlesinger). The Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen records that sort of sound like goodbyes. And Michael Imperioli’s record with his band Zopa. It hasn’t gotten a physical release yet but I hope we carry it when it does because I swear it rules. Thank you for supporting Reckless this year. Black Lives Matter.































Benjamin Hegy


New Releases

Jacoti Sommes- travel time [orange milk]

Priscilla Ermel- origens da luz [music from memory]

Beatrice Dillion- workaround [pan]

phantom posse- forever underground [orchid tapes]

Jeff Parker & the New Breed- suite for max brown [int’l anthem]

Neil Young- homegrown [reprise]

Zebra Katz- less is moor [vinylfactory]

Sarah Davachi- cantus, descant [late music]

Ana Roxanne- because of a flower [kranky]

Pharaoh Overlord- 6 [rocket recordings]

Sun Ra Arkestra- swirling [strut/ art yard]

Lucrecia Dalt- no era solida [rvng intl.]

Nidia- nao fales nela que a mentes [principe]

Teleplasmiste- to kiss the earth goodbye [house of mythology]

Flaming Tunes (Gareth Williams & Mary Currie)- s/t [superior viaduct]

Label OTY: Blue Note

I’ve spent much of 2020 listening to these classic recordings at home via their ongoing “Tone Poet” & “Blue Note 80 & Classic” series. These reissues sound great and offer great value and should offer example of how reissues should look and sound.

I’d also like to formally thank my friends, coworkers and the internet for constantly providing me with music. If it weren’t for you all, I would still be at home listening to CCR, more than I still do. Also, sincere gratitude to every one of our customers that continues to support our stores, this industry and our livelihoods. 

Eternal shout outs: song writers, music makers, sound generators, home recordists, noise enthusiasts, gear geeks, two channel audio, electronics designers & engineers, global supply chains, Taylor Swift for still printing CDs, scented garbage bags full of wet DVDs, all the middle aged dudes, mental illness, everyone that’s ever worked retail or food service, YOUTUBE/discogs/Spotify, theQuietus, every record store ever and the people that go there, brick & mortar hi-fi shops, the US Postal Service, delivery drivers, digital chess, return policies, usb cables and every dog i’ve ever loved. RIP my attention span

John Massey

—10 things I liked from Reckless:

Lomelda / Hannah (Double Double Whammy) — my favorite album of 2020 sounds pleasant enough at first and then you get drawn into its urgent and oblique world: talking in circles, running up against the edges of life, like a poem or a math problem, or maybe she’s just writing about hanging out with your friends in a parking lot, I can’t really always tell, but anyway it’s a killer record

Katie Dey / mydata (Run For Cover) — the first good album ever made about going online succeeds partly because of schubert-level songcraft and partly because it sounds cool as hell. The 2020s will be the decade of MIDI strings and you can take that to the bank. Public criers beware: save this one for your room

Hum / Inlet (Earth Analog) — 2020 has been a banner year for loud snare drums. At first I loved this album but thought the snare drum was way too loud. Now to be honest I think it’s not loud enough

Shinichi Atobe / Yes (DDS) — I would love to listen to this record while standing on the moving sidewalk at a large airport

Brandee Younger + Dezron Douglas / Force Majeure (International Anthem) — probably 2020’s least “ambitious” int’l anthem release gets the nod because it’s the only thing I’ve heard this year that has managed to calm me down for more than 30 seconds at a time 

The Beths / Jump Rope Gazers (Carpark) — is there like a school that New Zealand bands go to? What’s going on down there?

Fenne Lily / Breach (Dead Oceans) — Phoebe British. Do you see what I did there

Emma Ruth Rundle + Thou / May Our Chambers Be Full (Sacred Bones) — 3 things I am legally bound to respect for all time: grunge, Louisville KY, and spelling “magical” as “magickal”

Ratboys / Printer’s Devil (Topshelf) —  E-flat Major is back baby. it’s good again. Awoouu (wolf howl)

Mike Hanapi / With Kalama’s Quartet (Mississippi) — there’s a lot of bad/corny pre-Renaissance Hawaiian music out there but this loving reissue is the real deal. Anyone with even a passing interest in Hawaiian music / Pacific music in general needs to buy two copies of this immediately

—plus a few things i liked from bandcamp:

Bats / There’s a River Up High (Citrus City)

Morhping (sic) / Distance Learning Suite (Strudelsoft)

Fennec / Free Us of This Feeling (self-released)

K-Lone / Cape Cira + the Falls EP (Wisdom Teeth)

DJ Python / Mas Amable (Incienso)

Thanya Iyer / KIND (Topshelf)

Max Gowan / Last Companion (Z Tapes)

Oldsoul / You Were Overwhelmed (Counter Intuitive)

Miserable Chillers / Audience of Summer (self-released)

Dylan Sowle

Best Albums of 2020:

1. Torres – “Silver Tongue” (Merge Records)

2. AJJ – “Good Luck Everybody” (AJJ Unlimited LTD)

3. Jeff Rosenstock – “No Dream” (Polyvinyl Record Company)

4. Bright Eyes – “Down In The Weeds, Where The World Once Was” (Dead Oceans)

5. The Flaming Lips – “American Head” (Warner Records)

6. Bob Dylan – “Rough And Rowdy Ways” (Columbia)

7. Melkbelly – “Pith” (Wax Nine Records)

8. Phoebe Bridgers – “Punisher” (Dead Oceans)

9. The Magnetic Fields – “Quickies” (Nonesuch)

10. Fire-Toolz – “Rainbow Bridge” (Hausu Mountain)

11. Lowell Brams & Sufjan Stevens – “Aporia” (Asthmatic Kitty Records)

12. Dan Deacon – “Mystic Familiar” (Domino)

13. Omar Souleyman – “Shlon” (Mad Decent)

14. Deeper – “Auto-Pain” (Fire Talk)

15. King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard – “Chunky Shrapnel” (Flightless)

Honorable Mentions:

1. Idles – “Ultra Mono” (Partisan Records)

2. Danzig – “Danzig Sings Elvis” (Cleopatra)

3. The Black Lips – “In A World That’s Falling Apart” (Fire Records)

4. Nick Cave – “Idiot Prayer” (Bad Seed Ltd.)

5. Wasted Shirt – “Fungus II” (Famous Class)

Best Reissues:

1. Hiroshi Yoshimura – “Green” (Light In The Attic)

2. Dear Nora – “Three States: Rarities 1997-2007” (Orindal Records)

3. The Boys Next Door – “Door, Door” (Warner Music Australia)

4. Michael Rother – “Sterntaler” (Grönland Records)

5. Fountains Of Wayne – “Welcome Interstate Managers” (Real Gone Music)

6. Jonathan Richman – “I, Jonathan” (Craft Recordings)

7. that dog. – “Totally Crushed Out!” (Third Man Records)

Luke Dahlgren


Horse Lords – The Common Task (Northern Spy)


Bergsonist – Middle Ouest (Optimo)


Civic Center – The Ground Below (American Dreams)

Couch Slut – Take a Chance on Rock ‘n’ Roll (Gilead)

Alabaster DePlume – To Cy & Lee: Instrumentals Vol. 1 (International Anthem)

Earth To Mickey – Brace & Bit (LA Club Resource)

Green-House – Six Songs for Invisible Gardens (Leaving)

Jon Hassell – Seeing Through Sound: Pentimento Vol. 2 (Ndeya)

Military Genius – Deep Web (Tin Angel)

OOIOO – nijimusi (Thrill Jockey)

Kelly Lee Owens – Inner Light (Smalltown Supersound)

Theo Parrish – Wuddaji (Sound Signature)

Protomartyr – Ultimate Success Today (Domino)

Emma Ruth Rundle & Thou – May Our Chambers be Full (Sacred Bones)

Westerman – Your Hero is Not Dead (Partisan)



Jon Hassell – Vernal Equinox (Ndeya)

Heron – Heron (Trading Places)

Miguel Noya – Canciones Intactas (Phantom Limb)

Pylon – The Pylon Box (New West)

Neil Young – Homegrown (Reprise)


BB – Hey Ladies (Puss)

D.K. – The Goddess Is Dancing (Good Morning Tapes)

E-Live – Boogie For Life  (Star Creature Universal Vibrations)

Mor Elian – Clairvoyant Frog (Visible Spectrum)

K-LONE – Cape Cira (Wisdom Teeth)

Molero – Ficciones del Trópico (Holuzam)

Significant Other – Postdrome (Well Street)

Ulla – Tumbling Towards a Wall (Experiences Ltd.)

v/a – All Welcome (Good Morning Tapes)

Lea Board

In no particular order:

Run The Jewels “Run The Jewels 4”

Phoebe Bridgers “Punisher”

The Strokes “The New Abnormal”

Molchat Doma “Monument”

Idles “Ultra Mono”

Dehd “Flower of Devotion”

Bright Eyes “Down In The Weeds, Where The World Once Was”

Sheet Ghosts “Did It Ever Happen?”

Mort Garson “Music From The Patch Cord Productions” (Compilation)

Tones On Tail “Pop” (Reissue)

Matt Jencik

Actress Karma & Desire

Daniel Avery & Alessandro Cortini Illusion of Time

Julianna Barwick Healing is a Miracle

The Bats Foothills

Bing & Ruth Species

Burial/ Four Tet/ Thom Yorke Revolution/His Rope

Brian Case Parallel Voices

Pascal Comelade Sentimientos 

Coriky Coriky

Count Ossie & the Mystic Revelation of Rastafari Grounation 

Country Westerns Country Westerns

Patrick Cowley Some Funkettes

Cryptic Shift Visitations from Encleladus 

Sarah Davachi Cantus, Descant & Bandcamp releases

Alabaster Deplume To Cy & Lee: Instrumental Vol. 1

Bob Dylan Rough & Rowdy Ways

Eluvium Virga 1

Enslaved  Utgard

FACS Void Moments

Feminazgul No Dawn for Men

Fielded Demisexual Lovelace

Freddie Gibbs & The Alchemist Alfredo

Grifteskymfning Bedrövelsens Härd

Irreversible Entanglements Who Sent You?

Clarice Jensen The Experience of Repetition as Death

Katatonia Jhva Elohim Metha LP reissue

L-Seven L-Seven 

Adrianne Lenker Songs & Instrumentals

Klara Lewis Ingrid

Lurker of Chalice Tellurian Slaked Forest 

Lustre The Ashes of Light

Malokarpatan Krupinské Ohne

Gia Margaret Mia Gargaret 

The Microphones Microphones in 2020
Midwife Forever

Molchat Doma Monument

Oranssi Pazuzu Mestarin Kynsi 

Paysage d’Hiver Im Wald

Pylon Box

Ana Roxanne Because of a Flower

Mamman Sani Unreleased Tapes 1981- 1984

Skeleton Skeleton

The Stooges Live at Goose Lake August 8th, 1970

Sweven The Eternal Resonance

Gillian Welch & David Rawlings All the Good Times

Hiroshi Yoshimura Green

Neil Young Homegrown

Neil Young Archives Vol. II

Zombi 2020

Andrew Min

porridge radio – every bad

freddie gibbs/the alchemist – alfredo

gorillaz – song machine vol 1

loma – don’t shy away

bully – sugaregg

1975 – notes on a conditional form

haim – women in music pt III

hypoluxo – hypoluxo

george clanton & nick hexum – s/t

nothing – the great dismal

slowdive reissues


-blue day

-holding our breath


Jake Lingan

Actress, “Karma & Desire” (Ninja Tune)

Arthur, “Hair Of The Dog” (Honeymoon)

Autechre, “Sign” & “Plus” (Warp)

William Basinski, “Lamentations” (Temporary Residence)

David Behrman, Paul DeMarinis, Fern Friedman, Terri Hanlon & Anne Klingensmith, “She’s More Wild…” (Black Truffle)

Dean Blunt, “Roaches 2012-2019” (World Music)

Bill Callahan, “Gold Record” (Drag City)

N Chambers, “Facets” (Love All Day)

Com Truise, “In Decay, Too” (Ghostly International)

Cotton Casino, “The Reflection” (Eye Vybe)

Angel Bat Dawid And Tha Brothahood “Live”, (International Anthem)

Crazy Doberman, “Illusory Expansion” (Astral Spirits)

Deep Space Duo, “Spacetones” (Love All Day)

Deerhoof, “Future Teenage Cave Artists” (Joyful Noise)

Diamond Soul, “Maya’mi” (Orange Milk)

Beatrice Dillon, “Workaround” (PAN)

Euglossine, “Psaronius” (Orange Milk)

Fire-Toolz, “Rainbow Bridge” (Hausu Mountain)

Gerrit Hatcher & Jakob Warmenbol, “Sublime Again”

Horse Lords, “Common Task” (Northern Spy)

je’raf, “Throw Neck” (Amalgam/ No Index)

Jessy Lanza, “All The Time (Hyperdub)

Lama Lobsang Palden & Jim Becker, “Compassion” (Drag City)

Klara Lewis, “Ingrid” (Editions Mego)

Toshioki Matsumura, “A Visual Brain 1986-1993” (chOOn!!)  

Scott McGaughey, “You Don’t Need A Key To Leave” (Shmee)

Makaya McCraven, “Universal Beings E & F Sides” (International Anthem)

Brett Naucke, “EMS Hallucinations” (American Dream)

Nonlocal Forecast, “Holographic Universe(s?)! (Hausu Mountain)

Quicksails, “Blue Rise” (Hausu Mountain)

Ohmme, “Fantasize Your Ghost” (Joyful Noise)

Aki Onda, “Nam June’s Spirit Was Talking To Me” (Recital)

ONO, “Red Summer” (American Dream)

Jim O’Rourke, “Shutting Down Here” (GRM Portraits)

Ana Roxanne, “Because Of A Flower” (Kranky)

Andy Slater, “Unseen Reheard” (No Index)

Carl Stone, “Stolen Car” (Unseen Worlds)

Thundercat, “It Is What It Is” (Brainfeeder)

Michael Vallera, “Window In” (Denovali)


African Head Charge reissues (On-U Sound)

Barry Cleveland with Bob Stohl and Kat Epple, “Stones Of Precious Water” (Morning Trip)

Pedro Comelade, “Sentimientos” (Etats-Unis)

The Entourage Music & Theatre Ensemble, “The Neptune Collection” (Folkways)

Flaming Tunes, “Flaming Tunes” (Superior Viaduct)

Fluence, “Fluence” (Etats-Unis)

Motohiko Hamase reissues (WRWTFWW)  

Jon Hassell, “Vernal Equinox” (Ndeya)

Prince, “Sign ‘O’ The Times” Super Deluxe (Paisley Park

Pylon reissues (New West)

Akio Suzuki, “Analopos” (Room 40)

Hiroshi Yoshimura, “Green” (Light In The Attic)

Zoviet France reissues (Vinyl On Demand)

Jamie Drier

Surgeon – Raw Trax 2

Shitcluster – Meat Thief

E-Saggila – Dedicated to Sublimity

Beau Wanzer – Kitchen Clock

Half Waif – Caretaker

Vladislav Delay/Sly & Robbie – 500 – Push Up

Marcel Dettmann/Silent Servant/ Pye Corner Audio Issue # 2

Marie Davidson & L’oeil Nu – Renegade Breakdown

$hit & $hine – Malibu Liquor Store

Gary Errera

John Frusciante – MAYA

He continues with electronic music and this time he really hit his stride. Recalls Squarepusher, Aphex Twin, Venetian Snares. Pretty amazing this same guy made Curtains, many other solo records, and wrote all the good RHCP songs back in the 90s.

Dave Cartwright

*in no particular order (except for Duma, Duma wins 2020)

Duma – Duma (Nyege Nyege Nyege)

Bergsonist – Middle Earth (Optimo)

Sockethead – Harj-o-marj (Youth)

Paysage d’Hiver – Im Wald (Kunsthall)

Beau Wanzer – Busted & Bamboozled (Ophism)

Locked Club – Atom Hell EP (Tram Planet)

Playa S & Playa D – Da Summa Mix of ’97 (Tape House Chicago)

Various – Joyous Sounds! (Chicago Research)

Satoshi & Makoto – CZ – 5000 Sounds & Sequences II (Safe Trip)

Orphx – Fragmentation (Hospital Productions)

Steven Rahman

In the year 2020, I found it extremely hard to keep up with things

that were released, so this is not a list of things that were

necessarily better than the other things that came out. They are just

things that I happened to be exposed to, & that helped to lighten the


Without Further Ado:

1. Spillage Village – Spilligion

I mean… what do you do when one of the most interesting collectives

in Hip Hop drop a near perfect record? It’s a sermon & a service. It’s

the kind of rapping that my head longs for, but also a message that

resonates in my heart without ever feeling preachy. It’s so good, I

would bet good money it’s the thing I’ve come back to most over this


2. Sen Morimoto – Sen Morimoto

Sen Morimoto’s sense of self seems to be unshakeable. He bends & flips

genres & styles but, it always sounds like Sen. I was looking forward

to this record, particularly after his removal from the virtual

concerts this year, & it delivers. It’s got it’s quirks & it’s

strangenesses, but it fits together really well & I enjoy the vibe.

3. Khruangbin & Leon Bridges – Texas Sun/ Khruangbin – Mordechai

I love very little as much as I’ve come to love Khruangbin’s unique

sound. It’s just masterful what they’re able to do with what seems

like a really minimalist approach. Then if you add Leon Bridges, who

is for what little money I have one of the better writers in soul

music today, you’ll get something that not only works, but just seems


4. Open Mike Eagle – Anime, Trauma, & Divorce

Unapologetic Art Rap… but with knock. I think this is the best thing

I’ve ever heard from Mike & I don’t know that I would have believed

that was possible after Dark Comedy. It’s a serious record, but the

comic timing & absurdity is still there. It’s such a fun listen even

with the morbid subject matter.

5. Tank & the Bangas – Friend Goals

This is probably my favorite band in the world right now. They are

whimsical & joyous, & a balm in a cold world. This was done over the

course of the quarantine as they weren’t able to spend much time on

the road, & instead turned that into some really thick tunes.

A few honorable mentions:

Grip – Proboscidea, Kirby – Sis., Tayla Parx – Coping Mechanisms, Run

The Jewels – RTJ4, Kipp Stone – Homme, Nick Grant & Tae Beast – God

Bless the Child, Deante Hitchcock – Better, Emily King – Sides, Dezron

Douglass & Brandee Younger – Force Majeure

Ade Mitchell













SHARHABIL AHMED The King Of Sudanese Jazz (Habibi Funk LP)

DAVID BOWIE Metrobolist (Parlophone LP)

BUDOS BAND Long In The Tooth (Daptone LP)

CHEAP TRICK Out To Get You! Live 1977 (Legacy LP)

CHICANO BATMAN Invisible People (ATO LP)  

PASCAL COMELADE Sentimientos (Etats-Unis LP)

ELVIS COSTELLO Hey Clockface (Concord LP)

DAMNED Rockfield Files (Spinefarm LP)

NAPOLEAN DEMPS Norma Jean (Daptone 45)

DU-RITES A Funky Bad Time (Old Maid LP)  

MORT GARSON Music From Patch Cord Productions (Sacred Bones LP)

GILBERTO GIL With Os Mutantes (Audio Clarity LP)

A GIRL CALLED EDDY Been Around (Elefant LP)

GROUPIES Primitive (Beat Rocket LP) 

HELIOCENTRICS Telemetric Sounds (Madlib Invazion LP)

IVEYS Maybe Tomorrow (Audio Clarity LP)

KENNELMUS Folkstone Prism (Modern Harmonic LP)

KINKS Glenhenry Winners (Mississippi LP)

BARABARA LYNN The Atlantic Years 1968-1973 (Run Out Groove LP)

ROD McKUEN Beatsville (Modern Harmonic LP)

MONOPHONICS It’s Only Us (Colemine LP)


SLADE Cum On Feel The Hitz (BMG LP)

STRIKE UNDER Immediate Action (Wax Trax LP)

SUN RA A Fireside Chat With Lucifer (Modern Harmonic LP)

SCOTT WALKER Songs From His T.V. Series (Pleasure For Music LP)

WILD CHERRIES I’m The Sea (Just Add Water 45)

VARIOUS Beach Blvd (Radiation LP)

VARIOUS Behind The Dykes: Beat, Blues And Psychedelic Nuggets From The Lowlands 1964-1972 (Music On Vinyl LP)

VARIOUS Cleveland Confidential (Superior Viaduct LP)

VARIOUS The Land Of Sensations & Delights: The Psych Pop Sounds Of White Whale Records 1965-1970 (Craft LP)

Sean Rowader

Here are my favorite releases from 2020:

1. Dorian Electra –  My Agenda (Electronic / Futurepop) [Digitally Self-Released]

-Dive into the Sea of Electra, drown in jewelry and accessories before growing digital gills that deliver oxygen to the most neglected recesses of your being.  Abrasive, unapologetic, kind, loving, and inventive.   

Favorite track: My Agenda (ft. Village People, Pussy Riot)

2. Channel Tres –  i can’t go outside (Hip Hop / Detroit Techno) [Digital Release on GODMODE]

-Somewhere between Hip Hop and House, Channel Tres is on a couch, in a plane, in the sky.  How can something be so fire yet so chilled out?  

Favorite track: fuego (ft. Tyler, The Creator)

3. Yin Yin –  The Rabbit That Hunts Tigers (Funk / Psychedelic) [LP on Les Disques Bongo Joe]

-Nose-riding a 16 foot surfboard in the lotus flower stance, meditating on the crest of a wave that never crashes.  Time isn’t a straight line, it’s a fundamental element of limitless dimensions.

Favorite track: One-Inch Punch

4. Horse Lords –  The Common Task (Krautrock / Avante-Garde) [LP on Northern Spy]

-Carl Linveld said it best, “Horse Lords are like using a fidget spinner to map out a migraine aura.  I mean that in the best way possible.” 

Favorite track: Fanfare for Effective Freedom

5. Kid Cudi –   Man on the Moon III: The Chosen (Hip Hop / Neo-Psych) [LP on Wicked Awesome]

-Triumphantly, Scott Mescudi completes the trilogy he started 11 years ago.  Cudi voyages into new territory and production while retaining all his unique idiosyncrasies that made him so likeable in the first place.  This is like joyriding through your own neural pathways.

Favorite Track: Lovin’ Me (ft. Phoebe Bridgers)   

6. CB Radio Gorgeous –  EP (Punk / Hardcore) [7-inch on Thrilling Living]

-Fast and frenzied, glamorous and grimey, high on energy and low on fluff, and always over too soon.  The first band I would see live when shows can return. 

Favorite track: The Devil  

7. Foxy Shazam –  Burn (Glam-Rock / Hard-Rock) [LP on EEEOOOAH]

-If there was ever a year that needed Foxy’s comeback the most, it was this one.  A true test of what it means to be uplifting, undeniable, and unstoppable.  A national treasure of Smithsonian magnitude.     

Favorite track: Into the Wild

8. Yves Tumor –  Heaven to a Tortured Mind (Psych-Soul / Art-Pop) [LP on Warp]

-When I was laid up in hospital with a shattered ankle and a staph infection, isolated from my people, and disoriented from 3 surgeries worth of anesthesia, it was this album that I found most comfort in.  Thank you Yves.    

Favorite track: Gospel for a New Century

9. Luke Schneider –  Altar of Harmony (Ambient / Lap Steel) [LP on Third Man]

-A truly beautiful, honest, meditative, and mind blowing experience from one of the most legendary lap steel guitarists of our time.  This is what happens when a humble session musician finally gets the spotlight.  Prepare to catch your own jaw on its way to the floor. 

Favorite track: somnificus 

10. 100 Gecs –  1000 Gecs and the Tree of Clues (Hyperpop / Comp) [LP on Dog Show]

-Never did I think I’d be penning a remix album on my AOTY list, but here we are.  Lots of different genres, collaborators, and styles cohesively come together.    

Favorite track: gecgecgec (ft. Lil West, Tony Velour)

Honorable Mentions:

King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard – K.G.

Osees – Protean Threat

Idles – Ultra Mono

Hayley Williams – Petals for Armor

Machine Gun Kelly – Tickets to my Downfall

Run The Jewels – RTJ4

Ho99o9 – Blurr

Dogleg – Melee

Thundercat – It is what it is

Nine Inch Nails – Ghosts V

Kip McCabe

Kip’s “some things I liked in 2020”

Budos Band “Long in the Tooth”

Bill Callahan/Bonnie Prince Billie covers series

Rob Mazurek Exploding Star Orchestra “Dimensional Stardust”

Run The Jewels “RTJ4”

Idles “Ultra Mono”

Hum “Inlet”

Jeff Parker “Suite for Max Brown”

Tyler Lopez

Paysage D’Hiver – Im Wald [Kunsthall]

Other Favorites
DJ Akoza – Control Theory [Doom Shop]
Kjostad – Extinctionist [Chondritic Sound]
Beau Wanzer – Busted & Bamboozled [Ophism] “have you ever eaten tater tots from Skylark?…”
Of Feather & Bone – Sulfuric Disintegration [Profound Lore]
Paysage D’hiver – Im Traum (along w/ the other 4 singles released this year.) [Kunsthall]
Leandro Fresco & Rafael Anton Irisarri – Una Presencia En La Brisa [A Strangely Isolated Place]
THX1312 – Intentionally Decapitated Police Officer [Deathbomb]
THX1312 – This Speedcore Kills Fascists [MOBCORE CHICAGO]
Guilt Attendant – Suburban Scum [Hospital]
Michael Vallera – Window In [Denovali]
King Von – Welcome to O’Block [Empire]
Internal Rot – Grieving Birth [Iron Lung]
Old Tower – The Last Eldolon [Profound Lore]
Nonlocal Forecast – Holographic Universe(s?)! [Hausu Mountain]
Vatican Shadow – Persian Pillars Of The Gasoline Era [20 Buck Spin]
Dead C – Unknowns [Ba Da Bing!]
TrippJones x SpaceGhostPurrp x Loko Los – Gladiator Season, Vol. 2 [self]
Bing & Ruth – Species [4AD]
Container – Scramblers [Alter]
DJ Speedsick – Blood Mixed With Shit Mixed With Blood [Psychic Liberation]
Turia – Degen Van Licht [Eisenwald]
Undergang – Aldrig i livet [Me Saco Un Ojo]
Undeath – Lesions of a Different Kind [Prosthetic]
Lamp of Murmuur – Heir Of Ecliptical Romance [Death Kvlt]
William Basinski – Lamentations [Temporary Residence Limited]
Temple Nightside – Pillars of Damnation [Iron Bonehead]
Autechre – Sign [Warp]
Destruct – Echoes Of Life [Grave Mistake]
Vomir – Quarantine A-OK [Deathbed Tapes]
Microphones – Microphones In 2020 [P.W. Elvrum & Sun, Ltd.]
Ike Release – Personality Fragments [Episodes]

Bryan Smith

Bought and enjoyed in 2020

Jeff Parker : Suite for Max Brown
Cryptic Shift : Visitation from Enceladus
Daniel Avery & Mossimo Cortini : Illusion of Time
X – Alphabetland
Malokarpatan – Krupinske Ohne
Coriky – Coriky
Songhoy Blues – Optimisme
Sweven – The Eternal Resonance
Havukruunu – Uinuos Syomein Sota
Bedsore – Hypnagogic Hallucinations

Miles Davis – Double Image
Bill Evans – Some Other Time (The Lost Session From The Black Forest)
Lee Morgan – The Cooker
J* & K* – Stonebone
Various – Black Riot (Early Jungle, Rave And Hardcore)
Flaming Tunes – Flaming Tunes
Young Marble Giants – Colossal Youth 2LP

Budget bin (re)discoveries:
Urban Verbs – Urban Verbs (1980)
Belfegore – Belfegore (1984)
Dave Edmunds – Repeat When Necessary (1979)
cheap classical CDs!

Friends of the store

Emily Elhaj (Reckless alum)


Lomelda – Hannah (Double Double Whammy)

SAULT – Untitled (Black Is) (Forever Living Originals)

Cindy Lee – What’s Tonight To Eternity (W. 25th)

Lambchop – TRIP (Merge)

Kacey Johansing – No Better Time (Night Bloom)

Oliver Coates – skins n slime (RVNG Intl)

Ana Roxanne – Because of a Flower (Kranky)

Tasha “But There’s Still The Moon” (Father/Daughter)

Deerhoof – Future Teenage Cave Artists (Joyful Noise)

TOPS – I Feel Alive (Musique)

U.S. Girls – Heavy Light (4AD)

Sofia Bolt – Share a Glass (self)

Chris Cohen “Physical Address” (Mexican Summer)

Gum Country – Somewhere (self)

Jeff Parker – Suite for Max Brown (Int’l Anthem)

Lucinda Williams – Good Souls Better Angels – (Highway 20/Thirty Tigers)

The Innocence Mission – See You Tomorrow (Thérèse Records)

Keeley Forsyth – Debris (The Leaf Label)

Sam Burton – I Can Go With You (Tompkins Square)

Jeremy Cunningham – The Weather Up There (Northern Spy)

Sweven – The Eternal Resonance (Ván)

Dean Blunt – Roaches 2012-2019 (World Music)

Alabaster dePlume – To Cy & Lee: Instrumentals Vol. 1 (Int’l Anthem)

Aretha Franklin – Just For Music (JFM)

Wire – Hive Mind (pinkflag)

Damar Davids – Bronze (Maximum Exposure)

Valentina Goncharova – Recordings 1987-1991, Vol. 1 (Shukai)

Jeremiah Meece – Suffering (self)

MJ Guider – Sour Cherry Bell (Kranky)

Michael Vallera – Window In (Denovali)

Equip – “Airship Theme (Fast Air Travel)” (self)

Peel Dream Magazine –  Agitprop Alterna / Moral Panics (Slumberland)

Cut Worms – Nobody Lives Here Anymore (Jagjaguwar)

Gregor – Destiny (Chapter Music)

Country Westerns s/t (Fat Possum)

Adrian Younge & Ali Shaheed Muhammad – Run This Town OST (Linear Labs)

Ohbliv – Spirit Medicine B Sides (694479 Records DK)

Yebba – Distance (RCA)

Mary Lattimore & Paul Sukeena – “Dreaming of the Kelly Pool”


Solomon Ilori – African High Life (Alternative Fox)

Kraftwerk catalog (Parlophone)

Brian Wilson & Van Dyke Parks – Orange Crate Art (Omnivore) 

Sun Ra – Haverford College 1980 Solo Piano (Sun Ra)

Ceramic Hello – The Absence of A Canary (Ice Machine)

PJ Harvey – Dry (Too Pure)

Neil Young – Homegrown (Silver Bow)

Stephen Malinder – Pow Wow (Self)

Jonathan Richman – I, Jonathan (Craft)

Duval Timothy – Brown Loop (Carrying Colour)

Robert Wyatt – His Greatest Misses (Domino)

The London Suede (Demon Records)

Christie Coyle (Redeye Distribution)

HAIM – Women In Music Pt. III – Columbia  

Arca – KiCk i – XL

Grimes – Miss Anthropocene – 4AD

Yves Tumor – Heaven To A Tortured Mind – Warp

Fleet Foxes – Shore – ANTI-

NOTHING – The Great Dismal – Relapse

Tame Impala – The Slow Rush – Interscope

Arca – @@@@@ – XL

Rose City Band – Summerlong – Thrill Jockey

Adrianne Lenker – songs – 4AD 

The Avalanches – We Will Always Love You – Astralwerks 

Dave Martin (Captured Tracks)

New Records

Thurston Moore – By the Fire – Daydream Library 

Kawaguchi Masami NRS & Kryssi Battalene – S/T – C/Site

Facs – Void Moments – Trouble in Mind

Lavender Flu – Barbarian Dust / Tomorrow Cleaners – In The Red / Meds

The Silence / Masaki Batoh – Electric Meditations / Smile, Jesus Loves YOU!- Drag City

Magik Markers – 2020 – Drag City

David Nance – Staunch Honey – Trouble In Mind

Dead C – Unknowns – Ba Da Bing!

Don Howland – Endgame – In The Red

Lewsberg – In This House – 12XU

Patois Counselors – The Optimal Seat – Ever/Never

E – Complications – Silver Rocket

Bill Nace – Both – Drag City

Rubber Blanket – Our Album – Spacecase

Gunn-Truscinski Duo – Soundkeeper – Three Lobed

Chubby & the Gang – Speed Kills – Static Shock

Lifeguard – Dive – self released

Cindy – Free Advice – Paisley Shirt/Mt. St. Mtn / Tough Love

75 Dollar Bill – Live at Tubby’s – Grapefruit

Raspberry Bulbs – Before The Age of Mirrors – Relapse

Bailterspace – Concret – Self Released

The Bats – Foothills – Flying Nun

Heavy Discipline – S/T – Painkiller

Chloe Alison Escott – Stars Under Contract – Chapter Music

Brain Drugs – S/T – Self Released


Divine Horsemen – Live 1985-1987 – Feeding Tube 

Vertical Slit – Live at Browns – Siltbreeze

L Seven – Unreleased, Studio and Live – Third Man

Stooges – Live At Goose Lake August 8th, 1970 – Third Man

White Heaven – Out – Black Editions

Pylon – Box – New West

Jimi Hendrix – Live in Maui – Experience Hendrix

A Burning Bus – S/T – In The Red

Endless Boogie – The Gathered and Scattered Vol. 1-4 – No Quarter

Faith – Live at CBGB’s – Outer Battery

UFO – Live in Youngstown – Chrysalis 

V/A – We Were Living in Cincinnati – Hozac

V/A – Jobcentre Rejects Vols 3 & 4 – On the Dole

Def Leppard – The Early Years 1979-1981 UMC

Hawkwind – At the BBC – Parlaphone

Redd Kross – Phaseshifter / Show World – Third Man

Reigning Sound – Home For Orphans – Merge 

Pole – 1-3 – Mute

Musica Transonic – S/T – Black Editions

Sonny Vincent – Diamond Distance & Liquid Fury – Hozac

Whirlywilrd – Complete Discography – Hozac

Eddie Criss Group – Undertaker – Hozac

Toho Sara – S/T – Black Editions

Velvet Underground – Live at the 2nd Fret

United Mutation – Dark Self Image – Radio Raheem

Singles / EPs

Home Blitz – All Through the Year – Sophomore Lounge

ISS – Too Punk For Heavy Metal – Total Punk

Native Cats – Two Creation Myths – Rough Skies

Limousine Beach – Stealin’ Wine + 2 – Tee Pee 

Rat-Nip – A Comfortable Chair – Song Book Records

Matt Jencik – Mind Out of Joint / 1969 in Pittsburgh – Self released

Chris Brokaw – Heaven – Self Released

Speed Plans – Field of Vision – Self Released

Public Acid – Condemnation – Beach Impediment

Yo La Tengo – Sleepless Night – Matador

Invalid – Demo – Cruel Noise 

Walkin’ Bulldog – Powerglide Vol. 1 & 2 – Self Released

Big Joanie – Cranes in the Sky b/w It’s You – Third Man

White Stains – Demo – Cruel Noise

Peace Talks – A Lasting Peace – Cruel Noise

Andy Larsen (Matador Direct)

New albums

M. Takara and Carla Boregas – Linha D’Água (El Rocha Records)

Valentina Magaletti, Marlene Ribeiro – Due Matte (Horn of Plenty)

Kübler Ross – Kübler Ross (Akashic Records)

Sarah Davachi – Cantus, Descant (Late Music)

Alan Braufman – The Fire Still Burns (Valley of Search)

Vladislav Delay – 500 Push-Up (feat Sly and Robbie) (Sub Rosa)

Beatrice Dillon – Workaround (Pan)

Ambrose Akinsmusire – on the tender spot of every calloused moment (Blue Note Records)

Lewsberg – In This House (12XU)

Cindy Lee – What’s Tonight To Eternity (W.25th)

Special Interest – The Passion Of (Night School/Thrilling Living)

Crazy Doberman – Illusory Expansion (Astral Spirits)

Nailah Hunter – Spells (Leaving Records)

CS + Kreme – Snoopy (Trilogy Tapes)

EPs, singles, collections, reissues, etc

Don Cherry – Om Shanti Om (Black Sweat Records)

Charles Curtis – Performances and Recordings 1998-2018 (Saltern)

Nkisi – Initiation (Initiation)

Neutrals – Personal Computing (Slumberland Records)

Xylitol – I’m Pretty Sure I Would Know If Reality Were Fundamentally Different Than I Perceived It To Be (Thrilling Living)

Alvin Lucier – String Noise (Black Truffle)

Coil – Musick To Play In The Dark (Dais)

Harry Pussy – Superstar (Palilalia)

Panasonic – Remix EP (Sahko Recordings)

Marika Politissa – All Parts Dark (Olvido Records)

Flaming Tunes – Flaming Tunes (Superior Viaduct)

Home Blitz – All Through The Year (Sophomore Lounge)

Time Cow – Time Cow’s Live Prog Dancehall From Home (Boomkat Editions)

Brett Grossman: former employee/ current staff veterinarian

Thirty-Nine Albums in Twenty-Twenty I listened to repeatedly:

Adrianne Lenker “Songs” (4ad)

Tristan Perich “Drift Multiply” (New Amsterdam)

Beatriz Ferreyra “Echos+” (Room40)

Dirty Projectors “5EPs” (Domino)

R.A.P. Ferreira and The Jefferson Park Boys “Purple Moonlight Pages” (Ruby Yacht)

White Poppy “Paradise Gardens” / “Sound Meditations 2” (Not Not Fun Records)

Cindy Lee “What’s tonight to Eternity” (W. 25th)

Laura Marling “Song for Our Daughter” (Chrysalis/ Partisan)

KMRU “Peel” (Editions Mego)

Fiona Apple “Fetch the Bolt Cutters” (Epic/ Clean Slate)

Joanne Robertson “Painting Stupid Girls” (World Music)

Angel Olsen “Whole New Mess” (Jagjaguwar)

Honey Radar “Sing the Snow away” (Chunklet Industries)

Yves Jarvis “Sundry Rock Song Stock” (Flemish Eye)

Jockstrap “Wick City” (Warp)

Jay Electronica “A Written Testimony” (Roc Nation)

Dehd “Flowers of Devotion” (Fire Talk)

Carl Stone “Stolen Car” (Unseen Worlds)

Sarah Davachi “Gathers” (Boomkat Editions), “Cantus, Descant” (Late Music)

Field Works “Ultrasonic” (Temporary Residence Limited)

Tara Clerkin Trio “Tara Clerkin Trio” (Laura Lies In)

Loving “If I am only My Thoughts” (Last Gang Records, Inc.)

Model Home “One Year” (Disciples)

William Basinski “Lamentations” (Temporary Residence Limited)

Liv.e “Couldn’t wait to tell you…” (In Real Life Music Publishing LLC)

Julianna Barwick “Healing is a Miracle” (Ninja Tune)

Lucrecia Dalt “No Era Solida” (Rvng Intl.)

Isabella, Jasper, and Simon Fisher Turner “Savage Songs of Brutality and Food” (Soleilmoon)

Otta “Songbook” (BOKKLE PIAS)

Military Genius “Deep Web” (Unheard of Hope)

Aki Onda “Nam June’s Spirit Was Speaking To Me” (Recital)

Ulla “Tumbling towards a well” (Experiences Ltd)

Jyoti “Mama, you can bet!” (SomeothaShip Connect)

No Home “Fucking  Hell”  (Hungry and Undervalued)

Markus Floats “Third Album” (Constellation)

Ian William Craig “Red Sun Through Smoke” (130701)

Lomelda “Hannah” (Double Double Whammy)

Built to Spill “Built to Spill plays the songs of Daniel Johnston”  (Ernest Jenning Record Co.)

Katie Gately “Loom” (Houndstooth)


Philip Corner “Chord: B Major/ Bb Minor 9 / Gong! (Transcription for Low Strings) (Unseen Worlds)

Imaginary Softwoods “Annual Flowers in Color” (Amethyst Sunset)

Lol Coxhill and Morgan-Fisher “Slow Music” (Aguirre)

Stephan Mathieu and Ekkehard Ehlers “Heroin” (Keplar)

Craig Kupka “Crystals” (Smithsonian Folkways)

Julia Reidy “Vanish” (Editions Mego)

Roedelius “Tape Archive Essense 1973-1978)” (Bureau B)  

The The “See Without Being Seen” (Cinéola)

Songs not on records or on records I like less

Vague Imaginaires “Mais qu’est-ce Que” 

Autechre “Esle 0”

Circa 2000 “The Echoing Green”

Pure X “Middle America”

Divino Niño”Made up My Mind”

Helena Deland “Seven Hours”

Bianca Scout, j.b. Glazer, Cameron Molloy, Harald Smart, Jacob Samuel, Elena Isolini “Dark Lore Bingo”

Sparkle Division “Sparkle on Sad Sister Mother Queen/ No  Exit”

Shit and Shine “Cream Tee”

Teleplasmiste “A Goodly Company”

Sharhabi Ahmed “Kamar Dawa” 

Ty Segall/ Cory Hanson “She’s a Beam”

Tricky “Vietnam”

Y La Bamba “Mariposa De Coalcomán”

Zia + Oscar Jan Hoogland “Trip The Light  Fantastic”

Lemon Twigs “Live in Favor of Tomorrow” 

CEL “Pink Korridor”

Aki Tsuyuko “Above another Lake”

Princess Nokia “Sunday Best”

MinaeMinae “Algenüberzug”  


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Reckless Records 12/11/20 New Releases


BURIAL/FOUR TET/ THOM YORKE – Her Revolution/ His Rope 12” (XL)


A nice little surprise to close out the shitty year that is/was 2020, the first collab by these three artists since the 2011 “Ego/Mirror” EP. “Her Revolution” is a beautiful slow tempo tune with what sounds like a repeating sitar sample, some warm synths & falsetto vox from Thom. “His Rope” sounds like a minimal techno song at half speed & would fit nicely on a Thom Yorke solo record. RECOMMENDED.

HERON – HERON LP (Trading Places)

HERON was a group of British hippies that signed a deal with Dawn Records (COMUS, TRADER HORNE etc…) in the late 60’s & went into the studio to record a single. The group hated the session so they opted to record their album in nature’s studio, a grassy field. Their debut might seem a little corny in concept but it’s a beautiful album full of simple songs with incredible harmonies. Imagine SIMON & GARFUNKEL if they weren’t so square (no diss on S&G we luv em!) or PENTANGLE if they were more into the flower power thing. This is an amazing collection that will appeal to any fan of 60’s British folk or fans of Devendra Banhart, Vashti Bunyan, etc…AMAZING stuff.

YOUNG MARBLE GIANTS – Colossal Youth: 40th Anniversary Ed. 2LP + DVD (Domino)

40th anniversary of this essential piece of minimal pop music, whose stripped back, hook-laden structure would set the template for punk-funk groups like TUXEDOMOON, ESG, and later SNEAKS. This edition also includes cuts from “Salad Days”, “Is The War Over”, “The Final Day”, the “Testcard” EP and a DVD of their final show in New York back in 1980. HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION.

Other important releases

AVALANCHES – We Will Always Love You LP/CD (Astralwerks) limited color or black vinyl

PHOEBE BRIDGERS – Punisher LP (Dead Oceans) finally back in stock!

BRUTUS – Live in Ghent 2LP (Sargent House)

CHUBBY & THE GANG – Speed Kills (Partisan) ltd. yellow vinyl

FIELDS OF NEPHILIM – Elizium LP (4AD) green vinyl reissue

FKJ – Ylang Ylang 12” (Mom+Pop)


INTERPOL – Antics LP (Matador) white vinyl repress

INTERPOL – Our Love to Admire LP (Matador) blue vinyl repress

JULY – The Second of July LP (Trading Places)

KACY & CLAYTON w/ MARLON WILLIAMS – Plastic Bouquet (New West) ltd. color vinyl

KILLS – Little Bastards 2LP/CD (Domino) ltd. yellow vinyl

KING GIZZARD & THE LIZARD WIZARD – K.G. Explorations in Microtonal Tuning Vol. 2 LP (KGLW) with limited paper bag while supplies last

LITTLE BARRY &  MALCOLM CATTO – Quatermass Seven LP (Madlib)

ALEX MAAS (of The Black Angels) – Luca (Innovative Liesure)

OCTO OCTA & ERIS DREW – fabric presents Octo Octa & Eris Drew 2LP (fabric)

JOHN PRINE – John Prine Live LP (Oh Boy) limited color vinyl

PETE ROCK & THE SOUL BROTHERS – Petestrumentals 3 LP/CD/TAPE (Tru Soul)

SHIT & SHINE – Malibu Liquor Store LP (Rocket Recordings)

SIR WOMAN – Bitch 12” (Nine Mile)

STURGILL SIMPSON – Cuttin’ Grass LP/CD (High Top Mountain) indie vinyl is sold out but we should have black vinyl soon

ULTRAFUNK – Ultrafunk LP (Trading Places)

M WARD – Think of Spring LP/CD (Anti-)

KAMASI WASHINGTON – Becoming (soundtrack) LP Young Turks

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Reckless Records Black Friday 2020

Here’s a list of what we’ll have when we open on Friday morning. The John Prine LP box  sets and Chris Cornell 7”shipped late but we’re hoping to have them later on Friday or early next week. Phone orders will be allowed after 12PM on Friday. Our store capacity will be reduced but we’ll try to move the line as fast as we can. Obviously masks are required and social distancing is recommended. We have free hand sanitizer at the counters. 

We hope you get what you want! -Love Reckless


Monty Alexander -Love You Madly: Live at Bubba’s (Resonance Records) WICKER PARK ONLY

Alice in Chains – SAP (Legacy)

Anthrax – Soldiers of Metal (Megaforce) 

The Bangles – Doll Revolution (Real Gone Music) 

Baroness – Live at Maida Vaile BBC Vol II 12” (Abraxan Hymns) 

Jon Batiste – We Are: Roots & Traditions (Verve)

Beastie Boys – Some Old Bullshit (Capitol/Ume) 

The Beat Farmers – The Beat Farmers Live (Blixa Sounds)

Chuck Berry – Rockin’ Rollin’ New Year’s Eve (Liberation Hall) BELMONT & WICKER PARK ONLY

Best Coast – Crazy For You – 10th Anniversary Edition (Mexican Summer)

Big K.R.I.T. – TDT (BMG)

Blue Oyster Cult – Live ’83 (Real Gone Music)

Bombino – Live In Amsterdam (Partisan Records)

Dave Brubeck – Christmas Lullabies 12” (Verve)

Buckcherry – Buckcherry (Real Gone Music) 

Lewis Capaldi – Divinely Uninspired To A Hellish Extent (Deluxe) (Capitol)

The Chariot – Long Live (Good Fight Music)

Chicano Batman I- nvisible People – Instrumentals (ATO Records)

Jarvis Cocker – Further Complications (Rough Trade)

Jarvis Cocker – The Jarvis Cocker Record (Rough Trade)

George Coleman Quintet – In Baltimore (Reel To Real) WICKER PARK ONLY

The Comet Is Coming – Imminent (Verve)

Crown The Empire – 7102010 (Rise Records)

Karen Dalton – It’s So Hard To Tell Who’s Going To Love You The Best (Reissue) (Capitol)

The Damned – The Rockfield Files (Spinefarm)

Zella Day – Where Does The Devil Hide 12” (Concord)

Luther Dickinson – Rock, Live Concert (New West Records) WICKER PARK ONLY

Dio – Dream Evil Live ’87 Picture Disc (Niji/BMG)

DMX – Best of DMX (Def Jam/UMe)

Tha Dogg Pound – Dogg Food (Death Row Records)

Drive-By Truckers – Plan 9 Records July 13, 2006 (New West Records)

Bill Evans – Live at Ronnie Scott’s (1968) (Resonance Records)

Mick Fleetwood & Friends/Fleetwood Mac – Green Manalishi (with the Two Pronged Crown) (BMG)

Fountains of Wayne – Welcome Interstate Managers (Real Gone Music) 

Ace Frehley – Space Truckin’ 12” (Eone) 

Jerry Garcia Band – Garcia Live Volume Two: August 5th, 1990 Greek Theatre 4LP box set (ATO/Round Record)

Grand Puba – Reel To Reel (Tommy Boy Music)

Grandaddy – RIP Coyote Condo #5 12” (Dangerbird)

Grouplove – Broken Angel picture disc(Atlantic)

Half-A-Mill Milion (Tuff Kong Records)

Herbie Hancock Trio – The Herbie Hancock Trio (Get On Down)

John Hurlbut & Jorma Kaukonen -The River Flows Fur Peace Ranch Records LP WICKER PARK ONLY

Ice-T – Rhyme Pays (Sire/Warner Records)

Jadakiss – The Collector’s Edition (Def Jam)

Jahari Massamba Unit – Pardon My French (Madlib Invazion)

Jewel – Live at the Inner Change (Craft Recordings)

Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings – Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Rendition Was In) (Daptone Records)

Paul Kantner/Jefferson Starship – Blows Against The Empire: 50th Anniversary (Legacy) Norah Jones – Playdate (Capitol/Blue Note)

Milla Jovovich – The Divine Comedy (Real Gone Music)

Kaash Paige – Parked Car Convos (Def Jam)

Kids See Ghosts – Kids See Ghosts (Def Jam)

Curtis Knight & The Squires – No Business: The PPX Sessions Volume 2 (Legacy)

Bettye LaVette, Billie Holiday, Nina Simone Original Grooves: Billie Holiday, Nina Simone, Bettye LaVette 12” (Verve)

Little Richard – Southern Child (Omnivore Recordings)

Magnetic Fields – Quickies (Nonesuch

Aimee Mann – Bachelor No.2: 20th Anniversary Edition (SuperEgo)

Masters of Reality – Sunrise on the Sufferbus (Real Gone Music)

Alanis Morissette – Live at London’s O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire, 2020 (Rhino)

Motorhead – Ace of Spades 12” (Sanctuary/BMG)

Motörhead – On Parole (Expanded and Remastered) (Parlophone)

My Chemical Romance – Life on the Murder Scene (Reprise)

Fred Neil – 38 MacDougal (Delmore Recordings) BELMONT & WICKER PARK ONLY

Willie Nelson –  Live at Austin City Limits 1976 (Legacy)

Norma Jean – Meridional (Concord/Craft)

Ol’ Dirty Bastard – Return to the 36 Chambers: The Dirty Version (The Instrumentals) (Rhino)

Painted Shield – Painted Shield (Loosegroove)

John Prine – Asylum Years box set (Rhino) these shipped late. Hoping for early next week

Lou Reed Live At Alice Tully Hall – January 27, 1973 – 2nd Show Legacy

Lou Reed – Magic and Loss (Sire)

Sonny Rollins – Rollins In Holland: The 1967 Studio & Live Recordings (Resonance Records)

The Rolling Stones – Let It Bleed (Collector’s Edition) (ABKCO) hand poured color vinyl

Elliott Smith – Elliott Smith Alternate Versions (Kill Rock Stars)

Snoop Doggy Dogg – Doggystyle picture disc (Death Row)

The Stranglers – Peaches: The Very Best of the Stranglers (Parlophone) 

Sunn O))) – Flight of the Behemoth (Southern Lord) very limited

Corey Taylor/Dead Boys – All This And More (Side by Side) Elektra 12″ WICKER PARK ONLY

Tesla – The Great Radio Controversy (LMLR) very limited

U2 Boy – 40th Anniversary Edition (Island)

Uncle Tupelo – Live at Lounge Ax – March 24, 1994 (dBpm)

Various Artists – Fraggle Rock: Rock On Lakeshore Records 10″ 

Various Artists – Afrikan Blood Studio One LP 1500

Various Artists – Jazz Dispensary: Orange Sunset (Concord)

Various Artists – The End Is At Hand: Jesus People Music (Vol. 1) (ORG)

Volbeat Hokus – Bonus Republic (Vertigo) BELMONT ONLY

WAR – Greatest Hits (Rhino) 

Grover Washington Jr. – Grover Live (Lightyear) WICKER PARK ONLY

The Weeknd – After Hours (Remixes) (XO/Republic)

Barney Wilen – Barney and Tete: Grenoble ’88 (Elemental Music) WICKER PARK ONLY

Brian Wilson & Van Dyke Parks – Orange Crate Instrumentals Omnivore Recordings

Jonathan Wilson – Rare Blur 12” (BMG) WICKER PARK ONLY 

Various Artists – Dr. Demento First Century Dementia: The Oldest Novelty Records of All Time (Liberation Hall) BELMONT & WICKER PARK ONLY


Bilal & Nikki Jean – Black Coffee in Bed (Yep Roc)

Doyle Bramhall II – Be Here Now (feat. Susan Tedeschi and Derek Trucks) (Surfdog) WICKER PARK ONLY

Nick Cave/ Peaches – Cosmic Dancer (BMG)

Chris Cornell – Patience (IGA) These shipped late but hopefully they’ll be here on Friday.

Jon Daly – Abracadabralifornia (Northern Spy)

DeLugg, Milton & The Little Eskimos /The Fleshtones – Santa Claus Conquers The Martians – Hooray For Santa Claus (Modern Harmonic)

David Gilmour – Yes I Have Ghosts (David Gilmour)

Vince Guaraldi Trio – Christmas Time Is Here (Concord)

George Harrison – My Sweet Lord (Capitol/UMe) 

Juliana Hatfield – Christmas Cactus (American Laundromat)

Hootie & The Blowfish – Losing My Religion (Capitol Records)

Puscifer – Apocalyptical (BMG)

Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood – Some Velvet Morning (Light in the Attic) BELMONT & WICKER PARK ONLY

Hank Williams – 1952 Radio Audition (BMG)


Lil Wayne – No Ceilings (Young Money)

Lil Wayne – Tha Carter V (Deluxe) (Young Money)

Motörhead – On Parole (Expanded and Remastered) (Parlophone) 

Pop Smoke – Shoot For The Stars Aim For The Moon (Victor Victor)

Pop Smoke – Meet The Woo (Victor Victor) LOOP ONLY 


Pop Smoke – Shoot For The Stars Aim For The Moon (Victor Victor)

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Reckless Records 11/20/20 New Releases

11/20/20 New Releases

NICK CAVE – Idiot Prayer: Alone at Alexandra Palace LP (Bad Seed LTD)

We’ve reached that point where pandemic records are being released. Nick Cave is one of the world’s greatest performers & he should be sweating through his fancy suit & stage diving into crowds. Instead, he’s recorded this intimate album of himself alone at a piano in an empty theatre in London playing 21 songs from throughout his career. Beautiful stuff. 


After nearly a 20 year break, the CHICAGO UNDERGROUND QUARTET is reborn only now they’re spread out around the country & feature a new organist/pianist in Josh Johnson. Each musician brought in their own music which the band learned & recorded in one day. The album has an improvised feel at times but honestly it sounds much more rehearsed than it is. This is an obvious must hear for any fan of Chicago jazz & experimental music. 

FLAMING TUNES – Flaming Tunes LP (Superior Viaduct)

Gareth Williams was a member of the highly influential THIS HEAT & sadly he died on Christmas Eve in 2001.The great Blackest Ever Black (RIP) reissued this on vinyl in the aughts & it was a big staff favorite & now Superior Viaduct has delivered their version with original tape cover art. The songs are a mix of ENO-esque experimental pop, lo-fi recordings that would fit in nicely on the New Zealand Xpressway label, Eastern influenced melodies & a playfulness that may remind you of Robert Wyatt’s 80’s albums, Kevin Ayers & Syd Barrett. RECOMMENDED.

JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE – Live in Maui 3LP box set/2CD W/ BLU-RAY (Legacy)

After years of speculation about a release, the 1970 live show from Maui has finally been released. Bits of the audio have been released over the years with overdubbed drums but modern tech has allowed them to use the original live drums. It’s insane to imagine Jimi Hendrix playing to only about 400 people at the base of a volcano but that’s what happened folks. Wild.

JORDAN REYES – Sand Like Stardust (American Dreams)

Chicago’s Jordan Reyes returns with this really interesting album for his American Dreams imprint. The album is a concept record about cowboys & how they fit into the fabric of our country’s history, through our stories & music. The album starts with overdubbed vocal drones that would fit well on a POPOL VUH record. There are dusty guitars, pure sounding organ drones, detuned synths that sound like affected player pianos & distorted drone blasts. Like an alternate reality Western movie soundtrack. RECOMMENDED.

RILO KILEY – Rilo Kiley LP (Little Record Co.) color vinyl

The debut EP from RILO KILEY makes its way onto vinyl for the first time! The LA quartet would come out of the gate running, with this 1999 project displaying the twangy indie folk-pop and wry lyricism that defined the rest of their career.

KAMAAL WILLIAMS – Wu Hen LP/CD (Black Focus) limited red vinyl

One of the most unique jazz records of recent memory comes in 2020 from one of the genre’s boundary-pushers in KAMAAL WILLIAMS, incorporating breakbeat, fusion, funk and deep house into a hazy, lush concoction. “Wu Hen” strikes a balance between post-bop excursions (a la CHARLES MINGUS’s “Black Saint & Sinner Lady”) and lush, DAVID AXELROD-esque arrangements updated for modern musical styles and technology. Another superb joint from the Black Focus label. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


BARTEES STRANGE – Live Forever LP (Memory Music)

BATTLES – Juice B Mixed 12” (Warp)

MARY J BLIGE – My Life: 25th Anniversary LP (Republic)

BORIS – Absolutego LP (Third Man)

BORIS – Amplifier Worship LP (Third Man)

JOHN CARPENTER – The Fog 2LP (Wax Work) 40th anniversary color vinyl

JOHN CARPENTER – Escape From New York 2LP (Wax Work) 40th anniversary color vinyl

JENNIFER CASTLE – Monarch Season LP/CD (Paradise of Bachelors)

LUKE COMBS – What You See Ain’t Always What You Get 3LP Deluxe edition (River House)

SARAH DAVACHI – Figures in Open Air 2CD (Late Music)

DIRTY PROJECTORS – 5EPs 2LP/CD (Domino) limited clear vinyl

THE EX – Disturbing Domestic Peace LP (Superior Viaduct)

THE EX – History is What’s Happening LP (Superior Viaduct)

GWAR – Scumdogs of the Universe 2LP (Pit) limited red vinyl reissue

JUNE OF 44 – Revisionist: Adaptations & Future Histories in the Time of Love and Survival LP (Broken Clover)

KHRUANGBIN – Christmas Time is Here Again 7” (Dead Oceans) available again on red vinyl!

MAMALARKY – Mamalarky LP/CD (Fire Talk) limited red vinyl

BOB MARLEY & THE WAILERS 75th Anniversary half-speed remastered LPs (Tuff Gong)

ANNA MCCLELLAN – I Saw First Light LP/CD (Father/Daughter)

ELA MINUS – Acts of Rebellion LP/CD (Domino) limited silver vinyl

NAS – Mass Appeal CD/TAPE (Mass Appeal)

STANDARDS – Fruit Island LP (Top Shelf) green & pink splatter vinyl

SYLVAN ESSO – With 2LP (Loma Vista)

PENELOPE TRAPPES – Eel Drip 12” (Houndstooth) white vinyl

WAR ON DRUGS – Live Drugs LP/CD (Super High Quality) black or limited purple vinyl

VARIOUS ARTISTS – Southeast of Saturn: Michigan Shoegaze/ Dream Pop/ Space Rock LP (Third Man)

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Reckless Records 11/13/20 New Releases

11/13/20 New Releases

A number of our shipments were delayed this week presumably because of Covid. Some things that we’ll have next:  BORIS LP reissues, ATMOSPHERE, FELT, Strum & Thrum compilation, TOR LUNDVALL, THE BATS, AESOP ROCK, MOLCHAT DOMA, DAVID NACE, WILLIAM BASINSKI, GHOST FUNK ORCHESTRA, P.J. HAVEY & JOHN PARISH LP reissue

FIELDED – Demisexual Lovelace LP (Backwoodz Studioz)

It feels like the ridiculously talented Chicago ex pat/Brooklyn based musician Lindsay Powell has been building to this moment for the last few years. It’s rare that a record is so packed with this many lyrical & musical ideas. “Demisexual Lovelace” has elements of modern R&B & hip-hop similar to SOLANGE in its ambition, art pop ala BJORK, nods at 70s & 80s soundtracks by VANGELIS & TANGERINE DREAM & more. Some artists are shooting stars & Lindsay is one of them. RECOMMENDED.

GRATEFUL DEAD – American Beauty 50th Anniversary LP (Rhino)

The best Dead studio album & one of the greatest records of all time finally available again on 180GRM vinyl. 

HUM – Inlet LP (Earth Analog)

In the middle of the pandemic in 2020 we got a nice surprise when HUM dropped their first album in 22 years without any warning. After numerous delays the physical versions are finally here. The band hasn’t changed their sound much, maybe just updated it a little more with modern effects pedals & synths. This is a strong album with memorable riffs & vocals melodies. This one maybe feels a little more shoegaze but it’s still got some muscle to it. Fans of their original albums & stuff like SHINER, early SMASHING PUMPKINS, CHAVEZ, TORCHE, SWERVEDRIVER etc… will love this. RECOMMENDED.

LAMBCHOP – TRIP LP/CD (Merge) limited “Peak Vinyl” edition w/ print!

Covers album from Kurt Wagner & co., who experiment with songs from WILCO, STEVIE WONDER and THE SUPREMES to very different effect – with tracks touching on the sounds of country rock, lounge and an overall dusty ambience that the band has explored throughout their career.

MAYHEM – De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas: 25th Anniversary 5LP box set (Deathlike Silence) Finally here after numerous delays!

25th anniversary deluxe box set for one of the most important black metal records ever released. Dedicated to Euronymous, this very fancy box includes the original album with a foil-stamped sleeve, 4LPs of rehearsals & demos & a hardbound book. 

***NOTE: These box sets came open so that the LPs could be shipped outside of their sleeves to  prevent seem splits. We did not open these box sets.*** RECOMMENDED.

THURSTON MOORE – By the Fire LP (Daydream Library Series) now on orange vinyl! 

We think a lot of you will be excited to hear that “By the Fire” is the most SONIC YOUTH sounding Thurston solo record in a while. Featuring the same band as the last few records featuring Deb of MY BLOOD VALENTINE & guitarist James Sedwards, the songs are strong with some truly inspired guitar work. Hearing this now, it almost seems like the more experimental & jammy “Spirit Counsel” was Thurston working out new guitar sounds for the next pop record & this is it.

TOMBERLIN – Projections LP (Saddle Creek) picture disc in clear PVC sleeve

2020 EP from LA’s TOMBERLIN, working within the same musical territory as PHOEBE BRIDGERS, SOCCER MOMMY and the softer side of WYE OAK. This is inviting music, layering affected dreamlike vocal harmonies over lush but unobtrusive folk rock arrangements. Solid stuff.


AC/DC – Pwr Up LP/CD (Columbia) 

ALICE IN CHAINS – Facelift LP (Columbia) remaster

JOHN BENCE – Love LP (Thrill Jockey) ltd. “blood orange” vinyl


JOHNNY CASH And the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra LP/CD (Columbia)

COLDPLAY – Parachutes LP (Parlophone) yellow vinyl 20th anniversary 

LORAINE JAMES – Nothing 12” (Hyperdub)

MACABRE – Carnival of KIllers LP/CD (Nuclear Blast)

CHRIS STAPLETON – Starting Over LP (Mercury) with free poster while supplies last (as of 6PM Friday night, Wicker Park has not received posters but the Lakeview and Loop stores have them)


SWAMP DOGG – Total Destruction To Your Mind LP (Alive) ltd. color vinyl reissue

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Reckless Records 11/06/20 New Releases


ATARAXIA – The Unexplained: Electronic Musical Impressions of the Occult by..LP  (Sacred Bones) limited color or black vinyl

Remastered version of the 1975 cult classic moog album by Mort Garson. They should have released this a week earlier for Halloween but that’s ok. Thealbum was inspired by all things occult like seances, tarot & astral projections. If you remember the theme music for the 70s TV show “In Search Of” hosted by Star Trek’s Leonard Nimoy, this has similar culty vibes. RECOMMENDED!

BRIAN CASE – Parallel Voices LP (Hands in the Dark)

The Chicago scene staple Brian Case is one of the most prolific musicians in the city & he’s back with his third solo album on Hands in the Dark, “Parallel Voices.” After two albums of dark, minimal techno, Case returns to guitar, this time manipulating it with loops on modular gear. The songs have an improv quality to them but the more the loops build & progress you begin to hear hidden melodies. Like his other solo work, there is a pre-industrial quality but this one has a much more organic quality for sure. Think DEAD C, BODY/HEAD, experimental SONIC YOUTH jams etc…RECOMMENDED.

N CHAMBERS – Facets 2LP (Love All Day)

“Facets” was released digitally in 2019 & now on vinyl via the Chicago label LOVE ALL DAY. Norm Chambers is a Seattle based electronic musician & he was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer in 2019. Thankfully Norm is still battling away & we wish him the best. The sounds here make us think of legends like Mort Garson & Hiroshi Yoshimura with digital sounding rhythms, bells & chimes, deep organs & nods at 80s new age cassette culture, Japanese Furniture music, Eno’s 2000s albums etc…Fantastic stuff. RECOMMENDED.

MORT GARSON – Music From Patch Cord Productions LP/CD (Sacred Bones)

Sacred Bones has compiled this album of rarities by the legendary composer of “Plantasia” Mort Garson. Along with albums under the names LUCIFER & ATARAXIA, Garson’s moog recordings focused on new age themes & the occult & black magic. This album features “Plantasia” outtakes & other moogy outtakes. RECOMMENDED!


The 2019 groundbreaking progressive metal album by LITURGY was originally released digitally & now is finally available on physical formats. Hunter Hunt-Hendrix & the band seem to ignore all traditional elements of “heavy metal” music, pushing the boundaries of what metal can be in the 2020s. Pummeling, technical, yet melodic metal with piano interludes that have been digitally tweaked, vibes, glockenspiel, harp & more make for a truly unique listen. RECOMMENDED.

LUCIFER – Black Mass LP (Sacred Bones) limited color or black vinyl

Remastered version of the 1971 cult classic moog album by Mort Garson. They should have released this a week earlier for Halloween but that’s ok. The album was inspired by all things occult & black magic like Satanic black masses, witchcraft etc… This is pretty forward-thinking stuff & though some of the sounds are slightly dated, it still sounds creepy &fresh in 2020. RECOMMENDED!

PYLON – Pylon Box 4LP (New West)

PYLON – Gyrate LP/CD (New West) limited color or black vinyl

PYLON – Chomp LP/CD (New West) limited color or black vinyl

FINALLY. PYLON formed in Athens, GA in the late 70s. In pretty much any other place, PYLON would have been the best band there, but early 80s Athens also was the home of R.E.M & B-52s. PYLON had their share of success though releasing a handful of classic underground singles & albums & even opening for U2 on a tour. Reissues have been rumored for years but now thanks to New West they’re finally here. The band’s sound was tough & in your face, like GANG OF FOUR with all of the bass tone taken out or the most aggressive parts of BLONDIE amped up 100%. Their singer Vanessa Briscoe Hay has one of those amazing voices in post punk & new wave, bouncing between poetic speaking & totally crazed throat-tearing screams. We are so excited to be able to carry these records by this band truly deserving of their cult status. HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION POSSIBLE.


DAVID BOWIE – Metrobolist aka The Man Who Sold the World LP/CD (RCA)   50th anniversary remix

 MARIAH CAREY LP reissues (Sony)

PETER GABRIEL – Live in Athens 1987 2LP (Real World)

KYLIE MINOGUE – Disco LP/deluxe CD (BMG)

TWAIN – Adventure LP (Keeled Scales)

WILCO – Summerteeth 5LP (Warner)


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Reckless Records 10/30/20 New Releases

LOSCIL – coast/range/arc// LP/CD (Kranky)

Kranky reissue of this 2011 minimalist classic with new cover art & an extra track from Scott Morgan aka LOSCIL. Morgan’s music is the definition of restraint with deep ambient textures that often barely shift or and time-stretched melodies that rival STARS OF THE LID. RECOMMENDED.

DREW MCDOWALL – Agalma LP (Dais) smoke color vinyl

The NYC based Scottish musician & former member of COIL, PSYCHIC TV etc… has delivered a fantastic record for 2020. Glitched-out neoClassical experimentation & drones with appearances by Caterina Barbieri, Chicago ex-pat Rovert Aiki Aubrey Lowe, Kali Malone & more.

NONLOCAL FORECAST – Holographic Universe(s?)! LP (Hausu Mountain) orange vinyl

Chicagoan Angel Marcloid (aka FIRE-TOOLZ) has also put out music under the name NONLOCAL FORECAST, creating boogie and fusion-adjacent work that shares many same qualities as vaporwave artists like RUNNERS CLUB 95 and EQUIP. The influence of video game soundtracks is evident, but Marcloid adds an element of collage to the music that seems to flavor-blast the listening experience. This is excellent experimental music that plays around with familiar sonic territory. This comes absolutely RECOMMENDED!

NOTHING – Great Dismal LP (Relapse) blue splatter color vinyl

The Philly shoegaze/art rockers NOTHING return with their 4th album “The Great Dismal.” Booming drums, wall of sound guitars & melodic vocals with maybe a bit more of a post-industrial meets Brit Pop sound than their other records. 

ONEOHTRIX POINT NEVER – Magic Oneohtrix Point Never 2LP/CD(Warp) yellow vinyl

We last heard from Daniel Lopatin late in 2019 when the experimental composer produced the soundtrack to “Uncut Gems”, a sumptuous mixture of kosmische and new age to give the film a feel of otherworldly grandeur. Now he returns to 2020 under his OPN moniker, using the same sonic toolkit to pay tribute to the culture of radio. Featuring collaborations from THE WEEKND, ARCA, and CAROLINE POLACHEK, “Magic Oneohtrix Point Never” stays fleet of foot, using transitions to recreate the experience of listening to a station’s programming as it transforms throughout the day. Yet another killer from OPN.

Other important releases:

APIFERA – Overstand LP (Stones Throw)

ATMOSPHERE – The Day Before Halloween LP (Rhymesayers)

BLACK TO COMM – Oocyte Oil & Stolen Androgens LP (Thrill Jockey) green vinyl 

DEHD – Flower of Devotion LP (Fire Talk) back in stock! limited hand #’d red vinyl edition

DEVO – Duty Now For the Future LP (Rhino) color vinyl Rocktober pressing

DEVO – Q. Are We Not Men? A. We are Devo! LP (Rhino) color vinyl Rocktober pressing

DRIVE-BY TRUCKERS – Live from Austin, TX: Austin City Limits 2LP (New West)

EARTHEATER – Phoenix LP (PAN) color of black vinyl

NILS FRAHM – Empty LP (Erased Tapes)

FLAMING LIPS – Transmissions From a Satellite Heart LP (Warner) color vinyl

GRATEFUL DEAD – American Beauty LP (Rhino) picture disc

GRATEFUL DEAD – American Beauty 2CD (Rhino) 50th anniversary 

GRATEFUL DEAD – Grateful Dead LP (Rhino) 50th anniversary 

EMMYLOU HARRIS – Wrecking Ball LP (Nonesuch) color vinyl

THE HESHOO BESHOO GROUP – Armitage Road LP (We Are Busy Bodies) 50th anniversary edition

HOLY SONS – Raw & Disfigured 2LP/CD (Thrill Jockey) orange vinyl

KRAFTWERK – Autobahn LP (Parlophone) color vinyl

KRAFTWERK – Computer World LP (Parlophone) color vinyl

KRAFTWERK – Man Machine LP (Parlophone) color vinyl

KRAFTWERK – The Mix LP (Parlophone) color vinyl

KRAFTWERK – Radio-Activity LP (Parlophone) color vinyl

KRAFTWERK – Techno Pop LP (Parlophone) color vinyl

KRAFTWERK – Tour De France LP (Parlophone) color vinyl

KRAFTWERK – Trans Europe Express LP (Parlophone) color vinyl

LUNCH MONEY LIFE – Immersion Chamber LP (Fire Talk) blue vinyl

LUNCHBOX – After School Special LP (Slumberland) blue & white vinyl

MAISHA – Open The Gates LP (Brownswood)

MASTODON – Medium Rarities LP (Reprise)

JONI MITCHELL – Archives Volume 1: Early Years 1963-1967 5CD box set (Rhino)

JONI MITCHELL – Live at Canterbury House 1967 LP (Rhino)

ENNIO MORRICONE – Giallo Themes 2LP (Music on Vinyl)

MOTORHEAD – Ace of Spades LP (BMG) remastered

MOURN – Self Worth LP (Captured Tracks)

JEREMIAH SAND – Lift it Down LP (Sacred Bones) color or black vinyl

SMOKESCREENS – A Strange Dream LP (Slumberland) marbled smoke vinyl

SUUNS – Fiction EP (Joyful Noise)

SWAMP DOGG – Gag a Maggot LP (Alive) splatter vinyl reissue

TOBACCO – Hot Wet & Sassy LP (Ghostly)

VARIOUS ARTISTS – The Crow (Soundtrack) LP (Atlantic) color vinyl Rocktober press

VARIOUS ARTISTS – Something Weird: Spook Show Spectacular A-Go-Go LP (Modern Harmonic) ltd. “gangrenous green” vinyl