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Reckless Records 2/3/23 New Releases

Sunny War – Anarchist Gospel


>> LOSCIL/ LAWRENCE ENGLISH – Colours of Air CD (Kranky)

A wonderful collaboration between two masters of the ambient style Lawrence English & Scott Morgan
(aka LOSCIL). Starting with recordings of a very oldpipe organ in Brisbane, the duo manipulated & 
processed everything into mellow drones with occasional rhythmic hints & breathy chords. RECOMMENDED.

>> CURTIS MAYFIELD – Curtis/Live! 2LP (Rhino) *Ltd. Burgundy Fruit Punch Color Vinyl – “Start Your Ear Off Right” Series ✶ ✶ ✶ ✶

One of the greatest live albums ever recorded available again on color vinyl via the 2023 Start Your Ear Off Right series. HIGHLY, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

>> MY DAD IS DEAD – Peace, Love & Murder LP (Scat) *Black or Ltd. Color Vinyl

The MY DAD IS DEAD reissue campaign continues with this version of the 2nd album originally released in 1987. Similar to the first album, Mark Edwards plays all of the instruments. His style is really starting to form here with nods at JOY DIVISION’s bleak post-punk, melodic alt rock ala THE CURE, WIRE, IRON CURTAIN etc… RECOMMENDED.

>> MY DAD IS DEAD – Pow! 12” (Scat) *Black or Ltd. Color Vinyl

This 3 song EP was originally intended as the debut MY DAD IS DEAD release on Homestead. That EP never happened but the songs were eventually released on The Best Defense compilation. Now the EP is released as intended pressed at 45RPM for optimum sound… RECOMMENDED.

>> SUNNY WAR – Anarchist Gospel LP (New West) *Ltd. Red Vinyl

Nashville-based songwriter and guitar maestro SUNNY WAR makes her debut on New West with an album that incorporates gospel, blues and lush arpeggiated guitar folk over brash and honest lyrics. Good stuff! RECOMMENDED!


ALKALINE TRIO – Remains 2LP (Vagrant) *Vagrant 25th Anniversary Edition – Ltd. Color Vinyl ✶ ✶ ✶ ✶

DOROTHY ASHBY & FRANK WESS – In a Minor Groove LP (Real Gone) *Mono, Remastered

AVENGED SEVENFOLD – Avenged Sevenfold 2LP (Hopeless) *Ltd. Translucent Orange Vinyl

AVENGED SEVENFOLD – Nightmare 2LP (Hopeless) *2023 Repress – Ltd. Blue Vinyl

BARDO POND – No Hashish, No Change Money, No Saki Saki 2LP (Three Lobed) *Reissue – Black or Ltd. Green Vinyl

BASS DRUM OF DEATH – Say I Won’t LP (Fat Possum)

>> BOARDS OF CANADA – Music Has the Right to Children 2LP (Warp) *Reissue – Back in stock!

BROADCAST – Haha Sound/ Noise Made By People/ Tender Buttons/ Work & Non-Work LPs (Warp) *2015 Reissues – Back in stock!

DONALD BYRD – At The Half Note Cafe Vol. 1 LP (Blue Note) *180g, Remastered – Tone Poet Series

JULIAN CASABLANCAS – Phrazes for the Young LP (RCA) *Back in stock!

RAY CHARLES – Ray Charles LP (Atlantic) *Atlantic 75 Reissue – Ltd. Crystal Clear Vinyl

>> CHAT PILE – God’s Country LP (The Flenser) *One of Reckless’ Best of 2022 BACK IN STOCK!

>> CHIME SCHOOL – Chime School LP (Slumberland) *Repress -Ltd. Clear Magenta Vinyl

>> CIVEROUS – Decrepit Flesh Relic LP (Transylvanian Records)

ARTHUR CONLEY – Sweet Soul Music LP (Atlantic) *Atlantic 75 Reissue – Ltd. Crystal Clear Vinyl

CRAWL – Damned LP (Profound Lore)

DISCOVERY – LP: Deluxe Edition LP (Matsor Projects) *2023 Reissue – Black or Ltd. Indie Exclusive Orange Vinyl

DREXCIYA – Digital Tsunami LP (Tresor) *2023 Reissue

THE EVERLY BROTHERS – All-Time Greatest Hits LP (Curb)

>> EVULSE – Pustulant Spawn LP (Transylvanian Records)

FAITH – Subject to Change plus First Demo LP (Dischord) *Reissue – Ltd. Clear Vinyl

>> FLOATING POINTS & PHAROAH SANDERS – Promises LP (Luaka Bop) *Back in stock!

JOHN FRUSCIANTE – : II . 2CD (Avenue 66)

JOHN FRUSCIANTE – .I: 2LP (Avenue 66)

GLASS ANIMALS – Dreamland LP (Republic) *Back in stock!

THE GO! TEAM – Get Up Sequences Part 2 LP (Memphis Industries) Ltd. Indie Exclusive “Columbo Yellow” Vinyl

GOGOL BORDELLO – Solidaritine LP (Cooking Vinyl) *Yellow or Ltd. Indie Exclusive Blue Vinyl

GRAY MATTER – Take It Back LP (Dischord) *Remastered – Ltd. Blue Vinyl

GRANT GREEN – Green is Beautiful LP (Blue Note) *180g, Remastered – Classic Vinyl Series

>> GUIDED BY VOICES – Propeller LP (Scat) *2023 Reissue w/ different cover

>> THE HAMS – Thanks Giving Giving Thanks EP 12″ (Zaius Tapes) *Reissue

RIKKI ILLILONGA – Zambia (Now Again) *Reissue – Ltd. Indie Exclusive Smoke Vinyl

WAYLON JENNINGS – Live from Austin TX 84: Austin City Limits LP (New West) *Ltd. Color Vinyl

JPEGMAFIA – All My Heroes Are Cornballs 2LP (EQT) *Back in stock!

KORN – Requiem Mass LP (Loma Vista) *Ltd. Blue Vinyl

LAS ROBERTAS – Love is The Answer LP (Kanine) *Ltd. Red Vinyl

LORDE – Solar Power LP (Crush Music) *Regular Edition w/ compostable sleeve – Back in stock!

THE LUMINEERS – The Lumineers 2LP (Dual Tone) *10th Anniversary – Remastered w/ bonus tracks

LUNA – Lunapark 2LP (Run Out Groove) *Ltd. Deluxe Edition

CURTIS MAYFIELD – Curtis LP (Rhino) *Ltd. Light Blue Vinyl – “Start Your Ear Off Right” Series ✶ ✶ ✶ ✶

>> THE MEN – New York City LP/CD (Fuzz Club) *Ltd. Indie Exclusive White Vinyl

MT. ORIANDER – Then The Lightness Leaves & I Become Heavy Again LP (Count Your Lucky Stars) *Ltd. Orange Vinyl

NADA SURF – Cycle Through 12″ (Barsuk)

>> N.W.A. – Straight Outta Compton LP (Priority) *2015 Reissue – Back in stock!

OSCAR PETERSON TRIO – Night Train LP (Verve) *180g, Remastered – Verve Acoustic Series

THE PHARCYDE – Bizarre Ride II The Pharcyde 2LP (Craft) *RSD Essential – Ltd. Clear Yellow/Purple Splatter

WILSON PICKETT – The Exciting Wilson Pickett LP (Atlantic) *Atlantic 75 Reissue – Ltd. Crystal Clear Vinyl

OTIS REDDING – Otis Blue LP (Atlantic) *Atlantic 75 Reissue – Ltd. Crystal Clear Vinyl

STEVE REICH/ MIVOS QUARTET – The String Quartets CD (Deutsche Grammophon)

REX – C 2LP (Numero Group) *2023 Reissue, Remastered – Black or Ltd. Rose Vinyl

SANDRIDER – Godhead LP (Satanik Royaly) *Hand-Poured Edition – Ltd. Orange & Black Vinyl

SELENA – Moonchild Mixes LP (Warner Bros) *180g – Ltd. Picture Disc

THE SOUL SEARCHERS – Salt of the Earth LP (Real Gone) *Reissue – Ltd. Silver Vinyl

TROPICAL FUCK STORM – Submersive Behaviour LP (Joyful Noise) *Ltd. Clear w/ Aqua Blue Smoke Vinyl

TYCHO – Dive LP (Ghostly Intl) *10th Anniversary – Ltd. Orange/Red Vinyl

WEEZER – SZNZ: Spring LP (Atlantic) *Ltd. Glow-in-the-Dark Vinyl

BOB WEIR – Ace LP (Rhino) *180g – 50th Anniversary Remaster now available on vinyl

YOUNG FATHERS – Heavy Heavy LP/CD/CS (Ninja Tune) *Ltd. Indie Exclusive Red Vinyl w/ poster or Deluxe Edition White Vinyl w/ poster & stencil – Black sleeve or White sleeve versions of Deluxe Edition available

**Titles preceded by >> have descriptions available in store or at

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Reckless Records 1/27/23 New Releases

Fucked Up – One Day


>> MEG BAIRD – Furling LP/CD/CS (Drag City)

Meg Baird has made some of our favorite albums over the years with groups like ESPERS & HERON OBLIVION, collaborations with Mary Lattimore & more. This 2023 solo album is a lovely mix of 60s British folk & 70’s Laurel Canyon vibes with Meg’s beautiful vocal vibrato. RECOMMENDED.

>> THE CURE – Wish 2LP (Elektra) *180g – 30th Anniversary Remaster now available on vinyl!

FINALLY!! The early 90s was a dark time for major label albums being issued on the vinyl in the U.S. The 1992 album Wish was only released in Europe & has been impossible to find here until now. The album was remastered by Robert Smith & cut at Abbey Road & it sounds FANTASTIC. HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION POSSIBLE.

>> FUCKED UP – One Day LP/CD (Matador) *Black or Ltd. “Blue in Milky Clear” Vinyl

After two decades of pushing the boundaries of what “hardcore punk” can be, FUCKED UP set an extreme condition on their 6th LP & 2nd for Merge – each band member wrote & tracked their parts in separate, isolated 24-hour periods. The result is the most bracing & immediate music they’ve made in a real long time, with a back-to-basics approach to melody and riffage that must make their labelmate BOB MOULD very proud. The avenue they’re on can probably be better summed up as “hardcore power pop” now, but we’re always gonna be game to take the trip with them. HIGHLY, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

>> JÓHANN JÓHANNSSON – Mandy (Soundtrack) LP (Invada) *Ltd. Magenta Vinyl now available – Back in stock!

Fans of JÓHANN JÓHANNSSON’s impressive musical career were gutted upon hearing of his untimely death in 2018. His final work was for the Nick Cage led revenge/horror film Mandy that has more or less already become a cult favorite. Jóhannsson explored the sounds of metal, black metal & dark ambient with much success & musicians such as Stephen O’Malley of SUNN O))) & Randall Dunn add some metallic pedigree to the soundtrack. Fans of Jóhann’s work, SUNN O))) & various Kranky droners (some pieces remind us of WINDY & CARL) will love this. RECOMMENDED. RIP JÓHANN JÓHANNSSON.

>> OOZING WOUND – We Cater To Cowards LP/CD (Thrill Jockey) *Black or Ltd. Silver Vinyl ✶ ✶ ✶ ✶

This fifth album from Chicago favorites OOZING WOUND ups the scuzz, channeling JESUS LIZARD, TAD and BIG BLACK as they rumble and scream their way across 10 new tracks. Darkly funny, pummeling and uptempo, this may be their best record yet. RECOMMENDED.


ABSU – Absu LP (Spinefarm) *Ltd. Color Vinyl

THE ARCS – Electrophonic Chronic LP/CD (Easy Eye Sound) *Black or Ltd. Indie Exclusive Clear Vinyl – w/ patch while supplies last

THE BAD ENDS – The Power & The Glory LP (New West) *Ltd. Indie Exclusive Orange Vinyl

TRINA BASU & ARUN RAMAMURTHY – Nakshatra LP (Spinster)

BAUHAUS – Live at Tiffany’s, Glasgow, Scotland: 1983 FM Broadcast LP (Planet Claire)

>> BECK – Sea Change 2LP (Geffen) *2016 Reissue – Back in stock!

THE BETA BAND – Heroes to Zeroes 2LP (Because) *Import w/ bonus CD

>> THE BLACK LIPS – Arabia Mountain LP (Fire) *2023 Repress – Ltd. Yellow Vinyl

THE BLACK LIPS – Let It Bloom LP (Fire) *2023 Repress – Ltd. Blue Vinyl

>> THE BLACK LIPS – Satan’s Graffiti or God’s Art 2LP (Fire) *2023 Repress

THE BLACK LIPS – 200 Million Thousand 2LP (Fire) *2023 Repress – Ltd. White Vinyl

>> THE BLACK LIPS – Underneath the Rainbow LP (Fire) *2023 Repress – Ltd. Red Vinyl

MANSUR BROWN – Naqi Mixtape LP (Amai)

CAAMP – By & By 2LP (Mom & Pop) *w/ etched Side D – Back in stock!

CAAMP – Lavender Days LP (Mom & Pop) *Ltd. Color Vinyl – Back in stock!

CANNIBAL CORPSE – Hammer Smashed Face LP (Metal Blade) *Ltd. “Black Ice” Vinyl w/ etching

JOHN CARPENTER, ET AL – Halloween Ends (Soundtrack) LP (Sacred Bones) *Ltd. Orange Vinyl now available

CHILDISH GAMBINO – Kauai LP (Glassnote) *2014 mixtape now widely available on LP after RSD 2022 pressing!

HARRY CLOUD – The Cyst LP (Kitten Robot Records)

CLOUD NOTHINGS – Attack on Memory LP (Carpark) *Deluxe 10th Anniversary Edition – Ltd. Clear Vinyl w/ Flexi Discs

THE CLOUDS – The Clouds LP (DFA)

>> CLUSTER – Sowiesoso/ Grosses Wasser LPs (Bureau B) *Import Reissues, sold separately – Back in stock!

JOHN COLTRANE – In the Winner’s Circle LP (Bethlehem) *180g Reissue

>> THE COOL GREENHOUSE – Sod’s Toastie LP (Melodic)

THE COSMIC JOKERS – Planeten Sit-In LP (Kosmische Kuriere) *Reissue

THE COSMIC JOKERS – Sci Fi Party LP (Kosmische Kuriere) *Reissue

>> CRAFT – Fuck The Universe 2LP (Season of Mist) *Reissue – Ltd. Clear & Black Marbled Vinyl

DARK CANYON – Dark Canyon LP (Nudie)

DATAHATA – Itinerant Drift 12″ (Frustrated Funk)

MILES DAVIS – Decoy LP (Get on Down) *Reissue w/ OBI

ZELLA DAY – Sunday in Heaven LP (Concord) *Now available on vinyl!

THE YUSSEF DAYES EXPERIENCE – Live at Joshua Tree LP (Brownswood) *Indie Exclusive

DEATHPROD – Compositions LP/CD (Smalltown Supersound)

>> DECIUS – Vol. 1 2LP (Leaf)

DECLAIME & MADLIB – In the Beginning Vol. 3 LP (Some Otha Ship)

DELAYS – Faded Seaside Glamour LP (Rough Trade) *Deluxe Edition – Ltd. Orange Vinyl w/ die-cut sleeve

DESTRUCTION – Eternal Devastation/ Infernal Overkill/ Release From Agony LPs (High Roller) *Reissues, sold separately – Ltd. Picture Disc

DJ DI’JITAL – Bang II (From Da Back) LP (Dijital Axcess)

DJ STINGRAY 313 – Aqua Team 3LP (Micron Audio)

>> DREXCIYA – Hydro Doorways 12″ (Tresor) *2022 Reissue

BOB DYLAN – The Bootleg Series Vol. 17: Fragments – The Time Out of Mind Sessions 1996-1997 LP/CD (Columbia) Available in 4LP, 5CD, or 2CD sets

THE EXALTICS – Retrospective 2LP (Solar One)

MARIANNE FAITHFULL – Kissin Time LP (BMG) *180g Reissue – 2002 album featuring BECK, BILLY CORGAN, et al

FANTASY CAMP – Casual Intimacy LP (Memory Music)

MARVIN GAYE – Greatest Hits, Live in ’76 LP/CD (Mercury)

GEN-Y – Earth Experience 12″ (Clone)

GHOST – Meliora 2LP (Loma Vista) *Ltd. Yellow Vinyl now available

GIALLO POINT – Blue Keys LP (Grilchy Party)

GIFT – Momentary Presence LP (Dedstrange) *Ltd Red Vinyl

>> GLYDERS – Maria’s Hunt LP/CS (Country Thyme) ✶ ✶ ✶ ✶

>> GOAT – Oh Death LP (Rocket Recordings) *Black or Ltd. “Cloudberry Swirl” Vinyl now available

GODFATHER DON – Hazardous LP (Select)

LUDWIG GÖRANSSON Turning Red (Soundtrack) 2LP (Disney) *Now available on vinyl! Featuring 4*TOWN songs written by BILLIE EILISH & FINNEAS

GREEN DAY – Nimrod 5LP/3CD (Reprise) *25th Anniversary Deluxe Edition w/ bonus tracks

HAMMOCK – Love in the Void LP (Hammock) *Ltd. “Opaque Mix” Color Vinyl

>> HEAVY BLANKET – Moon Is LP/CD (Outer Battery) *J MASCIS side project

>> HERMIT IN A RAVE CAVE – Hermit in a Rave Cave Pt.1 LP (Clone)

HOT MULLIGAN – Acoustic Vol. 1 & 2 12″ (Wax Bodega) *45RPM – Ltd. Purple & White Vinyl

IFTIN BAND – Mogadishu’s Finest: The Al-Uruba Sessions 2LP (Ostinato)

ILDJARN – Strength & Anger 2LP (Season of Mist) *Reissue – Ltd. Clear Vinyl

WELDON IRVINE – Sisters LP (Nature Sounds)

>> J. ROCC – Beatitudes LP (Stones Throw)

>> JAPANESE TELECOM – Japanese Telecom EP (Clone) *Reissue

>> LORE CITY – Kill Your Dreams LP (1980) *2023 Reissue

JEAN-MICHEL JARRE – Oxymore 2LP (Columbia) *180g w/ booklet

JUNGLE FIRE – Tropicoso LP (Nacional Records) *Ltd. Pink Vinyl

KADAVAR – The Isolation Tapes LP (Robotor) *Blue Vinyl, Ltd. 500

>> KENNY BEATS – Louie LP/CD (XL) *Black or Ltd. Indie Exclusive Blue Vinyl – 2022 album now available physically!

KING TUFF – Smalltown Stardust LP/CD/CS (Sub Pop) *Black or Ltd. Loser Edition Color Vinyl

ELLE KING – Come Get Your Wife LP/CD (RCA)

KOTA THE FRIEND – Anything. LP (Mutombo) *Picture Disc

AVRIL LAVIGNE – Let Go 2LP (Arista) *20th Anniversary Edition w/ bonus tracks

LIL YACHTY – Let’s Start Here. 2LP (Quality Control)

MADLIB – Shades of Blue: Madlib Invades Blue Note 2LP (Blue Note) *2014 Reissue – Back in stock!

MAGGOT BRAIN #11 Magazine (Third Man)

THE MAGLORY DENGLUCH – The Maglory Dengluch LP (Don Giovanni) *Remastered

KALI MALONE – Does Spring Hide Its Joy 3LP/3CD (Ideologic Organ) *Late arrival from 1/20 now available!

MARINA & THE DIAMONDS – Electra Heart 2LP (Elektra) *Back in stock!

MARLOWE – Marlowe 2 LP (Mello Music Group) *Ltd. Red Melting Wax Vinyl or Indie Exclusive Blue & White Vinyl

>> TAKUYA MATSUMOTO – 85-88 12″ (Clone)

AVA MAX – Diamonds & Dancefloors LP/CD (Atlantic)

>> H.C. McENTIRE – Every Acre LP (Merge) *Ltd. “Peak Vinyl” Edition Orange Vinyl

MEHENET – Ng’abmu LP (Gilead Media) *Ltd. Fire Red Vinyl now available

MAC MILLER – Watching Movies With the Sound Off 2LP (Rostrum) *Back in stock!

MINISTRY – Toronto 1986 LP (Cleopatra) *Ltd. Blue/Black Vinyl ✶ ✶ ✶ ✶

MISS GEORGIA PEACH – Aloha From Kentucky LP (Rum Bar)

>> STEVE MONITE – Only You LP (Soundway) *180g, Remastered

MORELLA’S FOREST – Super Deluxe LP (Tooth & Nail) *180g Reissue – Green Vinyl, Ltd. 250

GEORGIA ANNE MULDROW & MADLIB – Seeds LP (Some Otha Ship) *10th Anniversary

MICKEY MURRAY – Shout Bamalama & Other Super Soul Songs LP (Sun) *RSD Essential – Ltd. Opaque White Vinyl

NAS – Stillmatic 2LP (Get On Down) *Reissue – Ltd. Silver Vinyl

THE NEW AMSTERDAMS – Killed or Cured 2LP (Lost In Ohio) *Reissue – Ltd. Brown & White Vinyl

NEW ORDER – Low-Life: Definitive Edition LP (Rhino) *Deluxe Box Set w/ 180g LP, CD, 2 DVDs and a hardcover book

NEW ORDER – Sub-Culture/ Shellshock LPs (Factory) *Reissues, sold separately – Remastered 12″ singles

NOSAJ THING – Continua LP (Lucky Me) *Ltd. Indie Exclusive Clear Vinyl

NUMUN – Book of Beyond LP (Shimmy Disc) *Ltd. Cerulean Blue Vinyl

PAPOOSE – January/ February/ March LPs (Honorable Records) *Sold separately

>> PELICAN – City of Echoes 2LP (Thrill Jockey) *Reissue – Ltd. Translucent Blue Vinyl

LIONEL PILLAY – Deeper in Black LP (We Are Busy Bodies) *Remastered

>> ROZI PLAIN – Prize LP (Memphis Industries) *Ltd. Indie Exclusive Clear Vinyl

POLICA – Give You the Ghost LP (Memphis Industries) *10th Anniversary – Ltd. White Vinyl

QUINN XCII – The People’s Champ CD (Republic)

R. RING – War Poems/ We Rested LP/CD (Don Giovanni) *Ltd. Yellow Vinyl – Duo featuring KELLEY DEAL & MIKE MONTGOMERY


FENTON ROBINSON – Somebody Loan Me a Dime LP (Alligator) *Reissue – Ltd. Coke Bottle Green Vinyl ✶ ✶ ✶ ✶

PETE ROCK – Petestrumentals 4 2LP (Vinyl Digital) *Ltd. “Doublemint, Grimace Purple” Vinyl

RYUICHI SAKAMOTO – Exception (Soundtrack) 2LP (Milan)

DANIEL SALINAS – Atlantis LP (Mr. Bongo) *Remastered

SAMIA – Honey LP (Grand Jury) *Ltd. Indie Exclusive Blue Vinyl w/ flexi-disc


DARONE SASSOUNIAN – Prerequisite #5 & #6 12″ (Rocky Hill Records)

KLAUS SCHULZE – Richard Wahnfried’s Tonwelle LP (Made In Germany) *Reissue

>> SIGHTLESS PIT – Lockstep Bloodwar LP/CD (Thrill Jockey) *Ltd. Red/Black Vinyl

THE SILVER – Ward of Roses LP (Gilead Media) *Ltd. Silver Vinyl now available

SLEEPYEYES – Forgot About Her LP (Paxico)

SAM SMITH – Gloria LP/CD (Capitol) *Ltd. signed CDs available while supplies last!

SONIC YOUTH – Murray Street LP (Geffen) *2016 Remaster – Back in stock!

JODY STECHER & KRISHNA BHATT – Rasa LP (Don Giovanni) *Remastered

STERNENMADCHEN – Gilles Zeitschiff LP (Kosmische Kuriere) *Reissue

>> THE STROKES – Is This It? LP (RCA) *Reissue, Domestic w/ “New York City Cops” – FINALLY back in stock!

>> SUBURBAN KNIGHT – Hi8tus 2LP (Deeptrax)

>> SZA – CTRL 2LP (RCA) *Back in stock!

TANGERINE DREAM & SYLVESTER LEVAY – Three O’Clock High (Soundtrack) LP (Varese Sarabande)

A TRIBE CALLED QUEST – The Low End Theory 2LP (Jive) *Back in stock!

>> THE TUBS – Dead Meat LP (Trouble In Mind) *Black or Ltd. “British Steel” Silver Vinyl

THE VAPIDS – New Wave Humor LP (Surfin’ Ki)

VATICAN SHADOW – Ghosts of Chechnya/ Jordanian Descent LPs (Hospital) *Reissues, sold separately

ALLAN WACHS – Mountain Roads & City Streets LP (Numero Group) *Reissue – Black or Ltd. “Invisible Dog” Clear Vinyl

IMAAD WASIF – So Long Mr. Fear LP (Sonic Ritual)

WHITE HEAVEN – Strange Bedfellow LP (Black Editions) *Reissue)

WILDFIRE – Dance Hits LP (Cultures of Soul)

WINTER – What Kind of Blue Are You? LP (Bar None)

>> WOLF EYES – Difficult Messages LP (Disciples) *Ltd. Clear Vinyl w/ zine

WORRIERS – Imaginary Life LP (Don Giovanni) *2023 Reissue – Ltd. Splatter Vinyl

VARIOUS – Winspear Vol. 1 LP (Winspear) *Label sampler featuring AMY O, DIVINO NIÑO and more

**Titles preceded by >> have descriptions available in store or at

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Reckless Records 1/20/23 New Releases

John Cale – Mercy


>> JOHN CALE – Mercy 2LP/CD (Domino) *Black or Ltd. Clear Violet Vinyl

An excellent return for the seemingly ageless wonder JOHN CALE (80 years old at the time of this release), embracing steely post-disco, dark ambience and cloudy, baroque theatricality. Mercy features an abundance of collaborators, including WEYES BLOOD, LAUREL HALO, SYLVAN ESSO and ANIMAL COLLECTIVE, and CALE utilizes each unique artistic touch for a record that is at once varied and unified. On Domino and RECOMMENDED!

>> ONE LAST WISH – 1986 LP (Dischord) *Ltd. Sea Glass Color Vinyl

The entire recorded works of ONE LAST WISH released nearly 12 years after their appearance on the STATE OF THE UNION comp. In between the RITES OF SPRING LP & 7″ ONE LAST WISH existed from August-November of 1986 then ended. Featuring Michael Hampton(of EMBRACE) & acting as a segway for Guy Picciotto & Brendan Canty leading to FUGAZI. A lost gem from the amazing “Revolution Summer” days of Washington DC, this is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

>> MARGO PRICE – Strays LP/CD (Loma Vista) *Black or Ltd. Indie Exclusive “Purple Smoke” Vinyl – 1/13 late arrival now in stock!

Longtime fans of the brilliant MARGO PRICE might be thrown by the heavy “Sister Ray”-esque groove that opens her 4th LP. It’s a perfect intro to the sprawling nature of Strays, symbolic of Margo’s continued artistic evolution. Country renegades like LORETTA and WILLIE will always be touchstones for her, but the frequent guitar/organ interplay and raw vocals are also heavily evocative of classic ELVIS COSTELLO, PATTI SMITH, or TOM PETTY (fitting as former Heartbreaker MIKE CAMPBELL plays on several tracks – other guests include SHARON VAN ETTEN and LUCIUS). Even the more explicitly “country” stuff here has a darker, more psychedelic edge that only amplifies the stark vulnerability of the whole affair. We’re always psyched when an artist as skilled & singular as Margo doesn’t rest on their laurels and instead takes a big leap forward into the unknown. This is HIGHLY, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

>> THE SEA URCHINS – Stardust LP (1972 Records)

The 1972 label has collected all of the early 90s recordings by the Birmingham group THE SEA URCHINS. These songs originally released on the legendary Sarah Records label have never been reissued until now. Lo-fi post Velvets, post Modern Lovers indie pop that will appeal to fans of the Sarah label, early Rough Trade singles, TV PERSONALITIES etc… RECOMMENDED.

>> WORM – Gloomlord LP/CD (20 Buck Spin) *Remastered – Black or Ltd. Color Vinyl

Gloomlord was originally released in 2020 & has been pretty hard to find since then especially after the band blew up in 2021 with the great Foreverglade. The album has been remastered but don’t worry the scum is still on there. We’re truly glad to have this one in the racks. RECOMMENDED.


AMNESTY – Free Your Mind 2LP (Now Again) *Reissue – Ltd. Indie Exclusive Turquoise Vinyl

BAD BRAINS – The Youth Are Getting Restless LP (ORG) *Reissue – Black or Ltd. Blue Vinyl

BETHLEHEM – Lebe Dich Leer LP (Prophecy) *Import – Ltd. Violet Color Vinyl

>> BIG THIEF – Dragon New Warm Mountain I Believe In You 2LP (4AD) *One of Reckless’ Best of 2022 back in stock!

THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER – Nocturnal LP (Metal Blade) *10th Anniversary – Ltd. Blue/White Marble Vinyl


BLACK STAR RIDERS – Wrong Side of Paradise LP (Earache)

>> TIA BLAKE – Folksongs & Ballads CD (Ici Bientot) *Reissue – One of Reckless’ Best of 2022 now available on CD!

ART BLAKEY & THE JAZZ MESSENGERS – Hard Drive LP (Bethlehem) *180g, Remastered

>> BOYGENIUS – Boygenius EP (Matador) *Back in stock!

BOY HARSHER – Burn It Down LP (Sacred Bones) *Ltd. Translucent Pumpkin Orange Vinyl

BRAINIAC – Predator Nominate EP (Touch & Go) *Ltd. Silver Vinyl

THE BROKEDOWNS – Maximum Khaki LP (Red Scare)

CALEXICO – Carried to Dust LP (Quarterstick) *Ltd. Red Translucent Vinyl

JOHN CARPENTER, ET AL – Halloween Ends (Soundtrack) LP/CD (Sacred Bones)

>> THE C.I.A. – Surgery Channel LP (In The Red) *Ltd Color Vinyl – Trio featuring TY SEGALL!

COMMON – One Day It’ll All Make Sense LP (Get On Down) *25h Anniversary – Ltd. 1997 ✶ ✶ ✶ ✶

DAMON – Song of a Gypsy LP (Now Again) *Reissue – Ltd. Indie Exclusive Clear Vinyl

DAZY – Outofbody LP (Lame-O) *Ltd. Coke Bottle Clear Vinyl

MAC DEMARCO – Five Easy Hot Dogs CD (Mac’s Record Label) *Vinyl scheduled for Spring 2023

DESTROY BOYS – Open Mouth, Open Heart LP (Hopeless) *Ltd. Purple Vinyl

ELUCID – I Told Bessie… LP (Backwoodz Studioz)

FALLING FORWARD – Let These Days Pass: Complete Anthology 1991-1995 CD (Temporary Residence)

FRED AGAIN… – Actual Life 3 (January 1 – September 9 2022) LP (Warner) *Now available on vinyl!

>> JOHN FRUSCIANTE – Inside of Emptiness LP (Record Collection) *Reissue – Back in stock!

>> JOHN FRUSCIANTE & JOSH KLINGHOFFER- Sphere in the Heart of Silence LP (Record Collection) *Reissue – Back in stock!


JULIANA HATFIELD – Become What You Are LP (American Laundromat) *30th Anniversary – Yellow Vinyl, Ltd. 500

>> INNUMERABLE FORMS – Philosophical Collapse LP (Profound Lore)

JETHRO TULL – Thick as a Brick CD (Chrysalis) *40th Anniversary Edition – CD/DVD hardbound w/ book

KID CUDI – Entergalactic LP (Republic) *Soundtrack to the 2021 Netflix film now available on vinyl!

KYUSS – Muchas Gracias: The Best of Kyuss 2LP (Run Out Groove) *Ltd. Blue Vinyl

JERRY LEE LEWIS – Live at the Star Club Hamburg LP (Bear Family) *Ltd. Indie Exclusive White Vinyl

>> LOW – HEY WHAT LP (Sub Pop) *Back in stock… RIP MIMI PARKER

>> LYKOTONON – Promethean Pathology LP (Profound Lore)

MÅNESKIN – Rush! LP/CD (Arista) *CD available as Deluxe Edition hardbound w/ book

THE MAYTALS – Essential Artist Collection 2LP (Trojan) *Ltd. Yellow Vinyl

MESHUGGAH – Koloss 2LP (Atomic Fire) *Ltd. Yellow Vinyl

MOTÖRHEAD – Sacrifice LP (BMG) *Reissue – Ltd. Transparent Orange Vinyl

NEW FOUND GLORY – Make the Most of It LP/CS (Revelation) *Ltd. Color Vinyl

>> NIGHTTIME – Keeper is the Heart LP/CD (Ba Da Bing)

OS CARBONOS/ SANDRA DE SA – Pássaro Selvagem/ Palco Azul Split 7″ (Mr. Bongo)

OS NOVOS CRIOULOS/ SUPERSOM T.A. – Mar Afunda/ Brasileira Split 7″ (Mr. Bongo)

PINHEAD GUNPOWDER – Compulsive Disclosure LP (1234 Go!)

POSTAGE – LP2 LP (Dirt Cult)

THE PRIMITIVES – Don’t Know Where to Start LP (HappyHappyBirthday)

THE RONETTES – Featuring Veronica LP (Bear Family) *Ltd. Indie Exclusive Red Vinyl

>> SECOND LAYER – Courts or Wars LP (1972 Records)

THE SKATALITES – Essential Artist Collection 2LP (Trojan) *Ltd. Clear Vinyl

SKULL PRACTITIONERS – Negative Stars LP (In The Red)

SPIKE IN VAIN – Jesus Was Born in a Mobile Home 2LP (Scat) *Black or Ltd. Color Vinyl

SPRINGTIME – Night Raver EP (Joyful Noise)

TAYLOR SWIFT – 1989 LP (Big Machine) *Import – Back in stock!

THREE 6 MAFIA – Hypnotize Camp Posse 2LP (Get On Down) *Ltd. Color Vinyl

RIAN TREANOR & OCEN JAMES – Saccades LP (Nyege Nyege Tapes)

TRIBUNAL – Weight of Remembrance LP/CD (20 Buck Spin) *Black or Ltd. Color Vinyl

>> WET LEG – Wet Leg LP (Domino) *One of Reckless’ Best of 2022 back in stock!

WILCO – Cruel Country 2LP (dBPM) *Black or Ltd. Red & White Vinyl – FINALLY AVAILABLE! ✶ ✶ ✶ ✶

AL WILSON – Show & Tell LP (Real Music) *RSD Essential Reissue – Ltd. White Vinyl

BILLY WOODS – Church LP (Backwoodz Studioz)


ZZ TOP – Eliminator LP (Rhino) *40th Anniversary – Ltd. Gold Vinyl

**Titles preceded by >> have descriptions available in store or at

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Reckless Records 1/13/23 New Releases

Belle & Sebastian – Late Developers


>> BELLE AND SEBASTIAN – Late Developers LP/CD (Matador)

Announced less than a week before its release, this 2023 album from indie stalwarts BELLE AND SEBASTIAN was tracked during the same sessions as 2022’s A Bit of Previous and features songs from B&S’s near thirty year long back catalogue. The music here taps into the more upbeat side of their discography, incorporating synths, harpsichord and other keys to both bolster and substitute the band’s guitar-oriented songwriting. On Matador and RECOMMENDED!

>> FEEBLE LITTLE HORSE – Hayday LP/CD (Saddle Creek) *Black or Ltd. Indie Exclusive Blue Vinyl

Pittsburgh’s FEEBLE LITTLE HORSE makes punchy, fuzz- drenched indie rock with a gauzy, shoegaze quality that reminds us a bit of Chicago’s own HORSEGIRL as well as (for a less “equestrian” comparison) ALVVAYS. Lovely stuff on Saddle Creek that comes RECOMMENDED!

>> SARATHY KORWAR – Kalak LP (Leaf) *Black or Ltd. Indie Exclusive Green Vinyl w/ alternate artwork

UK jazz visionary SARATHY KORWAR follows up his great 2018 project “More Arriving” with “KALAK”, centering his South Asian-inspired jazz around rhythmic elements that draw from spiritual music and electronic dance with a strong improvisational ethos. Featuring help from PHOTAY, TAMAR OSBORN and DANALOGUE (of THE COMET IS COMING and SOCCER96), this is a heady and tactile album that comes RECOMMENDED.

>> BILLY NOMATES – Cacti LP (Invada) *Ltd. Translucent Vinyl

UK singer-songwriter BILLY NOMATES follows up her 2020 debut with a post-punk record that throws away much of the genre’s hallmarks, embracing honey-sweet, almost country-ish vocal harmonies alongside icy electronics. Unique stuff that will still scratch that 90s alt-rock itch. RECOMMENDED.

>> OBITUARY – Dying of Everything LP/CD (Relapse) *Ltd. “Halloween” Orange or “Orange Krush” Vinyl – Signed CD Booklets available at Wicker Park ONLY while supplies last!

Tampa death metal legends OBITUARY are back with a new album to start out 2023. These guys are still tweaking their sound slowing things down some on a few tracks & even dipping their toes in some post-industrial territory. In the end it still sounds like the brutal band we know & love! RECOMMENDED.


AMORPHIS – Far From the Sun LP (Atomic Fire) *Ltd. Marble Vinyl

>> FRANCIS BEBEY – African Electronic Music 1975-1982 2LP (Born Bad) *Import – Back in stock!

BIG BAD VOODOO DADDY – Big Bad Voodoo Daddy 2LP (Real Gone) *25th Anniversary – Ltd. Clear w/ Red & Yellow Swirl Vinyl

JAMES BROWN – Soul On Top LP (Verve) *180g, Reissue – Verve By Request Series

MEL BROWN – Chicken Fat LP (Verve) *180g, Reissue – Verve By Request Series

CHARLI XCX – How I’m Feeling Now LP (Asylum) *140g, Ltd. Clear Vinyl – Back in stock!

CIRCA SURVIVE – Two Dreams 2LP (Rise) *Ltd. Splatter Vinyl w/ PVC sleeve

>> DEHD – Blue Skies LP (Fat Possum) *Black or Indie Pink Lipstick Vinyl – One of Reckless’ Best of 2022 back in stock! ✶ ✶ ✶ ✶

DILATED PEOPLES – The Platform/ Annihilation 7″ (KingUnderground Ltd) *Reissue – Ltd. Edition

>> FOUNTAINS OF WAYNE – Out-of-State Plates 2LP (Real Gone) *Ltd. “Junkyard Swirl” Vinyl

ROBERT FRENCH & ANTHONY JOHNSON – Robert French “Meets” Anthony Johnson LP (Acid Jazz) *Remastered

GAZ COOMBES – Turn the Car Around LP (Hot Fruit) *Ltd. Cream Vinyl

>> GIANT SWAN – Fantasy Food 12″ (Keck) *Import

GRANDMASTER FLASH – White Lines 7″ (X-Ray) *Reissue – Ltd. Clear Glitter Vinyl

JACK KEROUAC feat. AL COHN & ZOOT SIMS – Blues & Haikus LP (Real Gone) *100th Birthday Edition – Ltd. Tobacco Tan Vinyl

JACK KEROUAC & STEVE ALLEN – Poetry For the Beat Generation LP (Real Gone) *100th Birthday Edition – Ltd. Milky Clear Vinyl

KING GIZZARD & THE LIZARD WIZARD – Live at Bonnaroo ’22 LP (We Are Busy Bodies) *Ltd. Orange Vinyl – “Buzzsaw” Disc

KOWLOON WALLED CITY – Piecework LP (Gilead Media) *Ltd. Milky White Vinyl

FELA KUTI – Shakara LP (Knitting Factory) *50th Anniversary – Ltd. Pink Vinyl w/ 7″

LOVE & ROCKETS – Express/ Seventh Dream of Teenage Heaven LPs (Beggars Banquet) *Newly remastered & sold separately

MAKO SICA/ DRAKE/ JONES/ AOKI – Formless CD (Feeding Tube)

>> MAKAYA MCCRAVEN – In the Moment 2LP (International Anthem) *2023 Repress – HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

TOMMY MCLAIN – I Ran Down Every Dream LP (Yep Roc)

MEHENET – Ng’ambu LP (Gilead Media) *w/ booklet

CHARLES MINGUS – East Coasting LP (Bethlehem) *180g, Remastered

>> MODEST MOUSE – Good News For People Who Love Bad News 2LP (Epic) *w/ bonus track – Back in stock!

MY BLOODY VALENTINE – Isn’t Anything LP (Domino) *2021 Analogue Remaster – Back in stock!

MY LIFE WITH THE THRILL KILL KULT – Any Way Ya Wanna 7″ (Wax Trax) *Ltd. Yellow Vinyl

PHILL NIBLOCK – Four Full Flutes 2LP (Blume) *Deluxe wooden box packaging

NOFX – So Long & Thanks For All the Shoes LP (Epitaph) *Ltd. Anniversary Edition Color Vinyl

>> NXWORRIES – Yes Lawd! 2LP (Stones Throw) *Back in stock!

JIM O’ROURKE & GIOVANNI DI DOMENICO – Immanent in Nervous Activity LP (Die Schactel) ✶ ✶ ✶ ✶

PHISH – Live Phish on Long Play 04: Radio City Music Hall 5/22/00 LP (Jemp)

NATHANIEL RATELIFF & THE NIGHT SWEATS – The Future LP (Stax) *2021 album now available on Ltd. Clear Vinyl

THE SELECTER – Celebrate the Bullet LP/CD (Chrysalis) *Remastered – Ltd. Clear Vinyl or 3CD Deluxe Edition

THE SILVER – Ward of Roses LP (Gilead Media)

SILVERSUN PICKUPS – Physical Thrills 2LP (New Machine) *Indie Exclusive Violet Vinyl back in stock!

>> REGINA SPEKTOR – Soviet Kitsch LP (Sire) *Reissue – Back in stock!

SUN RA & HIS BLUE UNIVERSE ARKESTRA – Universe in Blue LP (Cosmic Myth) *Reissue

>> SWAMP DOGG – Rat On! LP (Alive) *Ltd. Indie Exclusive Clear Green Vinyl

JOHNNY THUNDERS – So Alone LP (Rhino) *45th Anniversary – Ltd. Clear Vinyl

>> TOUCHE AMORE – Stage Four LP (Epitaph) *Back in stock!

TYPE O NEGATIVE – Dead Again 2CD (Nuclear Blast) *Reissue – Longbox packaging w/ sticker & patch

UNSANE – Unsane LP (Lamb Unlimited) *Reissue

VAN PELT – Stealing From Our Favorite Thieves LP (Ernest Jenning) *2023 Reissue – Ltd. Color Vinyl

VAN PELT – Sultans of Sentiment LP (Ernest Jenning) *2023 Reissue – Ltd. Color Vinyl


ERNIE VINCENT – Original Dap King LP (Cornelius Chapel)

BOB WEIR – Ace 2CD (Rhino) *50th Anniversary – Remastered w/ bonus 2022 live set

YG – I Got Issues 2LP (Def Jam) *2022 release now available on vinyl!

**Titles preceded by >> have descriptions available in store or at

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Reckless Records 1/6/23 New Releases

Floating Points – 2022


>> BARRIO LINDO – Espuma de Mar LP (Shika Shika) *Ltd. White Vinyl

Argentinian producer Agustin Rivaldo embraces cumbia and spiritual jazz for his slice of folktronica, with a cadre of strings, woodwinds and keys to support. Lush experimental music that’s perfect for listening at home! RECOMMENDED.

>> FLOATING POINTS – 2022 12″ (Ninja Tune)

Super limited 12″-er from great UK producer FLOATING POINTS, compiling tracks he released across 2022 that range from ambient, jazz leaning excursions to club- friendly heaters. A perfect introduction to his sound that comes obviously RECOMMENDED!

>> FLOCKS – You Were Probably Younger Then 2LP (Folded) ✶ ✶ ✶ ✶

Fantastic double album from this Chicago/ Cincinnati three-piece, making heady jazztronica that recalls BADBADNOTGOOD, KAMAAL WILLIAMS and classic IDM of the SQUAREPUSHER variety. Simultaneously detailed and expansive, technical and emotive, this comes HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

>> OVLOV – Buds LP (Exploding in Sound) *2021 Release now available on Ltd. Indie Exclusive Orange Vinyl

Cyclical guitar pop from OVLOV, who combine a wrapping guitar and vocals onto a nimble rhythm section. This has shades of the Chicago boys TWIN PEAKS, but with a breezier atmosphere that’s still not afraid to get both heavy and dirty. Good stuff! RECOMMENDED!



GG ALLIN & THE MURDER JUNKIES – Terror in America: Live 1993 LP (Alive) *Ltd. Green Vinyl

AMINE – TwoPointFive LP (CLBN) *Black or Ltd. Clear Vinyl

TORI AMOS – Little Earthquakes 2LP (Rhino) *Remastered

APATHY – King of Gods. No Second LP (Dirty Version)

BENNY THE BUTCHER – Pyrex Picasso LP (Black Soprano Family) *Hand #’d, Ltd. 500

>> BICEP – Isles 3LP (Ninja Tune) *Deluxe Edition w/ bonus LP of b-sidesLtd. Purple Vinyl

BLUT AUS NORD – 777 – Cosmosophy/ 777 – Sect(s)/ 777- The Desantification LPs (Debemur Morti) *Reissues

THE BORIS GARDINER HAPPENING – Ultra Super Dub Vol. 1 LP (Now Again)

FIORENZO CARPI – Un Bianco Vestito per Mariale LP (Holy Basil)

>> CLIPSE – Hell Hath No Fury LP (Get On Down) *Ltd. White Vinyl – Finally back in stock!

BILLY COBHAM – Spectrum LP (Rhino) *Ltd. Clear Vinyl – “Start Your Ear Off Right” Series

JOHN COLTRANE – Olé Coltrane LP (Rhino) *Ltd. Clear Vinyl – “Start Your Ear Off Right” Series

DIRE STRAITS – Money For Nothing 2LP (Rhino) *Remastered – Ltd. Green Vinyl

DISENO CORBUSIER – El Alma de la Estrella LP (Munster) *2023 Reissue

DAVE EAST x MIKE & KEYS – How Did I Get Here LP (Next) *Ltd. Blue Vinyl

ESPLENDOR GEOMETRICO – Compuesto de Hierro 2LP (Geometrik)

FITZ & THE TANTRUMS – Live in Chicago LP (Dangerbird)

FLEE LORD & ROC MARCIANO – Delgado LP (Next) *Black or Ltd. Color Vinyl

FRUTION – Just One of Them Nights LP (Fruition) *180g, Reissue – Ltd. Translucent Green Vinyl

JOHN FRUSCIANTE – Empyrean LP (Record Collection) *2023 Reissue

GENESIS – Selling England By the Pound LP (Rhino) *Ltd. Clear Vinyl – “Start Your Ear Off Right” Series

HILDUR GUÐNADÓTTIR – Women Talking (Soundtrack) LP (Decca)

HERMAN’S HERMITS – Their Greatest Hits LP (ABKCO) *180g, Reissue

KRISTIN HERSH – Wyatt at the Coyote Palace 2LP (Fire) *2023 Reissue

THE ID – Inner Sounds of The Id 2LP (Sundazed) *Remastered – Ltd. Blue & Purple Vinyl

>> INTERNATIONAL SUBMARINE BAND – Safe at Home LP (Sundazed) *Remastered – Mono version

JUSTICE – Cross the Universe 2LP (Ed Banger)

JUSTICE – Planisphere Part I-IV LP (Ed Banger)

FELA KUTI – Afrodisiac 2LP (Knitting Factory) *50th Anniversary – 45RPM, Ltd. Green & Red Vinyl

CHICO LESSA – Chico Lessa LP (Vampi Soul) *Reissue

>> LINCOLN – Repair & Reward LP (Temporary Residence) *Now available on black vinyl

NAMELESS WORD – Theatre For the Absurd LP (Serious Cartoon)

>> PASSARO – Antes de Existir o Mundo 12″ (Shika Shika) *Ltd. Blue Vinyl

PEEL DREAM MAGAZINE – Modern Meta Physic LP (Slumberland) *Repress – Ltd. Yellow & Black Splatter Vinyl

IGGY POP – Every Loser LP/CD/CS (Atlantic)

GREG “STACKHOUSE” PREVOST – Vintage Violence: 1975-79 LP (Mean Disposition)

PULSE EMITTER – Dusk CS (Hausu Mountain)

GERRY RAFFERTY – City to City 2LP (Parlophone) *Remastered – Ltd. Color Vinyl

RAMONES – Subterranean Jungle LP (Rhino) *Ltd. Violet Vinyl – “Start Your Ear Off Right” Series

OTIS REDDING – Sings Soul Ballads LP (Rhino) *Ltd. Blue Vinyl – “Start Your Ear Off Right” Series

THE ROLLING STONES – Their Satanic Majesties Request LP (ABKCO) *180g – 2022 Reissue now available


SABOTEN – Saboten LP (Sub Discos) *Reissue

JOHN SCOFIELD – John Scofield LP (ECM) *Import

SHORT FICTIONS – Every Moment of Every Day LP (Lauren)

SKINSHAPE – Nostalgia LP (Lewis) *Black or Ltd. Blue Vinyl

SLUDGEWORTH – Losers of the Year LP/CD (Red Scare) *Reissue

>> SOULS OF MISCHIEF – 93 ’til Infinity 2LP (Traffic) *Reissue – Back in stock!

COLIN STETSON – Chimaera I LP (Room40)

SUN RA – Prophet LP (Modern Harmonic) *Remastered – Ltd. Yellow Vinyl

SYNTOMA – No Me Puedo Controlar LP (Sub Discos) *Reissue


HIKARU UTADA – Bad Mode 2LP (Epic) *Now available on vinyl!

TINO VALPA – Live or Be Lived All Over LP/CS (Tino Valpa)

THE VELVET UNDERGROUND – Loaded LP (Rhino) *Ltd. Clear Vinyl – “Start Your Ear Off Right” Series

THE VELVET UNDERGROUND – The Velvet Underground & Nico LP (Verve) *Half Speed Master now available

TONY JOE WHITE – Live From Austin TX: Austin City Limits 2LP (New West) *Ltd. Green Vinyl

YES – Fragile LP (Rhino) *Ltd. Clear Vinyl – “Start Your Ear Off Right” Series

**Titles preceded by >> have descriptions available in store or at

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Reckless Records 12/16/22 New Releases

JID – The Forever Story


>> JID – The Forever Story 2LP (Dreamville) *One of Reckless’ Best of 2022 finally available on vinyl!

Sophomore full length from Atlanta MC J.I.D. is a statement on family & artistic musicianship. The heart of The Forever Story is J.I.D. & his desire to make something more musical & expansive. There are beat changes on a number of tracks, & new flows & rhyme schemes all over the record. Also worth mentioning is the effort & work shown in Jiddy’s singing voice which really on display here. J.I.D. is one of the most interesting & talented rappers at work today & these are some of his best… RECOMMENDED!

>> JOHN McGUIRE – Pulse Music 2LP (Unseen Worlds)

Late 70’s recordings by John McGuire, a composer that studied with Stockhausen & Penderecki in Europe. Beautiful & rhythmic electronic pulses that vary in speed over the course of the pieces. Imagine Steve Reich’s compositions run through some 70s computer software & you might be able to imagine what this sounds like. RECOMMENDED!

>> MOTRIK – Artificial Head LP (Jealous Butcher) *Ltd. Green Vinyl

Nice physical edition of this 2020 album from Portland neo-psych band MOTRIK. With a name like that you know what sort of rhythms to expect. Think MINAMI DEUTSCH, GOAT, the chiller side of the OSEES and of course NEU. RECOMMENDED!

>> PANDA BEAR – Person Pitch 2LP (Domino) *2022 Reissue

NICE. Domino blesses us with a repress of PANDA BEAR’s magnum opus, still as fresh as ever 15 years later. Here’s what we had to say about it when it came out back in 2007: NOAH LENNOX (of ANIMAL COLLECTIVE fame) returns with his third solo release. This album replaces some of the acoustic elements of previous albums and introduces some samplers & electronics. Full of texture & synthesized sounds this album is a playful addition to LENNOX’s busy arrangements. An album that would surely make BRIAN WILSON proud, as it is non-stop, beautiful vocal harmonies. No lush/orchestral pop fan should be without this one! HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION!

>> VARIOUS – Síntesis Moderna: An Alternative Vision of Argentinean Music 3LP (Soundway)

The latest Soundway compilation follows down the path of Doing it in Lagos and Ritmo Fantasia, focusing on synth-pop, boogie and early house from Argentina. Beautiful balearic grooves across the ocean that go in enjoyable directions. Compiled by Ric Piccolo & Ariel Harari and HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!


BARRY ADAMSON – I Will Set You Free LP (Mute) *Reissue – Ltd. Curacao Color Vinyl

BARRY ADAMSON – Know Where to Run 2LP (Mute) *Reissue – Ltd. Silver Vinyl w/ book

ANGELS & AIRWAVES – Chasing Shadows/ The Dream Walker/ Love Pt. 1/ Of Nightmares/ Stomping the Phantom Brake Pedal LPs (Rise) *Ltd. Indie Exclusive Color Vinyl – Sold separately, check for availabilty

ATREYU – Suicide Notes & Butterfly Kisses LP (Craft) *20th Anniversary Reissue

AUDIOSLAVE – Audioslave 2LP (Epic) *Reissue – Back in stock!

BLINK-182 – Enema of the State LP (Geffen) *180g, 2016 Reissue – Back in stock!

BRAINTICKET – Live in Rome 1973 LP (Cleopatra) *Ltd. Splatter Vinyl

PETER BRODERICK – Piano Works Vol. 1: Floating in Tucker’s Basement 2LP (Erased Tapes)

BO BURNHAM – Inside 3LP (Mercury) *Ltd. Deluxe Edition w/ book & bonus outtakes

JOHN CARPENTER – Halloween Kills (Soundtrack) LP (Sacred Bones) *Ltd. “Art” Edition – Redfire Vinyl

NICK CAVE & THE BAD SEEDS – The Firstborn is Dead/ From Her to Eternity/ Tender Prey LPs (BMG) *180g, Reissues

COI LERAY – Trendsetter 2LP (Republic) *Now available on vinyl

NATALIE COLE – Unforgettable With Love 2LP (Craft) *30th Anniversary – Ltd. Purple Vinyl

THE CRIBS – The Cribs LP (Sonic Blew) *Reissue, Deluxe Edition – Ltd. Pink Vinyl

CRUMBSUCKERS – Beast on My Back LP (Combat) *Remastered

TOM DELONGE – To The Stars… Demos, Odds & Ends LP (Rise) *Ltd. Indie Exclusive Lemonade Vinyl

DEVASTATION – Idolatry LP (Combat) *Remastered – Ltd. Red Vinyl

DUSTER – Duster LP/CD/CS (Numero Group) *Ltd. “Seaglass Wave” Color Vinyl

DANNY ELFMAN – Spider-Man (Original Score) LP (Columbia) *180g – Ltd. Gold Vinyl

TERENCE FIXMER – Shifting Signals 2LP (Mute)

NEAL FRANCIS – Sentimental Garbage LP (ATO) *Ltd. White Vinyl

THE GET UP KIDS – Four Minute Mile LP (Doghouse) *Reissue – Ltd. Indie Exclusive Cream Vinyl

GRATEFUL DEAD – Dick’s Picks Vol. 33: 10/9 & 10/10/76, Oakland Coliseum Stadium 8LP (Real Gone) *180g, #’D

HIATUS KAIYOTE – Tawk Tomahawk LP (Brainfeeder) *2022 Reissue – Ltd. Red Vinyl w/ 7″

JAY JAY JOHNSON – The Eminent Jay Jay Johnson Vol. 1 LP (Blue Note) *Classic Vinyl Series

THE KILLERS – Pressure Machine 3LP (Island) *Deluxe Edition

TOBI LOU – Non-Perishable LP (Empire) *Ltd. Milky Clear Vinyl

MILLY – Eternal Ring LP (Dangerbird) *Ltd. Orange Crush Vinyl

NECROPHOBIC – Womb of Lilithu 2LP (Century Media) *180g, Remastered

NIGO – I Know Nigo! LP (Republic) *Now available on vinyl

THE 1975 – The 1975 LP (Interscope) *Back in stock!

PRIMUS – Primus & The Chocolate Factory LP (ATO) *Reissue – Ltd. Gold Vinyl

QUEEN – News of the World LP (Hollywood) *180g, Half Speed Mastered

RAMMSTEIN – Adieu 10″ (Universal)

JESSIE REYEZ – Yessie LP (Island)

RM (fka Rap Monster of BTS) – Indigo CD (Big Hit) *Special Book Edition

SAGE FRANCIS – Personal Journals 2LP (Sage Francis) *20th Anniversary – Ltd. Color Vinyl

PHAROAH SANDERS – Karma LP (Verve) *Acoustic Sounds Series

SIGUR ROS – ( ) 2LP (Krunk) *20th Anniversary, Remastered

>> STRANGE RANGER – No Light In Heaven LP (Firetalk) *Black or Ltd. Red Vinyl

THE SWORD – Apochyphon LP (Craft) *10th Anniversary – Ltd. Yellow Vinyl

>> SZA – Ctrl 2LP (RCA) *Back in stock – We hope we can provide an SOS LP update soon!

TENCI – A Swollen River, A Well Overflowing LP/CD/CS (Keeled Scales) *Clear Vinyl or Chicago Exclusive Yellow Vinyl

TENO AFRIKA – Where You Are LP (Awesome Tapes from Africa)

T.P. ORCHESTRE POLY RYTHMO – Afro-Funk Vol. 1 LP (Acid Jazz)

TRICOT – A N D LP (Top Shelf) *Reissue – Ltd. Brown in Tan Vinyl

TRICOT – T O P LP (Top Shelf) *Reissue – Ltd. Tan “Galaxy” Vinyl

>> THE WATERSONS – Frost & Fire: A Calendar of Ritual & Magical Songs LP (Topic) *Remastered

WEEN – Paintin’ the Town Brown: Live ’90-’98 3LP (ATO) *Ltd. Brown Vinyl

WOODS OF DESOLATIONS – The Falling Mist LP (Season of Mist) *Ltd. 600

YUNA – Yuna LP (Fader Label) *Reissue

FRANK ZAPPA – The Grand Wazoo LP (Zappa) *50th Anniversary – 180g, Remastered

FRANK ZAPPA – Waka/ Jawaka LP (Zappa) *50th Anniversary – 180g, Remastered

>> ZENIZEN – P.O.C. aka Proof of Concept LP (Top Shelf) *Ltd. Pink & Maroon Vinyl

VARIOUS – Fraggle Rock: Back to the Rock (Soundtrack) LP (Lakeshore) *Picture Disc

VARIOUS – Sacred Bones Presents Ya Ho Wha LP (Sacred Bones) *Ltd. Gold Vinyl

**Titles preceded by >> have descriptions available in store or at

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Reckless Records Employee Best of 2022 Lists

Angel Olsen / The Smile / Chat Pile /
Horsegirl / Makaya McCraven / Danger Mouse & Black Thought /
Alvvays / Kendrick Lamar / Weyes Blood




New Releases in 2022:
Smut – How The Light Felt (Bayonet)
Oort Smog – Every Motherfucker Is Your Brother (AKP Recordings)
Lou Reed – Words and Music, May 1965 (Light in the Attic)

New Reissues in 2022:
Liars – They Threw Us All In A Trench And Stuck A Monument On Top (Mute)
Althea & Donna – Uptown Top Ranking (Survival Research)
Strawberry Switchblade – 1982 4-Piece Demo (Night School)

New to Me in 2022:
Peter Gabriel – Peter Gabriel III aka “Melt” (Geffen)

Movies I’ve Been Too Into in 2022:
The Reflecting Skin (1990, dir. Philip Ridley)
Брат or “Brother” (1997, dir. Aleksei Balabanov)

Concerts of 2022:
of Montreal – Lincoln Hall 10/14

(I went to one concert this year, my first since the shutdown, and it was joyful and jubilant)



  • A Light for Attracting Attention // The Smile
  • All of Us Flames // Ezra Furman
  • And in the Darkness, Hearts Aglow // Weyes Blood
  • Big Time // Angel Olsen
  • Bleed Out // The Mountain Goats
  • Blue Rev // Alvvays
  • Boat Songs // MJ Lenderman
  • Cheat Codes // Danger Mouse & Black Thought
  • Cool It Down // Yeah Yeah Yeahs
  • Easy Listening // 2nd Grade
  • Fall in Love Not in Line // Kids On A Crime Spree
  • Farm to Table // Bartees Strange
  • God Get Me the Fuck Out of Here // Cold Gawd
  • God’s Country // Chat Pile
  • I Walked With You a Ways // Plains
  • In These Times // Makaya McCraven
  • It Was a Home // Kaina
  • It’s Almost Dry // Pusha T
  • Life on Earth // Hurray For The Riff Raff
  • Lucifer on the Sofa // Spoon
  • Mondays… // Jeff Parker ETA IVtet
  • PAINLESS // Nilüfer Yanya
  • SICK! // Earl Sweatshirt
  • Squeeze // Sasami
  • You Belong There // Daniel Rossen
  • “Do You Really Know How I Feel” // Jimmie & Vella
  • “Little Things” // Big Thief
  • “Spiders (Kidsmoke)” // Wilco
  • “That’s the Way of the World” // Charles Stepney
  • “When Something is Wrong With My Baby” // Sam & Dave




Lots of music I enjoyed this year. I tried to narrow it to fifteen releases but this is just the tip of the iceberg.

HIRO AMA – Animal Emotions (PRAH)

  • Jazzy, organic, not really meant for the dancefloor; this is moreso “morning coffee house music”.

BIG THIEF – Dragon New Warm Mountain I Believe in You Boycott Divestment Sanctions That’s My Grandma (4AD)

  • Yes the Tel Aviv show/Instagram defense debacle was a disappointment but the record is undeniable. Adrianne Lenker is probably indie rock’s  best melody songwriter, and the band navigates the tight-loose spectrum masterfully. As Roland Barthes once said, “Nobody’s perfect.”

JEREMIAH CHIU & MARIA SOFIA HONER – Recordings from the Åland Islands (International Anthem)

  • Even as a fan of ambient music I have limited patience for music that emphasizes ~field recordings~. I endorse this album as an exception that proves the rule.

EMISSIVE – City of Rooms (Telephone Explosion)

  • When they talk about “liquid” synth sounds, this is what they mean. 

FELBM – Elements of Nature (Soundway)

  • I don’t know if it’s better or worse that the artist’s name came from a faulty auto-correct. Regardless, this album scratched the classical minimalism itch. Like children’s music from a place that doesn’t exist.

HORSE LORDS – Comradely Objects (RVNG Intl.)

  • Turning a big dial that says “Dissonance” on it and constantly looking back at the audience for approval like a contestant on The Price is Right

TIM JACKIW – Sunset Over Saturn (Offworld)

  • Timmy J understands that the best dance music is incredibly corny. “Full Moon” is Song of the Year.

NU GENEA – Bar Mediterraneo (NG)

  • Everytime I listen to Khruangbin, I’m a little disappointed they don’t sound more like this record.

PHOTAY & CARLOS NIÑO – An Offering (International Anthem)

  • Another Int’l Anthem ambient record, and this one is a bit more “cosmic new age”. If not for luck and circumstance I feel as though I’d have been more susceptible than most to the influence of a charismatic midcentury guru.

PRATHLOONS – The Kansas Wind (Septic Jukebox)

  • Forget what I said about “Full Moon”. “Chagrin” is Song of the Year.


  • I was kinda iffy on Second Line, but I absolutely loved this one. More music should embrace a misty, extraterrestrial atmosphere.

GEORGE RILEY – Running in Waves (PLZ Make It Ruins)

  • This plus her drum-n-bass mix Interest Rates, A Tape make her the official 2022 Heatseeker of the Year.

SESSA – Estrela Acesa (Mexican Summer)

  • New bossa nova/MPB that’s neither too loungy nor too indebted to the past. Perfect music for staring longingly into the eyes of your lover.

SOICHI TERADA – Asakusa Light (Rush Hour)

  • Terada is a master. Some of the brightest, most purely enjoyable music I heard all year.

ELI WINTER – Eli Winter (Three Lobed)

  • I’m an absolute sucker for pretty acoustic guitar, and this does a great job of striking a balance between pastoral Daniel Hecht-sounding stuff and more knotty Gastr del Sol-ish stuff (which makes sense with David Grubbs making an appearance)


TIA BLAKE & HER FOLK-GROUP – Folksongs & Ballads (Ici Bientôt)
PATRICK COWLEY – Malebox (Dark Entries)
WILLIAM DOYLE – The Dream Derealised / Lightnesses I & II / Near Future Residence (Tough Love)
CHARLES STEPNEY – Step on Step (International Anthem)
NORMA TANEGA – I’m the Sky: Studio & Demo Recordings 1964-1971 (Anthology)
V/A – Padang Moonrise: The Birth of the Modern Indonesian Recording Industry 1955-69 (Soundway)


CHET BAKER – Chet Baker Sings
GARY BARTZ NTU TROOP – Harlem Bush Music: Uhuru
HUERCO S – Colonial Patterns / For Those Of You Who Have Never (And Also Those Who Have)
JEFFREE – Jeffree
LAOURA – The Sexotic Laoura Sings
TRIO IRAKITAN – As Vozes E O Ritmo Do Trio Irakitan
V/A – Do You Believe It?: American Soul Music 1960-1972
V/A – Night City Life



  1. Fontaines DC – Skinty Fia
  2. Just Mustard – Heart Under
  3. Momma – Household Name
  4. Yard Act – The Overload
  5. Rosalía – Motomami
  6. Pretty Sick – Makes Me Sick Makes Me Smile
  7. Alvvays – Blue Rev
  8. Jockstrap – I Love You Jennifer B
  9. Yeule – Glitch Princess
  10. Horsegirl – Versions of Modern Performance



Southeast of Saturn Vol. 2
S – They are gutting a body of water
Luv 4 Rent – Smino
Voces de Ultratumba – Voces de Ultratumba
Ghost Stories – Phantasia
Roach Friends – Melaina Kol
Flooding Cities – Junk DNA
Working Title for the Album Secret Waters – Cities Aviv
Volume 1 – So Klarity
God Get Me The Fuck Out Of Here – Cold Gawd
Candy Suck – Idi Et Amin
Freestyles (SS22) – Dean Blunt
Man Plays the Horn – Cities Aviv
I Can’t Die As Well – Fire-Toolz
Purest Hell – P.H.F.
Easy Weapons (reissue) – Public Acid



*in no particular order

Manisdron – Body Of Void
DJ Stingray – F.T.N.W.O.
Worm – Bluenothing
Mutant Beat Dance – No Comfort For Control
Siobhan – Body Double
Dalibor Cruz – Deviance EP
Boy Harsher – The Runner OST
DJ Overdose – Deal Breaker
Rabit – 4am Richmond ave
Bourbonese Qualk – The Spike REISSUE
HVAD – Yug
The Lord – Forest Nocturne 
Reinhaudt – ST
Darkthrone – Astral Fortress
Folie 2 – ST



sorry for typos i just love albums so much!!!!

Always – Blue Rev (Polyvinyl) / what dyou say? i think this record owns. so does everybody else. big whoop.

Emperor X – The Lakes of Zone B & C / another gotta-hear-it-to-believe-it banger from our man in berlin. EX makes everybody else singing about politics look like Bono promoting his book at Davos. now with more piano ballads & we love to see it

Soichi Terada – Asakusa Light (Rush Hour) / consummate perfection. i rung in my 30th birthday on an airplane to LA, listening to this album and drinking a tiny airplane bottle of vodka. doesnt get better than that

Mister Goblin – Bunny / mr goblin does the hard work of being in indiana so you don’t have to. no working songwriter understands america as well and even if they did they wouldn’t have the tunes, the riffs, the extended harmony, the lapel-grapping guts. Damn

Smut – How the Light Felt (Bayonet) / year of pop songs. “after silver leaves”? 10/10 italian_chef_kiss.jpg

Friendship – Love the Stranger (Merge) / yknow how you keep saying you’re going to make it out to the beach this summer but then it’s october all of a sudden, year after year after–? uh oh. dont cry buddy. be cool. youre in a store

Oren Ambarchi – Shebang (Drag City) / dope that this record seemed to break through to the p4k set a little. reminds me of watching a rainstorm start to happen. incredible

1975 – Being Funny in a Foreign Language / why is this bull shit on here? am i doing a bit? is this band actually good or do they suck ass? is the pastiche hilarious or irritating? i truly dont know folx. all i know is if you are reading this AND you like this band YOU MUST GO LISTEN TO THE BLUE NILE & PREFAB SPROUT. thats a direct order from your superior officer

Ex-Void – Bigger than Before (Don Giovanni) / like i said: year of pop songs

special categories ——-

Richard Dawson – the Ruby Cord / I will probably only ever listen to this twice but holy hell it’s wild, disquieting, etc. if you know you know

Prathloons – The Kansas Wind / Yes ….these are my “buds” But Also this album whips. midwest slow cigarette vibe is back and its better than ever. clarinets? They’re Back Too. thank you for your compliance with this aesthetic

the Beths — Expert in a Dying Field (carpark)


The World Without Parking Lots – You’ll Have To Take My Word For It / lovely (and, i believe, local?) wintertime singer-songwriter record, really genuinely clever and moving tunes

Shinichi Atobe – Love of Plastic (DDS) / bobbing my head til it falls off

Bats – Blue Cabinet

Tall Dwarfs — Unravelled ’81-’02 (Merge)
Charles Stepney — Step on Step (Int’l Anthem)
Hypnotic Guitar of John Ondalo (Mississippi)
Go Sailor – s/t reissue (Slumberland)

fav songs:
Big Thief – “Little Things” – in the end the LP didnt work for me (take no pleasure in reporting this etc etc) but this is one of the best songs i’ve ever heard
Caroline No – “Anna’s on the Radio” from s/t album (Grapefruit)
Empath – “Born 100 Times” from Visitor (Fat Possum)
song of da year: “Freeway in Heaven” by Emperor X i think

a few notable shows:
Stereolab + Fievel Is Glauque @ the riv. listen to fievel is glauque!!!!!
Emperor X @ mustache
The Chills @ sleeping village
friendship / tenci / advance base @ hideout
beth orton @ irish american community center

that’s it for me thanks


<< BEN HEGY >>

record releases- 2022

Tom Carruthers- non stop rhythms [L.I.E.S.]
Legowelt- tips for life [nightwind records]
Immanuel Wilkins- 7th hand [blue note]
Saba- few good things [pivot gang]
VR SEX- rough dimension [dais]
Josephine Foster- godmother [fire records]
Cate Le Bon- pompeii [mexican summer]
Makaya McCraven- in these times [international anthem recording company]
Sarah Davachi- two sisters [late music]
Horsegirl- versions of modern performance [matador]
Dj Overdose- deal breaker [L.I.E.S.]
Anteloper- pink dolphins [international anthem recording company]
Tony Price- ibm contra [L.I.E.S.]
James Marlon Magas- confusion is my name [midwich]
Anthony Moore- flying doesn’t help [drag city]
Broadcast- maida vale sessions [warp]
Lucrecia Dalt- ¡ay! [rvng intl.]
Cheb Terro vs DJ Die Soon- s/t [drownedbylocals]
Carla dal Forno- come around [kallista records]
Weak Signal- war&war [colonel records]
Nik Colk Void- bucked up space [editions mego]
Ron Trent- what do the stars say to you [night time stories]
Working Men’s Club- fear fear [heavenly]
Eric Chenaux- say laura [constellation]
Porridge Radio- waterslide diving board, ladder to the sky [secretly canadian]



Best Albums of 2022 (In no particular order)

  • Beyoncé “Renaissance”
  • Soft Moon “Exister” 
  • Dehd “Blue Skies”
  • Mitski “Laurel Hell” 
  • The Garden “Horseshit on Route 66”
  • Blood Incantation “Timewave Zero”
  • Just Mustard “Heart Under”
  • Horsegirl “Versions of Modern Performance”
  • Chat Pile “God’s Country”
  • Weyes Blood “And in the Darkness, Hearts Aglow”
  • Perfume Genius “Ugly Season”
  • Yasuaki Shimizu “Kiren”



Best of 2022
Pan Daijing – Tissues (Pan)
JK Flesh – New Religions Old Rules (Avalanche)
Nik Colk Void – Bucked Up Space (Editions Mego)
Moor Mother – Jazz Codes (Anti)
Kali Malone – Living Torch (Portraits GRM)
E-Saggila – Blaze (Northern Electronics)
Shit & Shine – New Confusion (Rocket Recordings)
Tony Price – IBM Contra (L.I.E.S.)
Lucrecia Dalt – The Seed (Original Score) (Invada)
City Of Caterpillar – Mystic Sisters (Relapse)
700 Bliss – Nothing To Declare (Hyperdub)
Björk – Fossora (One Little Independent)



Here are my 10 favorite releases from 2022 in no particular order:
King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard – Ice, Death, Planets, Lungs, Mushrooms and Lava
Horse Lords – Comradely Objects
Charley Crockett – The Man From Waco
Yeule – Glitch Princess
The Chats – Get Fucked
Sam Prekop & John McEntire – Sons Of
The Garden – Horse Shit on Route 66
Vieux Farka Toure & Khruangbin – Ali
Fontaines D.C. – Skinty Fia
King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard – Omnium Gatherum



  • Raum – Daughter (Yellowelectric)
  • The Smile – A Light for Attracting Attention (XL)
  • Alvvays – Blue Rev (Polyvinyl)
  • MJ Lenderman – Boat Songs (Dear Life)
  • Perfume Genius – Ugly Season (Matador)
  • Chat Pile – God’s Country (Flenser)
  • Guided By Voices – Scalping the Guru (Guided By Voices Inc.) *archival
  • Florist – Florist (Double Double Whammy)
  • Alex G – God Save the Animals (Domino)
  • Lucrecia Dalt – ¡Ay! (Rvng)
  • Horse Lords – Comradely Objects (Rvng)
  • Skullcrusher – Quiet the Room (Secretly Canadian)
  • Oren Ambarchi/ Johan Berthling/ Andreas Werliin – Ghosted (Drag City)
  • supernowhere – Skinless Takes a Flight (Topshelf)
  • Black Country New Road – Ants From Up There (Ninja Tune)
  • Sessa – Estrela Acesa (Mexican Summer)
  • Imprecation – In Nomine Diaboli (Dark Descent)
  • Patrick Cowley – Malebox (Dark Entries) *archival
  • Mabe Fratti – Se ve desde aquí (Unheard Of Hope)
  • Richard Dawson – The Ruby Cord (Domino)

and the rest that we haven’t seen or don’t have a physical release (yet)…

  • Francis Harris – Thresholds (Scissor or Thread)
  • Park Jiha – The Gleam (tak:til)
  • Knifeplay – Animal Drowning (Topshelf)
  • Kraus – Eye Escapes (Mutual Skies)
  • Scarcity – Aveilut (Flenser)
  • Blindgirls – The Weight of Everything (Zegema Beach)
  • Sirom – The Liquefied Throne of Simplicity (tak:til)
  • Anadol – Felicita (Pingipung)
  • Croatian Amor – Remember Rainbow Bridge (Posh Isolation)
  • Asian Glow & Weatherday – Weatherglow EP (Longinus)
  • Post Office Winter – Music Box (Hallogallo)
  • Mildred – Pt. 2 (self-released)
  • maya is dead soon – s/t (self-released)
  • Natalia Lafourcade – De todas las flores (Sony)
  • Ulla – Hope Sonata EP (Longform)
  • CS + Kreme – Orange (Trilogy Tapes)
  • Pontiac Streator – Sone Glo (West Mineral)
  • Fievel Is Glauque – Flaming Swords (La Loi)
  • Emperor X – The Lakes of Zones B and C (self-released)
  • Zguba – Znoj (Loza)
  • Head In Hand – Unnatural Providence (Mutual Aid)
  • Puce Mary – You Must Have Been Dreaming (self-released)



Ibibio Sound Machine – Electricity
Cola – Deep In View
The Smile – Light for Attracting Attention
Horsegirl – Versions of Modern Performance
Cate Le Bon – Pompeii
Angel Olsen – Big Time
Khruangbin – Texas Moon
Sofia Bolt – Soft Like a Peach
Dehd – Blue Skies
Kendrick Lamar – Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers

Special Mention: Neil Young’s Harvest Time



2022 has been the longest year of my life & these were the records I caught that I wanted to recommend to other people in no particular order…

  • Gianni Brezzo “Tutto Passa” – There’s something so amazingly relaxing about this record. It’s the sonic equivalent of a Hot Toddy. It’s warm, & comforting, & sophisticated. The feeling of a new favorite place; something you discovered by chance but feels like home…
  • Saba “Few Good Things” – There aren’t many MCs who can channel nostalgia the way that Saba can. On Few Good Things, we get to see Saba challenge, change, & interrogate the ways his success has interacted with the tragedies he & his have experienced over the last few years… The productions here are always soulful, with deep harmonies & even on the hardest songs here, the grooves are creative & enveloping.
  • Danger Mouse & Black Thought “Cheat Codes” – I’ll admit at first, I was a little disappointed that this record wasn’t the Tariq Trotter show. This is the closest thing we’ve ever gotten to a solo full-length from the Roots front man & I was kinda hoping for an hour of Black Thought rapping over straight breakbeats… But this is a collaboration, & the beats that Danger Mouse provides are perfect reminders that Thought can rap over ANYTHING! The rhymes are on point, & the guests are amazing, & it might not be the album I was waiting for, but it is everything I wanted.
  • J.I.D. “Forever Story” – J.I.D. is a Musician. The Rapper/ Singer is on a mission to make sure you know it. Opening the record with a recorded count-in & bringing a beat switch to almost every track on the record, the record is consistently displaying the care taken to make a piece of art that will stand the test of time… Also… Jiddy can RAP. Non-stop flows, metaphors, similes, imagery, rhymes… magnificent.
  • The Plosivs “Plosivs” – There’s not a whole lot to say about this album. It’s just good. Swami John Reis (Hot Snakes, Drive Like Jehu, RftC), & Rob Crow (Pinback) got together with some friends & wrote some rocking, guitar heavy songs & recorded them. 33 minutes of fast, powerful, Pop songs, heavy on the melody, with driving propulsive Rock n’ Roll attitude.
  • Ogi “Monologues EP”
  • Open Mike Eagle “Component System With the Auto Reverse”
  • Umi “Forest in the City”
  • Lucky Daye “Candy Drip”
  • Dezron Douglas “Atalaya”
  • Samm Henshaw “Untidy Soul”
  • Vic Spenser & Small Pro “Mudslide”
  • Earthgang “Ghetto Gods”
  • Cecile Mclorin Salvant “Ghost Song”
  • Smut “How the Light Felt”



ALTHEA & DONNA Uptown Top Ranking (Survival Research LP)
ARTIFICIAL PEACE Live At The Wilson Center 1982 (Alona’s Dream LP)
COLIN BLUNSTONE One Year (Sundazed 2LP)
BODY CAM Body Cam (Violent Pest flexi
BROADCAST Microtonics Vols 1 & 2 (Warp LPs)
ELVIS COSTELLO The Boy Named If (Capitol LP)
TOM DAWES Elusive: The Tom Dawes Jingle Workshop (Modern Harmonic LP)
DUNGUN En Är För Mycket Och Tusen Aldrig Nog (Mexican Summer LP)
ELLA FITZGERALD  Ella At The Hollywood Bowl: The Irving Berlin Songbook (Verve LP)
FLY-BI-NITES Found Love (Hyperloop 45)
DANA GILLESPIE Foolish Seasons (Decca LP)
GUIDED BY VOICES Tremblers And Goggles By Rank (GBVi LP)
HARLOTS OF 42ND STREET Refuse To Be Misused (Sundazed LP)
HANY MEHANNA Music For Airplanes (Souma 2LP)
MELODY’S ECHO CHAMBER Emotional Eternal (Domino LP)
MONOPHONICS Sage Motel (Colemine LP)
ENNIO MORRICONE Sans Mobile Apparent OST (Wewantsounds LP)
KEITH PAPWORTH Hard Hitter (Music De Wolfe LP)
SCOTT PLANT Alone / With Us (Ordinary Weirdos 12″)
PREACHERS Stay Out Of My World (Beatrocket LP)
TEENAGE FANCLUB Bandwagonesque (Sony LP)
TINTERN ABBEY Beeside: The Complete Recordings (Real Gone Music 2LP)
VARIOUS Saturno 2000: La Rebajada De Los Sonideros 1962-1983 (Analog Africa 2LP)

JIM RULAN Corporate Rock Sucks: The Rise and Fall of SST Records (Hachette Books)
DAVE SCOTT SCHWARTZMAN If It’s Tuesday This Must Be Walla Walla: The Wacky History of Adrenalin O.D. (DiWulf Publishing)



1. Meshuggah “Immutable”

2. Jóhann Jóhannsson “Drone Mass”

3. Jeff Parker “Forfolks”

4. Makaya McCraven “In These Times”

5. Sam Prekop & John McEntire “Sons of”

666. Bill Callahan & Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy “Blind Date Party”



Andy Bell Flicker
Big Thief Dragon New Warm Mountain I Believe in You
Björk Fossora
Tia Blake Folksongs & Ballads reissue
Anna Butterss Activities
Codeine Dessau
Carla Dal Forno Come Around
Darkthrone Astral Fortress
Stella Donnelly Flood
Dream Unending Song of Salvation
Hammered Hulls Careening
jennylee Heart Tax
Jóhann Jóhannsson Drone Mass
Leslie Keffer Perceive
Këkht Aräkh Pale Swordsman & Night of Love reissues
Cate Le Bon Pompeii
James Marlon Magas Confusion Is My Name
Kali Malone Living Torch
Branko Mataja Over Fields & Mountains
Makaya McCraven In These Times
Bill Nace Through a Room
Rachika Nayar Heaven Come Crashing
Angel Olsen Big Time
Bill Orcutt Music for Four Guitars
Jeff Parker Mondays at the Enfield Tennis Academy
Raum Daughter
Lou Reed I’m So Free: the 1971 RCA Demos
Max Roach We Insist! reissue
The Smile A Light For Attracting Attention
Sonic Youth In/Out/In
Phuong Tam Magical Nights: Saigon Surf, Twist & Soul 1964-66
Norma Tanega I’m the Sky: Studio & Demo Recordings 1964-1971
Undeath It’s Time…To Rise From the Grave
Christina Vanztou, Michael Harrison & John Also Bennet Christina Vanztou, Michael Harrison &  
    John Also Bennet

V/A Ghost Riders
Voivod Angel Rat reissue
Voivod Synchro Anarchy
Weyes Blood And in the Darkness, Hearts Aglow!
Worm Bluenothing
You’ll Never Get to Heaven Wave Your Moonlight Hat for the Snowfall Train
Neil Young Citizen Kane Jr Blues 1974
Neil Young & Crazy Horse Toast



BLADEE & ECCO2K – CREST [Year0001]

Duster – Together [Numero]

Other Favorites (in somewhat of an order)
DJ Speedsick – Midwest Death Trance [Techno Is The Devil’s Music]
Grivo – Omit [Church Road]
Boy Harsher – The Runner [Nude Club]
Dance Gavin Dance – Jackpot Juicer [Rise]
DJ Headwound – Xpiritual [self]
Sadness – Tortuga [self]
Kali Malone – Living Torch [Portraits GRM]
Sarah Davachi – Two Sisters [Late]
Artificial Brain – S/T [Profound Lore]
Mutant Beat Dance – No Comfort for Control [Nation]
Vermin Womb – Retaliation [Closed Casket Activities]
Codeine – Dessau [Numero]
Alex G – God Save the Animals [Domino]
Grave Upheaval / The Funeral Orchestra – Inexistentia [Parasitic]
Kittin & The Hacker – Third Album [Nobody’s Bizzness]
Vatican Shadow – Coast Guard Gulf of Blood [Hospital]
Raum – Daughter [Yellowelectric]
Matchess – Sonescent [Drag City]
Ojerum – Reversed Cathedral [Cyclic Law]
Purity Filter – Immortal Spirit [Dismiss Yourself]
Holy Fawn – Dimensional Bleed [Wax Bodega]
Julien Andreas – Bottomfeeder [Magdalena’s Apathy]
Astrophysics – Selected & Tragic [self]
Woe Bather – May Loneliness Consume You [self]
deathcrash – Return [Untitled]
Izthmi – Leaving This World, Leaving It All Behind [Satanik Royalty]
Fret – Only for the Weak [L.I.E.S.]
Whatever the Weather – S/T [Ghostly]
Windowshopping – Andromeda [No Agreements]
Rapoon – Can You Hear That Rain [Ultra Gash]
Lilien Rosarian – Every Flower In My Garden [self]
Wiegedood – There’s Always Blood at the End of the Road [Century]
Primitive Man – Insurmountable [Closed Casket Activities]
Sarin – S/T [self]
Ekin Fil – Dora Agora [Helen Scarsdale]

Makaya McCraven – In These Times [International Anthem]



Albums I liked from this year:

  • Parannoul/ Asian Glow – “Paraglow” (Longinus)
  • Yasuaki Shimizu – “Kiren” (Palto Flats)
  • Various Artists – “Valley Of The Sun: Field Guide To Inner Harmony” (Numero Group)
  • Chat Pile – “God’s Country” (Flenser)
  • Black Country, New Road – “Ants From Up There” (Ninja Tune)
  • Big Thief – “Dragon New Warm Mountain I Believe In You” (4AD)
  • Parannoul – “White Ceiling/ Black Dots Wandering Around” (Longinus)
  • Drift Heaven – “Final Lap” (Equip’s Picks)
  • Japanese Breakfast – “Sable” (Dead Oceans)
  • Blood Incantation – “Timewave Zero” (Century Media)
  • Asian Glow & Weatherday – “Weatherglow” (Longinus)
  • Wet Leg – “Wet Leg” (Domino)
  • Spiritualized – “Everything Was Beautiful” (Fat Possum)
  • Horsegirl – “Versions Of Modern Performance” (Matador)
  • Danger Mouse & Black Thought – “Cheat Codes” (BMG)
  • Nouns – “While Of Unsound Mind” (Self-Released)
  • The Hated – “Best Piece Of Shit Vol. 4” (Numero Group)
  • Richard Dawson – “The Ruby Cord” (Weird World)
  • Hole Dweller – “Another Chance At Peace” (Dungeons Deep)

Albums I liked from last year, that I didn’t find out about until this year:

  • Deerhoof – “Actually, You Can” (Joyful Noise)
  • You’ll Never Get To Heaven – “Wave Your Moonlight Hat For The Snowfall Train” (Seance Centre)
  • Kekht Arakh – “Pale Swordsman” (Sacred Bones)

I don’t usually like podcasts, but here is one really good one you should check out:

uswithoutThem – Discussing mewithoutYou songs, track by track & album by album



Get on the Otherside by Bobby Oroza
Soul Sold Separately by Freddie Gibbs
Tunic (Original Soundtrack) by Lifeformed x Janice Kwan
Diaspora Problems by Soul Glo
Dawn FM by The Weeknd
Few Good Things by Saba
Pathos by Conjurer
Live in LA by Equip
Motomami by Rosalia
False Light by White Ward
AKUMA 3 by Alex & Tokyo Rose
Melt My Eyez See Your Future by Denzel Curry
Reborn by Kavinsky
Vapor Sessions 1 & 2 by OSC
Loud Arriver by Sonja
Ramona Park Broke My Heart by Vince Staples
The Forever Story by JID
Sentimental by Miami Nights 1984




Writer for Last Week Tonight With John Oliver; Contributor to

  • Beyoncé – Renaissance
  • Charli XCX – Crash
  • Florence + The Machine – Dance Fever
  • Harry Styles – Harry’s House
  • Jessie Ware – “Free Yourself”
  • Lizzo – Special
  • Megan Thee Stallion & Dua Lipa – “Sweetest Pie”
  • Rina Sawayama – Hold The Girl
  • Rosalía – MOTOMAMI
  • Trixie Mattel – The Blonde & Pink Albums



Love Lion Releases

Angel Olsen Big Time (Jagjaguwar)
Jeff Parker ETA IVtet Mondays at The ETA (Eremite)
Les Rallizes Dénudés The OZ Tapes (Temporal Drift)
Ernest Hood Back To The Woodlands (Freedom To Spend)
Gewgawly I & Thou NORCO Original Game Soundtrack (Sacred Bones)
Sofia Bolt Soft Like a Peach (self)
Marina Allen Centrifics (Fire)
Andy Bell Flicker (Sonic Cathedral)
Sun’s Signature s/t (Partisan)
GOON Hour of Green Evening (Démodé)
The Smile A Light For Attracting Attention (Self Help Tapes)
Steve Gunn Nakama (Matador)
Cloakroom Dissolution Wave (Relapse)
Aldous Harding Warm Chris (4AD)
Daniel Bachman Lonesome Weary Blues (Three Lobed)
Fievel Is Glauque Flaming Swords (Math Interactive)
Steve Gunn Nakama (Matador)
Kendrick Lamar Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers (Aftermath/Interscope)
Elvis Costello & The Imposters The Boy Named If (EMI Capital)
Earthen Sea Ghost Poems (Kranky)
Hurray for the Riff Raff Life on Earth (Nonesuch)
Keeley Forsyth Limbs (Leaf)
Eiko Ishibashi For McCoy (Black Truffle)
Broadcast Maida Vale Sessions (Warp)
v/a I Had the Craziest Dream: Modern Jazz & Hard-Bop in Post War London Vol. 1 & 2 (Death Is Not The End)
v/a Pure Wicked Tune: Rare Groove Blues Dances & House Parties 1985-1992 (Death Is Not The End)
Sault Air (Forever Living Originals)
Sam Burton “Leaving Here Still”
John McGuire Pulse Music (Unseen Worlds)
Luis 057 (Schwyn) (AD93)
Charles Stepney Step on Step (International Anthem)
The Orielles Tableau (Heavenly)
Derya Yıldırım & Grup Şimşek “Darıldım Darıldım” (Bongo Joe)
Voice Actor Sent From My Telephone (Stroom)
Widowspeak The Jacket (Captured Tracks)
Salamanda ashbalkum (Human Pitch)

Beth Gibbons & Rustin Man Out of Season (Go Beat)
Alice In Chains Dirt (Sony)
ONO Kate Cincinnati (American Dreams)
v/a Tender Rhythms And Songs Of Love (Paxico)
Polvo In Prism (Merge)
MAGMA Mekanik Destruktiw Kommandoh (Music On Vinyl)
Bill Fay Still Some Light (Dead Oceans)
Duster Stratosphere & Contemporary Movement (Numero)
Thomas Leer Contradictions (Spittle)
Ruth Polaroid/Roman/Photo (Born Bad)
Carlos Niño & Friends Assortment for Susan’s (Leaving)



Chicago film critic; Contributor to, The Playlist and more

Here are my favorite new albums of the year, some impressive reissues, plus some albums I listened to with my boyfriend that he really loved (listed in release order):

  • Dawn FM by The Weeknd
  • Ágætis Byrjun by Sigur Rós (repressing)
  • Brightside by The Lumineers
  • Laurel Hell by Mitski
  • Dragon New Warm Mountain I Believe in You by Big Thief
  • Few Good Things by Saba
  • Once Twice Melody by Beach House
  • Aaliyah by Aaliyah (repressing)
  • Tilt by Confidence Man
  • The Other Side of Make-Believe by Interpol
  • Midnights by Taylor Swift
  • The Car by Arctic Monkeys
  • And I Have Been by Benjamin Clementine
  • Only the Strong Survive by Bruce Springsteen 
  • Babylon score album by Justin Hurwitz



Beggars Group

Naujawanan Baider – Khedmat Be Khalq (Radio Khiyaban)
Vivid Oblivion – The Graphic Cabinet (Downwards)
Brannten Schnüre – Das Glück Vermeiden (Quirlschlängle)
Dale Cornish – Traditional Music of South London (The Death of Rave)
The Bug – Absent Riddim (Pressure)
Sarah Davachi – Two Sisters (Late Music)
Girlsperm – Return to Girlsperm (Thrilling Living)
Oren Ambarchi – Shebang (Drag City)
Kali Malone – Living Torch (Portraits GRM)
Valentina Magaletti – La Tempesta Colorata (A Colorful Storm)
V/A – Music From Saharan WhatsApp (Sahel Sounds)
Pan Daijing- Tissues (Pan)
Nový Svět – Desde Infiernos De Flores (Quirlschlängle)
Freundliche Kreisel – Freundliche Kreisel (

V/A – The Buntingford Long Playing Album (Siltbreeze)
Ruby Johnson – Ruby Johnson (Mississippi)
Space Machine – Space Tuning Box (Urashima)
Valentina Goncharova – Ocean: Symphony For Electric Violin and Other
Instruments in Ten Parts
(Hidden Harmony)
Albert Ayler – Revelations – The Complete ORTF 1970 Fondation Maeght
(INA, Elemental Music)
V/A – Studio One Music Lab (Soul Jazz)
Sidney Sager – Children of the Stones (Trunk Records)
Ornette Coleman – Genesis of Genius (Craft Recordings, Contemporary Records)
Patrick Cowley – Malebox (Dark Entries)
Alice Coltrane – Ptah, the El Daoud (Verve)
Count Ossie And The Mystic Revelation of Rastafari – Grounation (Soul Jazz)
Drexciya – Neptune’s Lair (Tresor Records)
Smelly Feet – Smelly Neu Pollution (Minimum Table Stacks)



Third Man Records Nashville

2022 Music Does Rock List (in no particular order / singles, EPs, albums and reissues)

– Gee Tee “Rock Phone”
– Chronophage “Chronophage”
– Straw Man Army “SOS”
– Panda Bear & Sonic Boom “Reset”
– Ginger Root “Loneliness”
– Total Wife “A Blip”
– Black Thought & Danger Mouse “Cheat Codes”
– Jockstrap “Glasgow”
– 1-800-Mikey “Pressure”
– Cobra Man “Cool, Nice.”
– Guerilla Toss “Famously Alive”
– No windows “Shout (Red Song)”
– MJ Lenderman “Boat Songs”
– Ex Pilots “Too Far”
– Hotline TNT “When You Find Out”
– Broadcast “Maida Vale Sessions”
– The Cat’s Miaow “Hollow Inside”
– The Web of Lies “Receiver”
– RMFC “Access”
– Peace de Resistance “Bits and Pieces”
– Rich Ruth “I Survived, It’s Over”


Here’s a playlist collecting our favorite tracks from some of these releases:

If you bought music from us or spent some time in our shops this year, we appreciate your support so much.

We’ll see you all again in 2023! — Reckless Records

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Reckless Records 12/9/22 New Releases

Dead Meadow – Force Form Free


>> DEAD MEADOW – Force Form Free LP/CD (Blues Funeral)

DEAD MEADOW returns!! There was a few years where these guys were on a serious tear. They’ve been on hiatus for a bit but we’re really glad they’re back. They’ve changed things up a little, going for  more of an expansive, psychedelic doom instrumental trip. You have to wait until track 4 forthe vocals to finally arrive & it’s a pretty mellow track, reminding us more of Jason Simon’s solo stuff. Fans of their previous records might be surprised by the lack of vocals but overall this still has a DEAD MEADOW vibe. RECOMMENDED.

>> LELAND WHITTY (of BADBADNOTGOOD) – Anyhow LP (Innovative Leisure)

This solo record from BADBADNOTGOOD’s LELAND WHITTY makes good use of his Swiss Army Knife-like abilities
on guitar, sythnesizer, woodwinds & strings, allowing for a totalizing compositional approach in the vein of DAVID AXELROD and ARTHUR VEROCAI. Lush, textured and layered, this is perfect for fans of BBNG, 70s HERBIE HANCOCK and the groovier side of the label International Anthem. RECOMMENDED!

>> WILD NOTHING – Nocturne: 10th Anniversary Edition LP (Captured Tracks) 

10th anniversary edition of the fantastic 2nd record by Jack Tatum’s WILD NOTHING now on marble vinyl with new artwork. This is one of the finest moments for the band & the record has aged very well. Top-notch dream pop for fans of the early days of CAPTURED TRACKS, 80s Flying Nun bands etc…RECOMMENDED!

>> VARIOUS – Artificial Intelligence LP (Warp) *30th Anniversary – Remastered

Warp is closing out 2022 with a new remaster of their landmark 1992 compilation, featuring early cuts from APHEX TWIN (as THE DICE MAN), RICHIE HAWTIN (as UP!) and AUTECHRE amongst other Warp staples. History on wax here! RECOMMENDED!

>> VARIOUS – Padang Moonrise: The Birth of the Modern Indonesian Recording Industry 2LP (Soundway) *w/ bonus 7″

Excellent compilation from Soundway detailing music from Indonesia during the middle of the 20th century, a period of extreme political violence that also saw the simultaneous emergence of a recording industry. The music here draws from both Western styles of jazz, afro-latin music, lounge and doo-wop as well as styles from the regions such as Gamelan, Gambus and Kroncong. For fans of Ethiopiques and South East Asian “nuggets” compilations, this comes RECOMMENDED.


JOHNNY ADAMS – South Side of Soul Street LP (Sun) *RSD Essential

ALABAMA SHAKES – Boys & Girls 2LP/CD (ATO) 10th Anniversary – Ltd. Cloudy Clear Vinyl w/ bonus live tracks

>> CHARLES AMOAH – Sweet Vibration LP (Soundway) *Reissue

BENTLY ANDERSON – Scintil: Explorers Series Vol. 26 CS (Trouble In Mind)

BABYFACE – Girls Night Out LP (Capitol)

ERYKAH BADU – New Amerykah Part One: 4th World War 2LP (Motown) *Reissue – Ltd. Purple Vinyl

ERYKAH BADU – New Amerykah Part Two: Return of the Ankh 2LP (Motown) *Reissue – Ltd. Purple Vinyl

BAUHAUS – Burning From the Inside LP (Beggars Banquet) *Remastered

BAUHAUS – The Sky’s Gone Out LP (Beggars Banquet) *Remastered

>> BLATANT DISSENT – 1985-1986 LP (Alona’s Dream)

MARY J. BLIGE – Good Morning Gorgeous 2LP (300 Entertainment) *Deluxe Edition – Ltd. Clear Vinyl

>> GAVIN BRYARS – Sinking of the Titanic LP (Superior Viaduct) *Reissue

>> HAROLD BUDD – Pavilion of Dreams LP (Superior Viaduct) *Reissue – Back in stock!

DONALD BYRD – Live: Cookin’ with Blue Note at Montreux LP (Blue Note)

CERRONE – Cerrone By Cerrone 2LP (Malligator) *Ltd. Blue Vinyl

ALEX CHILTON – Live in London: Encore Edition 2LP (Sundazed) *Ltd. White Vinyl

COCTEAU TWINS – Heaven or Las Vegas LP (4AD) *180g, Remastered – Back in stock!

CHRIS CONNELLY – Eulogy to Christa CD (Shipwrecked Industries)

DEPECHE MODE – Violator LP (Sony) *Import, Reissue – Back in stock!

MAL DEVISA – kiid LP (Top Shelf) *Ltd. Maroon Vinyl

>> DIVIDE & DISSOLVE – Gas Lit LP (Invada) *Ltd. Blue Vinyl – Expanded

>> ERNESTO DJEDJE – Roi Du Ziglibithy 12″ (Analog Africa)

>> DUSTY PATCHES – Newtok LP (Sooper)

DURAN DURAN – All You Need is Now 2LP (BMG) *Reissue – Ltd. Magenta Vinyl

DURAN DURAN – Astronaut 2LP (BMG) *Reissue – Ltd. Milky Clear Vinyl

DURAN DURAN – Red Carpet Massacre 2LP (BMG) *Reissue – Ltd. Red Vinyl

EARLY MOODS – Early Moods LP (Riding Easy) *Now available on vinyl

JIMMY EDGAR – Liquids Heaven LP (Innovative Leisure)

HERB ELLIS & REMO PALMIER – Windflower LP (Real Gone) *Reissue – Ltd. Green Vinyl

>> FELBM – Elements of Nature 2LP (Soundway)

HENRY FRANKLIN, ADRIAN YOUNGE & ALI SHAHEED MUHAMMAD – Jazz is Dead 14 (Jazz is Dead) *Ltd. Blue Vinyl

RAQUEL GONZALEZ – Sonic Creations for Violin & Lyra: Explorers Series Vol. 25 CS (Trouble In Mind)

GUNNA – DS4ever 2LP (Young Stoner Life) *Ltd. Silver Vinyl

NINA HAGEN – Unity LP (Gronland)

HEAVENLY – Heavenly vs. Satan LP (Skep Wax) *Reissue

>> THE HOMELESS GOSPEL CHOIR – Fourth Dimension Intervention LP (Don Giovanni) *Ltd. Seaglass Blue Vinyl

JOHN LEE HOOKER – The Healer LP (Craft) *180g, Remastered

IDLES – Brutalism: Five Years of… LP (Partisan) *Ltd. Red Vinyl w/ alternate art

IMAGINE DRAGONS – Mercury: Act 2 2LP (Interscope)

ETTA JAMES – Tell Mama LP (Bear Family) *RSD Essential – Ltd. Yellow Vinyl

THE JIVE TURKEYS – Bread & Butter LP (Colemine) *Black or Ltd. “Turkey Gravy” Vinyl

>> JOCKSTRAP – I Love You Jennifer B LP (Rough Trade) *Ltd. Green Vinyl – Back in stock!

JOY ZIPPER – American Whip LP (Last Night From Glasgow) *Reissue – Ltd. Blue Vinyl


ALICIA KEYS – Santa Baby LP (Alicia Keys) *Now available on vinyl

>> KITCHEN’S FLOOR – None of That LP (Petty Bunco)

LAKE STREET DIVE – Fun Machine: The Sequel LP (Fantasy)

JOHN LEGEND – Legend 2LP (Republic) *Now available on vinyl

JERRY LEE LEWIS – Live From Austin TX: Austin City Limits 2LP (New West) *Ltd. Red Vinyl

JAMIE LEVINSON – Explorers Series Vol. 24 CS (Trouble In Mind)

LOVAGE – Music to Make Love to Your Old Lady By: Instrumental Version 2LP (Bulk)

JOYNER LUCAS – (508)507-2209 2LP (Atlantic) *Ltd. Clear Vinyl – Mixtape now available on vinyl

>> LYKOTONON – Promethean Pathology CD (Profound Lore)

MADLIB – Madlib Medicine Show #7: High Jazz (Madlib Invazion) *Reissue – Ltd. Sea Glass Vinyl

>> THE METERS – Message from the Meters: Complete Singles 1968-1977 3LP (Real Gone) *Back in stock!

>> MICROPHONES – The Glow Pt. 2 2LP (PW Elverum & Sun) *Reissue w/ poster & OBI – Back in stock!

>> SHANNEN MOSER – The Sun Still Seems to Move LP (Lame-O) *Ltd. Coke Bottle Clear Vinyl

MY BLOODY VALENTINE – Loveless LP (MBV) *2021 Analogue Remaster – Finally back in stock!

MY MORNING JACKET – Circuital 3LP (ATO) *Deluxe Edition – Ltd. Color Vinyl

>> JOANNA NEWSOM – Ys 2LP (Drag City) *Back in stock!

>> JOANNA NEWSOM – Have One on Me 3LP (Drag City) *Back in stock!

>> ONE ELEVEN HEAVY – Poolside LP (Kith & Kim)

PIXIES – Doolittle LP (4AD) *180g, Reissue – Back in stock!

PIXIES – Surfer Rosa LP (4AD) *180g, Reissue – Back in stock!

QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE – Like Clockwork 2LP (Matador) *2022 Remaster – Ltd. Red Vinyl w/ art print

QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE – Villains 2LP (Matador) *2022 Repress – Ltd. White Vinyl w/ etched D-side

REEKING AURA – Blood & Bonemeal LP (Profound Lore) *Now available on vinyl

>> SOFIE ROYER – Harlequin LP (Stones Throw)

SEATBELTS – Cowboy Bebop (Netflix Series Soundtrack) LP (Milan) *Ltd. White/Opaque Brown Color Vinyl

SHORELINE MAFIA – ShorelineDoThatShit 2LP (Atlantic) *Reissue

SONIC’S RENDEZVOUS BAND – Out of Time 2LP (Easy Action)

TOE. – For Long Tomorrow LP (Top Shelf) *Ltd. Green-in-Brown Vinyl

>> TRY THE PIE – A Widening Burst of Forever LP (Get Better)

>> TYLER THE CREATOR – Goblin 2LP (XL) *Back in stock!

>> UNSCHOOLING – Defensive Designs LP (Bad Vibrations) *180g – Ltd. Pink Vinyl

>> UNSCHOOLING – Random Acts of Total Control LP (Bad Vibrations) *180g

THE USED – The Used 2LP (Reprise) *20th Anniversary Reissue w/ bonus tracks

WORLD PARTY – Egyptology 2LP (Seaview) *Ltd. Color Vinyl w/ bonus tracks

THOM YORKE – Anima 2LP (XL) *Back in stock!

STEVE YOUNG – Rock Salt & Nails LP (Real Gone) *Reissue – Ltd. “Rock Salt” Vinyl

VARIOUS – Pacific Breeze: Japanese City Pop… 1976–1986 2LP (LITA) *Ltd. Color Vinyl – Finally back in stock!

VARIOUS – Pacific Breeze 2: Japanese City Pop… 1972-1986 2LP (LITA) *Ltd. Color Vinyl – Finally back in stock!

VARIOUS – Penny & The Quarters & Friends LP (Numero Group) *Black or Ltd. “Smoke In Your Eyes” Color Vinyl

VARIOUS – The Polar Express (Soundtrack) LP (Warner) *Ltd. Ice Color Vinyl

**Titles preceded by >> have descriptions available in store or at

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Reckless Records 11/25 & 12/2/22 New Releases

Ganser – Nothing You Do Matters EP


>> MABE FRATTI – Se Ve Desde Aqui LP (Unheard of Hope)

For her third album, Mexico City-based cellist MABE FRATTI spaces things out, detangling the textures and loops that defined her earlier releases to something more stark and sparse. Se Ve Desde Aqui embraces these open landscapes, fusing acoustic free jazz with ambient pop and minimal wave, finding these songs in a style not unlike ARTHUR RUSSELL’s World of Echo or contemporary minimal artists like FENNESZ and Chicago composer GIA MARGARET. Absolutely RECCOMENDED!


Long-awaited full length release from legendary drummer/ producer MICK HARRIS out via LIES records. BECAUSE OF THE WEEK is 10 tracks of crushing, black hole industrial techno. An unrelenting onslaught of beat-down mutations mixed with Mick’s dub sensibilities, bringing texture and deepatmosphere to the album. An incredibly solid release for those who like it on the extreme side and pushed into the red. RECOMMENDED!

>> GANSER – Nothing You Do Matters EP 12″ (Felte) *Ltd. Red Gel Picture Disc

The talented Chicago quartet GANSER get one in just before the end of ’22 with this EP. With production from LIARS’ Angus Andrew, GANSER continue to create top-notch rhythmic post-punk. Angus’ production definitely lends a bit of a LIARS vibe to the songs which certainly isn’t a bad thing. RECOMMENDED!

>> KATIE ALICE GREER – Barbarism LP/CD (Four Four)

This first solo record from ex-PRIESTS vocalist KATIE ALICE GREER is a thrilling left turn: Greer trades in the jagged post-punk of Priests for spacious, textured electronics, crooning nostalgic over dystopian noise. Fantastic music here that comes RECOMMENDED!

>> KEKHT ARAKH – Night & Love & Pale Swordsmen LP/CD/CS (Sacred Bones) *Reissues (sold separately) each available on Black or Ltd. Metallic Silver Vinyl

We’re really excited that Sacred Bones has reissued some of the albums by the Ukraine based, one-man black metal project KEKHT ARAKH. The project is led by the mysterious entity Crying Orc (best black metal name ever) & his music is a mix of low-fi early 90s sounding black metal with occasional acoustic pieces, synth passages & even some minimalist piano compositions. It all works really well together & makes for some of the more interesting releases in this style that we’ve heard in awhile. RECOMMENDED!


BACKSTREET BOYS – A Very Backstreet Christmas LP (BMG)

CHET BAKER & ART PEPPER SEXTET – Picture of Heath (Blue Note) *Tone Poet Series

THE BEACH BOYS – Sail on Sailor 1972 LP/CD (Capitol) *2CD or 2LP w/ bonus 7″

>> BELLOWS – Next of Kin LP (Top Shelf) *Ltd. Clear Vinyl

BLACK OAK ARKANSAS – X Rated LP (Cleopatra) *Reissue – Ltd. Red Vinyl

BLACK OX ORKESTAR – Everything Returns LP (Constellation)

BOURBONESE QUALK – Bourbonese Qualk LP (Mannequin) *Reissue

BRIGHT EYES – Digital Ash in a Digital Urn: A Companion LP (Dead Oceans) *Ltd. Gold Vinyl – Original album also newly reissued and sold separately

BRIGHT EYES – I’m Wide Awake, It’s Morning: A Companion LP (Dead Oceans) *Ltd. Gold Vinyl – Original album also newly reissued and sold separately

BRIGHT EYES – Lifted or The Story is in the Soil, Keep Your Ear to the Ground: A Companion LP (Dead Oceans) *Ltd. Gold Vinyl – Original 2LP album also newly reissued and sold separately

SOLOMON BURKE – Don’t Give Up On Me 2LP/CD (Anti-) *20th Anniversary – Black or Ltd. Red Vinyl

BRANDI CARLILE – In These Silent Days/ In the Canyon Haze 2LP (Elektra) *Deluxe reissue of 2021 album with bonus LP of acoustic tracks and a DAVID BOWIE cover – Ltd. Color Vinyl

ALBERT CASTIGLIA – I Got Love LP (Gulf Coast)

CELTIC FROST – Danse Macabre LP/CD (BMG) *Available as 10LP or 5CD Box Set

CHRIST ON A CRUTCH – Crime Pays When Pigs Die LP (Cleopatra) *Reissue – Ltd. Red Vinyl

CIGARETTES AFTER SEX – Cigarettes After Sex LP (Partisan) *5th Anniversary – Ltd. White Vinyl

CLEM SNIDE – Your Favorite Music 2LP (Dot Matrix) *Remastered & Expanded Edition

CLEM SNIDE – The Ghost of Fashion 2LP (Dot Matrix) *Remastered & Expanded Edition

COLD GAWD – Get Me the Fuck Out of Here LP/CD (Dais) *Black or Ltd. Black & Red Vinyl

PATRICK COWLEY – Malebox LP (Dark Entries)

CREED – My Own Prison LP (Craft) *Remastered – First time on vinyl

>> NICOLA CRUZ – fabric Presents Nicola Cruz LP (fabric)

DAFT PUNK – Homework Remixes 2LP/CD (Daft Life)

DJ PLEAD – Quick EP 12″ (Livity Sound)

DREXCIYA – Harnessed The Storm LP (Tresor) *2022 Reissue

>> EERIE WANDA – Internal Radio LP (Joyful Noise)

ENHYPEN – Sadame CD (Geffen)

FUCKED UP – Hidden World 2LP (Get Better) *Reissue – Ltd. Magenta Vinyl

JERRY GARCIA – Garcia 2LP (ATO) *50th Anniversary – Expanded Edition

GIRLPUPPY – When I’m Alone LP/CD (Royal Mountain)

VINCE GUARALDI – A Charlie Brown Christmas 3CD (Craft) *Super Deluxe Edition w/ Blu-ray & Hardbound Book

HABIBI – Habibi LP (Kill Rock Stars) *Remastered – Ltd. Color Vinyl w/ bonus 7″

THE HATED – The Best of Shit in the World Vol. 4 2LP (Numero Group) *Black or Ltd. “Broken Bone” White Vinyl

HOT HOT HEAT – Make Up The Breakdown: Deluxe Edition LP (Sub Pop) *Remastered w/ bonus tracks – Ltd. Loser Edition Yellow Vinyl

AHMAD JAMAL – Emerald City Nights: Live at the Penthouse 1963-1964 2CD (Jazz Detective)

JAMIROQUAI – High Times: The Singles 1992-2006 3LP (Sony)

JOEY BADA$$ – 1999 LP (Empire) *Reissue – Ltd. Color Vinyl

KARATE – Time Expired LP (Numero Group) *5LP Box Set – Ltd. Splatter Vinyl

SEAN KEEL – A Dry Scary Blue LP (Icons Creating Evil Art) *Ltd. Clear Vinyl

KING GIZZARD… – Flying Microtonal Banana LP (ATO) *Reissue – Ltd. “Golden Rattlesnake” Edition

KING GIZZARD… – Float Along – Fill Your Lungs LP (ATO) *Reissue – “Venusian Sky” Edition

KING GIZZARD… – Paper Mache Dream Balloon 2LP (ATO) *Reissue – Ltd. Lemon & Mango Vinyl w/ bonus instrumentals

GALCHER LUSTWERK – 100% GALCHER 2LP (Ghostly) *Remastered – Black or Ltd. Milky Gray Vinyl

MAGICIAN – Magician LP (Trunk) *Reissue

BLUE MITCHELL – Bring It Home To Me LP (Blue Note) *Tone Poet Series

MONO – Scarlet Holliday 10″ (Temporary Residence) *Black or Ltd. Metallic Silver Vinyl

>> NO ZU – Heat Beat 12″ (Chapter) *Ltd. Yellow Speckled Vinyl

OZZY OSBOURNE – Patient Number 9 CD (Epic) **** Signed by Ozzy! ****

BUCK OWENS & HIS BUCKAROOS – Christmas Shopping LP (Sundazed) *Ltd. Green Vinyl

DOLLY PARTON – Release Me 7″ (Stardust) *Ltd. Blue Vinyl

JOEL PATTERSON – Hi-Fi Christmas Guitar LP (Nu-Tone) *2022 Repress – Ltd. Green Vinyl

TOM PETTY & THE HEARTBREAKERS – Live at the Fillmore 1997 LP/CD (Warner Bros) *Available as standard 3LP or 2CD Sets and Deluxe 6LP or 4CD Box Sets

QUEEN – Sheer Heart Attack LP (Hollywood) *180g, Half Speed Mastered

QUEEN OF JEANS – Hiding in Place EP 12″ (Memory Music)

STEVE REICH – Runner/ Music for Ensemble & Orchestra LP/CD (Nonesuch)

BOKAJ RETSIEM – Psychedelic Underground LP (Future Shock) *Reissue – 2021 release now in stock

THE RUBS – Dust LP (Hozac)

SAVES THE DAY – Sound The Alarm 2×10″ (Vagrant) *Vagrant 25th Anniversary Series – Ltd. Color Vinyl

JOSEPH SHABASON – Anne EP 12″ (Western Vinyl) *Ltd. Pink Vinyl

>> JEFFREY SILVERSTEIN – You Become the Mountain LP (Arrowhawk) *Black or Ltd. Lilac Vinyl

SLOPPY JANE & PHOEBE BRIDGERS – My Misery Will Bury You. 7″ (Saddest Factory)

SOISONG – QXN948S LP (DAIS) *Ltd. Clear w/ Orange Splatter Vinyl

ESPERANZA SPALDING – Radio Music Society 2LP (Craft) *10th Anniversary Reissue

SQUALLS – Squalls LP (Propeller Sound) *Remastered

THE STAVES – Dead & Born & Grown LP (Warner) *10th Anniversary – Ltd. Recycled Vinyl

CAT STEVENS – Catch Bull at Four LP (Island) *50th Anniversary – Remastered

SUFJAN STEVENS – Fourth of July 7″ (Asthmatic Kitty) *2 alternate versions of Carrie & Lowell track

SUFFOCATION – Blood Oath CS (Nuclear Blast)

>> SUSS – Suss 2LP (Northern Spy)

TAYLOR SWIFT – Lover LP (Republic) *Ltd. Color Vinyl – Back in stock!

TINY VIPERS – Hands Across The Void LP (Leiter Verlag) *Reissue – First time on vinyl

TINY VIPERS – Life on Earth 2LP (Leiter Vertag) *Reissue – First time on vinyl

THE VANDALS – Peace Thru Vandalism CS (Kung Fu)

>> RICARDO VILLALOBOS – Any Ideas 12″ (Perlon) *Back in stock!

WALE – More About Nothing 2LP (Empire) *Mixtape now available on vinyl

THE WARLOCKS – Rise & Fall 2LP (Cleopatra) *2022 Reissue – Ltd. Split Color Vinyl

WET LEG – Too Late Now (Soulwax Remix) 12″ (Soulwax)

>> WHITE LUNG – Premonition LP/CD (Domino) *Black or Ltd. Orange Vinyl

STEVIE WONDER – Original Musiquarium I 2LP (Motown) *Reissue w/ embossed gatefold – Back in stock!

SHIHO YABUKI – The Body is a Message of the Universe LP (Subliminal Sounds) *2022 Reissue – First time on vinyl

NEIL YOUNG – Harvest 2LP (Reprise) *50th Anniversary Deluxe Edition w/ bonus 7″, DVD, book, and lithograph poster

ADRIAN YOUNGE & ALI SHAHEED MUHAMMAD – Jazz is Dead 11 LP (Jazz is Dead) *Black or Ltd. Green Vinyl

>> VARIOUS – Ein Und Zwei Und Drei Und Vier Vol. 2: Deutsche Experimental Pop 78-87 LP (Bureau B)

VARIOUS – Luke Schneider Presents Imaginational Anthem Vol. XI: Chrome Universal LP (Tompkins Square)

VARIOUS – Southeast of Saturn Vol. 2: Midwest Shoegaze 2LP (Third Man) *Ltd. Color Vinyl

VARIOUS – To the Moon & Back: A Tribute to Ryuichi Sakamoto 2LP/CD (Milan) *Featuring THUNDERCAT, DAVID SYLVIAN, DEV HYNES, CORNELIUS, HILDUR GUÐNADÓTTIR, FENNESZ, ALVA NOTO and more

**Titles preceded by >> have descriptions available in store or at

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Black Friday 2022

Our Jonathan Richman & Motorhead LPs didn’t ship at all, we’ll have those next week. Some other titles shipped late & we’re hoping they’ll show up. Those are marked below. Some titles only arrived at just 1 or 2 stores so be sure to check the list if you’re planning on going to a specific location. Happy hunting!

Alex G-  We’re All Going To The World’s Fair (Soundtrack)

Mose Allison – Live 1978 now in stock at Wicker Park

America -Live at Goodbye Summer Festival w/ CD now in stock at Wicker Park

The Appleseed Cast – Sagarmatha Wicker Park only

Roger Bellon – Waxwork (Soundtrack) 

Marco Beltrami Mimic (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Varese Sarabande LP

Tony Bennett/Lady Gaga Cheek To Cheek: Live! 

Frank Black & The Catholics – One More Road For The Hit Wicker Park only

Black Label Society – Skullage

David Bowie – The Next Day Extra EP 12”

Big Bill Broonzy – Live in Amsterdam, 1953 Liberation Hall now in stock at Wicker Park    

Brotha Lynch Hung – Season Of Da Siccness 

Eric Burdon & War – The Complete Vinyl Collection 4LP box set

Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band – Clear Spot (50th Anniversary)

The Jim Carroll Band – Catholic Boy (Deluxe) 

Harry Chapin – Story of a Life–The Complete Hit Singles 

Chief Keef – 4NEM 

Bobby Cole – A Point of View 

Larry Coryell – Coryell 

Marshall Crenshaw – Marshall Crenshaw 40th Anniversary Edition 

Bing Crosby/David Bowie – Peace on Earth/Little Drummer 12”

The Cure – Wish (30th Anniversary Edition) picture disc first ever U.S. release!

Dave Davies Fractured Mindz Green Amp 2xLP

The Dead Milkmen – Metaphysical Graffiti now in stock at Wicker Park    

The Doors – Paris Blues 

Dream Widow – Dream Widow

Duran Duran Live at Hammersmith ’82 Rhino 2xLP

8Ball & MJG – We Are The South (Greatest Hits)

Billie Eilish – Happier Than Ever Darkroom rainbow foil cover & litho poster

Engine Kid – Angel Wings + 2021 Flexi 

EPMD – We Mean Business 

Bryan Ferry – Taxi 

Fleetwood Mac – The Alternate Collection 8LP box set

Fountains of Wayne – Traffic and Weather 

The Four Tops – Second Album 

Ace Frehley – Origins Vol. 2 picture disc Wicker Park only

Edgar Froese – Aqua

Jerry Garcia Band – Pure Jerry: Coliseum, Hampton, VA, November 9, 1991 5LP box set

G.B.H.-  City Baby Attacked By Rats 

Ghost – Impera  Picture Disc

Goldfinger – Hello Destiny

The Grateful Dead – Wembley Empire Pool, London, England 4/7/1972 5LP box set

Green Jelly – Musick To Insult Your Intelligence By Belmont & Wicker Park only

The Gun Club – Live at The Hacienda ’84 

Headcat – Dreamcatcher: Live In Alpine w/ Lemmy from Motorhead

The Heartbreakers – The L.A.M.F. demo sessions now in stock at Wicker Park

Jimi Hendrix – Burning Desire

The Jacka & Berner – Drought Season Belmont & Wicker Park only

Ahmad Jamal-  Emerald City Nights: Live At The Penthouse (1963-1964)

Ahmad Jamal – Emerald City Nights: Live At ThePenthouse (1965-1966)

Etta James – Etta Is Betta Than Evvah!

Skip James – The Complete 1931 Session

Jay Dee – Yancey Boys Instrumentals 

Jefferson Airplane – Live at The Monterey International Pop Festival

Jesus Lizard – Shot first ever reissue of the major label debut

Janis Joplin & Jorma Kaukonen -The Legendary Typewriter Tape: 6/25/64

    Jorma’s House

The Jubilee Hummingbirds – Gospel Express 

Jungle – Good Times/Problemz 12”

Jorma Kaukonen – Too Many Years Wicker Park only

Kid ‘N’ Play – 2 Hype 

Kittie – Oracle

The Knife – Live At Terminal 5 

Lights – Siberia (Acoustic) 

Joe Lovano & Dave Douglas – Sound Prints Other Worlds 

Lonnie Mack w/ Stevie Ray Vaughan – Strike Like Lightning

Madlib – Medicine Show No. 11: Low Budget HighFi Music 

Madonna – Everybody (40th Anniversary) 12”

Masked Intruder – Masked Intruder: 10 Year Anniversary Edition

Charles Mingus – Mingus 

Thelonious Monk – The Classic Quartet 

The Monkees – More of the Monkees 

Nashville Pussy – Say Something Nasty 

Willie Nelson – Live at Budokan: 2/23/84

Olivia Newton-John –  Physical (picture disc)

Nico – Live At The Library Theatre ’83 

Gladys Knight & the Pips – Gladys Knight & the Pips 

Old 97s – One Last Ride: Old 97’s Play Johnny Cash 12”

Ottto Locos – Live In Venice Belmont & Wicker Park only

Overwhelming Colorfast – Overwhelming Colorfast 

Augustus Pablo – Thriller 

Pac Div – The Div 

Korla Pandit – Genie Of The Keys: The Best Of Korla Pandit 

Jaco Pastorius – Truth, Liberty & Soul – Live In NYC: The Complete 1982 3LP

Oscar Peterson – Trio On A Clear Day – Live in Zurich, 1971 

Iggy Pop – Apres 

Pucho & His Latin Soul Brothers – Super Freak 

Question Mark & The Mysterians – Cavestomp! Presents: Are You for Real? now in stock at Wicker Park 

 Red Hot Chili Peppers – Return of the Dream Canteen w/ poster & neon pink vinyl

Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers – Jonathan Sings! Arriving Monday 11/28

Rival Schools-  United By Fate 2LP Deluxe Edition very limited

Smokey Robinson & The Miracles – Going To A Go-Go 

Pete Rock -Return Of The SP-1200

Rockabye Baby! – Lullaby Renditions of Blink-182 

Todd Rundgren – Something/Anything Rhino 4LP box set

RZA as Bobby Digital – Digi Snacks 

RZA as Bobby Digital – In Digital Potions 

Salvation Army – Salvation Army 

Gary Saracho – En Medio 

The Script – Tales From The Script: The Greatest Hits Belmont & Wicker Park only

Shabaka – Afrikan Culture 

Shadows Fall – The Art of Balance 

Silverstein – Arrivals & Departures (15th Anniversary Edition) w/7”

Slaughterhouse – Slaughterhouse

Smash Mouth – Fush Yu Mang: 25th Anniversary

Dee Snider & Lzzy Hale – The Magic of Christmas Day 

Snoop Dogg – Coolaid first time on vinyl

Soul Coughing – Lust In Phaze

Spiritualized -Spaceman Demo Mixes 12”

Rick Springfield – Jessie’s Girl 12” Belmont & Wicker Park only

Stark Reality – Discovers Hoagy Carmichael’s Music Shop 

Ringo Starr & His All Starr Band-  Live At The Greek Theater

Ringo Starr – Old Wave (color vinyl)

Ringo Starr – Ringo The 4th (color vinyl)

Marnie Stern – In Advance of The Broken Arm + Demos Deluxe Reissue 

Joe Strummer – Live at Music Millennium 

The Supremes – Where Did Our Love Go? 

The Sweet – Give Us A Wink (Alternative Mixes) 

Tower of Power-  40th Anniversary (Live) 

Trailer Bride – Trailer Bride (25th Anniversary Edition) 

Chris Travis – Art of Destruction

Ultravox – Rage In Eden [Steven Wilson Stereo Mix] 

Various Artists – AVCO Vision: Soul Covers 

Various Artists – The Best of Dark Horse Records: 1974-1977

Various Artists – Jazz Dispensary: Haunted High 

Various Artists – Tommy Boy’s Baddest Beats

Various Artists-  Watchmen (Soundtrack & score)

Townes Van Zandt – At My Window (35th Anniversary Edition) 

Martha & The Vandellas – Dance Party 

Vintage Trouble – Juke Joint Gems Belmont & Wicker Park Only

Vitamin String Quartet – VSQ Performs Coldplay’s Viva la Vida or Death and All His  


Jim Ward – Half A World Away 

The Weeknd – Dawn FM 

John Williams – The Cowboys (Soundtrack)

Brian Wilson – Long Promised Road (Soundtrack)

Wolfpack – Wolfpack (3LP/2X7”) box set Wicker Park only

Young Dolph-  Rich Slave (Deluxe)


Beck – It’s All In Your Mind 3″ Record Belmont & Wicker Park only

Cas$h Bonus – Got Me Thinkin’ Tonight 

Cheech & Chong – Santa Claus and His Old Lady

Czarface & MF Doom – Nautical Depth 3″ Record Belmont & Wicker Park only

Czarface & MF Doom – Mando Calrissian 3″ Record Belmont & Wicker Park only

Czarface – The Czarlaac Pit 3″ Record Belmont & Wicker Park only

Dave Davies – 21st Century Wicker Park only

Juliana Hatfield/Emma Swift – Lotta Love/Give Me split  Wicker Park only

Silversun Pickups & Butch Vig – David Lynch Has a Painting Made of Flies Eyes /  

   Suzanne Ciani

The Soul Suo – Just a Sad Xmas 7” 

CD, 10” & MISC

Fleetwood Mac – The Alternate Collection 6CD box set

Alanis Morissette – Such Pretty Forks In The Road Belmont & Wicker Park only

Motley Crue – Girls Girls Girls Tour EP 10”

My Morning Jacket – My Morning Jacket Does Xmas Cassette Belmont & Wicker Park 


Marty Perez – Kill a Punk For Rock & Roll: Photographs of Marty Perez 1976-2019 signed 

   copies!!! Wicker Park only, other stores next week

Iggy Pop – Apres 

Keith Richards – Main Offender/ Winos In London ’92 Cassette Belmont & Wicker Park only

Ultravox – Rage In Eden (Steven Wilson Stereo Mix)

Various Artists – Nightclubbing: The Birth of Punk Rock in NYC CD/DVD 

   now in stock at Wicker Park