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Reckless Records 4/1/22 New Releases


ALABASTER DEPLUME – Gold LP (International Anthem)

This is the second Int’l Anthem record for ALABASTER DePLUME, the Mancunian saxophonist and composer whose work is rooted in simple, evocative folk-based melody and rich arrangement. DePLUME builds on this, at times sounding like MOONDOG, at others taking cues from ALICE COLTRANE, even drawing from late 19th cent. composers like RAVEL and BARTOK with his approach to folk styles. There’s a living, breathing aspect to this music found in the intercutting chatter and applause, focusing the album on music-making communal aspect. RECOMMENDED!

MYRIAM GENDRON – Ma Delire: Songs of Love Lost & Found LP (Feeding Tube) now on vinyl!

The second album by the Montreal based musician Myriam Gendron is an exploration & reinterpretation of Canadian, French & American traditional music. Gendron has a somewhat plain voice & that might sound like critique but it’s an authentic quality & to us it’s what makes some of these songs gut-wrenchingly beautiful. Songs sung in English & French with efficient fingerstyle acoustic guitar & occasional minimal electric songs that remind us of early CAT POWER or DIRTY THREE. The great “Colour Green” by Sibylle Baier comes to mind along with Leonard Cohen & Karen Dalton. It’s all something that on paper sounds interesting enough but shouldn’t actually be this great. A truly remarkable record. RECOMMENDED.

MAX ROACH – We Insist! Max Roach’s Freedom Now Suite LP (Sowing) 

This incredible 1960 album by Max Roach has been going through a bit of a renaissance lately & it’s surprising it took this long. Ahead of its time in 1960, Roach with vocalist Abbey Lincoln, Booker Little, Coleman Hawkins on one tune & Olatunji on another with a few other players created this suite of tunes inspired by the Civil Rights Movement that was radically picking up steam at the time. Some truly avant-garde passages & politically driven lyrics that sound more like late 60s jazz than almost anything else happening at the time. A TRUE CLASSIC!

YASUAKI SHIMIZU – Kiren LP/CD (Palto Flats)

We’re MASSIVE fans of Yasuaki Shimizu’s “Kakashi” & the MARIAH “Utakata No Hibi” albums so this previously unreleased follow-up from 1984 is very exciting. Like those records, these are slick studio projects with great production & arrangements. Shimizu was influenced by music from around the world including jazz & these instrumental songs are a pastiche of the Japanese City Pop sound, art pop like TALKING HEADS & BRIAN ENO, & minimalist 20th Century classical music. Remarkable stuff. 


ALABAMA SHAKES – Boys & Girls LP (ATO) RSD Essential color vinyl version

CARPENTER BRUT – Leather Terror LP (No Quarter) 

COM TRUISE – Galactic Melt: 10th Anniversary LP (Ghostly)

MARVIN GAYE – What’s Goin On: 50th Anniversary 2LP (Motown) with bonus tracks

GRATEFUL DEAD – Dick’s Picks Vol. 19 10/19/73 Oklahoma City Fairgrounds Arena 6LP (Real Gone)

HELLACOPTERS – Eyes of Oblivion LP (Nuclear Blast)

JACKSON 5 – Diana Ross Presents the Jackson 5 LP (Motown) limited color vinyl

JUNGLE BROTHERS – Straight Out of the Jungle LP (Warlock) color vinyl 

MESHUGGAH – Immutable LP/CD (Atomic Fire)

Nashenas – Live is a Heavy Burden LP (Strut)

PUP – Unraveling of PUPTHEBAND LP/CD (Rise)

QUELLE CHRIS & CHRIS KEYS – Innocent Country 2 LP (Mello Music Group) color vinyl

RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS – Unlimited Love LP/CD/TAPE (Warner) Deluxe LP w/ poster, limited color or black vinyl w/ slipmat & poster while supplies last

SPITBOY – Body of Work LP (Don Giovanni)

EDWIN STARR – War & Peace LP (Motown) color vinyl reissue

SWANS – My Father Will Guide Me Up A Rope to the Sky LP (Young God) back in print

SWANS – Filth LP (Young God) back in print

V/A – Ritmo Fantasía: Balearic Spanish Synth-Pop, Boogie and House (1982-1992) LP (Soundway)

WIKI – Half God LP (Wikset)

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Reckless Records 3/25/22 New Releases


ABSENT IN BODY – Plague God LP (Relapse) color vinyl

ABSENT IN BODY is a new super group on Relapse featuring members of AMENRA, NEUROSIS & SEPULTURA. The vibes are dark on this one with crushing riffs, post-industrial percussion & distorted vocals. 

BLOOD INCANTATION – Timewave Zero LP (Century Media) now on vinyl!

NOT METAL IN THE METAL SECTION ALERT!!! Denver’s BLOOD INCANTATION got the metal world in a tizzy when they announced that they’re next one was going to be an all ambient album. This really shouldn’t surprise anyone that’s a fan of the band though since guitarist Paul Riedl has released ambient albums as HOVERKRAFT not to mention that when the band stopped through the store their purchases consisted of mostly horror soundtracks & psych records. BLOOD INCANTATION records have always been heavy on atmosphere so deep synth journeys ala TANGERINE DREAM/Klaus Schulze early TANGERINE DREAM makes sense to us! RECOMMENDED.

DESTROYER – Labyrinthitis LP/CD (Merge) black or limited “jade & ivory” Peak Vinyl

Canada’s poet-derelict-laureate Dan Bejar makes his 2022 return with “Labyrinthitis”, a sumptuous, lyrical, romantic and altogether enigmatic collection of lounge rock that is the most dance-forward of his career. As always, Bejar’s unique voice and articulation sit front and center in the mix, but with a punchier arrangement of sharp synths and electronic drum machines that take off from where records like “Kaputt” and “Ken” left, aping sounds from 70s/80s disco pop acts like NEW ORDER and DONNA SUMMER. Bejar & co. have made one of the best records in DESTROYER’s long catalog, remaining wry and self-referential throughout. On Merge and RECOMMENDED!


2022 record for singer-songwriter ALDOUS HARDING is a rich, folk-influenced collection that draws its sound from artists like JONI MITCHELL, NICO and (for a more recent vintage) CATE LE BON. Catchy, off-kilter, warm and yet weary, this is an excellent art-rock album for an overcast April morning. On 4AD & RECOMMENDED.

BRANKO MATAJA – Over Fields & Mountains LP (Numero) limited color or black vinyl

Beautiful & haunting instrumental guitar recordings from the early 70s made by the Yugoslavian immigrant Branko Mataja. The Los Angeles based musician released a few records to mostly little acclaim but they were recently re-discovered by Numero. We’re not actually sure what effect Mataja was using to get these sounds but it has an almost bell-like quality. It could just be delay & some tape effects but whatever it is, it has a really cool sound. 

VR SEX – Rough Dimension LP (Dais) limited color or black vinyl

2022 album from the L.A. based band VR SEX that features members of DRAB MAJESTY & ANTIOCH ARROW. Melodic but tough sounding songs that remind us of greats like KILLING JOKE, RED LORRY YELLOW LORRY, THE CHAMELEONS etc…

DANIEL WYCHE – Earthwork LP (American Dreams)

“Earthwork” is the 2022 album by the Chicago scene veteran Daniel Wyche. Four compositions including one side-long piece of guitar exploration with electronic manipulation. Think of Jim O’Rourke’s more experimental, drone based work.


ABBATH – Dread Reaver LP (Season of Mist)

APOLLO GHOSTS – Pink Tiger LP (You’ve Changed)

BON IVER – Bon Iver LP/CD (Jagjaguwar) 10th Anniversary edition with extra tracks. One time pressing

KAREN DALTON – In My Own Time SUPER DELUXE LP/CD/TAPE (Light in the Attic) 50th anniversary of this folk classic 

DRAKE – Take Care LP (Cash Money)

ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA – Eldorado (Original Master Recording) LP (Mobile Fidelity) in Wicker Park, other stores will have these next week

EX-VOID – Bigger Than Before (Don Giovanni)

FUCKED UP – Do All Words Can Do LP (Matador)

GOLDFRAPP – Felt Mountain LP (Mute) reissue on gold vinyl

GUERILLA TOSS – Famously Alive LP (Sub Pop) first press Loser Edition, CDs here next week

HAIM – Days Are Gone LP (Columbia)

JON HOPKINS – Music for Psychedelic Therapy LP/CD (Domino) black or clear vinyl

JAMES HUNTER SIX – With Love LP/CD (Daptone) black or limited silver vinyl

IBIBIO SOUND MACHINE – Electricity LP (Merge) limited yellow & black Peak Vinyl

IRON MAIDEN – Number of the Beast TAPE (BMG) limited edition reissue

KING GEEDORAH – Take Me to Your Leader LP (Big Dada) back in stock!

PIXIES – Doolittle LP (4AD) back in stock!

REPTALIENS – Multiverse LP (Captured Tracks)

ED SCHRADER’S MUSIC BEAT – Nightclub Daydreaming LP (City Slang) gold vinyl

SUICIDE – Surrender LP/CD (Mute) 

TINARIWEN – Amassakoul LP (Wedge) remastered

TINARIWEN – The Radio Tisdas Sessions LP (Wedge) remastered

WALLOWS – Tell Me That It’s Over LP/CD (Atlantic) with guitar pick pack while supplies last

WHITE STRIPES – Get Behind Me Satan LP (Third Man) available again

XYLA – Ways LP (Leaving)

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Reckless Records 3/18/22 New Releases


BROADCAST – BBC Maida Vale Sessions LP (Warp)

These four Peel Sessions have been floating around on the internet for years & they’ve finally been collected together with remastered sound. Recorded between 1996 to 2003, these recordings document the trio era line-up of the band. The stripped-down nature of these recordings really shows their love of 60s & 70s TV & film soundtracks. The melodies are quirky & odd & listening now it’s amazing how ahead of their time this group was. RECOMMENDED.

BROADCAST – Microtronics Volumes 1 & 2 LP (Warp)

Originally released on limited 3” CDs in 2003-2005, these sound experiments & loops by BROADCAST show their deep admiration for the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, library music & soundtracks for 60s & 70s TV & film. This element of the band was always there but mostly hidden in the background of their unique songs. 

BROADCAST – Mother is the Milky Way LP (Warp)

This was originally released as a limited edition tour CD of 750 copies & sadly it was the final release for the band as Trish Keenan took ill on the tour from a virus & died soon after. This one is probably most similar to their split with THE FOCUS GROUP as it’s more experimental & “culty.” Remastered with clearer sound for its first ever vinyl release. RECOMMENDED!

JEREMIAH CHIU & MARTA SOFIA HONER – Recordings from the Åland Islands LP/CD (International Anthem) black or limited color vinyl

Beautiful, ambient-leaning minimalism here from synth specialist JEREMAIH CHIU and violist MARTA SOFIA HONER, who blend warm ambient tones with intersecting string lines and field recordings of the Åland Islands (found in the Baltic between Sweden & Finland). These pieces evoke the calm, pastoral environments of these northbound islands, in particular their bright, nightless summers. For fans of the ambient jazz of UK artists NALA SINEPHRO, SAM GENDEL, ALABASTER DePLUME and the beatless side of FLOATING POINTS, this comes HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

KAINA – It Was a Home LP/CD (City Slang)

A lovely release from Chicago’s KAINA, whose music draws influence from swooning 60s soul, dream pop and lush Latin music. Hard to synthesize these sounds into a single project and make it cohesive, but “It Was A Home” is tied together by some breezy production and KAINA’s rich, sultry voice. RECOMMENDED!

SONIC YOUTH – In/Out/In LP/CD/TAPE (Three Lobed) black or limited maroon vinyl

Even though they’ve been dormant for the past decade plus, SONIC YOUTH hasn’t exactly been inactive. Since 2020, their new Bandcamp page has been populated with authorized bootlegs and other goodies, now culminating in their first official release in ten years. The songs on “In/Out/In”, recorded in the 00’s, are for the most part instrumental, jumping from challenging abrasion to vivid free-jam psychedelia, while maintaining a sort of krautrock-like groove and harmony. This is incredible stuff; we’re amazed it mostly hasn’t seen the light of day until now. RECOMMENDED!

SPRINGTIME – Springtime (Joyful Noise)

SPRINGTIME is a trio from Melbourne that features members of THE DRONES, TROPICAL FUCK STORM & DIRTY THREE. Loose, experimental noise rock songs with nods at the great Nick Cave, some loose moments ala DIRTY THREE etc…Great stuff.

WEDNESDAY – Mowing the Leaves Instead of Piling ‘em Up TAPE (Orindal)

Limited edition tape release from Asheville’s WEDNESDAY. It’s all cover tunes here folks including songs by Chris Bell, DRIVE-BY TRUCKERS,SMASHING PUMPKINS & more. 


SIBYLLE BAIER – Colour Green LP (Orange Twin)

ECKO BAZZ – Mmaso LP (Hakuna Kulala/Nyege Nyege Tapes)

BLUSHING – Possessions LP (Kanine)

BROADCAST – Microtronics, Volumes 1 & 2 LP (Warp)

BROADCAST – Mother is the Milky Way LP (Warp)

BROADCAST – BBC Maida Vale Sessions LP (Warp)

BO BURNHAM – Inside LP (Attic Bedroom) indie exclusive glass color vinyl

CARIBOU – The Milk of Human Kindness LP (Leaf) back in print!

CARIBOU – Up In Flames LP (Leaf) back in print!

CARIBOU – Start Breaking My Heart LP (Leaf) back in print!

CHARLI XCX – Crash LP/CD (Atlantic)

DATA ANIMAL – Future Primitive LP (Dedstrange)

MAC DEMARCO – Salad Days LP (Captured Tracks)

ENTOMBED – Left Hand Path (Earache)

FRIENDS OF HELL – Friends of Hell LP (Rise Above)

GROUP LISTENING – Clarinet & Piano: Selected Works Vol. 2 LP (PRAH)

JASON ISBELL – Nashville Sound LP (Thirty Tigers) color vinyl RSD Essential reissue

MILT JACKSON – Milt Jackson LP (Blue Note) Classic Vinyl Series

JUICE WRLD –   LP/CD (Interscope)

MAGGOT BRAIN #8 magazine (Third Man)

M83 – Hurry Up We’re Dreaming LP (Mute) color vinyl RSD Essential reissue

M83 – Saturdays = Youth LP (Mute) color vinyl RSD Essential reissue

MIDLAKE – For the Sake of Bethel Woods LP/CD (ATO) indie only, clear vinyl or deluxe edition

BUD POWELL – Time Waits LP (Blue Note) Classic Vinyl Series

THE PRETTY RECKLESS – Going to Hell LP (Craft) color vinyl reissue

ROSALIA – Motomami CD (Columbia) vinyl coming later this year

SON HOUSE – Forever On My Mind LP/CD (Easy Eye Sound) limited color or black vinyl

THE WINSTONS – Color Him Father LP (Soul Jazz) w/ bonus “Amen Brother” single

VARIOUS ARTISTS – Life Between Islands – Soundsystem Culture: Black Musical Expression in the UK, 1973-2006 LP (Soul Jazz)

FRANK ZAPPA & THE MOTHERS – Rainbow Theatre 12/10/71 LP (Zappa)

FRANK ZAPPA & THE MOTHERS – Fillmore East June 1971  LP (Zappa)

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Reckless Records 3/11/22 New Releases


ADULT – Becoming Undone LP/CD (Dais) limited color or black vinyl

“Becoming Undone” is the 9th album from the Detroit duo ADULT.. Fried & blown-out dance punk with memorable choruses & thick, industrial synth-bass sounds. These guys are making some of the best music in this style right now. 

ALEX CAMERON – Oxy Music LP/CD (Secretly Canadian) limited color vinyl or black

The indie crooner Alex Cameron returns with an album of fictional songs inspired by the opioid crisis in the U.S. The music is similar to his earlier albums with nods at glam & 80s pop rock ala THE CARS & Tom Petty. Though the lyrical themes are dark at times, the songs are quite catchy & the album has a hopeful feel to it. 

HORSEGIRL – Billy 7” (Matador)

Pretty sick single from Chicago’s HORSEGIRL ahead of their full-length Matador debut. Nice crunchy, sorta spaced-out guitars & self-assured vocals. Keep your eyeballs peeled for these folks! Fans of 90s noise rock & grunge ala BAILTER SPACE, DINOSAUR JR, SONIC YOUTH etc… need to check this out. RECOMMENDED!

JENNY HVAL – Classic Objects LP/CD (4AD) black or limited blue vinyl

Norwegian experimentalist JENNY HVAL has progressed to more pop-centric sounds with the last few records, and “Classic Objects” is her most “pop” record to date. Merging spacious dream pop vocals, glistening synths, gentle chanson sing-speak and lounge rhythms, this is HVAL at her most approachable. Plenty of inventive melodic and lyrical content to be found here too; the songs here seem to mold themselves and evolve around a vibe or sensation rather than more straightforward structures. Excellent stuff here! On 4AD

LEMONHEADS – It’s a Shame About Ray LP/dlxLP/CD (Fire) 30th anniversary ed.

The classic 90s indie rock hit from Evan Dando & THE LEMONHEADS is finally available again via Fire Records. This record has so many good tunes & it’s definitely one of the finest records of that decade. This expanded edition features tons of demos, live material & b-sides, some of which have never been issued before. RECOMMENDED.

MARIAH – Utakata No Hibi LP (Everland) swirl color vinyl, Reckless fave available again

“Utakata No Hibi” was originally released in Japan in 1983 with little fanfare. Over the years the legend of this record has grown among record collectors & taste makers around the world & now this incredible record is finally available in a large international pressing. This was the Japanese group’s 6th album at the time & it’s an expertly crafted & recorded collection of 80’s art/synth-pop. If you love Eno’s pop albums as much as we do, TALKING HEADS or stuff like YELLOW MAGIC ORCHESTRA & even some ANIMAL COLLECTIVE, then you MUST hear this amazing album. VERY VERY VERY RECOMMENDED.

LOOP – Sonancy CD (Cooking Vinyl) vinyl coming in April

The 80s London space rockers LOOP return with their first album since the great “A Gilded Eternity” from 1990. These guys existed somewhere betweenSPACEMEN 3 & JESUS & MARY CHAIN with trippy psychedelic sounds but some pretty darn catchy tunes. Glad to have these guys back! 

MUTANT BEAT DANCE – No Comfort For Control 3LP (Nation)

The Chicago trio (Traxx, Beau Wanzer and  Steve Summers) return with 3LPs of swampy  electropunk. NO COMFORT FOR CONTROL showcases  how the three come together as a band and you can hear the raw punk attitude, while mainly utilizing electronic instruments i.e. drum machines & synths. Seriously funky and limited so don’t sleep! 


VARIOUS ARTISTS – V4 VISIONS: Of Love & Androids LP (Numero Group) color vinyl

The first ever compilation documenting the great early 90s London V4 Visions 12″ releases. Deep house, jungle, neo-soul etc…that predicted the sounds of THE XX, BURIAL, SAULT etc…


BODEGA – Broken Equipment LP/CD (What’s Your Rupture?)

BURIAL – Untrue LP (Hyperdub) back in stock!

CHEROKEE ROSE – Buckskin LP/CD (Don Giovanni) remastered

DISASSEMBLER – Wave From a Shore LP (Western Vinyl)

DUKE ELLINGTON & JOHN COLTRANE – Duke Ellington & John Coltrane LP (Impulse) Acoustic Sound Series remaster

FRANZ FERDINAND – Hits to the Head LP/CD (Domino) limited red vinyl

GHOST – Impera LP/CD (Loma Vista) limited color or black vinyl with signed CD booklets & 2 prints while supplies last (at Wicker Park only)

PJ HARVEY – The Hope Six Demolition Project LP (Island) reissue

PJ HARVEY – The Hope Six Demolition Project Demos LP/CD (Island)

JAPANESE BREAKFAST – Jubilee LP (Dead Oceans) back in stock!

MOODYMANN – Forevernevermore LP (Peacefrog)

MOODYMANN – Silence in the Secret Garden LP (Peacefrog)

A PLACE TO BURY STRANGERS – See Through You LP (Dedstrange)

PORCHES – All Day Gentle Hold! LP/CD (Domino) limited yellow vinyl

IRMA THOMAS – Full Time Woman: The Lost Cotillion Album LP (Real Gone)

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Reckless Records 3/4/22 New Releases


AUNT SALLY – Aunt Sally LP w/ 7” (Mesh-Key)

AUNT SALLY was a late 70s Japanese post-punk band featuring the singer Phew who has since collaborated with members of CAN, DAF, RAINCOATS & more. Great outsider art punk that will appeal to fans of THE SLITS, RAINCOATS, B-52S etc…RECOMMENDED.

HAROLD BUDD – Pavilion of Dreams LP (Superior Viaduct) reissue

The legendary late 70s album by Harold Budd is  available once again via Superior Viaduct. This was originally released on Eno’s Obscure label & it was a beautiful mix of ambient music, jazz, new age & contemporary classical music. ThIs album had a number of contributors including Marion Brown, Gavin Bryars, Michael Nyman & beautiful singing by Lynda Richardson. RECOMMENDED. 

SWAMI JOHN REIS – Ride the Wild Night LP (Swami)

John Reis of ROCKET FROM THE CRYPT & HOT SNAKES  returns with a new solo album in 2022. This one sits more in RFTC territory than his last few projects. Efficient & tightly wound melodic rock tunes with nods at his punk rock past. 

STORMKEEP – Tales of Othertime LP (Van) 2nd press red vinyl already out of print! 

Totally epic, symphonic black metal featuring members of WAYFARER & BLOOD INCANTATION. Tolkien influenced fantasy themes that even comes with a map of their fantasy realm of Elda. Though these guys aren’t a Viking metal band, their sound owes a lot to that style so fans of bands like EMPEROR, ENSLAVED BORKNAGAR, WINDIR etc…& the great ABSU will really like this.


WEATHER STATION – How Is It That I Should Look at the Stars LP (Fat Possum) limited gold or black vinyl

In a similar way to BIG THIEF’s 1-2 punch of “U.F.O.F” & “Two Hands”, Tamara Lindeman aka THE WEATHER STATION wrote most of the songs for “Ignorance” & this companion piece record mostly at the same time. “How Is It That…” is a more somber album of mostly ballads but they do interact with the songs on “Ignorance” in interesting ways. This is definitely worth checking out if you were into her great 2021 album. 


AKON – Konvicted LP (Republic)

BAD BUNNY – El Ultimo Tour Del Mundo LP (Rimas)

BAND OF HORSES – Things Are Great LP/CD (BMG) limited color or black vinyl

PHOEBE BRIDGERS – Punisher LP (Dead Oceans) 

DAFT PUNK – Discovery LP (Daft Life) 

GRANT GREEN – The Latin Bit LP (Blue Note) Tone Poet Series

GUIDED BY VOICES – Crystal Nuns Cathedral LP (GBV)

JESUS LIZARD – Head LP (Tough & Go)

KARATE – Bed is in the Ocean LP/TAPE (Numero) limited color or black vinyl

PEACH – From 2 to 3 LP (Columbia)

PHISH – Clifford Ball: Aug. 16 & 17 1996 12 LP box set (Jemp)

SWANS – Soundtracks for the Blind 4LP (Young God)

TAME IMPALA – The Slow Rush LP (Interscope)

UNDEATH – Lesions of a Different Kind LP (Prosthetic) new color

VARIOUS ARTISTS – British Mod Sounds of the 1960s LP (Demon)

NILUFER YANYA – Painless LP (ATO) limited color or black vinyl

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Reckless Records 2/25/22 New Releases


BLOOD INCANTATION – Timewave Zero CD (Century Media) vinyl coming soon

The Denver death metal band BLOOD INCANTATION has always contemplated cosmic concepts in their work & we weren’t surprised at all when we heard that their next project would be an ambient album. For those that listen to ambient music regularly this might come across like exercise but we like the idea that they might be introducing a new legion of death metal maniacs to the ambient realm. Nods at Klaus Schulze, Vangelis’ legendary “Blade Runner” soundtrack etc…& thoughts of the void…

DEERHOOF – Actually, You Can LP (Joyful Noise)

18 albums in (!!) the SF based indie mainstays DEERHOOF continue to find ways to expand their sound. This one seems a bit more progressive & complex with shifting polyrhythmic beats & melodies that mimic African high life & Cuban patterns mixed with their now classic sound. 

MATCHESS – Sonescent LP (Drag City)

Whitney Johnson’s MATCHESS project has been one of the more interesting experimental pop projects of the past decade & she jumps to Drag City for this 2022 album. Her albums on Trouble In Mind were mostly based around pre-recorded tapes that she’d change throughout the show, along with her trusty viola & organ. She’s been veering into a more experimental realm & “Sonescent” seems like the end of something & also the beginning. Despite a band being listed on the back cover, their contributions are almost hidden entirely & only fade in & out from time to time as if they’re being covered up or slowly erased by meditative drones. 

JEFF PHELPS – Magnetic Eyes LP (Numero)

Numero brings us this slab of mid 80S electronic bedroom soul from the Texas musician Jeff Phelps. Spare production with drum machines, analog synths, steamy sax accompaniment & vocals by Phelps & a singer credited as Antoinette. This owes as much to Stevie Wonder & Prince as it does KRAFTWERK. A great find.

SAD LOVERS & GIANTS – Feeding The Flame LP (Spittle) reissue

Crucial reissue of one the greatest new wave post-punk records out there. Originally released in 1983 and the last album with the original lineup, FEEDING THE FLAME is atmospheric, dreamy, dreary and rich in melody. Fans of JOY DIVISION, THE CHAMELEONS, ect…grab this!H I G H E S T   R E C O M M E N D A T I O N

SUPERCHUNK – Wild Loneliness LP/CD (Merge) limited Peak Vinyl edition

2022 record from indie stalwarts SUPERCHUNK dials back the incandescent rage of “What a Time to Be Alive” for a more introspective look at our times of isolation & despondency. Appropriately enough, “Wild Loneliness” was recorded remotely, and as a result enlists a large roster of outside help (WYE OAK’s Andy Stack, R.E.M.’s Mike Mills, even a little vocals from SHARON VAN ETTEN). This is a perfect yin-yang companion to “What a Time”, maintaining the razor sharp power pop songwriting chops within a more melancholy milieu. RECOMMENDED!

VOIVOD – Synchro Anarchy LP (Century Media) now on vinyl!! These are at Belmont & The Loop, Wicker Park will have next week

We’re not sure that anyone would have predicted that Canadian sci-fi metal legends VOIVOD would still be going 15 albums in, especially after Piggy’s untimely death in 2005. Their last album “The Wake” was a fantastic return to form & they’re cruising along pretty well on this one too. Tons of weird riffs & beats & melodic vocals will certainly please fans of one of the all time great metal bands. VOIVOD!


BROADCAST – Tender Buttons LP (Warp) back in print

DANNY BROWN – Atrocity Exhibition LP (Warp) back in print

CAROLINE – Caroline LP/CD (Rough Trade)

JOHN CARPENTER – Halloween (Soundtrack) LP (Death Waltz) 40th Anniversary Edition

DASHBOARD CONFESSIONAL – All the Truth Can’t Tell LP (Hidden Note) limited color or black vinyl

JAMAEL DEAN – Primordial Waters LP (Stones Throw)

ROBERT GLASPER – Black Radio III LP/CD (Loma Vista) color or black vinyl

GNOD – La Mort Du Sens LP (Rocket)

KING HANNAH – I’m Not Sorry, I Was Just Being Me (City Slang)

KNIFE – Silent Shout LP (Mute) back in print after a few years absence!

FELA KUTI with GINGER BAKER – Live LP (Knitting Factory) 50th anniversary

LOVAGE (Dan the Automator) – Music to Make Love to Your Old Lady By LP/CD (Bulk) classic available again!

NIAGARA – Parva Naturalia LP (Disciples)

JEFF PHELPS – Magnetic Eyes LP (Numero)

RIDE – OX4: Best of Ride LP (Rhino) available again

RP BOO – Established! LP (Planet Mu)

SCORPIONS – Rock Believer LP/CD (Spinefarm) regular LP, 2LP, deluxe CD

STURGILL SIMPSON – Ballad of Dood & Juanita LP (High Top Mountain) limited color or black vinyl

SLAVE – Stellar Fungk: The Best of Slave: Featuring Steve Arrington LP (Rhino)

SWAMP DOGG – I Need A Job… So I Can Buy More Autotune LP/CD (Don Giovanni)

TEARS FOR FEARS – The Tipping Point LP/CD/TAPE (Concord) limited color or black vinyl

ALAN VEGA – Invasion/ Murder One 12” (Sacred Bones)

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Reckless Records 2/18/20 New Releases


A few things didn’t make it because of the bad weather including the Khruangbin/Leon Bridges, Water From Your Eyes, Cheer Accident, Sleigh Bells etc… Those will be in early next week

BEACH HOUSE – Once Twice Melody LP/LP BOX SET/CD/TAPE (Sub Pop)

The vastly talented Baltimore duo BEACH HOUSE return with a new album for 2022 “Once Twice Melody.” The album is split into four separate chapters each focusing on different stages of the break-up of a relationship. They’ve mastered their style of efficient synth pop & they’ve added some string arrangements by composer David Campbell which makes everything sound even more cinematic & epic. Another fantastic album Victoria Legrand & Alex Scally. RECOMMENDED.

THRESHING SPIRIT – The Crucible LP (American Decline) red vinyl

THRESHING SPIRIT is the one-man black metal project of Jordan Reyes, an artist that records under his name & who also runs the American Dreams & American Decline labels. Fuzzed-out guitars, distorted vocals, minimal drum machine programming (sometimes just fast bass drum) & odd melodies & instrumental passages. Pretty unique stuff. 

VA – Do You Believe It? 3LP (Cairo)

Another great compilation of American soul tunes on the Cairo label. This one includes songs from 1960-1972 by Sam Cooke, Bobby Womack, Chambers Brothers, Ann Peebles, William DeVaughn, Bettye Swann, Irma Thomas & much more. 


BAD BRAINS – Quickness LP (Bad Brains)

DAFT PUNK – Discovery LP (Daft Life) we got A VERY LIMITED amount of these & they already sold out but we’ll have some more in a few weeks

DODOS – Grizzly Peak LP (Polyvinyl)

FATHER JOHN MISTY – I Love You, Honeybear LP (Sub Pop) back in print

FLEET FOXES – Helplessness Blues LP (Sub Pop) back in print

JOE HENDERSON – Inner Urge LP (Blue Note) Classic Vinyl Series

ROSCOE HOLCOMB – The Old Church LP (Mississippi)

ANGELIQUE KIDJO – Mother Nature LP (Verve)

LEE MORGAN – Caramba! LP (Blue Note) Classic Vinyl Series

PALACE – Shoals LP (Fiction) 

RUN THE JEWELS – RTJ4 LP (BMG) magenta vinyl back in stock

SARAH SHOOK & THE DISARMERS – Nightroamer LP/CD (Abeyance)

FRANK TURNER – FTHC (Polydor) limited color or black vinyl

THE TWILIGHT SIDE – Fourteen Autumns & Fifteen Winters LP (Fatcat)

THE TWILIGHT SIDE – No One Can Ever Know LP (Fatcat)

WE WERE PROMISED JETPACKS – These Four Walls LP (Fatcat)

BOBBY WEIR & THE WOLF BROS – Live in Colorado LP/CD (Third Man) limited color vinyl

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Reckless Records 2/4/22 & 2/11/22 New Releases

2/422 & 2/11/22

Since so many new releases were delayed due to weather on the 4th we decided to combine last week’s list with this one 

BIG THIEF – Dragon New Warm Mountain I Believe in You LP/CD (4AD) recycled vinyl

This sprawling, 20-track double-LP from BIG THIEF does the miracle of managing to be simultaneously ambitious and leisurely, using multiple recording sessions to capture the many facets of their songwriter ADRIANNE LENKER and the band’s intuitive, textured playing. Now what strikes us on these songs is how confident they are rhythmically; the way in which the band can wrap themselves around a hook or a bridge makes it as if these weren’t written so much as plucked from the air. Many of these tracks hew close to a sound like FAIRPORT CONVENTION, others at a more easygoing, JOHN PRINE-like pace. At any speed, this album is among the best in BIG THIEF’s already brilliant catalog. ULTRA RECOMMENDED.

BLACK COUNTRY, NEW ROAD – Ants From Up There LP/CD/dlxLP (Ninja Tune) limited blue marbled vinyl

The sophomore record from London art rock group BLACK COUNTRY, NEW ROAD comes hot off the heels of their 2021 breakthrough “For the first time”, and whereas that debut served as a showcase for their eclectic palette – from epic post rock to no wave skronk to avant indie pop – “Ants From Up There” refines these sounds into a unified whole that places them square between the traditions of leftfield UK pop and prog (think early KING CRIMSON) and 00s indie (SUNSET RUBDOWN, even bits of early ARCADE FIRE!), all while still retaining a unique and original sound. This will absolutely find its way onto some “best of” lists come year’s end. On Ninja Tune and RECOMMENDED!

CLEO SOL – Mother LP/CD (Forever Living Originals)

“Mother” is the 2nd album from the SAULT singer Cleo Sol. Similar to her first album, Sol is exploring 70s & 80s R&B & soul but this one is a bit more mainstream & pop oriented with hints at greats like Stevie Wonder. Obvious her recent motherhood is reflected in the title as well as lyrically throughout the album. 

DREAM UNENDING – Tide Turns Eternal LP (20 Buck Spin) now on limited color of black

One of the great metal albums of 2021 is now available on vinyl! DREAM UNENDING is a new progressive doom metal band featuring members of TOMB MOLD & INNUMERABLE FORMS. A nice mix of shoegazey clean guitars & melodic doom that will appeal to fans of BELL WITCH, early KATATONIA etc…RECOMMENDED.

DELVON LAMARR ORGAN TRIO – Cold As Weiss LP/CD (Colemine) limited color or black vinyl

The great Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio from Seattle return with another fantastic album of raw & funky jams that owe as much to Jimmy Smith as it does the JBs or THE METERS.

CATE LE BON – Pompeii LP/CD (Mexican Summer) black or limited yellow vinyl

Is “Pompeii” CATE LE BON’s apocalypse record? Well, it does feel like things are falling apart a bit, and we may as well find ourselves entombed and calcified in volcanic rock. But title and reality aside, there is more to “Pompeii” than doom and gloom. Rather, LE BON seeks to deconstruct the immediate, instead placing us in a continuum of time that includes both ecstasy and suffering. This comes out not only in the lyrics but in the music as well, which draws influence from the nostalgic genres of new wave, Japanese city pop and 80s electro while still retaining a modern sensibility for composition and arrangement. This is another great release from one of music’s current visionaries. On Mexican Summer and HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

MEAT WAVE – Volcano Park LP (Big Scary Monsters) 

The excellent Chicago band MEAT WAVE returns with “Volcano Park.” Originally released digitally in 2021, this one is finally available physically & it sounds great on wax. These guys are one of the best live bands in town & they’re known for their tight-as-hell playing & very catchy post-punk songs.Fans of things like BUZZCOCKS, THE DAMNED, WIPERS, HOT SNAKES etc…need to check this out. RECOMMENDED.

MY DAD IS DEAD – …And He’s Not Going to Take it Anymore LP (Scat) limited color or black

Scat Records continues to dig up treasure, this time with a reissue of the 1986 debut by the indie cult band MY DAD IS DEAD. Led by the talented & prolific songwriter Mark Edwards, MDID was one of those rare one-man bands that truly sounded like a band, releasing a number of classic albums on the great labels like Homestead & of course Scat. The MDID sound was a mix of JOY DIVISION & THE CURE goth & drum machine driven post-punk like MODERNART & IRON CURTAIN. This reissue includes 9 previously unreleased songs & expanded artwork. RECOMMENDED!

SPOON – Lucifer on the Sofa LP/CD (Matador) color vinyl coming soon!

One of the most reliable acts of the last quarter century returns in 2022 with “Lucifer on the Sofa”, the band’s 10th album overall. This is a “basics” SPOON LP, ditching some of the electronics on previous records and returning to the jagged, glammy and soulful stuff of their 00s catalog. Not that we were complaining before! Just that it’s sometimes nice to have a well- executed, “no frill” rock record once in a while! You know it’s RECOMMENDED.


UO returns & they’ve crafted a really decent batch of tunes for their first album in over 10 years. Always the masters of glam & cock-of-the-block cheek, not much has changed despite these guys being in their early 50s now. Fans of the band won’t be disappointed.

WORM – Foreverglade LP (20 Buck Spin) now on limited color or black vinyl

WORM comes from the land of death metal, Florida & they’re 2021 album is a remarkable achievement in the genre not to mention the genius album title. These guys aren’t afraid to experiment in the genre either using well-placed synths, a nice back & forth with different singing styles & a good amount of tempo changes. Another instant classicon the 20 Buck Spin label. 


ANIMAL COLLECTIVE – Time Skiffs LP/CD (Domino) limited ruby red vinyl

AVENGED SEVENFOLD – Avenged Sevenfold LP (Hopeless)

AVENGED SEVENFOLD – Nightmare LP (Hopeless)

AVENGED SEVENFOLD – Waking the Fallen LP (Hopeless)

BOULEVARDS – Electric Cowboy: Born In Carolina Mud LP (New West)

BOY HARSHER – The Runner: Official Soundtrack LP (Nude Club) black or violet vinyl

CONVERGE – You Fail Me LP (Deathwish) color vinyl reissue

DAFT PUNK – Tron Legacy (Soundtrack) LP (Disney) available again!


ERNIE K. DOE – Ernie K. Doe LP (501 Record Club)

DOLLY MIXTURE – Demonstration Tapes LP (Spa Green) back in stock!

JOSEPHINE FOSTER – Godmother LP (Fire)

HIGH ON FIRE – De Vermis Mysteriis LP (eOne) limited color vinyl

LAURYN HILL – Miseducation of Lauryn Hill LP (Columbia) back in stock!

IMARHAN – Aboogi LP (City Slang)

LOS RETROS – Looking Back 12” (Stones Throw)

MANDY, INDIANA – 12” (Fire Talk) limited sea glass vinyl

CURTIS MAYFIELD – Best of Curtis Mayfield LP (Rhino) blue vinyl

MOONCHILD – Starfruit LP/CD (Tru Thoughts)

PEYTON – PSA LP (Stones Throw)

PRINCE – Around the World in a Day LP (Legacy)

PRINCE – Controversy LP (Legacy)

PRINCE – Dirty Mind LP (Legacy)

PRINCE – For You LP (Legacy)

PRINCE – 1999 LP (Legacy)

PRINCE – Prince LP (Legacy)

PRINCE – Sign O The Times LP (Legacy)

SADE – Best of Sade LP (Sony)

SAULT – 5 LP (Forever Living Originals)

SAULT – 7 LP (Forever Living Originals)

JILL SCOTT – Who is Jill Scott? 20th Anniversary reissue LP (Hidden Beach)

SILAS SHORT – Drawing 12” (Stones Throw)

CLEO SOL – Rose in the Dark LP/CD (Forever Living Originals)

STANDER – Vulnerable LP (The Garrote)

STANLEY TURRENTINE – Rough ‘N Tumble LP (Blue Note Tone Poet

WAR ON DRUGS – I Don’t Live Here Anymore LP (Atlantic) blue and black vinyl back in stock!

WIPERS – Is This Real? TAPE (Jackpot)

WIPERS – Over the Edge TAPE (Jackpot)

WIPERS – Youth of America TAPE (Jackpot)

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Reckless Records 1/28/21 New Releases



BITCHIN BAJAS – Switched on Ra TAPE (Drag City)

This was released digitally in late 2021 & now it’s finally here physically. Chicago astral travelers pay tribute to the ultimate spaceman Sun Ra with this tape of covers. Analog synth mastery & surprising vocal treatments from some local faves. RECOMMENDED.

BURIAL – Antidawn 12” (Hyperdub)

“Antidawn” is BURIAL’s longest release since “Untrue” in 2007 (at 44 minutes it’s practically a full length), and it’s also his most ambient, taking beatless sound design into icy, immersive environments that evoke the cold of winter. Beautiful stuff that’s enormous yet subtle. VERY RECOMMENDED.


This 2022 album isn’t just a Bill Callahan & Bonnie Prince Billy collaboration but it’s also a Drag City family album of sorts. Bill & Will team up for some Leonard Cohen meets John Prine style folk tunes, country waltzes, & quirky pop songs with help from a ridiculous amount of the Drag City roster including Azita, David Pajo, David Grubbs, Bill Mackay, Mick Turner, Ben Chasny & more. 

CLOAKROOM – Dissolution Wave LP (Relapse)

2022 album by the Indiana band that blends elements of shoegaze with a 90s Brit Pop sound. Fans of things like SWERVEDRIVER, TEENAGE FANCLUB, DUSTER, JESU etc… will dig this. 

DESERT LIMINAL – Glass Fate LP (White Sepulchre)

DESERT LIMINAL is an art pop band from Chicago & this is their 2022 album. Hints of that early 90s VELVET UNDERGROUND worship, early CAPTURED TRACKS dream pop, etc…Good stuff!

CHARLIE MEGIRA – Da Abtomatic Meisterzinger Mambo LP (Numero) limited color or black

This is a reissue of a 2000 album by the Israel musician Charlie Megira courtesy of Numero Group. Timeless sounding lo-fi songs with lyrics in English & Hebrew that remind of everything from Joe Meek’s singles, mysterious music playing in the background at the RoadHouse in Twin Peaks, lost Santo & Johnny tunes, something you might hear on “Songs the Cramps Taught Us” etc…RECOMMENDED.

PINEGROVE – 11:11 LP/CD (Rough Trade) black or limited red vinyl

NJ quintet PINEGROVE has produced music at a fast clip by modern standards – seemingly a record a year – and “11:11” develops their sound beyond “Amperland, NY” by striking a balance between wide-eyed, DEATH CAB-esque indie pop, emo and Americana with tight, melancholy harmonies and sun-kissed arrangements. Many parts of this remind us of WAXAHATCHEE’s “Saint Cloud”, with a touch of country and folk being placed into a “rock band” milieu.

CHARLOTTE DAY WILSON – Alpha LP (Stone Woman) limited color or black vinyl

Debut solo album from the Toronto based artist & regular BADBADNOTGOOD collaborator Charlotte Day Wilson. Combining elements of soul/R&B, jazz & melodic indie pop ala BON IVER & XX’s Romy, Day Wilson has created a new modern R&B classic.


TORI AMOS – Ocean to Ocean LP (Decca)

BAD SUNS – Apocalypse Whenever LP (Epitaph)


BLACK REBEL MOTORCYCLE CLUB – Beat the Devil’s Tattoo LP (Vagrant) Vagrant 25 reissue

BLACK REBEL MOTORCYCLE CLUB – Specter at the Feast LP (Vagrant) Vagrant 25 reissue

BLACK REBEL MOTORCYCLE CLUB – Wrong Creatures LP (Vagrant) Vagrant 25 reissue

CHARLOTTE CORNFIELD – Highs in the Minuses LP (Double Double Whammy)

FRUIT BATS – Sometimes a Cloud is Just a Cloud: Slow Growers, Sleeper Hits & Lost Songs (2001-2021) LP (Merge) pink & violet vinyl

GRATEFUL DEAD – Fillmore West March 1st 1969 3LP box set (Rhino)

PJ HARVEY – Let England Shake LP (Island)

PJ HARVEY – Let England Shake – Demos LP (Island)

TIM HECKER – The North Water (Original Score) LP (Invada)

JONSI – Without Remorse (Original Score) LP (Krunk)

LADY WRAY – Piece of Me LP/CD (Big Crown) limited color or black vinyl

ROBERT AIKI AUBREY LOWE – Candyman (Soundtrack) CD (Wax Work)

ELENA SETIÉN – Unfamiliar Minds LP (Thrill Jockey) limited blue vinyl

MAYA SHENFELD – In Free Fall LP/CD (Thrill Jockey) limited clear vinyl

ST. PAUL & THE BROKEN BONES – Alien Coast LP (Ato) limited color or black

THE WEEKND – Dawn FM CD (Select Sound) signed copies!! Limited to 1 per customer

LUCINDA WILLIAMS – You Are Cordially Invited…: Tribute to the Rolling Stones LP/CD (HIghway 20)

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Reckless Records 1/21/22 New Releases


BORIS – W LP/CD/TAPE (Sacred Bones) limited color or black vinyl

Tokyo legends BORIS return with their first album on Sacred Bones. The long running group mixes things up quite a bit on this one. Yes there are some heavy, spaced-out psych sounds that you know & love but they also experiment with electronic beats & some new age sounds with vocals exclusively by Wata this time. 

BOY HARSHER – The Runner (Soundtrack) CD (Nude Club) vinyl coming in February

Rather than a conventional album release, Massachusetts duo BOY HARSHER decided on their fifth release to be in the context of a soundtrack to a short, experimental horror film. Released in tandem with the film itself, “The Runner” is some of BOY HARSHER’s most intense and bracing work to date, taking the icy, retro synthwave of their previous work with a more cinematic approach to dynamics. Fans of CLAN OF XYMOX, CHROMATICS, POESIE NOIRE and even a bit of JOHN CARPENTER’s recent output will love this. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

BRETT NAUCKE – Mirror Ensemble LP (American Dreams)

Three beloved members of the Chicago music scene Brett Naucke, Whitney Johnson & Natalie Chami team up for this 2021 album. Using the classic Tarkovsky film “The Mirror” for inspiration, the three tight friends collaborated to make Naucke’s most accessible album yet. The album has a soundtrack quality, perhaps it’s because they were using the film as a backdrop & there are moments that remind us of everything from Tim Hecker to ONEOHTRIX POINT NEVER & even DEAD CAN DANCE at times. RECOMMENDED.

STORMKEEP – Tales of Other Time CD (Van) vinyl coming in February

Totally epic, symphonic black metal featuring members of WAYFARER & BLOOD INCANTATION. Though these guys aren’t a Viking metal band, their sound owes a lot to that style so fans of bands like EMPEROR, ENSLAVED BORKNAGAR, WINDIR etc…& the great ABSU will really like this. RECOMMENDED.

YARD ACT – The Overload LP/CD (Zen F.C.) limited green vinyl

Leeds’ YARD ACT is the latest in a line of rising post- punk bands from the UK that includes BLACK MIDI, SQUID, DRY CLEANING and BLACK COUNTRY, NEW ROAD, making sharp, angular rock music that splits the difference between nostalgic reference and timely political meaning. YARD ACT’s sound takes some cues from PULP, ARCTIC MONKEYS and SLEAFORD MODS to varying degrees, and while the music has some acerbic wit it remains energetic and ultimately fun. Good stuff here. RECOMMENDED.


ANXIOUS – Little Green House LP/CD (Run For Cover)

HARRY BERTOIA – Sonambient 11LP box set (Third Man)

BLUE LICK – Hold On, Hold Fast LP (American Dreams)

DON CHERRY – Where is Brooklyn? LP (Blue Note) Blue Note Classic Vinyl Series

LANA DEL REY – Blue Banisters LP (Interscope) back in stock

FUCKED UP – Epics in Minutes LP (Get Better) remastered; first time on LP!

FUGAZI – Repeater LP (Dischord) finally available again

GHOST – Hunter’s Moon 7” (Loma Vista)

NATALIE JANE HILL – Solely LP (Dear Life)

IMMOLATION – Majesty & Decay LP/CD/TAPE (Nuclear Blast)

IRON MAIDEN – Senjutsu LP (BMG) first restock since selling out on release date

JUSTICE – View Points LP (Hydrogen Dukebox)

KHRUANGBIN – Con Todo El Mundo LP (Dead Oceans)

KHRUANGBIN & LEON BRIDGES – Texas Sun LP (Dead Oceans)

CAROLE KING – Tapestry: Original Master Recording: Ultradisc One-Step 45RPM box set (Mobile Fidelity) out of print at the label


LIL LOTUS – Error Boy LP (Epitaph)

JACKIE MCLEAN – Destination Out LP (Blue Note) Blue Note Classic Vinyl Series

AIMEE MANN – Queens of the Summer Hotel LP (Superego)

MF DOOM – Operation Doomsday LP (Metal Face) silver cover

MITSKI – Bury Me At Makeout Creek LP (Dead Oceans) finally back in stock

MITSKI – Puberty 2 LP (Dead Oceans) finally back in stock

RAMONES – Rocket to Russia LP (Rhino) color vinyl reissue

NALA SINEPHRO – Space 1.8 LP (Warp) back in stock

SPIRIT OF THE BEEHIVE – The Door 7” (Saddle Creek) limited teal vinyl

STACK WADDY – Stack Waddy LP (Sundazed) 50th anniversary edition