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Reckless Records 3/22/24 & 3/29/24 New Releases

Reckless Records 3/22 & 3/29 New Releases

We were short-staffed last week so we’re combining last week’s list with this one. There’s tons of good stuff at all locations right now

 ANDRE 3000 – New Blue Sun LP/CD (Epic)

It’s finally here folks, the record that’s brought about as much attention to the flute recently as Lizzo, Andre 3000’s meditative “New Blue Sun.” Produced alongside the great Carlos Nino, Andre has created something truly special here that we hope will prove any possible skeptics wrong. At nearly 90 minutes, this is a deep & heady listen. A record that sits somewhere between 60s/70s spiritual jazz by greats like Pharoah Sanders & Roland Kirk, 80s new age lala the legendary Laraaji & even Japanese video game music. Andre is no flute shredder, his playing is pretty straight-ahead & almost rudimentary but the spirit behind this feels as pure as can be.RECOMMENDED.

BIG BOYS – Lullabies Help the Brain Grow LP (Touch & Go) color vinyl, ltd. to 1000

BIG BOYS – No Matter How Long the Line At the Cafeteria, There’s Always a Seat! LP (Touch & Go) color vinyl, ltd. to 1000

BIG BOYS – Where’s My Towel/ Industry Standard LP (Touch & Go) color vinyl, ltd. to 1000

2024 color vinyl reissues of the albums by the legendary Austin genre-bending punks BIG BOYS. Similar to bands like THE MINUTEMEN, BAD BRAINS & some GOVERNMENT ISSUE, BIG BOYS weren’t afraid to stray from punk, sometimes playing with funk & rhythmic post-punk in ways that most bands weren’t brave enough to attempt at the time. We’re so glad to be able to carry these amazing records once again. Limited to 1000 copies via Touch & Go. RECOMMENDED.

CHASTITY BELT – Live Laugh Love LP (Suicide Squeeze)

The talented Seattle quartet CHASTITY BELT returns with a new one in 2024. No surprise here that the songs are great, straight-ahead guitar tunes with mellow hooks. Think 80s stuff like THROWING MUSES, SCRAWL, FELT, THE FEELIES & more recent stuff like Chicago’s own LALA LALA. RECOMMENDED.

CIVEROUS – Maze Envy LP/CD (20 Buck Spin) color or black vinyl

The Los Angeles death metal unit CIVEROUS returns in 2024 with “Maze Envy.” The album begins with a screeching Bernard Herrmann esque string passage & quickly devolves into cavernous, doom-laden death metal. There are technical elements that will appeal to fans of BLOOD INCANTATION & some clean guitar passages that remind us of DREAM UNENDING. Overall pretty cool stuff here.

ALICE COLTRANE – The Carnegie Hall Concert LP/CD (Impulse)

Wow! This multitrack recording of a 1971 concert at Carnegie Hall was originally planned as an Impulse release but never came out for reasons unknown. This fantastic sounding recording features an absolutely bonkers group of superstars including Pharoah Sanders, Archie Shepp, Jimmy Garrison, Cecil McBee, Ed Blackwell, Tulsi & Kumar Kramer. A true holy grail for Alice Coltrane fans. RECOMMENDED OF COURSE!

ADRIANNE LENKER – Bright Future LP/CD (4AD) indie only recycled vinyl or regular

Following BIG THIEF’s sprawling double-LP opus “Dragon New Warm Mountain I Believe in You”, singer ADRIANNE LENKER simplifies with this solo full-length. Just in the same way as her “Songs” & “Instrumentals” release in 2020, LENKER recorded these songs directly to tape,mostly with guitar, piano and violin, giving “Bright Future” the feeling of an impromptu home session done by musicians who have lived long enough in these songs to play them loosely. LENKER’s writing evokes both sunlit Americana and airy, dreamlike psych-folk, all rooted in her skills for intuitive melody and poignant couplet lyricism. HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

MAJESTY CRUSH – Butterflies Don’t Go Away LP (Numero) limited color or black

Numero turns their attention to the 90s Detroit shoegaze/dream pop band MAJESTY CRUSH. The band was popular in their hometown but for some reason they never really took off in other places. If you’re a fan of 90s stuff like early RIDE, SWERVEDRIVER & CATHERINE WHEEL you should check this stuff out. RECOMMENDED.

SOYUZ – II LP (Mr. Bongo) gold or black vinyl

Mr. Bongo reissue of this fantastic 2019 album by SOYUZ. Based in Minsk, SOYUZ write mellow psychedelic rock tunes with nods at music from around the world including 60’s Brazilian music, Turkish & Peruvian psych rock & nods at contemporary artists like DUNGEN & KHRUANGBIN. If you’re into any of that stuff you should really check this out. RECOMMENDED.


AESOP ROCK – Daylight EP (Rhymesayers)

ALICE IN CHAINS – Jar of Flies LP (Columbia) finally available again. Belmont & Milwaukee Ave are sold out but they’ll have more next week

APPARITION – Disgraced Emmantions From a Tranquil State LP/CD (Profound Lore)

SCOTT H. BIRAM – One & Only LP (Bloodshot) clear vinyl

DANNY BROWN – Atrocity Exhibition LP (Warp) red vinyl, SIGNED COPIES by Danny after his Metro show!

DANNY BROWN – Quaranta LP (Warp) red vinyl, SIGNED COPIES by Danny after his Metro show!

DANNY BROWN – UKNOWHATIMSAYIN? LP (Warp) red vinyl, SIGNED COPIES by Danny after  his Metro show!

 BUTTHOLE SURFERS – PCPPEP 12” (Matador) remastered

BUTTHOLE SURFERS – Psychic… Powerless… Another Man’s Sac LP (Matador) remastered

BUTTHOLE SURFERS – Rembrandt Pussyhorse LP (Matador) remastered


CHICANO BATMAN – Notebook Fantasy LP (ATO)


CREATION REBEL – Close Encounters of the Third World LP (On-U-Sound)

CREATION REBEL – Psychotic Jonkanoo LP (On-U-Sound)

CREATION REBEL – Rebel Vibrations LP (On-U-Sound)

SHERYL CROW – Evolution LP (Valory) gold vinyl

CZARFACE – Music From Venom LP (Silver Age)

EARLY MOODS – Sinner’s Past LP (Riding Easy)

ALEJANDRO ESCOVEDO – Echo Dancing LP (Yep Roc) gold vinyl


ELLA FITZGERALD – Clap Hands, Here Comes Charlie! LP (Acoustic Sound Series)

FLETCHER – In Search of the Antidote LP/CD (Capitol) indie color is almost sold out

FRAIL BODY – Artificial Bouquet LP (Deathwish) limited color or black

GGLUM – Garden Dream LP/CD/CS (Secretly)

GOSSIP – Real Power LP (Columbia)

GUIDED BY VOICES –Same Place the Fly Got Smashed LP (Scat) color or black

Joe Hisaishi – Studio Ghibli Soundtracks LP (Studio Ghibli) massive restock on a ton of  titles, image albums etc…

 HIGH LLAMAS – Hey Panda LP/CD (Drag City)

JULIA HOLTER – Something In The Room She Moves LP/CD (Domino) ltd. color or black

JESUS & MARY CHAIN – Glasgow Eyes LP/CD (Fuzz Club)

JOHNNY LYTLE – People & Love LP (Jazz Dispensary)

OSCAR MILITO – Viagem LP (Elemental)

MISFITS – Collection II LP (Caroline) glow in the dark color, RSD Essential reissue

KELLY MORAN – Moves in the Field LP (Warp) clear vinyl

MY BLOODY VALENTINE – Loveless LP (Domino) back in stock!

NICO – Marble Index LP (Domino) remastered

NICO – Desertshore LP (Domino) remastered

BILL ORCUTT GUITAR QUARTET – Four Guitars Live LP (Palilalia)

PALAYE ROYALE – Boom Boom Boom (Side A) LP (Sumerian)

RIDE – Interplay LP/CD (Wichita) indie only color or black

TONY SCOTT – Music For Zen Meditation & Other Joys LP (Verve) 

SHABAZZ PALACES – Exotic Birds of Prey LP/CD (Sub Pop)

SHABAZZ PALACES – Robed In Rareness LP/CD (Sub Pop)

STEREOLAB – Little Pieces of Stereolab: Switched On Sampler CD (Duophonic)

STEREOLAB – Switched On Volumes 1-5 8 CD box set (Duophonic)

SUBURBAN LAWNS – Baby EP (Rubellan Remasters) color

THIEVERY CORPORATION – Saudade LP (Primary Wave)

TYLA – Tyla LP (Epic) sold out at Belmont & Milwaukee but the Madison store still has copies

VIAL – Burnout (Get Better)

WARPAINT – Common Blue 7” (Matador)

WAXAHATCHEE – Tigers Blood LP/CD (Anti-) limited color or black. CDs are sold out but will be back in soon

JIM WHITE – All Hits: Memories LP/CD (Drag City)

WITCH – Movin’ On LP (Sharp Flat)

WOO – Xylophonics/Robot X LP (Independent Project Press)

TOM ZE – Todos Os Olhos LP (Elemental)