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Reckless Records 11/20/20 New Releases

11/20/20 New Releases

NICK CAVE – Idiot Prayer: Alone at Alexandra Palace LP (Bad Seed LTD)

We’ve reached that point where pandemic records are being released. Nick Cave is one of the world’s greatest performers & he should be sweating through his fancy suit & stage diving into crowds. Instead, he’s recorded this intimate album of himself alone at a piano in an empty theatre in London playing 21 songs from throughout his career. Beautiful stuff. 


After nearly a 20 year break, the CHICAGO UNDERGROUND QUARTET is reborn only now they’re spread out around the country & feature a new organist/pianist in Josh Johnson. Each musician brought in their own music which the band learned & recorded in one day. The album has an improvised feel at times but honestly it sounds much more rehearsed than it is. This is an obvious must hear for any fan of Chicago jazz & experimental music. 

FLAMING TUNES – Flaming Tunes LP (Superior Viaduct)

Gareth Williams was a member of the highly influential THIS HEAT & sadly he died on Christmas Eve in 2001.The great Blackest Ever Black (RIP) reissued this on vinyl in the aughts & it was a big staff favorite & now Superior Viaduct has delivered their version with original tape cover art. The songs are a mix of ENO-esque experimental pop, lo-fi recordings that would fit in nicely on the New Zealand Xpressway label, Eastern influenced melodies & a playfulness that may remind you of Robert Wyatt’s 80’s albums, Kevin Ayers & Syd Barrett. RECOMMENDED.

JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE – Live in Maui 3LP box set/2CD W/ BLU-RAY (Legacy)

After years of speculation about a release, the 1970 live show from Maui has finally been released. Bits of the audio have been released over the years with overdubbed drums but modern tech has allowed them to use the original live drums. It’s insane to imagine Jimi Hendrix playing to only about 400 people at the base of a volcano but that’s what happened folks. Wild.

JORDAN REYES – Sand Like Stardust (American Dreams)

Chicago’s Jordan Reyes returns with this really interesting album for his American Dreams imprint. The album is a concept record about cowboys & how they fit into the fabric of our country’s history, through our stories & music. The album starts with overdubbed vocal drones that would fit well on a POPOL VUH record. There are dusty guitars, pure sounding organ drones, detuned synths that sound like affected player pianos & distorted drone blasts. Like an alternate reality Western movie soundtrack. RECOMMENDED.

RILO KILEY – Rilo Kiley LP (Little Record Co.) color vinyl

The debut EP from RILO KILEY makes its way onto vinyl for the first time! The LA quartet would come out of the gate running, with this 1999 project displaying the twangy indie folk-pop and wry lyricism that defined the rest of their career.

KAMAAL WILLIAMS – Wu Hen LP/CD (Black Focus) limited red vinyl

One of the most unique jazz records of recent memory comes in 2020 from one of the genre’s boundary-pushers in KAMAAL WILLIAMS, incorporating breakbeat, fusion, funk and deep house into a hazy, lush concoction. “Wu Hen” strikes a balance between post-bop excursions (a la CHARLES MINGUS’s “Black Saint & Sinner Lady”) and lush, DAVID AXELROD-esque arrangements updated for modern musical styles and technology. Another superb joint from the Black Focus label. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


BARTEES STRANGE – Live Forever LP (Memory Music)

BATTLES – Juice B Mixed 12” (Warp)

MARY J BLIGE – My Life: 25th Anniversary LP (Republic)

BORIS – Absolutego LP (Third Man)

BORIS – Amplifier Worship LP (Third Man)

JOHN CARPENTER – The Fog 2LP (Wax Work) 40th anniversary color vinyl

JOHN CARPENTER – Escape From New York 2LP (Wax Work) 40th anniversary color vinyl

JENNIFER CASTLE – Monarch Season LP/CD (Paradise of Bachelors)

LUKE COMBS – What You See Ain’t Always What You Get 3LP Deluxe edition (River House)

SARAH DAVACHI – Figures in Open Air 2CD (Late Music)

DIRTY PROJECTORS – 5EPs 2LP/CD (Domino) limited clear vinyl

THE EX – Disturbing Domestic Peace LP (Superior Viaduct)

THE EX – History is What’s Happening LP (Superior Viaduct)

GWAR – Scumdogs of the Universe 2LP (Pit) limited red vinyl reissue

JUNE OF 44 – Revisionist: Adaptations & Future Histories in the Time of Love and Survival LP (Broken Clover)

KHRUANGBIN – Christmas Time is Here Again 7” (Dead Oceans) available again on red vinyl!

MAMALARKY – Mamalarky LP/CD (Fire Talk) limited red vinyl

BOB MARLEY & THE WAILERS 75th Anniversary half-speed remastered LPs (Tuff Gong)

ANNA MCCLELLAN – I Saw First Light LP/CD (Father/Daughter)

ELA MINUS – Acts of Rebellion LP/CD (Domino) limited silver vinyl

NAS – Mass Appeal CD/TAPE (Mass Appeal)

STANDARDS – Fruit Island LP (Top Shelf) green & pink splatter vinyl

SYLVAN ESSO – With 2LP (Loma Vista)

PENELOPE TRAPPES – Eel Drip 12” (Houndstooth) white vinyl

WAR ON DRUGS – Live Drugs LP/CD (Super High Quality) black or limited purple vinyl

VARIOUS ARTISTS – Southeast of Saturn: Michigan Shoegaze/ Dream Pop/ Space Rock LP (Third Man)

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Reckless Records 11/13/20 New Releases

11/13/20 New Releases

A number of our shipments were delayed this week presumably because of Covid. Some things that we’ll have next:  BORIS LP reissues, ATMOSPHERE, FELT, Strum & Thrum compilation, TOR LUNDVALL, THE BATS, AESOP ROCK, MOLCHAT DOMA, DAVID NACE, WILLIAM BASINSKI, GHOST FUNK ORCHESTRA, P.J. HAVEY & JOHN PARISH LP reissue

FIELDED – Demisexual Lovelace LP (Backwoodz Studioz)

It feels like the ridiculously talented Chicago ex pat/Brooklyn based musician Lindsay Powell has been building to this moment for the last few years. It’s rare that a record is so packed with this many lyrical & musical ideas. “Demisexual Lovelace” has elements of modern R&B & hip-hop similar to SOLANGE in its ambition, art pop ala BJORK, nods at 70s & 80s soundtracks by VANGELIS & TANGERINE DREAM & more. Some artists are shooting stars & Lindsay is one of them. RECOMMENDED.

GRATEFUL DEAD – American Beauty 50th Anniversary LP (Rhino)

The best Dead studio album & one of the greatest records of all time finally available again on 180GRM vinyl. 

HUM – Inlet LP (Earth Analog)

In the middle of the pandemic in 2020 we got a nice surprise when HUM dropped their first album in 22 years without any warning. After numerous delays the physical versions are finally here. The band hasn’t changed their sound much, maybe just updated it a little more with modern effects pedals & synths. This is a strong album with memorable riffs & vocals melodies. This one maybe feels a little more shoegaze but it’s still got some muscle to it. Fans of their original albums & stuff like SHINER, early SMASHING PUMPKINS, CHAVEZ, TORCHE, SWERVEDRIVER etc… will love this. RECOMMENDED.

LAMBCHOP – TRIP LP/CD (Merge) limited “Peak Vinyl” edition w/ print!

Covers album from Kurt Wagner & co., who experiment with songs from WILCO, STEVIE WONDER and THE SUPREMES to very different effect – with tracks touching on the sounds of country rock, lounge and an overall dusty ambience that the band has explored throughout their career.

MAYHEM – De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas: 25th Anniversary 5LP box set (Deathlike Silence) Finally here after numerous delays!

25th anniversary deluxe box set for one of the most important black metal records ever released. Dedicated to Euronymous, this very fancy box includes the original album with a foil-stamped sleeve, 4LPs of rehearsals & demos & a hardbound book. 

***NOTE: These box sets came open so that the LPs could be shipped outside of their sleeves to  prevent seem splits. We did not open these box sets.*** RECOMMENDED.

THURSTON MOORE – By the Fire LP (Daydream Library Series) now on orange vinyl! 

We think a lot of you will be excited to hear that “By the Fire” is the most SONIC YOUTH sounding Thurston solo record in a while. Featuring the same band as the last few records featuring Deb of MY BLOOD VALENTINE & guitarist James Sedwards, the songs are strong with some truly inspired guitar work. Hearing this now, it almost seems like the more experimental & jammy “Spirit Counsel” was Thurston working out new guitar sounds for the next pop record & this is it.

TOMBERLIN – Projections LP (Saddle Creek) picture disc in clear PVC sleeve

2020 EP from LA’s TOMBERLIN, working within the same musical territory as PHOEBE BRIDGERS, SOCCER MOMMY and the softer side of WYE OAK. This is inviting music, layering affected dreamlike vocal harmonies over lush but unobtrusive folk rock arrangements. Solid stuff.


AC/DC – Pwr Up LP/CD (Columbia) 

ALICE IN CHAINS – Facelift LP (Columbia) remaster

JOHN BENCE – Love LP (Thrill Jockey) ltd. “blood orange” vinyl


JOHNNY CASH And the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra LP/CD (Columbia)

COLDPLAY – Parachutes LP (Parlophone) yellow vinyl 20th anniversary 

LORAINE JAMES – Nothing 12” (Hyperdub)

MACABRE – Carnival of KIllers LP/CD (Nuclear Blast)

CHRIS STAPLETON – Starting Over LP (Mercury) with free poster while supplies last (as of 6PM Friday night, Wicker Park has not received posters but the Lakeview and Loop stores have them)


SWAMP DOGG – Total Destruction To Your Mind LP (Alive) ltd. color vinyl reissue

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Reckless Records 11/06/20 New Releases


ATARAXIA – The Unexplained: Electronic Musical Impressions of the Occult by..LP  (Sacred Bones) limited color or black vinyl

Remastered version of the 1975 cult classic moog album by Mort Garson. They should have released this a week earlier for Halloween but that’s ok. Thealbum was inspired by all things occult like seances, tarot & astral projections. If you remember the theme music for the 70s TV show “In Search Of” hosted by Star Trek’s Leonard Nimoy, this has similar culty vibes. RECOMMENDED!

BRIAN CASE – Parallel Voices LP (Hands in the Dark)

The Chicago scene staple Brian Case is one of the most prolific musicians in the city & he’s back with his third solo album on Hands in the Dark, “Parallel Voices.” After two albums of dark, minimal techno, Case returns to guitar, this time manipulating it with loops on modular gear. The songs have an improv quality to them but the more the loops build & progress you begin to hear hidden melodies. Like his other solo work, there is a pre-industrial quality but this one has a much more organic quality for sure. Think DEAD C, BODY/HEAD, experimental SONIC YOUTH jams etc…RECOMMENDED.

N CHAMBERS – Facets 2LP (Love All Day)

“Facets” was released digitally in 2019 & now on vinyl via the Chicago label LOVE ALL DAY. Norm Chambers is a Seattle based electronic musician & he was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer in 2019. Thankfully Norm is still battling away & we wish him the best. The sounds here make us think of legends like Mort Garson & Hiroshi Yoshimura with digital sounding rhythms, bells & chimes, deep organs & nods at 80s new age cassette culture, Japanese Furniture music, Eno’s 2000s albums etc…Fantastic stuff. RECOMMENDED.

MORT GARSON – Music From Patch Cord Productions LP/CD (Sacred Bones)

Sacred Bones has compiled this album of rarities by the legendary composer of “Plantasia” Mort Garson. Along with albums under the names LUCIFER & ATARAXIA, Garson’s moog recordings focused on new age themes & the occult & black magic. This album features “Plantasia” outtakes & other moogy outtakes. RECOMMENDED!


The 2019 groundbreaking progressive metal album by LITURGY was originally released digitally & now is finally available on physical formats. Hunter Hunt-Hendrix & the band seem to ignore all traditional elements of “heavy metal” music, pushing the boundaries of what metal can be in the 2020s. Pummeling, technical, yet melodic metal with piano interludes that have been digitally tweaked, vibes, glockenspiel, harp & more make for a truly unique listen. RECOMMENDED.

LUCIFER – Black Mass LP (Sacred Bones) limited color or black vinyl

Remastered version of the 1971 cult classic moog album by Mort Garson. They should have released this a week earlier for Halloween but that’s ok. The album was inspired by all things occult & black magic like Satanic black masses, witchcraft etc… This is pretty forward-thinking stuff & though some of the sounds are slightly dated, it still sounds creepy &fresh in 2020. RECOMMENDED!

PYLON – Pylon Box 4LP (New West)

PYLON – Gyrate LP/CD (New West) limited color or black vinyl

PYLON – Chomp LP/CD (New West) limited color or black vinyl

FINALLY. PYLON formed in Athens, GA in the late 70s. In pretty much any other place, PYLON would have been the best band there, but early 80s Athens also was the home of R.E.M & B-52s. PYLON had their share of success though releasing a handful of classic underground singles & albums & even opening for U2 on a tour. Reissues have been rumored for years but now thanks to New West they’re finally here. The band’s sound was tough & in your face, like GANG OF FOUR with all of the bass tone taken out or the most aggressive parts of BLONDIE amped up 100%. Their singer Vanessa Briscoe Hay has one of those amazing voices in post punk & new wave, bouncing between poetic speaking & totally crazed throat-tearing screams. We are so excited to be able to carry these records by this band truly deserving of their cult status. HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION POSSIBLE.


DAVID BOWIE – Metrobolist aka The Man Who Sold the World LP/CD (RCA)   50th anniversary remix

 MARIAH CAREY LP reissues (Sony)

PETER GABRIEL – Live in Athens 1987 2LP (Real World)

KYLIE MINOGUE – Disco LP/deluxe CD (BMG)

TWAIN – Adventure LP (Keeled Scales)

WILCO – Summerteeth 5LP (Warner)


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Reckless Records 10/30/20 New Releases

LOSCIL – coast/range/arc// LP/CD (Kranky)

Kranky reissue of this 2011 minimalist classic with new cover art & an extra track from Scott Morgan aka LOSCIL. Morgan’s music is the definition of restraint with deep ambient textures that often barely shift or and time-stretched melodies that rival STARS OF THE LID. RECOMMENDED.

DREW MCDOWALL – Agalma LP (Dais) smoke color vinyl

The NYC based Scottish musician & former member of COIL, PSYCHIC TV etc… has delivered a fantastic record for 2020. Glitched-out neoClassical experimentation & drones with appearances by Caterina Barbieri, Chicago ex-pat Rovert Aiki Aubrey Lowe, Kali Malone & more.

NONLOCAL FORECAST – Holographic Universe(s?)! LP (Hausu Mountain) orange vinyl

Chicagoan Angel Marcloid (aka FIRE-TOOLZ) has also put out music under the name NONLOCAL FORECAST, creating boogie and fusion-adjacent work that shares many same qualities as vaporwave artists like RUNNERS CLUB 95 and EQUIP. The influence of video game soundtracks is evident, but Marcloid adds an element of collage to the music that seems to flavor-blast the listening experience. This is excellent experimental music that plays around with familiar sonic territory. This comes absolutely RECOMMENDED!

NOTHING – Great Dismal LP (Relapse) blue splatter color vinyl

The Philly shoegaze/art rockers NOTHING return with their 4th album “The Great Dismal.” Booming drums, wall of sound guitars & melodic vocals with maybe a bit more of a post-industrial meets Brit Pop sound than their other records. 

ONEOHTRIX POINT NEVER – Magic Oneohtrix Point Never 2LP/CD(Warp) yellow vinyl

We last heard from Daniel Lopatin late in 2019 when the experimental composer produced the soundtrack to “Uncut Gems”, a sumptuous mixture of kosmische and new age to give the film a feel of otherworldly grandeur. Now he returns to 2020 under his OPN moniker, using the same sonic toolkit to pay tribute to the culture of radio. Featuring collaborations from THE WEEKND, ARCA, and CAROLINE POLACHEK, “Magic Oneohtrix Point Never” stays fleet of foot, using transitions to recreate the experience of listening to a station’s programming as it transforms throughout the day. Yet another killer from OPN.

Other important releases:

APIFERA – Overstand LP (Stones Throw)

ATMOSPHERE – The Day Before Halloween LP (Rhymesayers)

BLACK TO COMM – Oocyte Oil & Stolen Androgens LP (Thrill Jockey) green vinyl 

DEHD – Flower of Devotion LP (Fire Talk) back in stock! limited hand #’d red vinyl edition

DEVO – Duty Now For the Future LP (Rhino) color vinyl Rocktober pressing

DEVO – Q. Are We Not Men? A. We are Devo! LP (Rhino) color vinyl Rocktober pressing

DRIVE-BY TRUCKERS – Live from Austin, TX: Austin City Limits 2LP (New West)

EARTHEATER – Phoenix LP (PAN) color of black vinyl

NILS FRAHM – Empty LP (Erased Tapes)

FLAMING LIPS – Transmissions From a Satellite Heart LP (Warner) color vinyl

GRATEFUL DEAD – American Beauty LP (Rhino) picture disc

GRATEFUL DEAD – American Beauty 2CD (Rhino) 50th anniversary 

GRATEFUL DEAD – Grateful Dead LP (Rhino) 50th anniversary 

EMMYLOU HARRIS – Wrecking Ball LP (Nonesuch) color vinyl

THE HESHOO BESHOO GROUP – Armitage Road LP (We Are Busy Bodies) 50th anniversary edition

HOLY SONS – Raw & Disfigured 2LP/CD (Thrill Jockey) orange vinyl

KRAFTWERK – Autobahn LP (Parlophone) color vinyl

KRAFTWERK – Computer World LP (Parlophone) color vinyl

KRAFTWERK – Man Machine LP (Parlophone) color vinyl

KRAFTWERK – The Mix LP (Parlophone) color vinyl

KRAFTWERK – Radio-Activity LP (Parlophone) color vinyl

KRAFTWERK – Techno Pop LP (Parlophone) color vinyl

KRAFTWERK – Tour De France LP (Parlophone) color vinyl

KRAFTWERK – Trans Europe Express LP (Parlophone) color vinyl

LUNCH MONEY LIFE – Immersion Chamber LP (Fire Talk) blue vinyl

LUNCHBOX – After School Special LP (Slumberland) blue & white vinyl

MAISHA – Open The Gates LP (Brownswood)

MASTODON – Medium Rarities LP (Reprise)

JONI MITCHELL – Archives Volume 1: Early Years 1963-1967 5CD box set (Rhino)

JONI MITCHELL – Live at Canterbury House 1967 LP (Rhino)

ENNIO MORRICONE – Giallo Themes 2LP (Music on Vinyl)

MOTORHEAD – Ace of Spades LP (BMG) remastered

MOURN – Self Worth LP (Captured Tracks)

JEREMIAH SAND – Lift it Down LP (Sacred Bones) color or black vinyl

SMOKESCREENS – A Strange Dream LP (Slumberland) marbled smoke vinyl

SUUNS – Fiction EP (Joyful Noise)

SWAMP DOGG – Gag a Maggot LP (Alive) splatter vinyl reissue

TOBACCO – Hot Wet & Sassy LP (Ghostly)

VARIOUS ARTISTS – The Crow (Soundtrack) LP (Atlantic) color vinyl Rocktober press

VARIOUS ARTISTS – Something Weird: Spook Show Spectacular A-Go-Go LP (Modern Harmonic) ltd. “gangrenous green” vinyl

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Reckless Records RSD DROP 3 list

Here’s what we’ll have for the final Record Store Day drop. Like every one of these, there are things we didn’t get as many of as we would have liked and a few things that very sadly didn’t make it all like the Freddie Gibbs/Madlib “Pinata 64/74” versions and the Calexico. There was a big mistake with the shipping of the Gibbs/Madlib and many stores did not get these. We’ve been told we’ll have some later on. Hopefully you’ll find what you want on Saturday


The Allman Brothers Band – An Evening With The Allman Brothers Band: First Set

(Friday Music)

Asking Alexandria – Stand Up and Scream (Sumerian Records) Wicker Park only

Bardo Pond – On the Ellipse (Fire)

The Bevis Frond – Valedictory Songs (Fire)

The Bevis Frond – What Did For The Dinosaurs (Fire)

Blitzen Trapper – Unreleased Recordings Vol. 2: Too Kool (LidKerCow) Belmont & Wicker Park

Booker T & The M.G.’s – McLemore Avenue (Craft Recordings)

Jon Brion – Synecdoche, New York (Soundtrack) (Frost)

Johnny Cash – Classic Cash: Hall Of Fame Series – Early Mixes (1987) UME (Mercury)

Cheap Trick – Out To Get You! Live 1977 (Legacy)

Chief Keef – Back From The Dead 2 (RBC Records)

Chromeo – Needy Girl Last Gang 12″ Picture Disc (Last Gang)

The Church – Gold Afternoon Fix (Real Gone Music)

City Morgue – Vol 2: As Good As Dead (Republic)

Ivan Conti – Mamao (Far Out) Belmont & Wicker Park

Alice Cooper – Live from the Apollo Theatre Glasgow 19.2.1982 (Rhino)

Miles Davis – Double Image: Rare Miles From the Complete Bitches Brew Sessions (Legacy)

Alejandro Escovedo – La Cruzada: The Crossing (en Español) (Yep Roc)

Eve 6 – The Fly Record Live (Fat Beats)

Fleshtones – Face of the Screaming Werewolf (Yep Roc) Wicker Park only

The Frumpies – Frumpie One Piece (w/ 7”) (Kill Rock Stars)

Rory Gallagher – Cleveland Calling (Chess) Wicker Park only

The Game – Born 2 Rap (eOne) Wicker Park only

Jimmy Giuffre – GRAZ 1961 (ORG)

Philip Glass- Koyaanisqatsi (Soundtrack) (Orange Mountain) Wicker Park only

Dexter Gordon – The Squirrel (Rhino)

Dexter Gordon Quartet – Live In Châteauvallon  1978 (Anagram)

Grateful Dead – Buffalo 5/9/77 5LP box set (Rhino)

David Gray – Please Forgive Me 12” pink vinyl (Kobalt) Wicker Park only

Humble Pie – Official Bootleg Collection Vol 2 (HNE)

Ice Nine Kills – The Silver Scream: Killer Cuts (picture disc) (Fearless) Wicker Park only

Infectious Grooves – Take You On A Ride (ORG Music) Wicker Park Only

J.J. Johnson and Kai Winding – Stonebone (A&M/CTI – Verve

Judas Priest – Sad Wings of Destiny 2LP color vinyl, 45RPM (eOne)

The Lemonheads – Lovey: 30th Anniversary Ed. (Fire)

Lil’ Kim – 9 (eOne) Wicker Park only

Mark Knopfler – Metroland (soundtrack) (Warner)

Suede (The London Suede) The London Suede (Demon Records)

Charles Mingus – Mingus Ah Um Redux (Get on Down) 2LP w/ 6 bonus tracks

Modern English – I Melt With You 12″ Vinyl (Blixa Sounds)

Hugo Montenegro – Hugo in Wonder-Land (Nature Sounds)

Bob Mould – Circle of Friends (Demon Records)

Milton Nascimento – Ultimo Trem (Far Out) Belmont & Wicker Park

Randy Newman – Avalon (Original Motion Picture Score) (Reprise)

Randy Newman – The Natural (Soundtrack) (Warner Records)

The Obsessed – Incarnate Ultimate Edition (Blues Funeral Recordings)

Daniel Pemberton & Samuel Sim – The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance (The Crystal Chamber picture disc) (Varese Sarabande) Wicker Park only

Pepper – Kona Town (Volcom)

The Rolling Stones – Metamorphosis (green vinyl w/ iron on) Abcko

Ryuichi Sakamoto – Black Mirror: Smithereens (Original Soundtrack) (Masterworks)

Skatalites – Ska Voovee blue vinyl w/ 7” (Jump Up)

Skid Row – Slave To The Grind (180grm red vinyl) (Run Out Groove)

Snoop Dogg – I Wanna Thank Me (Empire)

Soul Asylum – Hurry Up And Wait (Deluxe Version) (Blue Elan Records)

Sumy – Funkin’ In Your Mind 12” (Music on Vinyl) Wicker Park only

Tear Da Club Up Thugs of Three 6 Mafia – CrazyNDaLazDayz (Get On Down)

Yann Tiersen – Lagniappe Sessions 12” (Mute)

Toto – Live in Tokyo 1980 (Legacy)

Tres Vampires – Tres Vampires 12” (Schoolkids)

Kali Uchis – To Feel Alive EP (Interscope)

UFO – Live in Youngstown ’78 (Chrysalis)

Various Artists – Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery (soundtrack) (Hollywood) Wicker Park only

Various Artists – Battle of the Bands, Vol. 1 (Wick)

Various Artists – Double Whammy! A 1960s Garage Rave-Up (Craft Recordings)

Various Artists – Lethal Weapon (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (Warner)

Various Artists – Stone Free: Tribute to Jimi Hendrix (Reprise)

Various Artists – Phenomenon (Soundtrack) (Reprise)

Various Artists – Rough Guide to Brazilian Psychedelia (Rough Guide)

Various Artists – The Virgin Suicides (Music From The Motion Picture) (Ryko/Rhino)

The Verlaines – Dunedin Spleen (Schoolkids) Belmont & Wicker Park

The Violets – Athens Georgia 1988-1992 (Crooked Beat) Wicker Park only

Vitamin String Quartet – Vitamin String Quartet Performs Lana Del Rey (Vitamin Records)

Tony Joe White – The Beginning (New West)

The Who – A Quick Live One: The Monterey International Pop Festival Foundation (MIPF)

The Wildbunch (Electric Six) – Rock Empire (Jett Plastic) Wicker Park only

Frank Zappa – You Can’t Do That On Stage Anymore (Universal)

Warren Zevon – Warren Zevon’s Greatest Hits (According To Judd Apatow) (Rhino)


Inhaler – My Honest Face (Polydor) Wicker Park only

The Specials- Dub Mixes Exclusive (Chrysalis Records)


Beck -No Distraction / Uneventful Days (St. Vincent remix) (Capitol)

Dandy Warhols and Bebe Buell – Femme Fatale (Cobraside)

Eminem – My Name Is /Bad Guys Always Die (IGA)

Maroon 5 – Memories W/ 20 page photo book (IGA)

Keith Richards – Hate It When You Leave b/w Key To The Highway (Mindless)


Suzanne Ciani: A Life in Waves (Window Pictures) Belmont & Wicker Park

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Reckless Records 10/23/20 New Releases


There are a few new releases like Pallbearer, Rancid reissue & a few more that we’re hoping will arrive on Saturday

SUZANNE CIANI – Music for Denali LP (Finders Keepers) 

An early soundtrack created for a documentary about a skiers’ descent from the tallest mountain in Alaska. This 1973 composition showcases Ciani’s skill as not only a masterful synthesist, but also pianist.

FUZZ – III LP/CD (In the Red) limited color vinyl 

Ty Segall, Charles Moothar & Chad Ubovich return with their third album as FUZZ, this time with Steve Albini at the controls. Melodic, heavy riffs with some fantastic guitar playing & some off kilter rhythms this time around. Albini did an excellent job capturing the band’s sound & this one reminds us a lot of QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE, KING GIZZARD etc…

ADRIANNE LENKER – Songs & Instrumentals LP/CD/TAPE (4AD)

The ridiculously prolific musician Adrianne Lenker has had a busy last few years. Her band BIG THIEF released two albums in 2019 & they leaped ahead to become one of the most critically acclaimed bands around. Then, like all of us it all came to a halt because of the pandemic. Thankfully for us she’s used her time to make two more new records, “Songs” & “Instrumentals.” The albums were written & recorded in a cabin in Western MA & her goal was to make music that sounded like the inside of an acoustic guitar & she’s succeeded. These songs remind us more of the stripped-down almost freak folk of “UFOF” mostly just acoustic guitar & voice with a loose recording style with audible background noise & occasional talking. “Instrumentals” are two lengthy stream of consciousness songs that really sounds like exactly what they probably are, Lenker jamming in a cabin while the tape rolled. RECOMMENDED.

THURSTON MOORE – By the Fire CD/TAPE (Daydream Library Series) vinyl coming soon

We think a lot of you will be excited to hear that “By the Fire” is the most SONIC YOUTH sounding Thurston solo record in a while. Featuring the same band as the last few records featuring Deb of MY BLOOD VALENTINE & guitarist James Sedwards, the songs are strong with some truly inspired guitar work. Hearing this now, it almost seems like the more experimental & jammy “Spirit Counsel” was Thurston working out new guitar sounds for the next pop record & this is it. RECOMMENDED.

THE MOUNTAIN GOATS – Getting Into Knives 2LP/CD/TAPE (Merge) limited stock of only the gold Peak Vinyl for now — the rest of our order will be arriving over the weekend!

“Getting Into Knives” – John Darnielle’s 19th full-length under the MOUNTAIN GOATS banner & his 2nd 2020 release following the excellent tape-only “Songs For Pierre Chuvin” – was cut in a few days in early March with a full band (including Al Green sideman Charles Hodges on organ) in Memphis, the pandemic looming on the horizon. The result is a lean, soulful rock record evocative of “Automatic For The People”-era R.E.M., early SPRINGSTEEN, and even AGAINST ME! and THE HOLD STEADY in its most righteously charged moments. And all throughout, Darnielle is at the very height of his songwriting powers. HIGHLY, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

THIS IS THE KIT – Off Off On LP/CD (Rough Trade) 

“Off Off On” is the fantastic 2020 album by THIS IS THE KIT led by Kate Stable who has also collaborated with THE NATIONAL & Taylor Swift. Tight & rhythmic folky rock with nods at FAIRPORT CONVENTION, BIG THIEF etc…RECOMMENDED.

YO LA TENGO – Sleepless Night EP (Matador) finally here!

Ira, Georgia & James return with this EP featuring the new song “Bleeding” & covers by THE BYRDS, Bob Dylan, DELMORE BROTHERS, Ronnie Lane & THE FLYING MACHINE. THE BYRDS cover is particularly excellent. 


ACTRESS – Karma & Desire 2LP/dlx 2LP/CD (Ninja Tune)

BOY PABLO – Wachito Rico LP (777)

KAHIL EL’ZABAR – America the Beautiful LP (K.E.Z.)

GORILLAZ – Song Machine Season 1 LP/DLX LP/CD/DLX CD (Warner)

ROLAND HAYNES – Second Wave LP (Real Gone) remastered

DAN LACKSMAN – Dan Lacksman LP (Real Gone)

SEN MORIMOTO – Sen Morimoto LP/CD (Sooper)

NOCTURNAL EFFIGY – The Moonlit Branches of Powder LP (We Are Busy Bodies)

OPTIC SINK- Optic Sink LP (Goner) now on vinyl!

MARTIN REV – Strangeworld LP (Bureau B) reissue

SKULLCRUSHER – Skullcrusher LP (Secretly Canadian)

BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN – Letter to You LP/CD (Columbia) limited indie only grey or black vinyl

VARIOUS ARTISTS –  A Stranger I May Be: Savoy Gospel 1954-1966 2LP (Honest Jons)

VARIOUS ARTISTS – Harry Smith B-Sides (4CD & booklet) (Dust to Digital)

VARIOUS ARTISTS – Turn It Loose, Ain’t No Good: Savoy Gospel 1970-1979 2LP (Honest Jons)

VARIOUS ARTISTS – You Better Get Ready: Savoy Gospel 1978-1986 2LP (Honest Jons)

WALLOWS – Remote LP (Atlantic)

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Reckless Records 10/16/20 New Releases


AUTECHRE – Sign 2LP/CD (Warp)

IDM titans AUTECHRE have put out a deluge of material within the last handful of years, from live sets to radio shows to small-scale digital-only releases, but “Sign” is their first proper album-album since 2013. The duo’s remote songwriting process has never been more suited for the times of 2020, and the resulting record has a remarkable human touch to it, evolving less as a series of discrete tracks but as a whole piece. Another fantastic record from a duo that has been at it for more than three decades.

QUIN KIRCHNER – Shadows & the Light LP (Astral Spirits)

“The Shadows & the Light” is the impressive 2020 album by the Chicago musician Quin Kirchner. Inspired by some of his favorite musicians like SUN RA, Phil Cohran & Charles Mingus to name a few, Kirchner & a large crew of collaborators have made a fantastic double album of forward-thinking jazz that honors its past. Includes covers of SUN RA, Phil Cohran & Carla Bley. RECOMMENDED!

KEVIN MORBY – Sundowner LP/CD (Dead Oceans) color or black vinyl

After living in NYC & L.A. for the past decade or so, Kevin Morby returned to his home in Kansas City & “Sundowner” is the first record he’s made since his going back. Stripped-down acoustic songs recorded on 4-track that remind us of his early work. “Sundowner” is a term he reappropriated to describe the bummer feeling he often experiences after the sun goes down. Fans of Morby’s more strippped-down recordings & his influences Leonard Cohen & Dylan will approve. 


Mesmerizing collaboration between local treasure Jim Becker (CALIFONE, IRON & WINE) & Lama Lobsang Palden.Becker was seeking treatment from Palden when the Lama suggested they record an album. The friendship has now lasted 10 years & the result here is stunning, with Becker’s multi-instrumental talent on full display alongside Palden’s trance-inducing voice. Each track flows into another seamlessly with interludes of field recordings & back-masked instruments. Sometimes folky, sometimes droney, always beautiful. Put some COMPASSION in your life! For fans of TERRY RILEY, TONY CONRAD & the like.

TOM PETTY – Wildflowers & All the Rest 3LP/7LP/9LP/2CD/4CD (Warner)

Tom Petty’s beloved “Wildflowers” gets the DELUXE deluxe treatment for its 25th anniversary with 3 vinyl versions (3LP, 7LP box set or indie only 9LP box) and 2 CD versions (2CD & 4CD).  This is one of the most requested back catalog albums at Reckless & we’re excited to be able to offer a pre-order for these. We’re big fans of the album too and we can’t wait to hear all of the outtakes & alternate versions.

SPIRIT ADRIFT – Enlightened in Eternity LP/CD (20 Buck Spin) limited color or black vinyl

2020 album from the Phoenix heavy metal band SPIRIT ADRIFT. This band has always done a great job of paying respect to classic metal of the past, specifically NWOBHM & power metal & this one is no different. Melodic riffs & hooks, triumphant guitar harmonies & soaring vocals. Fans of 80’s metal & melodic hard rock will love this.

ROBERT WYATT – His Greatest Misses 2LP/CD (Domino) limited green vinyl

A wonderful, non-chronological collection of art-rock pioneer ROBERT WYATT’s best solo work, spanning from his 70s psych-folk to the fusion jazz of his 00s. This is a perfect primer to the music of one of the most adventurous and idiosyncratic songwriters of his generation.


MATT BERNINGER – Serpentine Prison LP (Concord) solo album from THE NATIONAL member

DEAD C – Unknowns CD (Ba Da Bing)

DIRTY PROJECTORS – Super João EP (Domino)

BEVERLY GLENN-COPELAND – Transmissions LP (Transgressive)

HEAD MACHINE (Gods) – Orgasm LP (Audio Clarity)

IVEYS – Maybe Tomorrow LP (Audio Clarity)

JUICE WRLD – Legends Never Die LP (Interscope)

HEN OGLEDD – Free Humans 2LP/CD (Domino) limited blue & yellow vinyl

MY LIFE WITH THE THRILL KILL KULT – Confessions of a Knife… LP 30th anniversary ed. (Wax Trax!) limited “hell-fire” color vinyl or black

STRIKE UNDER – 09-09-80 7” (Wax Trax!)

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Reckless Records 10/9/20 New Releases


BUDOS BAND – Long in the Tooth LP/CD (Daptone) ltd. splatter vinyl

THE BUDOS BAND has been a stalwart for Daptone as a label, consistently making killer instrumental funk for the past fifteen years, drawing heavily from afrobeat with robust horns and complex polyrhythms. “Long In The Tooth” is a bridging of that sound and the last two albums’ SABBATH-influenced heavy psych. GET IT!

FUTURE ISLANDS – As Long As You Are LP/CD (4AD) limited color or black vinyl

The much adored Baltimore synth pop band FUTURE ISLANDS return in 2020 with “As Long As You Are.” These guys have mastered their style of electronic pop & this one is full of triumphant moments & some beautiful, chilled-out moments, specifically on the excellent track “Moonlight” which reminds us of JOY DIVISION’s classic “Atmosphere.” RECOMMENDED.

MARY LATTIMORE – Silver Ladders LP/CD (Ghostly) color or black vinyl

“Silver Ladders” is the 2020 album from the L.A. based harpist Mary Lattimore. The album was recorded & produced at Neil Halstead’s (SLOWDIVE) studio in Cornwall & the album has a haunting & still timelessness to it, like when you hear traditional songs that you know have existed for hundreds of years. Perfect music for the upcoming Autumn months. 

METZ – Atlas Vending LP/CD/TAPE (Sub Pop) first press “loser edition” color vinyl

The Toronto noise-rockers METZ are back with another strong album. In your face & crisp production & as always, very energetic face melting performances. Bits of BIRTHDAY PARTY, JESUS LIZARD, JAWBOX, FUGAZI & even Chicago’s FACS jump out but these guys have always brought their own take to melodic post-punk.

MRS. PISS – Self-Surgery LP/CD (Sargent House) single-sided red & black vinyl w/ etching

MRS. PISS is the combination of CHELSEA WOLFE and the drummer JESS GOWRIE, and their first EP is a furious collection of industrial metal, centering WOLFE’s sound design and floating, gothic vocal delivery on GOWRIE’s rhythmic command which adds a fair amount of pummelling to the mix. An interesting counterbalance to WOLFE’s 2019 release “Birth of Violence”, which was more geared towards the folk end of her repertoire. It should come as no surprise that this comes HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

REZN – Chaotic Divine 2LP (Self Released)

“Chaotic Divine” is a welcome dose of psychedelic doom & sludge. SLEEP-esque riffage, melodic mid-tempo rock ala DEAD MEADOW, nods to space rock legends HAWKWIND & even hints of metallic grunge legends ALICE IN CHAINS. RECOMMENDED.


ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND – Seven Turns LP (Music on Vinyl) limited 180 gram silver vinyl

ANTELOPER – Tour Beats, Vol. 1 LP (International Anthem)

BLACK SABBATH – Paranoid Super Deluxe box set 5LP (Rhino) 50th Anniversary Edition

BUFFALO TOM – Birdbrain LP (Beggars Banquet) 30th anniversary edition

DON CHERRY – “Mu” First Part/ “Mu” Second Part/ Orient 2CD (Charly)

SAM COOKE – Mr. Soul LP (Music on Vinyl) limited 180grm purple vinyl

BETTY DAVIS – Betty Davis LP (Light in the Attic) blue vinyl

BETTY DAVIS – They Say I’m Different LP (Light in the Attic) red vinyl

GUNN-TRUSCINSKI DUO – Soundkeeper 2LP (Three Lobed Recordings)

LARAAJI – Moon Piano LP (All Saints)

LINKIN PARK – Hybrid Theory 4LP box set (Warner) 

MACHINEDRUM – A View of U LP (Ninja Tune) marbled vinyl

ROISIN MURPHY – Roisin Machine CD (Loaded) vinyl coming soon

NORTH AMERICANS – Roped In LP (Third Man) limited color vinyl

REPLACEMENTS – Pleased to Meet Me 3CD/LP (Sire)

SAD13 (Sadie Dupuis of Speedy Ortiz) – Haunted Painting LP (Wax Nine) pink vinyl

SLADE- Cum on Feel the Hitz LP/CD (BMG)

SLOWDIVE – Blue Day LP (Music on Vinyl) limited180grm marble vinyl 

TALKING HEADS – Fear of Music LP (Sire) silver vinyl Rocktober pressing

TALKING HEADS – Talking Heads 77 LP (Sire) green vinyl Rocktober pressing

TALKING HEADS – More Songs About Buildings & Food LP (Sire) red vinyl Rocktober 


THE TWILITE TONE – The Clearing LP (Stones Throw)

TWIN PEAKS – Side A 10” (Grand Jury) pink vinyl

V/A – Kaleidoscope: New Spirits Known & Unknown 3LP + 7” (Soul Jazz)

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Reckless Records 10/2/20 New Releases

MARIE DAVIDSON & L’ŒIL NU – Renegade Breakdown 2LP/CD (Ninja Tune)

Montreal-based MARIE DAVIDSON follows up her 2018 LP “Working Class Woman” with a new band and a confident swagger. Featuring her husband (and partner in the electro-punk group ESSAIE PAS) Pierre Guerineau and Asaël Robitaille, “Renegade Breakdown” is a bold, pop- forward collection of anthems and polemics, filtering 80s house and synth-pop through DAVIDSON’s unique wit and critical eye. Really strong stuff on Ninja Tune.

ENSLAVED – Utgard LP/CD (Nuclear Blast)

The prolific Norwegian extreme metal legends ENSLAVED return with a new album for 2020. This is the first album with their new drummer Cato Bekkevold & his approach seems slightly more pummeling than their previous more-tech drummer. These guys always seem to find ways to keep things interesting which is VERY impressive 14 albums in. This one seems a little heavier all around than the last few which is totally ok with us. RECOMMENDED.

JONSI – Shiver 2LP/CD (Krunk) audiophile pressing or regular vinyl

The SIGUR ROS singer Jonsi delivers probably his most straight-ahead pop record yet on “Shiver.” Honestly we kind of need a record like this right now as it’s packed with fist pumping anthems & some great songs.COCTEAU TWINS Liz Fraser guests on “Cannibal” a track that starts off mellow but gets epic towards the end & ROBYN fans will flip for “Salt Licorice” which sounds like one of her classic hits. Jonsi/SIGUR ROS fans should approve.

LIFEGUARD – Dive TAPE (self released) 

The Case family is now officially a Chicago rock dynasty. You know Brian from his time in 90 DAY MEN, DISAPPEARS, FACS & as a solo artist & now his son Asher brings it all full circle with his band LIFEGUARD. The trio are still in high school but their songs are mature & well-formed with melodic guitar melodies & jammy passages. This makes us think of everything from Touch & Go noise rock to PAVEMENT’s heavier moments. We’re looking forward to hearing more from this young band. RECOMMENDED!

KAITLYN AURELIA SMITH – The Mosaic of Transformation LP (Ghostly)

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith has made a pure new age record in 2020. Smith’s description for the record is “an expression of love & appreciation for electricity.” With the term electricity, she’s not only referring to the voltage flowing through her synthesizers but the electricity required in the body for movement. Bubbly Buchla sounds, swaying strings & deep drones that all together make for a listen that feels truly healing. RECOMMENDED.

SUFJAN STEVENS – The Ascension LP/CD/TAPE (Asthmatic Kitty) clear or black vinyl

Recently Sufjan Stevens moved from NYC To the Catskills & while his trusty acoustic instruments were in storage he wrote & recorded the music that would become “The Ascension” with synthesizers & a drum machine. Though electronic, these are still Sufjan Stevens songs & the album is a dense 2 hours of danceable electronic pop, lush synth ballads & even some experimental/drone leaning moments.

SUMAC – May You Be Held 2LP/CD (Thrill Jockey) limited blue vinyl

SUMAC returns with their fourth standalone record, as they continue to push the boundaries between sludge, noise and free improvisation. This should appeal both to fans of heavier doom like YOB or THOU, as well as PSF-style noise a la their frequent collaborator KEIJI HAINO.



AIX EM KLEMM – Aix Em Klemm LP (Kranky)

ANNIHILUS – Ghanima (American Decline)

ANDREE BURELLI – De Sidera (American Dreams)

GROOVIE GOOLIES – Groovie Goolies LP (Real Gone) limited “pumpkin” vinyl

JANES ADDICTION – Ritual De Lo Habitual 2LP (Rhino) color vinyl

KRALLICE / GERYON (split) – Wolf / Astomatous LP (Gilead)

LOVE – Forever Changes LP (Rhino) mono reissue

MASTERPIECE MACHINE – Rotting Fruit 12” (Triple-B) members of FUCKED UP 

  with POWER TRIP’s Riley Gale on vocals. RIP Riley

NICOLE MITCHELL & MOOR MOTHER – Offering: Live at Le Guess Who CD (Don Giovanni)

NEW ORDER – Confusion 12” (Warner)

NEW ORDER – Murder 12” (Warner)

NEW ORDER – Thieves Like Us 12” (Warner)

THE NUDE PARTY – Midnight Manor LP/CD (New West) limited purple vinyl

PEALS – Honey LP (Thrill Jockey)

COREY TAYLOR – CMFT LP (Roadrunner) color or black vinyl

ZACHERLE – Zacherle’s Monster Gallery LP (Real Gone) back in stock on limited clear & “pumpkin” splatter vinyl!

VARIOUS ARTISTS – The Return of the Living Dead: Original Soundtrack LP (Real Gone) back in stock on limited clear & “blood red” splatter vinyl!

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Reckless Records RSD DROP #2 LIST

Here we go again! Like all Record Store Days, items are 1 per customer, first come first served, no holds. As always we do our best to get in as much as we can. It seems that some titles were more heavily allocated this time around but we feel pretty good about what we got in. Good luck!



ACID MOTHERS TEMPLE – Nam Myo Ho Ren Ge Kyo (Space Age)

THE ALARM – Celtic Folklore Live (Twenty First Century) Wicker Park only

THE ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND – Fillmore West 1-31-71 (Allman Brothers Band) glow in the dark vinyl

ROBBIE BASHO – Selections from Song of the Avatars: The Lost Master Tapes (Tompkins Square)

JAY BENNETT & EDWARD BURCH – The Palace at 4 AM (Part 1) (Schoolkids)

BIG L – The Danger Zone (RBC)

BLACK CROWES- Jealous Again (American)

THE BOYS NEXT DOOR – Door, Door (Rhino)

LENNY BRUCE – Lenny Bruce Is Out Again (Comedy Dynamics) Wicker Park only

SOLOMON BURKE –  Back to My Roots (Geffen)

CANNED HEAT – Record Store Day Party With Canned Heat (Friday Music)

BRANDI CARLILE – A Rooster Says (Elektra)

DON CHERRY – Cherry Jam (Gearbox Records)

CHON – Grow (Sumerian)

SUZANNA CIANI –  A Life in Waves (Soundtrack) (Earth Libraries)

GEORGE S. CLINTON – Mortal Kombat (Original Motion Picture Score) (Varese Sarabande) Wicker Park only

WILLIE COLON – Cosa Nuestra (Craft Recordings)

COOLIO – Gangsta’s Paradise: 25th Anniversary – Remastered (Tommy Boy)

CURREN$Y – Pilot Talk (Empire)

DEATH PIGGY (pre-GWAR) – Welcome To The Record (Anti-Corp)

DINOSAUR JR. – Swedish Fist (Live In Stockholm) (Cherry Red) 

THE DOORS – The Soft Parade: Stripped (Rhino/Elektra)

DURUTTI COLUMN- Idiot Savants (Demon Music Group)

BILL EVANS – Some Other Time: The Lost Session From The Black Forest (Resonance)

THE FEMININE COMPLEX – Livin’ Love (Modern Harmonic)

LEE FIELDS – Let’s Get A Groove On (Daptone)

FLEETWOOD MAC- The Alternate Rumours (Rhino)

JERRY GARCIA – The Very Best of Jerry Garcia 5LP box set (ATO)

JIMMY GIUFFRE – The 3 & 4: New York Concerts (Anagram)

ELLIE GOULDING – Lights 10 (Interscope) at Belmont and Loop only

GRAVES AT SEAS – History of Sickness (NecroCave)


PARISH HALL – Parish Hall (Craft Recordings)

SCREAMIN’ JAY HAWKINS – …What That Is! (Third Man Records) 

SCREAMIN’ JAY HAWKINS  –  Because Is In Your Mind (Third Man Records) with a VERY LIMITED silk-screen print while supplies last (posters at Wicker Park only)

HUNNY – Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes (Epitaph Records)

JOHN MASSONI w/ SONIC BOOM – Sundowner Sessions LP (Space Age) Wicker Park only

PAUL MCCARTNEY – McCartney (Capitol) half-speed master

MELANIE – Live at Drury Lane 1974 (Article) Wicker Park only

CHUCK MOSLEY –  First Hellos and Last Goodbyes (Traffic) Loop only

MOTT THE HOOPLE – The Golden Age of Rock ‘n’ Roll (Madfish)

MURS & 9TH WONDER – Brighter Daze (Empire) at Belmont and Loop only

NAS – God’s Son (Get On Down)

NIGHT BEATS – Sonic Bloom (Reverberation Appreciation Society)

NOTORIOUS B.I.G. –  It Was All A Dream: The Notorious B.I.G. 1994-1999 9LP box set (Rhino) Wicker Park only

BOBBY PARKER – Soul of the Blues (Rhythm & Blues)

DAVE PIKE – Jazz For The Jet Set (Nature Sounds)

NATALIE PRASS – Natalie Prass (Spacebomb) w/ bonus 7”

PRIMUS – Suck On This (Prawn Song)

THE RAMONES –  It’s Alive II (Rhino)

THE REPLACEMENTS – The Complete Inconcerated Live 3LP (Rhino)

THE RESIDENTS – Icky Flix: The Original Soundtrack (Ralph)

ROCKABYE BABY! – Lullaby Renditions of Wu-Tang Clan (Rockabye Baby)

KEITH ROWE/ MARK WASTELL – Live at I & E LP (Confront) Wicker Park only

SKYE –  Keeping Secrets (Kartel) Wicker Park only

CHRIS SMITHER – More From The Levee (Signature Sounds)

SNAPPED ANKLES – 21 Metres to Hebden Bridge (Leaf) Wicker Park only

MARK SNOW – Music From the X-Files: The Truth and The Light (Warner)

SON VOLT – Live At The Orange Peel (Transmit Sounds)

BRITNEY SPEARS – Oops!…I Did It Again (Remixes and B-Sides) (SONY)

SPECTRUM – Forever Alien (Space Age) Wicker Park only

SQUIRREL NUT ZIPPERS – The Inevitable (Hollywood)


TEGAN & SARA – Tonight In The Dark We’re Seeing Colors (Warner Records)

TELESCOPES – Altered Perception LP (Space Age) Belmont/Wicker Park only

TELEVISION PERSONALITIES – Some Kind of Happiness?: Singles 1994-1999 (Fire)


VARIOUS ARTISTS –  Batman & Robin (Soundtrack) (Warner Records)

VARIOUS ARTISTS – Behind The Dykes: Beat, Blues andPsychedelic Nuggets from The Lowlands 1964-1972 (Music on Vinyl)

VARIOUS ARTISTS – Dance Craze (Chrysalis Records)

VARIOUS ARTISTS – Hackers (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (Varese Sarabande) 

VARIOUS ARTISTS – Hi Tide Groove (Fat Possum)

VARIOUS ARTISTS – I Saved Latin! A Tribute To Wes Anderson (American Laundromat) Wicker Park only

VARIOUS ARTISTS – Queen & Slim Soundtrack (Motown)

VARIOUS ARTISTS – Mighty Instrumentals: Soul & R&B Style 1965 (Rhythm & Blues)

VARIOUS ARTISTS –  Nativity In Black: A Tribute to Black Sabbath (Real Gone)

VARIOUS ARTISTS – Psyché France vol. 6 (1960-70) (Rhino)

VARIOUS ARTISTS – This Are Two Tone (Chrysalis Records)


WALE – Wow… That’s Crazy (Warner)

ROBER WATERS – The Wall: Live in Berlin (Universal)

SUMMER WALKER – Last Day of Summer (Interscope)

HANK WILLIAMS – 1951 March of Dimes 10” (BMG)

MARTY WILLSON-PIPER – Nightjar LP (Schoolkids)

CAMILLE YARBROUGH – The Iron Pot Cooker LP (Craft)

ZAP MAMA – Adventures in Afropea 1 (Luaka Bop)


THE HOTRATS – Turn Ons: 10th Anniversary Edition (Demon) Belmont/Wicker Park only

MEAT PUPPETS – Meat Puppets (Megaforce Records)

NAHKO & MEDICINE FOR THE PEOPLE – Take Your Power Back (Side One Dummy) Wicker Park only

THE ROLLING STONES – Steel Wheels Live (Live From Atlantic City, NJ, 1989) (Eagle Rock)

TOVE LO – Bikini Porn Island picture disc Wicker Park only


BAYSIDE – Heaven (Hopeless Records)

HEART BONES (Har Mar Superstar& Sabrina Ellis of A Giant Dog) – Hurricane (Love  OnLine)

JIMI HENDRIX – Message To Love (Capitol)

OL’ DIRTY BASTARD –  Return To The 36 Chambers: The Dirty Version (25th Anniversary Edition) 9X7” box set (Rhino/Elektra) Belmont/Wicker Park only

THE GOOD LIFE/ THE PAUSES – ‘Divine Hammer’ b/w ‘Off You’ (TheBreederscovers)   Landland

SEAN PRICE & SMALL PROFESSOR –Latoya Jackson (Coalmine)

THE UNRIGHTEOUS BROTHERS – Unchained Melody b/w You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’   (Lightning Rod)

VASELINES/ POOH STICKS – Dying For It (Glass Modern) Belmont/Wicker Park only

MIKE WATT & THE SECONDMEN – In Quintessence (Yep Roc) Wicker Park only