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Reckless Records 6/7/24 New Releases

Reckless Records 5/31/24 New Releases

GOAT GIRL – Below the Waste LP/CD (Rough Trade)

2024 record from London band GOAT GIRL, incorporating dreamy synth-pop and grungy, guitar-driven alt-rock for a moody collection of songs that allow the band to play around with quiet/loud dynamics and sound design textures. Good stuff!

PEGGY GOU – I Hear You LP/CD (XL) black or blue vinyl

South Korean DJ & model PEGGY GOU has been a star of the Berlin dance scene, having released a miniature fleet of singles and mixes (including her own DJ-Kicks mix back in 2019). “I Hear You” is her first full length, pushing headlong into her signature bubblegum deep house and earworm dance-pop melodies. Summery, bright and yet effortlessly cool, this is one of the most inviting dance records of the year that will most likely make its way onto many year-end lists including some of ours! RECOMMENDED!

MARGO GURYAN – Words & Music 3LP box set (Numero)

Numero has been teasing this release of the complete recordings by Margo Guryan for a while & it’s finally here. Guryan had an interesting career starting out as a jazz singer somewhere in the middle of Ella Fitzgerald & Chet Baker. She also studied music with Ornette Coleman & Don Cherry. She is best known for the album “Take A Picture” that was released in 1968 without much fanfare. Since then it’s become a cult classic fitting somewhere in a realm with other baroque popsters like FREE DESIGN, LEFT BANKE & Francoise Hardy. Having her complete musical journey in one place is quite special. RECOMMENDED.

NXWORRIES – Why Lawd? LP/CD (Stones Throw) black or color vinyl

The duo of ANDERSON .PAAK and KNXWLEDGE are back eight years after their full length “Yes Lawd!” with another collection of smoky neo-soul cuts. PAAK made waves a few years back with his glammy collab with BRUNO MARS as SILK SONIC, but his voice is also perfectly suited for KNXWLEDGE’s gospel/R&B-infused hip-hop production, making for a more introspective project. With features from SNOOP DOGG, EARL SWEATSHIRT, THUNDERCAT & H.E.R. among others, “Why Lawd?” is a pitch perfect return for the duo. RECOMMENDED!

SOFIA BOLT – Vendredi Minuit LP (Born Losers)

This is the 2nd album by the talented Los Angeles via Paris artist Amelie Rousseaux. Jangly guitar songs with baroque pop moments. Think Velvets, GALAXIE 500, Twin Peaks roadhouse dreamy pop, Francoise Hardy, STEREOLAB & some occasional furious moments that dip into TELEVISION. This is a really deep record that reveals itself more &  more with repeat listens. RECOMMENDED.


BAD BUNNY – Nadie Sabe Lo Qeu Va A Pasar MAÑANA LP (Rimas)

BON JOVI – Forever LP (Island)

CHARLES BRONSON – Youth Attack! 25th Anniversary reissue LP/LP box set (Youth

    Attack) finally got some of these!

KENNY BURRELL & JOHN COLTRANE – Kenny Burrell & John Coltrane LP (Craft)

CHARLI XCX – Brat LP/CD (Atlantic) indie only or regular vinyl

THE CHURCH – Eros Zeta & the Perfumed Guitars LP (Easy Action) green vinyl

ALICE COLTRANE – A Monastic Trio LP (Impulse) Verve By Request Series

THE CURE – Japanese Whispers LP (Rhino) clear vinyl reissue

DALEK – Negro Necro Nekros LP (Ipecac)

THE dB’S – Stands for deciBels LP (Propeller) remastered, color vinyl

VON DEXTER – House On Haunted Hill (Soundtrack) (Wax Work) Rob Zombie Presents


EKKO ASTRAL – Pink Balloons LP (Top Shelf) blue vinyl

ELKKA – Prism of Pleasure LP (Ninja Tune) pink vinyl

GULFER – Third Wind LP (Top Shelf) green vinyl

CHARLIE HADEN – Golden Number LP (Verve) Verve By Request series

JOHN LEE HOOKER – Burning Hell LP (Craft)

ROBERT HUNTER – Tales of the Great Rum Runners LP/CD (Rhino)

MAN MAN – Carrot On Strings LP (Sub Pop) Loser Edition first pressing

CARLY PEARCE – Hummingbird LP (Big Machine)

PEDRO THE LION – Santa Cruz LP/CD (Polyvinyl)

NAOKI SATO – Godzilla Minus One (Soundtrack) LP (Wax Work) finally here!

SMOKING POPES – Born to Quit LP (Real Gone) reissue, pink & white vinyl

TOM VERLAINE – Warm & Cool LP (Real Gone) remastered, pink vinyl

UNCLE ACID & THE DEADBEATS – Nell’ Ora Blu LP (Rise Above)

VARIOUS ARTISTS – Tank Girl (Soundtrack) LP (Real Gone) reissue, yellow vinyl

ROB ZOMBIE – Words & Music of House of 1000 Corpses (Soundtrack) LP (Wax Work)

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Reckless Records 5/31/24 New Releases

APHEX TWIN – Didgeridoo: Expanded 12” (R&S)

This 1992 EP has been unavailable for over 20 years & it’s now been expanded for this 2024 reissue. “Didgeridoo” is regarded as one of the finest moments in Richard D. James’ ridiculously stacked discography. Supposedly he wrote the track to tire people out dancing at the end of raves in Cornwall. At over 7 minutes, this heavy track actually tracked in the U.K. back then. We’re really stoked to have this back in the racks again. RECOMMENDED.

BAT FOR LASHES – The Dream of Delphi LP/CD (Mercury) limited color or black

During the pandemic Natasha Khan had her first baby & her 2024 album is dedicated to her. The arrangements are mostly sparse with piano compositions with strings & minimal, sometimes ambient synth textures. Easy comparisons are Bjork & Kate Bush but the songs lean more new age than that, making us think of Julia Holter, Julianna Barwick & even Johann Johannsson. It’s a truly beautiful album. RECOMMENDED.

AKIRA KOSEMURA & LAWRENCE ENGLISH – Selene LP (Temporary Residence)

“Selene” is the 2024 collaboration album by the Japanese artist Akira Kosemura & Lawrence English who is based in Australia. Deep bass drones that seem to be rising from the bottom of the ocean with Harold Budd style piano explorations. 

DREW MCDOWALL – A Thread, Silvered & Trembling LP (Dais) limited red or black

Former COIL member Drew McDowall returns to his explorations with the Scottish bagpipe style known as pibroch, something he experimented with on the classic “Time Machines” album. By processing the recordings electronically & adding other instruments such as cello, viola, harp & french horn, McDowall has created a rich world of unique drones & blasting chords that are as beautiful as they aremenacing. 

ROY MONTGOMERY – Temple IV LP (Kranky)

First ever vinyl release for Roy Montgomery’s legendary 1995 album “Temple IV.” Montgomery got his start in the New Zealand band PIN GROUP who were associated with the who’s who of the Kiwi sound at the time. In 1994 Roy released a record on Kranky with the band DADAMAH & soon after made his way to New York City. While there he recorded two albums including this one on a 4 track machine with a cheap guitar & a few effects pedals. Long form guitar jams with drone elements that fit in somewhere between POPOL VUH, the drony side of V.U., German legends Achim Reichel & Manuel Gottsching. This one is absolutely epic. HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION.


AROOJ AFTAB – Night Reign LP (Verve) color or black

ARS NOVA – Ars Nova LP (Sundazed) remastered, green vinyl

BLACK SABBATH – Anno Domini 1989-1995 4LP4/CD super deluxe box set (Rhino)

HABIBI – Dreamachine LP (Kill Rock Stars) blue vinyl

MAYA HAWKE – Chaos Angel LP/CD/TAPE (Mom + Pop)

KING HANNAH – Big Swimmer LP (City Slang) blue vinyl

CYNDI LAUPER – Let the Canary Sing LP (Legacy)

MARIAS – Submarine LP (Atlantic)

NEUTRALS – New Town Dream LP (Slumberland) blue vinyl

RINGO STARR – Crooked Boy LP/CD (Universal)

SUN RA – Inside the Light World: Sun Ra Meets the OVC CD (Strut)

JIMI TENOR – Is There Love in Outer Space LP (Timmion)

RICHARD THOMPSON – Ship to Shore LP/CD (New West) black or limited marbled vinyl with signed insert

THOU – Umbilical LP w/ 7”/CD (Sacred Bones) limited color or black

VARIOUS ARTISTS – Eccentric Soul: Minibus LP (Numero)

WINDY & CARL – Consciousness LP (Kranky) back in print

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Reckless Records 5/24/24 New Releases

Reckless Records 5/24/24 New Releases

FINOM – Not God LP/CD (Joyful Noise) with limited flexi 7” while supplies last

FINOM or the artist(s) formerly known as OHMME return with a new album “Not God” in 2024. The extremely talented duo of Macie Stewart & Sima Cunningham are deeply entrenched in the Chicago music scene but FINOM is clearly their baby.Produced by Jeff Tweedy with his son Spencer playing drums, “Not God” perfectly displays Macie & Sima’s abilities as players & songwriters. Hints of THE ROCHES, SPARKS, B-52s & even ESG. Another great one from these gifted Chicagoans.

RAMI GABRIEL – That’s What I Been Sayin’ LP (Sooper)

Rami Gabriel is a professor at Columbia College in Chicago & he’s been making & releasing music for years. This album on Sooper is a hodgepodge of genres with bluesy rockers, an instrumental on the Middle Eastern Buzuq instrument & even minimal electronics that hint at THROBBING GRISTLE (not joking). Eclectic to say the least.

GASTR DEL SOL – We Have Dozens of Titles LP/CD box set (Drag City)

There was a period of about 5 years or so in the early/mid 90s where GASTR DEL SOL was one of the most exciting & mysterious groups. The duo included David Grubbs, best known then as the ex-member of bands like SQUIRREL BAIT, BASTRO & BITCH MAGNET & Jim O’Rourke, then based in Chicago & well known for his experimental music & engineering projects. This set collects outtakes,live recordings & compilation tracks, some of which are released for the first time here. Their mix of folk guitar, avant piano pieces & chopped-up electronics sounds just as exciting now as it did 25 years ago. RECOMMENDED.

SHIN JOONG HYUN – From Where to Where 1970-1979 LP (Light in the Attic)

Shin Joong Hyun started in the 50’s entertaining U.S. troops. His first taste of real success was producing hits for THE PEARL SISTER & KIM JUNG MI who had legitimate hits in South Korea. The 60’s rock explosion influenced SHIN JOON HYUN greatly & the Western influence on his music became even more obvious. Eventually he fell in with some hippies & counter-culture types which brought him to the attention of the government. He was labeled as subversive & after refusing to write a song praising the president, he was tortured & imprisoned for his rebellion. This collection features his music as well as some of his stellar productions. Everything from traditional South Korean pop to 60’s rock influenced jammers are featured here.

BILL MACKAY – Locust Land LP (Drag City)

The prolific Chicago based guitarist Bill Mackay is back with a new one in 2024 called “Locust Land.” We’re not sure if Bill was aware of the incoming 2024 locust invasion or not but the title certainly seems prescient. This one has some nice variety with John Martyn-esque solo tunes, jammy instrumentals & nods at POPOL VUH. RECOMMENDED.


ALUMINUM –Fully Beat (Felt)

ANDREW BIRD TRIO – Sunday Morning Put-On LP/CD (Loma Vista) color or black

DAVID BOWIE – Diamond Dogs LP (RCA) half-speed master

CREED – Greatest Hits LP (Craft)

DANGERMOUSE & JEMINI – Born Again LP (Lex) color or black vinyl

DIIV – Frog in Boiling Water LP/CD (Fantasy) green or black vinyl

EKKO ASTRAL – Pink Balloons TAPE (Top Shelf) vinyl expected in June

ELEPHANT GYM – World LP (Top Shelf) color vinyl

DUKE ELLINGTON & JOHNNY HODGES – Back to Back LP (Verve) acoustic sound series

BRIAN ENO, HOLGER CZUKAY & J. PETER SCHWALM – Sushi. Roti. Reibekuchen LP (Gronland)

BETH GIBBONS – Lives Outgrown: Deluxe Edition LP (Domino) back in stock!

GIRL & GIRL – Call a Doctor LP (Sub Pop) first press “Loser Edition”

JONSI – Obsidian LP (Krunk)

SHIN JOONG HYUN – Beautiful Rivers & Mountains: The Psychedelic Rock Sounds…  LP (Light in the Attic) back in print

KHANATE – Capture & Release LP/CD (Sacred Bones) limited color or black

KHANATE – Clean Hands Go Foul  LP/CD (Sacred Bones) limited color or black

LA LUZ – News of the Universe LP/CD (Sub Pop) first press “Luzer” edition color

MIKEL – Zelda & Chill LP (Gamechops) available again

MORTICIAN – Darkest Day of Horror LP (Relapse) color vinyl

MUI ZYU – Nothing or Something to Die For LP (Father/Daughter)

CARLOS NIÑO & FRIENDS – Placenta LP/CD (International Anthem)

NOFX – Half Album LP (Fat Wreck Chords)

PHOENIX – Ti Amo LP (Glassnote) available again

PYE CORNER AUDIO – Endless Echo LP/CD (Ghost Box)

RED FANG – Red Fang LP (Sargent House) 15th anniversary edition

SHELLAC – To All Trains LP (Tough & Go) last copies of the 1st pressing!! Almost gone!

SUN RA – Excelsior Mill LP (Modern Harmonic) color vinyl

THURSDAY – War All the Time: Live LP (Equal Vision)

TWENTY ONE PILOTS – Clancy LP/CD (Fueled By Ramen) w/ limited clear plastic outer sleeve

VANISHING TWIN – The Age of Immunology LP (Fire) limited pink & teal versions

VARIOUS ARTISTS – NID Tapes LP (State 51) back in print

VARIOUS ARTISTS – W3NG LP (Numero Group) color or black

VEGYN – The Road to Hell is Paved With Good Intentions LP/CD (PLZ Make It Ruins)

WALLOWS – Model LP/CD (Atlantic) orchid/orange color or clear. with indie only plastic outer sleeve while supplies


PAUL WELLER – 66 LP/CD (Capitol)

YOUNG JESUS – The Fool LP (Saddle Creek) white vinyl

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Reckless Records 5/10 & 5/17 New Releases

Reckless Records 5/10/24 & 5/17/24 New Releases

It’s been a surreal 10 days or so in Chicago since Steve left us. Much love to Heather, Bob, Todd, the Electrical Crew, his friends, family & fans. We’ll miss you Steve.

Nobody should be surprised that the Shellac LP is sold out. We’re hoping to have a small restock next week so please place special orders. The 2nd press is already in process

AMEN DUNES – Death Jokes LP (Sub Pop) first pressing Loser Edition

“Death Jokes” is the first AMEN DUNES album in 6 years & his first for Sub Pop. During that time took a step back & reconsidered his approach to songwriting & started piano lessons & learning how to program drums. The result is a quirky mix of his artfully crafted indie rock with some electronic beats, some that almost have a herky jerky quality at times. It’s not as much of a stretch as you might think & fans should be happy AMEN DUNES has returned.

THE CAT’S MIAOW – Skipping Stones: The Cassette Years ‘92-’93 LP (World of Echo)

Demos & lo-fi recordings from the great Melbourne band THE CAT’S MIAOW, embracing the minimal pop simplicity of YOUNG MARBLE GIANTS and BEAT HAPPENING with the reverb’d spaciousness some members would later lean into under the HYDROPLANE moniker. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

MYRIAM GENDRON – Mayday LP/CD (Feeding Tube) green or black vinyl

One of our favorite current artists Myriam Gendron returns with her third album “Mayday.” Her previous albums have mostly contained folk standards with lyrics taken from Dorothy Parker poems. This is the first album of mostly Gendron originals. Her playing is efficient but formidable. Seeing her play live is mind blowing because she’s so consistent & doesn’t seem to make any mistakes. Gendron is joined by Marissa Anderson & Jim White (DIRTY THREE) on 3 tunes & hearing her play with others expands her sound remarkably. Fans of Karen Dalton, Sibyelle Baier, Gillian Welch, Leonard Cohen need to hear this. RECOMMENDED.

BETH GIBBONS – Lives Outgrown LP/deluxe LP/CD (Domino)

**deluxe is almost sold out but we hope to have more next week

First ever strictly solo record from BETH GIBBONS has been a long time coming (eleven years after she had announced it), but the former voice for PORTISHEAD does not disappoint. Spacious, atmospheric production with intimate, close textures that evoke the robust art-pop of JULIA HOLTER and later SCOTT WALKER, as well as PORTISHEAD’s classic iciness, all anchored by GIBBONS’ unmistakable voice. On Domino, well worth the wait, and VERY RECOMMENDED. Deluxe gatefold edition features a book and a limited art print! When it’s gone it’s gone!

PALLBEARER – Mind Burns Alive LP/CD (Nuclear Blast)

PALLBEARER continues to get cleaner & more polished & we’re totally ok with it. “Mind Burns Alive” pushes them further into 70s rock/prog territory with serious nods at PINK FLOYD, songs that sound like RUSH at half speed, TOOL & even ALICE IN CHAINS at times. A solid listen.

SHELLAC – To All Trains LP/CD (Touch & Go)

It’s a surreal time. Just a few weeks ago we were excited about getting the first SHELLAC album in 10 years. Now we all know it’s their last one. Back in 2019 the band was kind enough to play at Reckless in honor of our 30th anniversary. Most of their set was made up of instrumentals that we can all hear now on “To All Trains.” Steve, Bob & Todd really made it worth the wait. Inventive arrangements, instantly memorable riffs, mind boggling drum ideas, that dry SHELLAC wit & of course an amazing recording. A Fitting end to one of the best bands of the last 30 years. REQUIESCAT.

VARIOUS ARTISTS – Ghana Special, Volume 2: Electronic Highlife & Afro Sounds In The Diaspora, 1980​-​93 LP/CD (Soundway)

Soundway’s second volume of pop music from Ghana & the Ghanaian diaspora takes focus on the 1980s, with synths taking hold and bringing in influences of disco, new wave, boogie and electronic R&B. These sounds married with highlife created a new style built for nightclubs and dance halls. Featuring PAT THOMAS, CHARLES AMOAH and ERNEST HONNY among others, this should fit right next to the “Doin’ it in Lagos” and “Gumba Fire” comps on Soundway. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!


AQUABATS – The Return of the Aquabats LP (Gloopy) reissue

AQUABATS – The Fury of the Aquabats LP (Gloopy) reissue

AQUABATS – Vs. the Floating Eye of Death & Other Adventures, Vol. 1 LP (Gloopy) reissue

ARAB STRAP – i’m totally fine with it don’t give a fuck anymore LP/CD (Rock Action) black or yellow vinyl

MULATU ASTATKE – Mulatu of Ethiopia LP (Strut) deluxe white vinyl reissue

ATMOSPHERE – Strictly Leakage LP/CD (Rhymesayers)

AVETT BROTHERS – Avett Brothers LP/CD (Ramseur) black or blue vinyl

YAYA BEY – Ten Fold LP (Big Dada) black or red vinyl

BLITZEN TRAPPER – 100’s of 1000’s, Millions of Billions LP/CD (Yep Roc) black or blue vinyl

BOTANIST – Paleobotany LP (Prophecy)


KENNY BURRELL – Guitar Forms LP (Verve) Verve acoustic sound series

KENNY BURRELL – Night At the Village Vanguard LP (Verve) Verve acoustic sound series

CAGE THE ELEPHANT – Neon Pill LP/CD (RCA) black or clear vinyl

CARB ON CARB – Take Time LP (Salinas)

CHAMELEONS – Strange Times 3LP/2CD (Blue Apple) expanded, remastered

CYMANDE – Promised Heights LP (Partisan) reissue

DEAD BOB – Life Like LP (Wrong) John Wright from NOMEANSNO

DEEP TUNNEL PROJECT – Deep Tunnel Project LP (Comedy Minus One)

DEHD – Poetry LP/CD (Fat Possum)

DREAM DEATH – Journey Into Mystery LP (High Roller)

DUANE EDDY – The Biggest Twang of Them All LP (Sundazed) coke bottle clear vinyl

DUANE EDDY – Duane Eddy Does Bob Dylan LP (Sundazed) red vinyl

88 FINGERS LOUIE – Back on the Streets LP (Hopeless)

88 FINGERS LOUIE – Behind Bars LP (Hopeless)

88 BIT & SAVE POINT – Video Game 64: Super Mario 64 LP (Curaga)

BILLIE EILISH – Hit Me Hard & Soft LP/CD (Interscope) with free poster while supplies last. WICKER PARK ONLY

FANTOMAS – Director’s Cut LP (Ipecac)

FANTOMAS – Fantomas LP (Ipecac)

FANTOMAS – Suspended Animation LP (Ipecac)

JOHN FEKNER CITY SQUAD – Idioblast 1983-2004 LP (Modern Harmonic) expanded ed.

BEN FOLDS FIVE – Whatever & Ever Amen LP (Legacy)

GATECREEPER – An Unexpected Reality LP (Closed Casket)

GLASS BEAMS – Mahal 12” (Ninja Tune) orange vinyl

GOGO PENGUIN – From the North: Live In Manchester LP (XXIM)

GOUGE AWAY – Burnt Sugar LP (Deathwish)

GRAVEDIGGAZ – 6 Feet Deep LP (MNRK) color vinyl reissue

GUSTER – Ooh La La LP/CD (Ocho Mule) with signed print while supplies last

HAMPTON HAWES – For Real! LP (Craft) acoustic sound series

JIMI HENDRIX – First Rays of the New Rising Sun LP (Legacy)

HOT WATER MUSIC – Vows LP (Equal Vision)

HOW TO DRESS WELL – I Am Toward You LP (Sargent House) orange vinyl

KEITH HUDSON – Pick A Dub LP (VP) color vinyl

I.JORDAN – I Am Jordan LP (Ninja Tune)

JOYWAVE – Permanent Pleasure LP (Hollywood)

KERRY KING – From Hell I Rise LP/CD (Reigning Phoenix)

KNOCKED LOOSE – You Won’t Go Before You’re Supposed To LP (Pure Noise

POKEY LaFARGE – Rhumba Country LP (New West) gold vinyl, signed!

THE LEMONHEADS – Fear of Living b/w Seven Out 7” (Fire)

LIGHTHEADED – Combustible Gems LP (Slumberland) coke bottle clear vinyl

LIP CRITIC – Hex Dealer LP (Partisan)

LUNCHBOX – Pop & Circumstance LP (Slumberland) pink vinyl

HANK MOBLEY – Workout LP (Blue Note) classic vinyl series

MODEST MOUSE – Good News For People Who Love Bad News LP (Legacy) 20th anniversary color vinyl

MORTICIAN – Domain of Death LP (Relapse)

MY BLOODY VALENTINE – Isn’t Anything LP (Domino) back in stock!

MY BLOODY VALENTINE – Loveless LP (Domino) back in stock!

OF MONTREAL – Lady of the Cusp LP (Polyvinyl)

DONELL PITMAN & WINGS OF SUNSHINE – Brand New Funk LP (Star Creature)

STURGILL SIMPSON – Metamodern Sounds in Country Music LP (High Top Mountain) 10th Anniversary reissue

TOM SKINNER – Voices of Bishara, Live at “mu” LP (International Anthem)

SLASH – Orgy of the Damned LP/CD (Snakepit)

SO TOTALLY IN LOVE – Double Your Relaxation LP (Tiny Engines) orange vinyl

STANLEY TURRENTINE – Blue Hour LP (Blue Note) classic vinyl series

VARIOUS ARTISTS – Alfa/ Yen Records 1981- 1987: Techno Pop & Other Electronic Adventures in Tokyo LP (Sony)

TATSU YAMASHITA – For You LP (Sony) reissue

TATSU YAMASHITA – Go Ahead! LP (Sony) reissue

TATSU YAMASHITA – Ride on Time LP (Sony) reissue

TATSU YAMASHITA –Spacy LP (Sony) reissue

YELLOWMAN – Nobody Move Nobody Get Hurt LP (Greensleeves)

LA MONTE YOUNG/ MARIAN ZAZEELA – Dream House 78’17” The Theatre of Eternal  Music LP/CD (Superior Viaduct) 

ZAYN – Room Under the Stores LP/CD (Republic)

JOHN ZORN – New Masada Quartet Benefit LP (Tzadik)

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Reckless Records 5/3/24 New Releases

Reckless Records 5/3/24 New Releases

BROADCAST – Spell Blanket: Collected Demos 2006-2009 LP/CD (Warp)

Big 36 track collection of demos and sketches from Trish Keenan & BROADCAST’s productive post-“Tender Buttons” period of 2006-09. This should scratch the same itch that their “Microtronics’ series does, as well as the third demo LP of STEREOLAB’s reissue campaign of the last few years. VERY RECOMMENDED!

CAMERA OBSCURA – Look to the East, Look to the West LP/CD (Merge) black or ltd. blue & white vinyl

First album in over ten years for Glaswegian twee pop torchbearers CAMERA OBSCURA sounds as if they never left. Stylistic changes that go through Americana, minimal synth pop and retro jangle pop are all held together by some excellent earworm melodies. A warm, welcome return for these indie stalwarts. RECOMMENDED!

MDOU MOCTAR – Funeral For Justice LP/CD (Matador)

After the acoustic-inflected “Afrique Victime”, Tuareg guitar wiz MDOU MOCTAR returns to the fast, shredding, psychedelic wildness that’s his band’s bread & butter. Wicked, searing feedback and shuffling rhythms make the background for MOCTAR’s increasingly strident political lyrics and themes, resulting in a pointedly Nigerien record that seems to be channeled through the sound of late period ZEPPELIN (think something soaring like “Achilles’ Last Stand”). RECOMMENDED!

JESSICA PRATT – Here in the Pitch LP/CD (Mexican Summer) black or ltd. brown vinyl

A brilliant fourth record from California psych folk singer JESSICA PRATT, who burrows deeper into the dreamlike mystery of her songwriting. “Here in the Pitch” is dotted with spacious, reverberating vocals, elliptical acoustic guitars and opaque lyrics – all PRATT signatures – but with some arrangements that flesh out the compositions without making them sound too robust. A bit of NICK DRAKE’s “Bryter Layter”, a bit of BROADCAST’s Trish Keenan-esque vocalizations, a bit of dusty 78rpm hauntology, all wrapped up in inviting songcraft. HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION.

VARIOUS ARTISTS – Scaling Triangles LP (Zaius Tapes)

Zaius Tapes has reissued this compilation of early 80s outsider girl groups from the UK. Minimal post-punk & electronics that will appeal to fans of bands like YOUNG MARBLE GIANTS & Chicago’s ALGEBRA SUICIDE, the early Rough Trade singles, labels like COLOR TAPES etc… will dig this.

KAMASI WASHINGTON – Fearless Movement LP/CD (Young) black or ltd. red & blue vinyl

2024 record from spiritual jazz bandleader KAMASI WASHINGTON is short by his standards (a “brisk” 90 minutes), and traverses styles from hip-hop, gospel, Latin jazz, funk and contemporary classical. Features contributions from the acclaimed flautist ANDRE 3000, as well as GEORGE CLINTON, THUNDERCAT, BJ the CHICAGO KID and TERRACE MARTIN among others. Gorgeous, life affirming maximalist jazz. RECOMMENDED!

Other Important New Releases:

AGRICULTURE – Living Is Easy LP (The Flenser)

BEHERIT – The Oath of Black Blood LP (Nuclear War Now) picture disc

DONALD BYRD – Byrd’s Eye View LP (Blue Note) tone poet

JOHN CARPENTER – Lost Themes IV: Noir LP/CD (Sacred Bones) limited color or black

RACHEL CHINOURIRI – What a Devastating Turn of Events LP (Elektra)

CINDY LEE – Model Express LP (W. 25) back in stock!

DEATH LENS – Cold World LP (Epitaph)

DELTA 5 – Singles & Sessions 1979-1981 LP (Kill Rock Stars) sea glass vinyl

THE FAUNS – How Lost LP (Invada) red vinyl

GENESIS – Turn It On Again: The Hits LP (Atlantic)

HEADACHE – The Head Hurts But the Heart Knows the Truth LP (PLZ Make it Ruins)

HEALTH – Disco4: Generations Edition (Loma Vista)

BOBBY HUTCHERSON – Total Eclipse LP (Blue Note) tone poet

IBIBIO SOUND MACHINE – Pull the Rope LP/CD (Merge) black or ltd. swirl vinyl

KID CONGO & THE MONKEY BIRDS – That Delicious Vice LP (In the Red)

KLEENEX / LILIPUT – First Songs LP (Kill Rock Stars) purple vinyl

LAUFEY – Typical Of Me LP (AWAL)

LEMON TWIGS – A Dream Is All We Know LP (Captured Tracks)

DUA LIPA – Radical Optimism LP (Warner) indie only color or black

LOCAL H – Here Comes the Zoo: 20TH Anniversary LP (Brutal Panda)

MELANIE MARTINEZ – K-12 LP (Atlantic) reissue on pink vinyl

MATMOS – Return to Archive LP (Smithsonian Folkways)

DAVE MATTHEWS – Some Devil LP (Sony)

JON McKIEL – Hex LP (You’ve Changed) pink vinyl

MELT-BANANA – Cell Scape LP (A-Zap)

SANDY NELSON – Drums a Go-Go LP (Sundazed) remastered, green vinyl

NOURISHED BY TIME – Catching Chickens 12” (XL)

NUCLEUS – Nucleus LP (Sundazed) remastered, white vinyl

PEARL JAM – Dark Matter LP (Monkeywrench) Chicago edition red & blue galaxy color

    back in stock!

SIA – Reasonable Woman LP (Atlantic) baby pink or baby blue vinyl

SQUIRREL NUT ZIPPERS – Perennial Favorites LP (Hollywood)

SUN RA – Thunder of the Gods LP (Modern Harmonic) yellow vinyl

VARIOUS ARTISTS – Eccentric Soul: The Tammy Label LP (Numero)

WILLOW – Empathogen LP (Three Six Zero)

CHARLOTTE DAY WILSON – Cyan Blue LP/CD (XL) black or coke bottle green vinyl

WINGED WHEEL – Big Hotel LP (12XU)

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Reckless Records 4/26/24 New Releases

Reckless Records 4/12/24 New Releases

We’re still recovering from Record Store Day. It was the biggest one yet & the stores were so freaking busy. Thank you so much to you, our amazing customers. There are still some great titles left from RSD & we’re restocking the racks. We just got a big, much needed Drag City restock & more stuff is trickling in every day. 

Here are a few titles that got lost in the RSD insanity that we wanted to point out:

CLOUD NOTHINGSFinal Summer LP (Pure Noise) limited color or black vinyl

FACS – North American Endless/ Take Me To Your Heart 7” (Sub Pop):
Local heroes FACS make their Sub Pop debut with their first ever 7”

HIGH ON FIRE – Cometh The Storm LP (MNRK)

JPEGMAFIA/ DANNY BROWN – Scaring the Hoes: DLC Edition LP (Jpegmafia)

BNNY – One Million Love Songs LP/CD (Firetalk) limited red or black vinyl:
This second record from Chicago’s own Jess Viscius and BNNY is a turn around from the stark heartbreak of the band’s debut with songs about love, lust and romance built on rich, gauzy arrangements that recall ALVVAYS, SNAIL MAIL and (for an older vintage) MAZZY STAR.

DARKTHRONE – It Beckons Us All LP/CD (Peaceville) purple or black vinyl:
The always reliable Darkthrone returns in 2024 with “It Beckons Us All.” The last few years Fenriz & Nocturno Culto have been cruising along releasing a great record every 2 years or so & they’re always stuffed with memorable riffs. We’re always down with new DARKTHRONE!


  • CHARLEST BERNSTEIN – April Fool’s Day (Soundtrack) LP (Varese Sarabande) expanded 
  • CIRCUS LUPUS – Circus Lupus LP (L.G.)
  • GLORIA COLEMAN QUARTET – Soul Sisters LP (Impulse) Verve By Request Series
  • CONTINUALS – Continuals LP (Bright Future)
  • CORRIDOR – Mimi LP/CD (Sub Pop) Loser Edition first press color vinyl
  • DEF LEPPARD – Pyromania: 40TH Anniversary LP (Mercury) Half Speed Master
  • DEF LEPPARD – Pyromania: 40TH Anniversary 2LP (Mercury) expanded with outtakes
  • DEICIDE – Banished By Sin LP/CD (Reigning Phoenix)
  • FAT WHITE FAMILY – Forgiveness Is Yours LP (Domino) color or black
  • FOUR TET – Three LP (Temporary Residence)
  • FULL OF HELL – Coagulated Bliss LP (Closed Casket)
  • RED GARLAND TRIO – Groovy LP (Craft) Original Jazz Classics
  • CHICO HAMILTON – Dealer LP (Impulse) Verve By Request Series
  • HOVVDY – Hovvdy (Arts & Crafts) indie only blue vinyl or black
  • INTER ARMA – New Heaven LP (Relapse)
  • IRON & WINE – Light Verse LP (Sub Pop) Loser Edition first press color vinyl
  • JUSTICE – Hyperdrama LP/CD (Because) limited color or black. We still have some  slipmats & posters left from the listening party in Wicker Park
  • NOAH KAHAN – Cape Elizabeth LP (Republic) available again
  • KHARMA – World Of Our Own LP (Flatspot) heavy locals
  • LAUFEY – Bewitched: The Goddess Edition LP/CD (Awal) expanded edition. LP comes with a board game!
  • LIFE’S QUESTION – Life’s Question LP (Flatspot) Chicago hardcore
  • GERRY MULLIGAN – Night Lights LP (Verve) acoustic sound series
  • OPEN MIKE EAGLE – Special Episode Of 12” (Mello Music)
  • PACHYMAN – AT 33 House LP (ATO)
  • PACHYMAN – In Dub LP (ATO)
  • PET SHOP BOYS – Nonetheless LP/CD (Parlophone) limited color or black
  • SONNY ROLLINS – Night At the Village Vanguard:The Complete Masters 3LP (Blue Note) Tone Poet
  • PATRICE RUSHEN – Remind Me: Classic Elektra Recordings 1978-1984 LP (Strut)
  • SIX ORGANS OF ADMITTANCE – Time Is Glass LP (Drag City)
  • ST. VINCENT – All Born Screaming LP/CD (Total Pleasure) indie only red vinyl or black
  • THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS – Here Come the ABCs (Disney)
  • TINA TURNER – What’s Love Got To Do With It: 30th Anniversary LP/CD/4CD box (Parlophone) 
  • VARIOUS ARTISTS – Cyberpunk 2077 RAdio Vol. 1 Selected Scores LP (Lakeshore)
  • VARIOUS ARTISTS – Cyberpunk 2077 RAdio Vol. 2 Selected Scores LP (Lakeshore)
  • VERONICAS – Gothic Summer LP (Big Noise)
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Reckless Records Record Store Day 2024


B W available at Belmont and Wicker Park only

W available at Wicker Park only



  • 10,000 Maniacs – Playing Favorites  B W
  • 2 Chainz/Lil Wayne – Welcome 2 Collegrove
  • Acetone – I’ve Enjoyed As Much Of This As I Can Stand: Live at the Knitting Factory, NYC: May 31, 1998
  • Acid King – Middle of Nowhere, Center of Everywhere  B W
  • Cannonball Adderley – Burnin’ In Bordeaux: Live in France 1969
  • Cannonball Adderley – Poppin’ In Paris: Live At L’Olympia 1972
  • AIR – Kelly Watch The Stars 12” picture disc
  • Lily Allen – It’s Not Me, It’s You
  • The Amboy Dukes – Journey To The Center Of The Mind 
  • America – Live From The Hollywood Bowl 1975
  • Amorphis – My Kantele
  • Horace Andy & Sly and Robbie – Livin’ It Up 
  • Apocalyptica – Worlds Collide (Deluxe Edition) B W
  • Ashnikko – DEMIDEVIL: Special Edition
  • Asking Alexandria – Reckless & Relentless
  • At The Drive-In – In/Casino/Out
  • At The Gates – Slaughter of the Soul
  • Average White Band – Live At The Rainbow Theatre, 1974 B W
  • Chet Baker & Jack Sheldon – In Perfect Harmony: The Lost Album
  • Band X – The Best of Band X B W
  • Bare Jr. – Boo-Tay
  • Be Bop Deluxe – Futurama B W
  • Alberto Baldan Bembo – The Soul of “Ali” Ben Djamballa B W
  • Elmer Bernstein – Airplane! The Soundtrack (Score) 
  • Travis Biggs – Solar Funk ?
  • Blur- Parklife (30th Anniversary Zoetrope Picture Disc)
  • The Bottle Rockets – The Brooklyn Side (30th Anniversary) B W
  • Marc Bolan & T. Rex – Zinc Alloy (50th Anniversary)
  • Boogie Down Productions – Edutatainment
  • David Bowie – Waiting in the Sky (Before The Starman Came To Earth)
  • Billy Bragg – Bloke On Bloke 
  • Jeff Buckley & Gary Lucas – Songs To No One, 1991-1992
  • Buena Vista Social Club – Buena Vista Social Club: 25TH Anniversary w/ bonus tracks
  • David Byrne & Paramore – Hard Times/Burning Down The House 12” 
  • Captain Beefheart – The Spotlight Kid (2LP Deluxe Edition)
  • Eric Carr from KISS – Unfinished Business: The Deluxe Edition Boxset 
  • Casual – Fear Itself
  • Charlatans – Indian Rope (Picture Disc) B W
  • Chase Atlantic – Chase Atlantic 
  • Cheech & Chong -Up in Smoke (420 Edition)
  • Alex Chilton – Cliches
  • Gene Clark – No Other Sessions (50th Anniversary)
  • Gene Clark – The Lost Studio Sessions 1964-1982
  • Cold War Kids – CWK EP 
  • Nat King Cole – Live At The Blue Note Chicago 
  • Collective Soul – Dosage (25th Anniversary Edition)
  • Come – Eleven:Eleven (Deluxe Edition) B W
  • Steve Conte – The Concrete Jangle  W
  • Corviria – Descriptive B W
  • The Cranberries – Bury The Hatchet (The Complete Sessions)
  • Jim Croce – Live: The Final Tour 
  • Robert Crumb and his Cheap Suit Serenades- Singing In The Bathtub W
  • Cuco – Hitchhiker (Zoetrope picture disc)
  • The Cure – The Top (picture disc)
  • Daft Punk – Something About Us (Love Theme From Interstella 5555) 12”
  • The Dalai Lama – Inner World  B W
  • Damage – Recorded live off the board at CBGB W
  • The Dandy Warhols – Live at LEVITATION B W
  • De La Soul –  Live at Tramps, NYC, 1996
  • Dead By Sunrise – Out of Ashes
  • Dean & Britta – L’Avventura (Deluxe Edition) 
  • Death Cab for Cutie – Live At The Showbox
  • Def Leppard – One Night Only: Live At The Leadmill 2023
  • Devin The Dude – Acoustic LevitationB W
  • Manu Dibango – Manu 76
  • Didjits – Strictly Dynamite: The Best of Didjits
  • Dio – The Last In Line (40th Anniversary Zoetrope Picture Disc)
  • Dio – The Last in Live (40 Years Of The Last In Line) picture disc
  • Dixie Dregs – The Great Spectacular W
  • Doctor Who – Doctor Who: The Edge of Destruction (Original BBC Tv Soundtrack)
  • Carol Douglas – Night Fever B W
  • The Doors – Live at Konserthuset, Stockholm, September 20, 1968
  • Lamont Dozier – Love & Beauty
  • The Dream Syndicate – Sketches For The Days of Wine and Roses B W
  • Dennis Dreith – The Punisher (soundtrack)  B W
  • Dr. John – Gris-Gris Gumbo Ya Ya: Singles 1968-1974
  • Eek-A-Mouse – Assasinator B W
  • Electrafixion – Burned
  • The English Beat – Wha’ppen? (Expanded Edition)
  • Enslaved – Vikingligr Veldi W
  • Bill Evans – Everybody Digs Bill Evans
  • Everything But The Girl – At Maida Vale
  • Excel – Seeking Refuge  B W
  • Faces – The BBC Session Recordings
  • Farm Dogs – Last Stand in Open Country W
  • Fetty Wap – Fetty Wap
  • Fields of the Nephilim – Burning The Fields L.P  B W
  • Filter – The Very Best Things: 1995-2008
  • Fleet Foxes – Live on Boston Harbor
  • Fleetwood Mac – Rumours (picture disc)
  • Flesheaters – A Minute to Pray A Seconds To Die
  • Flipturn – Shadowglow (Deluxe Tracks) B W
  • The Flying Burrito -Brothers Live In Amsterdam 1972
  • Foghat – Permission To Jam: Live in New Orleans 1973 B W
  • Forbidden – Omega Wave W
  • Foxy Brown – Ill Na Na
  • Bob Frank – Broke Again: The Unreleased RecordingsB W
  • Frankie And The Witch Fingers – Live At Levitation
  • Fun Boy Three – Extended B W
  • G. Love & Special Sauce – G. Love & Special Sauce 30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition 
  • Gandalf – Gandalf
  • Garbage – Lie To Me 12”
  • Jerry Garcia Band – Electric On The Eel: June 10th, 1989
  • Kenny Garrett & SVOY – Who Killed AI B W
  • Lowell George – Thanks, I’ll Eat It Here (Deluxe Edition)
  • Ghost-Note – Mustard n’Onions W
  • Freddie Gibbs & Madlib – Pinata – 10 Year Anniversary Edition
  • Bebel Gilberto – Tudo
  • Goblin/Bacalov/Dell’orso – Virus (Soundtrack) B W
  • Gorillaz – Cracker Island (Deluxe Edition, alternate cover)
  • Grateful Dead – Nightfall of Diamonds 4LP box set
  • Groove Armada – White Light
  • Groovie Ghoulies – 40 Years of Kepi & The Groovie Ghoulies W
  • Vince Guaraldi – It Was a Short Summer, Charlie Brown (Original Soundtrack Recording)
  • Harmonia – Musik von Harmonia (50th Anniversary Deluxe Edition)
  • George Harrison – Electronic Sound (Zoetrope Picture Disc)
  • George Harrison – Wonderwall Music (Zoetrope Picture Disc) 
  • Walter Hawkins – Love Alive B W
  • Kristin Hersh – Hips & Makers (30th Anniversary Deluxe Ed)
  • The Hives – Lex Hives & Live From Terminal Five 
  • The Hives-  Black & White Album 
  • Earl Hooker – There’s A Fungus Amung Us 
  • Hooveriii – Quest For Blood B W
  • Horse The Band – A Natural Death
  • Howlin’ Wolf – Live in Europe (Bremen, 1964)
  • The Hu – Live Glastonbury W
  • Huun-Huur-Tu/ Carmen Rizzo / Dhani Harrison -Dreamers In The Field B W
  • Iggy & The Stooges – Live at Lokerse Feesten, 2005
  • Kaoru Inoue – Dedicated to the Island B W
  • Chris Isaak – Beyond The Sun (The Complete Collection)
  • The Japanese House –  ITEIAD Sessions 
  • Elton John – Caribou (50th Anniversary Edition)
  • Jucifer – Calling All Cards On The Vegas Strip 
  • Noah Kahan – I Was/I Am 
  • Jorma Kaukonen & John Hurlbut – One More Lifetime W
  • Lenny Kaye & Friends -Lenny Kaye & Friends: Live At The Cat’s Cradle A 50th Anniversary Celebration of Nuggets 
  • Keane – Live At Paradiso 29.11.04
  • Key Glock – Yellow Tape
  • Lola Kirke – Country Curious B W
  • Mark Knopfler – The Boy EP
  • Kool Keith & MC – Homeless Mushrooms & Acid
  • Ladytron – Light & Magic
  • Yusef Lateef – Atlantis Lullaby: The Concert From Avignon
  • Laufey – A Night At The Symphony
  • John Lennon – Mind Games EP (glow in the dark color)
  • John Lennon – Mind Games EP (Black)
  • Lettuce – Vibe  W
  • Jenny Lewis – Puppy and a Truck picture disc
  • Lil Uzi Vert – Luv Is Rage
  • Lil Wayne – Sorry 4 The Wait
  • Little Richard – Right Now! 
  • Malfunkshun – Olympus Awaits 
  • Jessie Malin – The Heat
  • Shelly Manne & His Men – Jazz From The Pacific Northwest  B W
  • Stephen Marley The Fruit of Life: Revelation Pt. II
  • Briston Maroney – All My Shooting Stars
  • Tommy McLain – Moving To Heaven W
  • Brother Jack McDuff – Ain’t No Sunshine B W
  • Roger McGuinn, Chris Hillman & Marty Stuart Sweetheart Of The Rodeo 50th Anniversary – Live 
  • Meat Puppets – Live In Montana
  • Matt “Guitar” Murphy/ Memphis Slim/ Sonny Boy Williamson – The Reissued 1963 Blues Festival
  • Mic Geronimo – The Natural 
  • Militarie Gun – Life Under The Sun
  • Charles Mingus – Reincarnations
  • Moneybagg Yo – A Gangsta’s Pain
  • Monkees – The Birds The Bees & The Monkees (mono) B W
  • Ennio Morricone – Allonsanfan (Soundtrack)  B W
  • Ennio Morricone – Come Impari ad Amare le Donne  (Soundtrack)  B W
  • Ennio Morricone – Orca (Music From The Motion Picture) (Reel Cut Series)
  • Ennio Morricone – Sacco e Vanzetti (Soundtrack)  B W
  • Ennio Morricone – Storie di Vita e Malavita (Colonna Sonora Originale Del Film)
  • The Mighty Lemon Drops – Ricochet 
  • Motley Crue – Supersonic and Demonic Relics SHIPPED LATE HOPEFULLY ARRIVING SATURDAY
  • Motorhead – Remorse? No! 
  • Mr Big – The Big Finish – Lean Into It Live B W
  • Mudhoney – Suck You Dry: The Reprise Years
  • Mxmtoon – plum blossom (revisited)
  • My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult – Kooler Than Jesus: Expanded Edition
  • The 1975 – The 1975 Live at Gorilla
  • Nas – Illmatic: Remixes & Rarities
  • Willie Nelson – Phases and Stages
  • Willie Nelson & Various Artists – Long Story Short: Willie Nelson 90 — Live At The Hollywood Bowl Volume II
  • Nico – At The Live Inn, Tokyo ’86
  • Nightmares on Wax – Carboot Soul (25th Anniversary Edition)
  • Noctorum – Honey Mink Forever B W
  • North Mississippi All Stars – Shake Hands With Shorty
  • Notorious B.I.G. – Ready To Die: The Instrumentals
  • Richard O’Brien – The Rocky Horror Show: 50TH Anniversary 
  • Danny Ocean – 54 + 1 B W
  • The Octopus Project – Butterfly in The Sky Original Soundtrack B W
  • The Offspring – Splinter (20th Anniversary picture disc)
  • Orb – The Holloway Brooch (An Ambient Excursion Beyond The Orboretum)  B W
  • Orchestral Maneuvers In The Dark – Junk Culture: Demos and Rarities
  • Dolores O’Riordan – Are You Listening? 
  • The Other Two – Tasty Fish (Remix)
  • P.M. Dawn – Jesus Wept
  • The Paper Kites – Evergreen B W
  • Charlie Parker – Norman Granz’ Jazz At The Philharmonic
  • Paramore Re: This Is Why(Remixes)/This is Why
  • Paramore Re: This is Why (Remixes)
  • Parliament – Osmium Deluxe Edition
  • The Alan Parsons Project – Pyramid ‘Work In Progress
  • Pearl Jam – Dark Matter (RSD versions “dark matter” color)
  • Joe Pesci – Little Joe Sure Can Sing!
  • Lee “Scratch” Perry & The Upsetters – Skanking With The Upsetter
  • Maisie Peters – The Good Witch — Deluxe (picture disc)
  • Petey – USA (Puff Sullivan Edition)
  • Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs – Live at KEXP
  • Dave Pike – The Doors of Perception
  • Pixies – Live From Red Rocks 2005
  • Poppy – EAT
  • Prince Buster – Back To Where It All Began – The Blue Beat Years
  • Prince Far I – Cry Tuff Chants On U
  • Public Enemy – Revolverlution Tour 2003
  • Pucho & His Latin Soul Brothers – Yaina
  • Queen Latifah – Nature of a Sistah
  • Rain Parade – Emergency Third Rail Power Trip
  • Ramones – The 1975 Sire Demos
  • Remi Wolf – Live At Electric Lady
  • The Replacements – Not Ready for Prime Time: Live At The Cabaret Metro, Chicago, IL, January 11, 1986
  • The Residents – Leftovers Again, Again!? B W
  • Bebe Rexha – All Your Fault: Pt. 1 & 2
  • Richard, Cam & Bert – Somewhere In The Stars
  • The Roches – The Roches (45th Anniversary)
  • The Rolling Stones – Live at Racket, NYC
  • The Rolling Stones – The Rolling Stones (UK w/ lithograph)
  • Sonny Rollins – Freedom Weaver: The 1959 European Tour Recordings 4LP box set
  • Linda Ronstadt – The Asylum Albums (1973-1977)
  • Royal Flush – Ghetto Millionaire 
  • Todd Rundgren – Todd
  • Todd Rundgren – Liars W
  • Scenic – The Acid Gospel Experience  B W
  • Schoolly D – Saturday Night: The Album 
  • Gil Scott-Heron and Brian Jackson – Winter In America
  • Screaming Trees – Strange Things Happening – The Ellensburg Demos 1986-88
  • Sevendust – Heavier Than Seven B W
  • Duncan Sheik – Duncan Sheik 
  • Pauly Shore & The Crustys Crustopolis – Vol. 1 B W
  • Nancy Sinatra – How Does That Grab You? 
  • Siouxsie And The Banshees – Nocturne
  • The Sisters of Mercy – Body and Soul / Walk Away
  • The Slits – In The Beginning: Slits Anthology 1977-81
  • Slum Village – Detroit Deli (A Taste of Detroit)
  • Snarky Puppy – Live At The Band On The Wall
  • Soft Cell – Non-Stop Exotic Cabaret
  • Son Lux – Stranger Forms W
  • Sonic Youth – Hits Are For Squares
  • Omar Sosa – Omar Sosa’s 88 Well Tuned Drums W
  • Sparks / Noel No. 1 – Song in Heaven (Sparks) & Is There More To Life Than Dancing? 
  •     (Noel)
  • Sponge Planet Girls – (The Lost 1999 Album) B W
  • Spoonfed Hybrid – Spoonfed Hybrid (30th Anniversary Edition)
  • SRC – SRC
  • Mavis Staples – Have A Little Faith (Deluxe Edition)
  • Ringo Starr – Crooked Boy
  • Stars – The Five Ghosts (with the Seance EP) 
  • Joe Strummer and The Mescaleros – Rock Art and The X-Ray Style 25th Anniversary
  • Donna Summer – Many States Of Independence
  • Sun Ra – Pink Elephants on Parade 
  • Sun Ra – Sun Ra At The Showcase: Live In Chicago 1976-1977
  • Super Furry Animals – Fuzzy Logic (B-Sides & Besides)
  • Tad – Infrared Riding Hood
  • Talking Heads – Live at WCOZ 77
  • Art Tatum – Jewels In The Treasure Box: The 1953 Chicago Blue Note Jazz Club Recordings 3LP
  • Corey Taylor – CMF2B… or Not 2B B W
  • Team Sleep – Team Sleep
  • Television – Live at the Academy
  • Tesla – Real 2 Reel W
  • Sister Rosetta Tharpe – Live in France: The 1966 Concert in Limoges
  • Thin Lizzy – Live at Hammersmith 16/11/1976
  • Tinted Windows – Tinted Windows
  • The Tom Tom Club – Genius of Love 2001 Remixes
  • The Tragically Hip-  Live at CBGB’s B W
  • Trashcan Sinatras – Wild Pendulum
  • Ernest Tubb and his Texas Troubadours – World Broadcast Recordings 1944/1945 W
  • UB40 – UB45 B W
  • Ultramagnetic MC’s – The Ultra’s Live At Brixton  B W
  • Ultravox – Steven Wilson Extended Re-mixes
  • Piero Umiliani – L’Arcangel (Soundtrack)  B W
  • Unwritten Law – Blue Room (30 Year Anniversary)  B W
  • Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons – The Genuine Imitation Life Gazette
  • Various Artists – Black Girl (Soundtrack)
  • Various Artists – Andy Smith’s Northern Soul Essentials
  • Various Artists – Even More Dazed And Confused (Music From The Motion Picture)
  • Various Artists – Heated Garage: Toasty Treasures From Minnesota’s Kay Bank Studio
  • Various Artists – Hillbillies In Hell: Whiskey is the Devil
  • Various Artists – Jazz Dispensary: The Freedom Sound! The People Arise
  • Various Artists – Lost In Translation (Music From The Motion Picture Soundtrack) [Deluxe Edition]
  • Various Artists – Love, LA: Duets and Covers from the City of Angels  B W
  • Various Artists – Mejor de Los Nuggetz: Garage and Psyche from Latin America B W
  • Various Artists – Murder Was The Case (The Soundtrack)
  • Various Artists – Nashville Goes Fuzz
  • Various Artists – Pale Shades Of Grey: Heavy Psychedelic Ballads And Dirges 1969-1976
  • Various Artists – Penrose Showcase Vol II
  • Various Artists – The Power of the Heart: A Tribute to Lou Reed
  • Various Artists – Psyche France Vol 9
  • Various Artists – PUNK 45: Kill The Hippies! Kill Yourself! – The American Nation Destroys Its Young: Underground Punk in the United States of America 1978-1980 
  • Various Artists – Rockabilly Heroes
  • Various Artists – The Rough Guide To Hoodoo Blues
  • Various Artists – South Park: The 25th Anniversary Concert
  • Various Artists – Spawn The Album
  • Various Artists – Studio One Rude Boy
  • Various Artists – 300% DYNAMITE! Ska, Soul, Rocksteady, Funk and Dub in Jamaica
  • Various Artists – Top Shelf 1988
  • Various Artists – Westbound Records Curated by RSD, Volume 1
  • Tom Verlaine – Souvenir From A Dream: The Tom Verlaine Albums (1979-1984) 4LP box set  B W
  • The Verlaines – Way Out Where 
  • Vitamin String Quartet – Performs Paramore LPB W
  • Voivod – The Wake
  • Mal Waldron/Steve Lacy – The Mighty Warrior: Live In Antwerp
  • Summer Walker – Over It (Complete Set)
  • Wall of Voodoo – Wall of Voodoo
  • Wall of Voodoo – Live
  • Wallows- Nothing Happens (5th Anniversary Edition) 
  • Wardruna – Skald W
  • The Weeknd – Live At SoFi Stadium
  • The Who – The Story of The Who
  • Wilco – The Whole Love Expanded box set
  • Kim Wilde – Special Disco Mixes W
  • Ann Wilson & Tripsitter – Ann Wilson & Tripsitter: Live in Concert B W
  • Witchfinder General – Death Penalty  B W
  • Bernie Worrell – Wave from the WOOniverse B W
  • The Yardbirds – Five Live Yardbirds
  • The Yardbirds – Psycho Daisies – The Complete B-Sides
  • Yes – Yale Bowl ’71
  • Dwight Yoakam – The Beginning And Then Some: The Albums of the ’80s 4LP box set
  • Young Thug – JEFFERY
  • Neil Young with Crazy Horse – Fuckin’ Up
  • Frank Zappa – Zappa For President


  • The Beatles -The Beatles RSD3 Turntable B W
  • The Beatles – She Loves You 3” record B W
  • The Beatles – Til There Was You 3” record B W
  • The Beatles – I Want To Hold Your Hand 3” record B W
  • The Beatles – I Saw Her Standing There 3” record B W
  • The Black Crowes – Wanting and Waiting 
  • The Bodysnatchers – The Bodysnatchers  B W
  • Sabrina Carpenter – Feather 
  • Eric Church – Caldwell Country 
  • Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds – Magic Secrets No. 2 
  • G.B.I. (Grohl, Benante, Ian) – The Regulator 
  • Holly Humberstone/MUNA – Into Your Room 
  • Lil Peep – Star Shopping 
  • The Moss – Alive  B W
  • Kate Nash – Back At School b/w Space Odyssey 2001 (Demo) W
  • Queen – Cool Cat
  • Chappell Roan – Pink Pony Club 
  • Olivia Rodrigo & Noah Kahan – Olivia Rodrigo “Stick Season”/Noah Kahan “Lacy” 
  • Mitch Rowland – Carry On With Your Tea  B W
  • Bobby Rush &  Blind Boys of Alabama –  99 and 1/2 Won’t Do B W
  • Pharoah Sanders – Harvest Time (収穫時期  – Radio Edit) / Love Will Find a Way (ラヴ・ウィル・ファインド・ア・ウェイ- Radio Edit) 
  • Sleater-Kinney – This Time/ Here Today 
  • Frank Turner – Girl From The Record Shop 
  • Various Artists – DJ Koco – Brazil 45 Vol.5 7” box set
  • Lainey Wilson – Ain’t That Some Shit, I Found A Few Hits, Cause Country’s Cool Again
  • Wiz Khalifa – Loud Pack 5X7” box set Loop & W


  • Kate Bush – Eat The Music  picture disc B W
  • Fools Garden – Lemon Tree shaped picture discB W
  • HIM – Bury Me Deep Inside Your Heart/Poison Girl (Strongroom Sessions) shaped picture Disc
  • 100 Gecs – Snake Eyes shaped picture disc
  • Supergrass – Kiss of Life is 20 
  • U2 – Atomic City (U2/UV Live At Sphere, Las Vegas) CD
  • Eric Carr (from KISS) – Unfinished Business: The Deluxe Edition CD W
  • Nat King Cole – Live At The Blue Note Chicago CD
  • De La Soul – Live at Tramps, NYC, 1996 CD
  • The Doors – Live at Konserthuset, Stockholm, September 20, 1968 CD
  • Public Enemy – Revolverlution Tour 2003 CD B W
  • Gil Scott-Heron & Brian Jackson – Winter In America CD
  • Dwight Yoakam – The Beginning And Then Some: The Albums of the ’80s 4CD box set  B W
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Reckless Records 4/12/20 New Releases

Reckless Records 4/12/24 New Releases

We’re getting ready for Record Store Day so we’re going to keep it brief this week. Hope to see you on 4/20!

BAD BAD HATS – Bad Bad Hats LP (Don Giovanni) pink vinyl

BELMONT – Liminal LP/CD indie blue/violet or violet color

BEYONCE – Cowboy Carter LP/CD (Parkwood)

ANNE BRIGGS – The Time Has Come LP (Earth) reissue

WILLIE COLON – La Gran Fuga LP (Craft)

GIRL IN RED – I’m Doing it Again Baby! LP/CD (Columbia)

HOUR – Ease the Work LP (Dear Life)

JAMES – Yummy LP (Virgin)

LINKIN PARK – Papercuts: Singles Collection 2000-2023 LP (Warner)

NOAH KAHAN – Stick Season (We’ll Be Here Forever) 3LP (Mercury)

METZ – Up On Gravity Hill LP/CD (Sub Pop) Loser Edition first pressing color vinyl

NECROT – Lifeless Birth LP (Tankcrimes)

REDS PINKS & PURPLES – Unwishing Well LP (Slumberland)

MAGGIE ROGERS – Don’t Forget Me LP (Capitol) “Dogwood” or “Milk” color

SHABAKA – Perceive Its Beauty, Acknowledge Its Grace LP (Impulse) sold out in Wicker Park back in stock next, Belmont & Loop have stock

SHOOTING DAGGERS – Love & Rage LP (New Heavy Sounds) splatter vinyl

SUNBURNED HAND OF THE MAN – Nimbus LP (Three Lobed) blue or black vinyl

The order with our FACS 7” shipped late. We’ll have those early next week

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Reckless Records 4/5/24 New Releases

Reckless Records 4/5 New Releases

JORDANA & TV GIRL – Summer’s Over EP (Grand Jury)

Fantastic EP from two great newer bands JORDANA & TV GIRL. Lo-fi pop with TV GIRL’s sampling style mostly leading the way. Sort of like a mix of early BECK & Phoebe Bridgers if you can imagine that with some dream pop elements.

MOUNT KIMBIE – The Sunset Violent LP/CD (Warp) black or orange vinyl

London electronica duo MOUNT KIMBIE follow up their 2-in-1 split LP “Die Cuts / City Planning” with a collaborative album that leans more into the post-punk side of their sound reminiscent of KING KRULE (who happens to feature on two tracks here).

VARIOUS ARTISTS – Congo Funk! Sound Madness From the Shores of the Mighty Congo River, Kinshasa / Brazzaville 1969-1982 LP/CD (Analog Africa)

The 38th Analog Africa compilation focuses on Central Africa, in particular the twin cities of Kinshasa and Brazzaville sitting on opposite sides of the Congo River. Influenced by the American funk & psych music of the era – a JAMES BROWN performance preceding the historic Ali/Foreman “Rumble in the Jungle” in 1974 made huge waves – Congolese musicians adopted electric guitars and transformed the elliptical, cycling rumba into their own hybrid funk, while launching a fleet of independent record labels. Fantastic stuff that comes HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

VARIOUS ARTISTS – Triangulos De Luz Y Espacios De Sombra LP (Seance Centre)

The excellent Seance Center label has put together a really cool compilation of Mexican experimental,electronic music taken from rare cassettes, private pressings & previously unreleased sources. The title is taken from a public access TV show which translates to “Triangles of Light and Spaces of Shadow” in English. These recordings provide really cool insight into Mexican electronic music of the mid 80s-90s. Fans of the Music From Memorycomps should take note. RECOMMENDED.


ANIMAL COLLECTIVE – Prospect Hummer EP (Domino) reissue

BLACK KEYS – Ohio Players LP/CD (Easy Eye Sound) limited red or black vinyl

MARTIN CARTHY – Martin Carthy LP (Topic) reissue

FIELDS OF THE NEPHILIM – Elizium LP (Beggars Banquet) remastered, expanded edition on red vinyl

CONAN GRAY – Found In Heaven LP 

IRON MONKEY – Spleen & Goad LP (Relapse)

JOKERS WILD – Step Outside Your Mind LP (Sundazed)

KHRUANGBIN – A La Sala LP/CD (Dead Oceans) color vinyl

THE KVB – Tremors LP (Invada) red vinyl

LAFAYETTE AFRO-ROCK BAND – Malik LP (Strut) reissue

LAFAYETTE AFRO-ROCK BAND – Soul Makossa LP (Strut) reissue

LAUFEY – Bewitched LP (Awal) finally back in stock

LIBERTINES – All Quiet on the Eastern Esplanade LP (EMI) clear or white vinyl

LIL DICKY – Penith: The Dave Soundtrack LP (BMG)

MAGGOT BRAIN #16 magazine (Third Man)

NO DOUBT – Singles 1992- 2003 LP (Interscope)

PALACE – Ultrasound LP (Fiction) color or black vinyl

FABIANA PALLADINO – Fabiana Palladino LP (Paul Institute) Wicker Park only more in stock next week

PERNICE BROTHERS – Who Will You Believe? LP (New West) clear vinyl, autographed  almost sold out

  PHOSPHORESCENT – Revelator LP/CD (Verve) indie only color or black

KATIE PRUITT – Matras LP (Rounder)

SINKANE – We Belong LP (City Slang) purple vinyl

ELLIOTT SMITH – Either/Or: Expanded Edition LP (Kill Rock Stars) back in stock on maroon vinyl!

SOUL GLO – Songs to Yeet at the Sun LP (Secret Voice)

TOSCA – No Hassle LP (!K7) 15th anniversary deluxe edition

VAMPIRE WEEKEND – Only God Was Above Us LP/CD (Columbia) indie LP with alternate cover, black vinyl is sold out

in Wicker Park already. More next week

   JANE WEAVER – Love in Constant Spectacle LP (Fire)

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Reckless Records 3/22/24 & 3/29/24 New Releases

Reckless Records 3/22 & 3/29 New Releases

We were short-staffed last week so we’re combining last week’s list with this one. There’s tons of good stuff at all locations right now

 ANDRE 3000 – New Blue Sun LP/CD (Epic)

It’s finally here folks, the record that’s brought about as much attention to the flute recently as Lizzo, Andre 3000’s meditative “New Blue Sun.” Produced alongside the great Carlos Nino, Andre has created something truly special here that we hope will prove any possible skeptics wrong. At nearly 90 minutes, this is a deep & heady listen. A record that sits somewhere between 60s/70s spiritual jazz by greats like Pharoah Sanders & Roland Kirk, 80s new age lala the legendary Laraaji & even Japanese video game music. Andre is no flute shredder, his playing is pretty straight-ahead & almost rudimentary but the spirit behind this feels as pure as can be.RECOMMENDED.

BIG BOYS – Lullabies Help the Brain Grow LP (Touch & Go) color vinyl, ltd. to 1000

BIG BOYS – No Matter How Long the Line At the Cafeteria, There’s Always a Seat! LP (Touch & Go) color vinyl, ltd. to 1000

BIG BOYS – Where’s My Towel/ Industry Standard LP (Touch & Go) color vinyl, ltd. to 1000

2024 color vinyl reissues of the albums by the legendary Austin genre-bending punks BIG BOYS. Similar to bands like THE MINUTEMEN, BAD BRAINS & some GOVERNMENT ISSUE, BIG BOYS weren’t afraid to stray from punk, sometimes playing with funk & rhythmic post-punk in ways that most bands weren’t brave enough to attempt at the time. We’re so glad to be able to carry these amazing records once again. Limited to 1000 copies via Touch & Go. RECOMMENDED.

CHASTITY BELT – Live Laugh Love LP (Suicide Squeeze)

The talented Seattle quartet CHASTITY BELT returns with a new one in 2024. No surprise here that the songs are great, straight-ahead guitar tunes with mellow hooks. Think 80s stuff like THROWING MUSES, SCRAWL, FELT, THE FEELIES & more recent stuff like Chicago’s own LALA LALA. RECOMMENDED.

CIVEROUS – Maze Envy LP/CD (20 Buck Spin) color or black vinyl

The Los Angeles death metal unit CIVEROUS returns in 2024 with “Maze Envy.” The album begins with a screeching Bernard Herrmann esque string passage & quickly devolves into cavernous, doom-laden death metal. There are technical elements that will appeal to fans of BLOOD INCANTATION & some clean guitar passages that remind us of DREAM UNENDING. Overall pretty cool stuff here.

ALICE COLTRANE – The Carnegie Hall Concert LP/CD (Impulse)

Wow! This multitrack recording of a 1971 concert at Carnegie Hall was originally planned as an Impulse release but never came out for reasons unknown. This fantastic sounding recording features an absolutely bonkers group of superstars including Pharoah Sanders, Archie Shepp, Jimmy Garrison, Cecil McBee, Ed Blackwell, Tulsi & Kumar Kramer. A true holy grail for Alice Coltrane fans. RECOMMENDED OF COURSE!

ADRIANNE LENKER – Bright Future LP/CD (4AD) indie only recycled vinyl or regular

Following BIG THIEF’s sprawling double-LP opus “Dragon New Warm Mountain I Believe in You”, singer ADRIANNE LENKER simplifies with this solo full-length. Just in the same way as her “Songs” & “Instrumentals” release in 2020, LENKER recorded these songs directly to tape,mostly with guitar, piano and violin, giving “Bright Future” the feeling of an impromptu home session done by musicians who have lived long enough in these songs to play them loosely. LENKER’s writing evokes both sunlit Americana and airy, dreamlike psych-folk, all rooted in her skills for intuitive melody and poignant couplet lyricism. HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

MAJESTY CRUSH – Butterflies Don’t Go Away LP (Numero) limited color or black

Numero turns their attention to the 90s Detroit shoegaze/dream pop band MAJESTY CRUSH. The band was popular in their hometown but for some reason they never really took off in other places. If you’re a fan of 90s stuff like early RIDE, SWERVEDRIVER & CATHERINE WHEEL you should check this stuff out. RECOMMENDED.

SOYUZ – II LP (Mr. Bongo) gold or black vinyl

Mr. Bongo reissue of this fantastic 2019 album by SOYUZ. Based in Minsk, SOYUZ write mellow psychedelic rock tunes with nods at music from around the world including 60’s Brazilian music, Turkish & Peruvian psych rock & nods at contemporary artists like DUNGEN & KHRUANGBIN. If you’re into any of that stuff you should really check this out. RECOMMENDED.


AESOP ROCK – Daylight EP (Rhymesayers)

ALICE IN CHAINS – Jar of Flies LP (Columbia) finally available again. Belmont & Milwaukee Ave are sold out but they’ll have more next week

APPARITION – Disgraced Emmantions From a Tranquil State LP/CD (Profound Lore)

SCOTT H. BIRAM – One & Only LP (Bloodshot) clear vinyl

DANNY BROWN – Atrocity Exhibition LP (Warp) red vinyl, SIGNED COPIES by Danny after his Metro show!

DANNY BROWN – Quaranta LP (Warp) red vinyl, SIGNED COPIES by Danny after his Metro show!

DANNY BROWN – UKNOWHATIMSAYIN? LP (Warp) red vinyl, SIGNED COPIES by Danny after  his Metro show!

 BUTTHOLE SURFERS – PCPPEP 12” (Matador) remastered

BUTTHOLE SURFERS – Psychic… Powerless… Another Man’s Sac LP (Matador) remastered

BUTTHOLE SURFERS – Rembrandt Pussyhorse LP (Matador) remastered


CHICANO BATMAN – Notebook Fantasy LP (ATO)


CREATION REBEL – Close Encounters of the Third World LP (On-U-Sound)

CREATION REBEL – Psychotic Jonkanoo LP (On-U-Sound)

CREATION REBEL – Rebel Vibrations LP (On-U-Sound)

SHERYL CROW – Evolution LP (Valory) gold vinyl

CZARFACE – Music From Venom LP (Silver Age)

EARLY MOODS – Sinner’s Past LP (Riding Easy)

ALEJANDRO ESCOVEDO – Echo Dancing LP (Yep Roc) gold vinyl


ELLA FITZGERALD – Clap Hands, Here Comes Charlie! LP (Acoustic Sound Series)

FLETCHER – In Search of the Antidote LP/CD (Capitol) indie color is almost sold out

FRAIL BODY – Artificial Bouquet LP (Deathwish) limited color or black

GGLUM – Garden Dream LP/CD/CS (Secretly)

GOSSIP – Real Power LP (Columbia)

GUIDED BY VOICES –Same Place the Fly Got Smashed LP (Scat) color or black

Joe Hisaishi – Studio Ghibli Soundtracks LP (Studio Ghibli) massive restock on a ton of  titles, image albums etc…

 HIGH LLAMAS – Hey Panda LP/CD (Drag City)

JULIA HOLTER – Something In The Room She Moves LP/CD (Domino) ltd. color or black

JESUS & MARY CHAIN – Glasgow Eyes LP/CD (Fuzz Club)

JOHNNY LYTLE – People & Love LP (Jazz Dispensary)

OSCAR MILITO – Viagem LP (Elemental)

MISFITS – Collection II LP (Caroline) glow in the dark color, RSD Essential reissue

KELLY MORAN – Moves in the Field LP (Warp) clear vinyl

MY BLOODY VALENTINE – Loveless LP (Domino) back in stock!

NICO – Marble Index LP (Domino) remastered

NICO – Desertshore LP (Domino) remastered

BILL ORCUTT GUITAR QUARTET – Four Guitars Live LP (Palilalia)

PALAYE ROYALE – Boom Boom Boom (Side A) LP (Sumerian)

RIDE – Interplay LP/CD (Wichita) indie only color or black

TONY SCOTT – Music For Zen Meditation & Other Joys LP (Verve) 

SHABAZZ PALACES – Exotic Birds of Prey LP/CD (Sub Pop)

SHABAZZ PALACES – Robed In Rareness LP/CD (Sub Pop)

STEREOLAB – Little Pieces of Stereolab: Switched On Sampler CD (Duophonic)

STEREOLAB – Switched On Volumes 1-5 8 CD box set (Duophonic)

SUBURBAN LAWNS – Baby EP (Rubellan Remasters) color

THIEVERY CORPORATION – Saudade LP (Primary Wave)

TYLA – Tyla LP (Epic) sold out at Belmont & Milwaukee but the Madison store still has copies

VIAL – Burnout (Get Better)

WARPAINT – Common Blue 7” (Matador)

WAXAHATCHEE – Tigers Blood LP/CD (Anti-) limited color or black. CDs are sold out but will be back in soon

JIM WHITE – All Hits: Memories LP/CD (Drag City)

WITCH – Movin’ On LP (Sharp Flat)

WOO – Xylophonics/Robot X LP (Independent Project Press)

TOM ZE – Todos Os Olhos LP (Elemental)