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Here are our "Best of 2022" staff lists, with great assists from some friends of the store and a playlist of a few of our favorite tracks. If you bought music from us or spent some time in our shops this year, we appreciate your support so much!

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Wish (2lp, 30th Anniversary Remaster) (180grm)
FINALLY!! The early 90s was a dark time for major label albums being issued on the vinyl in the U.S. The 1992 album "Wish" was only released in Europe & has been impossible to find here until now. The album was remastered by Robert Smith & cut at Abbey Road & it sounds FANTASTIC. HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION POSSIBLE.
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New LP $40.99
One Day (peak Vinyl Edition) (ltd. "blue-in-milky-clear" Vinyl)
After two decades of pushing the boundaries of what "hardcore punk" can be, FUCKED UP set an extreme condition on their 6th LP & 2nd for Merge - each band member wrote & tracked their parts in separate, isolated 24-hour periods. The result is the most bracing & immediate music they've made in a real long time, with a back-to-basics approach to melody and riffage that must make their labelmate BOB MOULD very proud. The avenue they're on can probably be better summed up as "hardcore power pop" now, but we're always gonna be game to take the trip with them. HIGHLY, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!
Available at: Belmont and Milwaukee Ave
New LP $20.99
We Cater To Cowards (ltd. Silver Vinyl)
Thrill Jockey
This fifth album from Chicago favorites OOZING WOUND ups the scuzz, channeling JESUS LIZARD, TAD and BIG BLACK as they rumble and scream their way across 10 new tracks. Darkly funny, pummeling and uptempo, this may be their best record yet. RECOMMENDED.
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New LP $27.99
Mercy (2lp, Ltd. Clear Violet Vinyl)
An excellent return for the seemingly ageless wonder JOHN CALE, (80 years old at the time of this release), embracing steely post-disco, dark ambience and cloudy, baroque theatricality. "Mercy" features an abundance of collaborators, including WEYES BLOOD, LAUREL HALO, SYLVAN ESSO and ANIMAL COLLECTIVE, and CALE utilizes each's unique artistic touch for a record that is at once varied and unified. On Domino and RECOMMENDED!
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New LP $28.99
Strays (purple Smoke, Indie Only)
Loma Vista
Longtime fans of the brilliant MARGO PRICE might be thrown by the heavy "Sister Ray"-esque groove that opens her excellent 4th LP. It's a perfect intro to the sprawling nature of 'Strays,' symbolic of Margo's continued artistic evolution. Country renegades like LORETTA and WILLIE will always be touchstones for her, but the frequent guitar/organ interplay and raw vocals are also heavily evocative of classic ELVIS COSTELLO, PATTI SMITH, or TOM PETTY (fitting as former Heartbreaker MIKE CAMPBELL plays on several tracks - other guests include SHARON VAN ETTEN and LUCIUS). Even the more explicitly "country" stuff here has a darker, more psychedelic edge that only amplifies the stark vulnerability of the whole affair. We're always psyched when an artist as skilled & singular as Margo doesn't rest on their laurels and instead takes a big leap forward into the unknown. This is HIGHLY, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
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New LP $23.99
In The Moment (2lp, 2023 Repress)
International Anthem
At first we had this in hip-hop, now the jazz section so heads will find it. It's 19 tracks that were edited down from 28 shows of improvised music recorded over the course of one month. Do you like rhythm? Hip-hop, funky, jazz, etc? You need this in your life. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for fans of MADLIB, HELIOCENTRICS, etc.
Available at: All Stores
New LP $31.99
Late Developers
Announced less than a week before its release, this 2023 album from indie stalwarts BELLE AND SEBASTIAN was tracked during the same sessions as 2022's "A Bit of Previous" and features songs from B&S's near thirty year long back catalogue. The music here taps into the more upbeat side of their discography, incorporating synths, harpsichord and other keys to both bolster and substitute the band's guitar-oriented songwriting. On Matador and RECOMMENDED!
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New LP $29.99
And In The Darkness, Hearts Aglow (loser Edition, Color Vinyl 1st Press)
Sub Pop
Natalie Mering's 5th WEYES BLOOD album is yet another cosmic leap forward in her already excellent body of work. 'And In The Darkness' is every bit as epic in scope as 'Titanic Rising' and her songs still swell with echoes of 70's folk pop & AM Gold like NILSSON, CAROLE KING and THE CARPENTERS, but now it feels like Mering is fully assured in this style and ready to wield it like a superpower. The lush musicality is often in stark contrast to the lyrical content, which deals eloquently with feelings we all know too well from pandemic times - isolation, regret, and yearning to see a little light. The effect is thrillingly subversive & transformative, like a great magic trick. Special guests here include ONEOHTRIX POINT NEVER, HAND HABITS' MEG DUFFY, and MARY LATTIMORE. This is an undeniable Album of the Year contender coming in under the wire. HIGHLY, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
Available at: Belmont and Milwaukee Ave
New LP $23.99
Blue Rev (color Vinyl)
Now with three LPs under their belt, it's safe to say that ALVVAYS are a very consistent band - almost 40 songs in 8 years and not a bad one in the bunch. The name of the game here is still the excellent indie-pop they've built their rep on, but now with heavier guitar scuzz and some neat production tricks like the synth line on "Very Online Guy" (which feels to us almost like a 2022 update of KRAFTWERK's "The Model"). Another draw is Molly Rankin's lyrics - perfectly wry and poignant and ready to meet you where you're at. It's not hard to imagine ALVVAYS still cranking out great records like this one every few years a decade or two down the line, just like YO LA TENGO or TEENAGE FANCLUB. They have a big and bright future ahead of them, that's for sure. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
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New LP $22.99
Padang Moonrise (2lp + 7") Birth Of The Modern Indonesian Recording
Excellent compilation from Soundway detailing music from Indonesia during the middle of the 20th century, a period of extreme political violence that also saw the simultaneous emergence of a recording industry. The music here draws from both Western styles of jazz, afro-latin music, lounge and doo-wop as well as styles from the regions such as Gamelan, Gambus and Kroncong. For fans of Ethiopiques and South East Asian "nuggets" compilations, this comes RECOMMENDED.
Available at: Milwaukee Ave and Loop
New LP $36.99