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Dream Character (imp)
Hands in the Dark
MATT JENCIK has been a secret weapon in many bands such as DON CABALLERO, HURL and his own IMPLODES of which his solo work feels like an outgrowth of. This lucid dream-fueled album nestles beautifully in the hazy DMZ zone between minimalism, dream pop, shoegaze and drone. Guitars blur with synthesizer, piano and other gauze-like sounds, creating a nice warm refuge. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
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New LP $16.99
Suite For Max Brown
International Anthem
The L.A. via Chicago musician Jeff Parker dedicated his 2016 solo album to his father & this follow-up "Suite for Max Brown" is dedicated to his mother. The record opens with a mid-tempo, funky track featuring Parker's talented daughter on vocals. This song would fit in nicely next to some songs from Solange's excellent "When I Get Home." Like "New Breed" this album is made of studio experiments with Parker on a variety of instruments besides guitar including samplers, synths & some great bass playing. Once again Parker flirts with funk, fusion, jazz & electronic music. Trust us, Making music this "cool" isn't easy but Jeff Parker certainly makes it seem that way. RECOMMENDED
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New CD $14.99
Be Up A Hello (imp) (w/ Die-cut Sleeve)
One of Warp Records' most storied artists from across it's history returns after a five-year hiatus. The man best known as SQUAREPUSHER has been pushing the boundaries of braindance for the past quarter of a century, but "Be Up A Hello" brings him back to his acid-soaked, break-laden roots. GET IT GET IT GET IT.
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New LP $23.99
Likewise (ltd. Pink Vinyl)
Saddle Creek
The first solo outing for HOP ALONG's lead singer and songwriter continues her upward trajectory, elevating the writing to totally new heights. FRANCES QUINLAN is a razor-sharp lyricist, able to manufacture lines of observation without sacrificing phonetics. While "Likewise" sees QUINLAN using more electronics in the arrangements than on previous HOP ALONG albums, the organic instruments are the ones that truly shine, in particular the propulsive and snappy rhythm section (kind of sounding like the earlier two records from Reckless favorite BIG THIEF). But to no surprise, the most striking element is QUINLAN's voice: bright, forceful, raspy and expressive. Folks, this is the genuine article. RECOMMENDED.
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New LP $19.99
Mystic Familiar (silver Vinyl) (w/ Fold-out Poster)
What better way to cap off the first month of 2020 than with DAN DEACON's first proper studio album since 2015's GLISS RIFFER. In those 5 years, DEACON has scored 2 different documentaries, and his knack for soundtrack composition is immediately evident on MYSTIC FAMILIAR. As always, there are the layers upon layers of instruments and sounds, but here they take on an even more cinematic and downright inspiring mood. But while some moments feel film-ready, with their PHILIP GLASS-esque arpeggios, other points wouldn't be entirely out of place on a mixtape with a triumphant, early 00's ARCADE FIRE track. Every time I listen to DAN DEACON, I feel like I could fly up & punch a hole in the moon, but I wouldn't because I'd rather make the world a better place - and that's the kind of feeling we could all use more of. RECOMMENDED!!!
Available at: Loop
New LP $17.99
Dawn Of The Devi (reissue, Remastered) (ltd. To 1000)
Abduction presents the first reissue of SUN CITY GIRLS' 'Dawn of the Devi', their explosive 1991 follow-up to 'Torch of the Mystics'. While 'Torch' had plenty of faux-ethnic earworms and accessible melodies to latch onto, 'Dawn of the Devi' is raw, desperate and searching blast. This will be a challenging listen for some and a masterpiece for others. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!
Available at: Belmont and Milwaukee Ave
New LP $20.99
Cursebreaker X (ltd. 500)
100% Electronica
Chicagoan Kevin Hein (and Reckless alum) returns as EQUIP. Kevin is obsessed with video games & music & he was one of the first people we knew on the vaporwave tip. He's spent the past few years perfecting his craft, touring in Japan, providing scores for video games & you guessed it, even more gaming. 90s & 00s game soundtracks are a major influence for sure, but Hein throws in his love of bands like COCTEAU TWINS with guitars drenched in shimmering stereo chorus which gives him an edge on others mining similar territory in our opinion. Kevin has really carved out a unique path for himself & we're stoked to see where he goes next. RECOMMENDED!
Available at: Belmont and Loop
New LP $23.99
One of the biggest smashes of the summer, FREDDIE GIBBS and MADLIB (aka MADGIBBS) reunite to follow up their 2014 'Pinata' collaboration. The album is an end-to-end banger, with plenty of twists and turns, hi-gloss production, earworms and inimitable raps. A modern-day classic, very highly recommended.
Available at: Belmont and Loop
New LP $21.99
I Was Real (2lp)
Thin Wrist
75 DOLLAR BILL present their third album, 'I Was Real', in which they expand their ideas in bold new directions with new textures and instrumentations, utilizing 8 new players.
Available at: Belmont and Milwaukee Ave
New LP $32.99
Cross Record
Ba Da Bing
Emily Cross returns with her third album as CROSS RECORD. Dreamy & introspective experimental pop songs that remind us a lot of LOW, specifically their "Double Negative" album. Those of you that appreciate inward-looking records will appreciate this a lot.
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New LP $18.99
I (2lp) (clear Vinyl, Ltd. Edition)
Sacred Bones
The long-awaited fourth full-length retools the way the Chilean band works, with a recallabration of their recording process. Many long 'stems' (parts) were recorded separately and then given to producer UWE SCHMIDT (aka ATOM TM) to reassemble. The result elevates the music into a deep, dark and complex new sound with a rich synthesizer sound palette. EXCELLENT.
Available at: Milwaukee Ave
New LP $24.99
After Its Own Death (2lp) Walking In A Spiral Towards The House
Superior Viaduct
NIVHEK is another project for Liz Harris aka GROUPER. This lengthy pieces were composed as a collaboration with the visual artist Marcel Weber. This is more experimental than her GROUPER work with stretched-out compositions of bells that sound like slowed-down gamelan pieces, sound collages of layered vocals & field recordings. Listening to this is a rather heady experience & works best hearing in one listen. RECOMMENDED.
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New LP $34.99
Love Lion
Chicagoans that were around in the 2010s or so might remember a band from the DIY scene called GEFFIKA. They were a sludgey noise-rock band fronted by former Reckless alum & now Oakland based Jessica Calvanico. KIM is a logical extension of that sound with heavy riffs & a no-wave leanings ala Lydia Lunch/early SONIC YOUTH. RECOMMENDED!
Available at: Belmont and Milwaukee Ave
New Cassette $5.99
Hasta El Cielo (yellow Vinyl) (w/ 7")
Dead Oceans
"Con Todo El Mundo" is one of our favorite records of the past few years at the shops so we're more than down for these dub versions of the tracks. The songs were remixed by the legendary dub producer Scientist & KHRUANGBIN's songs lend themselves perfectly to the remixes.
Available at: Belmont
New LP $18.99
Rough Trade
BLACK MIDI's 'Schlagenheim' is chaotic, spazzy and thought-provoking in a way that sounds like HENRY COW-meets-MELT BANANA-meets-THIS HEAT. These young lads have managed to create a charismatic album that makes one wonder what makes them tick. May appeal to fans of mid-to-late '90s noise rock. EXCELLENT!
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New LP $18.99