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Reckless Records New Releases 10/25/19

a3554547958_10.jpgTHE BODY – Remixed 2LP (Thrill Jockey)
We love anything even tangentially related to the Portland-via-Providence noise duo THE BODY, from collaborations with FULL OF HELL and THOU to this, a collection of tracks remixed by some of the best names in metal and experimental genres. This double LP set includes reworked versions of BODY tracks from LINGUA IGNOTA, MOOR MOTHER, CONTAINER and MARK SOLOTROFF, among others. Obviously this is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, but if you’re unfamiliar with the band, you gotta pick up one of their albums proper!

CHRIS & COSEY reissues:
Heartbeat LP (CTI)
Trance LP (CTI)
Songs of Love & Lust LP (CTI)
Exotika LP (CTI)
Timeless and innovative, ex-Throbbing Gristle members CHRIS CARTER and COSEY FANNI TUTTI branched out as an electronic duo whose releases are iconic to fans and DJs alike. These albums are highly sought and available once again. All are essential. Miss at your own peril. Get ‘em while they last.


MIKAL CRONIN – Seeker LP/dlx LP/CD (Merge) “Peak Vinyl” edition on color vinyl with bonus 12” single Arsonist / Tsinorsa
MIKAL CRONIN has been busy both as a solo artist and as a member of TY SEGALL’s backing band (or more accurate, garage rock art collective) FREEDOM BAND along with TY and CHARLES MOOTHART. These artists have always been closely connected, but maybe never more for CRONIN than here. FREEDOM BAND backs him up here, and the power of the rhythm section and big, layered-vocal choruses make the connection easy with FUZZ or his bandmates’ solo material. It’s not a change in the formula; sure CRONIN tends to emphasize harmony and arrangement more than his peers, but it’s still SEGALL-esque rock. I happen to like that formula. If you do too, pick this up.


DEATHPROD – Occulting Disk LP/CD (Smalltown Supersound)
Occulting Disk is the first album since 2004 by Helge Sten under the DEATHPROD name. The producer & SUPERSILENT member creates long form dark ambient drones with low frequency, industrial backing. RECOMMENDED.


GROUPER – A I A: Dream Loss & A I A: Alien Observer LP (Kranky) LP reissues of Liz Harris’ A I A albums … here’s what we wrote when they came out on CD in 2011: We’ve been pretty much obsessed with all things GROUPER from day one and to say that we were anticipating a new release from Ms. Harris with bated breath is an understatement to say the least. You can imagine our near death by spontaneous combustion when we found out that she was releasing two records ON THE SAME DAY. Liz Harris has graced us with a few singles and EPs since the incredible Dragging a Dead Deer Up a Hill and though we love pretty much everything she does, the album format is where she shines brightest. “AIA: Dream Loss” reminds us most of Harris’ amazing Cover the Windows & Walls album with many of the songs living in a sunless, underwater murk with only subtle hints of the sun in the sky above. Some of the darkest moments on the two records occur here but there are also moments of powerful beauty that may leave you gasping for air. Dream Loss is also more guitar-centric and less Wurlitzer driven than Alien Observer which also gives it more of a ‘classic’ GROUPER sound. The albums definitely have their own vibe but they also work quite well together and we can say that with confidence since we listened to them straight through in a row before writing this!!


HIEROGLYPHIC BEING – Synth Expression / Rhythmic Cubism LP (On the Corner)
Chicago’s JAMAL MOSS aka HIEROGLYPHIC BEING presents the Synth Expressionism/Rhythmic Cubisim LP. A collection of idioms that have no past or future. Jarring poly-rhythmic polyphony that imbues a sense of timelessness.


Two Japanese titans of the underground join forces for one monumental LP, recorded live in 1973. LES RALLIZES DENUDES take the VELVET UNDERGROUND’s White Light/White Heat as a departure point while TAJ MAHAL TRAVELLERS spin their well-travelled cosmic drone and off-kilter percussion.

OM KALSOUM – Enta Omri LP (Souma)
Enta Omri
is OM KALSOUM’s most famous song, composed by MOHAMED ABDEL WAHAB, who is still rightly regarded as a prominent musician and composer in Egypt. With Enta Omri Abdel opened up the traditional repertoire of the diva to a more innovative style that the composer was known for, using electric guitar and fusing oriental themes with Western elements.

PITA – Get On LP (Editions Mego)
Vienna’s PETER REHBERG aka PITA returns with what is his 4th solo album and the latest in his ‘Get’ series (‘Get Out’, ‘Get Out’ and ‘Get Down’). PITA has been pushing the limits of hardware and software since the ’90s, dishing out harsh noise, gnarled rhythms and blurred melodies. Both analog and digital sounds are deployed as a means of expressing something outside of everyday electronics.


JIM SULLIVAN – Jim Sullivan LP/CD (Light in the Attic)
We’ve been waiting for this one for years. Light in the Attic has finally reissued the final album by Jim Sullivan. After releasing this album in 1972 on Hugh Hefner’s Playboy label, he mysteriously vanished in New Mexico. His disappearance is a mystery to this day. This record is an impressive follow-up to the now legendary UFO record, with a great recording,some great horn arrangements & fantastic songs from Sullivan. Fans of Mike Nesmith to Cat Stevens to Lee Hazlewood will eat this up.


JIM SULLIVAN – If the Evening Were Dawn LP/CD (Light in the Attic)
Ten previously unreleased acoustic recordings from Jim Sullivan, the talented singer/songwriter that mysteriously disappeared in New Mexico in 1975 after releasing two incredible country records. This was recorded in 1969 & features acoustic versions of some of songs from the amazing U.F.O. record & a few other tunes. For fans of Tim Hardin, Mike Nesmith, Lee Hazlewood etc… RECOMMENDED.


SUNN O))) – Pyroclasts LP (Southern Lord) red vinyl, ltd. 500 copies
SUNN O))) brings us a companion piece to the excellent “Life Metal”, recorded during the same two week session with Steve Albini. Stephen O’Malley is joined on this guy by Greg Anderson, Tim Midyett, T.O.S. and Hildur Guonadottir. RECOMMENDED!


Colorado is Neil Young’s 39th album & the first album with Crazy Horse since the excellent Psychedelic Pill back in 2012 & first with guitarist Nils Lofgren (replacing Frank Sampedro) since way, way back on Trans. Crazy Horse always seems to bring the edge & anger out of Neil & that’s that case here as Colorado is a self-proclaimed climate change protest record. The is the best Neil Young record since the last Crazy Horse record if that gives you any indication how important they are as a backing band. RECOMMENDED.

Other important releases
KA BAIRD- Respires LP (RVNG)
BLACK MARBLE – Bigger Than Life LP (Sacred Bones)
LITTLE SCREAM – Speed Queen LP (Merge) gold “Peak Vinyl” edition
MIKAL CRONIN – Mikal Cronin LP (Trouble in Mind) color vinyl reissue
SLOWDIVE – Souvlaki LP (Music on Vinyl) black marble vinyl, limited
SWANS – meaning leaving. LP/CD (Young God)
V/A – Curt Boettcher & Friends: Looking For The Sun LP (High Moon)