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Reckless Records 11/10/23 New Releases

Goat – Medicine


>> DROP NINETEENS – Hard Light LP/CD (Wharf Cat) *Crystal Clear Vinyl

Tiktok & streaming has been very kind to a few shoegaze vets like SLOWDIVE & DUSTER & supposedly even early 90s band DROP NINETEENS saw a big enough bump in plays to consider getting the band back together & we’re really glad that they did. This record surprised us right out of the gate with tight arrangements, memorable songs & an overall confidence that you wouldn’t expect after a 30 year break. You can hear hints of their past but like the SLOWDIVE reunion records, this band is making new music, not just rehashing their old sound. Fans of early 90s shoegaze, Flying Nun bands like THE CHILLS & THE BATS, INTERPOL, UNREST etc… should check this out. RECOMMENDED.

>> GOAT – Medicine LP (Rocket Recordings) *Color Vinyl

Sweden’s now long-running psych rock collective gets a bit more mellow, trading in noise guitar freakouts and faux-tribal workouts for swampy, chugging acid motorik that can sound a bit like classic BLACK ANGELS (or at their most uptempo a bit of KIKAGAKU MOYO). Always RECOMMENDED!

>> MICK JENKINS – The Patience LP/CD (BMG) *Opaque Yellow Vinyl – August 23 album now available ✶ ✶ ✶ ✶

If you’ve been listening to Mick Jenkins for a while, you know that he usually crafts his records with a dense & connected theme, & The Patience continues that trend with a record that sees an MC reacting to a changing world. It’s also a bit of a departure, showcasing Jenkin’s excellent ear with some less jazzy beats. In fact this record is downright HARD! It really knocks, & Mick’s delivery is more cutting, more aggressive than we ever remember hearing… RECOMMENDED.

>> NIECY BLUES – Exit Simulation LP/CD (Kranky)

Exit Simulation is the impressive debut album by the South Carolina based artist Janise Robinson aka NIECY BLUES. Imagine chopped & screwed trip-hop mixed with bedroom R&B tastefully drenched in beautiful reverb. Bass & sub frequencies are utilized expertly along with field recordings all highlighted by some truly wonderful lead vocals. If you ever dreamed of ERYKAH BADU or SOLANGE style vocals over GROUPER or slowed-down trip hop then this record is going to be a dream for you. RECOMMENDED.

>> RAGANA – Desolation’s Flower LP (The Flenser) *Black or Ltd. Bone Color Vinyl

RAGANA is a duo from the Pacific Northwest & they’re paving their own way in the metal world. Emotional & intense singing over slow to mid-tempo riffs that owe as much to first wave Norwegian black metal as it does to bands like THOU. Cool stuff. RECOMMENDED.

>> SHIFTED PHASES – The Cosmic Memoirs of the Late Great Rupert J. Rosinthrope 3LP (Tresor) *Reissue

Tresor reissues a 20 year old RARE release from Drexciya’s James Stinson and sole release under this moniker. A grail for Drexciya connoisseurs that also comes with 2 tracks which were previously only on the CD version. After a long campaign of reissuing Tresor’s entire Drexciyian catalog, what an excellent way to wrap it up! Praise the electro gods, of course this is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!


AESOP ROCK – Integrated Tech Solutions 2LP/CD (Rhymesayers) *White Vinyl

AESPA – Drama: The 4th Mini Album (SM Entertainment) *Three versions available each w/ free exclusive art card available with purchase while supplies last

AFRO NATIONALS – African Experimentals 1972-1979 LP (Africa Seven)

AJR – The Maybe Man LP/CD (Republic)

>> THE ALUMINUM GROUP – The Aluminum Group LP (Aluminum Group) *Back in stock! ✶ ✶ ✶ ✶

THE ART ENSEMBLE OF CHICAGO – Tutankhamun LP (ORG) *Remastered – Silver Vinyl


MIGUEL ATWOOD-FERGUSON – Les Jardins Mystiques Vol. 1 4LP (Brainfeeder) *Featuring THUNDERCAT, KAMASI WASHINGTON, JEFF PARKER, DOMi & JD BECK, CARLOS NIÑO and many more

CHET BAKER – Blues for a Reason LP (Criss Cross Jazz) *180g, Reissue

THE BEATLES – 1962-1966 aka The Red Album 3LP (Universal) *180g, Half-Speed Master – Expanded w/ bonus tracks

THE BEATLES – 1962-1966 aka The Red Album 2CD (Universal) *Remastered

THE BEATLES – 1967-1970 aka The Blue Album 3LP (Universal) *180g, Half-Speed Master – Expanded w/ bonus tracks (including “Now & Then”)

THE BEATLES – 1967-1970 aka The Blue Album 2CD (Universal) *Remastered – All Blue & Red Album formats w/ poster available with purchase while supplies last

BEIRUT – Hadsel – LP/CD/CS (Pompeii) *Black or “Icebreaker” Color Vinyl

BIRDS IN ROW – We Already Lost the World LP (Deathwish) *Reissue

BJÖRK – Selmasongs LP (One Little Independent) *Reissue – Back in stock!

BLACK REBEL MOTORCYLE CLUB – Live at Levitation LP (Reverberation Appreciation Society) *”Gold Nugget” Vinyl

BLUE SMILEY – OK LP/CS (Top Shelf) *180g, Reissue

BLUE SMILEY – Return LP/CS (Top Shelf) *180g, Reissue

BOOKER T. & THE MG’S – And Now! LP (Jackpot) *Remastered – Orange Vinyl

BOOKER T. & THE MG’S – Doin’ Our Thing LP (Jackpot) *Remastered – Sky Blue Vinyl

BOOKER T. & THE MG’S – Hip Hug-Her LP (Jackpot) *Remastered – Hot Pink Vinyl

BOOKER T. & THE MG’S – Soul Dressing LP(Jackpot) *Remastered – Clear Vinyl

BOTCH – American Nervoso LP (Sargent House) *25th Anniversary – Ltd. Blue & Silver Vinyl

>> BOTCH – We Are the Romans 2LP (Sargent House) *Remastered w/ bonus track – Now available on Ltd. Blue & Red

BOBBY BOYD – Bobby Boyd LP (Athens Of The North) *Reissue

BRIGHT EYES – A Christmas Album LP (Dead Oceans) *Reissue – Ltd. Clear Red Vinyl

DAVE BRUBECK – Jazz at Oberlin LP (Craft) *180g, Remastered – OJC Reissue

MICHAEL BUBLE – Christmas LP (Reprise)

BUSH – Loaded: Greatest Hits 1994-2023 2LP (Round Hill)

>> CAT POWER – …Sings Dylan 1966 Royal Albert Hall Concert 2LP/2CD (Domino) *Black or Ltd White Vinyl

CAVE IN – Heavy Pendulum: The Singles Live at BBC’s Maida Vale Studios LP/CD (Relapse)

CHER – Believe 3LP (Warner) *25th Anniversary – Ltd. Color Vinyl w/ lithograph

DON CHERRY – Art Deco LP (Verve) *180g, Remastered – Verve By Request Series

CIEL – Orlando 12″ (K7)

THE CINEMATIC ORCHESTRA – Man with a Movie Camera 2LP (Ninja Tune) *20th Anniversary – Ltd. Color Vinyl (signed copies still available at Wicker Park & Belmont)

CIRCUS DEVILS – Squeeze the Needle LP/CD (Guided By Voices)

COHEED & CAMBRIA – Second Stage Turbine Blade LP (Equal Vision) *20th Anniversary


THE COUNTS – What’s Up Front That-Counts LP/CD (ORG) *Remastered w/ bonus tracks – Black or Ltd. Purple Vinyl

>> CUTICLES – Major Works LP (Siltbreeze)

CV & JAB – ΚΛΊΜΑ aka KLIMA LP (Editions Basilic)

CYBOTRON – Maintain the Golden Ratio LP (Tresor)

DANESHEVSKAYA – Long is the Tunnel LP (Winspear) *Blood Red Vinyl

DANGER DOOM – The Mouse & the Mask 2LP (Lex) *2015 Reissue w/ screenprinted outer sleeve – Back in stock!

BETTY DAVIS – Crashin’ from Passion LP/CD (Light In The Attic) *Black or Clear Red Vinyl

MILES DAVIS – Filles de Kilimanjaro 2LP (Mobile Fidelity) *Original Master Recording – Back in stock!

MILES DAVIS – Milestones LP (Mobile Fidelity) *Original Master Recording – Back in stock!

MILES DAVIS – Sorcerer 2LP (Mobile Fidelity) *Original Master Recording – Back in stock!

DEFIANCE, OHIO – The Fear, the Fear, the Fear LP (No Idea) *Back in stock!

DIRTY HONEY – Can’t Find the Brakes LP (Dirt)

DOJA CAT – Hot Pink LP (RCA) *Ltd. Pink Vinyl – Back in stock!

DON CABALLERO – For Respect LP (Touch & Go) *Back in stock!

>> DON CABALLERO – Singles Breaking Up Vol. 1 LP (Touch & Go) *Back in stock!

DUKE – Early Instrumentals LP (Nyege Nyege Tapes) *Blue Vinyl – Now in stock!

BOB DYLAN – Blood on the Tracks LP (Mobile Fidelity) *Original Master Recording – Back in stock!

THE ELECTRIC PRUNES – The Electric Prunes LP (Jackpot) *Remastered – Blue Vinyl

THE ELECTRIC PRUNES – Mass in F Minor LP (Jackpot) *Remastered – “Highlighter” Yellow Vinyl

THE ELECTRIC PRUNES – Underground LP (Jackpot) *Remastered – Light Blue Vinyl

VINCENT NEIL EMERSON – Golden Crystal Kingdom LP (RCA)

ART FARMER – Portrait of Art Farmer LP (Craft) *180g, Remastered – Contemporary Acoustic Sounds Series

THE FEELIES – Some Kinda Love: …Perform the Music of The Velvet Underground 2LP (Bar None) *Live 2018 – Black or Ltd. Grey Vinyl

FLAMIN’ GROOVIES – Shake Some Action LP (Jackpot) *2022 Remaster – Back in stock!

>> FUEL – Something Like Human LP (Wargod) *Remastered – 1st time on vinyl

DIAMANDA GALAS – Broken Gargoyles LP (Intravenal Sound Operations)

JERRY GARCIA & DAVID GRISMAN – Jerry Garcia & David Grisman 2LP (Mobile Fidelity) *Original Master Recording – Back in stock!

SAM GENDEL & MARCELLA CYTRYNOWICZ – Audiobook LP (Psychic Hotline)

GHOST – Ceremony & Devotion 2LP (Loma Vista) *Repress – Purple Vinyl

GIRLS AGAINST BOYS – House of GVSB LP (Touch & Go) *Remastered

ROBERT GLASPER EXPERIENCE – Black Radio III 2LP (Loma Vista) *Now available on Grape Swirl Vinyl

GRANDADDY – The Sophtware Slump LP (Dangerbird) *Reissue – “Spring Green” Milky Clear Vinyl

GRATEFUL DEAD – Built to Last LP (Rhino) *Remastered

GRATEFUL DEAD – Without a Net 3LP (Rhino) *Remastered

GRATEFUL DEAD – Workingman’s Dead 2LP (Mobile Fidelity) *Original Master Recording – Back in stock!

GRAVESEND – Gowanus Death Stomp LP (20 Buck Spin) *Black or Neon Green Vinyl

ADAM GREEN – Friends of Mine 2LP (Org) *20th Anniversary

>> GULFER – Dog Bless LP (Top Shelf) *Repress – Ltd. Blue/Green Vinyl

HALL & OATES – H2O LP (Mobile Fidelity) *Original Master Recording – Now in stock!

ROY HARGROVE & THE RH FACTOR – Hard Groove 2LP (Verve) *180g, Remastered – Verve By Request Series

>> HARVEY MILK – Reckoning LP (Chunklet)

JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE – Hollywood Bowl August 18, 1967 LP (Sony)

HIROMI – Blue Giant (Soundtrack) 2LP/CD (Universal)

HOODED MENACE – Gloom Immemorial 2LP (Hammerheart)

HOT MULLIGAN – I Won’t Reach Out to You LP (Wax Bodega) *Repress – Ltd. Orange & White Vinyl

HOT MULLIGAN – Pilot LP (Wax Bodega) *Repress – Ltd. Purple & White Vinyl

HOT MULLIGAN – You’ll Be Fine LP (Wax Bodega) *Repress – Ltd. Red & White Vinyl

>> HOTLINE TNT – Cartwheel LP (Third Man) *Now available on Indie Exclusive “Conch Street” Color Vinyl

INU – Don’t Eat Food! LP (Mesh Key) *Reissue

ISIS – Mosquito Control/ The Red Sea 2LP (Ipecac) *Reissue of 2 EPs – Black or Indie Exclusive Silver Vinyl

BERT JANSCH – Avocet LP (Earth) *2023 Repress, Remastered – Ltd. Edition w/ art prints

ANTONIO CARLOS JOBIM – Stone Flower LP (Endless Happiness) *180g, Reissue

DEAN JOHNSON – Nothing for Me, Please LP (Mama Bird)

JUNGLE – Volcano LP (Caiola) *Indie Exclusive Color Vinyl – Back in stock!

ROE KAPARA – I Hope Hell isn’t Real LP (Epitaphy) *Color Vinyl

KATATONIA – Discouraged Ones LP (Peaceville) *Import, 25th Anniversary – Marble Vinyl

CAROLE KING – Tapestry LP (Mobile Fidelity) *Original Master Recording – Back in stock!

>> SOFIA KOURTESIS – Madres 2LP (Ninja Tune) *Back in stock!

KRIEG – Ruiner LP (Profound Lore)

HAROLD LAND QUINTET – The Peace-Maker LP (Verve) *180g, Remastered – Verve By Request Series

LAZY LESTER – All Over You LP (Antone’s) *Reissue – Ltd. “Texas” Edition Orange Vinyl

CATE LE BON – Crab Day LP (Amplify) *2023 Reissue

LEFT CROSS – Upon Desecrated Altars LP/CD (Profound Lore)

BRANDON JAMES LEWIS & RED LILY QUARTET – For Mahalia, With Love 2LP (Tao Forms)

>> L’ORANGE & KOOL KEITH – Time? Astonishing! LP (Mello Music Group) *Reissue – Indie Exclusive Green Vinyl

LIGHT TOUCH BAND – Chi- C – A – G – O (is My Chicago) b/w Sexy Lady 7″ (Numero Group) ✶ ✶ ✶ ✶

LIMBO DISTRICT – Rhythm Forward 7″ (Chunklet)

>> LINGUA IGNOTA – Sinner Get Ready 2LP (Sargent House) *Repress – Red & Clear Vinyl

LOVE BATTER – Dayglo LP (Jackpot) *Remastered – Blue Vinyl

>> LOW – Secret Name 2LP (Kranky) *Back in stock!

HERMAN CHIN LOY – Musicism Dub 2LP (Pressure Sounds)

>> LUGGAGE – Hand is Bad LP (Amish) ✶ ✶ ✶ ✶

TOR LUNDVALL – Last Light LP (Dais) *Black or Ltd. Purple Vinyl


THE MAINE – Can’t Stop Won’t Stop LP (Craft) *15th Anniversary

MÅNESKIN – Rush! (Are U Coming?) 2LP/CD (Arista) *180g – Black or Ltd. Splatter Vinyl

>> MARINA ZISPIN – Life & Death: The Five Chandeliers of The Funereal Exorcisms LP (Night School)

CHRISTINE McVIE – Christine McVie LP (Rhino) *Remastered

MENDOZA HOFF REVELS – Echolocation LP (AUM Fidelity)

>> MICHELE MERCURE – Beside Herself 2LP (RVNG) *Back in stock!

THE MIRACLE WORKERS – Inside Out LP (Jackpot) *Reissue – “Orange Smoke” Color Vinyl

MOGWAI – The Hawk is Howling 2LP (PIAS) *Reissue – White Vinyl

MOGWAI – Rock Action LP (PIAS) *Reissue – Red Vinyl

WES MONTGOMERY – Complete Full House Recordings 3LP (Craft) *70th Anniversary – Remastered & Expanded

>> MOONCHILD – Reflections 12″ (Tru Thoughts)

KEVIN MORBY – More Photographs LP (Dead Oceans) *Companion album to This is a Photograph – Black or Coke Bottle Clear Vinyl

MORTUARY DRAPE – Black Mirror LP/CD (Peaceville)

MOTÖRHEAD – Another Perfect Day LP (BMG) *40th Anniversary, Half-Speed Master – Ltd. Color Vinyl

NATIVE CATS – The Way On is the Way Off LP (Chapter) *Red Vinyl

WILLIE NELSON – It Will Always Be LP (Lost Highway) *180g, Reissue

>> NERVOUS GENDER – Music from Hell 2LP (Dark Entries)

NEW ORDER – Blue Monday 1988/ True Faith/ True Faith Remix 12″s (Factory) *2023 Remasters, sold separately

NEW ORDER – Substance 1987 2LP (Factory) *2023 Remaster – Black or Ltd. Blue & Red Vinyl w/ free poster available with purchase while supplies last (Limit one per customer)

N-SYNC – Home for Christmas 2LP (RCA)

OASIS – The Masterplan 2LP (Big Brother) *25th Anniversary – Color Vinyl

OL’ BURGER BEATS – Out of Sight, Out of Mind LP (Coalmine) *Black Ice Color Vinyl

BUCK OWENS & HIS BUCKAROOS – Christmas With… LP (Sundazed) *Red Vinyl

>> MUSTAFA ÖZKENT- Gençlik İle Elele LP (Jackpot) *Reissue – Back in stock!

PAN AMERICAN – In Daylight Dub LP (Foam On A Wave)

ALAN PARSONS PROJECT – Eye in the Sky 2LP (Mobile Fidelity) *Original Master Recording – Back in stock!

JOEL PATERSON – The More The Merrier LP (Ventrella) ✶ ✶ ✶ ✶

PIERCE THE VEIL – Collide With the Sky LP (Fearless) *2023 Repress – Sea Blue Vinyl

PIGS PIGS PIGS PIGS PIGS PIGS PIGS – King of Cowards LP (Rocket Recordings) *2023 Repress – Splatter Vinyl

PINKPANTHERESS – Heaven Knows LP (Warner Bros)

POWERMAN 5000 –Mega!! Kung Fu Radio LP (real Gone) *Remastered – Ltd. Blue w/ Black Swirl Vinyl

PRIMITIVE MAN – Scorn LP (Relapse) *Splatter Vinyl

PRINCE – 1999 2LP (Legacy) *2022 Remaster – Back in stock!

PUBLIC ENEMY – It Takes a Nation of Millions… 2LP (Def Jam) *180g, Remastered

TITO PUENTE – El Rey Bravo LP (Craft) *180g, Remastered

RENEE RAPP – Snow Angel LP (Interscope) *”Black Ice” Vinyl – Back in stock!

R.E.M. – Up LP/CD (Craft) *25th Anniversary – 2LP, 2CD, or 2CD w/ blu-Ray

>> RODAN – Rusty LP (Quarterstick) *Back in stock!

RUN DMC – Raising Hell LP (Music Direct) *180g – MOFI Super Vinyl

RUPAUL – Ho Ho Ho 2LP (Tommy Boy) *Remastered

SALUTE – Shield 12″ (Technicolour) *Rose Vinyl

SATAN’S PILGRIMS – Soul Pilgrim LP (Jackpot) *Reissue – Frosty Blue Vinyl

JOHN SCOFIELD – A Go Go LP (Verve) *180g, Remastered – Verve By Request Series

>> SEABLITE – Grass Stains & Novocaine LP (Dandy Boy) *Now in stock!

>> SECOND LAYER – World of Rubber LP (1972 Records) *Reissue

>> SECRET PYRAMID – A Vanishing Touch LP (Ba Da Bing)

>> SILVER APPLES – Silver Apples LP (Jackpot) *2016 Remaster – Now available on Liquid Smoke Color Vinyl

STURGILL SIMPSON – High Top Mountain LP (High Top Mountain)

NANCY SINATRA – Keep Walkin’: Singles, Demos & Rarities 1965-1978 2LP/CD (Light In The Attic) *Black, Yellow, or “Zodiac” Blue Vinyl

SISTERS OF MERCY – Floodland LP (Mobile Fidelity) *Reissue – Back in stock!

SIX ORGANS OF ADMITTANCE – Sleep Tones 2LP (Hermit Hut)

SOCCER MOMMY – Color Theory LP (Loma Vista) *2023 Repress – Blue Smoke Vinyl

>> SOCIAL CINEMA – It’s Nice to Meet You LP (Midtopia) *Yellow Vinyl

SOCIAL DISTORTION – Mommy’s Little Monster LP (Craft) *40th Anniversary

REGINA SPEKTOR – Soviet Kitsch LP (Sire) *Reissue – Ltd. Yellow Vinyl

SPIRITUAL CRAMP – Spiritual Cramp LP (Blue Grape) *Indie Exclusive

CHRIS STAPLETON – Higher 2LP/CD (Mercury)

PAULINE ANNA STROM – Echoes, Spaces, Lines LP/CD (RVNG) *Remastered – 4LP or 4CD

PAULINE ANNA STROM – Plot Zero/ Spectre/ Trans-Millenia Consort LPs (RVNG) *Remastered, sold separately

SUNWATCHERS – Music is Victory Over Time LP/CD (Trouble In Mind) *Black or Ltd. Color Vinyl

TAYLOR SWIFT – Folklore 2LP (Republic) *Back in stock!

SYLVAN ESSO – No Rules Sandy LP (Loma Vista) *Repress – Olive Green Vinyl

THESE NEW PURITANS – Field of Reeds 2LP (Infectious Music) *10th Anniversary

THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS – Flood LP (Idlewild) *180g, Reissue – Green “Multiverse” Color Vinyl

THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS – They Might Be Giants LP (Idlewild) *180g, Remastered

TRIUMPH OF DEATH – Resurrection of the Flesh 2LP/CD (Noise) *Live 2023 – Black or Ltd. Black & White Swirl Vinyl

200 STAB WOUNDS – Slave to the Scalpel LP (Metal Blade) *Reissue – Clear w/ Blue Color Vinyl

BRIAN TYLER – Scream (2022, Soundtrack) LP (Varese Sarabande)

WAYFARER – American Gothic LP/CD (Profound Lore)

>> WIPERS – Is This Real LP/CS (Jackpot) *Remastered – Back in stock!

BILL WITHERS – Greatest Hits LP (Mobile Fidelity) *Original Master Recording – Back in stock!

RICHARD WRIGHT – Wet Dream Blu-ray (Parlophone) *Remixed & Remastered by STEVEN WRIGHT – Blu-ray Audio

CHRISTIAN ZŸSSET – Cosmogonie LP (Endless Happiness) *180g, Reissue

VARIOUS – Brown Acid: The Seventeenth Trip LP (Riding Easy)

VARIOUS – Hillbilles in Hell: Bards of Prey LP (Omni Recording Corp)

VARIOUS – Longing for the Shadow: Ry​ū​k​ō​ka Recordings 1921​-​1939 LP (Death Is Not The End)

VARIOUS – Nashville Gold: Hayseed Delirium from the Boob Tube Golden Age 1956-1975 LP (Omni Recording Corp)

VARIOUS – Searchlight Moonbeam LP (Efficient Space) *Compilation from NTS Radio show Time Is Away

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