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Reckless Records 4/10/20 New Releases

BUTTERTONES – Jazzhound LP (Innovate Leisure)
THE BUTTERTONES are a post-punk band from L.A. Rhythmic, bass guitar driven songs that will appeal to fans of THE SOUND, INTERPOL, TONES ON TAIL etc…

LITTLE DRAGON – New Me, Same Us LP (Ninja Tune) BACK IN STOCK!
The futuristic Swedish pop duo LITTLE DRAGON return with their debut on Ninja Tune. R&B tinged electro pop with fantastic production that sounds really good right now. Fans of ROBYN, SOLANGE, XX etc… will love this.

JACKIE LYNN – Jacqueline LP (Drag City)
The talented Chicago musician Haley Fohr returns to her cosmic country alter-ego Jackie Lynn for “Jacqueline.” With BITCHIN’ BAJAS as her backing band, this version of Jackie is a bit more hi-fi.If Jackie was a real 70s country star, this would be like her dipping her toes into disco. This is the most “mainstream” record that Haley Fohr has probably made that starts off with a dance floor rocker that sounds like TRANS AM & soaring indie pop (with electric guitar) that reminds us of SMOG on “Shugar Water.” Nothing Haley does is really ever “straight-ahead” though & that’s what we love about her. RECOMMENDED.

RANIL – Ranil y su Conjunto Tropical LP (Analog Africa)
Raul Llerena Vasquez – better known as RANIL – has been one of the most idiosyncratic practitioners of cumbia to come out of the Amazonian jungles of Peru. Blending the riverbed electricity of garage and psych with the rhythms of South American dance music, RANIL
was able to amass a hefty catalog of music, all while starting his own label in the Peruvian Amazon. Here, Analog Africa gives a fully licensed compilation of RANIL’s best work, sourced from RANIL’s collection.

SQUAREPUSHER – Lamental EP (Warp)
The coda to the excellent full length “Be Up A Hello” is a more relaxed, atmospheric affair, showcasing SQUAREPUSHER at his more measured and sensitive. This completes a stunning trilogy of releases to harken his return in 2020. RECOMMENDED!

THE STROKES – The New Abnormal LP/TAPE (RCA)
We need new music so badly right now & though we understand why artists might want to bump their records indefinitely, we’re so thankful when they don’t. This is the first new STROKES music in 7 years they sound incredibly fresh here. The songs we’ve heard are synth heavy & ridiculously catchy. This record feels “classic” right out of the gate & has many of their trademarks but we also hear influences like THE CARS, NEW ORDER & THE CURE this time.

Other important new releases
ANNA BURCH – If You’re Dreaming LP (Polyvinyl)
CHROMEO – She’s in Control 3LP (Last Gang) 
ELLIS – Born Again LP (Fat Possum)
DEXTER GORDON – Swingin’ Affair LP (Blue Note)
HORSE LORDS – The Common Task LP (Northern Spy) BACK IN STOCK!
JOHANN JOHANNSSON – Last & first Men LP box set (Deutsche Grammophon) 
KNXWLEDGE – 1988 LP (Stones Throw) purple vinyl BACK IN STOCK!
POKEY LAFARGE – Rock Bottom Rhapsody LP (New West Records)
DUA LIPA – Future Nostalgia LP (Warner) BACK IN STOCK!
JACKIE MCLEAN – Fickle Sonance LP (Blue Note)
LEE MORGAN – Rumproller LP (Blue Note)
SPIRIT ADRIFT – Chained to Oblivion LP (Prosthetic) 
TOPS – I Feel Alive LP (Factor)