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Reckless Records 4/3/2020 New Releases

As you might imagine, a number of new releases have been cancelled and we’ve also been dealing with a lot of shipping interruptions during the shutdown. We’re doing our best to keep up with new releases so if you’re not seeing titles listed, they might be arriving late or we can try to special order anything that you’re looking for. Also, you might notice that a number of releases are “out today” but a number of releases have been released digitally but bumped physically. Thank you for your support during these tough times. 

MELKBELLY – Pith LP/CD (WaxNine)
Local heroes MELKBELLY give us their third full length release, unhinged noise rock that plays with your sense of time and harmony. “Pith” is a refreshingly youthful and irreverent record that reminds us of the more angular elements of bands like WYE OAK. RECOMMENDED.

NINA SIMONE – Fodder on My Wings LP/CD (Verve)
2020 reissue of this Nina Simone rarity from 1982. The album was recorded in 1982 just after she moved to Paris & then released on a French label. Supposedly it was one of her favorite recordings. The songs are a mix of styles from show tune esque piano & vocal pieces to upbeat Latin influenced tunes

THUNDERCAT – It Is What it Is LP/CD (Brainfeeder) indie-exclusive cream or red vinyl
The fourth official full length from THUNDERCAT is a major triumph, developing the ideas of future funk and lite rock, present in his breakthrough “Drunk”, into a larger expression of music that touches on lo-fi beat music, chamber pop, yacht rock, hip-hop and other styles that defy categorization. With the help of such luminaries as TY DOLLA SIGN, LIL B THA BASED GOD, STEVE LACY and CHILDISH GAMBINO, It Is What It Is is certainly the most fulfilled bit of stylistic expression in THUNDERCAT’s career. What is remarkable is how unified of a statement this record is. While not a step beyond the territory of what to expect from the artist – this is a THUNDERCAT record thru and thru – this is the most consistent and focused he has been throughout his career. It’s a bit hard to think of who this record would not be RECOMMENDED to, so if you’re reading this, this new record comes RECOMMENDED as hell!

YVES TUMOR – Heaven is a Tortured Mind LP/CD (Warp)
It’s hard to define YVES TUMOR, and honestly that seems to be by design – from their enigmatic noise releases on PAN that implement field recordings and the human voice in equal measure to their breakthru release “Safe In The Hands Of Love”, a pseudo alt- rock record that spoke in equal parts to a 1990s nostalgia that was beginning to form and a newer vaporwave esthetic that valued the recycled past of low art, its difficult to put a name on what YVES TUMOR really makes. “Heaven to a Tortured Mind” is the closest they’ve come to a purely pop record, but it’s covered in enough experimental sonic weirdness that a non-poptimist will still enjoy the various directions this record will take. RECOMMENDED!

Other important new releases 

ALL TIME LOW – Wake Up Sunshine LP/CD (Fueled By Ramen)
BEATRICE DILLON – Work-Around LP (Pan)
MARVIN GAYE – More Trouble LP (Motown)
NIGHTMARES ON WAX – Smoker’s Delight: 25th Anniversary LP (Warp)
M WARD – Migration Stories LP/CD (Anti-)

Some 4/3 releases that will likely arrive next Monday
Ellis – Born Again LP (Fat Possum)
Spirit Adrift – Chained to Oblivion LP (Prosthetic)
Tops- I Feel Alive LP (Tops Music)