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new releases / december 14 / 2010

New Reckless death metal style T-shirts by horror/gore artist PUTRID are in just in time for the holidays!! Another classic!

Ryan Adams “III/ IV” (CD, LP is slightly delayed but should be here before Christmas)
Cccandy – Lonesome Berlin (LP)
Chocolate Watch Band – No Way Out (LP reissue)
Kelan Phil Cohran & Legacy – African Skies (LP reissue. Recorded live at Adler Planetarium in Chicago 1993)
Cult of Youth – Filthy Plumage in an Open Sea (LP)
Dungen – Skit I Allt (5X7″ boxset with instrumental versions of the album!!)
Faust – 71 Minutes (LP reissue)
Harmony – Wake (LP reissue. Excellent early Factory records in the style of Joy Division, Section 25 etc…)
Heavy Winged – Sun Spotted (CD)
Impressions – This is my Country (LP reissue)
Krysmopompas – Gesa/Volker (7″)
Moon Duo – Silver Bells/ Winter (7″ VERY LIMITED!!)
Motorhead – Ace of Spades (LP reissue)
Radiohead – Kid A (33 1/3 book)
Slint – Spiderland (33 1/3 book)
Soft Moon – (LP on Captured Tracks)
Strawberry Path – When the Raven has Come to the Earth (LP reissue)
Sun Dial – Other Way Out (LP reissue. Amazing early 90’s psych in the style of Barrett era PINK FLOYD with hints of Brit Pop)
Teenage Fanclub – Bandwagonesque (LP reissue)
Winter Drones – Blood in the Coffin (LP)
Wooden Shjips – O Tannenbaum/ Auld Lang Syne (12″ VERY LIMITED!! In stock at BW Tues, other stores Wed.)
V/A – Bellyachers, Listen: Songs from East AFrica, 1938-46 (2LPS)
V/A – Something is Wrong: Songs from East Africa, 1952-57 (2LPS)
V/A – Something is Wrong: Songs from East Africa (2CDS, both LPS in one 2CD package)
V/A – Sounds of Siam: Leftfield Luk Thung, Jazz & Molam in Thailand 1964-1975

The new PANDA BEAR 7″s shipped Monday so we should have them later in the week. The OFF 7″ boxset was also delayed a bit but we’ll hopefully
have them by the 23rd

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