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Reckless Records 7/28/23 New Releases

Aphex Twin – Blackbox Life Recorder 21f/ In a Room7 F760


>> APHEX TWIN – Blackbox Life Recorder 21f/ In a Room7 F760 12″ (Warp)

Hard to believe it’s been five years since we last heard from Richard D. James aka APHEX TWIN, but Blackbox Life… picks up right where Collapse left off, with dry, bouncing analog-ish drum textures and playful pacing counter-balancing dark, ruminative synth tones. There are also nods to his early days, with rave-y stabs and burbling acid basslines. Classic and yet also entirely new stuff from RDJ. OBVIOUSLY RECOMMENDED!

>> THE CLIENTELE – I Am Not There Anymore 2LP/CD (Merge) *Black or “Peak Vinyl” Edition Black-in-Red Vinyl

2023 record from Reckless faves THE CLIENTELE messes a bit with the formula, eschewing their signature drum/bass/jangle for breakbeats, tape machine samples & hybrid textures that incorporate strings, organ, horns
and Mellotron. It’s not a complete change – there’s plenty of 60s inspired earworm pop tunes, and Alasdair MacLean’s voice is recognizably hazy & breathy – but the new sonic palette allows the hour-plus length to breeze by. Great stuff yet again. RECOMMENDED!

>> BETHANY COSENTINO – Natural Disaster LP/CD (Concord) *Black or Indie Exclusive “Dreamsicle” Vinyl

Natural Disaster is the first-ever solo record from BETHANY COSENTINO (dropping while BEST COAST are on hiatus). BC’s unabashed love for the pop craftsmanship of FLEETWOOD MAC and THE GO-GOs has always been hard to hide under even the thickest layers of fuzz, but she takes it one step further here with the glossy, sun-soaked sheen of peak SHERYL CROW, SHANIA TWAIN, MICHELLE BRANCH, and that self-titled LIZ PHAIR that keeps sounding better and better as time goes on. Some of these tunes are already destined to become “Indie Rock Summer Jam” playlist staples. Now we just need that Bobb Bruno black metal record… This is RECOMMENDED!

>> DAMON LOCKS & ROB MAZUREK – New Future City Radio LP/CD (International Anthem) ✶ ✶ ✶ ✶

While DAMON LOCKS & ROB MAZUREK have collaborated in the past with EXPLODING STAR ORCHESTRA, this marks the first pure duo record for the two. The 18 tracks on New Future City Radio function together as a mixtape imagining a future utopian pirate radio program that blends improvisational jazz, hip-hop, electric beats & psychedelia with ruminations on the future of community, all tied together with LOCKS’ retrofuturist voiceover. Excellent and RECOMMENDED!

>> MID-AIR THIEF – Gongjoong Doduk LP (Top Shelf) *Reissue – Orange & Pink Glow Vinyl

First physical version of this 2016 album from South Korean psych experimentalists MID-AIR THIEF. There’s a stronger folk influence to this, but with some dubby electronics that helps these chameleonic songs shift from one style to another with grace. Fans of FISHMANS, THE FLAMING LIPS, or some of the collage-like records by THE BOOKS will find a ton of stuff to love here. An excellent record that we’re happy to have tangibly in stock. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!


CANNONBALL ADDERLEY – Quintet in Chicago LP (Mercury) *180g, Remastered – Acoustic Sounds Series

AGATHE – Beautiful Damages LP (Kuroneko)

AIR MIAMI – Me. Me. Me. 2LP (4AD) *Deluxe Edition – Aqua & Orange Vinyl

>> ALCEST – Souveniers d’un Autre Monde LP (Prophecy) *Import, Reissue – Back in stock!

AVAIL – 4am Friday 2LP (Jade Tree) *Reissue – w/ Live at the Bottom of the Hill LP

BADGE – Collected Singles LP (Lion Productions)

TONY BENNETT & LADY GAGA – Cheek to Cheek LP (Interscope) *Back in stock!

CHUCK BERRY – In Memphis LP (Mercury) *Reissue

>> BLACK SUN ENSEMBLE – Black Sun Ensemble LP (Lion Productions) *Reissue

BRAD – Shame LP (Brad) *30th Anniversary – Opaque Blue Vinyl

THE BUDOS BAND – Frontier’s Edge LP (Demand West)

BURNT ENVELOPE – I’m Immature: The Singles Vol. II LP (Hozac)

DONALD BYRD – Electric Byrd LP (Third Man) *Ltd. Turquoise Vinyl – 313 Series

CHROME – No Humans Allowed LP (Cleopatra) *Reissue – Ltd. Splatter Vinyl

PHIL COLLINS – Serious Hits Live! 2LP (Rhino)

SAVANNAH CONLEY – Playing the Part of You is Me LP (Good Partners) *Ltd. Edition

CURRENT 93 – If a City is Set Upon a Hill LP (Homaleph) *Import

THE DEAD WEATHER – Horehound 2LP (Third Man) *180g w/ eteched D-Side – Back in stock!

THE DEAR HUNTER – Act I: The Lake South, The River North LP (Wax Bodega) *Reissue

THE DEAR HUNTER – Act II: The Meaning of, and All Things Regarding Ms. Leading 2LP (Wax Bodega) *Reissue

THE DEAR HUNTER – Act III: Life & Death 2LP (Wax Bodega) *Reissue

DEERHOOF – Milky Man LP (Polyvinyl) *Milky Clear Vinyl

DEERHOOF – Offend Maggie LP (Polyvinyl) *Neon Green Vinyl

DEICIDE – In the Minds of Evil LP (Century Media) *Sun Yellow Vinyl

DR. JOHN – High Priest of Psychedelic Voodoo 3LP (Cleopatra) *Ltd. Purple/Yellow/Green Vinyl

DRIVE LIKE JEHU – Yank Crime LP (Headhunter) *w/ 7″ – Classic FINALLY back in stock! RIP RICK FROBERG

DANNY ELFMAN & CHRIS BACON – Wednesday (Soundtrack) 2LP (Lakeshore) *Purple/Smoke Vinyl

ALTON ELLIS & THE SOUND DIMENSION – Blackish White 7″ (Soul Jazz)

HORTENSE ELLIS – People Make The World Go Round 7″ (Soul Jazz)

EMPEROR – Anthems to the Welkin at Dust LP (Spinefarm) *Remastered – Ltd. Picture Disc

BEVERLY GLENN-COPELAND – The Ones Ahead LP (Transgressive) *Black or Ltd. Blue Vinyl

GODFLESH – Purge LP (Avalanche) *Import – Silver Vinyl

>> GUNN- TRUSCINSKI- NACE – Glass Band LP (Three Lobed Recordings) *w/ 7″


HIGH PULP – Days in the Desert LP (Anti-)

STEVE HILLAGE – Madison Square Garden 1977 LP (Cleopatra) *Purple Marbled Vinyl – Ltd. 500

JOHN LEE HOOKER – Born in Mississippi, Raised Up in Tennessee LP (Elemental) *Reissue

HOWLIN’ WOLF – Message to the Young LP (Elemental) *Reissue ✶ ✶ ✶ ✶

BILLY IDOL – Billy Idol 2CD (Capitol) *Deluxe Edition

IMMORTAL – Northern Chaos Gods CS (Nuclear Blast) *Silver Cassette

LOTHAR JAHN – Dreams of 75 LP (Lion Productions)

THAD JONES – Detroit – New York Junction LP (Third Man) *Ltd. White Vinyl – 313 Series

MADELINE KENNEY – A New Reality Mind LP (Carpark) *Tangerine Vinyl

KING GIZZARD & THE LIZARD WIZZARD – Flying Microtonal Banana LP (KGLW) *Eco-Mix Vinyl – Lucky Rainbow Edition in paper sleeve

THE KINKS – Preservation Act 1 LP (BMG) *180g, Reissue

BASIL KIRCHIN & JOHN COLEMAN – Mind on the Run LP (We Are Busy Bodies) *Reissue

>> JESSY LANZA – Love Hallucination LP/CD (Hyperdub)


LOVE CRY WANT – Love Cry Want LP (Lion Productions) *Reissue

MAC KROL – For Some Other Reason 7″ (Merge) *New project from MAC McCAUGHAN (SUPERCHUNK) and MIKE KROL

MAGGOT BRAIN #13 Magazine (Third Man)

>> AYO MANUEL – 1983-1990 12″ (Soundway)

MARCONI UNION – Weightless LP (Just Music) *Reissue – Indie Exclusive Green Vinyl

MAC MILLER – Faces 3LP (Warner) *Yellow Vinyl – Back in stock!

JONI MITCHELL – At Newport 2LP (Rhino) *Ltd. Clear Vinyl – 2022 live performance w/ “The Joni Jam” band featuring BRANDI CARLILE, MARCUS MUMFORD, WYNONNA JUDD, LUCIUS, BLAKE MILLS, and TAYLOR GOLDSMITH (of DAWES)

MR. SCRUFF – Trouser Jazz 2LP (Ninja Tune) *20th Anniversary – Red & Blue Vinyl

MUTOID MAN – Mutants LP/CD (Sargent House) *Black or Indie Exclusive Transparent Purple Vinyl

NEON LEON – 1979-84 Singles Collection LP (Hozac)

OFF WITH THEIR HEADS/ JPOOL – Split 7″ (Anxious & Angry) *Yellow Vinyl

OLD CROW MEDICINE SHOW – Live at Third Man Records LP (Third Man)

OMINGONE – Against the Rest LP (Bad Time)

OPEN MIKE EAGLE – Brick Body Kids Still Daydream LP (MMG) *Reissue – Brick Red & Cream Vinyl ✶ ✶ ✶ ✶

OTR – Be Quiet, They’re Listening LP (Astralwerks)

ROZI PLAIN – What a Boost LP (Memphis Industries) *2023 Repress – Eco-Mix Vinyl

POST MALONE – Austin 2LP/CD (Mercury)

PRINCE – Come/ Lovesexy LPs (Legacy) *Reissues, sold separately

>> THE RACONTEURS – Broken Boy Soldiers LP (Third Man) *180g – Back in stock!

REAGAN YOUTH – Vol. 1 LP (Cleopatra) *Reissue – Ltd. Silver Vinyl

SAD PARK – No More Sound LP (Pure Noise)

SEOMPI – We Have Waited: Singles & Unreleased LP (Lion Productions)

THE SEX PISTOLS – Never Mind the Bollocks… LP (Rhino) *Rhino Reissue – Finally back in stock!

THE SILVERBEATS – The SilverBeats LP (Lion Productions)

>> SNOOPER – Super Snõõper LP/CD/CS (Third Man)

STEELY DAN – Pretzel Logic LP (Geffen) *180g, Reissue

>> SUN DIAL – Plains of Nazca: The Lost EP (Acme/Lion) *180g – Red Vinyl, Ltd. to 50 copies!

SUSTO – My Entire Life LP (New West) *Indie Exclusive Color Vinyl w/ autograph

TIFFANY – I Think We’re Alone Now LP (Cleopatra) *Purple Vinyl

TRUTH & JANEY – Topeka Jam: Live 1974 LP (Lion Productions)

IKE & TINA TURNER – The Hunter LP (Elemental) *Reissue

UNDEATH – Live… From the Grave CD (Prosthetic)

THE USED – Toxic Positivity 2LP (Big Noise)

VOIVOD – Morgöth Tales LP (Century Media) *180g, Reissue

MAL WALDRON SEXTET – Mal/ 2 LP (Craft) *180g, Remastered – OJC Reissue w/ OBI

AMY WINEHOUSE – Back to Black LP (Island) *Picture Disc – Back in stock!

>> XASTHUR – Inevitably Dark LP/CD (Lupus Lounge) *Import – 2LP or 2CD

XASTHUR – Rehearsals 1997-1999 LP (Lupus Lounge) *Import – Black or Red Vinyl

YAMA & THE KARMA DUSTERS – Up From the Sewers LP (Lion Productions)

NEIL YOUNG – Official Release Series: Discs 22, 23+, 24 & 25 LP/CD Box (Reprise) *9LP or 6CD

VARIOUS – Guardians of the Galaxy: Awesome Mix Vol. 3 CS (Hollywood) *Blue Cassette w/ Nebula Cover or Green Cassette w/ Mantis Cover – GOTG chapstick & earbuds available while supplies last

VARIOUS – Raised By Rap: 50 Years of Hip-Hop 2LP (Legacy)

**Titles preceded by >> have descriptions available in store or at

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Reckless Records 7/21/23 New Releases

Blur – The Ballad of Darren


>> BLUR – The Ballad of Darren LP/CD (Parlophone) *Black or Ltd. Blue Vinyl

For anybody still pining for the heyday of Britpop, it’s gotta be a thrill to see the classic BLUR logo on a new LP in 2023. We’re excited to say this one lives up to that promise & then some. Dropping 8 years after their comeback The Magic Whip (which was v. good but mostly just had a “Thanks for your patience, here’s more Blur” vibe), The Ballad of Darren finds the lads sounding more charged since they have since pre-GORILLAZ. The uptempo numbers have a post-punk energy that suggests inspo from recent contemporaries like IDLES & FONTAINES DC, and the more mellow cuts are elegiac & wistful (a la recent ARCTIC MONKEYS), making the whole affair feel like a graceful comedown from those glory days as they again carve out a space for themselves in today’s scene. You can finally pull that thrashed copy Parklife from your disc-changer – this’ll do the trick just fine. RECOMMENDED!

>> CV VISION – Im Tal der Stutzer LP (Bureau B)

Psychedelic prog, acid folk, washed-out pop & warped feudal weirdness from Dennis Schulze’s CV VISION project. Inspired by medieval themes & fuzzed out prog riffs. Fans of BO HANSSON, SOFT MACHINE & even GOBLIN soundtracks will love! RECOMMENDED!

>> KODE9 & BURIAL – Infirmary/ Unknown Summer 12″ (fabric)

Lovely two tracker split from KODE9 and BURIAL, who team up five years after their fantastic FABRICLIVE 100 mix LP. Much more energetic & uptempo compared to BURIAL’s more recent output. RECOMMENDED!

>> MADMADMAD – Behavioural Sink Delirium LP (Bad Vibrations) *180g – Ltd. Red Vinyl

Weirdo, acid-fried disco punk from this London group that was recently featured on the Soul Jazz comp Two Synths, a Guitar (And) a Drum Machine. Think ADD N TO (X), BLACK DICE. RECOMMENDED (if you can forgive the song title “Totes Amazeballs”).

>> STRANGE RANGER – Pure Music LP/CD (Fire Talk) *Black or Indie Exclusive Transparent Sea Glass Vinyl

Sample-heavy fourth album from New York outfit STRANGE RANGER, steeping themselves in trip-hop, glitch, IDM and electro-R&B in a way that feels less like throwing ideas at the wall and more of a unified sound. Great stuff on Fire Talk. RECOMMENDED!


>> AGRICULTURE – Agriculture LP/CD/CS (The Flenser)

>> DEREK BAILEY – Lot 74 LP (Honest Jon’s) *Import, Reissue – Back in stock!

>> DEREK BAILEY & JAMIE MUIR – Dart Drug LP (Honest Jon’s) *Import, Reissue – Back in stock!

BLOOD INCANTATION – Hidden History of the Human Race LP (Century Media) *w/ poster, book & CD

CANDLEMASS – Don’t Fear The Reaper/ All Along The Watchtower 10″ (High Roller) *Import – Color Vinyl

CAR SEAT HEADREST – Twin Fantasy (Mirror to Mirror) LP (Matador) *Back in stock!

>> CAT POWER – The Greatest LP (Matador) *120g, Reissue – Back in stock!

>> CAT POWER – Jukebox LP (Matador) *120g, Reissue – Back in stock!

>> CAT POWER – You Are Free LP (Matador) *120g, Reissue – Back in stock!

CHARLY BLISS – Young Enough LP (Barsuk) *2023 Repress – Black Vinyl

>> CHAT PILE – God’s Country LP (The Flenser) *Back in stock!

>> COCTEAU TWINS – Stars & Topsoil: A Collection 1982-1990 2LP (4AD) *Back in stock!

ORNETTE COLEMAN – Something Else!!!! LP (Craft) *180g, Remastered – Verve Acoustic Sounds Series

CHRIS CORSANO & BILL ORCUTT – Play at Duke LP (Palilalia)

CHRIS CORSANO, ZOH AMBA & BILL ORCUTT – Flower School LP (Palilalia)

CUT WORMS – Cut Worms LP/CD/CS (Jagjaguwar) *Black or Ltd. Seaglass Wave Vinyl

DANSETTE DAMAGE – The Only Sound/ NME 7″ (Soul Jazz) *Reissue, w/ silk-screen sleeve

DEAD CAN DANCE – Spleen & Ideal LP (4AD) *Reissue – Back in stock!

DEAD CAN DANCE – Spiritchaser 2LP (4AD) *Reissue – Back in stock!

>> DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE – Transatlanticism 2LP (Barsuk) *180g, Reissue – 20th Anniversary

>> DEHD – Blue Skies LP (Fat Possum) *Back in stock! ✶ ✶ ✶ ✶

>> DEHD – Flower of Devotion LP (Fire Talk) *Ltd. Color Vinyl – Back in stock! ✶ ✶ ✶ ✶

DESTRUCTION – Cracked Brain LP (High Roller) *Import, Reissue – Picture Disc

DESTRUCTION – Mad Butcher EP 12″ (High Roller) *Import, Reissue – Picture Disc

ELECTRIC EELS – Spin Age Blasters 2LP (Scat) *Black or Color Vinyl

DON ELLIS – How Time Passes LP (Candid) *180g, Remastered

MORT GARSON – Journey to the Moon & Beyond LP (Sacred Bones) *”Deep Space” Black Vinyl or “Mars” Color Vinyl

GHOST – Extended Impera 2LP Box (Loma Vista)*w/ bonus 12″, 7″, book & poster

>> THE GOOD LIFE – Album of the Year 2LP (Saddle Creek) *Reissue – Ltd. Gold Vinyl

GRAVES AT SEA – History of Sickness LP (Necrocave) *Ltd. 1000

AL GREEN – Call Me LP (Fat Possum) *50th Anniversary – “Tiger’s Eye” Color Vinyl

GRETA VAN FLEET – Starcatcher LP/CD (Lava) *w/ embossed sleeve – Black or Ltd. Translucent Glitter Vinyl

GUIDED BY VOICES – Welshpool Frillies LP/CD (GBV Inc)

GYM CLASS HEROES – The Quilt 2LP (Fueled By Ramen) *Grape Color Vinyl

GYPSY – Gypsy 2LP (Sundazed) *Remastered

HALF JAPANESE – Jump Into Love LP (Fire) *Ltd. White Vinyl

IDLES – Joy as an Act of Resistance LP (Partisan) *Back in stock!

ILLA J – Yancey Boys 2LP (Delicious Vinyl) *Reissue – Indie Exclusive Coke Bottle Clear Vinyl

JOAN JETT & THE BLACKHEARTS – Up Your Alley LP (Legacy) *Reissue

JOHNNY’S UNCALLED FOUR – The Lost Album LP (Wick/Daptone) *Black or Indie Exclusive Translucent Purple Vinyl

DANIEL JOHNSTON – Rejected Unknown 2LP (Eternal Yip Eye) *Reissue

AYRON JONES – Chronicles of the Kid LP (Big Machine) *Turquoise Vinyl

KAROL G – Mañana Será Bonito 2LP (Universal) *Back in stock!

B.B. KING – Indianola Mississippi Seeds LP (Elemental) *Reissue

STEVE LACY – The Straight Horn of… LP (Candid) *180g, Remastered

KIANA LEDE – Grudges CD (Republic)

MADLIB – Rock Konducta LP (Madlib) *Indie Exclusive Clear Vinyl

MASEGO – Masego 2LP (Capitol) *w/ OBI – Early 2023 album now available

>> MAZZY STAR – Seasons of Your Day 2LP (Rhymes Of An Hour) *Purple Vinyl – Back in stock!

JOHN MELLENCAMP – Orpheus Descending LP (Republic)

CHARLES MINGUS – Mingus LP (Candid) *180g, Remastered

MIZMOR – Prosaic 2LP (Profound Lore)

MUNA – About U 2LP (RCA) *Back in stock!

MY BLOODY VALENTINE – Loveless LP (MBV) *2021 Analogue Remaster – Finally back in stock!

NEW MATH – Die Trying & Other Hot Sounds 1979-1983 LP (Propeller Sound) *Ltd. Clear Vinyl

ALVA NOTO – This Stolen Country of Mine 2LP (Noton) *Soundtrack to 2022 German documentary

>> ODDISEE – The Iceberg LP (Mello Music Group) *2023 Repress – Butterfly Splatter Vinyl

OUTER HEAVEN – Infinite Psychic Depths LP (Relapse) *Slime Green Vinyl

OXBOW – Love’s Holiday LP/CD (Ipecac) *Black or Indie Exclusive Red Vinyl

ARLO PARKS – Cola/ George 7″ (Lewis Recordings)

PHISH – Fuego 2LP (Jemp) *Remastered – Flame Color Vinyl

IKE QUEBEC – Heavy Soul LP (Blue Note) *180g, Remastered – Blue Note Classic Vinyl Series

BUDDY RICH – Birdland LP (Lightyear)

>> THE ROOTS – How I Got Over LP (Def Jam) *Back in stock!

RUFUS DU SOL – Innerbloom LP (Sweat It Out) *Clear Vinyl w/ plastic sleeve

THE RURAL ALBERTA ADVANTAGE – Hometowns LP (Saddle Creek) *Reissue – Ltd. Gold Vinyl

RUSS – Chomp 2 2LP (Diggers Factory)

SHINTARO SAKAMOTO – Like a Fable LP (Zelone) *Coke Bottle Clear Vinyl

SANDRIDER – Armada LP (Satanik Royalty) *Reissue – Splatter Vinyl

SANGUISUGABOGG – Homicidal Ecstasy! LP (Century Media) *180g – Color Vinyl

EMILIA SISCO – Trouble/ It’ll Get Better 7″ (Timmion) *Produced by Cold Diamond & Mink

NINA SIMONE – You’ve Got to Learn: Newport Jazz Festival 7/2/1966 LP/CD (Verve)

LONNIE SMITH – Turning Point LP (Blue Note) *180g, Remastered – Blue Note Classic Vinyl Series

STILL CORNERS – Strange Pleasures LP (Wrecking Light) *10th Anniversary – Indie Exclusive Green Vinyl

TAYLOR SWIFT – Lover 2LP (Republic) *Color Vinyl – Back in stock!

TAYLOR SWIFT – 1989 LP (Big Machine) *Back in stock!

TAYLOR SWIFT – Red: Taylor’s Version 4LP (Republic) *Back in stock!

TAYLOR SWIFT – Reputation 2LP (Big Machine) *Picture Disc – Back in stock!

THE TEMPTATIONS – The Temptations Sing Smokey Robinson LP (Motown) *Reissue

.38 SPESH & HARRY FRAUD – Beyond Belief LP (SRFSCHL) *Black or Color Vinyl

TOO $HORT – Born to Mack LP (Get On Down) *35th Anniversary – Ltd. Color Vinyl

MOLLY TUTTLE & GOLDEN HIGHWAY – City of Gold LP (Nonesuch) *Black or Light Blue Vinyl

UNREST – Imperial f.f.r.r. LP (Teen Beat) *2023 Reissue w/ OBI – Color Vinyl

THE VANDALS – Hitler Bad, Vandals Good. LP (Craft) *25th Anniversary – Ltd. Splatter Vinyl

VEPS – Oslo Park LP (Kanine) *Dark Magenta Vinyl

MUDDY WATERS – Brass & The Blues LP (Elemental) *Reissue ✶ ✶ ✶ ✶

BELLA WHITE – Among Other Things LP (Rounder)

SAUL WILLIAMS – The Inevitable Rise & Liberation of Niggy Tardust! 2LP (Fader Label) *Reissue – Indie Exclusive “Galaxy Cat’s Eye” Color Vinyl

SAUL WILLIAMS – Martyr Loser King LP (Fader Label) *Reissue – Indie Exclusive “Galaxy Red” Color Vinyl

VARIOUS – Barbie The Album (Soundtrack) LP/CD (Atlantic) *Hot Pink Vinyl w/ Indie Exclusive PVC sleeve – Produced by MARK RONSON and featuring LIZZO, CHARLI XCX, BILLIE EILISH, TAME IMPALA, HAIM and more. Limited Edition CD with alternate “Night Sky” cover & FIFTY FIFTY bonus track also available.

**Titles preceded by >> have descriptions available in store or at

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Reckless Records 7/14/23 New Releases

Clark – Sus Dog


>> SAM BURTON – Dear Departed LP/CD (Partisan) *Black or Ltd. White Vinyl

LA’s SAM BURTON makes gentle, sun-kissed folk that recalls early TIM BUCKLEY, JOHN DENVER and TOWNES VAN ZANDT as well as contemporaries like CUT WORMS. Mellow and melody-forward, with some beautiful string texture and choral backing vocals. RECOMMENDED!

>> CLARK – Sus Dog 2LP/CD (Throttle) *Executive produced by THOM YORKE

UK producer Chris Clark has long been a master of the spectrum of sound, but in the past he’s used vocals only sparingly as just another effect in the mix. On Sus Dog, Clark sings on nearly every track, his reedy falsetto lending warmth & vulnerability to even the more menacing tracks. We apparently have THOM YORKE to thank for this, as he encouraged Clark to push his boundaries here & even gave him some vocal coaching – shut your eyes and you’ll be convinced you’re listening to a great lost RADIOHEAD LP even before Thom shows up near the end. Reckless fave ANIKA also guests. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

>> NATURAL WONDER BEAUTY CONCEPT – Natural Wonder Beauty Concept LP (Mexican Summer)

Heavenly collaboration between ambient pop producer ANA ROXANNE and abstract dance innovator DJ PYTHON, melding PYTHON’s brittle, thorny excursions into IDM, trip-hop and reggaeton with ROXANNE’s lush, textured chords and ethereal voice. The result lands somewhere between YAEJI’s kitchen-sink expressionism, the mutant tresillo beat of ARCA and the softer electronic R&B of TIRZAH and ERIKA de CASIER. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

>> RUSSIAN CIRCLES – Station LP (Sargent House) *15th Anniversary – Ltd. Blue Vinyl ✶ ✶ ✶ ✶

“Chicago’s own RUSSIAN CIRCLES serve up their sophomore release to ours and the music loving public’s excitement. Station starts off harmless enough, with swelling and cinematic arrangements comprised mostly of guitars and minimal drumming. The second track, however commences into familiar territory – complex drumming, ominous bass, and heavy guitar riffage. Instrumental, as usual, the guys in RUSSIAN CIRCLES pick up right where they left off with 2006’s Enter, creating an eerie atmospheric collection of songs sure to please. Fans of the MARS VOLTA, PELICAN, or MONO will feel right at home with Station.” 15th anniversary edition available on independent record store exclusive transparent blue vinyl. RECOMMENDED!

>> THE YORUBA SINGERS – Ojinga’s Own LP (Soundway) *1974 album reissued on vinyl for the first time

Soundway gifts us this beautiful remaster of the debut album from Guyanese Afro-folk band THE YORUBA SINGERS. Mixing traditional folk styles with American blues and soul, all shot through with biting social commentary. RECOMMENDED!


AEROSMITH – Aerosmith LP (Capitol) *180g, Remastered

>> BEACH HOUSE – Teen Dream 2LP/CD/CS (Sub Pop) *w/ DVD – Finally back in stock!

BEING DEAD – When Horses Would Run LP (Bayonet) *Creamsicle Orange Vinyl

JONNY BENAVIDEZ – My Echo, Shadow & Me 7″ (Timmion)

APOLLO BROWN & STALLEY – Blacklight LP (Mello Music Group) *2021 album now available on vinyl

CAFUNÉ – Running LP (Elektra)

CHAMBER – A Love to Kill For LP (Pure Noise) *Color Vinyl

CHARLI XCX – Pop 2 LP (Atlantic) *Reissue, 5th Anniversary

CHER – It’s a Man’s World 4LP Box (Warner Bros) *Remastered – Color Vinyl w/ #’d lithograph

ERIC CLAPTON – Unplugged 2LP (Surfdog) *180g, Reissue

CLAUD – Supermodels LP/CD/CS (Saddest Factory) *Black or Ltd. Cloud Vinyl

JOHN COLTRANE with ERIC DOLPHY – Evenings at the Village Gate 2LP/CD (Impulse!) *Mono

MIKE COOPER – Life & Death in Paradise +: Milan Acoustic 2018 LP/CD (Paradise Of Bachelors) *2CD version or LP w/ CD available

MARSHALL CRENSHAW – Field Day 2LP (Yep Roc) *Remastered – 40th Anniversary Expanded Edition

MARSHALL CRENSHAW – Marshall Crenshaw LP (Yep Rock) *Remastered

>> DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE – Narrow Stairs LP (Barsuk) *2023 Repress

>> DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE – Open Door EP 12″ (Barsuk) *2023 Repress

>> DEFTONES – Koi No Yokan LP (Reprise) *Back in stock!

JACK DeJOHNETTE – Sorcery LP (Jazz Dispensary) *180g, Reissue – Top Shelf Series

THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA – Color Decay 2LP (Solid State) *Deluxe Edition

DRIVE LIKE JEHU – Drive Like Jehu LP (Headhunter) *Reissue, Color Vinyl – Finally back in stock! RIP RICK FROBERG

DUST – et cetera, etc LP (Kanine) *Green Vinyl

GRAVEDIGGAZ – 6 Feet Under LP (Cleopatra) *Ltd. Yellow & Red Vinyl

GYM CLASS HEROES – As Cruel as School Children LP (Fueled By Ramen) *Reissue – “Lemonade” Vinyl

ILDJARN – Ildjarn 2LP (Season Of Mist) *Reissue – Clear Vinyl

THE JESUS & MARY CHAIN – The Edge of a Knife: Live at the U4 Club LP (Dear Boss) *Import

NOAH KAHAN – Stick Season 2LP (Mercury) *Back in stock!

>> THE KLF – Chill Out LP (Jams) *Import, Reissue – Back in stock!

YUSEF LATEEF – Psychicemotus LP (Verve) *180g, Verve By Request Series – Manufactured at Third Man

ADRIENNE LENKER & BUCK MEEK – A-Sides & Besides LP (Saddle Creek) *2014 EPs from BIG THIEF members collected on Maroon Vinyl

DAMIAN LEWIS – Mission Creep LP (Decca)

LINDSTROM – Everyone Else is a Stranger 12″ (Smalltown Supersound)

BOOKER LITTLE – Out Front LP (Candid) *180g, Remastered – Quartet featuring MAX ROACH

LITTLE RICHARD – Complete Atlantic & Reprise Singles LP (Real Gone) *Remastered – Ltd. Ruby Red Vinyl

LOUIS VI – Earthling 2LP (Hiya Self)

MAHALIA – IRL LP (Atlantic)

MASEGO – Lady Lady LP (EQT) *Reissue – Color Vinyl

AVA MAX – Heaven & Hell LP (Atlantic) *Atlantic 75 Reissue – Ltd. Crystal Clear Vinyl

CHARIF MEGARBANE – Marzipan: Habibi Funk 023 LP (Habibi Funk)

IDRIS MUHAMMAD – Black Rhythm Revolution! LP (Jazz Dispensary) *180g, Reissue – Top Shelf Series

LUKAS NELSON & P.O.T.R. – Sticks & Stones LP (Thirty Tigers) *Black or Ltd. Blue & White Vinyl

NIGHT BEATS – Rajan LP (Suicide Squeeze) *180g – Red Clay Colored Vinyl w/ poster

PALEHOUND – Eye On The Bat LP (Polyvinyl) *Transparent Orange Vinyl

RAMMSTEIN – Sehnsucht 2LP (London) *Anniversary Edition

RAMONA LISA – Arcadia LP (Caroline Polachek) *Reissue of Caroline Polachek’s first solo album – Black or Indie Exclusive Color Vinyl

PHILLIP RANELIN & WENDELL HARRISON – A Message From the Tribe LP (Now Again) *Reissue

R.E.M. – Around the Sun 2LP (Craft) *180g, Reissue

R.E.M. – Collapse Into Now LP (Craft) *180g, Reissue

RM – Indigo LP (Big Hit) *White cardboard box packaging – 2022 solo debut from BTS member, now available on Color Vinyl

THE ROLLING STONES – Metamorphosis LP (ABKCO) *180g, 2023 Reissue

RUFUS DU SOL – Bloom 2LP (Sweat It Out) *2023 Repress – Pink & White Vinyl

RUFUS DU SOL – Solace LP (Rose Avenue) *Reissue

PHAROAH SANDERS – Black Unity LP (Verve) *180g, Verve By Request Series – Manufactured at Third Man

SHANKAR FAMILY & FRIENDS – Shankar Family & Friends LP (BMG) *Remastered – Orchid Color Vinyl

SIOUXSIE & THE BANSHEES – From the Cradle Bars: Live at the De Nieuwe Kade LP (Dear Boss) *Import

SOPHIE – L.O.V.E./ Just Like We Never Said Goodbye 12″ (Numbers) *Back in stock!

THE SOUTHERN UNIVERSITY JAZZ ENSEMBLE – Live at the 1971 American College Jazz Festival LP (Now Again) *Reissue

LEON SPENCER – Where I’m Coming From LP (Jazz Dispensary) *180g, Reissue – Top Shelf Series

TEMPLE OF ANGELS – Endless Pursuit LP (Run For Cover) *Cloudy Clear Vinyl

DON TOLLIVER – Love Sick 2LP (Atlantic) *Deluxe Edition – Early 2023 album now available on vinyl

HIKARU UTADA – One Last Kiss 12″ (Milan)

COLTER WALL – Little Songs LP/CD (RCA) *Black or Indie Exclusive Blue Vinyl

WEEDEATER – Jason… The Dragon LP (Season Of Mist) *Reissue – Grey Vinyl, Ltd. 600

WIZ KHALIFA – Multiverse 2LP (Asylum) *2022 album now available on vinyl

XXXTENTACION – Members Only Vol. 3 2LP (Empire) *2017 mixtape back in print on vinyl

>> ZZ TOP – Tres Hombres LP (Warner) *180g, Reissue – Back in stock!

VARIOUS – Coalmine Records Presents: Unearthed 2LP (Coalmine) *Color Vinyl

VARIOUS – Delta Swamp Rock: Sounds From the South 2LP (Soul Jazz) *Ltd. Gold Vinyl

VARIOUS – Horizon: Forbidden West 2LP Box (Sony Classical) *Soundtrack to 2022 video game – 6CD Box or 2LP Color Vinyl versions available

>> VARIOUS – Studio One Women 2LP (Soul Jazz) *Import – Finally back in stock!

**Titles preceded by >> have descriptions available in store or at

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Reckless Records 7/7/23 New Releases

Lifeguard – Crowd Can Talk/ Dressed In Trenches


>> TONY ALLEN & ADRIAN YOUNGE – Jazz Is Dead 18: Tony Allen LP (Jazz Is Dead)

The 18th release in the Jazz is Dead series focuses on some increbile sessions featuring the late, legendary Afrobeat drummer TONY ALLEN. The unmistakable patterns of ALLEN’s drumming had been used quite well working with techno pioneer JEFF MILLS, but these sessions are far less electronic, emphasizing the lush, big-band brass and polyrhythmic funk of FELA KUTI and AFRICA 70. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

>> BEVERLY GLENN-COPELAND – Beverly Copeland LP (Transgressive) *Reissue

Originally released in 1970 in a pressing of just 250 copies that were distributed to CBC radio, this debut album by Beverly Glenn-Copeland (then Beverly Copeland) is finally available again. With some similarities to fellow Canadian Joni Mitchell & other folkies like Odetta & Buffy Sainte-Marie, Copeland’s debut is remarkably strong & still sounds unique & interesting so many years later. RECOMMENDED!

>> PJ HARVEY – I Inside The Old Year Dying LP/CD (Partisan)

Tenth studio album for Peej (and first in seven years) reunites her with long-time collaborators JOHN PARISH and FLOOD for a moody, immersive record with prickly folk arrangments, lush field recordings, meandering melodies and lyrics filled with obscure dialects and turns of phrase. The result is a quintessentially “English” album, moored in narrative concept the same way as RICHARD DAWSON but with the sonic sensibilites of JOSEPHINE FOSTER and a Byron/Keats-esque sense of poetry. RECOMMENDED!

>> LIFEGUARD – Crowd Can Talk/ Dressed in Trenches 12″/CD (Matador) *Standard version or in-store exclusive Black & White alternate cover available ✶ ✶ ✶ ✶

We’re incredibly stoked for the Matador debut of local heatseekers LIFEGUARD, combining 2022’s EP Crowd Can Talk with 5 new cuts on the B side titled Dressed in Trenches. Shades of DINOSAUR JR., PAVEMENT, a bit of JAY REATARD. Be wise and keep your eyes peeled for more. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!


AESPA – My World CD (Warner) *Five versions available with exclusive trading cards while supplies last

AFRICAN HEAD CHARGE – A Trip to Bolgatanga LP (On-U Sound) *Ltd. Edition Glow-in-the-Dark Vinyl

ANOHNI & THE JOHNSONS – My Back Was a Bridge For You to Cross LP (Secretly Canadian) *Black or Ltd. White Vinyl

BETTIE SERVEERT – Palomine LP (Matador) *Reissue, 30th Anniversary – Orange Vinyl w/ “Brain-Tag” 7″

BIG THIEF – Capacity LP (Saddle Creek) *Back in stock!

BLACK SUGAR – Black Sugar II LP (Discos Monterey) *Reissue

BLOOD ORANGE – Angel’s Pulse LP (Domino) *Back in stock!

BLOOD ORANGE – Coastal Grooves LP (Domino) *Back in stock!

BLOOD ORANGE – Cupid Deluxe 2LP (Domino) *Back in stock!

>> BLOOD ORANGE – Freetown Sound 2LP (Domino) *Back in stock!

>> BLOOD ORANGE – Negro Swan 2LP (Domino) *Back in stock!

BODY COUNT – Manslaughter LP (Sumerian) *Cloudy Red or Indie Exclusive Black/Yellow/Silver Splatter Vinyl

APOLLO BROWN & PHILMORE GREENE – The Cost of Living LP (MMG) *Indie Exclusive Red Vinyl ✶ ✶ ✶ ✶

JACKSON BROWNE – Running on Empty LP (Inside) *2023 Reissue

JULIE BYRNE – The Greater Wings LP/CD (Ghostly Int’l) *Black or Sky Blue Color Vinyl

CAAMP – By & By 2LP (Mom & Pop) *Repress – Black & White Vinyl

CAAMP – Lavender Days LP (Mom & Pop) *Repress – Orchid & Tangerine Vinyl

NEKO CASE – Wild Creatures 2LP/CD (Anti-) *Black or Indie Exclusive Eco Mix Color Vinyl

SONNY CLARK – Sonny Clark Trio LP (Blue Note) *180g, Remastered – Tone Poet Series

PHIL COLLINS – No Jacket Required LP (Atlantic) *Reissue w/ updated artwork – Ltd. Clear Vinyl

GUS DAPPERTON – Henge LP (Warner) *Indie Exclusive Apple Red Vinyl

DURAN DURAN – Thanksgiving Live 2LP (Culture Factory) *1997 Ultra Chrome, Latex & Steel Tour – Color Vinyl

BILL EVANS TRIO – Waltz for Debby LP (Craft) *180g, Remastered – OJC Reissue w/ OBI

FIT OF BODY – Far From The Rhythm LP (2MR)

GABRIELS – Angels & Queens LP (Atlantic)

TERI GENDER BENDER – Catspeak 10″ (Clouds Hill) *Recycled Vinyl

TERI GENDER BENDER – Outsiders 10″ (Clouds Hill) *Recycled Vinyl

ANDRE GIBSON & UNIVERSAL TOGETHERNESS BAND – Apart: Demos 1980-1984 LP (Numero Group) *Black or “Alabaster” White Vinyl

GRAVEYARD – Hisingen Blues LP (Nuclear Blast) *Reissue – Yellow Vinyl

GROUPLOVE – I Want It All Right Now LP/CD (Glassnote) *Pink or Indie Exclusive Pink & White Vinyl

HOOTIE & THE BLOWFISH – Cracked Rear View LP (Atlantic) *Reissue – Ltd. Clear Vinyl

ILL BISKITS – Chronicle of Two Losers LP (Real Gone) *Reissue – Coke Bottle Clear Vinyl

INXS – Kick LP (Atlantic) *Reissue – Ltd. Clear Vinyl

JEANINES – Each Day 7″ (Slumberland)

ALEJANDRO JODOROWSKY – El Topo (Soundtrack) LP (ABKCO) *180g, Remastered

KING GIZZARD & THE LIZARD WIZARD – Petrodragonic Apocalypse… 2LP (KGLW) *Recycled Black or Indie Exclusive “Lucky Rainbow” Vinyl

B.B. KING – Blues King’s Best LP (Cleopatra) *Gold Vinyl

KITTIE – Spit LP (MNRK) *180g – Ltd. Silver Vinyl

LIL UZI VERT – Pink Tape CD (Atlantic) *Indie exclusive with trading card while supplies last

LITTLE DRAGON – Slugs of Love LP/CD (Ninja Tune) *Indie Exclusive Orange/Black/Blue Splatter Vinyl

LOCAL NATIVES – Time Will Wait For No One LP/CD (Loma Vista) *Indie Exclusive Yellow Vinyl


>> LUNACY – Universal Pressure 12″ (Dedstrange)

LUSSURIA – Scarlet Locust of These Columns 2LP (Hospital)

DREW MCDOWALL – Lamina 6CD Box (Dais)

HANK MOBLEY – A Caddy for Daddy LP (Blue Note) *180g, Remastered – Tone Poet Series


>> MUTANT BEAT DANCE – No Comfort for Control 3LP (Nation) *Back in stock! ✶ ✶ ✶ ✶

NEU – NEU! 75 LP (Gronland) *Reissue – Back in stock!

ODONIS ODONIS – Icon LP (Felte) *Red Vinyl

OVERKILL – I Hear Black LP (BMG) *Half Speed Remaster – Orange Marble Vinyl

OVERKILL – W.F.O. LP (BMG) *Half Speed Remaster – Clear Marble Vinyl

THE PARTICLES – 1980s Bubblegum (Chapter)

POOL-PAH – The Flasher LP (Real Gone) *Reissue, 50th Anniversary – Ltd. Color Vinyl

PROTOMARTYR – Relatives in Descent LP (Domino) *Back in stock!

RELATIVELY CLEAN RIVERS – Relatively Clean Rivers LP (Cosmic Myth) *Reissue

RUFUS DU SOL – Live From Joshua Tree LP (Reprise) *Black or Ltd. Blue Vinyl

SCREAMING FEMALES – Rose Mountain LP (Don Giovanni) *2023 Repress – Rose Vinyl

SCREAMING FEMALES – Ugly LP (Don Giovanni) *2023 Repress – White Vinyl

ARCHIE SHEPP – There’s a Trumpet in My Soul LP (ORG) *Remastered

ELLIOTT SMITH – Either/Or 2LP (Kill Rock Stars) *Expanded Edition – Back in stock!

>> SONGS: OHIA – Axxess & Ace LP (Secretly Canadian) *Reissue – Back in stock!

TAYLOR SWIFT – Speak Now: Taylor’s Version 3LP/2CD/2CS (Republic) *Violet Marbled or Ltd. Orchid Marbled Vinyl

TANGERINE DREAM – Zeit 2LP (Culture Factory) *Reissue, 50th Anniversary – Gold/Platinum Color Vinyl

KEN VANDERMARK & HAMID DRAKE – Eternal River LP (Corbett vs. Dempsey) ✶ ✶ ✶ ✶

>> WAXAHATCHEE – Cerulean Salt LP (Don Giovanni) *2023 Repress – “Cerulean Blue” Vinyl

THE WEEK THAT WAS – The Week That Was LP (Memphis Industries) *15th Anniversary – Clear Vinyl

WHAM! – Singles: Echoes From the Edge of Heaven 2LP/CD (Sony)

VARIOUS – The Endless Coloured Ways: The Songs of Nick Drake 2LP/CD (Chrysalis) *Black or Grey Color Vinyl w/ 7″

**Titles preceded by >> have descriptions available in store or at

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Reckless Records 6/30/23 New Releases

Arthur Russell – Picture of Bunny Rabbit


>> ALEX G – Live From Union Transfer LP (Domino) *Indie Exclusive Tangerine Vinyl – Ltd. 3500, Hand #’d

Super duper limited live record from ALEX G off of his great album God Save The Animals. This one ain’t on streaming (or even on CD). Hand-numbered and limited to 3,500 copies worldwide. GET IT WHILE YOU CAN.

>> BLACK DUCK – Black Duck LP (Thrill Jockey) *Black or Ltd. Orange Vinyl ✶ ✶ ✶ ✶

This self-titled release marks the debut for this Chicago supergroup trio, consisting of Doug McCombs (TORTOISE, ELEVENTH DREAM DAY, BROKEBACK, PULLMAN), Bill MacKay (collabs with RYLEY WALKER and NATHAN BOWLES among others) and Charles Rumback (also another WALKER collaborator as well as with a number of jazz groups). BLACK DUCK touches on jazz, country, blues and post-rock, emphasizing the trio’s tactile playing and intuitive sense of atmosphere. Like Bob Welch-era FLEETWOOD MAC channeled through the sonics of BARK PSYCHOSIS. On Thrill Jockey and RECOMMENDED!

>> SAM PREKOP & JOHN McENTIRE – Sons of 2LP (Thrill Jockey) *Black or Ltd. Seaglass Vinyl – Limited 2022 CD/CS release now available on LP! ✶ ✶ ✶ ✶

First duo record between THE SEA & CAKE bandmates SAM PREKOP and JOHN McENTIRE presents four sprawling songs centered on modular synth experimentation. This is PREKOP’s most rhythmic solo release to date, but this is certainly not “dance music” per se – moreso a lush atmospheric collage. RECOMMENDED!

>> ARTHUR RUSSELL – Picture of Bunny Rabbit LP/CD (Audika)

It’s hard to believe that there’s still more Arthur Russell material out there to discover but this 2023 collection features 9 previously unreleased tracks. These songs were recorded around the same time as the now classic World of Echo & there are definitely some similarities. Delay & echo experiments with cello, voice, guitar & more that will definitely please fans of Russell’s work. RECOMMENDED.

>> HIROSHI YOSHIMURA – Green LP (Light In The Attic) *Reissue – Green Vinyl

Back in early 2017, we received a reissue of a wonderful early 80’s album by the Japanese musician HIROSHI YOSHIMURA called Music for Nine Postcards & we were entranced. Since then Yoshimura’s music has become more widely known outside of Japan & now the highly anticipated reissue of this excellent 1986 album Green is here. Made on classic Yahama synths of the era, this is a beautiful album of soothing instrumentals that owe as much to 80s new age as they do to TANGERINE DREAM film scores & 20th century minimalism like STEVE REICH. RECOMMENDED!


NICHOLAS ALLBROOK – Manganese LP (Spinning Top) *Orange Vinyl

DOROTHY ASHBY – With Strings Attached 6LP Box (New Land)

THE AVETT BROTHERS – Emotionalism 2LP (Ramseur) *Reissue, RSD Essential – Seaglass Blue Vinyl

AWAKEBUTSTILLINBED – What People Call Low Self-Esteem… LP (Tiny Engines) *2023 Repress – Ltd. Teal Vinyl

RICHARD BAND – Re-Animator (Soundtrack) LP (Waxwork) *Hand Poured Color Vinyl


>> BDRMM – I Don’t Know LP (Rock Action) *Indie Exclusive White Marbled Vinyl

BENNY THE BUTCHER – Pyrex Picasso LP (Black Soprano Family) *Alternate cover – Ltd. 500, Hand #’d

THE BODY – I Shall Die Here/ Earth Triumphant 2LP (RVNG) *Reissue – Black or Ltd. White Vinyl

BODY OF LIGHT – Bitter Reflection LP/CD (Dais) *Ltd. Transparent Light Blue Vinyl

BOY ANONYMOUS – Paris Texas LP (Paris Texas)

>> CAPTAIN PLANET – Sounds Like Home 2LP (Bastard Jazz) *Indie Exclusive Blue Vinyl

>> GRIAN CHATTEN – Chaos for the Fly LP/CD (Partisan) *Black or Ltd. White Vinyl

SANFORD CLARK – They Call Me Country LP (Numero Group) *Blue Vinyl

STEWART COPELAND – Police Deranged for Orchestra LP (BMG) *Now available on Blue Vinyl

CRAVEN FAULTS – Standers 2LP (Leaf)

CRO-MAGS – Best Wishes LP (Astor Place) *Ltd. Clear & Multi-Color Splatter Vinyl

CRO-MAGS – The Age of Quarrel LP (Astor Place) *Black or Ltd. Smoke Cloud Vinyl

CYNIC – Refocus LP (Season of Mist) *30th Anniversary Edition

TRE D’AMBROCIA – Closer/ Love is Gonna Let You Down 7″ (Palmetto Street)

ANGELO DE AUGUSTINE – Toil & Trouble LP/CD (Asthmatic Kitty) *Gold Color Vinyl

DAN DEACON – Hustle (Soundtrack) LP (Netflix) *Original music from 2022 Netflix film starring ADAM SANDLER

DEATH GRIPS – Year of the Snitch LP (Harvest) *Back in stock!

ESTRELLA DEL SOL – Figura De Cristal (Felte) *Baby Pink Vinyl

DINOSAUR JR – Beyond LP (Baked Goods) *15th Anniversary, Ltd. Green & Purple Vinyl w/ 7″ – Back in stock!

DOPE LEMON – Honey Bones 2LP (BMG) *2023 Repress – Yellow Vinyl

DOPE LEMON – Rose Pink Cadillac 2LP (BMG) *2023 Repress – Pink Vinyl

DOPE LEMON – Smooth Big Cat LP (BMG) *Turquoise Blue Vinyl

DRUDKH – Autumn Aurora LP (Season of Mist) *Reissue – Ltd. 600

DRUDKH – Estrangement LP (Season of Mist) *Clear/Black Marble Vinyl

DRUDKH – Swan Road LP (Season of Mist) *Reissue – Ltd. Silver Vinyl

DYSTOPIA – Dystopia LP (Tankcrimes) *Reissue

GHOST – Ceremony & Devotion 2LP (Loma Vista) *Back in stock!

GHOST – If You Have Ghost LP (Loma Vista) *Yellow Vinyl

GHOST – Popestar LP (Loma Vista) *Indie Exclusive Milky Clear Vinyl – Back in stock!

GOGO PENGUIN – V2.0 2LP (Gondwana) *Deluxe Edition – Green Vinyl

GRANDADDY – Sumday LP (Dangerbird) *20th Anniversary – Ltd. White Vinyl

GRANDADDY – Sumday: The Cassette Demos LP (Dangerbird)

GRATEFUL DEAD – History of the Grateful Dead Vol. 1: Bear’s Choice LP (Rhino) *180g, Remastered

GRATEFUL DEAD – Live at RFK Stadium 6/10/73 4CD (Rhino)

GREET DEATH – New Hell LP (Deathwish) *2023 Repress

GYM CLASS HEROES – The Papercut Chronicles 2LP (Fueled By Ramen) *Reissue

ALBERT HAMMOND JR. – Melodies on Hiatus 2LP/CD (Red Bull) *Ltd. Splatter Vinyl

KIERAN HEBDEN & WILLIAM TYLER – Darkness, Darkness 12″ (Psychic Hotline)

ILLUMINATI HOTTIES – Kiss Yr Frenemies LP (Tiny Engines) *2023 Repress – Ltd. Recycled Vinyl

JASON ISBELL & THE 400 UNIT – Here We Rest LP (Southeastern) *Remastered – Back in stock!

ISIS – Oceanic 2LP (Ipecac) *Remastered – Ltd. Clear Vinyl

CHUCK JOHNSON – Music from Burden of Proof LP (All Saints) *Ltd. Silver Vinyl

RAGNAR JOHNSON & JESSICA MAYER – Spirit Cry Flutes & Bamboo Jews Harps from Papa New Guinea: Eastern Highlands & Madang 2LP/CD (Ideologic Organ) *Companion book A New Guinea Journey also available

JANIS JOPLIN & JORMA KAUKONEN – The Legendary Typewriter Tape LP (Omnivore) *Color Vinyl

KAROL G – Mañana Será Bonito 2LP (Universal) *Now available on vinyl

KESHA – Gag Order LP (RCA) *Now available on vinyl

KHANATE – To Be Cruel 2LP/CD (Sacred Bones) *Black or Ltd. White Vinyl

KHRUANGBIN & NUBYA GARCIA – Live at Radio City Music Hall LP (Dead Oceans)

>> KING GEEDORAH (aka MF DOOM) – Take Me to Your Leader 2LP (Big Dada) *Deluxe Edition w/ Anti-Matter 7″

>> JOHN CARROLL KIRBY – Blowout 2LP (Stones Throw)

KAYO KONISHI & YUKIO KONDON – Elfen Lied (Soundtrack) LP (Tiger Lab) *Clear Vinyl

LAIBACH – Iron Sky: The Coming Race (Soundtrack) LP (Mute)

LOMA PRIETA – Last LP (Deathwish) *Black or Indie Exclusive Color Vinyl

LOS AMIGOS INVISIBLES – The New Sound of the Venezuelan Gozadera 2LP (Luaka Bop) *25th Anniversary – Color Vinyl

LOW – C’mon LP (Sub Pop) *Back in stock!

HENRY MANFREDINI – Friday The 13th Part V: A New Beginning (Soundtrack) 2LP (Waxwork) *180g – Color Vinyl

HENRY MANFREDINI – Friday The 13th Part VI: Jason Lives (Soundtrack) 2LP (Waxwork) *180g – Color Vinyl

HENRY MANFREDINI – Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter (Soundtrack) 2LP (Waxwork) *180g – Color Vinyl

CLIFF MARTINEZ – Touch of Crude (Soundtrack) LP (Milan) *Original music from Nicolas Winding Refn’s Prada Spring Summer 2023 short film

>> MODERN COSMOLOGY – What Will You Grow Now? LP/CD (Duophonic)

JANELLE MONÁE – The Electric Lady 2LP (Atlantic) *Reissue – Clear Vinyl

OPTIKI MOUSIKI – Tomos 2 LP (Heat Crimes)

MEG MYERS – Tzia LP (Sumerian) *Color Vinyl

NAS – King’s Disease III 2LP/CD (Mass Appeal) *Black or Ltd. Color Vinyl – 2022 album now available on LP & CD


OINGO BOINGO – Nothing to Fear LP (A&M) *Green & Black Smoke Vinyl – Back in stock!

PARIS TEXAS – Boy Anonymous LP (Paris Texas)

>> HAYDEN PEDIGO – The Happiest Times I Ever Ignored LP (Mexican Summer) *Black or Indie Exclusive Radioactive Green Vinyl

PHISH – Farmhouse 2LP (Jemp) *180g, Remastered – Ltd. “Northern Lights” Color Vinyl

PIGEON – Backslider 12″ (Soundway)

JD PINKUS & TALL TALL TREES – Ponder Machine LP (Shimmy Disc)

A PLACE TO BURY STRANGERS – Live at Levitation LP (Reverberation Appreciation Society) *Indie Exclusive Color Vinyl

PORTUGAL. THE MAN – Evil Friends LP (Atlantic) *Reissue

>> BRIGID MAE POWER – Dream from the Deep Well LP (Fire)

POWER TRIP – Live in Seattle 5/28/2018 LP/CD (Southern Lord) *Black, Transparent Green, Transparent Purple, or Cloudy Clear Vinyl Nightmare Logic LP also back in stock at WP!

PUSCIFER – C is for… LP (BMG) *Opaque Gold Vinyl

PUSCIFER – V is for Vagina 2LP (BMG) *Reissue – Exclusive Ltd. Blue w/ Black Smoke Vinyl

>> THE REDS, PINKS & PURPLES – The Town That Cursed Your Name LP (Slumberland) *Blue Vinyl

SIX FINGER SATELLITE – The Pigeon is the Most Popular Bird 2LP (Sub Pop) *Remastered – Loser Edition Color Vinyl

SLY & THE FAMILY STONE – Fresh LP (Epic) *50th Anniversary, RSD Essential – Neon Orange Vinyl

>> SPIRIT OF THE BEEHIVE – Hypnic Jerks LP (Tiny Engines) *2023 Repress – Ltd. Pink Vinyl

SPIRIT OF THE BEEHIVE – Pleasure Suck LP (Tiny Engines) *2023 Repress – Ltd. Orange Vinyl

STEADY HANDS – Cheap Fiction LP (Lame-O) *Electric Blue Vinyl

RONALD STEIN – Spider Baby (Soundtrack) LP (Waxwork) *Blue/Green Marble Vinyl

JOANNA STERNBERG – I’ve Got Me LP/CD (Fat Possum) *Black or Indie Exclusive Color Vinyl

THE STOMACHMOUTHS – Speed Freak LP (Busy Bee Productions)

>> SUN RA – The Space Age is Here to Stay 2LP (Modern Harmonic)

SWANS – The Beggar 2LP/2CD (Young God)

TSJUDER – Helvegr LP (Season of Mist) *Ltd. 1000

THE WAR ON DRUGS – Wagonwheel Blues LP (Secretly Canadian) *Back in stock!

WILD PINK – Yolk in the Fur 2LP (Tiny Engines) *2023 Repress – Ltd. Teal Vinyl

LUCINDA WILLIAMS – Stories from a Rock N Roll Heart LP/CD (Thirty Tigers) *Black or Indie Exclusive Blue Vinyl

WOLF EYES – Wolf Eyes w/ Spykes LP (Wolf Eyes)

WOO – Into the Heart of Love 2LP (Palto Flats)

MITCHUM YACOUB – Living High in the Brass Empire LP (All-Town Sound) *Black or Ltd. Orange Iris Vinyl

>> HIROSHI YOSHIMURA – Music for Nine Postcards LP (Empire of Signs) *Reissue, Ltd. Color Vinyl – Back in stock!

FRANK ZAPPA – Funky Nothingness LP/CD (Zappa)

VARIOUS – Cabinet of Curiosities (Soundtrack) 2LP (Lakeshore) *Gold Vinyl – Music from Guillermo Del Toro’s Netflix series

VARIOUS – L80s: So Unusual LP (Numero Group) *Denim Pocket Cover – Black or Lipstick Red Vinyl

VARIOUS – Something Weird Greatest Hits 2LP (Modern Harmonic) *Ltd. Pink Vinyl

VARIOUS – Taang! Records: The First Ten Singles LP (Taang)

**Titles preceded by >> have descriptions available in store or at

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Reckless Records 6/23/23 New Releases

Wye Oak – Every Day Like The Last


>> JONNY BENAVIDEZ – My Echo, Shadow & Me LP (Timmion) *Black or Ltd. Pink Vinyl

This debut album from New York’s JONNY BENAVIDEZ makes good use of Timmion’s house backing band COLD DIAMOND & MINK, with hazy, nostalgic production on songs that recall classic doo-wop and early soul in the FLAMINGOS vein. RECOMMENDED!

>> GEESE – 3D Country LP (Partisan) *Black or Ltd. Clear Vinyl

This sophomore record from Brooklyn’s GEESE takes a more laid-back approach from their debut, toning down their angular post-punk hooks with jammy, summertime songs that seem to chase the sound of mid/late-70s ROLLING STONES. On Partisan & RECOMMENDED!

>> TIM HECKER – No Highs 2LP (Kranky)

Tim Hecker returns after a 4 year absence with No Highs for Kranky. Hecker is a master of deep frequencies & tones & on this one he uses acoustic instruments like Colin Stetson’s cyclical sax patterns, steel guitar, french horn & bass clarinet along with his laptop manipulations to create a rich realm. Ambient music is in a weird spot in 2023 & Hecker still comes out on top. RECOMMENDED!

>> JOHANNA SAMUELS – Bystander LP (Jealous Butcher) *Orange Vinyl

Tactile indie-folk from LA’s JOHANNA SAMUELS, who here partners with producer Josh Kaufman (who’s worked with CASSANDRA JENKINS and THE HOLD STEADY, as well as being in BONNY LIGHT HORSEMAN) for a similar sound that is both textured and free-wheeling, with SAMUELS’ simple, evocative songwriting front and center. RECOMMENDED!

>> WYE OAK – Every Day Like The Last: Collected Singles 2019-2023 LP/CD (Merge) *”Peak Vinyl Edition” Ltd. Swirl Vinyl

The latest collection from long-running indie band WYE OAK compiles digital singles from the past four years as well as a trio of new songs, all showcasing a more folk-driven approach to the gauzy, thorny rock the duo has perfected over the last 15 years. Good stuff! RECOMMENDED!


HANNAH ALDRIDGE – Dream of America LP (Icons Create Evil Art)

RALPH ALESSI – It’s Always Now LP (ECM)

AHMED BEN ALI – Subhana LP (Habibi Funk)

AMERICAN AQUARIUM – Things Change LP (New West)

ATIVIN – Austere LP (Joyful Noise) *Color Vinyl

>> BEACH HOUSE – 7 LP (Sub Pop) *Back in stock!

6LACK (aka BLACK) – Since I Have a Lover 2LP (LVRN) *Pink Vinyl – Early 2023 album now available

GARY BURTON – New Quartet LP (ECM) *Reissue – ECM Luminescence Series

>> CABLE TIES – All Her Plans LP (Merge) *Black or “Peak Vinyl Edition” Ltd. Metallic Ice Queen Vinyl

THE CAT & BELLS CLUB – The Cat & Bells Club LP (Blank Forms)

DON CHERRY, DEWEY REDMAN, CHARLIE HADEN & ED BLACKWELL – Old & New Dreams LP (ECM) *Reissue – ECM Luminescence Series

CHROME – 3rd From the Sun LP (Cleopatra) *Reissue – Ltd. Red/Blue Starburst Vinyl

KELLY CLARKSON – Chemistry LP (Atlantic)

>> COME – Near-Life Experience LP (Fire) *Reissue – Ltd. Pink Vinyl

STEWART COPELAND – Police Deranged for Orchestra LP (BMG)

CREOLE & CHINAFRICA – Journey From Creation 1975-1985 2LP (Export Bond)

D’ANGELO – Brown Sugar 2LP (Virgin) *2015 Reissue, White Vinyl – Classic FINALLY back in stock!

THE DREAM SYNDICATE – Days of Wine & Roses 2LP (Fire) *40th Anniversary – Remastered w/ Bonus 12″

CLEVELAND EATON – Half & Half LP (Light In The Attic) *Import, Reissue

EIAFUAWN – Birds in the Ground LP (Numero Group) *Clay Parton from DUSTER – Black or Bee Yellow Vinyl

BRIAN ENO – Ambient 4: On Land LP (Astralwerks) *Reissue – Back in stock!

BRIAN ENO – Taking Tiger Mountain (by Strategy) LP (Astralwerks) *Remastered – Back in stock!

ENYA – A Box of Dreams 3LP Box (Warner)

ESOTERIC – Burrito Beats LP (Fly Casual)

FATLIP & BLU – Live From the End of the World LP (Nature Sounds)

>> FOALS – Antidotes LP (Sub Pop) *Back in stock!

>> MARTIN FRAWLEY – The Wannabe LP (Trouble In Mind) *Black or Baby Blue Vinyl

JOE GITTLEMAN/ BAD OPERATION – Wavebreaker #4 (Split) LP (Bad Time Records)

>> GRAVY TRAIN!!!! – Hello Doctor LP (Kill Rock Stars) *20th Anniversary, Remastered – Color Vinyl w/ bonus 7″

TOMMY GUERRERO – Soul Food Taqueria 2LP (Be With) *Import, Reissue

CORY HANSON – Western Cum LP/CD/CS (Drag City)

JOE HISAISHI – Castle in the Sky/ Howl’s Moving Castle/ Kiki’s Delivery Service/ My Neighbor Totoro/ Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind/ Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea/ Porco Rosso/ Princess Mononoke/ Spirited Away/ Tale of the Princess Kaguya/ The Wind Rises (Soundtracks) LPs (Studio Ghibli) *Japanese imports each sold separately – Color Vinyl w/ OBI **Selling out fast so call store to check for availability!**

BILLIE HOLIDAY – Songs for Distingue Lovers LP (Verve) *180g, Remastered – Acoustic Sounds Series

JOHN LEE HOOKER – Alone: Live at Hunter College 1976 2LP (BMG) *180g

THE JERKY BOYS – The Jerky Boys LP (Select)

KEHLANI – Cloud 19 12″ (Atlantic)

KING GIZZARD & THE LIZARD WIZARD – Infest the Rats Nest: Red Rocks 2022 LP (We Are Busy Bodies) *Ltd. Glow-in-the-Dark Green Vinyl

KING GIZZARD & THE LIZARD WIZARD – Live in Adelaide 2019 3LP (Fuzz Club) *180g – Color Vinyl

KING GIZZARD & THE LIZARD WIZARD – Live in London 2019 3LP (Fuzz Club) *180g – Color Vinyl

KING GIZZARD & THE LIZARD WIZARD – Murder of the Universe: Red Rocks 2022 LP (We Are Busy Bodies) *Ltd. White Sparkle Vinyl w/ puzzle

FELA KUTI – Gentlemen LP (Knitting Factory) *50th Anniversary – Ltd. “Igbo Smoke” Vinyl

GRAHAM LAMBKIN – Aphorisms 2LP (Blank Forms)

HECTOR LAVOE – La Voz LP (Craft) *180g, Remastered

LITTLE FEAT – Sailin Shoes 3LP (Warner) *Deluxe Edition – Remastered w/ bonus tracks & live show

JENNIFER LOPEZ – On the 6 2LP (Legacy) *Reissue

LUNICE – Open LP (Lucky Me) *Blue Vinyl

LUSTMORD & AETHEK – Scorn 2LP (Ebb Software) *Soundtrack to 2022 video game

LUTALO – Once Now, Then Again LP (Winspear)

MICHIO MAMIYA – Grave of the Fireflies (Soundtrack) LP (Studio Ghibli) *Japanese import – Color Vinyl w/ OBI

WALTER MARTIN – The World at Night LP (Family Jukebox)

CHARLES MINGUS – Changes: Complete 70s Atlantic Studio Recordings LP/CD (Atlantic) *8LP or 7CD Box

MODERN JAZZ QUARTET – The Montreux Years 2LP (BMG) *180g

THE MUSIC MACHINE – (Turn on) The Music Machine LP (Craft) *Remastered


WILLIE NELSON – The Great Divide LP (Lost Highway) *180g, Reissue

CHITRA NEOGY – The Perfumed Garden: A Hymn to Love LP (Modern Harmonic) *Deluxe Box – Remastered w/ book

NO JOY – Wait to Pleasure LP (Mexican Summer) *10th Anniversary – w/ bonus tracks

OCEAN – Holocene – Instrumental LP (Pelagic) *Blue Vinyl

ODIE – Analogue LP (Empire) *2023 Repress – Sky Blue Vinyl

JIM O’ROURKE – The Visitor LP (Drag City) *Back in stock!

BOBBY OROZA & EL MICHELS AFFAIR – Whatcha Know 7″ (Big Crown)

ANDERSON PAAK – Malibu 2LP (Empire) w/ poster – Back in stock!

PARAMORE – Paramore 2LP (Fueled By Ramen) *Back in stock!

PARDONER – Peace Loving People LP (Bar None)

LIZ PHAIR – Whip-Smart LP (Capitol) *Reissue – Back in stock! ✶ ✶ ✶ ✶

THE PHASE PROBLEM – The Phase Problem LP (Brassneck)

PIXIES – Wave of Mutilation: Best of Pixies LP (4AD) *Back in stock!

PORTUGAL. THE MAN – Chris Black Changed My Life LP/CD (Atlantic) *Black or Ltd. Clear Vinyl

MARGO PRICE – That’s How Rumors Get Started LP (Loma Vista) *2020 album now available on indie Exclusive Pink Vinyl

FLORENCE PUGH – A Good Person 10″ (Mercury) *2 tracks from the 2023 film

SONNY ROLLINS – Go West! Contemporary Record Albums LP/CD (Craft) *Remastered – 3LP or 3CD Box

THE ROOF DOGS – Here You Are LP (Earth Libraries) ✶ ✶ ✶ ✶


SCORPIONS – Fly to the Rainbow LP (BMG) *180g, Remastered – Ltd. Color Vinyl

SCORPIONS – In Trance LP (BMG) *180g, Remastered – Ltd. Color Vinyl

SCORPIONS – Taken By Force LP (BMG) *180g, Remastered – Ltd. Color Vinyl

SCORPIONS – Virgin Killer LP (BMG) *180g, Remastered – Ltd. Color Vinyl

SEBADOH – Bakesale LP (Sub Pop) *Reissue w/ bonus tracks – Back in stock!

TY SEGALL & EMMETT KELLY – Live at Worship LP (Drag City)

SEVERED HEADS – Bad Mood Guy 2LP (Futurismo) *Import, Deluxe Edition – “Fleabitten Rash” or “Jetlag Metal” Color Vinyl

SOUTHERN UNIVERSITY JAZZ ENSEMBLE – Goes to Africa With Love 2LP (Now Again) *Remastered w/ bonus tracks & book

SUPERVIOLET – Infinite Spring LP (Lame-O) *Sunset Swirl Color Vinyl

TALKING HEADS – Remain in Light LP (Rhino) *180g, Reissue – Back in stock!

PETE TOWNSHEND – Empty Glass LP (Universal) *Half-Speed Master

PETE TOWNSHEND & RONNIE LANE – Rough Mix LP (Universal) *Half-Speed Master

MCCOY TYNER – The Montreux Years 2LP/CD (BMG) *180g

UNEARTH – The Wretched, The Ruinous LP (Century Media) *180g – Glow-in-the-Dark Color Vinyl

>> VAMPIRE WEEKEND – Vampire Weekend LP (XL) *Back in stock!

THE WATSON TWINS – Holler LP (Bloodshot) *Indie Exclusive Violet Vinyl

YAKUZA – Sutra 2LP (Svart) *Now available on Black Vinyl ✶ ✶ ✶ ✶

VARIOUS – Jackpot Plays PINBALL Vol. 1 LP (Jackpot) *Color Vinyl

VARIOUS – Jackpot Plays PINBALL Vol. 2 LP (Jackpot) *Color Vinyl

**Titles preceded by >> have descriptions available in store or at

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Reckless Records 6/16/23 New Releases

Fred again… & Brian Eno – Secret Life


>> GREG FOAT & GIGI MASIN – Dolphin LP (Strut)

Awesome collab between UK jazz keyboardist GREG FOAT and legendary Italian ambient composer GIGI MASIN. Some third streamish spaciousness that reminds us of the FLOATING POINTS / PHAROAH SANDERS record from a few years ago, along with the rhythmic thrust of the self-titled RESAVOIR record. RECOMMENDED!

>> FRED AGAIN… & BRIAN ENO – Secret Life LP/CD (Text) *Early 2023 album now available

2023 collab (and hopefully the first of many) between red hot producer FRED AGAIN… and his mentor, the icon BRIAN ENO. Secret Life tends to lean more towards Eno’s classic ambient sound than the preferred rave/house sound of Fred again…’s solo LPs, with varied samples & ethereal vox that fans of BURIAL, JAMES BLAKE, and THE XX oughta vibe with heavy. Released on FOUR TET’s Text Records and HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

>> DANNY PAUL GRODY – Arc of Day LP (Three Lobed)

Excellent, acoustic guitar-centered pastoral Americana from DANNY PAUL GRODY, evoking the music of Windham Hill artists like WILLIAM ACKERMAN and ALEX DE GRASSI as well as classic ambient in the vein of HAROLD BUDD and ENO. Lovely music! RECOMMENDED.

>> HEAVENLY – Le Jardin de Heavenly LP (Skep Wax) *Reissue w/ 7″ booklet

Essential reissue of HEAVENLY’s sophomore record which presages BELLE & SEBASTIAN’s twee, sentimental lilt while still keeping up a raucous power pop edge. A Sarah Records classic which comes HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

>> JABEE – Am I Good Enough 2LP (Clerestory AV)

You might not have heard JABEE’s name, but the MC is an underground legend. OKC’s not a place with a long history of great rap music, but Jabee’s prolific output means that he has a long reach. Here on this compilation of 4 EPs worth of excellent rhymes & beats, Jabee calls in assistance from Producers like HAVOC (Mobb Deep) & MCs like BLU & BOLDY JAMES… RECOMMENDED.


GRACIE ABRAMS – Good Riddance 2LP (Interscope) *Deluxe Edition – Black or Ltd. Clear Vinyl

THE ALARM – Forwards LP (Twenty First Century) *White Vinyl

ALICI – Frutas/ Can’t Keep My Plants Alive 7″ (Eraserhood) *Bubblegum Pink Vinyl

ARKELLS – Blink Twice LP (Virgin)


BAILEY’S NERVOUS KATS – Nervous Kats LP (Numero Group) *Ltd. Splatter Vinyl

BATHS – Ocean Death 12″ (Anticon) *2023 Repress

ROGER BEKONO – Roger Bekono CS (Awesome Tapes From Africa)

BELL ORCHESTRE – Who Designs Natures How? LP (Erased Tapes) *Reissue

BENNY THE BUTCHER – The Plugs I Met II LP (Griselda) *Burgundy Vinyl

THE BETHS – Warm Blood 12″ (Carpark) *Now available on Ltd. Light Blue Vinyl

BONNY DOON – Let There Be Music LP/CD (Anti-)

BORIS & UNIFORM – Bright New Disease LP/CD (Sacred Bones) *Indie Exclusive Red Vinyl

BRIGHT EYES – Casadaga 2LP (Dead Oceans) *Ltd. Yellow Vinyl – A Companion also available (sold separately) on Gold Vinyl

BRIGHT EYES – Noise Floor: Rarities 1998-2005 LP (Dead Oceans) *Reissue – Ltd. Gold Vinyl or 2LP Ltd. Champagne Wave Vinyl

BRIGHT EYES – The People’s Key LP (Dead Oceans) *Ltd. Tangerine Vinyl – A Companion also available (sold separately) on Gold Vinyl


THE CHAMELEONS – Script of the Bridge 2LP (Blue Apple) *Remastered – Ltd. Color Vinyl

SHEILA CHANDRA – ABoneCroneDrone/ Weaving My Ancestors’ Voices/ Zen Kiss LPs (Real World) *Reissues

COLDPLAY – Prospekt’s March 12″ (Parlophone) *2023 Reissue

J. COLE – Born Sinner 2LP (Dreamville) *10th Anniversary Edition

GUILHERME COUTINHO – Guilherme Coutinho e o Grupo Stalo LP (Mr. Bongo) *Import – Reissue

CREEPING DEATH – Boundless Domain LP (MNRK) *180g – Clear Vinyl

DEER TICK – Emotional Contract LP (ATO)

MAC DEMARCO – Five Easy Hot Dogs LP (Mac’s Record Label) *Early 2023 album now available on vinyl

>> MARCEL DETTMANN – Electric Drive 12″ (fabric)

DINNER PARTY – Enigmatic Society CD (Empire)

DINOSAUR JR – Bug LP (Jagjaguwar) *2011 Reissue – Classic FINALLY back in stock!

DJANGO DJANGO – Off Planets: Parts 1-4 2LP (Because)

DRIVE-BY TRUCKERS – The Complete Dirty South 2LP (New West) *Ltd. “Reposado” Marbled Vinyl w/ book

BRIAN ENO – Ambient 1: Music for Airports LP (Astralwerks) *Reissue – Back in stock!

THE FLAMING LIPS – Hypnotist LP (Warner) *20th Anniversary – Pink Vinyl

FRIENDKERREK – Geology LP (Grilchy Party)

>> MORT GARSON – Mother Earth’s Plantasia LP (Sacred Bones) *Black or Ltd. Green Vinyl – Back in stock!

SAM GENDEL – Fresh Bread LP (Leaving)

NICO GEORIS – Cloud Suites CS (Leaving)

ROBERT GLASPER – In My Element 2LP (Blue Note) *180g, Remastered – Blue Note Classic Vinyl Series

GOV’T MULE – Peace… Like a River 2LP (Fantasy)

TOSHIYUKI HONDA – Burnin’ Waves LP (Electric Bird)

NATALIE IMBRUGLIA – Left of the Middle LP (Legacy) *Reissue

J DILLA – Ruff Draft: Dilla’s Mix LP (Pay Jay)

NOAH KAHAN – Stick Season 2LP (Mercury) *Ltd. Indie Exclusive tote bags available with purchase while supplies last

KILL LINCOLN – You Were There LP (Bad Time Records) *Ltd. Cyan Vinyl

KING GIZZARD & THE LIZARD WIZARD – Ice, Death, Planets, Lungs, Mushrooms & Lava 2LP (KGLW) *Lucky Rainbow Vinyl

RUTH KOLEVA – R U T H LP (Flatline Collective) *10th Anniversary

KOOL KEITH – Black Elvis 2 CD (Mello Music Group)

KRAAK & SMAAK – Twenty 2LP (Jalapeno Records)

>> LABLUE & ASTRONNE – Blue Phases LP (Roche)

LIL KIM – Hardcore 2LP (Big Beat) *Reissue – Ltd. “Champagne on Ice” Vinyl

MIKE LINDSAY & KATHERINE PRIDDY – Endless Coloured Ways: Songs of Nick Drake 7″ (Blue Raincoat)

LOGIC – College Park 2LP (Three Oh One) *Black or Ltd. White Vinyl

LYDIA LOVELESS – Daughter LP (Blooshot) *2023 Repress – Pink Vinyl

MACKJUNT. – Lowriding Singles Vol. 2 CS (Siccness)

MADLIB – Shades of Blue 2LP (Blue Note) *180g, Remastered – Blue Note Classic Vinyl Series

>> MADLIB & FRANK NITT – Madlib Medicine Show #9: Channel 86 Presents Nittyville 3LP (Madlib) *Back in stock!

ANN-MARGRET – Born to be Wild LP (Cleopatra) *Ltd. Splatter Vinyl, available in Green/Gold or Purple/Green/Black variants

MASTER DANSE – Feelin’ Dead LP (Riding Easy)

MONOPHONICS/ KELLY FINNIGAN – Love You Better/ Shape of My Teardrops 7″ (Colemine) *White Vinyl

MOTÖRHEAD – Live at Montreux Jazz Festival 2007: We Play Rock ‘n’ Roll 2LP/CD (BMG) *Remastered

MESHELL NDEGEOCELLO – The Omnichord Real Book 2LP (Blue Note)

NORMAL NADA THE KRAKMAXTER – Tribal Progressive Heavy Metal LP (Nyege Nyege Tapes)

OFF WITH THEIR HEADS – All Things Move Toward Their End LP (Anxious & Angry)

THE OFFSPRING – Rise & Fall, Rage & Grace LP (Round HIll) *15th Anniversary – Ltd. Edition w/ 7″

OH NO – Good Vibes, Bad Vibes LP/CD (Nature Sounds)

ONSLAUGHT – Power From Hell LP (HR Records) *Reissue – Ltd. Picture Disc

ALAN PARKER & ALAN HAWKSHA – Black Pearl LP (Music De Wolfe)

PELICANMAN – Planet Chernobyl LP (ORG) *New project from MIKE WATT & PETRA HADEN – Ltd. Blue Marbled Vinyl

PET SHOP BOYS – Smash: The Singles 1985-2020 LP/CD (Parlophone) *6LP Box or 3CD set w/ 2 Blu-rays

THE POISON ARROWS – Crime & Soda LP (Solid Brass) *Ltd. Blue Vinyl ✶ ✶ ✶ ✶

PRODIGY (of MOBB DEEP) – Return of the Mac (Get On Down) *RSD 2022 Pressing – Back in stock!

QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE – In Times New Roman… 2LP/CD (Matador) *Black, Ltd. Green, Ltd. Red, Ltd. Silver, or Ltd. Translucent Blue Vinyl (Selling fast – call store for availability)

RAE SREMMURD – Sremm 4 Life LP (Interscope) *Early 2023 album now available on vinyl

RANSOM – Pain & Glory LP (TCF)

RANSOM & VDON – Chaos is My Ladder CD (Serious Soundz)

RZA – Ghost Dog: Way of the Samurai (Soundtrack) LP (36 Chambers) *Back in stock!

SADHUGOLD – Golden Joe Vol. 2 LP (Nature Sounds)

EMELI SANDE & JOHN GRANT – Endless Coloured Ways: Songs of Nick Drake 7″ (Chrysalis)

SAY SHE SAY – Reeling 7″ (Karma Chief) *Green Vinyl

SILVER CAR CRASH – Shattered Shine LP (Crafted Sounds)

ALLEN STONE – Building Balance LP (ATO) *Ltd. Color Vinyl

ALLEN STONE – Radius 2LP (ATO) *Ltd. Coke Bottle Clear Vinyl

JANAKA STUCKY – Ascend Ascend 2LP (Neurot)

SUNSET RUBDOWN – Snake’s Got a Leg LP (Pronounced Kroog)

>> TELEFON TEL AVIV – Dreams Are Not Enough LP (Ghostly Int’l) *Back in stock!

CHRISSY ZEBBY TEMPO & NGOZI FAMILY – My Ancestors LP (Mississippi) *Reissue

38 SPESH – 7 Shots LP (TCF) *Neon Green or Neon Violet Vinyl

THRICE – The Artist in the Ambulance: Revisited LP (Many Hats Dist.) *Clear Vinyl – Ltd. 6000

UNWOUND – Challenge for a Civilized Society LP (Numero Group) *Reissue – Back in stock!

>> ARTHUR VEROCAI – Timeless: Arthur Verocai 2LP (Mochilla) *Back in stock!

LEROY VINNEGAR SEXTET – Leroy Walks! LP (Craft) *180g, Remastered – Acoustic Sounds Series

MIKE WATT – Hyphenated-man LP (ORG) *Ltd. Swirl Vinyl

WILLIE THE KID & VDON – Blue Notes II CD (Serious Soundz)

YOURS ARE THE ONLY EARS – We Know The Sky LP (Lame-O) *Ltd. Color Vinyl

YUSUF/ CAT STEVENS – King of a Land LP (BMG) *Deluxe Edition – Ltd. Green Vinyl

**Titles preceded by >> have descriptions available in store or at

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Reckless Records 6/9/23 New Releases

King Krule – Space Heavy


>> BELL WITCH – Future’s Shadow Part 1: Clandestine Gate 2LP/CD (Profound Lore) *Ltd. Purple Vinyl

BELL WITCH returns with Future’s Shadow: Part 1 Clandestine Gate the first part of a proposed three album trilogy. The album starts off with a mellow organ passage that sounds like a funeral dirge.Guitars slowly fade in & the piece finally fully arrives at the 9 minute mark. If you thought Mirror Reaper was a slow burn wait until you throw this one on. All of the elements that we know & love about BELL WITCH are here, slow as molasses doom, epic patience & willingness to let the chords breathe & REVERENCE FOR THE DOOM. RECOMMENDED.

>> DECISIVE PINK – Ticket to Fame LP (Fire) *Ltd. Pink Vinyl

An exciting collaborative project between KATE NV and ANGEL DERADOORIAN, channeling the former’s forays into experimental pop and the latter’s penchant for ambient atmospherics. Angular, disarming, playfully abstract, and RECOMMENDED.

>> FEEBLE LITTLE HORSE – Girl With Fish LP/CD/CS (Saddle Creek) *Pink Vinyl or Indie Exclusive Grey Galaxy Vinyl

Following hot off the heels of Saddle Creek’s Hayday vinyl reissue, FEEBLE LITTLE HORSE’s sophomore record keeps up the gauzy, off-kilter approach found in self recording. Girl with Fish is filled with confident, dynamic songwriting that draws from shoegaze and noise pop, all with a playful attitude that pops up in turns of phrase and home studio tricks. For fans of: ALEX G, LIZ PHAIR, HORSEGIRL. RECOMMENDED!

>> JAYDA G – Guy LP (Ninja Tune) *Ltd. Eco-Mix Vinyl – Signed Edition available while supplies last

The latest record from London-based JAYDA G is a rich mixture of house, R&B and disco, with her own voice brought more to the forefront. A tribute to her father and his experiences as a black man in 20th century America, this should appeal to fans of YAYA BEY, PEGGY GOU and AVALON EMERSON. RECOMMENDED.

>> KING KRULE – Space Heavy LP/CD (Matador) *Black or Indie Exclusive Clear Vinyl

This fourth album for Archy Marshall as KING KRULE seems to catch him drifting over his signature hazy, swamped-up sound, breaking up the guitar distortion and general reverb with more, well, space. Marshall utilizes space perfectly here, creating uncluttered, rich atmospheres with synth pads and minimal band arrangements, bringing both his bittersweet melodies and wry lyricism to the forefront. The most mature release of his to date. Excellent stuff! RECOMMENDED!

>> JENNY LEWIS – Joy’All LP/CD/CS (Blue Note) *Black or Indie Exclusive Green Vinyl

JENNY LEWIS returns with her first album since 2019’s great On The Line. Recorded with producer DAVE COBB and a crack team of Nashville session musicians (plus special guest JON BRION), Joy’All is full of quirky, soulful country pop. that’ll hit the same pleasure center in your brain as classic FLEETWOOD MAC, DIANA ROSS, and even – stick with us here – JIMMY BUFFETT. On Blue Note and, as always with anything Jenny touches, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

>> MAG-AMPLITUDE – Wizards of Tomorrow LP (Zaius Tapes)

Zaius Tapes has dug up a really interesting nugget, this time a 1983 LP that was released in a pressing of just 100. Led by the blind guitarist Matt Muncil, MAG-AMPLITUDE’s sound sits somewhere between post-STOOGES proto-punk, outsider early noise like THE GODZ, lo-fi basement jams like WICKED LADY & some guitar playing that remind us of THE WIPERS’ Greg Sage. RECOMMENDED.

>> RUPA – Disco Jazz LP (Numero Group) *Reissue – Ltd. “Disco Rainbow” Color Vinyl

Is this disco? Well, maybe. Is this jazz? Dear god no. Numero graces us with a much needed reissue of this rare pop fusion record, one that evades categorization. The closest genres would be funk or boogie. Either way this record makes you move. K I L L E R grooves with traditional Indian instrumentation, and sultry Bengali vocals. What more do I need to say? C’mon, it’s disco-jazz. It’s DISCO JAZZ. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

>> SQUID – O Monolith LP/CD (Warp) *Black or Ltd. Blue Vinyl

No sophomore slump for Bristol’s SQUID, who build upon their motorik anglo-kraut-pop debut with more daring approaches to studio production that embrace electro- acoustic fusion in the BECK vein as well as robust prog passages that remind us of contemporaries BLACK COUNTRY, NEW ROAD. This outward expansion of sound is tied together on O Monolith with a stronger focus on melody, providing structure to the rhythmic exercises and production forays found all over. On Warp and VERY RECOMMENDED.

>> TEARS FOR FEARS – The Hurting LP (Mercury) *2023 Reissue – Half-Speed Master

TEARS FOR FEARS’ incredible debut album from 1983 has long been overshadowed by its follow-up Songs from the Big Chair. Back in 2002 a cover of “Mad World” from The Hurting was featured on the Donnie Darko soundtrack & it became a bit of a hit. Slowly people began to realize it was a cover & The Hurting started to come back to life. This album is incredibly mature for a debut, and though some of the songs might seem a bit dramatic & even ’emo’ today, their blend of electronics & traditional rock instrumentation still sounds incredibly fresh in 2023. This album is much darker than Songs From the Big Chair and it kind of sounds like a mix of early CURE, DEPECHE MODE, OMD & ULTRAVOX. Do yourself a favor & check out this album if you don’t know it already – it’s a true classic. 2023 half-speed remaster made at Abbey Road! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


ALCEST – Les Voyages de L’ame LP (Prophecy) *Ltd. Picture Disc

ALKALINE TRIO – Crimson 10″ (Vagrant) *Double 10″ Reissue – Vagrant 25th Anniversary ✶ ✶ ✶ ✶

ALKALINE TRIO – Good Mourning 10″ (Vagrant) *Double 10″ Reissue – Vagrant 25th Anniversary ✶ ✶ ✶ ✶

ALL TIME LOW – Nothing Personal LP (Hopeless) *Reissue – Ltd. Color Vinyl

>> ANIMAL COLLECTIVE – Spirit They’re Gone, Spirit They’ve Vanished 3LP (Domino) *Remastered – Now available on Ltd. Blue Vinyl (as well as Black Vinyl & Ltd. Green Vinyl)

ALBERT AYLER – In Greenwich Village LP (Superior Viaduct) *2023 Reissue

BALA DESEJO – Sim Sim Sim LP (Mr. Bongo) *Ltd. Red Vinyl

MATT BERRY – Kill The Wolf LP 2LP (Acid Jazz) *10th Anniversary – Ltd. Blood Splatter Vinyl

>> THE BETHS – Jump Rope Gazers LP (Carpark) *Now available on Ltd. Lemon Lime Vinyl

BUSH – Sixteen Stone 2LP (Zuma Rock) *2014 Reissue, Remastered – Ltd. Clear Vinyl back in stock!

G.C. CAMERON – Live for Love 12″ (Soundway)

CHRISTINE & THE QUEENS – Paranoia, Angels, True Love: Highlights LP (Because)

ERIC CHURCH – Mr. Misunderstood LP (EMI) *3rd Press – Ltd. Blue Vinyl

CITIZEN – Youth LP (Run For Cover) *10th Anniversary – Ltd. “Blue Jay” Vinyl

COLD CAVE – Cherish The Light Years/ Cremations/ Fate in Seven Lessons/ Full Cold Moon/ Love Comes Close LPs (Heartworm) *2023 Reissues sold separately – Various Ltd. Color Vinyl

ALICE COOPER – School’s Out 3LP (Rhino) *50th Anniversary – Remastered Deluxe Edition

>> EXPLODING HEARTS – Guitar Romantic LP (Third Man) *Now available on Black Vinyl (Ltd. Clear w/ Pink & Yellow Vinyl still available while supplies last)

>> HOLY CIRCLE – Don’t Disturb My Waking Dream LP (Deathbomb Arc)

THE CRANBERRIES – No Need to Argue 2LP (Island) *Deluxe Edition, Remastered w/ bonus trks – Back in stock!

CURREN$Y – Drive-In Theatre Part 2 2LP (Jet Life) *45RPM – Ltd. Smokey Clear Vinyl

BLOSSOM DEARIE – Blossom Dearie LP (Verve) *180g, Reissue

DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE – Asphalt Meadows: Acoustic LP (Barsuk)

DREAM WIFE – Social Lubrication LP (Lucky Numbers) *Ltd. Red Vinyl

D.R.I. – Greatest Hits LP (Cleopatra) *Ltd. Color Vinyl

>> ELKKA – DJ-Kicks 2LP (K7)

ROBERT ELLIS – Yesterday’s News LP (Niles City) *Ltd. Random Color Vinyl

EXPLOITED – Totally Exploited LP (Radiation) *Import, Reissue

GELD – Currency Castration LP (Relapse) *Ltd. Blood Red Vinyl

FREDDIE GIBBS – $oul $old $eparately LP (Warner) *2022 album finally available on LP! Ltd. Yellow Vinyl

>> BENDIK GISKE – Bendik Giske LP (Smalltown Supersound)

MARCIA GRIFFITHS – Essential Artist Collection 2LP (Trojan)

HOLY MOTORS – Slow Sundown LP (Wharf Cat) *Reissue – Ltd. Red Vinyl

NIALL HORAN – The Show LP/CD (Capitol) *CD includes signed polaroid

HUMAZAPAS – Sara Mama LP (Aya)

JASON ISBELL & THE 400 UNIT – Weathervanes 2LP/CD (Thirty Tigers) *Black or Indie Exclusive “Natural” Vinyl

JACOBITES – Howling Good Times 2LP (Bang)

JAMES – Be Opened by the Wonderful: 40 Years Orchestrated 2LP (Virgin) *Black or Ltd. White Vinyl

RUSTON KELLY – The Weakness LP (Rounder) *Now available on Indie Exclusive “Blue Jay” Vinyl

EARTHA KITT – Bad But Beautiful LP (Verve) *180g, Reissue

LA DISPUTE – Somewhere at the Bottom of the River… LP (No Sleep) *Reissue

LIL WAYNE – Tha Carter III 2LP (Young Money) *Reissue

LOVE & ROCKETS – Sweet F.A. 2LP (Beggars Banquet) *Remastered Expanded Edition

>> HANNAH MACKLIN – Mu LP (Hope Street)

MAGIC SWORD – Omnibus 5LP (Joyful Noise) *Ltd. Color Vinyl – Hand #’d w/ graphic novel

>> MATTHEWDAVID – On Mushrooms EP (Leaving)

JANELLE MONÁE – The Age of Pleasure LP/CD (Atlantic) *Black or Ltd. Orange Crush Vinyl

MONO – My Story, The Buraku Story (Soundtrack) LP (Temporary Residence) *Black or Ltd. Red Vinyl

EMILE MOSSERI – Heaven Hunters LP (Greedy Heart) *Ltd. Color Vinyl

MY MORNING JACKET – MMJ Live Vol. 3: Return to Thunderdome 2LP (ATO) *Black or Ltd. Thunderdome Edition Vinyl

PRINCE – The Gold Experience 2LP (Legacy) *Reissue

PRINCE – The Truth LP (Legacy)

PUBLIC BODY – Big Mess LP (Fatcat)

CHARLIE PUTH – Nine Track Mind LP (Atlantic) *2023 Reissue – Ltd. Clear Vinyl

THE ROLLING STONES – Big Hits: High Tides & Green Grass LP (Decca) *180g, Reissue – Mono

SAULT – Aiir/ Earth/ 11/ Today & Tomorrow/ Untitled (God) LPs (Forever Living Original) *Imports – Sold separately

SCORPIONS – Tokyo Tapes LP (BMG) *180g – Ltd. Color Vinyl

SONNY SHARROCK – Black Woman LP (Superior Viaduct) *Reissue

THE SHITS – You’re a Mess LP (Rocket Recordings)

SLEEP TOKEN – Take Me Back to Eden 2LP (Spinefarm)

SMOKE M2D6 – Quarantine Heartthrob LP (K Records)

>> SOLID SPACE – Space Museum LP (Dark Entries) *Reissue – Back in stock!

THE SWEET THINGS – Brown Leather LP (Spaghetty Town)


>> TEKE::TEKE – Hagata LP (Kill Rock Stars) *Ltd. Seafoam Blue Vinyl

>> SHIZUKA – Heavenly Persona 2LP (Black Editions) *Reissue

SISTER ROSETTA THARPE – Live in 1960 LP (ORG) *Ltd. Red Vinyl

>> THIS IS THE KIT – Careful of Your Keepers LP (Rough Trade) *Indie Exclusive Green Vinyl w/ locked groove

TORTURE RACK – Primeval Onslaught LP/CD (20 Buck Spin) *Black or Ltd. Color Vinyl

WE ALL TOGETHER – Volumen II LP (Munster) *Reissue

>> JESS WILLIAMSON – Time Ain’t Accidental LP/CD (Mexican Summer) *Black or Indie Exclusive Hot Pink Vinyl

THE WORLD IS A BEAUTIFUL PLACE… – Whenever, If Ever LP (Many Hats Dist.) *10th Anniversary – Ltd. Clear/Green Vinyl w/ alternate art

YAKUZA – Sutra 2LP (Svart) *Import – Ltd. Gold Vinyl ✶ ✶ ✶ ✶

YOUTH LAGOON – Heaven is a Junkyard LP/CD (Fat Possum) *Ltd. Ultra Clear Vinyl

VARIOUS – Waves of Distortion: Best of Shoegaze 1990-2022 2LP (Two Piers) *Import

**Titles preceded by >> have descriptions available in store or at

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Reckless Records 6/2/23 New Releases

Protomartyr – Formal Growth in the Desert


>> BULLY – Lucky For You LP/CD/CS (Sub Pop) *Loser Edition Color Vinyl – Limited number of signed prints available with purchase while supplies last!

After a quick stint in THE MOUNTAIN GOATS (producing and playing on the excellent Bleed Out), Alicia Bognanno comes roaring back with her 4th LP under the BULLY moniker. This time around the production is more polished and the genre more varied than strictly “grunge pop,” but the massive hooks, buzzsaw guitar, and Alicia’s raspy howl (one of the best voices in indie rock today) are still razor-sharp and raw as all hell. It hurts so good and it does Sub Pop proud. Highly RECOMMENDED!

>> KAREN DALTON – In My Own Time LP (Light In The Attic) *50th Anniversary – Ltd. Silver Vinyl

KAREN DALTON’s second album didn’t get the attention that it deserved when it was released in 1971 but over time it has come to be considered as a classic. You’d think her connections to others in the scene like BOB DYLAN, TIM HARDIN, and FRED NEIL would have cleared a path for Dalton’s success but a variety of obstacles including music biz politics & Dalton’s drug/alcohol abuse stalled any momentum she might have had. The album was reissued in 2010 and artists like NICK CAVE & JOANNA NEWSOM cite Dalton as an influence, and that & other excellent reissues helped her legend grow. In 2021 a documentary was released & now this beautiful deluxe 50th anniversary edition is here with remastered audio on silver vinyl with booklet & beautiful foil-stamped art. RECOMMENDED!

>> BOB DYLAN – Shadow Kingdom 2LP/CD (Columbia)

Originally released as a limited paid streaming performance during lockdown in 2021, Shadow Kingdom is now available in album form. The songs have a really loose feel, with acoustic guitars, accordion & zero percussion. The line-up features T BONE BURNETT, BIG THIEF’s Buck Meek, Don Was & Greg Leisz & the set list mostly features 60s songs with sometimes drastic reinterpretations, especially on “Tombstone Blues.” Dylan has been playing relentlessly the last few years & you can hear the almost effortless familiarity the group has with the songs & it makes for a very rewarding listen. RECOMMENDED.

>> FOO FIGHTERS – But Here We Are LP/CD/CS (RCA) *Black or Ltd. White Vinyl

One word that has long defined FOO FIGHTERS as a band is “resiliency.” Dave Grohl’s best songs are about sticking around, finding resolve, and learning to walk again when the will to fly just isn’t there. It’s an M.O. that’s left them perfectly equipped to face the tragic passing of their beloved drummer Taylor Hawkins head on. Sonically this record has a lot in common with 1999’s There is Nothing Left to Lose (their first LP with Taylor on drums) – surging power pop, shoegaze, extended instrumental passages, and lo-fi punk, with nods throughout to JAWBREAKER, SUGAR, HUM, and old FM radio faves of Taylor like QUEEN and RUSH. Essentially it’s a concept album about loss: Each song works through grief in ways that are raw, unflinching and devoid of cliche. It’s a special gift for us fans, the band’s legacy, and Taylor’s memory. RIP Hawk. RECOMMENDED.

>> POLIBIO MAYORGA & VARIOUS – Ecuatoriana: El Universo Paralelo de… LP/CD (Analog Africa) *w/ book

The latest entry in Analog Africa’s exploration into Latin American esoterica lands in Ecuador and on the figure of POLIBIO MAYORGA. Gravitating towards Quito’s radio station as a musician and utilizing space-age synth technology that had grown in popularity over the years prior, MAYORGA channeled Andean melodies and realist stories into a fusion that can be described as “tropical psychedelia”. This album collects his work as a performer, musician and songwriter, showcasing a central part of Ecuadorian popular music. RECOMMENDED!

>> PROTOMARTYR – Formal Growth in the Desert LP/CD (Domino) *Black or Indie Exclusive Blue Vinyl

Over five records and a decade-plus, Detroit’s own PROTOMARTYR has been a model for consistency. Album six is no exception, expanding their sonic palette to include icy gothic synth textures and guitar sheet noise to abstract (but not obscure) the band’s classic rhythmic jitters and earworm lead-lines. All these are tied together by Joe Casey’s apocalyptic sermon vocals which continue to deliver without landing on cliche sloganeering. One of the best bands working today. On Domino and HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

>> WICCA PHASE SPRINGS ETERNAL – Wicca Phase Springs Eternal LP (Run For Cover) *Ltd. “Stormcloud Splatter” Vinyl w/ Comic

Adam McIlwee’s WICCA PHASE SPRINGS ETERNAL project has gained notoriety over the past few years for over 20 albums, mixtapes, and Soundcloud drops in the past decade (plus wrestler Darby Allin’s kickass entrance theme in AEW). This S/T record blends dusty house and trap beats with icy post-punk instrumentation and a big dose of pop-punk melodicism. There’s also a great leftfield goth-country duet with Reckless fave ZOLA JESUS. Cool stuff. RECOMMENDED!

>> VARIOUS – Yo! Boombox: Early Independent Hip-Hop 3LP/2CD (Soul Jazz) *Indie Exclusive LP w/ bonus 7″

Following a book by the same name, Soul Jazz releases a comp focusing on the advent of hip-hop and electro, tracing its origins through disco’s denouement and DJ culture as it emerged in the Bronx in the late 70s. Featuring classic cuts from GRANDMASTER FLASH and THE FUNKY FOUR PLUS ONE as well as a smattering of obscure singles from across the country. Essential stuff for any historian of American popular music. RECOMMENDED!


AVENGED SEVENFOLD – Life Is But A Dream 2LP/CD (Warner) *Ltd. Cobalt Blue Vinyl – Exclusive signed CDs available while supplies last! 1 per customer, no phone orders or holds

COUNT BASIE & HIS ORCHESTRA – The Transcription Recordings LP (Hindsight)

BEACH FOSSILS – Bunny LP/CD/CS (Bayonet) *Ltd. Powder Blue Vinyl

>> BJORK – Fossora 2LP (One Little Indian) *2023 Repress

BLACK SABBATH – Live Evil LP/CD (Warner) *Super Deluxe Box Set – 4LP or 4CD w/ books & poster

>> SAM BLASUCCI – Off My Stars LP (Innovative Leisure)

DONALD BYRD – Slow Drag LP (Blue Note) *180g, Remastered – Blue Note Tone Poet Series

CLUB NOUVEAU – The Collection LP (Virgin)

CORROSION OF CONFORMITY – In the Arms of God 2LP (BMG) *Reissue

CORROSION OF CONFORMITY – Live Volume 2LP (BMG) *Ltd. Red Vinyl

ROB CROW/ KRAMER – Split 7″ (Shimmy Disc)

DE LA SOUL – Stakes is High 2LP/CS (Chrysalis) *Reissue

DESMOND DEKKER – Essential Artists Collection 2LP (Trojan) *Ltd. Transparent Violet Vinyl

MCKINLEY DIXON – Beloved! Paradise! Jazz!? LP (City Slang) *Ltd. Eco-Mix Vinyl

DR. JOHN – The Montreux Years 2LP/CD (BMG)

EERIE WANDA/ KRAMER – Split 7″ (Shimmy Disc)

SOPHIE ELLIS-BEXTOR – Hana LP (Cooking Vinyl) *Ltd. Sandstone Vinyl

ELUVIUM – (Whirring Marvels in) Consensus Reality LP (Temporary Residence) *”Volcanic Earth” Color Vinyl

BEN FOLDS – What Matters Most LP/CD (New West) *Ltd. Seaglass Vinyl – Exclusive signed copies available on LP & CD while supplies last! 1 per customer, no phone orders or holds

FUGAZI – Red Medicine LP (Dischord) *Now available on Red Vinyl

NOEL GALLAGHER’S HIGH FLYING BIRDS – Council Skies LP/CD (Sour Mash) *LP w/ bonus 7″ – Single CD or 2CD Deluxe Edition available

THE GO! TEAM – Thunder, Lightning, Strike LP (Memphis Industries) *Reissue

GORILLAZ – Demon Days 2LP (Warner) *2018 Reissue – Back in stock!

BEN HARPER – Wide Open Light LP (Chrysalis)

>> J DILLA – Donuts 2LP (Stones Throw) *”Smile” Cover back in stock!

JACK JOHNSON – In Between Dub LP (Brushfire)

NORAH JONES – Little Broken Hearts LP/CD (Blue Note) *Reissue

KILLING JOKE – XXV Gathering: Let Us Prey 2LP (Cooking Vinyl) *Ltd. Color Vinyl

KING GIZZARD & THE LIZARD WIZARD – Demos Vol. 3 & 4 2LP (Needlejuice) *”Deep Pond Scum” Edition – Ltd. Color Vinyl

LARAAJI/ KRAMER – LP (Shimmy Disc) *Ltd. Crystal Clear Vinyl

MATT & KIM – Grand LP (Fader Label) *RSD Essential Reissue – Yellow/Orange/Black Splatter Vinyl w/ bonus 7″

MATT & KIM – Sidewalks LP (Fader Label) *Reissue – Blue Vinyl

NICKI MINAJ – Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded 2LP (Young Money) *Reissue

MINOR THREAT – Out of Step LP (Dischord) *Now on White Vinyl

MUN SING – Inflatable Gravestone LP (Planet Mu) *Ltd. White Vinyl

NANNA – How to Start a Garden 2LP (Republic)

>> OPEN MIKE EAGLE – Rappers Will Never Die of Natural Causes LP (Auto Reverse) *10th Anniversary – Silver Vinyl

OPETH – Morningrise 2LP (Spinefarm) *Remastered – Black, Silver, or Transparent Green Vinyl

OPETH – My Arms Your Hearse 2LP (Spinefarm) *Remastered – Black, Transparent Blue, or Transparent Violet Vinyl

OPETH – Orchid 2LP (Spinefarm) *Remastered – Black, Gold, or Transparent Red Vinyl

PASSION PIT – Gossamer 2LP (French Kiss) *10th Anniversary Reissue – Peach Splatter Vinyl

PHISH – White Tape LP (Jemp) *Reissue – “Alumni Blues” Swirl Color Vinyl

PUPIL SPLICER – Blossom LP (Prosthetic) *Ltd. “Rebirth” Blue Vinyl

RANCID – Tomorrow Never Comes LP/CD (Hellcat) *Black or Ltd. Color Vinyl

FENTON ROBINSON – Somebody Loan Me a Dime LP (Alligator) *Reissue

HELENE SMITH – I am Controlled by Your Love LP (Numero Group) *Black or Ltd. “Thrills & Chills” Color Vinyl

STONE TEMPLE PILOTS – Purple LP (Atlantic) *Reissue – Ltd. Clear Vinyl

SURPRISE CHEF – Friendship LP (Big Crown)

SWAMP DOGG – Gag a Maggott LP (Alive) *Reissue – Ltd. Red Vinyl

TIGERCUB – The Perfume of Decay LP (Loose Groove) *Ltd. Color Vinyl

TOMAHAWK – Anonymous LP (Ipecac) *Reissue – Indie Exclusive Orange Vinyl

TOMAHAWK – Mit Gas LP (Ipecac) *Reissue – Indie Exclusive Red Vinyl

TOOTS & THE MAYTALS – Sweet & Dandy LP (Real Gone) *Yellow Vinyl – Ltd. 1000, #’d

>> TROLLER – Drain LP (Relapse)

TINA TURNER – Private Dancer LP (Parlophone) *Import, Reissue – Back in stock! RIP TINA

MCCOY TYNER – Time for Tyner LP (Blue Note) *180g, Remastered – Blue Note Tone Poet Series

VULTURE FEATHER – Liminal Fields LP (Felte) *Ltd. Bone Color Vinyl


ROGER WATERS – The Lockdown Sessions LP/CD (Legacy)

JUAN WAUTERS – Wandering Rebel LP (Captured Tracks) *Ltd. Sea Blue Vinyl

WITCH – Zango LP (Desert Daze) *Ltd. Yellow Vinyl

WITCHCRAFT – Nucleus 2LP (Svart) *Reissue – Green Vinyl

LINK WRAY – Sings & Plays Guitar LP (Sundazed) *Reissue – Ltd. Pink Vinyl

WYTCH HAZEL – IV: Sacrament LP (Bad Omen)

YES – Mirror to the Sky 2LP/2CD (Inside Out) *Ltd. Custard Vinyl w/ book

**Titles preceded by >> have descriptions available in store or at