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Reckless Records 6/18/21 New Releases


MAKI ASAKAWA – America No Yoru LP (Universal Japan)

Pricey but fantastic reissue of this 1986 album by the Japanese jazz icon Maki Asakawa. After years of making albums influenced by jazz & blues Asakawa started toying with the popular sounds of City Pop & American pop & R&B. Fans of the City Pop resurgence will want to check this out for sure.

MAKI ASAKAWA – Nothing at All to Lose LP (Universal Japan)

Pricey but fantastic reissue of this 1988 album by the Japanese jazz icon Maki Asakawa. After years of making albums influenced by jazz & blues Asakawa started toying with funkier sounds & then she met the former bass player of RUFUS Bobby Watson. He brought in most of the other RUFUS members & they made this slick 80’s funk album. Slick & smooth 80s funk with Asakawa’s smoky voice. Wild stuff.

BURIAL – Chemz / Dolphinz 12” (Hyperdub)

Will Bevan drops a burner of a 2-tracker here in 2021. A-side “Chemz” goes full high bpm UK garage, staying light, hooky & propulsive, while B-side “Dolphinz” is content to stay aquatic, drawing from underwater noise to create an otherworldly ambience. GET IT! THIS THING IS A FRICKIN HEAT-SEEKING MISSILE!!

NICK CAVE & WARREN ELLIS – Carnage LP/CD (Goliath)

Nick Cave & BAD SEEDS/DIRTY THREE member Warren Ellis have scored a number of films over the past decade or so & this is their first proper album as a duo away from THE BAD SEEDS. Cave’s lyrics are short story-like with spoken word passages at times with sparse arrangements & beats. This is probably most similar to the recent “Ghosteen” & the other more subdued Cave albums like “No More Shall We Part” & “Boatman’s Call” but there’s an experimental “looseness” that Ellis brings to the songs. RECOMMENDED OF COURSE.

GETTING THE FEAR – Death is Bigger: 1984-1985 LP (Dais) ltd. color or black vinyl

GETTING THE FEAR was a short-lived post-punk band from the UK that featured the rhythm section of SOUTHERN DEATH CULT which would go on to become THE CULT. G.T.F wrote rhythmic songs with some funk influence. Think early Rough Trade bands like A CERTAIN RATIO & ESSENTIAL LOGIC with a darker side. 

MISTREATER – Hell’s Fire LP (On the Dole)

The Swedish label On the Dole has been reissuing some killer stuff over the past few years & this first ever vinyl reissue of this early 80s Ohio metal album is probably our favorite. The band formed in a trailer park in a small town near Cleveland called Creston. They recorded & self released this absolute monster of an album & not surprisingly originals are difficult to come by. The album starts with a drum fill & then the band hits a big chord & their AMAZING guitarist launches right into a killer solo. Seriously this guy is prodigy level & we imagine he must have been hot shit in that small Ohio town. The vocals are melodic & memorable, reminding us of a mix of early MOTLEY CRUE, PENTAGRAM & of course the mighty BLACK SABBATH. Fans of underground proto-metal & acid friend hard rock MUST check this out. RECOMMENDED.

SQUAREPUSHER – Feed Me Weird Things CD/2LP + 10” (Warp) black or clear vinyl

Tom Jenkinson’s debut finally gets a nice, fancy-pants remaster on Warp. Originally released on APHEX TWIN’s Rephlex label in 1996, “Feed Me Weird Things” brought SQUAREPUSHER to a wide audience and remains a seminal work in 90s IDM and drum ‘n’ bass. Featuring an extra 10″ that contains the original Japanese bonus tracks!

VARIOUS ARTISTS – Strain, Crack & Break: Music From the Nurse With Wound List Volume 2 (Germany) LP (Finders Keepers)

Steven Stapleton has teamed up with Finders Keepers once again to bring us more gems from the legendary Nurse With Wound List, this time focusing on twelve lesser known German psychedelic, experimental, noise & prog gems. RECOMMENDED!


MARINA ALLEN – Candlepower LP (Fire)

ASHE – Ashlyn CD (Mom + Pop) LP scheduled for Fall 2021!


CRUMBSUCKERS – Life of Fear LP (Combat) ltd. color vinyl

EBONI BAND – Eboni Band LP (We Are Busy Bodies) remastered

MASAYOSHI FUJITA – Bird Ambience 2LP (Erased Tapes)

SPENCER KRUG – Fading Graffiti LP (Factor)

JERUSALEM – Jerusalem LP (Lion Productions) available again

JESS JOY – Patreearchy LP (Joyful Noise)

MAC MILLER – Swimming LP (Warner) back in stock

MAGGOT BRAIN magazine #5 (Third Man)

MOGWAI – ZeroZeroZero 2LP (Rock Action) white vinyl

THE OBSESSED – The Church Within LP (Century Media) ltd. color vinyl

ANNA FOX ROCHINSKI – Cherry LP (Don Giovanni) red vinyl

MELVIN SPARKS – I’m Funky Now LP (Tidal Waves)

VARIOUS ARTISTS – Strum & Thrum: American Jangle Underground 1983-1987 LP/CD (Captured Tracks) back in stock