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Reckless Records 4/16/21 New Releases

4/16/21 New Releases

NATURAL INFORMATION SOCIETY w/ Evan Parker – Descension (Out of Our Constrictions) LP (Eremite)

Long-form live improvisation from Joshua Abrams’ ensemble Natural Information Society. Incorporating the free spirit of Evan Parker’s saxophone for the second time around. The compositions were created with Parker in mind and the group make a vast range of musical references. Minimal, driving, explosive even at times. Another great work from Chicago’s underground jazz explorers. RECOMMENDED!

SAULT – 5 LP (Forever Living Originals) back in stock!

SAULT – 7 LP (Forever Living Originals) back in stock!

FINALLY! We’ve been trying to stock these records for MONTHS & they’re finally here! SAULT is a mysterious group from the UK though through some digging there are theories that artists like producer Inflo, singer Cleo Sol & possibly even Chicago’s Kid Sister are Involved. This music is a mix of funk, minimalist post-punk similar to ESG, a similar post-modernism to another Reckless favorite GOAT, CAN drummer Jaki Liebezeit’s motorik beats & more. This checks so many boxes for us & we’re very stoked to have these!RECOMMENDED.

SHARKULA x MUKQS – Take Caution On the Beach CD/TAPE (Hausu Mountain)

Second collab between Hausu Mountain co-founder MUKQS and Chicago underground legend SHARKULA, again mixing SHARK’s tactile flow with glitchy, abstract production from MUQKS that has a pleasant drop of soul. Extreme heat from this pair that comes RECOMMENDED!

TREES – The Garden of Jane Delawney LP (Earth) limited green or limited white vinyl

TREES – On the Shore LP (Earth) limited green or oxblood vinyl

Much needed reissues of the albums by the legendary British folk rock band TREES. In our opinion these records are just as important to the late 60s/early 70s British folk sound as FAIRPORT CONVENTION or INCREDIBLE STRING BAND. The band was pretty active during their brief existence sharing stages with bands like FAIRPORT, FLEETWOOD MAC, GENESIS, YES & many more but commercial success mostly eluded them.Similar to FAIRPORT, the group blended traditional British folk styles with modern rock & the popular psychedelic sound of the time with some great jamming & guitar solos. These albums sound amazing today & any fan of 60s British folk & psych, “freak folk” & “acid folk” NEED these records. HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION.

RYLEY WALKER – Course in Fable CD (Husky Pants) vinyl coming in a few weeks

It’s been a whirlwind few years for Chicago ex-pat & our friend Ryley Walker. After years of battling addiction, he managed to get clean while being almost nakedly open about his experience in interviews. Free of his label, Ryler decided to spend his down time while he couldn’t tour by starting a new label to host his music & music made by his friends. Ryley seems to be almost reborn & “Course In Fable” might be his strongest & most unique album yet. He’s pretty open about his love of British prog on his hilarious Twitter posts & there’s a lot of influence from prog legends GENESIS, the Canterbury Scene & 90s indie rockers like Jim O’Rourke. The album was recorded by another former Chicagoan, John McEntire of TORTOISE/SEA & CAKE et al. Congrats to Ryley & his bright future! RECOMMENDED.

V/A – Two Synths, a Guitar (&) a Drum Machine: Post Punk Dance #1 2LP/CD (Soul Jazz)

Inspired by the artistic fusion of punk, funk & disco found in Manhattan’s late 70s/early 80s underground – as well as a bit of Sheffield/Manchester post punk for good measure – the bands featured on this latest Soul Jazz comp take the energies & sounds of the past and channel it in heady new directions. Showcasing new music from Germany (TORESCH), Japan (SUSUMU MAKAI), Canada (NEW FRIES), the U.K. (TOM OF ENGLAND) and of course from the seedy, smelly, vibrant DIY scenes spread across cities here in the grand ol’ U.S. of A. This baby comes HIGHLY, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!


THE ARMED – Ultrapop LP (Sargent House) clear or tan vinyl

CANNIBAL CORPSE – Violence Unimagined LP/CD (Metal Blade) 2 different limited

  LP colors

ERIC CHURCH – Heart LP/CD (EMI) with free Hatch Print while supplies last!

DEFTONES – White Pony 4LP 20th Anniversary box set (Reprise)

NIGEL GODRICH – Scott Pilgrim VS. The World (Original Score) LP (Abcko)

HUDSON MOHAWKE – Hudson’s Heeters LP (Warp) remastered

HYPNOSONICS – Drums Were Beating: Fort Apache Studios 1996 LP (Modern Harmonic)

HYPNOSONICS – Someone Stole My Shoes: Beyond the Q Division Sessions LP (Modern Harmonic)

TOM PETTY – Finding Wildflowers 2LP (Warner) limited gold vinyl. Black is 5/7

SUN RA – Astro Black LP (Modern Harmonic)

TORO Y MOI – Underneath the Pine LP (Carpark) 10th anniversary splatter vinyl

VITAMIN – Recordings 1981 LP (Don Giovanni) white vinyl

V/A – Scott Pilgrim VS. The World (Soundtrack/Score) 4LP picture disc box set (Abcko)