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Reckless Records 12/31/13 New Releases

There aren’t many actual new releases this time of year, but we’ve gotten in so many cool reissues and other interesting tidbits that we felt it was worth putting one final list together for 2013. It was a great year for music & we’re really looking forward to 2014!

Absu – Third Storm of Cythraul/In the Eyes of Ioldanach 3LP boxset (The Crypt) Limited edition, already out of print at the label!
Actress – Grey Over Blue b/w Wee Bey 12″ (Werkdiscs) Limited to 180!
Amesoeurs – Amesoeurs LP (Beneath Grey Skies) Back in print!
Antigama – Meteor LP (Selfmadegod) This amazing grindcore album is now on vinyl!
Basic Cable – I’m Good to Drive LP (Permanent) members of HEAVY TIMES & RUNNING
Bastard Noise/Lack of Interest – Split LP (Deep Six)
Blind to Faith – Under the Heptagram LP (A389) Limited to 666.
Blood I Bleed/Lycanthropy – Split CD (A389)
Donald Byrd – Kofi LP (Heavenly Sweetness) reissue
Cellgraft – Cellgraft CD (RSR)
Cheap Time – Exit Smiles LP (In the Red)
Da Beatminerz – Sumthin’ b/w Another World 7″ (Ill Adrenaline) Beatminerz remixes featuring Black Star (Mos Def & Talib Kweli), Tash (Alkaholiks) & Rah Digga!
Damu the Fudgemunk – Spare Overtime CD (Redefinition)
Francesco De Masi – New York Ripper (Soundtrack) LP (Death Waltz)
Dead Infection – A Chapter of Accidents CD (Selfmadegod)
Death & Vanilla – S/T LP (Hands in the Dark) Vinyl reissue of their CD debut, already out of print
Eloy – Eloy LP (Music on Vinyl) reissue
Empire of Rats – Empire of Rats LP (A389)
Brigitte Fontaine – Brigitte Fontaine Est…Folle LP (Superior Viaduct) reissue now on vinyl!!
Brigitte Fontaine – Comme A La Radio LP (Superior Viaduct) reissue now on vinyl!!
Dexter Gordon – One Flight Up LP (Heavenly Sweetness) reissue
Guilty Simpson & Small Professor/Sean Price & M-Phazes – Highway Robbery/Land of the Crooks 2CD (Coalmine)
Heron – Heron LP (Mapache/Wah-Wah) Reissue; we’ve been waiting for this one for a long time!!
Heron – Half as Nice & Twice the Price LP (Mapache/Wah-Wah) Reissue of the second album from these British hippies.
Hank Mobley – No Room for Squares LP (Heavenly Sweetness) reissue
Grachan Moncur III – Some Other Stuff LP (Heavenly Sweetness) reissue
Steve Moore – Pangea Ultima LP (Spectrum Spools) solo album from ZOMBI member
Mormos – Great Wall of China LP (Wah-Wah) reissue
Mutoid Man – Helium Head CD/LP (Magic Bullet)
Ormgard – Ormblot LP (Final Agony)
People’s Temple – Brand New Thing b/w Twice Burned 7″ (Trouble In Mind)
Popol Vuh – Einsjager & Siebenjager LP (Wah-Wah) Reissue, limited to 500 worldwide w/ poster.
Popol Vuh – Hosianna Mantra LP (Wah-Wah) Reissue, limited to 500 worldwide w/ poster & bonus 7″.
Popol Vuh – Seligpreisung LP (Wah-Wah) Reissue, limited to 500 worldwide w/ poster.
Popol Vuh – Affenstunde LP (Wah-Wah) Reissue, limited to 500 worldwide w/ poster.
Popol Vuh – In Den Garten Pharaos LP (Wah-Wah) Reissue, limited to 500 worldwide w/ poster.
Colin Potter – Two Nights LP (Deep Distance) 1982 synth drones from this NURSE WITH WOUND member
Red Mass/ Cindy Lee Split 7″ (Mongrel Zine)
Side By Side – You’re Only Young Once LP (Revelation) reissue
Slag – Slag 7″ (Hesitation Wound)
Slow Walkers – S/T LP (Peak Oil) Drone project of Liz Harris aka GROUPER
Jonathan Snipes & William Hudson – Room 237 (soundtrack) LP (Death Waltz)
Space Lady – Greatest Hits CD/LP (Night School)
Teengenerate – Get More Action! The Lost Egg Studio Recordings CD/LP (Crypt)
Teengenerate – 5 Covers EP 7″ (Lost Egg Studio Recordings) (Crypt)
Utumno – Across the Horizon LP (The Crypt) early 90’s Swedish death metal
Laurence Vanay – Evening Colours CD (Lion Productions) Reissue, amazing 70’s, French progressive pop with hints of “Fantastic Planet,” BBC library recordings etc. Vinyl coming soon!
Laurence Vanay – Galaxies CD (Lion Productions) reissue
Vast Aire & Gilead7/Tomorrow Kings – Gatekeeper b/w Featuring Lil’ Wayne 7″ (ReServed)
Bill Vermette – Katha Visions LP (Permanent) reissue
White Lung – Blow It South b/w Down With You 7″ (Deranged)
Windy & Carl – Calliope/ Carnivale 7″ Great Pop Supplement

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