Reckless Records 12/17/13 New Releases

Arttu – Passing Out Privileges LP (Clone)
Baker/Cain/Derbyshire – BBC Radiophonic Music LP (Music on Vinyl) 180g reissue of legendary BBC library recordings!
Matt Baldwin – Imaginary Psychology LP w/ 7” (Spiritual Pajamas)
Greg Beato – Who’s the Licho? 12” (Apron)
Jake Bugg- Shangri-La LP (Island) Now on vinyl!
Burial – Rival Dealer CDEP/12” (Hyperdub) This is only at the Wicker Park store for now. The other two stores will have them on Wednesday. Sorry, running low already!
Cabaret Voltaire – Micro-phonies CD/LP (Mute) reissue
Cabaret Voltaire – Crackdown CD/LP (Mute) reissue
Cabaret Voltaire – The Covenant, the Sword and the Arm of the Lord CD/LP (Mute) reissue
Cabaret Voltaire – #8385: Collected Works 1983-1985 4LP/6CD/2DVD (Mute)
Can – Vinyl Box Set 17LP (Mute) That’s right: a 17 -LP, 180g box set with five posters, a 20-page booklet & limited to 1,500 copies! WHOA!
John CarpenterAssault on Precinct 13 LP (Death Waltz) reissue on cream vinyl with book!
Phil Cohran – On the Beach 2LP (Tizona) reissue
Corrections House – Last City Zero LP (War Crime)
Elvis Costello & the Roots – Wise Up: Thought Remixes & Reworks 10” (Blue Note)
Crime – Murder By Guitar 1976-1980 CD (Kitten Charmer)
Destroyer – Five Spanish Songs CDEP/LP (Merge)
Emerald Web – Stargate Tapes 1979-82 LP (Finders Keepers) now on vinyl!!
Fake Limbs – Power of Patrician Upbringing LP (BLVD)
Ella Fitzgerald/Muguette – Split 7” (Jazzman)
Five Times of Dust – Smile With The Eyes 2LP (Minimal Wave)
Brigitte Fontaine – Brigitte Fontaine Est . . . Folle CD (Superior Viaduct) reissue
Brigitte Fontaine – Comme a la Radio (Superior Viaduct) reissue
Fuzz – Live in San Francisco CD (Castle Face) Now on CD!
Gaslight Anthem – Live in London DVD (Mercury)
Glaxo Babies – Put Me on the Guest List CD (Superior Viaduct) reissue
Glaxo Babies – Nine Months to the Disco CD/LP (Superior Viaduct) reissue
The Gories – The Shaw Tapes: Live in Detroit 5/27/88 CD/LP (Third Man)
Heliocentrics – Quartermass Sessions 1 12” (Now Again) Nine new songs!
Hieroglyphics – The Kitchen CD (Hieroglyphics)
DA Hunt – Greyhound Blues b/w Lonesome Old Jail 7” (Third Man) reissue
In Aeternam Vale – Machine a Laver b/w Ultrabase 12” (Minimal Wave)
The Jesus Lizard – Book BOOK (Akashic) Limited, deluxe version signed by band, with art print & 7”!
J. Rocc – Enjoyed the Experience 12” (Now Again/Sinecure)
Krisiun – Black Force Domain LP (Century Media) Reissue, clear vinyl, limited to 200!
Krisiun – Apocalyptic Revelation LP (Century Media) Reissue, clear vinyl, limited to 200!
Legowelt – Mistral VHS 12” (Creme)
Jerry Lee Lewis – Great Balls of Fire b/w You Win Again 7” (Third Man) reissue
Literon – Knob Exploitation 12” (Clone)
Liverpool Echo – Liverpool Echo LP (Sing Sing)
Magic Trick – River of Souls LP (Empty Souls)
Mayday Parade – Monsters in the Closet LP (Fearless) Black vinyl, limited to 1,000.
Paul McCartney – New LP (Concord) Now on vinyl!
Milosh – Jet Lag CD/LP (Deadly) Fourth album from RHYE vocalist Milosh!
Moan – Think About Forgotten Days CD (Lightning)
Kevin Morby – Harlem River LP (Woodsist)
Mykestro – Set Precedent Remixes 12” (SomeOthaShip) Featuring KENDRICK LAMAR!
Negative Trend – Negative Trend 7” (Superior Viaduct)
Tomorrow Kings – Nigger Rigged Time Machine CD (Reserved)
Stephen O’Malley – Tempestarii + Disintegration CASSETTE (Mego)
Roy Orbison – You’re My Baby b/w Rockhouse 7” (Third Man) reissue
Perera Elsewhere – Everlast CD/LP
Robert Pollard – Blazing Gentlemen CD/LP (GBV)
Jay Reatard – Better Than Something LP w/ DVD & BOOK (Factory 25)
Polly Scattergood – Arrows LP (Mute) Now on vinyl!
Selda – S/T LP (Finders Keepers) cheaper reissue
Slayer – Diabolus in Musica LP (American) reissue
Slayer – Divine Intervention LP (American) reissue
Slayer – God Hates Us All LP (American) reissue
Slayer – World Painted Blood LP (American) reissue
Brett Smiley – Va Va Va Voom b/w Space Ace 7” (Sing Sing)
Space Lady – The Space Lady’s Greatest Hits LP (Night School)
Sparks – New Music for Amnesiacs: The Essential Collection 2CD (Lil Beethoven)
Trace of Smoke – Treasure Mind/UR 7” (Jazzman)
T.R.A.S.E. (Tape Recorder & Synthesizer Ensemble) – T.R.A.S.E. LP (Finders Keepers)
Tuxedomoon – No Tears 12” (Superior Viaduct) reissue
Tuxedomoon – Scream With a View 12” (Superior Viaduct) reissue
Xosar – Retreat 2 Rapture 12” (Ensemble)
Various Artists – Radiophonic Workshop: Best of BBC Radio & TV LP  (Music on Vinyl)
X Ray Pop – Ding Dong Songs Part 2: The Cassettes LP (Finders Keepers)
Walker Brothers – Nite Flights LP (Tizona) Totally weirdo Scott Walker LP finally back in print!
Frank Zappa – Roxy & Elsewhere 2LP (Zappa) reissue
Frank Zappa – Uncle Meat 2LP (Zappa) reissue
V/A – Best of Jeffree’s Vol. One 2CD (Mad Decent)
V/A – Kontroversial Kovers 2LP (State Capital)