A small update

Sorry for the lack of a regular new release update this week. There’s not too many releases to speak of yet
this year but we did want to tell you about a few cool things that have come in this week. GUIDED BY VOICES CD/LP should be here later in the week which will be the first big release at Reckless for 2012 fo shizzle

Bang – Death of a Country (LP, first ever release of this 1971 recording from BANG)
Burzum – From the Depths of Darkness (LP, black and white vinyl. White is VERY limited & almost gone already)
Circle – Taantumus (LP reissue)
Miles Davis – Dark Magus (LP reissue)
Electric Wizard – S/T (LP reissue on black vinyl)
Electric Wizard – Black Masses (LP restock on white vinyl)
Bruce Haack – Electronic Record for Children (LP reissue on Mississippi!)
Bruce Haack – Way Out Music for Children (LP reissue on Mississippi!)
Abney Jay – Hambone & Rattle the Bones (12″ on Mississippi)
Pentagram – Live Rites (import only live LP from their 40th anniversary tour)
Ali Farke Toure – Ni Foli (LP)
V/A – Music from Saharan Cellphones (LP restock)