It’s 2011!!!

Sorry for the lack of updates folks. There hasn’t been a lot to report but we wanted to you let you know
about a few goodies that have trickled in over the first few days of the year. 2010 was an EPIC music year
and we’re hoping for the same out of 2011. Hopefully birds will stop falling from the sky and fish will stop
washing up on shores soon!

Boris “Live in Japan” DVD
Deathspell Omega “Paracletus” LP (Import only vinyl. Limited as always)
Electric Wizard “Black Masses” CD/LP (Finally here!!!)
Guided by Voices “Live in Daytron” LP (limited edition)
Miguel Y El Comite “Para Hacer Musica, Para Hacer…” (reissue)
Ruth “Polaroid/ Roman/ Rhoto” LP reissue (Awesome mid-80s French cold wave)
Sea-Ders reissue
Truth & Janey “No Rest for the Wicked” LP reissue
V/A “Bangs & Works Vol. 1: A Chicago Footworks compilation” CD/LP
Tons of great restocks of stuff we ran out of over the holidays are here too!