Reckless Records New Releases 8/2/2011

Abscess – Seminal Vampires & Maggot Men (LP – first time on vinyl! Comes with a patch, poster and magnet!!)
Alex Barnett – Push (Tape, new release from Chicago synth master!)
Boston Spaceships – Let it Beard (CD/LP Best post-GBV album in awhile)
Borden, Ferraro, Godin, Halo & Lopatin – Frkwys 7 (CD/LP)
Charles Bradley – No Time For Dreaming INSTRUMENTALS (LP)
Brilliant Colors – Again and Again (LP, now available on vinyl!)
Buffalo Killers – 3 (CD/3xLP)
Chariot, the – Long Live (LP)
Collections of Colonies of Bees – Giving (CD/LP)
Der En Grey – Dum Spiro Spero (CD/LP)
DOK – West Coast (12″)
Drive-By Truckers – Greatest Hits 1998- 2009 (CD/LP)
Ducktails – Killing the Vibe (12″)
Fennesz – Seven Stars (10″)
Fielded/Alex Barnett (12″, Chicago cult jams limited to 200!)
Fire! w/ Jim O’Rourke – Unreleased (CD/LP)
Foot Village/Super Khoumeissa – Split Series Number 21 (LP)
Fountains of Wayne – Sky Full of Holes (CD/LP)
Harvest – Years of Defiance. Years of Disgust (7″)
John Hiatt – Dirty Jeans & Mudslide Hymns (CD, CD/DVD, LP)
Hype Williams – Kelly Price W8 Gain Vol. II (12″)
Le Butcherettes – Sin, Sin, Sin (LP)
Love of Everything – Sooner I Wish (7″)
Madlib & Frank Nitt – Madlib Medicine Show #9: Nittyville (2xLP)
MF DOOM – Operation: Doomsday (4xLP reissue in a tin ala PIL ‘metal box’)
Mariachi El Bronx – Mariachi El Bronx II (CD . . . LP soon)
Hudson Mohawke – Satin Panthers (12″)
Moonface – Organ Music Not Vibraphone Music Like I’d Hoped (CD/LP)
Motor City Drum Ensemble – DJ Kicks (CD/LP)
NOFX – S/T (10″ – nine anonymous punk cover songs!)
Tog Notaro – Good One (CD/LP)
Offshore – Pacer (12″)
OGI – S/T (LP reissue)
Okkervil River – Your Past Life as a Blast b/w Gold Faces (7″)
Ossie – Set the Tone (12″)
Pestilence – Doctrine (CD/LP)
Pillars & Tongues – Pass & Crossings (LP)
Pure X – Pleasure (LP)
Mathieu Santos – Massachusetts 2010 (LP)
Serengeti – Family & Friends (CD/LP)
Mike Simonetti – Capricorn Rising (LP from Italians Do it Better head honcho)
Sun Araw – Houston Abstros (7″ limited!)
Swollen Members – Monsters II (CD)
Thou – Archers & the Owle (LP)
Jim Ward – Quiet in the Valley . . . (CD)
White Boy & the Average Rat Band – (LP reissue, amazing proto’ metal from late 70’s Baltimore)
Wild Swans – Coldest Winter for a Hundred Years
Wume – Distance (LP, Chicago kosmische rock)
V/A – David Rodigan’s Dubwize Shower (CD/LP)
V/A – Street Musicians of Yogyakarta (LP w/ 7″ and book. MISSISSIPPI ALERT!!

Reckless Records New Releases 7/26/2011

Atari Teenage Riot – Is This Hyperreal? (CD)
Albert Ayler – Love Cry/Last Album (twofer CD)
Belle & Sebastian – Come on Sister (12″)
Bitchin’ Bajas/Faceplant (LP, split)
Black Milk – Brain b/w Royal Mega (7″, new on Third Man!)
Bohren & der Club of Gore – Beileid (CD)
Bomb the Music Industry! – Vacation (CD)
Cheater Slicks – Our Food is Chaos (LP
Alice Coltrane – Universal Consciousness/Lord of Lords (twofer CD)
Eric Copeland – Waco Taco Combo (LP)
Dying Fetus – History Repeats (CD)
Jim (James) Ferraro – On Air (LP)
Don Gere – Werewolves On Wheels (CD, soundtrack)
Guitar Wolf – Spaceshipbattlelove (LP)
Hail Hornet – Disperse the Curse (CD)
Headnodic – Red Line Radio (CD w/ bonus 5″ record)
Iwrestledabearonce – Ruining It For Everybody (CD)
Jasta – S/T (CD)
King Tubby – Roots of Dub (CD reissue)
Little Dragon – Ritual Union (CD/LP)
Mars Volta – A Plague Upon Your Hissing Corpse (one-sided 7″)
Paul McCartney – Family Way (CD LONG out of print soundtrack finally reissued)
Mellowhype – Blackenedwhite (LP)
Mister Jason – Frankensteez (CD)
Grant Parks – Parkstrumentals (CD)
Party Arty – Pianos in the Projects 7″
Polvo – Heavy Detour b/w Anchoress (7″)
Rival Sons – Pressure & Time (CD)
Severe Torture – Misanthropic Carnage (reissue CD)
Severe Torture – Feasting on Blood (reissue CD)
Sight Below – Glider (LP)
Skull Snaps – S/T (CD reissue)
Smog – Red Apple Falls (LP back in print!)
Smog – Julius Caesar (LP back in print!)
Sports – Smell of Rot (LP)
Joss Stone – LP1 (CD)
Toxic Holocaust – Conjure & Command (CD/LP)
Eddie Vedder – Ukulele Songs (LP very limited!! sorry, only one per customer)
Wizard Prison – Next Cycle (LP)
World Under Blood – Tactical (CD)
Wu-Tang – Legendary Weapons (CD)
V/A – Roots of Chicha: Psychedelic Cumbias from Peru (2xLP)
V/A – True Soul: Deep Sounds From the Left of Stax Volume 1 (4xLP)
V/A – True Soul: Deep Sounds From the Left of Stax Volume 2 (CD/DVD)

Reckless Records New Releases 7/19/2011

Pitchfork is behind us (we wish the weather was too) and we’d like to thank everybody for stopping by our table at Pitchfork and
for coming into the shops. It was an amazing weekend for music in Chicago. We’re really well stocked right now, especially with new &
used LPS so be sure to stop in if you’ve got the vinyl itch

40 Watt Sun – The Inside Room (CD)
311 – Universal Place (CD/LP)
Acid Mothers Temple – Live as Troubador (LP)
Alkaline Trio – Damnesia (LP)
Angels in America – Narrow Road to the Interior (LP)
Antiseen – Worldwide Live Ass Kickin’ EP (7″)
Asva – Presences of Absences (CD)
Babe Rainbow – Endless Path (12″)
Black Swans/Ed Askew – Split (7″)
Eric Copeland – Whorehouse Blues (7″)
Crisis of Conformity – Fist Fight (7″ Jokey hardcore via SNL’s Fred Armisen)
Crystal Antlers – Two-Way Mirror
Demonical – Death Infernal (CD)
DMZ – Radio Demos (LP)
Steve Earle – I’ll Never Get Out of This World Alive (LP)
EDM (Early Day Miners) – Night People (CD/LP)
Elm – Nemcatacoa (LP. Jon Porras of BARN OWL)
Brian Eno – Drums Between the Bells (LP/deluxe CD)
Expo 70 – Awakening (LP)
Factums – Gilding Lilies (LP)
Fink – Perfect Darkness (CD/LP)
Future Islands – Before the Bridge (7″ limited edition)
Goblin – Suspiria (LP picture disc)
Holy Ghost – S/T (LP)
Hussy – Cement Tomb Mind Control (LP)
Just Urbain – Everybody Loves (7″ resissue. early 80’s Aussie punk)
Carol Kleyn – Love Has Made Me Stronger (CD/LP reissue)
Les Rallizes Denudes – Cable Hogue (LP)
Le Corbeau – Moth on the Headlight (CD/LP)
Lost Sounds – Blac Static (CD/LP – with Jay Reatard!)
Midwest Beat – Gone Not Lost (LP)
Milk Maid – Yucca (CD/LP)
Tom Morello the Nightwatchman – Union Town (CDEP)
Motion Sickness of Time Travel – Luminaries & Synastry (LP w/ CD)
Nachtmystium – Doomsday Derelicts (LP, finally available on vinyl!!)
Next Life – Artificial Divinity (CD/LP)
Joanna Newsom – What We Have Known (one-sided 12″ with etching)
Jim O’Rourke & Christoph Heemann – Plastic Palace People Vol. 2 (CD)
Pictureplane – Thee Physical (CD/LP)
Portugal the Man – In the Mountain in the Cloud (CD, DLUX CD, LP)
Prurient – Bermuda Drain (CD/LP)
Rem – Lifes Rich Pageant (Deluxe CD reissue. RESTOCK!)
Ringworm – Scars (CD)
Alasdair Roberts – Dighty Burn (7″ & DVD)
Rodrigo Y Gabriella – Live in France (CD)
Singer – Mindreading (LP)
Angelo Spencer – World Garage (LP)
Sun Airway – Nocturne of Exploded Crystal Chandeliers (CD/LP)
Sun Airway – Wild Palms (7″)
Sole & the Skyrider Band – Hello Cruel World (CD)
Strung Out – Top Contenders: the Best of Strung Out (CD/LP)
Nicholas Szczepanik – Please Stop Loving Me (CD)
T. Rex – Bolan’s Zip Gun (CD/LP reissue)
They Might Be Giants – Join Us (CD)
Bobb Trimble – Crippled Dog Band (LP)
Wilco – I Might (7″)
Wiley – 100% Publishing (CD/LP)
Woods – Find Them Empty b/w Be There (7″)
You – Electric Day (CD/LP reissue)
You – Time Code (CD/LP reissue)
Young Identities – New Trends (7″ reissue. early 80’s Aussie punk)
Richard Youngs – Amplifying Host (LP)
V/A – Keb Darge & Little Edith’s Legendary Wild Rockers (CD/LP)
V/A – Record Store Record (‘field recordings’ from record stores!)
V/A – Secret Museum of Mankind Vol. 4: Central Asia (LP reissue)

plus a lot more

Reckless Records New Releases 7/12/2011

Some pretty decent new releases for a summer week. Be sure to check out our table at the Pitchfork festival this weekend

Alkaline Trio – Damnesia (CD)
Aluk Todolo – Ordre (10″ on Ajna. AMAZING!!)
Baring Teeth – Atrophy (CD)
Brain Idea – Cosmo’s Factory (LP, second record from one of our favorite Chicago bands. on Mexican Summer)
Cacaw – Rat Skin Robes (Tape)
Cannabis Corpse – Beneath Grow Lights Thou Shalt Rise (CD/LP)
Decapitated – Carnival is Forever (CD)
Doc Rhymin’ – Dictionary Rap (LP)
Dos – Dos Y Dos (CD/LP)
Earth Crisis – Neutralize the Threat (CD)
Eleanor Friedberger – Last Summer (CD/LP)
Interpol – Try It On Remixes EP (12″)
Les Demoniaques – Teenage Love (7″ flexi)
Lock-Up – Necropolis Transparent (CD)
Megadeth – Peace Sells (2CD, MEGA-DELUXE w/ CD’s & 3 LP’s)
Metallica – St. Anger (LP reissue, deluxe LP reissue)
Mooney Suzuki – People Get Ready (LP, reissue)
Negative Plane – Stained Glass Revelations (LP, stellar black metal from NYC)
Nothington – More Than Obvious (7″)
Pentagram – If the Winds Would Change (LP, gold vinyl uber limited!!)
Ratasucia – White Noise Pollution (LP)
REM – Life’s Rich Pageant (2CD)
Samael – Lux Mundi (2CD)
Sandhy & Mandhy – Para Castukis (CD reissue)
Songs & Daughters – Mirror Mirror (CD/LP)
Stone Coal White – (LP reissue. Biker rock)
Suicide Silence – Black Crown (CD)
George Thorogood – 2120 S. Michigan Ave. (CD/LP)
Tones On Tail – Weird Pop (LP)
Washed Out – Within & Without (CD/LP(blue vinyl) w/ bonus 7″ while supplies last!!)
William Elliott Whitmore – Field Songs (CD/LP)
Yes – Fly From Here (CD/LP)
Zomby – Dedication (CD/LP)

All stores received a healthy batch of classic SST LPS & 7″s & we have a ton of great used LPS right now

Reckless Records New Releases 7/5/2011

Battles – Mirrored (LP back in print!!)
Black Keys – Big Come Up (LP, clear vinyl reissue with reverse image cover!)
Blasted Canyons – S/T (LP)
Bones- S/T (CD, Chicago metal!!)
Broken Water – Whet (LP reissue)
Brian Eno – Drums Between (CD)
Deathspell Omega – Diabolus Absconditus (LP, limited edition import from these black metal masters!!)
Dreams – Morbido (LP)
Exhumed – All Guts, No Glory (CD – vinyl delayed!!)
Headcat – Walk the Walk . . . Talk the Talk (featuring LEMMY)
Alison Krauss – Paper Airplane (CD/LP)
LCD Soundsystem – Sound of Silver (LP, finally back in stock!!)
Missing Monuments – Painted White (LP)
Obliteration – Nekropsalms (LP reissue)
Prisoners Go Go Band – Live! at the Butchery with Special Guests on Fire (LP, insane noise rock from early 80’s South Africa!!
Pure X – Pleasure (CD, vinyl is delayed)
Radiohead – Little by Little/ Lotus Flower (12″ remixes, limited edition!!)
Samiyam – Sam Baker (CD/LP)
Amon Tobin – Surge (12″)
Slugabed – Moonbeam Rider (12″)
Brian Jonestown Massacre – Illuminomi b/w There’s A War Going On (10″)
Jackie-O Motherfucker – Earth Sound System (CD/LP)
Postelles – S/T (LP)
V/A – Rave on Buddy Holly (CD/LP, tribute with BLACK KEYS, SHE & HIM, PAUL McCartney & much more!!)

This cool stuff should be trickling in on Wednesday:
Clams Casino – Rainforest (CD)
Comus – East of Sweden (CD)
Panda Bear – Surfers (12″ on Kompakt)
Stephen O’Malley – Romeo (Tape)
La Vampires goes ITAL – Streetwise (12″)
& much more

Reckless Records New Releases 6/28/2011

Amorphis – Tales From the Thousand Lakes (LP)
Animals As Leaders – S/T (LP)
Apache Dropout – Shot Down (7″)
Art Museums – Dancing with a Hole in Your Heart (7″)
AVI Buffalo – How Come (7″)
Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy – Haggard Harper Bonnie (7″)
Com Truise – Galactic Melt (CD)
Alice Cooper – Old School boxset (4CD, DVD, LP 7″ Limited edition!!)
Dead Can Dance – Toward the Within (DVD)
Deerhunter/ Calvinist – Cover + Remix (7″)
Gold Bears – Are You Falling in Love? (LP)
Handsome Furs – Sound Kapital (CD/LP)
Jolie Holland – Pint of Blood (CD/LP)
Holy Other – With You (12″)
Jonsi – Go Out EP (12″)
Kort – Invariable Headache (LP w/ Kurt Wagner of LAMBCHOP)
Left Banke – Walk Away Renee (LP reissue)
Left Banke – Too (LP reissue)
Like Young, the – Timid EP (7″)
John Maus – We Must Become the Pitiless Censors of Ourselves (CD/LP)
Mighty Clouds – S/T (CD)
Thurston Moore/ Talk Normal – split (7″)
National, the – Cherry Tree (LP reissue)
Paperhead – Focus in on the Looking (LP)
Pit Er Pat/Icy Demons – Split (7″)
Plateaus – Beach Coma (7″)
Sbtrkt – S/T (CD/LP)
Set Your Goals – Burning at Both Ends (CD/LP)
Shabazz Palaces – Black Up (CD/LP)
Son Lux – We are Rising (LP)
Starfuckers – Metallic Diseases (LP reissue)
Still Corners – Cuckoo (7″)
13 & God – Own Your Ghost (CD)
Twin Sister – Vampires with Dreaming Kids (LP)
Umberto – Prophecy of the Black Widow (LP BACK IN PRINT!!)
Eddie Vedder – Longing to Belong (7″ limited edition)
Volcano, I’m Still Excited! – New Brad b/w 1st Gun (7″)
Wax Museums – Eye Times (CD/LP)
Gillian Welch – The Harrow & the Harvest (CD)
Yuck – Get Away/ Doctors in Bed (7″, Import limited edition!)
Zomby – Devil Lay Here b/w Basquiat (7″)
ZZZZ/Uz Jsme Doma – Split (7″)

Reckless Records New Releases 6/21/2011

Amorphis – The Karelian Isthmus (LP reissue)
Sorry Bamba – Volume One: 1970-1979 (CD/LP)
Barn Owl – Shadowland (12″)
Beastie Boys – Hot Sauce Committee 2 (LP)
Black Dahlia Murder – Ritual (CD/LP)
Black Lips – Arabia Mountain (LP w/ bonus 7″ limited edition)
Blaq Poet – Blaq Poet Society (CD)
Bo-Keys – Got to Get Back! (CD/LP)
Bon Iver – S/T (CD/LP w/ bonus CD while supplies last!!)
Bon Iver – Calgary 12″ (We’ve been approved to sell these one week early. July 5th release date!!)
Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy – There Is No God (10”)
Caretaker – An Empty Bliss Beyond This World (CD/LP)
Centro-Matic – Candidate Waltz (CD/LP)
Bobby Conn – Rise Up (CD)
Co$$ – Before I Awoke (CD/LP)
Danger Mouse & Luppi – Rome (LP)
Death – Human (CD reissue – this is the death metal band!)
Death Set – Michel Poiccard (LP)
Dekapitator – We Will Destroy . . . You Will Obey!! (CD reissue)
Diamond Rings – Special Affections (CD)
Ed Gein – Bad Luck (CD/LP)
Effect – Simply Dope (CD)
Elitist – Fear (CD)
Fit For An Autopsy – The Process of Human Extermination (CD)
Liam Finn – FOMO (CD/LP)
Matthew Friedberger – Old Regimes (LP)
General Surgery – Necrology (CD reissue)
Gomez – Whatever’s On Your Mind (CD/LP)
Googoosh – S/T (CD)
Graveyard – Hisingen Blues (LP)
Ben Harper – Give Till Its Gone (LP)
Heirlooms of August – Forever the Moon (CD)
Levon Helm – Ramble at the Ryman (LP)
Helms Alee – Weatherhead (CD/LP)
In Flames – Sounds of a Playground Fading (CD)
Jackmaster – Fabriclive 57 (CD)
Jungle Rot – Kill On Command (CD)
K the I – Synthesthesia (CD)
Sean Kuti – From Africa With Fury (LP)
Less Than Jake – Anthology (4xDVD)
Maker – Maker vs. Now Again (CD)
Nice & Smooth – S/T (CD)
OK GO – 180/365 (CD)
Pontiak – Comecrudos (LP)
Segall, Ty – Goodbye Bread (CD/LP)
SOS – I Owe You Nothing (CD)
Cliffie Swan – Memories Come True (CD/LP)
These Trails – S/T (CD/LP)
Devin Townsend – Deconstruction (single disc & 2xCD with “Ghost”)
Devin Townsend – Ghost (CD)
Viva Voce – Future Will Destroy You (CD/LP)
White Hills – H-p1 (CD/LP)
V/A – True Soul (CD & DVD combo)

Reckless Records New Releases 6/14/2011

The second volume of the FLAMING LIPS split 12″ series is here, this one featuring THE ‘LIPS & PREFUSE 73. Due to the small pressing of just 2000 copies, we’re limiting store & web sales to 1 per customer. We were also lucky enough to get some of the NEON INDIAN split 12″ back in stock too.

In addition to all of these great titles, we’re also fully stocked on PUTRID-designed Reckless shirts, tote bags, baby clothes and so on. Become fashionable by wearing a melting person on your person!

13 & God – Own Your Ghost (CD/LP)
Matias Aguayo – I Don’t Smoke (12″)
Oren Ambarchi & Robbie Avenaim – Dream Request (LP, ltd. edition)
Antibalas – Rat Race (12″ – this is a cover of the BOB MARLEY song)
Bad Meets Evil (Eminem & Royce da 5’9″) – Hell: The Sequel (CD)
Barn Owl & the Infinite Strings Ensemble – Headlands (CD)
Beirut – East Harlem (7″)
Apollo Brown – Clouds (LP)
Brute Heart – Lonely Hunter (LP)
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah – S/T (LP reissue)
Elvis Costello – Delivery Man (LP)
Deftones – Adrenaline (LP)
DJ Paul Nice – Drum Library Vol. 7 (LP)
Eleven Twenty-Nine – S/T (CD)
Flaming Lips/ Prefuse 73 – (12″ split, VERY LIMITED!! 1 per customer)
Flaming Lips/ Neon Indian – (12″ split, RESTOCK!!)
Ellen Fullman – Through Glass Panes (CD)
Ga’an – Black Equus (Tape)
Geffika – II (TAPE, new one on Love Lion)
Gigan – Quasi-Hallucinogenic Sonic Landscapes (LP)
Illmind – Behind the Curtain (LP)
Jasper TX – Black Sun Transmissions (CD)
Junior Boys – It’s All True (CD/LP)
Norm MacDonald – Me Doing Stand-Up (CD)
Magical Beautiful – Here Comes the Wild Waves (LP, debut by this excellent Chicago band. We’re the only store in Chicago that has this right now!!)
Paul McCartney – McCartney (CD/LP reissue)
Paul McCartney – McCartney II (CD/LP reissue)
Memoryhouse – Lately (7″ – with a Teengirl Fantasy remix on the b-side)
Mercury Rev – Deserter’s Songs Instrumental (CD)
Morne – Asylum (CD)
Van Morrison – Midnight Special: the Bang Records Sessions (CD)
Marissa Nadler – S/T (CD/LP)
Niki & the Dove – The Fox (12″)
Noveller – Glacial Glow (CD/LP)
Nurse with Wound – Who Can I Turn to (CD reissue)
Oddisee – Odd Seasons (LP w/ bonus 7″ – limited to 1,000)
Owl City – All Things Bright & Beautiful (LP)
Radiohead – Butcher/Supercollider 12″ (Two new songs!!)
Random Axe – S/T (hip-hop group with GUILTY SIMPSON, SEAN PRICE & BLACK MILK)
Sebadoh – Bakesale (CD reissue, LP is slightly delayed)
Smoke Fairies – Through Low Light & Trees (CD/LP)
Son Lux – We Are Rising (CD/LP)
Sons & Daughters – Mirror Mirror (CD/LP)
Starving Weirdos – Rolled in the Midst of Never-Ceasing Currents Flowing without a Rest Forever Onward (LP, ltd. ed.)
Matt Valentine – What I Became (LP)
Vast Aire: Ox 2010: A Street Odyssey (LP)
Vetiver – Errant Charm (CD/LP)
Neil Young – A Treasure (CD)
V/A – Mello Orange Presents: Last Resort (CD)
VA – Neon Marshmallow Music Festival 2011 (Tape)

Reckless Records New Releases 5/31/2011

Alcest – Le Secret (CD/LP)
Jello Biafra & the Guantanamo School of Medicine – Enhanced Methods Of Questioning (CD/LP)
Bitchin’ Bajas – Water Wrackets (LP w/DVD & poster)
Patrick Burke – Silence & Timing (LP original pressing!! early 80′ solo LP from PARASITES OF THE WESTERN WORLD member)
David Byrne – Ride, Rise, Roar (DVD)
Church of Misery – Vol. 1 (LP)
Cola Freaks – S/T (LP)
Country Mice – S/T (CD/LP)
Dando Shaft – S/T (LP reissue)
Dando Shaft – An Evening With… (LP reissue)
Dark Castle – Surrender To All Life Beyond Form (CD)
Death Cab For Cutie – Codes & Keys (2xLP – we’re not sure what’s up with the CD version of this, but should have it soon)
Death Cab for Cutie – Live at the Mt. Baker Theatre (DVD)
Dog Faced Hermans – Those Deep Buds (LP reissue)
Brian Eno – Man Who Fell to Earth: 1971-1977 (DVD)
Eternal Summers – Prisoner (12″)
Flogging Molly – Speed of Darkness (CD/LP)
Grave Babies – Deathface (LP)
Grooms – Prom (CD/LP)
Hillary Blaze – Exposure (CD reissue)
Kids on a Crime Spree – We Love You So Bad (CD/LP)
Killing Floor – Out of Uranus (LP reissue)
Ladybug Transistor – Clutching Stems (CD)
Loss – Despond (CD)
Dave Matthews Band – Live at Wrigley Field (CD)
Melvins – Sugar Daddy Live (CD)
Merzbow/Guilt Of . . . – Split (LP)
Moon Pool & Dead Band – Patsy b/w Patsy (Jack Ruby version) (7″)
Mr. Scruff – Wobble Control (12″)
My Morning Jacket – Circuital (CD/LP)
Nobunny – Raw Romance (LP – collection of rare songs, demos, etc previously only available on cassette and CD)
Ozzy Osbourne – Blizzard of Oz (CD reissue)
Ozzy Osbourne – Diary of a Madman (2xCD reissue)
Outdoorsmen – Tell Your Folks I’m a Goner (7″)
Parasites of the Western World – Politico (7″ original pressing!!)
Robert Pollard – Lord Of The Birdcage (CD)
Reatards – Teenage Hate / Fuck Elvis Here’s The Reatards (CD – vinyl is out next week)
Tokimonsta – Creature Dreams (12″ – new on Flying Lotus’ Brainfeeder label)
U.S. Christmas – Valley Path (CD)
Vacuum – Kicks Shade Accident (7″)
Vastum – Carnal Law (CD)
Eddie Vedder – Ukulele Songs (CD)
Eddie Vedder – Water on the Road: Eddie Vedder Live (DVD)
Wolvserpent – Gathering Strengths/Blood Seed (CD)
Woods – Sun And Shade (CD/LP)
Wrestling – S/T (7″ – with Kevin Drumm, Jerome Noetinger & Robert Piotrowicz)
Xray Eyeballs – Not Nothing (CD/LP)
V/A – Ililta! (Ulalation): New Ethiopian Dance Music CD/LP)

Reckless Records New Releases 5/24/11

Antony & the Johnson – Swanlights EP (CD)
Against Me! – Total Clarity (CD/LP)
Art Brut – Brilliant! Tragic! (CD)
Joseph Arthur – The Graduation Ceremony (CD)
Bad Weather California – Demos & Live Takes From the Fans (LP)
Nat Baldwin – People Changes (CD/LP)
Basement – No Retro b/w Theme Song (7″)
Battles – Ice Cream (new 12″ single from the forthcoming new album)
David Bazan – Strange Negotiations (CD/LP)
Bird of Youth – Defender (CD)
Black Tusk – Passage Through Purgatory (CD/LP reissue of their first album from 2008)
Black Pus – Primordial Pus (CD/LP)
Bodies of Water – Twist Again (CD)
Book of Black Earth – The Cold Testament (CD)
Boris – Attention Please (CD/LP)
Boris – Heavy Rocks (CD – LP had a manufacturing problem and will be in later this week or next week, sorry!)
Bringers of Disease – Gospel of Pestilence (CD)
Greg Brown – Freak Flag (CD)
Cave In – White Silence (CD/LP)
Christmas Island/Meth Teeth – Split (2×7″)
Circle of Ouroborus/Drowning the Light – Moonflares (split LP)
Danielson – Grow Up b/w Wheel in the Sky (7″ – yes, that’s the Journey song on the b-side)
Devolved – Oblivion (CD)
Dream Syndicate – Days of Wine & Roses (LP reissue)
Felice Brothers – Celebration Florida (LP)
Friendly Fires – Pala (CD)
Hemorrhage – Hospital Carnage (CD/LP)
Heretoir – S/T (LP)
Human Eye – They Came From the Sky (CD/LP)
In Solitude – The World. The Flesh. The Devil (CD)
Inevitable End – Oculus (CD)
Ipsissimus – The Way of Descent (CD)
Jesus & Mary Chain – Honey’s Dead (LP reissue)
Jesus & Mary Chain – Automatic (LP reissue)
July – S/T (LP reissue . . . restock!)
Lady Gaga – Born This Way (single CD or 2xCD)
Los Tigres del Norte – MTV Unplugged (CD)
Men – Leave Home (CD/LP)
Efrim Manuel Menuck – Plays High Gospel (CD/LP)
Moaners – Nocturnal (CD/LP)
Aidan Moffat & Bill Wells – Everything’s Getting Older (CD)
Soema Montenegro – Passionaria (CD)
Thurston Moore – Demolished Thoughts (CD/LP)
Dustin O’Halloran – Lumiere (LP)
Tara Jane O’Niel & Nikaido Kazumi – S/T (CD/LP)
Orange Goblin – First Five Albums BOXSET (5xCD, remastered with bonus tracks)
Prodigy – Live World’s on Fire (CD/DVD)
Pulseprogramming – Charade is Gold (LP)
She Wants Revenge – Valleyheart (CD/LP)
Smod – S/T (CD)
Teenage Fanclub – Thirteen (LP)
Amon Tobin – ISAM (CD/LP)
Toddla T – Cherry Picking (12″)
Unholy Cadaver – S/T (LP)
Vieux Farka Toure – Secret (CD)
Vampire Weekend – White Sky (12″)
Veretebrats – Screaming Like a Mad Choir (LP – first in a series of releases from this defunct Champaign-Urbana garage-pop band circa ’79-’82)

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