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Voice of the Turtle

I’m sitting here at work listening to the 4 Men with Beards reissue of John Fahey’s Legendary 1968 album Voice of the Turtle and it reminded me of the time I was fortunate to see him play live at the Empty Bottle here in Chicago. This was 2000/2001 or so and Fahey had been scheduled to play the Bottle in the summer or fall but he had to postpone due to health problems. The show was rescheduled for later that winter and I’m not sure if the show was poorly advertised or if it was because it was so goddamned cold but there was barely anybody there, maybe 30 or 40 people tops. Fahey was there with his wife and I remember that he was wearing a giant white t-shirt that appeared to be covered with food stains from multiple meals. I was excited when I noticed a lone acoustic guitar on the stage because at that time and for the few years previous he had been making electric guitar records and touring in that style. Fahey trudged up the stairs onto the stage and starting plucking away at his strings and tuning his guitar in a way that sounded pretty random and kind of bad to be honest. After about 15 minutes of listening to him minutely tweaking the tuning, it started to become quite clear that he had just been warming up and now he was ready to go. Surrounding his guitar with his hulking frame, he was now on a roll, attacking the instrument with a deftness that didn’t seem possible for such a big man. He could still play incredibly fast and he did for some time, seemingly improvising the whole time. I don’t remember him really ever stopping, he just played and played for 45 minutes or so. I had a few too many beers and I seem to remember spending the last 15 minutes or so of Fahey’s set drunkenly chatting with Don Cab drummer Damon Che about Fahey’s amazing playing instead of just paying attention, something I felt rather guilty about (and still do) when I found out about his passing just a few short months later. It still seems strange to me that so few people were there to see the legendary guitarist, who knows why that was, but I feel incredibly lucky to have been able to see one of John Fahey’s last ever live concerts.

– Matt Jencik (new buyer)

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Listening To It (Spring Edition)

Spring is in the air and so is music. Here’s what we’ve been listening to!

Emily Elhaj – Genesis – The Musical Box

Dave Hofer – Cancer – Blood Bath

Luc Rodgers – Led Zeppelin – Immigrant Song

Dan Maloney – Mark Lanegan – The Gravedigger’s Songs

Dan Worland – Disappears – Pre-Language

Michael Gillilan – Gas – Königsforst

Arpad Lep – Various Artists – Minimal Wave Tapes, Vol. 2

Mark Lux – Jack Bruce & Mick Taylor – “Spirit”

Matt Jencik – The Who – Quadrophenia

Beth Klacko – Wolfgang Voigt – “Frieden”

Danielle Mikos – Ten Years After – “Stoned Woman”

Jim Magas – Roky Erickson – “Red Temple Prayer (Two-Headed Dog)” – 1975 version produced by Doug Sahm

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Listening To It

Matt Jencik – Devil – Time to Repent

Mark Lux – Cyclops – “Alice”

Danielle Mikos – Foghat – Fool For the City

Beth Klacko – The Walker Brothers – “The Electrician”

Jim Magas – Moon Pool & Dead Band – s/t

Michael Gillilan – Teguh Sukaryo plays Mompou’s El Lago from Paisajes

Dave Hofer – Noisear – “Stress Pandemic”

Arpad Lep – Dr. John – “Desitively Bonnaroo”

Dan Worland – EZO – “Flashback Heart Attack”

Dylan Posa – Foreigner – “Star Rider”

Colman Cooney – Graham Nash – Songs For Beginners

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Summer in the Winter Jams

Here’s what we’re warming up on this fine day:


Arpad Lep – Oneohtrix Point Never’s “Returnal” LP

Dan Worland:
Although there is a song called Dogs On The Run that appeared on the Southern Accents album in ’85, this is a completely different song with the same title from ’77 that was never released. An incredible example of the band at the height of their live powers.

Dave Hofer – Aeon – Satanic Victory

Danielle Mikos – Beach Boys – Surf’s Up

Beth Klacko – Spencer Davis Group – I’m a Man

Jim Magas – Cut Hands – Afro Noise 1 (this track was 1st released under the Whitehouse name)

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What We’re Listening to These Days

What’s getting us through these cold winter days?

Melissa Grubbs
– Thin Lizzy – Thunder and Lightning

Matt Jencik – Bang – Death of a Country

Danielle Mikos – Aerosmith – Toys In the Attic

Kate Ruggeri – Milton Nascimento – Clube Da Esquina

Dylan Posa – Sax Ruins – Yawiquo

Dan Maloney – Steve Miller – Space Cowboy

Arpad Lep – “HeXieFu” Buddha Machine remix compilation

Mark Lux – Bailter Space

Emily Elhaj – Should – A Folding Sieve

Jim Magas – Daphne Oram – The Daphne Oram Tapes Vol. 1 4LP

Dan Worland – Jackson Browne – Running On Empty

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What We’re Listening To This Week

Here at Reckless, we present staff picks for our listening stations and, of course, our year-end best-of lists, but it’s not like we only listen to music once a month–we at Reckless are ALWAYS listening to music, so we thought we’d share what’s rattling around inside our brains this week:

Luc Rodgers – Pissed Jeans “I Don’t Need Smoke to Make Myself Disappear”

Matt Jencik
– Can – ‘Tago Mago’ 40th Anniversary live disc

Bryan Smith – Throbbing Gristle: 2nd Annual Report reissue

Dan Maloney – Thee Oh Sees – Carrion Crawler/The Dream

Jim Magas – Don Gere: Werewolves on Wheels OST

Danielle Mikos: Miguelo Abuelo Y Nada – s/t

Melissa Grubbs
– Lijadu Sisters – Danger LP

Kevin Moser – Nick Nicely – Psychotropia LP