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Free WOBBLY in-store on Friday, Dec. 13th – 5:45pm

On Friday, December 13th at 5:45pm, our Wicker Park Reckless is proud to present a FREE, LIVE in-store performance by Hausu Mountain recording artist WOBBLY, to celebrate his new Hausu Mountain release, ‘Monitress’.
San Francisco-based multimedia artist, composer, and improviser Jon Leidecker makes music under the pseudonym Wobbly. He currently records and tours with seminal experimental group Negativland, and with the Thurston Moore Group. Over the course of a varied musical practice that began in the mid-1980s, Wobbly has collaborated with artists including Matmos, Dieter Moebius (Cluster), Tania Chen, Fred Frith, Tim Story, and David Toop.

Monitress is Wobbly’s first release with Hausu Mountain. Outside of his wide slate of collaborations and a number of self-published digital releases, the long-gestating album represents the first physical release of a Wobbly solo work since 2002. To create the takes that populate the album, Leidecker developed a process that exploits an arsenal of software on devices like iPads and iPhones. Mobile applications generate MIDI information from the external audio that Wobbly feeds into them, and then he retranslates and synthesizes that data into mutated semblances of songs. In practice, Monitress explodes into every direction at once. Wobbly’s pieces highlight hyper-detailed rhythmic grids built over spastic, bludgeoning drum tones, unpredictable chromatic lead lines, and swathes of cybernetic noise texture. Though created primarily with randomizing and disfiguring processes, Monitress feels unquestionably human and openly humorous, as Wobbly’s approach to process-based composition and improvisation remains rooted in a sense of playfulness and bliss far from the surgical sterility that often characterizes music in this zone.

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Reckless Records New Releases 10/25/19

a3554547958_10.jpgTHE BODY – Remixed 2LP (Thrill Jockey)
We love anything even tangentially related to the Portland-via-Providence noise duo THE BODY, from collaborations with FULL OF HELL and THOU to this, a collection of tracks remixed by some of the best names in metal and experimental genres. This double LP set includes reworked versions of BODY tracks from LINGUA IGNOTA, MOOR MOTHER, CONTAINER and MARK SOLOTROFF, among others. Obviously this is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, but if you’re unfamiliar with the band, you gotta pick up one of their albums proper!

CHRIS & COSEY reissues:
Heartbeat LP (CTI)
Trance LP (CTI)
Songs of Love & Lust LP (CTI)
Exotika LP (CTI)
Timeless and innovative, ex-Throbbing Gristle members CHRIS CARTER and COSEY FANNI TUTTI branched out as an electronic duo whose releases are iconic to fans and DJs alike. These albums are highly sought and available once again. All are essential. Miss at your own peril. Get ‘em while they last.


MIKAL CRONIN – Seeker LP/dlx LP/CD (Merge) “Peak Vinyl” edition on color vinyl with bonus 12” single Arsonist / Tsinorsa
MIKAL CRONIN has been busy both as a solo artist and as a member of TY SEGALL’s backing band (or more accurate, garage rock art collective) FREEDOM BAND along with TY and CHARLES MOOTHART. These artists have always been closely connected, but maybe never more for CRONIN than here. FREEDOM BAND backs him up here, and the power of the rhythm section and big, layered-vocal choruses make the connection easy with FUZZ or his bandmates’ solo material. It’s not a change in the formula; sure CRONIN tends to emphasize harmony and arrangement more than his peers, but it’s still SEGALL-esque rock. I happen to like that formula. If you do too, pick this up.


DEATHPROD – Occulting Disk LP/CD (Smalltown Supersound)
Occulting Disk is the first album since 2004 by Helge Sten under the DEATHPROD name. The producer & SUPERSILENT member creates long form dark ambient drones with low frequency, industrial backing. RECOMMENDED.


GROUPER – A I A: Dream Loss & A I A: Alien Observer LP (Kranky) LP reissues of Liz Harris’ A I A albums … here’s what we wrote when they came out on CD in 2011: We’ve been pretty much obsessed with all things GROUPER from day one and to say that we were anticipating a new release from Ms. Harris with bated breath is an understatement to say the least. You can imagine our near death by spontaneous combustion when we found out that she was releasing two records ON THE SAME DAY. Liz Harris has graced us with a few singles and EPs since the incredible Dragging a Dead Deer Up a Hill and though we love pretty much everything she does, the album format is where she shines brightest. “AIA: Dream Loss” reminds us most of Harris’ amazing Cover the Windows & Walls album with many of the songs living in a sunless, underwater murk with only subtle hints of the sun in the sky above. Some of the darkest moments on the two records occur here but there are also moments of powerful beauty that may leave you gasping for air. Dream Loss is also more guitar-centric and less Wurlitzer driven than Alien Observer which also gives it more of a ‘classic’ GROUPER sound. The albums definitely have their own vibe but they also work quite well together and we can say that with confidence since we listened to them straight through in a row before writing this!!


HIEROGLYPHIC BEING – Synth Expression / Rhythmic Cubism LP (On the Corner)
Chicago’s JAMAL MOSS aka HIEROGLYPHIC BEING presents the Synth Expressionism/Rhythmic Cubisim LP. A collection of idioms that have no past or future. Jarring poly-rhythmic polyphony that imbues a sense of timelessness.


Two Japanese titans of the underground join forces for one monumental LP, recorded live in 1973. LES RALLIZES DENUDES take the VELVET UNDERGROUND’s White Light/White Heat as a departure point while TAJ MAHAL TRAVELLERS spin their well-travelled cosmic drone and off-kilter percussion.

OM KALSOUM – Enta Omri LP (Souma)
Enta Omri
is OM KALSOUM’s most famous song, composed by MOHAMED ABDEL WAHAB, who is still rightly regarded as a prominent musician and composer in Egypt. With Enta Omri Abdel opened up the traditional repertoire of the diva to a more innovative style that the composer was known for, using electric guitar and fusing oriental themes with Western elements.

PITA – Get On LP (Editions Mego)
Vienna’s PETER REHBERG aka PITA returns with what is his 4th solo album and the latest in his ‘Get’ series (‘Get Out’, ‘Get Out’ and ‘Get Down’). PITA has been pushing the limits of hardware and software since the ’90s, dishing out harsh noise, gnarled rhythms and blurred melodies. Both analog and digital sounds are deployed as a means of expressing something outside of everyday electronics.


JIM SULLIVAN – Jim Sullivan LP/CD (Light in the Attic)
We’ve been waiting for this one for years. Light in the Attic has finally reissued the final album by Jim Sullivan. After releasing this album in 1972 on Hugh Hefner’s Playboy label, he mysteriously vanished in New Mexico. His disappearance is a mystery to this day. This record is an impressive follow-up to the now legendary UFO record, with a great recording,some great horn arrangements & fantastic songs from Sullivan. Fans of Mike Nesmith to Cat Stevens to Lee Hazlewood will eat this up.


JIM SULLIVAN – If the Evening Were Dawn LP/CD (Light in the Attic)
Ten previously unreleased acoustic recordings from Jim Sullivan, the talented singer/songwriter that mysteriously disappeared in New Mexico in 1975 after releasing two incredible country records. This was recorded in 1969 & features acoustic versions of some of songs from the amazing U.F.O. record & a few other tunes. For fans of Tim Hardin, Mike Nesmith, Lee Hazlewood etc… RECOMMENDED.


SUNN O))) – Pyroclasts LP (Southern Lord) red vinyl, ltd. 500 copies
SUNN O))) brings us a companion piece to the excellent “Life Metal”, recorded during the same two week session with Steve Albini. Stephen O’Malley is joined on this guy by Greg Anderson, Tim Midyett, T.O.S. and Hildur Guonadottir. RECOMMENDED!


Colorado is Neil Young’s 39th album & the first album with Crazy Horse since the excellent Psychedelic Pill back in 2012 & first with guitarist Nils Lofgren (replacing Frank Sampedro) since way, way back on Trans. Crazy Horse always seems to bring the edge & anger out of Neil & that’s that case here as Colorado is a self-proclaimed climate change protest record. The is the best Neil Young record since the last Crazy Horse record if that gives you any indication how important they are as a backing band. RECOMMENDED.

Other important releases
KA BAIRD- Respires LP (RVNG)
BLACK MARBLE – Bigger Than Life LP (Sacred Bones)
LITTLE SCREAM – Speed Queen LP (Merge) gold “Peak Vinyl” edition
MIKAL CRONIN – Mikal Cronin LP (Trouble in Mind) color vinyl reissue
SLOWDIVE – Souvlaki LP (Music on Vinyl) black marble vinyl, limited
SWANS – meaning leaving. LP/CD (Young God)
V/A – Curt Boettcher & Friends: Looking For The Sun LP (High Moon)

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Reckless Records New Releases 10/18/19

Greetings, Reckless Customers!

As you can see, we’re trying out a new way of doing this weekly release blog. Rather than give you a sprawling block of text of only titles, we decided to pare things down a bit and present selected titles. We hope you like the change and if you have any feedback, please let us know. TGIF! Have a great weekend!

Your Friends at Reckless

BATTLES – Juice B Crypts 2LP/CD (Warp) ltd. clear vinyl
BATTLES is back again with their fourth full length, and first since 2015’s “La Di Da Di”. Like always, rhythm is king here, and the duo of Ian Williams and John Stanier give us the goods. The cuts here are both pummelling and catchy, relying equally on elliptical synth lines and crushing drums. This reviewer is happy to see the name of Sal Principato, lead singer of the legendary dance-punk group LIQUID LIQUID, featured as a vocalist. It’s a connection I hadn’t made, but just fits so perfectly. Anyway, if you’re already familiar, you will not be disappointed!

JAIMIE BRANCH – FLY or DIE II: bird dogs of paradise LP (International Anthem)
Chicago trumpeter JAIMIE BRANCH follows up her stellar 2017 outing “Fly or Die” with a heavy, bracing sequel subtitled “Bird Dogs of Paradise”. The jazz on Int’l Anthem runs the gamut from free improvisation to beat music to spoken-word social commentary, and BRANCH incorporates all of these elements to push her record further leftfield of even her IA labelmates. Careening between shambolic improvisation, percussive Afro-Latin grooves and into drowsily shuffling blues, BRANCH sets up a record unified by the clarity of its unapologetic message, a condemnation of American capitalism and racism. Plus, we get to hear BRANCH sing for the first time (she’s really quite good too). Featuring fellow Chicagoan BEN LAMAR GAY and others from the local jazz scene, this is yet another choice release from Int’l Anthem. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

FLOATING POINTS – Crush LP/CD (Ninja Tune) indie exclusive alternate artwork
Sam Shepherd, aka FLOATING POINTS, has made a name for himself with jazzy, atmospheric dance tracks that are built less for the dance floor and more for lying on the floor with your Bose noise-cancelling headphones. That’s certainly very different on “Crush”, his most groove-laden effort to date. Shepherd spends a great deal of focus on laying down larger, syncopated beats to cut thru the ambience and get your feet moving. But fear not, braindance-heads: there’s plenty of glitchy detail to be had. Each track has its own metamorphosis, and Shepherd does a wonderful job of tweaking pieces to build a sense of tension. “Crush” is adventurous dance music at its best. A MIND MELTER! RECOMMENDED!

ARIEL KALMA – Nuits Blanches au Studio 116 LP (Transversales Disques)
Transversales Disques announce the release of ‘Nuits Blanches au Studio 116’, unreleased rarities from ARIEL KALMA’s personal archives. Recorded in the legendary GRM Studio during the ’70s.

SCREAMING FEMALES – Singles Too LP/CD (Don Giovanni)
New Jersey DIY legends SCREAMING FEMALES compile their complete set of non-album cuts, including 7″ singles, rarities and digital-only b-sides. This one is a MUST.

SLIKBACK – Lasakaneku / Tomo 2LP (Hakunu Kulala)
SLIKBACK’s vinyl debut–this ‘early years’ double-LP compilation includes his pair of acclaimed Hakuna Kulala EPs, the Lasakaneka and Tomo, plus a trio of exclusive new bangers. Incendiary new club mutations from East and Central Africa, compatible with Gqom, trap, speedcore, dancehall, the PRINCIPE label, Equiknoxx and other forms of avant-dance music. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

YUKIHIRO TAKAHASHI – Saravah LP/CD (We Want Sounds)
We Want Sounds present a reissue of YUKIHIRO TAKAHASHI’s debut solo album Saravah!, originally released in 1978. The month before recording the YELLOW MAGIC ORCHESTRA debut album, YUKIHIRO TAKAHASHI entered the studio with his fellow band-members RYUICHI SAKAMOTO and HAROUMI HOSONO to record this album, ‘Saravah’, along with the cream of the Japanese scene.

Other important new releases:

ATMOSPHERE – Headshots: SE7EN 3LP (Rhymesayer)
BRUNO BAVOTA – Get Lost LP/CD (Temporary Residence)
JOHN CARPENTER – Halloween (Expanded Edition) 2LP/CD (Sacred Bones)
FOALS – Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost LP (Warner)
MARVIN GAYE – What’s Going On Live LP (Motown)
JIMMY “DUCK” HOLMES – Cypress Grove (Easy Eye) LP
MARK KORVEN – The Lighthouse (soundtrack) LP (Sacred Bones) color or black
MAGPIE SALUTE – High Water II (Eagle Rock)
REFUSED – War Music LP/CD (Spinefarm)
WHITE REAPER – You Deserve Love LP/CD (Elektra

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Reckless Records New Releases 6/14/19

Good afternoon, folks! We’ve got LOADS of new releases today, lots coming through the door, as we speak! We hope you all have a great weekend. TGIF!

David Allred – The Cell LP (Erased Tapes)
Raviv Amnon – Mirror LP (Paradigm Discs)
Anatolian Weapons Feat. Seirios Savvaidis – To the Mother of Gods LP (Beats in Space)
Angelo Badalamenti & David Lynch – Twin Peaks: Season Two Music & More LP/CD (Rhino)
Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires – Live at the Nick LP (Don Giovanni)
Bastille – Doom Days LP/CD (Capitol)
Will Beeley – Highways & Heart Attacks LP/CD (Tompkin’s Square)
Martin Brandlmayr – Vive Les Fantômes CD (Thrill Jockey)
Calexico and Iron & Wine – Years to Burn LP (Sub Pop)
Bill Callahan – Shepherd in a Sheepskin Vest LP/CD/TAPE (Drag City)
Carole King – Live at Montreaux 1973 CD (Eagle Rock)
Don Cherry – Complete Communion: Live at Hilversum May 9th, 1966 LP (DBQP)
Coloured Balls – Flash 7” (Just Add Water)
Coloured Balls – Won’t You Make Up Your Mind 7” (Just Add Water)
Coloured Balls – Our First Supper Last LP (Just Add Water)
Crumb – Crumb LP/CD (Crumb)
Sarah Davachi & Ariel Kalma – Intemporel LP (Black Sweat)
Dome – Dome 2 LP (Editions Mego)
Dressy Bessy – Fast Faster Disaster LP/CD (Yep Roc)
DSR Lines – Venndiagram LP (Black Sweat)
Duster – Contemporary Movement LP (Numero group) orange or black vinyl
Duster – Stratosphere LP (Numero group) cream or black vinyl
Brian Eno – Ambient 1: Music For Airports 2LP (Virgin) Half-Speed Master
Brian Eno – Ambient 4: On Land 2LP (Virgin) Half-Speed Master
Brian Eno – Discreet Music 2LP (Virgin) Half-Speed Master
Brian Eno – Music For Films 2LP (Virgin) Half-Speed Master
Equip – Cursebreaker Zero Act 1: Cemetery Moonglow 7” (100% Electronica)
Stan Getz – Getz At The Gate 3LP (Verve)
Johnny Griffin – Introducing Johnny Griffin LP (Blue Note)
Robert Hood – Reflector 12” (M-Plant)
House & Land – Across the Field LP/CD (Thrill Jockey)
ICP Tentet – Tetterettet CD (Corbett Vs. Dempsey)
Jim James – Uniform Deluxe: Uniform Distortion/Uniform Clarity 2LP/7” (ATO) w/ autographed poster!
Jeanines – Jeanines LP/CD (Slumberland) limited color vinyl
Joy Division – Unknown Pleasures LP (Factory) 40th Anniversary ed. on ruby red vinyl w/  white cover
Bill Justis – Raunchy LP (Org)
Carole King – Live At Montreux 1973 LP/CD (Eagle Rock)
Konx-om-pax – Ways of Seeing LP (Planet Mu)
Kyriakos Sfetsas – Greek Fusion Orchestra Vol. 2 LP (Teranga Beat)
Lifted – 2 LP (Pan)
Los Coast – Samsara LP (New West) limited color vinyl
Lynyrd Skynyrd – Skynyrd’s Innyrds: Their Greatest Hits LP (Geffen) limited color vinyl
Stephen O’Malley – Gruides LP (Demdike Stare)
Madonna – Madame X 2LP/PICDISC LP/CD (Interscope)
Bob Marley – Legend: The Best of Bob Marley 2LP (Tuff Gong)
The Minus 5 – Stroke Manor LP (Yep Roc)
Mndsgn – Snaxx LP/CD (Stones Throw) pink vinyl
Mono – Hymn to the Immortal Wind LP (Temporary Residence) metallic blue green vinyl or Black vinyl
Lukas Nelson & The Promise Of The Real – Turn Off the News LP/CD (Umgd)
Orphx & JK Flesh – Light Bringer 2LP (Hospital)
Jim O’Rourke & CM Von Hausswolf – In, Demons, In LP (Ideal Recordings)
Mazouni – Un Dandy En Exil – Algerie/France CD (Born Bad)
Petrol Girls – Cut & Stitch CD (Hassle)
Popol Vuh – Essential Album Collection 5LP boxed set (BMG)
Dudu Pukwana, Han Bennink, Misha Mengelberg – Yi Yole CD (Corbett Vs. Dempsey)
Jordan Rakei – Origin LP/CD (Ninja Tune) clear or black vinyl
Ammon Raviv – Mirror LP (Paradigm Discs)
R.E.M. – In Time: The Best of R.E.M. 1988-2003 2LP (Craft)
Chris Robinson Brotherhood – Servants of the Sun CD (Silver Arrow)
Marina Rosenfeld – P.A./Hard Love LP (Room40)
Sadgirl – Water LP (Suicide Squeeze)
Scorpions – Love At First Sting LP (Mercury)
Julia Shapiro – Perfect Version LP/cassette (Sub Pop)
Shellac – The End of Radio: Peel Sessions 1994 & 2004 2LP/2CD (Touch and Go)
Sounds of Liberation – Sounds of Liberation CD (Corbett Vs. Dempsey)
Bruce Springsteen – Western Stars 2LP/CD (Columbia)
Tangerine Dream – Force Majeure CD (Virgin) remaster
Tangerine Dream – Ricochet CD (Virgin) remaster
Tangerine Dream – Stratosfear CD (Virgin) remaster
Tangerine Dream – Phaedra CD (Virgin) remaster
Tangerine Dream – Rubycon CD (Virgin) remaster
Kate Tempest – Book of Traps & Lessons CD (Republic)
Masahiko Togashi, Steve Lacy, Don Cherry & Dave Holland – Live at Yubin Cokin Kaikan Hall,Tokyo on May 14, 1986 LP (Victory)
“Blue” Gene Tyranny – Out of the Blue LP/CD (Unseen Worlds)
“Blue” Gene Tyranny & Peter Gordon – Trust in Rock 3LP/CD (Unseen Worlds)
U2 – Joshua Tree (30th Anniversary) 2LP (Island) gold vinyl
Various Artists – Music Inspired By the Film Roma 2LP (Sony)
Velvet Underground – 1969 2LP (Polydor) color vinyl
Vortex – Special Request 2LP/CD (Houndstooth)
Torbjorn Zetterberg & The Great Question – Live CD (Corbett Vs. Dempsey)
Wire Magazine #425 Damon Locks feature!
Yano, Akiko – Iroha Ni Konpeitou LP/CD (We Want Sounds)
V/A – Ethnoelectronics 2LP (Black Sweat)V/A – Option 1 2CD (Corbett Vs. Dempsey)V/A – Shaolin Soul Episode 1 2LP+CD (Import Label)

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Reckless Records New Releases 2/4/2014

The snow just keeps coming down, so there’s really nothing left to do but hole up with your favorite music and we’ve got LOADS of it this week!

Aztec Camera – High Land, Hard Rain LP (Domino) reissue

Bad Religion – No Control LP (Epitaph) Pink vinyl reissue!

Beat Pharmacy – Cut Deep EP (Echocord Colour)

Behemoth – The Satanist CD/2LP (Metal Blade) With free patch while supplies last!

Black Dirt Oak – Wawayanda Patent LP (MIE)

Bombay Bicycle Club – So Long, See You Tomorrow CD (Vagrant)

Bong – Beyond Ancient Space LP (Ritual Productions)

Borbetomagus – Barbed Wire Maggots CD (Agaric)

Bouncing Souls – Bouncing Souls LP (Epitaph) Clear vinyl reissue!

Broken Bells – After the Disco CD/LP (Columbia)

John Cage – John Cage Shock Vol. 1 CD (EM Records)

John Cage – John Cage Shock Vol. 2 CD (EM Records)

John Cage – John Cage Shock Vol. 3 CD (EM Records)

Caliban – Ghost Empire CD (Century Media)

Les Claypool’s Duo de Twang – Four Foot Shack CD/2LP (ATO)

Congos – Feast CD (Kingston Sounds)

Congos – Feast LP (Kingston Sounds)

Cortex – Pourquoi LP (Trad Vibe Records)

Cortex – Vol. 2 LP  (Trad Vibe Records)

Dalglish – Niaiw Ot Vile LP (Pan)

Depeche Mode – Songs of Love & Faith LP (Rhino/Warner Bros) Back in print!

Depeche Mode – Some Great Reward LP (Rhino/Warner Bros) Back in print!

Depeche Mode – Black Celebration LP (Rhino/Warner Bros) Back in print!

Depeche Mode – Music for the Masses LP (Rhino/Warner Bros) Back in print!

Andreas Dorau – Haupt CD (Bureau B)

Andreas Dorau – Haupt/Silb (Bureau B)

Dream Syndicate – The Day Before Wine & Roses: Live at KPFK, September 5, 1982 CD (Omnivore)

Exciters – Tell Him LP (Rumble)

Exmortus – Slave to the Sword CD (Prosthetic)

Feadz – Instant Alpha CD (Because Music)

Feadz – Instant Alpha 2LP +CD (Because Music)

David First – Electronic Works 1976-1977 LP (Dais)

For Today – Fight the Silence CD/LP (Razor & Tie)

Frank Fairfield – Duncan & Brady b/w Devil’s Dream Medley 7” (Third Man)

The Fall – Remainderer 10” (Cherry Red)

Gardens & Villa – Dunes CD/LP (Secretly Canadian)

Lenis Guess – The Norfolk Soul Sound 3×7” Box (Jazzman)

The Haden Triplets – The Haden Triplets CD/LP (Third Man)

Twig Harper – New Lost LP (Planam)

Screamin’ Jay Hawkins – What That Is! LP (Barnyard)

Helm – The Hollow Organ LP (Pan)

Toshi Ikiyanagi – Obscure Tape Music From Japan, Vol. 17: Funakakushi CD (Edition Omega Point)

Jucifer – 3A Bohton… (this title is in Russian) CD (Nomadic Fortress)

Lasse Marhaug & Bruce Russell – Virginia Plane LP (Spring Press) Limited to 500.

Mark McGuire – Along the Way CD/2LP (Dead Oceans)

Jeremy Messersmith – Heart Murmurs CD (Glassnote)

Steve Miller Band – Live at the Cararousel Ballroom, San Francisco, April 28, 1969 (Keyhole)

Millie & Andrea – Stage 2 12” (Daphne) Andy Stott & Demdike Stare’s Miles Whittaker!

Musi-O-Tunya – Give Love to Your Children CD/2LP (Now Again)

Marissa Nadler – July CD/LP (Sacred Bones)

Shirley Nanette – Never Coming Back CD/LP (Truth & Soul) reissue

New York Dolls – Too Much Too Soon LP (Truth & Soul) Pink vinyl reissue!

NOFX – Ribbed LP (Epitaph) Red vinyl reissue!

Nomeansno – In the Fishtank 1 LP (Fishtank)

Orange Juice – S/T (third album) CD (Domino) reissue

Orange Juice – You Can’t Hide Your Love Forever CD (Domino) reissue

Orange Juice – Texas Fever CD (Domino) reissue

Orchid – Capricorn (the Zodiac Sessions) 2LP (Nuclear Blast) 180g orange vinyl with an etched D-side!

Piebald – Accidental Gentlemen LP (SRC) yellow vinyl reissue.

Piebald – All Ears All Eyes All the Time LP (SRC) clear/blue vinyl reissue.

+/- (Plus Minus) – Jumping the Tracks LP  (Teenbeat) Orange vinyl.

Profile – Overheated b/w Gold Leaves 7” (Sacred Bones)

Prostitute Disfigurement – From Crotch to Crown CD (Willowtip)

Pye Corner Audio – Black Mill Tapes Vol. 3 & 4 2LP (Type)

Rancid – Rancid (first album) LP (Epitaph) Orange vinyl reissue!

Rangda – Live In Krefield 10” (Unrock)

Rival Schools – United by Fate LP (SRC) finally back in print!

Gabriel Saloman – Soldier’s Requiem CD (Miasmah)

Selda – Vuruldukey Halkm Unutma Bizi CD (Pharaway Sounds)

Smegma & Blood Stereo – Guff Vout Mulch LP (Nashazphone)

Sunroof! – Rock Power LP  (Nashazphone)

Sunn O)))/ Ulver – Terrestrials CD (Southern Lord) vinyl coming soon.

Tomorrow the Rain Will Fall Upward – How Great a Fame Has Departed? 12” (Blackest Ever Black)

Tower of Light – Tower of Light CD/LP (Felte)

Virile Games – Wounded Laurel 12” (Hospital)

Voices From the Lake – Silent Drops EP (Prologue)

Water Liars – Water Liars CD/LP (Big Legal Mess)

Juan Wauters – NAP (North American Poetry) CD/LP (Captured Tracks)

Within Temptation – Hydra 2CD (Nuclear Blast)

Stevie Wonder – Jazz Soul LP (Rumble)

Stevie Wonder – Tribute to Uncle Ray LP (Rumble)

Xasthur – Telepathic With the Deceased 2LP (Foreign Sounds) reissue

Xiu Xiu – Angel Guts: Red Classroom CD/LP (Polyvinyl) Clear vinyl.

XO – Heart LP (Equal Vision)

V/A – Big Lizard Stomp: Teen Trash From Psychedelic Tokyo CD (Bamboo)

V/A – Disco Reggae LP (Stix)

V/A – Let No One Judge You:  Early Recordings From Iran 1906-1933 2CD (Honest Jon’s)

V/A – Let No One Judge You:  Early Recordings From Iran 1906-1933 4LP Boxed Set (Honest Jon’s)

V/A – 100 Moons: Hindustani Vocal Art, 1930-1955 LP (Mississippi)

V/A – Pop Ambient 2014 (Kompakt)

V/A – This is the Town: a Tribute to Nilsson CD/LP (Royal Potato) Yellow vinyl!