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Reckless Records New Releases 3/3/2015

Anathema – The Silent Enigma 2LP (Peaceville) back in stock

Antemasque – Antemasque LP (Nadie Sound) finally on vinyl!

Ata Kak – Obaa Sima CD/LP (Awesome Tapes from Africa)

Au.ra – Jane’s Lament LP (Felte)

Bayside – Cult 2LP (Hopeless)

Bobby Beausoleil – Orb LP (Black Moss)

Blaxxx – For No Apparent Reason LP (12XU)

Bugs & Rats – Bugs & Rats LP (Feeding Tube)

Cannibal Ox – Blade of the Ronin CD (iHipHop)

Brandi Carlile – The Firewatcher’s Daughter CD/LP (ATO)

Michael Chapman – Polar Bear LP (Blast First Petite)

Darkthrone – Plaguewielder LP (Peaceville) back in stock

Sophie Dickinson – Cucucanady LP (Feeding Tube)

DRKWAV – The Purge 2LP (Royal Potato)

Dropdead/Unholy Grave – Split 7” (Armageddon) reissue

Dropdead/Brainoil – Split 7” (Armageddon)

Danny Elfman – Batman: The Animated Series 12” (Mondo) die-cut, “Bat Signal” shaped vinyl

Entrance Band – See for Yourself 10” (April 77)  comes with incense sticks! not joking

Eleh – Homage to the Square Wave /Sine Wave/Pointed Waveforms 3CD (Important)

Francis the Great – Ravissante Baby LP (Hot Casa)

Rhiannon Giddens – Tomorrow is my Turn LP (Nonesuch)

Johnny Greenwood – Inherent Vice (soundtrack) 2LP (Nonesuch)

Hard Skin – Do You Like Hospital Food? LP (JT Classics)

Gill Landry – Gill Landry CD/LP (ATO)

LAPS – Ladies As Pimps 12” (Clan Destine)

Lifelover – Konkurs LP (Prophecy) on blue or black vinyl

Lord Snow/Afterlife Kids – Split LP (Adagio 830)

Louder – Louder LP (Sorry State)

Manhunt – Manhunt LP (625)

Mastodon – Blood Mountain LP (Reprise) reissue

Mercy Killings – Snuffed Out 7” (Beach Impediment)

Moggi (Piero Umiliani) – Tra Scienza E Fantascienza LP (We Release Whatever the Fuck We Want)

Mortuary Drape – Spiritual Independence CD/LP (Iron Tyrant)

Moon Duo – Shadow of the Sun CD/LP (Sacred Bones) limited black or red vinyl w/ bonus 7”

Napalm – It’s a Warning: Singles & Live (Discography) LP (Static Age)

Nekrofilth – Filling My Blood With Poison LP (Hell’s Headbangers) 2009 demo on LP

No Age – Weirdo Rippers LP (Fat Cat) first U.S. vinyl pressing

Novelist x Mumdance – 1 Sec b/w Shook 12” (XL)

Nunslaughter/Witchtrap – Split 7” (Hell’s Headbangers)

Nunslaughter/Perversor – Split 7” (Hell’s Headbangers)

October 31 – Meet Thy Maker 2LP (Hell’s Headbangers)

October 31 – The Fire Awaits You LP (Hell’s Headbangers)

October 31 – Bury the Hatchet LP (Hell’s Headbangers)

Of Montreal – Aureate Gloom CD/LP (Polyvinyl)

Riz Ortolani – Cannibal Holocaust (soundtrack) LP (Mondo)

Palmbomen II – Palmbomen II CD/LP (RVNG)

Maggi Payne – Crystal CD (Lovely Music)

Pig Heart Transplant – For Mass Consumption LP (Iron Lung)

Portal/Blood of Kingu – Split 7” (Hell’s Headbangers)

Purity Ring – Another Eternity CD/LP (4AD)

Elaine Radigue – Songs of Milareda 2CD (Lovely Music)

Joanne Robertson – Black Moon Days LP (Feeding Tube)

Jeff Rosenstock – We Cool? CD (Side One Dummy)

Arthur Russell – Calling Out of Context LP (Audika) back in print!

Saturnalia Temple – To the Other CD (Listenable)

Howard Shore – Scanners/ Brood soundtracks LP (Mondo) first time on wax! colored vinyl

Sigur Ros – Von 2LP (XL) reissue

Skemata – Skemata LP (Sorry State)

Stones, the – Three Blind Mice CD (Flying Nun)

Swervedriver – I Wasn’t Born to Lose You CD/2LP (Cobraside)

Toys That Kill/Joyce Manor – Split 7” (Recess)

Francois Tusques & Don Cherry – La Maison Fille Du Soleil 7” (Cacophonic)

Tuxedo – Tuxedo CD (Stones Throw)

Twins – Cold Gemini EP 12” (Clan Destine)

Uniform Choice – 1982 Orange Peel Sessions 7” (Dr. Strange)

Velvet Illusions – Velvet Illusions LP (Moi J’Connais)

Vermont – The Other 12” (Kompakt)

Wildhoney – Sleep Through It LP (Deranged)

Wymyn’s Prysyn – Head in a Vise LP (Drugged Conscience)

Xetas – The Redeemer LP (12XU)

Dwight Yoakam – Hillbilly Deluxe LP (Warner Nashville)

Young Buffalo – House CD/LP (Votiv)

V/A – Hypnotic Cajun & Obscure Zydeco 2 LP (Moi J’Connais)

V/A – Immortal Randy Rhoades 2LP (UDR)

V/A – Ultra High Frequencies: the Chicago Party CD/2LP (Numero Group)

Reckless Records New Releases 2/24/2015

All That Remains – The Order of Things CD/2LP (Razor & Tie)

Amorphis – Elegy 2LP (Relapse)

Luis Bacalov – Django (soundtrack) LP (AMS)

Mahalia Barnes & the Soul Mates – Ooh Yea! – The Betty Davis Songbook (Feat. Joe Bonamassa) CD (J&R)

Bedemon – Child of Darkness CD/LP (Relapse) early PENTAGRAM side project

Big Dick – Disappointment LP (Dirt Cult)

Big Sean – Dark Sky Paradise CD (Def Jam)

Blues Traveler – Blues Traveler 2LP (Brookvale)

Blues Traveler – Travelers & Thieves 2LP (Brookvale)

Blues Traveler – Four 2LP (Brookvale)

Blues Traveler – Save His Soul 2LP (Brookvale)

Boduf Songs – Stench of Exist LP (Flenser)

David Bowie – Young Americans 40th Anniversary 7” (Rhino/Parlaphone) picture disc

Travis Bretzer – Waxing Romantic CD (Mexican Summer)

Eric Burdon & the Animals – Winds of Change CD/LP (Sundazed) mono vinyl

Eric Burdon & the Animals – The Twain Shall Meet CD/LP (Sundazed) mono vinyl

Michael Chapman – Window CD/LP (Light in the Attic)

Cheatahs – Sunne EP CDEP/12″  (Wichita)

Don Cherry – Complete Communion LP (Blue Note)

Conduct – Fear & Desire LP (Public Tone)

Dan Deacon – Gliss Riffer CD/LP (Domino)

Demrick & Cali Cleve – Losing Focus CD (Battle Axe)

Dengue Fever – The Deepest Lake LP (Tuk Tuk) now on vinyl

Destroyer 666 – Unchain the Wolves LP (Hell’s Headbangers)

Diamond Rugs – Cosmetics CD/LP (Sycamore)

Bo Diddley – Have Guitar Will Travel LP (Sundazed)

Bo Diddley – Bo Diddley is a Lover LP (Sundazed)

Disrotted – Disrotted LP (Diseased Audio)

DJ Overdose – Master Control 12” (Viewlexx)

Eagles – The Long Run LP (Elektra)

Eagles – One of These Nights LP (Elektra)

Eagles – On the Border LP (Elektra)

Eagles – Eagles LP (Elektra)

Eagles – Desperado LP (Elektra)

Eagles – Hotel California LP (Elektra)

Eartheater – Metalepsis CASSETTE (Hausu Mountain)

Alex Ebert – A Most Violent Year CD/LP (Community Music)

Ensiferum – One Man Army deluxe CD (Metal Blade)

Eternal Death – Eternal Death CD (Labrador)

Eternal Tapestry – Eternal Tapestry CD/LP (Thrill Jockey)

Falling in Reverse – Just Like You CD (Epitaph)

Fleetwood Mac – Bare Trees LP (Rhino/Warner Bros)

Fleetwood Mac – Future Games LP (Rhino/Warner Bros)

Fleetwood Mac – Kiln House 2LP (Rhino/Warner Bros)

Fleetwood Mac – Then Play On 2LP (Rhino/Warner Bros)

Free Weed – Introducing LP w/ DVD (Bad Diet)

Future Brown – Future Brown CD/LP (Warp)

Gamma Pulse – Dead But Dreaming CD (Bullet Tooth)

Girls at Our Best – Pleasure LP (Optic Nerve)

Robert Glasper – Double Booked 2LP (Blue Note)

Colleen Green – I Want to Grow Up CD/LP (Hardly Art)

Steve Gunn & the Black Twig Pickers – Seasonal Hire CD/LP (Thrill Jockey)

Halshug – Blodets Band LP (Southern Lord)

Juliana Hatfield Three – Whatever, My Love CD (American Laundromat)

High Power – High Power CD (Shadow Kingdom)

Hot Sugar – God’s Hand CD/LP (Break World)

Human Remains – Using Sickness as a Hero LP (Relapse) first time on vinyl

Ice Cube – Death Certificate LP (Priority)

Incantation – Onward to Golgotha LP (Relapse)

Inquisition – Invoking the Majestic Throne of Satan CD/2LP (Season of Mist)

Iron & Wine – Archive Series Volume No. 1 CD/2LP (Black Cricket)

Kid Rock – First Kiss CD (Warner Bros)

Daniel Knox – Daniel Knox CD/LP (Carrot Top)

Laibach – Nova Akropola LP (Optic Nerve)

Laika – Silver Apples of the Moon LP (Medical)

Led Zeppelin – Physical Graffiti 2CD or 3CD, Super  Deluxe 3CD/3LP boxset (Atlantic) vinyl slightly

   delayed . . .

LoneLady – Bunkerpop 12” (Warp)

Make Do and Mend – Don’t Be Long LP (Rise)

Cliff Martinez – My Life (soundtrack) CD (Milan)

Dave Matthews Band – Under the Table & Dreaming LP (RCA) deluxe edition, first time on vinyl

Thelonious Monk – Genius of Modern Music Vol. 2 LP (Blue Note)

Monochrome Set – Eligible Bachelors LP (Optic Nerve)

Steve Moore – Moon Occults Saturn at Dawn 7” (Ghost Box)

Ennio Morricone – Big Gundown (soundtrack) LP (Dagored)

Ennio Morricone – For a Few Dollars More (soundtrack) 10” (AMS)

Pauline Murray & the Invisible Girls – S/T 2CD (Les Discs De Crepuscle)

Neon – Tapes of Darkness 12” (Disordine)

Nickodemus – Wonderworld: 10 Years of Painting Outside the Lines CD (Wonderwheel)

N.O.I.A. – The Rule to Survive (Looking For Love) 12” (Italian)

Nozinja/Tessela – Wa Chacha 12” (Bleep)

Pan-Thy-Monium – Pan-Thy-Monium III: Khaooohs & Kon-Fusion LP (Relapse)

Pattern Forms – Fluchtwege 7” (Ghost Box)

Pelican – The Cliff 12” (Southern Lord) orange vinyl

James Place – Living on Superstition LP (Umor Rex)

Pop Group – Citizen Zombie CD, 2CD or LP (Freaks R Us)

Post Industrial Noise – Official Anthology LP (Medical)

Sam Prekop – The Republic CD/LP (Thrill Jockey)

Public Service Broadcasting – The Race For Space CD/LP (Test Card)

Punch Brothers – The Phosphorescent Blues LP (Nonesuch)

Ravenna Colt – Terminal Current CD/LP (Karate Body)

Redman – Dare Iz A Darkside LP (Def Jam)

Sonny Rollins – Newk’s Time LP (Blue Note)

Romare – Projections CD/LP (Ninja Tune)

Rush – Caress of Steel LP (Mercury)

Saun & Starr – Look Closer b/w Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah 7” (Daptone)

Screaming Females – Rose Mountain CD/LP (Don Giovanni)

Short Term Memory – Effect of Excess LP (Silly Poodle) original press of this 80’s synth LP!

Silkworm – Chokes! LP (Comedy Minus One)

Simian Ghost – The Veil 2LP (Playground)

Sonny & the Sunsets – Talent Night at the Ashram CD/LP (Polyvinyl)

Spires That in the Sunset Rise – Mirror Cave CASSETTE (Perfect Wave)

Sumac – The Deal CD (Profound Lore)

Svengalisghost – Russian Torrent Version 15 12” (Russian Torrents)

Sway – Millia Pink and Green 12” (Saint Marie)

Taake – Stridens Hus CD (Candlelight)

Theesatisfaction – Earthee CD/LP (Sub Pop)

Torche – Restarter CD/LP (Relapse)

Tse-Tse – Land in Sicht LP (Medical) reissue

2AM/FM – Doomsday Initiative I 12” (Nation)

Two Dogs in a House – Doomsday Initiative II 12” (Nation)

Warhorse – As Heaven Turns to Ash LP (Southern Lord) gold vinyl reissue

Weedeater – God Luck & Good Speed LP (Season of Mist)

Weedeater – Jason the Dragon LP (Season of Mist)

Weeping Rat – Tar CD (Handmade Birds)

Yak – Hungry Heart b/w Something on Your Mind 7” (Fat Possum)

Rob Zombie – Spookshow International Live CD (T-Boy)

Reckless Records New Releases 2/17/2015

Adventures – Supersonic Home CD/LP (Run for Cover)

Amazing, the – Picture You CD/LP (PTKF)

Oren Ambarchi – Quixotism LP (Editions Mego)

Shinichi Atobe – Butterfly Effect LP (Demdike Stare)

Axis:Sova – Early Surf LP (God?)

Sir Richard Bishop – Tangier Session CD/LP/CASSETTE (Drag City)

Blu – Kiss the Sky 7” (Coalmine)

Boulders – Rock N Roll Will Never Die LP (Wharf Cat)

Bunny Lion – Red LP (Fantasy Memory)

S. Carey – Supermoon 12” (Jagjaguwar)

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds – Let Love In LP (Mute)

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds – Tender Prey LP (Mute)

Eric Chenaux – Skullsplitter CD/LP (Constellation)

Cottaging – Amyl Banshee 12” (Wharf Cat)

Carl Craig – More Songs About Food & Revolutionary Art 2LP (Planet E/Rush Hour)

Dengue Dengue Dengue – La Alianza Profana LP (Chusma)

Dinosaur Jr – Bug Live at the 9:30 Club: Washington DC June 2011 LP (Outer Battery) red vinyl

DJ Clent – Last Bus to Lake Park 2LP (Duck N’ Cover)

DJ Sprinkles & Mark Fell – Fresh Insights EP1 (Comatose Recordings)

Steve Earle & the Dukes – Terraplane CD, CD w/ DVD or 2LP (New West)

Jose Gonzalez – Vestiges & Claws CD/LP (Mute)

Grooms – Comb the Feelings Through Your Hair CD/LP (Western Vinyl)

Hex Inverter – Hex Inverter CD (Redscroll/Translation Loss)

Hey Colossus – In Black & Gold LP (Rocket Recordings)

Ibeyi – Ibeyi CD/LP (XL)

Imagine Dragons – Smoke + Mirrors CD/LP (KIDinaKORNER/Interscope)

In Tall Buildings – Driver LP (Western Vinyl)

Erkin Koray – Elektronik Turkuler LP (Pharaway Sound) back in stock

Lapsley – The Understudy 12” (XL)

Letts – Hold Fast CD/LP (Vagrant)

Cliff Martinez – Film Fest Gent CD (Milan)

Ro Maron – Collected #1 2LP/2CD (Musique Pour La Danse)

Mourn – Mourn CD/LP (Captured Tracks)

N.O.I.A. – Stranger In a Strange Land 12” (Italian Records)

Notwist – Shrink LP (Outer Battery) reissue

Obnox – Boogalou Reed LP (12XU)

Jim O’Rourke & Oren Ambarchi – Behold LP (Editions Mego)

Phoenix – It’s Never Been Like That LP (Rhino/Parlophone)

Phoenix – United LP (Rhino/Parlophone)

Phoenix – Alphabetical LP (Rhino/Parlophone)

Phosphorescent – Live at the Music Hall 3LP (Dead Oceans)

A Place to Bury Strangers – Transfixation CD/LP (Dead Oceans)

Sigur Ros – Agaetis Byrjun 2LP (XL)

Six Organs of Admittance – Hexadic CD/LP (Drag City)

Pops Staples – Don’t Lose This CD/LP (Anti-)

Todd Terje – Preben Remixed 10” (Olsen)

Nedelle Torrisi – Advice from Paradise LP (Ethereal Sequence)

Alan Watts – This Is It! LP (Numero Group)

Trevor Wishart – Red Bird LP (Sub Rosa)

Tropics – Rapture CD/LP (Innovative Leisure)

V/A – Young Turks 2014 LP (Young Turks)

Reckless Records 2/10/2015 New Releases

Shinichi Atobe – Butterfly Effect 2LP (Demdike Stare)

Jeff Austin – The Simple Truth LP (Yep Roc)

Blacklisted – When People Grow, People Go CD/LP/CASSETTE (Deathwish)

Benjamin Booker – Live at Third Man Records LP (Third Man)

Call of the Void – Ageless CD/LP (Relapse)

Jefre Cantu-Ledesma – Year with 13 Moons CD/LP (Mexican Summer)

Caught on Tape (Thurston Moore & John Moloney) – Full Bleed CD/LP (Northern Spy)

ChillxWill – Almighty CD (Ill Adrenaline)

Districts, the – A Flourish and a Spoil CD/LP (Fat Possum)

DJ Clent – Last Bus to Lake Park 2LP (w/CD) (Duck N’ Cover)

Dr. John – In the Right Place LP (Atco)

Exhumed – Gore Metal: a Necrospective CD (Relapse)

Father John Misty – I Love You, Honeybear CD/2LP/deluxe 2LP (Sub Pop)

Gaslamp Killer – Breakthrough 2×10” (Gaslamp Killer)

Marvin Gaye – Trouble Man LP (Motown)

Rhiannon Giddens – Tomorrow is my Turn CD (Nonesuch)

Heiress – Of Great Sorrow CD/LP (Mylene Sheath)

Willie Hutch – The Mack LP (Motown)

Danny James – Pear CD/LP (Burger)

Robert Earl Keen – Happy Prisoner 2LP (Dual Tone)

Killjoys – Naive LP (Damaged Goods)

Bob Lind – Since There were Circles LP (Mapache)

Dan Lissvik – Shuvit! 12” (Smalltown Supersound)

Marduk – Frontschwein CD/LP (Century Media)

Meshuggah – I 12” (Nuclear Blast) first time on vinyl!

Meters – Fire on the Bayou LP (Reprise)

Thelonious Monk – Monk LP (Fantasy)

My Chemical Romance – Black Parade 2LP (Reprise)

My Chemical Romance – Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge LP (Reprise)

Niko Is – Brutus CD (Javotti)

NOFX & Friends – Home Street Home CD (Fat Wreck Chords)

NOFX – Backstage Passport (soundtrack) LP (Fat Wreck Chords) now on vinyl!

Non-Phixion – The Future is Now CASSETTE (Uncle Howie)

Nuclear Santa Claust – Je Ne Sais Claust LP (Don Giovanni)

NWA – Niggaz4life LP (Priority)

Om – Om Live: Sinai LP (Outer Battery)

Pharaoh – Negative Everything CD (Translation Loss)

Pinkshinyultrablast – Everything Else Matters LP (Shelflife)

Prima Donna – Nine Lives and Forty Fives LP (Alive)

Retox – Beneath California LP (Epitaph)

Rone – Creatures LP (InFine)

Rosetta – Flies to Flame LP (Translation Loss) now on vinyl!

Rye Coalition – The Story of the Hard Luck 5 DVD (MVD)

Martin Sexton – Mixtape Of The Open Road CD/LP (Kitchen Table)

Sherwood & Pinch – Late Night Endless CD/3LP (On-U Sound)

Sick of It All – Hardcore Equals Freedom 7” (Century Media)

Southern Culture on the Skids and Fred Schneider – Party at My Trouse 12” (Yep Roc)

Ting Tings – Super Critical LP (Finca) now on vinyl!

Wiley – Life is a Game of Snakes and Ladders CD/LP (Big Dada)

Thom Yorke – Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes LP

V/A – Angel Dust Psychedelia LP (Frisco Speedball)

V/A – Mar-V-Lus Records: the One-Derful Collection CD/2LP (Secret Stash)

V/A – Punk 45: Burn, Rubber City, Burn – Akron, OH 1975-80 CD/2LP (Soul Jazz)

V/A – Punk 45: Extermination Nights in the Sixth City – Cleveland, OH 1975-80 CD/2LP (Soul Jazz)

V/A – William Shakespeare’s Romeo + Juliet (soundtrack) LP (Capitol) this is the ‘90s movie

Reckless Records New Releases 2/3/2015

Olafur Arnalds – Broadchurch: the Original Soundtrack CD

Avichi – Catharsis Absolute 2LP (New Density) finally on vinyl!

Bloodbath – Fathomless Mastery 2LP (Peaceville)

John Carpenter – Lost Themes CD/LP (Sacred Bones) Colored vinyl is extremely limited & might be sold out by the time you read this, sorry!

Jeff Cowell – Lucky Strikes & Liquid Gold LP (Numero Group)

Darkthrone – Ravishing Grimness LP (Peaceville)

Dead in the Manger – Cessation LP (20 Buck Spin)

Bob Dylan – Shadows in the Night CD/LP (Columbia)

Entombed – DCLXVI: To Ride, Shoot Straight and Speak the Truth 2LP (Threeman)

Entombed – Same Difference 2LP (Threeman)

Entombed – Uprising 2LP (Threeman)

Juan & Carmelle – Wearing Leather, Wearing Fur 12” (Captured Tracks)

Katatonia – Viva Emptiness 2LP (Peaceville)

Diana Krall – Wallflower CD/2LP (Verve)

Krieg – Transient LP w/ 7” (Init)

Michna – Thousand Thursday CD/LP (Ghostly International)

Nas: Time is Illmatic DVD (Kino Lorber)

Nite Fields – Depersonalisation CD/LP (Felte)

Octagrape – Major Mayor Maxion Marble LP (Sounds Familyre)

Really Red – Volume 1: Teaching You the Fear LP (Alternative Tentacles)

Really Red – Volume 2: Rest in Pain LP (Alternative Tentacles)

Really Red – Volume 3: New Strings for Old Puppets LP (Alternative Tentacles)

Swami John Reis & the Blind Shake – Modern Surf Classics CD/LP (Swami)

Ricked Wicky – Piss Face 7” (GBV)

Ricked Wicky – Death Metal Kid 7” (GBV)

Ricked Wicky – Mobility 7” (GBV)

Ricked Wicky – I Sell the Circus CD/LP (GBV)

Matana Roberts – Coin Coin Chapter Three: River Run Thee CD/LP (Constellation)

Scientist – The Dub Album They Didn’t Want You to Hear! LP (Jah Life/Deeper Knowledge)

Ty Segall Band – Live in San Francisco CD/LP (Castle Face)

Two Gallants – We Are Undone CD/LP (ATO)

Tyrannosaurus Rex – My People Were Fair & had Sky in Their Hair...CD (Polydor) mono reissue

Tyrannosaurus Rex – Prophets, Seers & Sages the Angels of the Ages CD (Polydor) mono reissue

Tyrannosaurus Rex – Unicorn CD (Polydor) mono reissue

Victor Villarreal – Sleep Talk LP (Joyful Noise)

John Williams – Jaws (soundtrack) LP (Geffen)

John Williams – ET: the Extra-Terrestrial LP (Geffen)

V/A – Pulp Fiction (soundtrack) LP (Geffen) picture disc

V/A- The Godfather (soundtrack) LP (Geffen)

Reckless Records New Releases 1/27/2015

1349 – Beyond the Apocalypse 2LP (Back on Black)

Amason – Sky City CD/LP (Fairfax)

Aphex Twin – Computer Controlled Acoustic Instruments Pt. 2 12” (Warp)

Aphex Twin – Selected Ambient Works 85-92 CD (Apollo)

Aphex Twin – Classics CD (R&S)

Joey Beltram – Energy Flash 12” (R&S)

Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers – Mosaic LP (Blue Note)

Blood Brothers – Burn, Piano Island, Burn LP (Second Nature)

Blood Brothers – Young Machetes LP (Second Nature)

Blood Brothers – Crimes LP (Second Nature

Bonnie “Prince” Billy – Mindlessness 7” (Drag City)

Chandos – Rats in your Bed LP (Carpark)

Cloudkicker – Live with Intronaut LP (Century Media) now on vinyl

Corrosion of Conformity – Blind 2LP (Prosthetic)

Corrosion of Conformity – Deliverance 2LP (Prosthetic)

Dengue Fever – The Deepest Lake CD (MRI) vinyl out late February

Doomtree – All Hands CD/2LP (Doomtree)

Execration – Morbid Dimensions CD/2LP (Hell’s Headbangers)

Falloch – This Island, Our Funeral CD (Candlelight)

Jake Xerxes Fussell – Jake Xerxes Fussell CD/LP (Paradise of Bachelors)

Howe Gelb – Little Sand Box 8CD (Fire)

Gov’t Mule featuring John Scofield – Sco-Mule CD/2LP (Evil Teen)

Guided By Voices – Bee Thousand LP (Scat)

Guided By Voices – King Shit & the Golden Boys (LP (Scat)

Half Japanese – Volume 2: 1987-1989 3CD/3LP (Fire)

Herbie Hancock – Empyrean Isles LP (Blue Note)

Howlin Rain – Mansion Songs CD/LP (Welk)

Jamie T – Carry on the Grudge CD (Epitaph)

Jib Kidder – Teaspoon to the Ocean LP (Weird World)

Nina Kraviz – Nina Kraviz DJ-Kicks 2LP (K7)

Danny Kroha – Angels Watching Over Me CD/LP (Third Man)

Lone Bellow – Then Came the Morning CD/LP (Descendant)

Lord Dying – Poisoned Altars CD/LP (Relapse)

Lowbrow Reader (issue #9) MAGAZINE

Derrick May – Innovator 2CD (R&S)

Menace Beach – Ratworld LP (Memphis Industries)

Model 500 – Sonic Sunset 2LP (R&S)

Model 500 – The Passage 12” (Apollo)

Mogwai – Music Industry 3, Fitness Industry 1 EP CDEP/12” (Rock Action)

Monster Rally & Jay Stone – Foreign Pedestrians LP (Gold Robot)

Jason Moran – Soundtrack to Human Motion LP (Blue Note)

Napalm Death – Apex Predator: Easy Meat CD/LP (Century Media)

Nasum – Helvete LP (Relapse)

Nasum – Human 2.0 LP (Relapse)

Nasum – Inhale/Exhale LP (Relapse)

Nasum – Shift LP (Relapse)

Nervecell – Psychogenocide CD (Unique Leader)

Ne-Yo – Non-Fiction CD (Motown)

Noveller – Fantastic Planet CD/LP (Fire)

NRBQ – Interstellar 10” (Sundazed)

Karen O – Crush Songs CASSETTE (Cult)

Ono – Ennui LP (Priority Male)

Oorutaichi – Drifting My Folklore LP (Streamline)

Ann Peebles – The Handwriting is on the Wall LP (Fat Possum)

Periphery – Juggernaut: Alpha CD (Sumerian)

Periphery – Juggernaut: Omega CD (Sumerian)

Plastic Palace People – From the Host of Late-Comers LP (Streamline)

Natalie Prass – Natalie Prass CD/LP (Spacebomb)

Jessica Pratt – On Your Own Love Again CD/LP (Drag City)

Prima Donna – Nine Lives and Forty Fives CD/LP (Alive)

Punch Brothers – Phosphorescent Blues CD (Nonesuch)

Radio Birdman – Radios Appear LP (Citadel)

Radio Birdman – Live At Paddington Town Hall 12 December 1977 LP (Citadel)

Rancid – B Sides & C Sides LP (Cobraside)

Alasdair Roberts – Alasdair Roberts CD/LP (Drag City)

Rush – Fly By Night LP (Mercury)

Shadows of Knight – Live 1966 CD/LP (Sundazed)

Wayne Shorter – Adam’s Apple LP (Blue Note)

Soul Stirrers – Joy In My Soul: The Complete SAR Recordings CD (ABKCO)

Standells – Live 1966 CD/LP (Sundazed)

Swervedriver – Setting Sun 7” (Cobraside) brand new material!!

Talker – Hari LP (Downwards)

Cecil Taylor – Unit Structures LP (Blue Note)

Bjorn Torske – Trobbel 2LP (Smalltown Supersound)

Bjorn Torske – Nedi Myra CD (Smalltown Supersound)

Venom – From the Very Depths CD (Spinefarm)

Jim White vs. the Packway Handle Band – Take it Like a Man CD (Yep Roc)

Johnny Winter – Gangster of Love: the Early Years 2CD (Fuel/Airline)

Xibalba – Tierra Y Libertad CD/LP (Southern Lord)

You Blew It – Pioneer of Nothing 7” (Jade Tree)

V/A – Dance Mania: Ghetto Madness CD/2LP (Strut)

V/A – King Strings: King Federal Deluxe Guitar Grooves, 1949-1962

Reckless Records New Releases 1/20/2015

Amen Dunes – Cowboy Worship 12” (Sacred Bones)

Joey Bada$$ – B4.DA.$$ CD/2LP (Cinematic Music)

Bastard Noise & Kalmex & the Riffmerchants – Ultra Sonic Holocaust LP (Hear More)

Belle & Sebastian – Girls in Peacetime Want to Dance 2CD/2LP/4LP (Matador)

Betty Ford Boys – Retox LP (Melting Pot)

Big KRIT – 4Eva N a Day 2LP (Cinematic Music) finally on vinyl

Big KRIT – King Remembered in Time 2LP (Cinematic Music) finally on vinyl

Bingers, the – Gonna Get You 7” (Tall Pat)

Alex Calder – Strange Dreams CD/LP (Captured Tracks)

Chavez – Gone Glimmering LP (Matador)

Chavez – Ride the Fader LP (Matador)

Ciudad Lineal – El Nuevo Hombre LP (La Vida es un Mus)

Cloakroom – Further Out 2LP (Run for Cover)

Coultrain – Side Effex of Make-Believe: Divided for Love’s Sake CASSETTE (Fresh Selects)

Decemberists – What a Terrible World, What a Beautiful World CD/LP (Capitol)

Mac Demarco – Demos Volume 1 CD (Captured Tracks)

Disappears – Irreal CD/LP (Kranky)

DOA – Positively DOA: 33rd Anniversary Reissue 7” (Sudden Death)

Dosh & Ghostband – Def Kith 12” (Anticon)

DD Dumbo – Tropical Oceans 12” (4AD)

Hanni El Khatib – Moonlight CD (Innovative Leisure)

Elephant Micah – Where in Our Woods CD/LP (Western Vinyl)

Enter Shikari – The Mindsweep CD (Hopeless)

Erase Errata – Lost Weekend LP (Under the Sun)

Fall Out Boy – American Beauty/American Psycho CD (Island)

Red Garland Trio – Swingin’ On The Korner: Live At Keystone Korner 2CD/2LP (Elemental)

Derek Grant – Breakdown CD/LP (Red Scare)

Hassler – Fed Worked & Watered LP (Deranged)

John Hiatt – Terms of My Surrender CD/DVD (New West)

Hollow Mountain – Hollow Mountain 7” (Tall Pat)

Isis – Panopticon 2LP (Ipecac)

J Dilla – The J Dilla Batches 10” (Yancey Music Group) Four separate 10-inches with Dilla beats!

  1. Rocc – Beats on Tap(e), Side 1 CASSETTE (Stones Throw)

Jellyfish – Spilt Milk 2CD (Omnivore)

Jellyfish – Bellybutton 2CD (Omnivore)

Klaus Layer – Restless Adventures LP (Redefinition)

Lil Silva – Mabel 12” (True Panther Sounds)

Marcus Marr – Brown Sauce 12” (DFA)

Marilyn Manson – The Pale Emperor regular or deluxe CD, black or white LP (Loma Vista)

Dan Melchior – The Souls of Birds and Mice LP (Siltbreeze)

Melvins- Ozma/Bullhead 2LP (Boner)

Melvins – Eggnog/Lice All (Boner)

Hailu Mergia – Musicawi Silt b/w Tche Belew 7” (Awesome Tapes from Africa)

Mild High Club – Here’s the Mild High Club 7” (Stones Throw)

MNDSGN – Surface Outtakes LP (Leaving)

Modey Lemon – House on the Hill LP (Omentum) first time on vinyl!

Modey Lemon – Modey Lemon LP (Mind Cure) first time on vinyl!

Jack Name – Weird Moons CD/LP (Castle Face)

Negative Scanner – Pastel Blue, Clinical White b/w AWOL 7” (Tall Pat)

Neighborhood Brats – Recovery CD/LP (Deranged)

New Brigade – Join the Brigade LP (Six Feet Under)

New Edition – Candy Girl LP (Get On Down)

New Regrets – New Regrets 7” (Clearview)

Night Flights – Night Flights Vol. 1 LP (Agitated)

Ninos Du Brasil – Aromobates NDB 12” (DFA)

No Sir, I Won’t – The Whole Fucking World is Shit LP (Drunken Sailor)

Doug Paisley feat. Bonnie “Prince” Billy – Until I Find You 7” (No Quarter)

Perfect Pussy – I Have Lost All Desire for Feeling CDEP/12” (Captured Tracks)

Pixies – Doolittle 25: B-Sides, Peel Sessions and Demos 3LP (4AD)

Pleasure Cross – EP LP (Iron Lung)

Population – Beyond the Pale LP (Mass Media)

Porno Cassettes – Your Face, a Fucking Disgrace b/w Dead End Yobs 7” (Radio Raheem)

Powell – Sylvester Stallone b/w Smut 12” (XL)

Psudoku – Planetarisk Sudoku LP (625)

Public Suicide – Public Suicide 7” (Caught Up)

Ras G – Down2Earth Vol. 2 CASSETTE (Leaving)

Letha Rodman-Melchior – Shimmering Ghost LP (Siltbreeze)

Sabbat – Sabbatical Earlyearslaught 4CD (Nuclear War Now)

Satanas – Live Rehearsal 1988 LP (Nuclear War Now)

Shiny Two Shiny – When the Rain Stops LP (Captured Tracks)

Shrine, the – Waiting for the War 12” (Tankcrimes)

SHIT – Feeding Time 7” (Static Shock)

SHIT – Generation Shit 7” (Lengua Armada)

Sick Feeling – Suburban Myth CD/LP (Collect)

Sicks – Pretty Plastic 7” (Fair Warning)

Sidekicks, the – Runners in the Nerved World CD/LP (Epitaph)

Siskiyou – Nervous CD/LP (Constellation)

Sleater Kinney – No Cities to Love CD/2LP (Sub Pop)

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith – Euclid CD/LP (Western Vinyl)

Son of a Gun – No Bread LP (Tall Pat)

Sonic Youth – Sonic Youth CD (Goofin’)

Strange Wilds – Standing 7” (Sub Pop)

Stupids, the – The Kids Don’t Like It 2LP (Boss Tuneage)

Terror – One With the Underdogs LP (Reaper)

Terror – Always the Hard Way LP (Reaper)

12 Rods – Lost Time LP (Chigliak)

Universal Togetherness Band – Universal Togetherness Band CD/LP (Numero Group)

Viet Cong – Viet Cong CD/LP (Jagjaguwar)

Warcry – Savage Machinery LP (Warcry)

V/A – The Best Arizona Garage Bands (1967-1970) LP (HDM)

V/A – Brazilian Boogie Collection: from Rio to Sao Paulo (1976-1983) 2LP (Cultures of Soul)

V/A – Fallin’ off the Reel Vol. III & IV 2LP (Truth & Soul)

Reckless Records New Releases 1/13/2015

Aevangelist – Writhes in the Murk CD (Hell’s Headbangers)
Woody Allen – Stand-Up Years 2CD (Razor & Tie)
California X – Nights in the Dark LP (Don Giovanni)
Cathedral – Forest of Equilibrium & Soul Sacrifice 2LP (Earache)
Wild Billy Childish & CTMF – Acorn Man CD/LP (Damaged Goods)
Patrick Cowley & Jorge Socarras – Catholic 2LP (Dark Entries)
Dr. Dog – Live at Flamingo Hotel LP (Anti)
Justin Townes Earle – Absent Fathers CD/LP (Vagrant)
Entombed – Clandestine LP (Earache)
Bryan Ferry – Avonmore LP (BMG) now on vinyl
Ben Frost – Variant 12” (Bedroom Community)
Grand Magus – Grand Magus LP (Rise Above)
Grand Magus – Iron Will LP (Rise Above)
Grand Magus – Monument LP (Rise Above)
Grand Magus – Wolf’s Return LP (Rise Above)
Guster – Evermotion CD (Nettwerk)
Liam Hayes – Slurrup CD/LP (Fat Possum)
Horrendous – Ecdysis LP (Dark Descent)
Shawn Lee’s Ping Pong Orchestra – Hits the Hits 2LP (Ubiquity)
Paul McCartney – Hope For The Future 12” (Hear)
Mr. Oizo – The Church 2LP (Brainfeeder)
Necro – Sadist Hitz CD (Psycho-Logical)
Panda Bear – Panda Bear Meets the Grim Reaper CD/2LP (Domino)
Pseudo Slang x Rawhead – Cyclical 12” (Sub-Bombin)
Quarter Mile Thunder – Quarter Mile Thunder LP (Self-released)
Mark Ronson – Uptown Special CD (RCA)
Santa Y Su Gente – Urgente LP (Lion Productions)
Search Party – Montgomery Chapel (Lion Productions) LP
Ty Segall – Mr. Face EP 2×7” Famous Class red & blue vinyl with 3D cover!
Sextrash – Sexual Carnage CD/LP (Greyhaze)
Spine – Time Has Gone LP (Bad Teeth)
Ting Tings – Super Critical CD (Pias America)
T2 – It’ll All Work Out in Boomland (reissue) LP (Acme) 40th anniversary clear vinyl!
Visitors – Visitors LP (Lion Producitons)
Wands, the – The Dawn CD/LP (Fuzz Club)
Weather Report – Heavy Weather LP (Friday)
Jim White vs. the Packway Handle Band – Take it Like a Man LP (Yep Roc)
V/A – Another Day Another Time: Music of Inside Llewyn Davis 2CD/3LP (Nonesuch)
V/A – Brasil Do Brazil 2LP (Ubiquity)
V/A – Cold Waves of Color LP (Color Tapes)
V/A – Deeply Vale Box 6CD (Dandelion) w/ 272-page book
V/A – DJ Spinna Presents: the Sound Beyond Stars 2CD or two volumes of 2LP (BBE)
V/A – Do The Right Thing LP (Motown)
V/A – These are the Breaks: 12 Samples Selections from the Ubiquity Vaults 2LP (Ubiquity)

Reckless Records New Releases 12/9/2014

Axel F (Med & J. Rocc) – Theme Music LP (Bang Ya Head)
Banner, the – Greying CD (Good Fight)
Beatles – 1 2LP (Capitol)
Beatles – Love 2LP (Capitol)
Beatles – The Beatles 1962-1966 2LP (Capitol)
Beatles – The Beatles 1967-1970 2LP (Capitol)
Bitch Witch – Bitch Witch CD/LP (Cubo de Sangre)
Brokedowns – Life is a Breeze CD (Red Scare)
Bush – Sixteen Stone LP (Round Hill)
Ceremony – Violence, Violence CD (Deathwish)
Nels Cline & Julian Lage – Room LP (Cryptogramophone) now on vinyl!
Cretin – Stranger CD/LP (Relapse)
Cross My Heart Hope to Die – Cross My Heart Hope to Die LP (Alpha Pup)
Destroyer – Your Blues LP (Merge)
Diamond District – March on Washington 2LP (Mello Music Group)
E-40 – Sharp On All 4 Corners: Corner 1 CD (Heavy on the Grind)
E-40 – Sharp On All 4 Corners: Corner 2 CD (Heavy on the Grind)
Electric Wizard – Let Us Prey 2LP (Rise Above)
Electric Wizard – We Live 2LP (Rise Above)
Ex Cops – Daggers CD/LP (Downtown)
Bela Fleck/Abigail Washburn – Bela Fleck & Abigail Washburn LP (Rounder)
Ghostface Killah – The Pretty Toney Album 2LP (Def Jam)
Handsome Family – Through the Trees LP (Carrot Top)
Handsome Family – Singing Bones LP (Carrot Top)
J-Live – Around the Sun CD (Mortier)
Krieg – The Black House LP (Foreign Sounds)
LL Cool J – Mama Said Knock You Out LP (Def Jam)
Machine Head – Bloodstone & Diamonds 2LP (Nuclear Blast) now on vinyl
Richard Marks/Buddy Cantrell – Split 7” (Now Again)
Rob Mazurek – Alternate Moon Cycles LP (Int’l Anthem)
Menzingers – Hold On Dodge 7” (Red Scare)
Willie Nelson & Sister Bobbie – December Day: Willie’s Stash Vol. 1 CD/2LP (Legacy)
1978ers – People of Today LP (Mello Music Group)
NOFX – Backstage Passport (soundtrack) CD (Fat Wreck Chords)
Party Supplies – Tough Love CD/LP (Fool’s Gold)
Hayden Pedigo – Five Steps LP (Debacle)
Pink Avalanche – The Luminous Heart of Nowhere LP (Past/Futures)
PRhyme – PRhyme CD/LP (PRhyme)
Matt Pryor – Nine Forty Live CD (Equal Vision)
R.E.M. – 7IN-83-88 12×7” box (IRS)
Rick Ross – Hood Billionaire 2LP (Def Jam)
Saves the Day – Through Being Cool LP (Equal Vision)
Sex Pistols – Spunk CD (Sanctuary)
She & Him – Classics CD (Columbia)
Silk Rhodes – Silk Rhodes LP (Stones Throw)
Smashing Pumpkins – Monuments to an Elegy CD/LP (BMG)
Spiritualized – Amazing Grace LP (Sanctuary)
Spiritualized – Songs In A&E 2LP (Sanctuary)
Stars of Liberty/Eye Q – Split 7” (Now Again)
Chrissy Zebby Tembo & the Ngozi Family Band – I’m Not Made of Iron b/w Fisherman 7” (Now Again)
Tetema – Geocidal CD/LP (Ipecac)
M. Ward – Transistor Radio LP w/ bonus CD (Merge)
Warren G – Regulate…G Funk Era CD/2LP (Def Jam)
V/A – Beck Song Reader 2LP (Capitol)
V/A – The Music of Grand Theft Auto V 3CD/6LP (Rockstar)
V/A – One-derful Collection CD/2LP (Secret Stash)
V/A – When I Reach That Heavenly Shore: Unearthly & Raw Black Gospel . . . 3CD/3LP (Tompkins Square)

Reckless Records New Releases 12/2/2014

Amebix – Arise! LP (Amebix) remastered
Aquadolls – Stoked on You CD (Burger)
Asha Bhosle/Bappi Lahiri – Jab Chaye b/w Dance Music 12” (Cultures of Soul)
Audacity – Counting the Days 7” (Suicide Squeeze)
Mark Ayres – Doctor Who: Ghost Light (Soundtrack) LP Silva Screen
Beacon – L1 EP 12” (Ghostly International)
Bonobo – Flashlight EP 12” (Ninja Tune)
Simon Boswell – Stage Fright (Soundtrack) LP (Flick)
Brian Jonestown Massacre – + – EP 10” (A Records)
Brutality – Orchestrated Devastation 2LP (Ceremonial) now on vinyl
Neneh Cherry – Blank Project 2CD (Smalltown Supersound) deluxe
Coathangers/These Arms are Snakes – Sex Beat 7” (Suicide Squeeze)
Eric Copeland – Ms Pretzel 12” (DFA)
Cradle of Filth – Principle of Evil Made Flesh LP (TheEnd) color vinyl
Cradle of Filth – V Empire LP (TheEnd) color vinyl
Jordan De La Sierra – Gymnosphere: Song of the Rose 2CD/2LP (Numero Group)
Mac Demarco – Salad Days LP (Captured Tracks) colored vinyl
Mac Demarco – Salad Days Demos LP (Captured Tracks)
Diarrhea Planet – I’m Rich Beyond Your Wildest Dreams CASSETTE (Infinity Cat)
Drexciya – Journey of the Deep Sea Dweller, Part II 2LP (Clone)
Drexciya – Journey of the Deep Sea Dweller, Part III 2LP (Clone)
Drexciya – Journey of the Deep Sea Dweller, Part IV 2LP (Clone)
Bob Dylan & the Band – Basement Tapes Raw 5LP boxset (Sony) now on vinyl
Lester Fitzpatrick – Tone Control 12” (Chiwax)
Flaming Lips – Imagene Peise CD (Warner)
Katie Gately/Tlaotlon – Split Series #23 LP (FatCat Records)
Murray Gold – Doctor Who: A Christmas Carol (Soundtrack) LP (Silva Screen)
Brian Harden – Tour De Chi 12” (Sistrum)
Hieroglyphic Being – Fourth Generation of a Nubian Mystic 12” (Technicolor)
Jeff the Brotherhood – Boys R Back in Town CASSETTE (Infinity Cat)
JTC – Escalator to Sorga 12” (Bopside)
Ariel Kalma – An Evolutionary Music 2CD/2LP (RVNG)
KDJ (Moodymann) / Rick Wade – Moods & Grooves Classics V4 12” (Moods & Grooves)
K15 – Insecurities 2LP (Wild Oats)
Kid Millions & Jim Sauter – Fountain LP (Family Vineyard)
Knuckle Puck – While I Stay Secluded  LP (Bad Timing)
Lillingtons – Too Late Show LP (Hi-Shock/Red Scare)
Lord Raja – A Constant Moth CD/LP (Ghostly International)
Cliff Martinez – Far Cry 4 (soundtrack) 2CD (Invada)
Mega Bog – Gone Banana LP (Captured Tracks) now on vinyl
Modern Vices – Modern Vices LP (Autumn Tone) now on vinyl
Moodymann – I Can’t Kick This Feeling 12” (Decks Classix)
Mr. Mitch – Parallel Memories 2LP (Planet Mu)
Mitch Murder – Interceptor 2LP (Mad Decent)
Musee Mecanique – From Shores of Sleep LP (Tender Loving Empire)
OB Ignitt – Let Me Show You (w/ Omar S. Remix) 12” (Obonit)
Old Man Gloom – Ape of God I LP (Sige)
Parquet Courts – Sunbathing Animal/Content Nausea 2CD set (What’s Your Rupture?)
Theo Parrish – American Intelligence 3LP (Sound Signature)
Sterling Roswell – The Call of the Cosmos CD/LP (Fire)
Craig Safan – Warning Sign (soundtrack) CD (Invada)
Saints, the – King of the Midnight Sun/King of the Sun 2CD (Fire)
Saints, the – King of the Midnight Sun 2LP (Fire)
Shiny Two Shiny – When the Rain Stops CD (Captured Tracks)
Skanfrom – Postcards LP (Suction)
Sleaford Mods – Tiswas EP 12” (Invada)
Smokey Babe – Way Back In the Country Blues LP (Arhoolie)
Solvent – New Ways Remixed 12” (Suction)
Songs: Ohia – Didn’t It Rain? (2014 reissue) 2CD/2LP (Secretly Canadian)
Stockholm Monsters – All at Once 2LP& 7” (Captured Tracks)
Nikki Sudden – Dark Rags at Dawn 7LP (Numero Group)
Swamp Dogg – The White Man Made Me Do It LP (Alive)
Terror Amore (AJ Davila) – Beibi LP (Burger) now on vinyl
Muddy Waters – Muddy “Mississippi” Waters Live LP (Friday Music)
Jared Wilson – Ghettoblaster 12” (7777)
Jared Wilson – Ghostminers 2LP (7777)Wu-Tang Clan –  Better Tomorrow CD (Asylum)
Neil  Young – Who’s Gonna Stand Up? 12” (Reprise)
Zeds Dead – Somewhere Else EP LP (Mad Decent)
V/A – Disco: A Fine Selection of Independent Disco, Modern Soul & Boogie 1978-82 2CD or two volumes of 2LP (Soul Jazz)
V/A – Master Mix: Red Hot & Arthur Russell 3LP (Yep Roc)