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Reckless Records 8/20/21 New Releases


DEAFHEAVEN – Infinite Granite LP/CD (Sargent House)

Never a band to rest on their laurels, DEAFHEAVEN goes in yet another new direction for “Infinite Granite”, taking their sound further into SLOWDIVE-like shoegaze and rounding the blackened sheets of noise with more glossy, synthesizer-friendly production. But the most notable new element comes courtesy of vocalist George Clarke, all but entirely replacing his signature yelp with a more subdued delivery. It may take the listener a few passes to digest the new sound – and this is certainly the least “metal” record in their catalogue yet – but the result is ultimately rewarding, earning the exultant, anthemic crescendos that anchor these tracks. This is an excellent crossover metal record that will appeal to fans of GY!BE, HUM, late UNWOUND and the older shoegaze of MY BLOODY VALENTINE and SLOWDIVE. On Sargent House and RECOMMENDED.

FRIGATE – Dreams of the Deep LP (Siltbreeze)

Mysterious outsider noise/acid rock from 1977. Supposedly FRIGATE might not have even been the band name but it was loosely related to the original release so we guess that’s why Siltbreeze went that way? Who knows. Sort of shambolic STOOGES grooves with somewhat “out” soloing, stream of consciousness singing etc…WILD!

GA-20 – Does Hound Dog Taylor LP/CD (Colemine) indie only color or black vinyl

GA-20 is a Boston based band & they’ve made an album celebrating the music of the great bluesman Hound Dog Taylor. Their sound is stripped-down & authentic sounding Chicago style blues with tight drumming & fuzzed-out guitars. RECOMMENDED.

MIDWIFE – Luminol (Flenser) now on vinyl

Denver’s Madeline Johnston returns with a new album under the MIDWIFE name. Her 2020 album “Forever” was a favorite of ours during the early days of the pandemic in 2020 & it’s sad that we’re getting to 2nd pandemic albums by artists now. Like “Forever”, “Luminol” is a slowed-down take on shoegaze, or slow core for you 90s fans. Great guitar sounds & dreamy vocals that will appeal to fans of JESUS & MARY CHAIN, JESU, CODEINE etc…RECOMMENDED.

TROPICAL FUCK STORM – Deep States CD/TAPE (Joyful Noise) vinyl coming in November

The Melbourne band TROPICAL FUCK STORM return with a new album for our frantic & confused times in 2021. Spastic & rhythmic songs with blown-out samples & dubbed-out beats that sound like a mix of wilder side of THE CLASH, MAKE-UP, SLEAFORD MODS etc…

WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM – Primordial Arcana LP/CD (Relapse) limited indie only color or regular color vinyl

The Pacific Northwest band WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM is one of the first American black metal bands & they’ve been at it for almost two decades now.  “Primordial Arcana” is the first album they’ve written, recorded & produced entirely on their own. The band has always written about the beauty & power of nature & this one is no different. Their imagery of thick forests with fallen trees, animal skulls, storms & mountains is a constant as it is in nature, with life & death being the only truths. 


BEACH BUNNY – Prom Queen EP (Mom + Pop)

KENNY BURRELL – Midnight Blue LP (Blue Note) classic vinyl series

GRANT GREEN – Idle Moments LP (Blue Note) classic vinyl series

CHRISSIE HYNDE – Standing in the Doorway: Chrissie Hynde Sings Bob Dylan LP/CD (BMG)


LORDE – Solar Power LP/”music box edition” (Crush Music) limited indie only brown vinyl or black. The “music box edition” looks like a CD but there is no physical CD Inside, instead there’s a high-res download w/ bonus tracks, booklet, poster, cards etc…

POETS OF RHYTHM – Discern/Define LP (Daptone) peach color vinyl

OLIVE RODRIGO – Sour LP (Geffen)

STURGILL SIMPSON – The Ballad of Dood & Juanita CD (High Top Mountain)

SLEEP – Dopesmoker LP (Southern Lord)

TOE – For Long Tomorrow LP (Top Shelf) color vinyl

TOE – The Book About My Idle Plot on a Vague Anxiety LP (Top Shelf) color vinyl