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Reckless Records 3/5/21 New Releases

3/5/21 New Releases

AZITA – Glen Echo LP (Drag City)

“Glen Echo” is the first album since 2012 by the Chicago treasure Azita. The album was written & recorded by Azita & she played every instrument. Fantastic & charming rockers with that shambolic VU charm that so many artists wish they could capture & nods at Drag City greatness over the years ala SMOG & ROYAL TRUX, Azita has brought us a lot of joy with this one. RECOMMENDED.

MIDWIFE – Like Author, Like Daughter LP (Flenser) reissue

Vinyl reissue of this excellent album by the Denver based band MIDWIFE led by the talented Madeline Johnston. This was recorded at the former Denver DIY space Rhinoceropolis where Johnston used to live & make music. Similar to the 2020 Reckless favorite “Forever”, this one is a mix of slow core & shoegaze & will appeal to fans of things like CODEINE, JESUS & MARY CHAIN, JESU Etc…

MOUSE ON MARS – AAI 2LP/CD (Thrill Jockey)

The duo of Jan St. Werner & Andi Toma reteam in 2021 for this project exploring the creative potential of working with artificial intelligence. “AAI” serves as a sort of dialogue with machine learning, building on the musical ideas of an AI by adding polyrhythmic, percussive structure and tweaking its voice as an instrument to more closely resemble humanity, allowing that AI to use the album to tell a story about itself. Very ambitious, but even without the concept this is an exciting and extensive collection of leftfield pop music.

PAINTED SHRINES – Heaven & Holy LP (Woodsist)

PAINTED SHRINES is Jeremy of WOODS & Glenn of SKYGREEN LEOPARDS. Folky indie rock tunes that remind us of Flying Nun greats like THE CHILLS & THE BATS with some hints of 60s West Coast rock like THE BYRDS. 

PRIMITIVE KNOT – Fight the Future LP (Phage Tapes)

PRIMITIVE KNOT is a one-man project from Manchester & it’s kind of hard to pin down. There’s a bunch of releases on Bandcamp, some tape releases, a number of stand-alone cover songs & finally this LP on the Minnesota label Phage Tapes. The first thing you’ll notice is RIFFS. There are tons of great riffs. The guitar sound is super crunchy & there are nods at 80s industrial & proto-punk but there are also elements of NWOBHM, harsh noise & space rock. Imagine a combo of KILLING JOKE, BIG BLACK, BRAINBOMBS, HAWKWIND & MOTORHEAD & MINISTRY & you might have an idea what this sounds like. FANTASTIC STUFF!

75 DOLLAR BILL – Live at Tubby’s LP (Grapefruit)

Almost exactly a year before we’re writing this, the pandemic was on our minds but we didn’t know exactly how it was all going to pan out & 75 DOLLAR BILL was playing a show in Kingston, NY with an expanded group. It’s weird to think back to a small club show full of maskless people enjoying some good grooves but this record should help you remember that at least a little. All of the jams are over 9 minutes & two them clocking in at over 20 & they sound great. The band was backed up by some sax players & viola & of course it rules. RECOMMENDED.

EMILY A. SPRAGUE – Hill, Flower, Fog LP (RVNG)

The California based musician Emily A. Sprague’s 2021 album “Hill, Flower, Fog” is a beautiful collection of chilled-out modular pieces that owe as much to APHEX TWIN’s ambient pieces as they do 80s new age. RECOMMENDED.

VARIOUS ARTISTS – Numero 95: Virtual Experience Software LP (Numero Group)

Like a lot of things when they’re new, 90’s computer music & digital animation, internet culture seemed kind of silly & overly futuristic at the time. But good art stands the test of time & some digital art from that era has aged rather gracefully. A whole genre of music blossomed for love of music, video games & CGI of that era called Vaporwave & this great comp by our friends at Numero examines some of those pre-Vaporwave artists. The LP comes in a replica floppy disc sleeve & the music is appropriately icy & digitized sounding.RECOMMENDED!


CHET BAKER – Chet LP (Craft)

CHET BAKER – It Could Happen to You LP (Craft)

CHET BAKER – Plays the Best of Lerner & Loewe LP (Craft)

BLACK SABBATH – Heaven & Hell 2LP/2CD Deluxe Edition (Warner) 

BLACK SABBATH – Mob Rules 2LP/2CD Deluxe Edition (Warner) 

CARIBOU – Suddenly Remixes EP 12” (Merge)


FORBIDDEN – Forbidden Evil LP (Combat) blue vinyl limited to 300 or black

FRUIT BATS – Pet Parade LP/CD (Merge) Peak Vinyl coming in April

JUNGLE PUSSY – JP4 LP (Jagjaguwar)

JIMBO MATHUS & ANDREW BIRD – These 13 LP (Wegawam) indie only color or black vinyl

KINGS OF LEON – When You See Yourself LP/CD (RCA) limited indie only color or black vinyl

MUSH – Lines Redacted LP (Memphis Industries)

OFEGE – How Do You Feel LP (Tidal Waves)

NANCY SINATRA – Start Walkin’ 1965- 1976 2LP (Light in the Attic) limited color or black vinyl

SUSS – Promise LP (Northern Spy)

TIGERS JAW – I Won’t Care How You Remember LP/CD (Hopeless) limited color vinyl

TINDERSTICKS – Distractions LP/CD (City Slang) limited blue vinyl

VARIOUS ARTISTS – Field Works: Cedars LP (Temporary Residence)

VARIOUS ARTISTS – Rad (Soundtrack) LP (Curb)

GILLIAN WELCH & DAVE RAWLINGS – All the Good Times Past & Gone CD (Acony)