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Reckless Records 1/29/21 New Releases


THE BODY – I’ve Seen All I Need To See LP/CD (Thrill Jockey)

Big time return for this Portland duo. THE BODY departs a bit from the power electronics of their more recent albums, zeroing in on a live presence based around Lee Buford’s pummeling drums and Chip King’s thunderingly resonant guitar sheets of noise. Amazingly, this is one of the heaviest records in their catalogue; but more importantly that heaviness provides space to explore subtleties in the vicious crackling distortion. An absolute mind-melter! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

CLOUD NOTHINGS – Turning On LP (Carpark) 10th anniversary edition

A true lo-fi masterpiece, CLOUD NOTHINGS’ debut LP has finally gotten the repress treatment it deserves.  This is Cloud Nothings at their grittiest and most distilled form.  Dylan Baldi’s songwriting is witty, effortless, and genuine.  Although these tracks could benefit from a full backing band (Baldi recorded all the instruments himself), the lo-fi production instantly charmed fans and began to define CLOUD NOTHINGS’ sonic fingerprint. It’s all killer no filler and HIGHLY RECOMMENDED ! ! !

SLOWDIVE – 5 EP (Music on Vinyl) pink/purple marble vinyl

Music on Vinyl continues to reissue the SLOWDIVE EPs & this 12″ is one of our favorites. On this one, the band explored minimal electronic beats with their trademark verb’d & delay’d guitar sounds & the result is the nearest they’d get to a dance record. RECOMMENDED.

TRIBULATION – Where the Gloom Becomes Sound LP/CD (Metal Blade)

The great Swedish goth metallers TRIBULATION are back with their 5th album & shockingly, the final album with main songwriter Jonathan Hulten who amicably left the group after finishing the record. Similar to their last few albums, this one owes as much to goth & death rock as it does to their early metal sound. Great songs & dark vibes that will appeal to their fans, stuff like SISTERS OF MERCY, CHRISTIAN DEATH & the classic Swedish sound. RECOMMENDED.


BESNARD LAKES – Are the Last of the Great Thunderstorm Warnings LP (Fat Cat)

PAUL CHAMBERS – Bass on Top LP (Blue Note) tone poet series remaster

NAHAWA DOUMBIA – Kanawa LP (Awesome Tapes From Africa)


FONTAINES D.C. – A Hero’s Death LP (Partisan) limited clear vinyl

MARTIN GORE – The Third Chimpanzee EP/CD (Mute)

GRATEFUL DEAD – One From the Vault 3LP (Light in the Attic)

GRATEFUL DEAD – One From the Vault 4LP (Light in the Attic)

GRATEFUL DEAD – One From the Vault 4LP (Light in the Attic)

HALLOWS EVE – Tales of Terror LP (Metal Blade) classic back in print!

PJ HARVEY – Is this Desire? LP (Island)

PJ HARVEY – Is this Desire? – Demos LP (Island)

MIKE KROL – Mike Krol is Never Dead: The first Two Records 3CD (Merge) now with bonus tracks!


LNZNDRF – II LP (Lnzndrf)

MASMA DREAM WORLD – Play at Night LP (Northern Spy) limited gold vinyl

LEE MORGAN – Rajah LP (Blue Note) tone poet series remaster

LON MOSHE & SOUTHERN FREEDOM ARKESTRA – Love is Where the Spirit Lies 2LP (Strut) remastered

PINK FAIRIES – Never Never Land LP (Music on Vinyl)

JOHN PRINE – Bruised Oranges LP (Asylum)

JOHN PRINE – Pink Cadillac LP (Asylum)

JOHN PRINE – September 78 LP (Oh Boy)

JOHN PRINE – Storm Windows LP (Asylum)

PRONG – Prove You Wrong LP (Music on Vinyl) silver/black marble vinyl

VIS-A-VIS – Odo Gu Ahorow LP (We Are Busy Bodies) rare Afrobeat!

VIS-A-VIS – Obi Agye Me Dofo LP (We Are Busy Bodies) rare Afrobeat!