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Reckless Records 11/06/20 New Releases


ATARAXIA – The Unexplained: Electronic Musical Impressions of the Occult by..LP  (Sacred Bones) limited color or black vinyl

Remastered version of the 1975 cult classic moog album by Mort Garson. They should have released this a week earlier for Halloween but that’s ok. Thealbum was inspired by all things occult like seances, tarot & astral projections. If you remember the theme music for the 70s TV show “In Search Of” hosted by Star Trek’s Leonard Nimoy, this has similar culty vibes. RECOMMENDED!

BRIAN CASE – Parallel Voices LP (Hands in the Dark)

The Chicago scene staple Brian Case is one of the most prolific musicians in the city & he’s back with his third solo album on Hands in the Dark, “Parallel Voices.” After two albums of dark, minimal techno, Case returns to guitar, this time manipulating it with loops on modular gear. The songs have an improv quality to them but the more the loops build & progress you begin to hear hidden melodies. Like his other solo work, there is a pre-industrial quality but this one has a much more organic quality for sure. Think DEAD C, BODY/HEAD, experimental SONIC YOUTH jams etc…RECOMMENDED.

N CHAMBERS – Facets 2LP (Love All Day)

“Facets” was released digitally in 2019 & now on vinyl via the Chicago label LOVE ALL DAY. Norm Chambers is a Seattle based electronic musician & he was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer in 2019. Thankfully Norm is still battling away & we wish him the best. The sounds here make us think of legends like Mort Garson & Hiroshi Yoshimura with digital sounding rhythms, bells & chimes, deep organs & nods at 80s new age cassette culture, Japanese Furniture music, Eno’s 2000s albums etc…Fantastic stuff. RECOMMENDED.

MORT GARSON – Music From Patch Cord Productions LP/CD (Sacred Bones)

Sacred Bones has compiled this album of rarities by the legendary composer of “Plantasia” Mort Garson. Along with albums under the names LUCIFER & ATARAXIA, Garson’s moog recordings focused on new age themes & the occult & black magic. This album features “Plantasia” outtakes & other moogy outtakes. RECOMMENDED!


The 2019 groundbreaking progressive metal album by LITURGY was originally released digitally & now is finally available on physical formats. Hunter Hunt-Hendrix & the band seem to ignore all traditional elements of “heavy metal” music, pushing the boundaries of what metal can be in the 2020s. Pummeling, technical, yet melodic metal with piano interludes that have been digitally tweaked, vibes, glockenspiel, harp & more make for a truly unique listen. RECOMMENDED.

LUCIFER – Black Mass LP (Sacred Bones) limited color or black vinyl

Remastered version of the 1971 cult classic moog album by Mort Garson. They should have released this a week earlier for Halloween but that’s ok. The album was inspired by all things occult & black magic like Satanic black masses, witchcraft etc… This is pretty forward-thinking stuff & though some of the sounds are slightly dated, it still sounds creepy &fresh in 2020. RECOMMENDED!

PYLON – Pylon Box 4LP (New West)

PYLON – Gyrate LP/CD (New West) limited color or black vinyl

PYLON – Chomp LP/CD (New West) limited color or black vinyl

FINALLY. PYLON formed in Athens, GA in the late 70s. In pretty much any other place, PYLON would have been the best band there, but early 80s Athens also was the home of R.E.M & B-52s. PYLON had their share of success though releasing a handful of classic underground singles & albums & even opening for U2 on a tour. Reissues have been rumored for years but now thanks to New West they’re finally here. The band’s sound was tough & in your face, like GANG OF FOUR with all of the bass tone taken out or the most aggressive parts of BLONDIE amped up 100%. Their singer Vanessa Briscoe Hay has one of those amazing voices in post punk & new wave, bouncing between poetic speaking & totally crazed throat-tearing screams. We are so excited to be able to carry these records by this band truly deserving of their cult status. HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION POSSIBLE.


DAVID BOWIE – Metrobolist aka The Man Who Sold the World LP/CD (RCA)   50th anniversary remix

 MARIAH CAREY LP reissues (Sony)

PETER GABRIEL – Live in Athens 1987 2LP (Real World)

KYLIE MINOGUE – Disco LP/deluxe CD (BMG)

TWAIN – Adventure LP (Keeled Scales)

WILCO – Summerteeth 5LP (Warner)