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Reckless Records 9/4/20 New Releases


AESOP ROCK – Float: 20 Year Anniversary Edition 2LP (Rhymesayers)   Limited blue, yellow of green vinyl

One of the classics of early 2000s hip-hop,The now legendary album “Float” by AESOP ROCK, is back in print on 3 different limited edition vinyl colors for its 20th anniversary. RECOMMENDED!

BLONDE REDHEAD – Melody of Certain Damaged Lemons: 20th anniversary LP (Touch &  Go) limited 180GRM pink vinyl with alternate cover art

How can it already be 20 years!!?? In celebration, Touch & Go has reissued a limited edition version with new cover art on pink vinyl. BLOND REDHEAD has an amazing discography but this is definitely one of our favorite ones. RECOMMENDED!

NAKED ROOMMATE – Do the Duvet (Trouble in MInd) limited cherry red vinyl

Minimal but danceable post-punk from this Berkeley based band. Very rhythmic songs with great synth production, tons of dubby delay etc…Fans of ESG, LIQUID LIQUID, Anika, BEAK> etc… will love this.

PHEW – Vertical KO LP (Disciples)

Japanese avant-garde luminary PHEW leans into minimal wave and post-punk with her 2020 release Vertical KO. Working on her own for the first time in a few years, PHEW layers vocal samples, spoken word, tumbling drum machine rhythms, murky modular synths and field recordings in one of her strongest works yet. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED experimental music from one of the best living musicians and collaborators ever to do it!

ROLLING STONES – Goats Head Soup LP/2LP/4LPdeluxe/3CDdeluxew/posters

2020 remix & half-speed master of possibly the most under appreciated ‘Stones albums, “Goats Head Soup” from 1973. Mick, Keef & the boys were always thought of as bad boys, especially compared to their rivals THE BEATLES, but we know now a lot of that was myth. But on this album the weariness of fame and the road, drug use, the fall-out of Altamont etc… seems to have creeped in & permeated these songs. There aren’t a lot of outtakes for their albums usually but this one has a decent amount including a mostly unknown track with Jimmy Page called “Scarlet” which is just bonkers if you think about it. RECOMMENDED.

BAD MOVES – Untenable LP (Don Giovanni) green vinyl

BALL – Like You Are ~ I Once Was ~ Like I Am ~ You Will Never Be LP (Horny)

BILL CALLAHAN – Gold Record CD/TAPE (Drag City) vinyl coming in a few weeks

DOUG CARN – Spirit of the New Land LP (Real Gone) reissue

DUKES OF CHUTNEY – Hazel (Beats in Space)

EMPEROR – Wrath of the Tyrant LP (Spinefarm)

REX ORANGE COUNTRY – Bcos U Will Never B Free LP (Rex Orange County)

MICHAEL ROTHER (of NEU! & HARMONIA) – Dreaming LP (Gronland)

YO LA TENGO – Electr-O-Pura 2LP (Matador) double LP reissue from original masters