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Reckless Records 11/22/19 New Releases

BLOOD INCANTATION – Hidden History of the Human Race LP/CD (Dark Descent)
  black or green vinyl
They made us wait until the year was nearly over but the much anticipated second album by the mighty Denver death metallers BLOOD INCANTATION is finally here. We were massive fans of their existential, cosmic horror inspired technical death metal debut “Starspawn” & the group continues to contemplate the void on their follow-up. Complex riffs & stream of consciousness song structure with some very melodic & memorable moments that owe as much to MORBID ANGEL as they do early MASTODON.This is possibly the best metal album of 2019 & if you can’t already tell, we’re TOTALLY STOKED ON THIS ONE. RECOMMENDED.

DANNY BROWN – uknowhatimsayin¿ LP/CD (Warp) now available in physical formats!
After the darkly revelatory Atrocity Exhibition in 2016, lovable weirdo DANNY BROWN returns again to the light with “uknowhatimsayin¿”, a record rooted both in hip-hop formalism and DANNY’s old goofball persona. It’s quite the change from his explorations on isolation, depression, and drug abuse, but we find it refreshing to hear DANNY throw in some goofy lines that rhyme “rental car” with “Pat Benatar”. The sound here owes a good deal to classic hip-hop of the past, with Q-TIP’s executive production allowing for the subtler parts to shine through the bombast. As a result, DANNY’s latest is also his most effortless, natural, and assured, the sound of a rap superstar at the top of his form just having a bit of fun. Also featuring contributions from JPEGMAFIA, RUN THE JEWELS, BLOOD ORANGE and FLYING LOTUS!

DHIDALAHThreshold LP (Guruguru Brain) 
“Threshold” is the 2019 album from the Tokyo based trio known as DHIDALAH. Fuzzed out space rock with repetitive kraut rock grooves that will appeal to fans of the Guruguru Brain label in general, HAWKWIND, EARTHLESS, the Riding Easy label etc… 

DJ NIGGA FOX – Cartas Na Manga 2LP (Principe)
Lisbon’s DJ NIGGA FOX makes his triumphant return to Principe, following his Warp LP and a trio of deadly 12″s on Principe. Totally weird, rhythm-driven madness from one of the distinctive producers of the last decade. Absolutely devastating soundsystem destruction from one of our favorites. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

LEVIATHAN – Verrater 4LP (Profound Lore)
Previously released on CD in 2002 on the Tumult label, this collection of demos by Jef Whitehead aka Wrest aka LEVIATHAN has been teased as a vinyl release for over a decade & it’s finally here!! All of the music has been remastered for vinyl & comes in a ridiculously fancy 8 panel gatefold sleeve with new art housed in a slipcase style outer sleeve. Hear some of the origins of American black metal on this amazing limited edition set courtesy of Profound Lore. RECOMMENDED.

POLVO – Polvo (Merge) green vinyl
POLVO’s first two EP’s “Can I Ride” and “Vibracobra” set the tone for the spastic noise and alt-rock that would be their calling card throughout the 90s. Here, Merge records – well – “merges” them onto one LP for the first time. ESSENTIAL!

ARTHUR RUSSELL – Iowa Dream LP/CD (Audika)
Iowa Dream is a collection of demos from ARTHUR RUSSELL, which are very straightforward and disarming. Simple, direct songs that are tender and minimalistic, with an emotional depth
and playfulness. Joining RUSSELL here are ERNIE BROOKS, RHYS CHATHAM, HENRY FLYNT and JON GIBSON. Simultaneously heartbreaking and breezy, in just the right way. A revelatory album.

Other important releases:
BAD BANANA – Bad Banana 7” (Merge) music from 2010 by Katie & Allison Crutchfield!
BAD RELIGION – Christmas Songs LP (Epitaph) color vinyl
BEATLES – Singles Collection 7” boxset (Capitol)
SCOTT H. BIRAM – Sold Out to the Devil LP/CD (Bloodshot)
BOY HARSHER – Country Girl Uncut LP (Nude Club) reissue w/ bonus tracks
RICHARD BUCKNER – Dents & Shells LP (Merge) reissue
LEONARD COHEN – Thanks for the Dance LP (Columbia)
COLDPLAY – Everyday Life LP/CD (Third Man/Parlophone) indie color or black vinyl
DEERHOOF – Holdypaws LP (Kill Rock Stars) remastered, first time on vinyl
DEERHOOF – Halfbird LP (Joyful Noise) first time on vinyl 
THE FIELD – Here We Go Sublime 2LP (Kompakt) 2019 repress!
FLOORPLAN – Supernatural 2LP/CD (Aus)
FLOWER TRAVELLIN’ BAND – Anywhere LP (Phoenix)
GRATEFUL DEAD – Ready or Not LP (Rhino)
ANTOINETTE KONAN – Antoinette Konan LP (Awesome Tapes From Africa)
GALCHER LUSTWERK – Information LP (Ghostly)
J.D. McPHERSON – Socks LP (New West) back in stock on “snow-globe” vinyl!
HARRY NILSSON – Losst & Founnd LP (Omnivore)
QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE – Songs for the Deaf LP (Interscope)
QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE – Rated R LP (Interscope)
THE RAINCOATS – The Raincoats LP (We Three) ltd. color vinyl, 40th anniversary ed.
THE RAINCOATS – Odyshape LP (We Three) ltd. color vinyl
THE SHINS – Waimanalo 7” (Fug Yep)
TEITANBLOOD – Baneful Choir LP/CD (NoEvDia)
CHRISTOPHER TIGNOR –  A Light Below LP (Western Vinyl)
V/A – Pop Ambient 2020 2LP (Kompakt)