If you’re reading this, you’ve likely already heard about the live Q&A that Reckless is hosting at our Wicker Park store tonight at 6PM. This wristbands have already been given out and the event is no CLOSED.
The store will be closed to the general public until the Q&A is over, probably around 7:15-7:30.

If you didn’t get a wristband, you can still be involved! Our good friends at Emporium Arcade Bar across the street will be streaming the Facebook Live Q&A on their 20 foot projection screen. This also starts at 6PM. There will always be NIN merch (shirts etc…) at Emporium. We still have some slipmats made especially for today’s event that we’re giving away until they’re gone. We’ve heard rumors of food being given away in the neighborhood beforehand as well… The Q&A will also stream on the Nine Inch Nails Facebook Live page if you’re outside of Chicago or can’t make it to Wicker Park.

Limited NIN vinyl:
The store is open now and we have some Nine Inch Nails vinyl that isn’t available else. We’ll be selling these items today until we run out. Here’s a list of what we have to sell:

Vietnam: original score 3xLP/2CD selling a day early. Release date Sept. 15th

Back catalog stuff only available today. This comes out on 10/13 officially
The Fragile Deviations 4xLP
Broken reissue 1xLP + 7”
The Downward Spiral reissue 2xLP
The Fragile Reissue 3xLP
Not the Actual Events 1xLP
Twin Peaks soundtrack 2xCD/2LP (both versions but NIN is only on the black one)

We have some catalog cds and a bluray as well

We have a LIMITED AMOUNT of these items and they’re on sale NOW so feel free to come by the store anytime before the Q&A (or after) until we close at 10PM