Reckless Records New Releases 8/20/2013

Look at this mountain of amazing new releases! This is a huge week for music, with new albums from Earl Sweatshirt, No Age, Superchunk, Julia Holter, Zola Jesus, A$AP Ferg and the new Antigama, which is pretty great. Plus a bunch of other random great stuff like a self-released 10″ from Fuck the Facts, vinyl for the newest Author & Punisher, a bunch of Venom P. Stinger reissues on Drag City, a new Pelican 7″ & last but not least, the 20th anniversary reissue of Propagandhi’s How to Clean Everything! Also, we should have the new Disappears CD/LP on Friday. Now, LOOK AT THIS LIST OF AMAZING STUFF!

Alpha & Omega – No Rest No Peace LP (Bridge Nine)
Amorphis – Privilege of Evil 12” (Relapse) Reissue, first time released as its own 12”!
A.M.S.G. – Anti-Cosmic Tyranny CD (Profound Lore)
Antigama – Meteor CD (Selfmadegod)
Antigama/The Kill/Noisear – Split CD (Selfmadegod)
Aquarelle – August Undone LP (Students of Decay)
Arbouretum – The Gathering LP (Thrill Jockey) Reissue.
A$AP Ferg – Trap Lord CD (PoloGrounds)
Author & Punisher – Women & Children LP (Seventh Rule)
Axel F (J. Rocc & MED) – Sofa Set EP 7″ (Bang Ya Head) Picture disc.
Azure Emote – The Gravity of Impermanence CD (Selfmadegod)
Julianna Barwick – Nepenthe CD/LP (Dead Oceans)
Bent Shapes – Feels Weird CD/LP (Father/Daughter) On “bone & electric blue” vinyl & limited to 400!
Best Practices – Sore Subjects 7” (Tor Johnson/Willow Tree) Brown vinyl.
Bestial Mockery – Christcrushing Hammerchainsaw LP (Hell’s Headbangers) Back in print! Their 2002 debut.
Bill Bondsmen – Peasant Under Glass b/w Dead 7” (4TG)
Bill Bondsmen – Nineteen b/w Things Fall Apart 7” (4TG) Purple-y vinyl.
Bill Bondsmen – Overcrowded Control b/w Untitled 7” (4TG)
Black Dahlia Murder – Deflorate LP (Metal Blade) Yellow vinyl.
Blu – Hands of Time b/w Spitgame 12″ (New World Order/Redefinition) “Hands of Time” produced by PETE ROCK!
Braids – Flourish // Perish CD (Arbutus)
Kurt Braunohler – How Do I Land? CD (Kill Rock Stars)
Buffalo Killers – Ohio Grass CD/LP (Alive) Regular version of their 2013 Record Store Day release!
Bill Callahan – Expanding Dub 12” (Drag City)
Carousel – Jeweler’s Daughter CD/LP (Tee Pee)
Cauchemar – Tenebrario CD (Nuclear War Now)
Andrew Cedermark – Home Life LP (Underwater Peoples)
Circle of Ouroborus – The Lost Entrance of the Just CD (Handmade Birds)
Al Cisneros – Ark Procession 10” (Drag City)
Concrete Sox – Whoops Sorry Vicar! (Boss Tuneage) Purple vinyl.
Crime in Stereo – Is Dead LP (Bridge Nine) Back in print on blue/black vinyl.
Criminal Damage – Call of Death LP (Feral Ward) Featuring a member of TRAGEDY.
Crocodiles – Crimes of Passion CD/LP (French Kiss)
Dbridge & Skeptical – Move Way 12″ (R&S)
Def Dee – 33 and a Third CD (Mello Music Group)
Defeater – Letters Home LP (Bridge Nine) Grey vinyl.
Demononmancy – Throne of Demonic Proselytism LP (Nuclear War Now)
Destruction Unit – Deep Trip CD/LP (Sacred Bones)
Diamond Plate – Pulse CD (Earache)
Diana – Perpetual Surrender CD/LP (Jagjaguwar)
Diarrhea Planet – I’m Rich Beyond Your Wildest Dreams CD/LP (Infinity Cat)
Editors – The Weight of Your Love 2LP (Play It Again)
Ephemeros – All Hail Corrosion CD (Seventh Rule)
Facebreaker – Dedicated to the Flesh CD (Metal Blade)
Factor – Woke Up Alone LP (Fake Four)
Fleetwood Mac – Fleetwood Mac 1969-1972 4LP w/ 7″ (Warner) First four albums on Reprise with a bonus 7”!
Fleetwood Mac – Then Play On CD (Warner) Reissue, remastered with the original UK track list & four bonus tracks!
Fleshgod Apocalypse – Labyrinth CD (Nuclear Blast)
Framtid – Defeat of Civilization LP (Crust War/La Vida Es Un Mus Discos/Black Water)
Fuck the Facts – Amer 10” (Self-released) We got a few copies of this new record from one of  Canada’s best metal bands! Clear vinyl, limited to 300.
Gap Dream – Chill Spot b/w Peter’s Brother 7” (Burger)
The Garden – The Life and Times of a Paperclip LP (Burger)
M. Geddes Gengras – Collected Works Vol. 1: the Moog Years LP (Umor Rex)
Golden Suits – S/T CD/LP (Yep Roc) First solo album from Fred Nicolaus from DEPARTMENT OF EAGLES.
Holly Golightly – Truly She Is None Other CD (Damaged Goods) 10th anniversary reissue with two bonus tracks.
Gravy’s Drop – Gumball CASSETTE (Burger)
Danny Paul Grody – Between Two Worlds LP (Three Lobed) Limited to 650!
Larry Gus – Years Not Living CD (DFA) Larry Gus AKA Panagiotis Melidis.
Helena Hauff – Actio Reactio 12″ (Werkdiscs)
Heresy – Face up to It! CD/LP (Boss Tuneage) Reissue, remastered.
Heresy – 20 Reasons to End it All LP (Boss Tuneage) White vinyl.
Heresy – 1985-87 CD /LP (Boss Tuneage) Green vinyl.
His Electro Blue Voice – Ruthless Sperm CD/LP (Sub Pop) Loser Edition on red vinyl.
Julia Holter – Loud City Song CD/LP (Domino) Best New Music on Pitchfork!
Horseback – A Plague of Knowing 3CD (Relapse) One-time pressing of 2,000 for this collection of rarities.
How I Quit Crack – Dystopian Gift CASSETTE (Handmade Birds) Limited to 205!
Icarus Line – Slave Vows LP (Agitated)
Iguana De Banda (THE STOOGES) – Etiqueta Negra De Lugo LP (Boca Del Rey Discos) “Raw Power” demos under a ‘joke’ name. Get it??
Impiety – The Impious Crusade CDEP (Nuclear War Now)
Impiety – Vengeance Hell Immemorial LP (Hell’s Headbangers) Red & black splatter vinyl.
Insanity – Death After Death LP (Hell’s Headbangers) Rust-looking vinyl.
Intoxicated – Rock N Roll Hellpatrol LP (Hell’s Headbangers) Clear & red vinyl.
Japanther – Eat Like Lisa Act Like Bart LP (Recess)
J-Force – Pink Chicken b/w Hit the Untrue 12” (J-Force) Pink vinyl, limited to 300.
Kandodo – k20 CD/LP w/ 7” (Thrill Jockey)
K-Def – The Meeting LP (Redefinition) Black & white vinyl.
Kissaway Trail – Breach CD/2LP (Yep Roc)
Letherette – After Dawn 12″ (Ninja Tune) With a BIBIO remix!
Loftus – S/T LP (Jealous Butcher) Clear vinyl, first time on wax.
Lone – Airglow Fires 12″ (R&S)
Long Knife – Wilderness LP (Feral Ward)
Loscil – Sine Studies 7” (Jaz)
The Lumineers – S/T CD (Dualtone) Deluxe reissue with DVD.
Lycia – Quiet Moments CD (Handmade Birds) Limited to 1,000!
John Mayer – Paradise Valley CD (Columbia)
Mountains – Mountains Mountains Mountains LP (Thrill Jockey) Reissue.
Midaz the Beast – AU: Another Universe CD (Hipnott)
The Monkees – Headquarters: the Deluxe Edition 2xCD (Friday) Limited, stereo & mono versions.
My Cat is an Alien – Alien, All Too Alien LP (Trensmat) White vinyl!
Native – Orthodox CD/LP (Sargent House)
Sarah Neufeld – Hero Brother CD/LP (Constellation)
No Age – An Object CD/LP (Sub Pop) Loser Edition LP is on clear vinyl & with a limited beach ball while supplies last!
No Sir, I Won’t – The Door LP (Framework) Yellow vinyl.
Nunslaughter/Antiseen – Split 7” (Hell’s Headbangers) Red & brown vinyl.
Oathbreaker – Eros Anteros CD/LP (Deathwish)
Pelican – Deny the Absolute b/w The Truce 7″ (Mylene Sheath)
PMD – Shade Business CD (Below System) Reissue of this 1994 album from Parrish Smith AKA the PMD half of EMPD!
Poison Planet/Government Flu – Government Poison EP 7” (split) (Refuse)
Porcelain Raft – Permanent Signal CD/LP (Secretly Canadian)
Primitive Man – Scorn CD/LP (Relapse)
Propagandhi – How to Clean Everything CD/LP (Fat Wreck Chords) 20th anniversary reissue! Holy shit!
Pure Bathing Culture – Moon Tides CD/LP (Partisan)
RA the Ruggedman – Legends Never Die 2LP (Nature Sounds)
Rad – Loud & Fast LP (SAC)
Robert Randolph – Lickety Split 2LP (Blue Note)
Rokk – I Want to Live High LP (Numero Group)
Todd Rundgren – Hermit Of Mink Hollow LP (Friday) 180g reissue.
Saint Vitus – Die Healing CD/LP (Season of Mist) Reissue, grey vinyl, limited to 550.
Saint Vitus – C.O.D. CD/2LP (Season of Mist) Reissue, limited to 300.
Sam Sanders – Mirror, Mirror CD/2LP (180 Proof) Reissue.
Schoolly D – Cold Blooded Blitz b/w CIA 12” (Roots Forward) Limited to 250!
Scorcherd Earth Policy – Going Thru a Hole in the Back of Your Head LP (Siltbreeze)
Sect Pig – Slave Destroyed CDEP (Nuclear War Now)
Ty Segall – Sleeper CD/LP/CASSETTE (Drag City)
Servile Sect – Glowing 10” (King of the Monsters)
Shigeto – No Better Time Than Now LP (Ghostly International)
Snakerun – S/T LP (Bedside) One-sided, limited  to 250.
Squash Bowels – Grindcoholism CD (Selfmadegod)
Stepkids – The Lottery 12” (Stones Throw)
Strong Boys – S/T 7” (Rejected) Blue vinyl.
Superchunk – I Hate Music CD/LP /deluxe LP (Merge) Deluxe LP is on orange vinyl, has a bonus 7” & a stencil!
Earl Sweatshirt — Doris CD (Columbia) Sorry, we have no idea when the vinyl is coming out!
Sworn In – The Death Card CD (Razor & Tie)
The System – The Box 7” (Softspot)
Telekinesis – S/T LP (Merge) First time on vinyl in North America & with five bonus tracks!
Thou Art Lord – The Regal Pulse of Lucifer LP (Nuclear War Now)
Tolerate – S/T 7” (Reaper)
Tomorrow’s Tulips – Experimental Jelly LP (Burger)
Tomorrow’s Tulips – Eternally Teenage CASSETTE (Burger)
Typhoon – Hunger & Thirst  LP (Tender Loving Empire)
Underoath – Act of Depression CD (Solid State) Reissue.
Underoath – Cries of the Past CD (Solid State) Reissue.
Urinals – Negative Capability…Check it Out!! 2LP (In the Red) Finally available on vinyl!!
Laura Veirs – Warp & Weft CD (Raven Marching Band)
Venom P. Stinger – 1986-1991 2CD (Drag City)
Venom P. Stinger – Meet My Friend Venom LP (Drag City) Reissue.
Venom P. Stinger – What’s Yours Is Mine LP (Drag City) Reissue.
Venom P. Stinger – Walking About 7” (Drag City) Reissue.
Venom P. Stinger – Waiting Room 12” (Drag City) Reissue.
Voight-Kampf – S/T LP (Deranged)
War – More Days LP (Damaging Noise) Members of ICEAGE & SEXDROME.
Warxgames – 9 Trax/No Nightmare 7” (React!)
Watain – The Wild Hunt CD (Century Media) Some of the “bootleg” edition of the vinyl is still available! Regular version bumped to 9/3!
White Hills – So You Are . . . So You’ll Be CD/LP (Thrill Jockey) Green vinyl. Limited version with bonus 12″ while supplies last!!
White Lies – Big TV CD/LP (Polydor)
Witch Cross – Axe to Grind LP (Hell’s Headbangers) Blue vinyl.
Yadokai – Aestivate 7” (Video Disease) Their final release!
Youth Avoiders – S/T LP (Deranged)
Zola Jesus, JG Thirwell & Mivos Quartet – Versions CD/LP (Sacred Bones)
V/A – Warfare Noise CD (Greyhaze) Reissue of this classic Brazilian metal compilation from 1986 featuring SARCOFAGO,


We got a TON of restocks this week, here are some highlights
Marissa Anderson – Mercury LP (Mississippi)
Felicia Atkinson – Visions/Voices 2LP (Umor Rex)
Belle & Sebastian – If You’re Feeling Sinister LP (Matador)
Bjork – Debut LP (One Little Indian)
Bjork – Homogenic LP (One Little Indian)
Black Witchery – Desecration of the Holy Kingdom CD (Nuclear War Now)
Bright Eyes – Fevers & Mirrors 2LP (Saddle Creek)
Cannabis Corpse – Blunted at Birth CD (Tankcrimes)
Chicago Thrash Ensemble – S/T 12” (Plastic Airlines) 2nd press of their first 12” on clear vinyl & limited to 100!
Chicago Thrash Ensemble – Monsters of the Midwest 12” (Plastic Airlines) Limited to 300.
Flying Lotus – Until the Quiet Comes 2LP (Warp)
LCD Soundsystem – Sound of Silver LP (DFA)
Lycus – Tempest CD (20 Buck Spin)
Jay Reatard – Singles LP (In the Red) finally back in print!!
Solange – Losing You 12” (Terrible)
Spazz – Dwarf Jester Rising LP (625) Blue vinyl.
Spazz – La Revancha LP (625)
Neil Young – Zuma LP (Reprise) import only re-press
Also, a lot of cheap classic blues, jazz, rock, most LPS available by BEIRUT, THEE OH SEES, SONIC YOUTH, etc…