Reckless Records 12/26/12 New Releases

We hope you’re having an excellent holiday season, we certainly did. There aren’t too many new releases this week but there’s definitely enough interesting stuff to mention.

New Releases
Bare Wires – Idle Dreams (LP)
Black Sabbath – Vinyl Collection (9xlps, 7″, book & downloads)
Body/ Gate/ Head – Glare Luring Yo (LP featuring Kim Gordon, Michael Morley (GATE) & Bill Nance)
Brainbox – Dark Rose: Their 45s (LP reissue)
Coloured Balls – Ball Power (LP reissue)
Tod Dockstader – Electronic Vol. 1 (LP)
Luc Ferrari – Presque Rien (LP)
Jesu – Christmas (CD single)
Kluster – Eruption (LP reissue)
Major Stars – Decibels of Gratitude (LP)
Ivo Malc – Triola Ou Symphonie Pour Moi-Meme (LP)
Mutiilation – Vampires of Black Imperial Blood (LP reissue)
Mutiilation – Remains of a Ruined, Dead, Cursed Soul (LP reissue)
Mutiilation – Black Millenium (Grimly Reborn) (LP reissue)
Ono – Machines That Kill People (LP reissue)
Outsiders – S/T (LP reissue)
Wall of Death – Main Obsession (CD on Born Bad)