Reckless Records New Releases 3/6/2012

Adversarial – Prophetic Plan of Abyssal Revelation (LP)
Afro Funk – Body Music (LP reissue)
Allo Darlin’ – Capricornia (7″ on Slumberland)
Belbury Poly – Belbury Tales (CD/LP plus a few Ghostbox label restocks)
Andrew Bird – Break It Yourself (CD, CD/DVD, LP with poster while supplies last!)
Black Breath – Sentenced to Life (CD)
Bon Iver – Towers (12″)
Bowerbirds – The Clearing (CD/LP)
Bright Eyes – A Collection of Songs Written 1995-1997 (2xLP reissue)
Bright Eyes/Son, Ambulance – Split (LP reissue)
Buzz – See You, Sioux (LP reissue on Dark Entries)
Captain Beefheart – Merseytrout (2xLP)
Jennifer Castle – Castlemusic (CD/LP)
Ceremony – Zoo (CD/LP we have a limited amount of green vinyl copies at all stores)
Eric Chenaux – Guitar & Voice (CD/LP)
Bobby Conn – Macaroni (CD)
Corpsessed – Dagger & the Challice (LP)
Darkthrone – Sempiternal Past: The Darkthrone Demos (LP)
Bo Diddley – Go (LP reissue)
Bo Diddley – S/T (LP reissue)
Doors – LA Woman: the Workshop Session (2xLP, 180g)
Dunes – Noctiluca (CD/LP)
Elfin Saddle – Devastates (CD/LP)
Embarrassment – Sex Drive (7″ reissue from this classic Lawrence band)
Ensorcelor – Crucifuge (LP)
Evans the Death – Telling Lies (7″ on Slumberland)
Every Time I Die – Ex Lives (CD/LP)
Gang of Four – Solid Gold (LP reissue)
Goblin – Patrick (LP soundtrack)
Goblin – Contamination (LP soundtrack)
Good Old War – Come Back As Rain (CD/LP)
Ital – Hive Mind (CD/LP)
Katatonia – For Funerals to Come… (LP reissue)
Kourosh – Gole (7″)
Kourosh – Leyla (7″)
Shirley Ann Lee – Songs of Light (LP on Numero)
Magnetic Fields – Love at the Bottom of the Sea (CD/LP)
Mammifer & Locrian – Bless Them That Curse You (CD)
Men – Open Your Heart (CD/LP)
Minature Tigers – Mia Pharaoh (CD)
Mount Carmel – Real Women (CD)
Mux Mool – Planet High School (LP)
Nite Jewel – One Second of Love (CD/LP)
Noh Mercy – S/T (LP)
Now Now – Threads (CD/LP)
Nurse With Wound – Creakiness & Other Misdemeanours (CD reissue)
Paperhead – Pictures of Her Demise b/w She Is Above Me (7″)
Prince Rama – Utopia=No Person (LP on Not Not Fun)
Resonars – Long Long Thoughts (7″)
Scud Mountain Boys – The Early Year (CD)
Sic – Thought Noises (LP reissue on Dark Entries)
Skunks – Earthquake Shake (7″ reissue)
Bruce Springsteen – Wrecking Ball (CD/2xLP)
Surfer Blood – Astro Coast (LP reissue)
Terzij De Horde – Rage of Rapture Against the Dying of the Light (LP)
Thantifaxath – (LP)
Tilts – S/T (LP members of TORCHE/RIDDLE OF STEEL)
Sharon Van Etten – Leonard (7″)]
Jozef Van Wissem & Jim Jarmusch – Concerning the Entrance into Eternity (CD)
Mike Wexler – Dispossession (CD)
Denison Witmer – The Ones Who Wait (CD)
Xiu Xiu – Always (CD/LP)
X-Ray Eyeballs – Splendor Squalor (LP)
Yellow Ostrich – Strange Land (CD/LP)
Young & in the Way – Eternal Depression (LP)
V/A – Johnny D Presents Disco Jamms Vol. 1 (2xCD)
V/A – Time to Go: Southern Psychedelic Moment: 1931-86 (CD)