Reckless Records 6/26/2012 New Releases

A Place to Bury Strangers – Worship (CD/LP)
Advisory Circle/Belbury Poly – Ghost Box Study Series 08 (7″)
Allo Darlin’ – Europe (7″)
Ape School – Marijuana’s on the Phone (7″)
Arson – Coho Coho (7″ reissue)
Aidan Baker – Broken & Remade (LP)
Paul Banks – Julian Plenti Lives (CDEP/10″ – both limited to 1,500)
Robbie Basho – Seal of the Blue Lotus (LP reissue)
Beachwood Sparks – Tarnished Gold (CD/2xLP)
Big KRIT – KRIT Wuz Here (2xLP)
Big KRIT – Return of 4Eva (2xLP)
Bosse de Nage – III (CD)
Bottomless Pit – Lottery 2005-2012 (2CDS, import only with 3 previously unreleased tracks!)
Cat Power – Moon Pix (120g LP reissue)
Cat Power – You Are Free (120g LP reissue)
Cat Power – The Greatest (120g LP reissue)
Chain & the Gang – In Cool Blood (CD/LP)
Bob Chance – It’s Broken (LP reissue)
Com Truise – Cyanide Sisters (12″)
Cory Chisel & the Wandering Sons – Old Believers (CD/LP)
Chord – GMaj7 (LP – limited to 300)
Cinematic Orchestra – In Motion #1 (CD)
Cleaners From Venus – Blow Away Your Troubles (LP reissue)
Cleaners From Venus – On Any Normal Monday (LP reissue)
Cleaners From Venus – Midnight Cleaners (LP reissue)
Codeine – When I See the Sun (6LP,3CD boxset with book. Almost gone!!)
Codeine – Frigid Stars (LP reissue)
Codeine – Barely Real (LP reissue)
Codeine – White Birch (LP reissue)
Diiv – Oshin (CD/limited edition LP)
Diplo – Express Yourself EP (CD)
Discodromo – Mercurio (12″)
DNTEL – Robag Wruhme Remixes (12″)
DOA featuring Jello Biafra – We Occupy (7″)
Dump – NYC Tonight (12″ – James McNew of Yo La Tengo covers GG Allin & the Jabbers, disco-style. Totally amazing!)
El-P – Cancer 4 Cure (2xLP)
Donnie & Joe Emerson – Dreamin’ Wild (CD/LP)
Everest – Ownerless (CD/LP)
Factrix – Scheintot (LP reissue)
Factrix & Cazazza – California Babylon (LP reissue)
Flaming Lips – Flaming Lips & Heady Fwends (CD)
Mark Fosson – Digging in the Dust: Home Recordings (LP)
Fresh & Onlys – Yes or No (7″)
Rebecca Gates & the Consortium – The Float (LP)
Gojira – L’Enfant Sauvage (CD)
Gossip – Joyful Noise (LP)
Halo Halo – Manananggal (7″)
Heads – Relaxing With . . . (LP reissue)
Iron & Wine – One More Try (7″ – with artwork by Plastic Crimewave. Very limited!!)
J Dilla – Jay Dee’s Revenge b/w Birthright (10″ – clear vinyl)
R. Kelly – Write Me Back (CD)
David Kilgour – Here Come the Cars (LP reissue from THE CLEAN guitarist)
Kyle Sowashes – Somebody (LP)
Kylesa – Time Will Fuse Its Worth (LP reissue)
Kylesa – To Walk a Middle Course (LP reissue)
La Sardina de Naiguata – Parranda! Venezuelan Carnival Music (CD)
Lorn – Ask the Dust (CD/2xLP)
Blind Willie Mctell – Amazing Grace (LP)
Medicine – Buried Life (CD/LP)
Mountain Goats – Hound Chronicles/Hot Garden Stomp (2xCD)
Nadja & Galena – Konstruktion (LP – limited to 500)
New Pornographers – Mass Romantic (120g LP reissue)
The Offspring – Days Go By (CD)
Old Man Gloom – No (CD/cassette/2xLP)
Charlemagne Palestine – Two Electronic Sonorities (LP)
Paperclip People – Secret Tapes of Dr. Eich (LP)
Party Bat – Do You Wanna Party With a Bat? (7″)
Pink Floyd – Story of Wish You Were Here (DVD or Blu-Ray)
Porcelain Raft – Drifting In & Out b/w Chain (7″)
Pye Corner Audio/Advisory Circle – Ghost Box Study Series 07 (7″)
Conrad Schnitzler – Rot (LP reissue)
Conrad Schnitzler – Blau (LP reissue)
Ty Segall Band – Slaughterhouse (CD/2×10″ vinyl already running low!!)
SFV Acid – SFV Acid #2 (CD/LP)
Shambles – Hello Baby (7″ reissue)
Sonny & the Sunsets – Longtime Companion (CD/LP)
Soundtrack to our Lives – Throw it to the Universe (CD/LP)
Stereolab – Transient Random-Noise Bursts With Announcements (2xLP reissue)
Stereolab – Mars Audiac Quintet (2xLP reissue)
Suum Cuique – Ascetic Ideals (LP members of DEMDIKE STARE)
Torben – S/T (CD-r Excellent Kansas City metallic punk)
Useless Eaters – Addicted to the Blade b/w Starvation Blues #2 (7″)
Ken Vandermark – Letter to a Stranger (CD)
Victims Family – Have a Nice Day (7″)
Volcano! – Pinata (CD)
Moritz Von Oswald Trio – Fetch (LP)
Yo La Tengo – Electr-o-pura (120g LP reissue)
Yo La Tengo – I Am Not Afraid of You and I Will Beat Your Ass (120g 2xLP reissue)
V/A – Musique Fragile 02 (3xLP)

Reckless Records New Releases 6/19/2012

Aesop Rock – Float (CD reissue)
Antena – Camino Del Sol (cassette reissue)
Fiona Apple – Idler Wheel . . . (CD, CD/DVD, LP)
Djin Aquarian & Plastic Crimewave Sound – Save the World (LP)
Blues Control – Valley Tangents (CD/LP)
Can – The Lost Tapes (3xCD)
Chandeliers – Founding Fathers (LP)
Neneh Cherry & The Thing – The Cherry Thing (CD/LP – includes covers of Suicide, Madvillain, Stooges, Ornette Coleman & more)
Cory Chisel & the Wandering Sons – Old Believers (CD/LP)
Clutch – Pigtown Blues (pic disc 7″)
Codeine – When I See the Sun (6LP/3CD box set)
Codeine – Frigid Stars (2xLP)
Codeine – Barely Real (2xLP)
Codeine – The White Birch (2xLP)
Ravi Coltrane – Spirit Fiction (CD)
Dawn of Demise – Rejoice in Vengeance (CD)
Del & Parallel Thought – Attractive Sin (CD/LP)
Dying Fetus – Reign Supreme (CD/LP)
Everest – Ownerless (CD/LP)
Galactic Zoo Dossier – Issue #9 (w/ CD)
Al Green – Gets Next to You (LP reissue)
Hacienda – Shakedown (CD/LP)
Glen Hansard – Rhythm & Repose (CD)
Hate/Cyborg – Split (7″)
Hawkwind – Onward (2xCD)
Hollywood – Stunts (LP – white vinyl)
House Shoes – Let It Go (2xCD/2xLP)
Ihsahn – Eremita (CD)
Kool G Rap & DJ Polo – Wanted: Dead or Alive (2xCD/4xLP)
Lava Children – S/T (CD/LP)
Madlib & Freddie Gibbs – Shame b/w Terrorist (12″)
Mantas – Death By Metal (CD/LP)
Marble Vanity – S/T (LP)
MF DOOM – Rhymes Like Dimes (pic disc 7″)
Harry Nilsson – The Point! (remastered LP reissue w/ booklet)
Yoko Ono, Thurston Moore & Kim Gordon – Early in the Morning (10″ – proceeds to benefit ASHINAGA Tokyo Rainbow House for orphans of the Japanese tsunami)
Buck Owens – Live at the White House (CD)
Peaking Lights – Lucifer (CD/LP)
Say Anything – Is a Real Boy/Was a Real Boy (2xLP)
Ty Segall & White Fence – Hair (cassette)
Dylan Shearer – Porchpuddles (LP)
Silver Jews – Early Times (CD/LP)
Matt Skiba & the Sekrets (LP)
Tony Sly/Joey Cape – Acoustic Vol. 2 (split CD/LP)
Smashing Pumpkins – Oceania (CD/2xLP)
Thin Lizzy – Black Rose: A Rock Legend (180g LP reissue)
Tone-Loc – Loc’d After Dark (CD reissue)
Whirr – Distressor (CD/LP)
Whitechapel – S/T (CD)
V/A – Breakin’ (soundtrack LP reissue)
V/A – El Barrio Series: Sounds from the Spanish Harlem Streets (CD)

Reckless Records 6/12/2012 New Releases

Aseethe – Red Horizon (12″ – limited to 100)
Bear In Heaven – I Love You, It’s Cool (CD)
Dean Blunt & Inga Copeland – Black is Beautiful (CD/LP)
Broken Hope – Bowels of Repugnance (LP)
Broken Hope – Swamped in Gore (LP)
Broken Hope – Repulsive Conception (LP)
Bukkake Boys – S/T (LP)
Central Living – Dune Church (LP – limited to 300)
Cryptopsy – Ungentle Exhumation (7″)
Cryptopsy – None So Vile (LP reissue)
Cryptopsy – Blasphemy Made Flesh (LP reissue)
Double Negative – Hits (7″)
DVA – Pretty Ugly (CD/2xLP)
Michael Esposito & Chris Connelly – The Phantoms of Purgatory Souls (7″ flexi)
Eternal Tapestry – Dawn in 2 Dimensions (LP)
Jimmy Fallon – Blow Your Pants Off (CD)
Frustration – Relax (LP available again!)
Giant Sand – Tucson (CD)
Girls – My Ma b/w Love Life (7″)
Jeff Grace – Meek’s Cutoff: Music From the Motion Picture (10″ – limited to 250)
Guided By Voices – Class Clown Spots a UFO (CD/LP)
Hive Dwellers – Hewn From the Wilderness (CD/LP)
Hot Chip – In Our Heads (CD/2xLP)
Hundred in the Hands – Red Night (CD/2xLP)
Ides of Gemini – Constantinople (LP – limited to 300)
Intelligence – Everybody’s Got It Easy But Me (LP)
Intelligence – Crepuscule With Pacman (CD/LP)
Jaill – Traps (CD/LP)
Joint D – Strike Gently (LP)
Jukebox the Ghost – Safe Travels (CD/2xLP)
Rolf Julius – Raining (CD)
Kandodo – S/T (CD/LP)
Scott Kelly, Steve Von Till & Wino – Songs of Townes Van Zandt (CD)
Late Show – Portable Pop (CD)
Laurel Halo – Quarantine (CD/LP)
Les Blousons Noirs – Les Blousons Noirs 1961-1962 (CD)
Magic Christian featuring Gord Lewis – S/T (7″)
Magic Trick – Ruler of the Night (CD/LP)
Metric – Synthetica (CD/LP)
Mice Parade – Live: England vs. France (CD)
Microwaves – Psionic Impedance (CD/LP)
Wymond Miles – Under the Pale Moon (CD/LP)
Motion City Soundtrack – Go (CD)
Mucca Pazza – Safety Fifth (CD)
Normals – So Bad So Sad (LP)
Maggi Payne – Ahh-Ahh: Music for Ed Tannenbaum’s Technological Feets, 1984-1987 (LP – limited to 500)
Pop ETC – S/T (CD/LP)
Porcelain Raft – Strange Weekend (CD)
Rrope – We Are You There (3xLP – limited to 300)
Rush – Clockwork Angels (CD)
SBTRKT – Hold On (12″)
Mike Scheidt – Stay Awake (CD/LP)
Epic Soundtracks – Wild Smile . . . An Anthology (2xCD)
Spaceghostpurrp – Mysterious Phonk: Chronicles of Spaceghostpurrp (CD/2xLP)
Superchunk – This Summer b/w Cruel Summer (7″ – limited to 1,500 on white vinyl)
Tallest Man on Earth – There’s No Leaving Now (CD/LP)
Vestals – Forever Falling Toward the Sky (LP)
Vincas – Blood Bleeds (LP)
Visioneers – Hipology (2xCD/2xLP)
Welcome Wagon – Precious Remedies Against Satan’s Devices (2xLP)
White Manna – S/T (CD/LP)
Witch Mountain – Cauldron of the Wild (CD)
Bobby Womack – The Bravest Man in the World (CD/LP)
Young – Dub Egg (CD/LP)

Reckless Records 6/5/2012 New Releases

At the Drive-In – Vaya (10″ reissue, pink vinyl – limited to 3,000)
Battalion of Saints – Second Coming/Live At (CD)
Beach Boys – That’s Why God Made the Radio (CD)
Beatles – Yellow Submarine (DVD & Blu-Ray)
Big KRIT – Live from the Underground (CD)
Black Music Disaster – S/T (CD, jazz album featuring J. Spaceman from Spiritualized)
David Bowie – Ziggy Stardust (CD/LP reissue)
Breakaways – Walking Out on Love (cassette – limited to 300)
Byrds – Byrds Greatest Hits (180g LP reissue)
Candlemass – Psalms for the Dead (CD/deluxe CD)
Cardiac Arrest – Vortex of Violence (CD)
Caveman – Coco Beware (LP)
CocoRosie – We Are on Fire b/w Tearz for Animals (7″)
Coffinworm – Great Bringer of Night (LP)
Shawn Colvin – All Fall Down (CD)
Cops – Premonitions (7″)
Crass – Ten Notes on a Summer’s Day/Swansong (2xCD reissue)
Curren$y – Stoned Immaculate (CD)
Matthew Dear – Her Fantasy (12″)
Electric Wizard – Black Masses (2xLP, domestic reissue)
Fear Factory – Industrialist (CD/2xLP)
Gates of Slumber – Suffer No Guilt (CD)
Gold Panda – Mountain b/w Financial District (7″)
Grand Magus – Iron Will (CD reissue)
Grand Magus – Wolf’s Return (CD reissue)
The Hives – Lex Hives (CD/LP)
Kelly Hogan – I Like to Keep Myself In Pain (CD/LP)
Hunx – Hairdresser Blues (cassette)
In Aeternam Vale – Dust Under Brightness (LP)
In Aeternam Vale – Dust Under Brightness b/w Highway Dark Veins (12″)
Japandrodis – Generation Rock (CD/LP)
Kool Keith – Love & Danger (CD)
Kreator – Phantom Antichrist (CD)
The Lawrence Arms – An Evening of Extraordinary Circumstance (DVD)
Liars – WIXIW (CD/LP)
Scott Lucas & the Married Men – Blood Half Moon (CD/LP)
Marduk – Serpent Sermon (CD)
Melvins Lite – Freak Puke (CD)
Membranes – If You Enter the Arena Be Prepared to Deal With the Lions (7″)
Daniel Menche & Anla Courtis – Yagua Ovy (LP)
Metallica – So What! The 30th Anniversary Celebration Magazine (magazine & 7″)
Rhett Miller – Dreamer
Mynabirds – Generals (CD/LP)
Oh No – Ohnomite (CD/2xLP)
Phobia – Remnants of Filth (CD)
Public Image LTD – This Is (LP)
Pujol – United States of Being (CD/LP)
Chris Robinson Brotherhood – Big Moon Ritual (CD/LP)
Russian Tsarlag – Midnight at Mary’s House (LP – limited to 500)
Emeli Sande – Our Version of Events (CD)
Ty Segall/Black Time – Split (cassette)
Paul Simon – Graceland (25th Anniversary, regular & deluxe CD)
Slash – Apocalyptic Love (2xLP)
Patti Smith – Banga (CD)
Summer Girlfriends – Shockwaves (CD/LP)
Temper Trap – S/T (CD)
Treasure Fleet – Cocamotion (LP)
The Walkmen – Heaven (LP)
Woollen Kits – S/T (LP)
Wormed – Quasineutrality (CDEP)
Wormed – Planisphaerium (CD reissue)
Neil Young & Crazy Horse – Americana (CD)
Richard Youngs – Amaranthine (LP – limited to 500)
V/A – Oh Michael, Look What You’ve Done: Friends Play Michael Chapman (CD)