black metal documentary screening sponsored by reckless

Reckless Records is proud to sponsor a one-time screening of “Until the Light Takes Us” on July 25th at the Gene Siskel Theater. This documentary focuses on the origins of the Norwegian black metal scene & the cultural implications of this scene. Directors Aaron Aites & Audrey Ewell moved to Norway for two years while making the film which allowed them direct access to many of the originators of Norwegian black metal including members of Mayhem, Darkthrone, Burzum & Immortal. There have been other documentaries over the past few years that have touched on the scene but “Until the Light Takes Us” provides the deepest insight into how & why this incredible music came to exist & questions who the real victims were of the violence that came along with it.

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new MAGAS EP!!!

Violent Arp
Violent Arp

Violent Arp is the new mini-LP from Chicago denizen, Jim MAGAS, which crudely bridges the gap between heavy stoner rock and no wave synth blather. Imagine BLACK SABBATH playing the LIQUID SKY soundtrack and you’re getting there. This limited edition monster is nothing but VIOLENT ARP. Beautifully packaged with red vinyl and a die-cut sleeve.

[NOTE: All copies have a mild warp which should not affect play. Any problems, come see MAGAS for a refund].

Comes with a voucher for an MP3 download. SUPER-LIMITED, so don’t sleep!!!